Ch 11 from Manual for Transformational Healing- God’s Answer to Psychiatry;

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by Prophetess D



Jesus said, “For every idle word we shall be called into judgment, By our words we’re justified,

 by our words we’re condemned.” Mathew 12:37


Death and life is in the tongue Proverbs 18:21


My mother died over 30 years ago. Her death taught me something about the power

of words. Her sister had died at a certain age, and they had both had the same diseases

at the same age. So my mother walked around, after her sister died, for the

next 4 years, saying she would also die at that age. And she did, abruptly, 2 weeks

before her next birthday. She brought that onto herself by her words and other

people got defiled to help bring about the curse. That is what I believe. She may

have been under a curse caused by someone else’s words comparing her to her sister,

while she was under anesthesia, even. And she never had someone pray over

her to break the curse. Jesus’ blood, when invoked in prayer, is what breaks curses.

My mother did not know this at the time.


The bible says “Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The

tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the

whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by

hell.” James 3:6. To which I say, “GOD FORBID!” We need to pray for God to

control our tongue.


 After I had become saved, I started to go into teaching. I was

a substitute teacher. I had spoken for 15 years like a jazz musician, which I learned

in music school from my teachers; using bad words. Once I was in teaching I could

not afford to talk like that; if the kids heard me use any bad words they reported

me and I would be out of a job. Every morning, I prayed “God, don’t let any bad

words slip out of my mouth.” He was faithful to this prayer. When I prayed it that

day, nothing slipped out. When I forgot to pray the prayer, something did. This

took a year or so and eventually nothing slipped out and I stopped speaking that



The Jewish people have an expression that prevents curses from being

loosed by words: use the phrase GOD FORBID. It brings protection from

whatever negative situations you are describing as being a possibility.


Another response is “I rebuke that.” Another way to protect yourself from

bad words or curses is to say WASH ME JESUS or I PRAY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.



Just saying that it is okay to talk about something bad in the past is wrong. It can

still loose it into the present or future. This is because spiritually there is no tense.

The prophets of the bible spoke about future events happening in the past tense.

God has foreseen all of it. He already knows the future. From his dimension, all of

it is like the past and it is all interconnected. Talking about bad things makes them

happen – they become self-fulfilling prophecies. Words set up spiritual assignments

that invoke situations onto our lives.


When I started sharing some of my ideas about the power of words to other Christians,

some of them said to me: “You got that idea from the Faith Movement.”

Some of those people were known as the “name it and claim it” people. This is a

movement in Christianity that apparently has a lot to say about the power of positive

thinking and speaking. I did not get my ideas from them; I came to them independently

through my own experiences and reading of scripture. However, their

testimony confirms that what I am talking about is true Christian theology, not my

own quirky ideas.


Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland are 2 minister/evangelists

in the faith movement who apparently talk about this. Copeland is on TV and pastors

a large church in Ft. Worth, Texas. He declares, at the end of his program, that

“Jesus is Lord”. The bible says that no one can confess this except by the Holy



Don Gossett, another Christian minister, has a wonderful book available in

Christian bookstores (and maybe other stores) called What You Say is What You

Get. It is all about the power of words and the importance of making positive

confessions, in faith, and not speaking negative things onto ourselves. His book

confirms what I am saying about speech.


Norman Vincent Peale wrote  The Power of Positive Thinking.





WORDS are not just descriptive: they are invocative (they invoke things)


Gossip is a sin. All of the negative commenting that goes on in people’s charts

hurts them. Describing them as being or behaving in a certain way, or suffering

from a particular affliction, can affect them to continue suffering from this or to

repeat problems. Words invoke spirits. When we say the name of God, we invoke

his spirit. When we use the devil’s name, we invoke his presence. When you say a

person suffers from a particular mental condition, the spirit that causes that condition

is released onto the person and they become afflicted by that spirit and often

get worse. Rabbi Joseph Telushkin had a best-seller book titled Words that Hurt

and Words that Heal. One chapter started with “If you talk about how people are

(in the negative) you make them worse”. I had several conversations with 2 Hasidic

rabbis that prayed in a Lubavitcher congregation that met in the synagogue I was

living and worshipping in. Both of them thought it was obvious that words have



What happens to people when they first set foot in a mental hospital is that people

start interviewing them and making hypotheses about what mental condition they

might have. They always write something down. As soon as they do this, they are

releasing onto that person the spirits that would cause those conditions, and making

the person more likely to suffer from it. This is exactly what happened to me. When

I first got to a hospital, someone talked to me and wrote down the possibility that

they thought I might be suffering from a particular condition, m—. (I’m not saying

it because I don’t want to invoke the spirit, which would cause it to come on myself,

and I don’t want to feed the idea to anyone else that it is the truth, which it is not.

This would only be used to falsely accuse me. I would be slandering myself).


This was because I talk fast, which most New Yorkers do. It is a cultural trait, and I explained

this to him. He wrote in his notes that he recognized the possibility but

wasn’t convinced that this was why I talked fast. He also thought this because I

told him that I played music at night. It triggered in his mind the idea that I must

not sleep. People with that particular condition often don’t sleep. I do, in between

my worship, or later, afterward. Most musicians and singers are night people. There

is a spiritual reason for this. I believe it is because we are supposed to be worshipping

and praying for people at night. Someone needs to be on the night shift. Also

night time is much more peaceful, less interruptions and communication to God

is sometimes more effective since there are less hindrances.


I noticed that after he wrote down this note I started to feel much more agitation

in my spirit and was more hyper which made me seem to them to be suffering from

this condition. I was getting attacked by the spirit that causes that because of what

he had written down about me. This agitation continued and got worse the more

they wrote down. I would pray for God to protect me from their words and this

helped a lot, but I saw how the phenomenon operated. Months later, my chart was

destroyed. Immediately I felt God’s peace all over me. I had never felt that peace

while in the hospital, and once again, as they started to make another chart, it started

to leave.


Months ago, I had an experience where suddenly I felt a headache, and had the

thought that someone was writing down something about me, I investigated and

was right. The doctor was sitting and writing notes in my chart. This was releasing,

into the spiritual realm, the power of his words upon me. I know that not everyone

gets a headache when someone says something about them. I get different kinds

of signals because I specifically prayed for a spiritual gift, in the bible, that is called

the discerning of spirits. It enables a person to be “tuned in” to the presence of unclean

spirits. I submit, though, that most people are affected by the power of other

people’s words, they’re just not aware of the fact that this is happening. If you say

something about someone, just observe how they act after that. You will empirically

see that this works this way.


The antidote for the effect of words is to pray for the Blood of Jesus to wash you clean

from that effect. This is “Christianese” for the protective power of God over his people.

It started with the Jewish holiday of Passover, in which the Lamb’s blood was a sign on

 the doors of the Jews for God to Pass over them and not bring judgement on them like

the Egyptians.


This was symbolic and a foreshadowing of the power of Jesus’ blood to

protect us from all kinds of curses. I have prayed for that protection for myself and for

 others: Because I believe in Jesus, the prayer has power for others who don’t even know Jesus yet.


Chart writing could be healing if the words you write down are positive statements

like “I hope this person has God’s peace on him.” That will induce this blessing

onto the person. Try it and watch what happens.


Repeating stories of problems can just speak it back onto the person and it can repeat.


I know this because when I did some writing of traumatic things that had

happened, they all of a sudden started to repeat on me. When you write

notes in a chart, you are NOT just observing what is there; you are AFFECTING the OUTCOME.


All science talks about the fact that observers affect the observed; this is definitely happening

in hospitals with the chartwriting.


There are many scriptures that talk about how talking about people is sin.

So a lot of the chart writing is sin - gossip & tale-bearing.


 “Thou shalt not go about as a talebearer among thy people.” Lev. 19:16


“The words of a talebearer are as wounds to the belly.” Proverbs 18:8.


1 had another experience that testifies to the truth of this scripture. I was writing something

about someone else and as I wrote, I felt something stab me in the stomach

and it felt like I had a bleeding ulcer for 3 days. God was showing me that I was

hurting this other person and myself by my words. So what goes on in psychiatry

with all the charting is counterproductive to people’s healing. There is another element;

I felt agitated in my spirit because what they were writing about me is lies.


They are lying about the spirit of God, which lives in me, calling it mental illness.

That grieves God and takes away the peace of God. God suffers when we lie about

him. Anyone would get upset when they hear lies about them. I once had a friend

come to my house when I had many books, including philosophies that disagreed

with the bible. My friend said she saw a vision of Jesus in the room, looking away

from us. I asked her what that meant, and she said he wasn’t comfortable in the

mom. She said “would you feel comfortable in a place where they had lies about

you? This made intuitive sense to me, and I started to rid myself of the books

that lied about God or the bible. As I did this, I had more of God’s peace on

me, and I started to be healed and got a singing voice.


What had also happened prior to this incident was that the man who discipled me

in the bible, a Russian Pentecostal, had come to my house and told me that if I got

rid of my books, I would be singing better. The man had the peace of God all over him;

 I could feel it around him, and for 4 years I lived next to him and visited him every night and

we read the bible together and prayed together. I was jealous for the peace that he

had and wanted to pick his brain to see how he got it; it was his relationship with

Jesus that gave it to him and that’s what he shared with me. I knew he knew God,

and when he told me to get rid of my books, I started to experiment by removing

them gradually.


 Different books invoke correlating spirits around us in the room;

as I got rid of them, something was lifting off of me and my chest started to open

up and I could sing more loudly. I remember that when I got rid of the books I had

by Freud and Karen Homey, I felt something around my head go away. It was the

spirits associated with psychiatry, which don’t bring mental peace.


So a lot of patients get locked into certain conditions and behaviors because of

what is being written down about them. The charting keeps people stuck. God

changes things through prayer. We get delivered from afflictions, and situations can

be changed. If we talk or write down the problem, it just brings it backward and

re-releases the problem to re-occur.


Since negative emotions are caused by spirits, it is not good to write down the words

 of these negative emotions (that’s why I am not giving examples - I don’t want to invoke

the spirits that cause these conditions around whoever has this paper. I have made that

 mistake in the past). So saying a person suffers from x y or z releases that spirit to attack

that person and is counterproductive.


The way to heal the person suffering from a negative emotion is to

pray in the name of Jesus for the spirit causing that emotion to leave. This works.

Spirits have “assignments”.


One prays “I come against any assignment against this person by the adversary in Jesus’ name.”

 Or “I come against any assignment for (a neg. emotion) against this person and I rebuke it

in Jesus’ name”


 These kinds of  prayers work if the praying person believes in Jesus and has

a relationship with him. Sometimes it is necessary to be fasting to have spiritual authority

for this kind of deliverance prayer, which is what this is. There is one example

of Jesus saying “this kind only come out by prayer and fasting .” It was a case

of mental illness he was describing. Mathew 17:21


Another testimony about chart-writing: A traumatic event had occurred to me in

a hospital. I was abused. Something was written in my chart. Whenever one of the

people involved was on the unit, I felt agitation in my spirit before I even knew he

was on the unit. After my chart was destroyed (I flushed it down the toilet) I felt

God’s peace on me again and I was able to be next to him without any agitation. I

felt peace to be around him because the record of the trauma was destroyed. Since

it was gone on the physical level, it was gone on the spiritual plane. The trauma had

been erased. So keeping records of traumatic events fixates problems.


Don’t write down in a person’s chart that you are praying against a particular condition;

using the word in writing will “fix” the assignment on the person rather than deliver them

from it. These statements should only be said, not written down.


The best solution to this problem about charting is to write as little as possible and only

write the positive. If you write good things about people, it will help them improve! “Reckless

words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Proverbs 12:18.


If I prayed for a positive response from someone and then went to talk to

them, my prayer would get answered. On the other hand, if I spoke to someone who

spoke negativity onto it, predicting a negative response, that is exactly what would happen.


A parenthetical note on how “words” can invoke problems from the past. When I

was on a ward, the doctor initially told me that he would not force me to take drugs.

Then I had a conversation with the nurse telling her a story about how a previous

doctor in another place had drugged me and accused me of being psychotic. The

next day, the doctor changed his mind and decided to petition to drug me. He got

defiled by my talking about the past, and it repeated.


The apostle Paul in his book Philippians chapter 4 says to only think about the positive.

If we only think about the positive, that is what will come out of our mouth,

which will bless people instead of cursing them and defiling them. The book of

James in the New Testament said that with our tongues we bless God and curse

men. This should not be so, he said. James 3:9-10. He was talking about the negative

talking about people, not just to their face, but about them, the gossip phenomenon.


Proverbs 23:7 says “As a man thinketh, so is he”


so that our reality follows in that direction. This is called living by faith. Faith is seeing

things that are not reality YET and having hope and praying them into existence.

Inspiration precedes reality. Someone once prophesied to me; “Live by Faith, not

by Sight” This is scriptural. We are not supposed to look at our circumstances, but

to God and to have faith in His unlimited ability to help us. When people say “Just

be realistic” they are talking in opposition to the mind of God, which tells us in the

bible to live by Faith and not by Sight. Something in reality can not change if you

don’t believe that it can. When Peter went to walk on the water to meet Jesus, he

was fine as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus. When he looked down at where he

was, in the water, he started to sink. If we look at our circumstances we may develop

a negative emotional condition. If we focus on believing God we can rise above our

circumstances and the circumstances would eventually line up with our mental attitude

and conform to God’s word on the situation.


The book of James ch 3 in the New Testament talks about the power of the

tongue. Spoken and written speech invokes situations to occur so we are

told to control our tongue.


We need God’s help to control our tongue and we need to pray that only His

words come out of our mouth.


 If any man speak, let him speak as the oracle of God.“ 1 Peter 4:1.


More scripture about words:


“Where no wood is, fires go out so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceases.

Proverbs 26:20-22.

This is why gossip is so destructive.


“He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from calamity.” Proverbs 21:23.



Every thought that comes in our head comes from God or the devil. I asked

God if that was true, and got goose bumps all over. That is a witness of the Holy

Spirit. It means what we say is from God or the devil. If it is not God, it is not beneficial.


Thoughts come into our heads from the spiritual realm. The word “inspiration”

 means  “a spirit goes into it”. 


The New Testament  James ch 3 says there is “wisdom from above and wisdom from below”.

Wisdom from above is “first pure, then peaceable, gentle & easy to be entreated, full of mercy

 and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. James 3:17

James 3:15 says the other side is “this wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual,

devlish”.   Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27


That’s why the bible says to be slow to speak. We need to pray in our mind

before we speak and ask God if it is Him, and if we should say it. Ask him for a

witness of the Holy Ghost. This can feel like tingly energy on you or warmth in

your chest. A person probably has to be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, to

get a witness internally that something is from the Holy Spirit. After I was filled with

the Holy Spirit I had the experience of having chest pain when someone said something

around me that was unholy. Previously it had not bothered me.


The Holy Spirit can pour out on anyone, but having Him inside helps one to have discernment

of what is from Him or not. I think anyone can get a positive witness, which is a warm feeling

in the chest of the Holy Spirit pouring into them (this happened to me during worship before

 I got saved- it was a feeling of LOVE flooding through me; however, getting a negative witness,

 i.e. pain in one’s chest, would only happen once someone is Born Again, filled with the Holy

 Spirit, since it is now the Holy Spirit living inside you, being grieved, that gives one that witness.

As evidence of this, the dirty jokes didn’t bother me before I received the Holy Spirit, only after.


God talks in a quiet voice. We need quiet to hear him so he is not drowned out.


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice”. John 10:27 so it is normal Christian theology to hear from God.

Sometimes God’s voice sounds audible. It is a quiet voice, it does not scream or harangue or condemn or accuse or mock; demons do that.

God often speaks in questions, getting us to probe our hearts or motives.

God often speaks in one or two words, inducing us to search scriptures with these words, to get a clearer idea of what he is conveying. A concordance is very useful because it has a list of words and where they occur in scripture; to help us find the intended scripture. Many bibles have a concordance in the back. You can do a word search on the computer to find every scripture with a certain word in a bible program.

God often speaks from scripture; that is how we can recognize that it is his voice speaking to us. That is why it is important to read and know his word; so we are familiar with it and hence can recognize his voice. Jesus said

"The Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance all that I have taught you"John 14:26

We can feel God's peace as he speaks to us, as a confirmation that it is from God.

Jesus said "My peace I give to you, not as the world gives, give I to you" John 14:27

Reading God’s Word Brings His Presence


God’s spirit dwells in his word.  The gospel of John says “In the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the word was god” John 1:1   So God’s word is literally a part of God. Hence we EXPERIENCE GOD’ Presence when we read his word.


He says “Abide in me and I in you” John 15:4  which means that if we read his word we are abiding in His presence, and His presence will be in us.


“If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7


We can abide in him by listening to worship music; his spirit surrounds us as we listen or sing


We also abide in Him by praying; as we pray, we invoke his spirit and it fills us and strengthens us.


An important thing to consider is this:  We need to be reading Good translations of the Bible.  The KING JAMES is Good.    The more modern translations like the NIV, (the most common translation)  NRSV and others are corrupted; they leave out scriptures and pieces of scriptures, and change a lot of important words. Consequently, they LACK authority. Which means, GOD’S SPIRIT may NOT be on them!   There are other spirits instead.  This explains why a lot of people read a bible and DON’T have the experience they need to have, of feeling God’s peace  and spirit as a witness to it.  Corrupting God’s word GRIEVES HIS SPIRIT and drives him away.  When churches deny the truth of God’s word, like saying it is NOT literally true, they grieve the Spirit and He is not there; hence they do NOT see evidence of his power in those places.   It is where people respect God’s word and affirm it that He moves with Power and answers prayers and does Miracles.   The liberal churches have this problem; they compromise God’s word and lack authority and are dry. There is no outpouring of his spirit there.  


I read a tract talking about the different translations. It said that the men who were responsible for the modern ones, the NIV, NRSV and others, lost their voices. This was judgment from God for tampering with His word.






Lyrics and the Power of Words


I have observed that when I wrote down something about certain emotional states,

the spirits that caused those emotional states were invoked onto whomever had

the paper that I had written, near them. Other words invoke spirits as well, and the

principle works this way.


I stated before that all music is inspired by spirits. A good way of seeing what spirit

is-in the music is by looking at the lyrics. There could be other spirits from the

music as well; but the lyrics will also tell you what is there. If they mention negative

emotional states, then the spirit causing that is being invoked onto the listener. By

reading the words, a person can usually deduce what type of emotion is behind it,

and what is therefore being invoked around them. Ask yourself what emotional

state the writer was in, and you’ll see what is transmitting.


When I taught in the public schools I asked the students to read the lyrics and ask

themselves if the words were bringing something positive or negative to them, by

thinking about what emotions were being invoked. Explaining to them that spirits

cause these emotions and can influence them empowers them to choose what they

will listen to, and not let themselves be manipulated. It will help them not be as susceptible

to the music which has caused so much mental illness.


I have come to discontinue using a lot of recorded music, even worship music that

starts off with a negative condition and then invokes God. My reason is that every

time you play the song from the beginning again and it talks about the negative situation,

it re-invokes it. It is like going on a vicious circle. It is not productive. It is

better to just listen to music that invokes God and talks about the positive. That

heals negative situations.



Words and Lyrics and Prophesy:   Musicians are Prophets.


They need to consecrate themselves to be God’s prophets and not false prophets.

If they use drugs like caffeine or nicotine they can be open to messages from lying

spirits. God gave me a scripture in Jer.15:19: “if you separate the precious from

the vile, you will be as my mouth.” All musicians are called by God to serve him,

and be used prophetically.  All drugs are openings for unclean spirits, which can be lying spirits.

This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, cocaine etc and all psych meds.  Also ANY

UNREPENTANT SIN is an opening for unclean spirits.  One needs to repent of sin.


The Musicians and singers in the Old Testament times were often prophets; they

not only heard words from God, they foretold the future. There is a question that

comes up when a person says or writes something that then comes true; did he just

foreknow it, or did his words invoke a situation onto himself ? Sometimes both are

happening. Jeremiah the prophet was trying to warn people about negative situations,

and others thought he was just cursing them. There is a promise in the book

of Jeremiah where God says that if  He ever says something bad will happen, if

the people repent, it won’t. Jer 18:8.


A person needs to develop discernment.


One needs to pray for discernment of spirits, which is a gift listed in the New Testament.


The devil inspires people to say things knowing that that will help bring about the event,

because the devil also understands the power of words to create. There is also the possibility

 that the devil plans to do something, and then tells someone to utter it to put guilt onto a person

by making them think they alone caused it. That person needs to realize that they were being

 manipulated or inspired by the devil in the first place, being used to utter the thing which then happens.

They did not cause it just by themselves.


Inspiration means “a spirit goes into it” so I believe all inspiration comes from outside ourselves,

 From the spiritual realm. So then the only question is where it is coming from.


I had an interesting experience several years ago where I wrote a song that ended

up on my record album. It was a ballad that talked of looking backward to something

I had done in the past and was now evaluating. It was talking about a sexual

relationship. The lyric just popped into my head.


A year later, subsequent to writing this song, I ended up getting involved in what I later

 realized was a sexually immoral relationship. It caused me a lot of pain and led to my finding

 God and becoming a Christian, which helped me end the relationship. My life ended up

following the song. I ended up breaking God’s law in the relationship through my attitude and

when I repented of it, I ended up receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That is

when God’s spirit came to live inside me.


The song was definitely prophesying that this relationship was going to happen in my life,

 and referring also to the fact that I would subsequently end up with a different attitude about

what I had done.


God was showing me that this would happen to bring about certain changes in my

life. I say this because my attitudes and behaviors up to this point led up to the relationship

which resulted in my conversion.


The song is definitely prophetic. One moral from this is that people need to be

careful what they write down and sing.


Art doesn’t just reflect life; it often helps create it. There is a famous actress who acted

 in a movie where something very traumatic happened to her. Subsequent to doing the movie,

this same thing happened to her in real life. I think her playing that role brought something

into her life that brought this about. It was a curse working. Situations that are prophetic like

this need to be examined. It

is not coincidence. There are many stories of bad things happening to actors who

act in movies about dark things. The most recent is the The DARK KNIGHT.

There was one death (Heath Ledger) and curses on others in the movie.


Fortune telling is a practice that is forbidden by the bible.


It is a counterfeit of the spirit of God. People can have a relationship with a familiar spirit that

tells them things, but it is not the spirit of God that is telling them these things.

The bible says not to consult with people that have familiar spirits.  (DEUT 18)

The psychics and palm readers are exactly this. They are people using familiar spirits

to impart messages.


I believe these practices are forbidden precisely because the devil uses these spirits

to speak curses onto people. Things are prophesied, and then they happen. Jesus

came across a woman who had a spirit of divination. She knew who he was, by

this spirit, who also knew. He turned around and told the spirit to come out of her,

and then she couldn’t tell the future any more, and the people who were making

money from her gift were not happy.


Musicians and singers who engage in new age practices and philosophies

open themselves up to familiar spirits that may inspire them to write songs

that will act as curses, to bring certain things about that are not aligned with God’s

will. Any creative artist, whether it is a writer or musician, who engages in any occult

practices will open himself up to this process.


Musicians and singers, because they are spiritually sensitive and prophetically

gifted, have a big responsibility to develop a relationship with God and make sure

that what they are writing and singing IS inspired by God and not a familiar spirit.


That is why it is so important for them to consecrate themselves from using drugs,

which are an opening to other spirits.


They also need to assess whatever they expose themselves to, whether it is from God or not:

the music, the books, TV - all of these bring spirits around them. God has said, in His word,

that there is an office of prophet in the church, and He wants the people with this calling to be

 used to build up the church, not negatively influence the society by being used by the wrong

spirits. The creative process, of being inspired, is such a natural high that many

people who are creative get wrapped up in the process itself; which is a form of

idolatry to God. They need to use that talent to serve God, not as an end in itself.


 I once had a music professor tell me “Music is our god.” Years later I called him

 and said, “Music should be our channel to God.”


The music schools really reinforce this idolatry, that is why it is so important that their students

 be evangelized and have their talents channeled in the right way. With such a pool of talent,

it is a mistake for the churches to ignore what is going on. If God doesn’t use these

people, the devil will. And they will be tempted to be used in the world and that is

why the world is so corrupted; the devil pays well. Musicians and singers and writers

all need to address this issue. The music business siphons people into it because the

church is not reaching out to draw them in.





Pastors and their Words


Pastors also need to be more careful about what they say to their sheep or

about their sheep; their words can loose curses on the heads of their sheep

if they speak negative things, even from the word of God.


I once was sitting near a minister I know. He started to quote words from the New

Testament that were talking about some people – accusations about them having

negative traits. As soon as he said this, I felt something smack the back of my head.

Then I left in a very bad state. There were a lot of negative thoughts coming to me.

I told him that I had been affected by his words. He said, “But I didn’t mean you

since you are a believer in Jesus”. “I know” I said, “but since I am also — your

words affected me. Don’t speak any bad things about —“.


Words spoken about a category of people affects that whole category and defiles

those people to become as the words are saying . This is not good. The antidote is

to pray for the blood of Jesus to wash that category of people from the effect

of the words spoken.


This is not a hard hypothesis to test. Just watch what you speak and observe the

change in behavior of the people you are speaking about. It will prove itself true.

We are talking about self-fulfilling prophesies.


The people speaking these words need to understand that they are not just “proving

themselves right” when they see the behavior follow their words; they are CREATING

this scenario BY their words.”


I brought a girl to church once. She was obviously enjoying the worship. Then the

pastor spoke and kept mentioning a bad spirit. He was invoking it onto the congregation.

At the end, when I asked if she wanted to pray to be saved, her response

was obviously influenced by the very spirit he had been describing. It was counterproductive.


The principle is even broader about the power of words. Words can be spoken

about one person or group of people, but it defiles others that are around or

in relationship to the parties talking. I have had conversations with someone

on the phone where they were talking about someone else, and the words they

spoke went back on their own heads and they were suddenly responding like

the people they were talking about. Words create spiritual “assignments” that

then rain down on multitudes of other people. These assignments then need to

be broken by the “blood of Jesus” which wipes away the effect of these words.



Faith, Prayer and the Power of Words


Jesus said “I give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. Whatsoever you bind

on earth you bind in Heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth you loose in

Heaven.” Math 16:19


The first meaning of this scripture is that those who believe in Jesus have the authority

to release into their lives whatever they speak as releasing, and to block

whatever they choose to block by their words, if they do it in Jesus’ name. This is

when we consciously pray to bind or loose something, in prayer.


Another of the meanings of this scripture is that all people’s words have the power

to bind and loose things into our lives and the lives of others to whom and about

whom we talk. This can be counteracted by someone praying against it, or the protection

of Jesus’ blood over them. If you talk about someone and say something

positive about how they are, they will act that way. If you talk about them negatively,

you will release onto them influences that make them act negatively. Watch your

words and watch them and observe it for yourself. That’s how I came to these conclusions

- through empirical analysis. It takes prayer and studying God’s word to realize

the meanings of some of these scriptures, which are not obvious. Only God’s

spirit can give us the revelation of what he means by certain scriptures. As we seek

the mind of God, He reveals to us what his word means.


There is another principle that is also derived from this scripture about binding

and loosing - that having objects of any kind can bring spirits around a person or

in the room that are connected to the object. If something is near you physically

(bound to you) it can bring spiritual authority for spirits associated with that object

or invoked by that object to be around you. Just having heavy metal music tapes,

in your house, for example, gives spiritual legal authority for bad spirits that inspire

that music to be around you.


You don’t even have to be listening to the music to have an influence occurring.

Getting rid of the tapes takes away authority for those spirits to be in one’s house.

There is a story in the book of Joshua Chapter 7; the story of Achan, who stashed an accursed

object. This was an object dedicated to false gods. Music tapes that invoke the presence of

 ungodly spirits are accursed objects; to God. It says that when a man stashed these objects,

the whole tribe couldn’t stand against their enemies. They were under a curse. When they got rid

of the objects they were freed from the curse.


When you speak to someone don’t ask them negative questions — asking if

they are feeling something bad. This speaks it onto them. Questions act like statements

and are curses. I observed people being interviewed by psychologists who

asked a whole bunch of negative questions. They were cursing the people, who

were in a worse state after the interview. Also they were writing down negative

things, which can fixate curses in the spiritual realm.


If you tear up all records of psych history or physical illness, it will release

the person to be delivered from the demonic assignment that is causing it.


I believe that people having hospital records of their illnesses can fixate it and interfere

with prayer to be healed.


An evangelist friend of mine goes out on the street with tracts to hand out. He

used to carry tracts that also quoted a lot of false religions, as a comparison with

the bible. I used to notice that he was getting affected spiritually by the lying spirits

being invoked by this false information when he had them around him.


When I evangelized by selling my books on the street and talking to people about God, I

noticed that when I had ungodly books around me, it would attract people with the

same spirits to me. Like attracts like.


This is why Jesus, when he sent his disciples out to preach, told them to take practically

nothing with them. This way they had the power of God with them, and no other spirits going

 along. Jesus and his disciples never went out with scrolls of Greek philosophies when

they spoke to Greeks, to compare their theology with the others. By being pure they had

 more spiritual authority to rebuke and cast out unclean spirits. If they had something with them

giving permission for certain unclean spirits to be with them, they probably would

not have the authority to rebuke them on someone else. And they would have attracted them, too.


Another scripture about the power of faith and relationship with Jesus and one’s prayers:

 “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be

given you.” John 15:7.




Psychiatry and their Words



My mother’s death taught me two important things: the power of words, and the

danger of drugs.   Psychiatry uses both together to brainwash people and this kills.


She died from liver damage. She was taking various drugs and the medical theory was

that it was toxic drug interactions, which can cause liver damage. She took some

tranquilizers among other things and I believe this contributed to the negative

mental state, which led to this result.


My mother’s death is a testimony about words and the dangers of psychiatry.


She once said to me, “Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there.”

This means psychiatry is a dead end. The only thing that gets us over the wall is

Faith in God.


Freud was an atheist; psychiatry is all rooted in atheism. And  atheism is a dead end.

Freud spoke curses on people and induced them to speak curses on themselves.

And the only thing that breaks those curses is the Blood Of Jesus. Praying His blood over

oneself and breaking curses in His name brings deliverance and healing.


Psychiatry is dangerous because of the drugs, which put people in a hypnotic trance,

and the brainwashing that goes on by the words spoken. 


My mother read Freud; she was a smoker. He had written that smokers had a subconscious

 dea—wish).  I remember her walking around saying “I have a dea- wish” referring to

what she had read.  Every time she confessed that, she was speaking a curse on herself. 


She had stopped smoking  by self-hypnosis. I had a tape she made where she talked in a

 groggy voice to hypnotize herself to stop.  I had inherited her books.  Years later, one day

 I was sitting on my couch, in front of a bookshelf, and suddenly a book fell down and landed in

my lap. It was a book she had used to stop smoking. In it, she had made notes. Where it was

written “smoking causes sick-, she crossed it out and wrote “deat-“. God was showing me

 where the curses had come from.


My mother also took tranquelizers. This puts people in a suggestible state, a hypnotic trance,

which reinforces hypnotic commands.   I remember noting in pictures that she looked drugged.

She put herself in a hypnotic state and then spoke curses on herself based on what she read,

 resulting in her dea-.


The combination of drugs and curses is the legacy of psychiatry. Freud was an atheist and a

cocaine addict; so his legacy as the father of psychiatry is atheism and drugs.


Psychiatry uses drugs and mind control for  behavioral control.  They call it mental health and

Behavioral Health, which is evidence of the agenda of behavior modification.  Behaviorists

have dominated psychiatry, and they use drugs as a main device to brainwash people.


Behavioral psychology dominates education.They are working with psychiatry to drug students

 and brainwash them in a culture of dea--.  The columbine shooters were taking a

 deat- education” class.


One of the shooters said he had dreams of shooting people.  They were being programmed

 through the drugs and hypnotic suggestion, to kill.


My mother’s death was a prophetic foreshadowing of the end result of PSYCHIATRY – Death.

The atheistic philosophy and the drugs which are toxic, cause it.


This is not accidental.  The Nazis used psychiatry as a way of committing genocide covertly.

Biological psychiatry developed the drugs and gases that were used to kill mental patients before

they used them in the camps. They were testing them on mental patients first.


Nazi scientists were brought to the US after WWII and ran the CIA, which did mind control

Experiments under MKULTRA, programming assassins, using drugs.


Nazism has been working covertly through psychiatry all along, committing genocide on patients.

They openly killed Jews in Germany, but covertly were also killing Christians,

using psychiatry as a front.


The Nazis were not Christians; they pretended to be, to get the support of the German people.

They were really into the occult and were devil worshippers. The devil wants to kill Jews

and Christians, and used Nazis and psychiatry as a device to do it, and is still doing it.


They did not want to kill Christians openly, so they did it covertly by using atheistic philosophy

to re-label them mentally ill.   I know this is true because God sent me into the mental health system

as a witness to see that they are doing it here, and have been all along.  90% of the people labeled

schizophrenic are not mentally ill; they are Christians. Psychiatry uses atheistic definitions of

mental illness to describe spiritual beliefs and experiences as symptoms of mental illness. 


Most psychiatrists are atheists.  BF Skinner, the behaviorist, did not believe man has a soul.


This is completely unconstitutional; it is a violation of the first amendment for religious freedom. 

The fact this has been happening for 50 years is very strange; it should have been addressed by the

Supreme Court a long time ago.


My mother’s testimony was, “Psychiatry kills”.


My testimony is “Psychiatry is being used covertly to kill Christians & everyone it treats”.


Psychotherapy is a dead end

Just talking about your problems doesn’t resolve it; it fixes them onto

a person and they can get trapped in the past with the same thing repeating. So

psychotherapy can be very counterproductive. She used to say to me “I have a

dea—-wish” an idea she got from Freud, who said that people who smoked suffered

from this. By re-confessing it, she just kept cursing herself and speaking it

back onto herself, which is exactly the problem. I believe my mother saw this. She

understood her problems but didn’t know how to solve them. God solves them. She

should have said “I rebuke this” and stopped confessing it as a problem.


Psychotherapy is looking toward the past and the bible says NOT to look to the past, but rather

Go forward. When God delivered Lot and his wife out of Sodom and Gomorrah He

Told them NOT to look back. Lot’s wife looked back and turned to a pillar of salt.


You can’t walk forward with your head looking backward.


Psalm 1 says “blessed is he who does not take the counsel of the ungodly”.   Since psychiatry

And psychology is based on atheistic philosophy, it is ungodly counsel.  Most psychologists

are also atheists.


There is a whole atheistic philosophy behind mental health which has an anti-God agenda,

because they want to brainwash people to accept a scientific fascist state. This is the

continuation of the Nazi agenda. Hitler called it the new world order, and so do they.


Aldous Huxley’s prophetic book BRAVE NEW WORLD describes this fascist society

where everyone is drugged.


Their religion is science. Huxley said “a scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses”.

Psychiatry is exactly that.


Freud was a vehement atheist.


George Brock Chisholm, the Canadian psychiatrist who was head of the first

WORLD FEDERATION OF MENTAL HEALTH in l948 said “the purpose of therapy

is to eradicate morality. “

He also said the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government.


The Nazis were devil worshippers, and so are the people who want to create a world government.

This is the government of the anti-christ that the book of Revelation says will occur before

Jesus returns. It says the anti-christ will make people take a mark in their right hand or

Forehead, without which no man can buy or sell.  The bible warns NOT to take this mark,

since anyone who does will suffer eternal torment in the lake of fire.


This mark  is the microchips that the global elite want to put in people to control them and

to control finance. They have been progressively moving us to a cashless society, to get

 accustomed to it. Credit cards and debit cards were an intermediate step. The computer chips

 exist; they use them in pets now for tracking.


They have been covertly chipping  people in jails and mental hospitals for years; I heard Fla

Announce in l997 they were “thinking of testing them in jails and mental hospitals”. They said

It was a tb shot in jails.  Carl Sanders, a Christian minister whose testimony  is that he helped

design them 30 years ago while working for the government as an atheist scientist,

 warns they are the mark warned about in the bible. He told me they used them on military

personnel in the gulf war.  His web site is


The new healthcare bill also sneakily mandates microchips. P. 1001 mandates within 36 months

To set up a registry of medical devices, pursuant to a 2004 FDA directive mandating “implantable

Transponders for healthcare info and id”. 

The Holy Spirit has also warned me they will microchip people sneakily using vaccines.


Psychiatry uses drugs to control people. The ultimate control will be with microchips.

There are companies researching using chips to drug people. I read of one such company

doing this l0 years ago.  Microchips can also be used as radio receivers to broadcast

messages.  A lot of mental patients who claimed they had a chip in them, were not crazy;

they were being experimented on for years, starting with MKULTRA the CIA mind control

program. Jesse Ventura in his program Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura interviewed

a man who claimed to be a programmed assassin, who said he had several chips inside him.




 Several years ago the Holy Spirit told me my mother  was in purgatory, and to pray her out.


The way this revelation came to me was that I had just gotten out of the mental hospital,

where I had been for the first time. I was praying and the thought came to me that it had

felt like purgatory. Then the question came to me,

“God, was in purgatory because that is where my mother  is?”   The Holy Ghost fell on me,

meaning “yes”. 

I said “what should I do?

God said “pray her out of there”. So I did.  I prayed in tongues until the spirit said to me

“it is accomplished.”


She spoke to me in a dream after this and said “I never really died.” It was the only time she had

spoken to me in a dream, in 30 years.


 I am persuaded that some types of prayers need tongues to bring them about. 

Jesus told his followers to tarry in Jerusalem for “power from on high” and then the Holy Spirit

fell the first time, and they talked in tongues and prophesied. This is called the Baptism of the

 Holy Spirit. Once someone receives it, they can pray in tongues. All believers should pray

for this. Fast to receive it the first time. After that, you pray in tongues by faith, like

exercising a muscle, and it comes more easily and you feel the Holy Spirit take over.


I also had a dream years before this of all my dead relatives and I was being reunited with

them and crying and saying “I knew it was true.” I believe this was from God. There was

grass and trees where we were.




On prayers


When we take our pain to Him in prayer, the Holy Spirit comes in and brings healing

to us.

We have to discipline ourselves not to re-speak the problems after the prayer; that only

takes it back from the throne of God where we left it and speaks it back into the situation

and makes the problem repeat.

 I have made that mistake.

If you pray about something and feel the presence of God while you are praying,

that means he IS solving it. Our job is to stay in faith after that and not doubt. The

book of James chapter 1 in the New Testament says that wavering faith results in nothing. It

sabotages the prayers from getting answered. If one prays about something, then

the only thing he should repeat is to THANK GOD for answering the prayer.


Don’t keep asking; that is not faith. But keep thanking God for answering, and

praising Him; that is acceptable. Thanking God shows faith. As you praise Him, that

often releases the prayer to be answered.


On Healing


A lot of times, people are healed by prayer, but they lose the healing  by  re-confessing

the sickness afterward.   Diseases are caused by spirits whose assignments are those diseases.


If you re-confess it, you re-invoke it.  Then you have to rebuke it again.   If someone else

says you have a disease or illness, rebuke it in Jesus name.



One problem in the mental health system is the use of 12-step programs

as part of a person’s recovery program. From a Christian point of view, these meetings

just keep a person stuck, since at the beginning of a person’s testimony they have

to confess “I am an —“ which is a sickness. This self confession is making the person

curse themselves; they are re-loosing onto themselves the spiritual assignment

that causes their condition. That is actually counterproductive.


What they should be Saying is’ “I am freed from — due to the blood of Jesus Christ”

If they made THAT confession, they would be more free. So the 12 step programs keep

People stuck at a certain plateau. It is a form of bondage where they can get dependent on

the meetings instead of freedom in Christ. The 12 step programs keep them stuck

because they don’t confess Christ; they only talk about a higher power. This is the

right direction but not far enough on the way. It is the name Jesus that has authority

to set people free. Higher power doesn’t have that authority and it is not giving the

people who go to these meetings the FULLNESS of healing available from God.

Many of them, of course, use these meetings as a transitional step from secular

thinking to spiritual, and continue on to go to church. But not enough. A lot of

them just get stuck and the system there induces this. The Mental health system

should NOT force their patients to attend these meetings, for the reasons I just described.

Often they do, which is one of the problems with the mental health system.



Curses in Catholic Prayers

I think Catholic prayers are very counterproductive. 

They pray “Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our dea-.”  

This is problematic for a host of reasons.

Just on the issue of cursing; to confess “I am a sin—“ re-speaks it onto the person and

makes them do it again!

Whenever I confess a particular weakness, I find myself more prone to repeating it.

 It acts like a hypnotic command. This is one reason why so many Catholics repeat the same sins. 

The confession needs to be “thank you Jesus I am set  free from sin! Glory to God!!   

The bible says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Phillipians 4:13

 And the second part of the prayer is really dangerous!

It invokes a spirit of dea--.  (I don’t use the whole name of spirits because writing it down

Can invoke it).


The other issue is praying to Mary, which is unbiblical and idolatry to God.

God spoke to me a charismatic prayer meeting once saying “Talk to my children”.

I said “what should I say” and He said “Look not to Mary but to me”.

The whole Mary thing is a diversion from the devil. It is symptomatic of the fact

that Catholicism is counterfeit Christianity.



More Commentary on Catholicism


There is doctrinal error in Catholicism


The 10 commandments are violated by the statues of Mary. In the catechism

that they teach children, the commandment not to make graven images and bow

down and worship them is LEFT OUT. They take the last commandment and divide

it into 2 to compensate and end up with 10. The Catholic bibles have all 10

commandments; Catholics need to study the bible and they will see the differences

between what is in there and what doctrines they have been taught as children.


The Catholic church teaches that Mary is the “mediatrix” But that contradicts the scripture which says “there is ONE mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus”. 1 Tim 2:5


It is diversionary, a ploy of the devil, to look to Mary rather than Christ.

Some Catholics think the trinity is “father son and holy mother” rather than Holy Spirit.


One time I was praying about whether to live with a Catholic friend, and the Holy Spirit

gave me a scripture from Jeremiah 7:18  and Jer 44;  it says God is angry because they make cakes and burn incense to the “queen of heaven”. 


When Catholics pray the Rosary, they meditate on the events in Jesus life, and at the end,

they call Mary the queen of heaven, or queen of peace” So it leads to Mary rather than Jesus!


Jesus told his followers not to pray in vain repetitions like the heathen. Repeated “hail mary” prayers are such.


God gave me a word to say to Catholics one time. I was at a Catholic charismatic

prayer meeting,  and He spoke to me, saying “Talk to my children”. 

I asked “what do you want me to say?”

and He said “look not to Mary, but to Me.”


The first commandment says “thou shalt have no other gods before me”.

Putting anyone or thing before God is idolatry to God.


Worshipping Mary is idolatry. Making statues is idolatry.

Idolatry is abomination to God. Idolators will not see the kingdom of heaven.

Rev. 21:8 says “idolators..shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.



People who have been brought up with false religious doctrines need to repent

 of error and renounce any false religious spirits.


Catholic doctrine is not biblical Christianity. It is a counterfeit. This is why so much evil has  been done in Jesus’ name by the Catholic church; the devil uses it to discredit Jesus.


If one takes communion in a church that teaches false doctrine, one can bring judgment

on oneself because one is partaking of their sin. Paul says that many are sick and fall asleep (die) because they take communion unworthily, without repenting of their sin. (1 Corin. 11:27-29)  If you take communion with others who are sinning, you come under judgment with them.


This is why so many Catholics get sick. The bible is clear to come OUT of fellowship with the false church; it says COME OUT OF HER and Partake not of her sins. Rev 18:4

It is described as the whore of Babylon which is the Roman Catholic church. Rev 17 describes it.


Rev18:18 says the woman is a great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth (the Holy Roman Empire). The woman sits on a beast with 7 heads and l0 horns. She is arrayed in purple and scarlet, which are the colors of the pope. Rev 17:9 says the 7 heads are 7 mountains on which  the woman sits. Rome is a city with 7 mountains.  Rev 7: 12 says the 10 horns are 10 kings,  which receive power one hour  with the beast. These shall have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.  These shall make war with the Lamb and the Lamb shall overcome them; for he is lord of Lords, and King of Kings. Line 16 says the 10 horns shall hate the whore, and burn her with fire.


This beast is the antichrist government of the new world order, a one world government that will have a false religion. They are devil worshippers. There is a false prophet who gives power to the beast, many believe it will be the last pope. The anti-christ will be the head of this world government, who makes people take the “mark of the beast” to show allegiance; it will be a computer chip. It says people will take a mark in their right hand or forehead, without which no man can buy or sell. Rev 13:16-17 And it says anyone who takes it will suffer eternal torment along with the false prophet when he is cast into the lake of fire.