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Which generation?  


The millennials are becoming idiots. But the boomers were idiots too.  We have all been social engineered.  Some of us have woken up.  The boomers need to warn the young people about what was done to US, and what is being done TO THEM.


As one example, they are surrounded by noise everywhere – the purpose of which is mind control to make it impossible for them to think clearly and for themselves.  We remember when cafés, restaurants, libraries were quiet.  This is rare now.  All by design.


The mass shootings are a prophetic warning that the young generation is being destroyed.  They are being shot in schools because the schools are destroying them.


There are pictures of children being indoctrinated by Islamic Jihadists to become warriors and suicide bombers.  We see that in the west and say “oh that is terrible – it is mind control, abuse of children”  It is. We can see it.


But they look at us, and see the music, tv and Hollywood, and schools that are now indoctrinating children through sex education, into having sex for recreation instead of for procreation in marriages as God designed, and gay sex, for no logical reason whatsoever, and they say “Oh that is terrible  abuse of children” and they are right. They can see OUR mind control and we can see THEIRS.


Putin is on the right side of God on that issue, not the NY Times.  Putin is against pro-gay propaganda aimed at children. He said “leave the children in peace”.  Everyone says they are against pedophilia, but when Putin says the same thing, somehow he’s wrong?


What the jihadists  are doing is a mirror to US of what We are doing. God is using them as a prophetic warning to US to see ourselves the way GOD sees us.


They are beheading people because God is using them to say to US – “YOU’VE LOST YOUR HEADS!”


I wrote an article a few months ago


Today’s functional definition of sex is a guy sticking his weenie in any hole anywhere



The NY Daily News had a story recently that proved me right:




Man has 'sex' with mailbox



This is sex?  Some kid will see that and think a baby will pop out of that mailbox in 9 months.


Why are we calling that sex?


Why do we call gay “sex” sex?  Anal and oral sex are not really sex. We should call it something else.


The social engineers call it that to confuse people and get them to do it as a substitute for the original thing, which had the purpose of procreation.


When Bill Clinton said “I did not have ‘sex’ with that woman – referring to oral sex with Monica Lewinsky – I think he was telling the truth. He was being used prophetically to give a message.


He played more games with words – saying something about “it depends on what the definition of IS is  What a bunch of nonsense. Actually THAT was a perfect example of how ridiculous legalese is  - this is what people learn to do in law school.  Speak gibberish. I know this language very well myself – my parents were lawyers and they trained me to speak it.


But why was that lunacy so prominent? Perhaps a prophetic warning about ISI-  (is is).    Isi-  is now being used to behead people – to say “You have lost your heads with all this sex stuff” a warning to the west.


God uses prophets by what they say and do.


Bill Clinton played the saxophone. Being a musician it is obvious that he was called as a prophet. In the Old Testament the musicians were prophets.


ISI- is also the name of an Egyptian Demon.  It is the fertility goddess. SO invoking that demonic spirit causes people to be obsessed with Sex.


Clinton was telling us prophetically that the source of his problem was the demo ISIS.   And where is that spirit being invoked?  All over the west, in Starbucks. It is the symbol on their cups. It is a mermaid with two tails.  It is also the Babylonian goddess of fertility, Ishtar, which is the source of the holiday Easter. This is why there are easter bunnies – it is about fertility. People breeding like rabbits.


So Bill Clinton was being used prophetically to tell us WHERE his problem comes from.  Did he know this consciously? I doubt it.


The beheadings by ISI- are a warning to the west that we have lost our heads and that the opening for our stupidity is that demonic spirit.


So we have already been infiltrated by ISI- - sneakily on the spiritual level.



Why Christians SHOULD boycott Starbucks – it is the opening for ISI- in the US



The only solution to those being brainwashed by that spirit is to pray in Jesus name against it, and for God to set them free. 


(I don’t print entire names of spirits – it invokes them. When speaking it is better to spell them.  Words do not just describe – they invoke what we speak).


Anthony Wiener was another person God used prophetically to give a message. His last name is a sign of his calling – to warn us about misplaced wieners. Like in mailboxes. And Men’s behinds. (gay anal sex)


SO God used Anthony to flash pictures of his weenie around the web and then draw attention to it by running for mayor of NYC!


I said to myself – when something is that crazy, there has to be a prophetic message in it from God.


God was saying “we have a wiener problem”    Not only gay sex, and but also the pornography that spews out of NYC into the world, polluting it. It is corrupting the world.


Anthony Wiener’s middle name is David. David was a psalmist – a prophet. SO that is confirmation that Anthony Wiener was also called to be a prophet. He should play an instrument, because that is how one invokes God’s spirit and hears Him speak to us, through worship.


Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God – everyone has a calling



Jeremiah 1 says God knew us before he formed us in the womb. So he has a plan for every soul. This is why abortion grieves God. It thwarts his purpose.


Anyone who is named after a prophet is called by God to be one.  God never stopped using prophets. It is an office in the New Testament – Ephesians 4:11.


I am named after a prophetess who was a judge of Israel. She also sang.


I am  lifelong composer. I played piano since 3.  I remember having the thought as a kid “I a put on earth to do music  &it is holy”


This came from God.


Anyone named Christopher, Christian, Christine is called to be a witness to Jesus Clearly. Christopher means Christ-bearer.


Same idea with people named Jesus!


All musicians are called to be prophets.


God had me write a free book for Musicians. As I wrote it I said to God ‘Maybe all musicians are not called to serve you with their music” God said back THEY ARE!  As prophets, intercessors & healers.


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD’S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors& Healers.




Revelation 18 describes a city that is the center of commerce and the arts that is destroyed in one hour by God. The first time I read it I knew it meant NYC. Other prophets have the same witness. God calls it spiritual Babylon and says she spews her sorceries into the world.


God said in Jeremiah 18 that if he pronounces judgment on a nation or city But they repent, he will relent. He used the prophet Jonah to go to Ninevah to tell them they would be destroyed.  He did and the King called a fast and repented, so God relented.

God has told me NYC is like Ninevah.  Billy Graham has the same witness about the US.


When God spoke to Jonah about Ninevah, he said “should I not have mercy on that great city of 140,00 whose people can not tell their right hand from their left, and also much cattle?”


He was basically calling them idiots. SO when God told me that NYC is like Ninevah, he was saying that the people are idiots.


He has told me this several times.


I was sitting near Radio City Music Hall a few months ago on Ave of the Americas, and said to God ‘There are 6 million idiots in this city”.


God said back ‘Try 8 million”.   I googled the population  of NYC and it is 8.2 million.


I asked God later “Do the world’s idiots all come here or what?”  He said “No, they come here and become idiots”.


Corrupted from the environment.


NYC has the biggest band in the world -  Mayor De Idiot and the 8 million idiots


Why do young black guys walk around with their underwear showing? That style comes from Jail.  They look like idiots.


I think that is actually another prophetic sign that we all look like idiots, to God.


Education not only indoctrinates people – the more educated we become, the more indoctrinated. People pay tuition to get turned into idiots.


I had a conversation with an Israeli who had a PHD in philosophy. He told me he wasn’t sure if I had five fingers on my hand when I held it up in front of him. He said he might be hallucinating, or dreaming, or dreaming that I exist, or that he exists.  He could not trust his senses.  


I said to him “YOU ARE AN IDIOT!”


ONE philosophy class does this to people. That is how toxic it is. 


God gives us 5 perfectly good senses to perceive reality, and people take a class that tells them they can’t trust their senses. It could all be an illusion. They are being social engineered – to doubt themselves and their own intuition so someone else can tell them what to think.


People get indoctrinated in med school and law school too.  They pay big money to have this done to them so it becomes hard to admit they were snookered.  Doctors are told all kinds of lies to support the pharmaceutical lobby that is the biggest lobby in the world – their only goal is selling drugs to make money.


The bible warns us that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. 


Lawyers learn how to focus on silly irrelevant minutae and avoid the big issues, in law school. To obsess more about process than truth. And of course criminal law is about lying by omission – not telling the truth. A lawyer only promotes the facts that support his client. His job is not to seek the truth of what really happened. 


The focus on minutae comes from the Talmudic tradition of what rabbis do – focus on laws and arcane questions about what to do in what situation. If you read the Talmud it sounds insane. Plus they say lies about Jesus so it is not based on truth.


The tradition of Jewish lawyers is related to the Talmudic tradition of rabbis who study the law.  A lot of Supreme Court decisions sound like the same incoherent lunacy as the Talmud.


God’s purpose for sex was to use it to make babies to create families.  Families are the basic structure that stabilizes society. This has gone on for thousands of years.


But the social engineers have used various isms’ – communism, socialism, to try to change that structure.  They want a society where the state raises kids so it can control them, instead of families raising them . 


Brave New World by Aldous Huxley was a prophetic book warning of the plans of the social engineers. It describes a totalitarian society where the state raises kids, who are grown in test tubes where they are genetically engineered. Sex is separated from Love and marriage and used recreationally, as a distraction.  They are promoting gay sex and gay marriage to create a need for test tube babies. SO the public will support it.


The people behind the evil of the west and the middle east  are social engineers, who do not serve God but the devil.


Every generation is indoctrinated by those who control their society.   The social engineers do this incrementally to bring society to the place they want them to be. 


The 80 year olds were brought up to work hard, raise families, believe in God, aspire to have a house with a yard. Many became workaholics. I came from a family of that and it rubbed off on me. The men of that generation were trained to be hamsters on a wheel. 


The hippies said “we don’t want to join the rat race” and used drugs to expand their consciousness and think of alternative realities and lifestyles.  A lot of this was social engineering.


Timothy Leary and his LSD was actually funded by the CIA. He admitted it.  The drug was introduced into the Hippy generation to derail them from the anti-war movement. TO get them to become introspective and sit around getting high giggling at nothing. It worked.  They did the same with the Occupy movement. A lot of those people also used drugs. They were also being drugged.  I went to a gathering and God told me “don’t eat the food – it’s drugged”.  I tasted it and it tasted like poison. When I spoke to a lot of those folks they seemed hypnotized, by the drugs.


The boomer generation was indoctrinated into using sex for recreation instead of procreation.  We were told sex with strangers was FREE LOVE.  We thought it was love because it was called that.  The word was hijacked.


The millenials are being programmed to have gay sex.  The social engineers behind the gay rights movement want to make the whole society gay. They have said this outright.   Their lifestyle is about promiscuous sex.  Their promotion of gay marriage is a ruse.  Most gay marriages are not monogamous; they want people to think it is, but it is a fantasy. They are using gay marriage to normalize gay relationships and next be able to adopt children and have sex with children.


Gay marriage is a farce and why it Does matter to everyone


Adopting kids and raising them by gay parents is emotional abuse if not sexual, since the children have no role model for healthy heterosexual relationships. This is unfair to them.


Robert O. Lopez had two gay moms.  He says he had no clue how to relate to women.  He was homosexual for years (probably having picked up the spirit from them).  Finally he got married to a woman and raised a family. There are plenty of others like him, but it is not politically correct to talk about this truth.


Negative testimony of child of gay marriage


The Man-boy love organization is promoting gay marriage as a front for pedophilia.  (NAMBLA)


Ironically everyone is appalled at the pedophilia in the Catholic church and other places, but they are oblivious to the fact that gay marriage is a set up for more pedophilia. 


This is partly because the gay rights movement shows pictures of guys kissing to make people think it is romantic and they are really in love, but their sexual behavior is not an expression of love, it is abuse.  The bible calls them 'abusers of themselves with mankind' which refers to anal sex.  This practice often tears their rectums and makes them bleed, which is the opening for AIDS.     It is S&M behavior, not love.   It is no different than calling rough, violent sex between a man and a woman an expression of love.  That is nonsense too.


Guys are made gay often from being sexually abused as boys or later, by other homosexuals. The abuse is an opening for a spirit of homosexuality to enter them; this is a demon, which then yanks them around to seek out gay sex compulsively and addictively.   


Calling them gay is a complete misnomer - a whitewash.  They are not happy - they are driven.


I had a friend who was raped by his uncle as a pre-teen. In college he was compulsively seeking out homosexual encounters. He dropped out of Harvard, and his mother, a psychiatrist, put him in a psych ward where he was tortured by psych drugs. 


The remedy for this situation is to get saved.  Jesus name has authority over all demonic spirits.  In his name it can be cast out. I know people who have been delivered from it.


Gays have a right to be healed.  Instead of acknowledging that many of them have been sexually abused, they are being told “there is nothing wrong – you’re gay”  


Strange how the biggest fear men have in prison is of being raped, and yet somehow on the outside people pretend that the same behavior is normal and non-abusive.  This is Orwellian doublespeak.


A lot of gays came to this position since they felt shamed and guilty for having been raped – they were the victims – so this resulted in a need to say they are ok.  Well they are children of God like all human beings, but their condition is a disorder for which God has provision to heal them. 


He didn’t make people gay to condemn them but to give them a testimony that Jesus healed them. Like all kinds of other sins and traumas that people go through.  I was raped twice – God healed me of the trauma as I worshipped him, and forgave the person.


I had eating disorders for 12 years, triggered by oral sex.  This is analogous to what gays go through. Both are compulsive addictive behaviors.


I have heard that eating disorders are on the rise. And I believe it is a direct result of the rise of oral sex.  The millennials have grown up thinking oral sex is no big deal, having been influenced by Bill Clinton. I remember having conversations with 12 year olds who told me this.  That same generation is now the 20 somethings that are being told they are gay.   That same generation is the 4 year old  kids I used to teach in the early 90s as a substitute teacher.  I brought an electric piano and the kids would push the drum button and dance, grabbing their crotch.  They were imitating Michael Jackson.  His behavior sexualized millions of kids in that generation. Children are mimics – that is how they learn.  Parents and teachers know this.


For those gays who really are attracted romantically to men – one major reason is that they are looking for father figures.  What they need is mentors.  This is one reason people always sought mentors.  What is happening is that people are being manipulated to think all relationships are supposed to be sexual!


I would say to people in general – leave the sex out of the relationship and let God use the relationship for the way He intended. Mentors, friends. The people you think you are in love with can become your brother or sister in Christ. 


When people become born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, every other born again Christian IS your brother or sister in Christ. The Holy Spirit interconnects us.  We lift each other up or down. If one person uses alcohol, or drugs, it can afflict others. 


I had asked God why I see so many young black gay men in NYC – and He answered me by reminding me of an experience I had years ago – I was sitting in a hippy house and 2 guys were lying near me on the floor, kissing. One said “You remind me of my father”


Since the social engineers have been decimating the black race and sending so many blacks to jail, the boys are growing up without fathers – also because their parents are not marrying and the kids grow up with single moms.  So they are seeking father figures. 


One of the rappers said a music executive told him “your job is to fill the jails”.  And many states now have privately run prisons, who use people as slaves. They brag about their high recidivism rates – CCA runs a lot of private prisons and brags about this.


Probably one reason for women seeking relationships with women is from having absent workaholic fathers AND mothers.


Revealing interview about the prison industrial complex




As evidence that there is a spirit of homosexuality:  I had gay dreams twice in my life. It was from that spirit.  The first time was when I lived in an apartment under a lesbian.  I also strangely had the impulse to cut my hair.  I was living in a part of the city that was a haven for lesbians.  So then I had women coming onto me in the street. They thought I looked gay.  Probably God had me do this to attract them so I could minister to them – like bait and switch.  I used to do the same thing with men years before – I would go to a 7-ll late at night and some guy would start talking to me, and I would tell them about Jesus.


The second gay dream I had was in jail, where the spirit is rampant. One can pick it up from the bed.


One reason there is so much gay sex in jail is for pragmatic reasons – the only people available are same sex.  I had pet rabbits. I had 2 males and a female.  One of the males used to try to have sex with the female but couldn’t catch her, so then he turned on the other male, which traumatized it and made it afraid.  When I saw this I understood what happens in jails.


I don’t like staying in hotels since the rooms are full of unclean demonic spirits from the sex there. They are not good places to pray. This is actually one reason many people get depressed in hotels.


On Ninevah:


Ninevah is a city in Iraq.  Recently ISI- has gotten control over it.  I believe God is allowing this as a prophetic warning that NYC & the US, which are spiritual Ninevah, have lost their heads (minds).


George W Bush said God told him to invade Iraq.  Well it is possible that is true because God was doing that prophetically as a warning that the US or spiritual Babylon would be destroyed as described in Revelation 18 if we did not repent. God always does things as prophetic warnings – by having prophets warn people or doing things symbolically as a message.


He had the prophet Ezekiel lie on his side for 40 days staring at a model of Jerusalem, as a sign that it would come under siege. Ezekiel 1.  Strange behavior is OFTEN prophetic messages. When we see it we should ask God “What does this mean”


And God does weird stuff precisely to get people’s attention to get them to ASK the question WHY is this happening.


9-11 was a warning to repent and turn to God.   The l993 bombing of the Twin Towers was a warning about 9-11.  9-11 was actually a nuke. 


9-11 was caused by a nuke





All mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose 'assignments' are the names of the disease. 

Jesus rebuked them and gave his followers authority to do it. It works; I have rebuked canc-, asthm-, depress-.


(I don't print entire names of spirits since that invokes them; when speaking it is better to spell them for this reason).


Words do not just describe, they invoke what we speak.  The bible warns about this.


Proverbs 18:21 says Death and life is in the tongue. 


The book of James ch 3 (New Testament) also warns about the power of the tongue.   The bible tells us to be slow to speak and swift to hear.  


 1Peter says   if any man speak let him speak as the oracle of God.


The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry





How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)


Thoughts come into our heads from the spiritual realm. The word INSPIRATION means A SPIRIT GOES INTO IT.


The bible says there are two sources; God and the demonic.  Demonic spirits are lying spirits.


The Holy Spirit has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from heaven. It is the spirit of truth.  The Godhead is the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.


The gospel of John explains the divinity of who Jesus is:


In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and word was God  John 1:1


And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.  John 1:14


For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ John 1:17


So the Trinity in Heaven is the Father, Word& Holy Spirit


The word became flesh is Jesus coming down as the SON


The angel Gabriel told Mary


“This holy thing in your womb shall be Called the Son of God” That is his TITLE.  Luke 1:35


The word trinity is not in the bible But the meaning is clear in


1John 5:7:


There are 3 that bear record in Heaven, the Father Word & Holy Spirit & these 3 are one”


God's spirit brings peace.  Demonic spirits harangue, mock, tempt us to sin, say negative things like "go kill yourself, everyone hates you" etc.   The remedy for them is to ignore them or rebuke them in Jesus name, and remove whatever is in our environment that is an opening for them to speak to us. 


Sin until it is repented of, is also an opening.


Music, books, art, symbols, are all openings.  Whatever spirit inspires a book, recording etc is around it and is transmitted by it.  When the stuff is removed the demonic oppression leaves.


Occult objects are also openings and need to be renounced and removed. This includes tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc.


All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits. This includes alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, pot, lsd etc and all psych drugs.  Alcohol is an opening for a spirit of depress.


Liquor stores often say WINE LIQUOR AND SPIRITS as a warning that they open people to demonic spirits.  


These spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact, like germs.


Nicotine is a big opening for negative thoughts.  Caffeine, for spirits of addiction, mania, confus-, agitat-. 


Spiritual Wisdom Revised


How & where to pray, hearing from God, words, symbols, homosexuality is sin & how to be delivered from it.


Get rid of Harry Potter, Pokemon, Tarot cards & Ouija boards – they bring curses & cause mental & physical illness



Harry Potter books are openings for demonic spirits  of witchcraf-.     This can cause mental and physical illnesses, relationship issues; all kinds of curses that affect people’s lives – their jobs, etc. Get rid of them.


The music business is run by people who are Illuminati who are devil worshippers, who pray demons onto the records in prayer rooms in the record labels.


This testimony comes from John Todd, who came from an Illuminati bloodline and became a born again Christian in the 70s. He says he controlled the record labels. He says he was high up on the council of 13 which answers to the Rothschilds, who answer to Lucifer, the devil. He said the Rockefellers, the foremost social engineering family in the US, work for the Rothschilds.


Demons behind the Music Business – John Todd


Todd talks about a conversation with David Crosby from Crosby Stills & Nash, who said that in order to get a record deal one has to be a witch and in order to advance one has to be bisexual.


Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education



Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company& Rockefeller social engineering


Abby owns an organic compost toilet company, Clivus Multrum. . I believe God inspired her to do this as a prophetic sign that the family is social engineering the US down the toilet.  She is David Rockefeller’s daughter. I have known her over 30 years. She is a musician. Musicians in the old testament were prophets, and are all called to serve GOD as prophets, intercessors & healers.  God often uses people as prophets not only by what they say but also by what they do.


Former NYC Mayor’s quote about Rockefeller social engineering and shadow government



From the Wikipedia page of John Francis Hylan, former NYC mayor. He says the Rockefellers are an octopus that controls everything, including media, politicians.


Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order


Nick Rockefeller told filmmaker AARON RUSSO, who had made a film From Freedom to Fascism, and then ran for Governor of Nevada,  that his family was behind the Feminist movement and the purpose was to break up families so the state could raise kids and get control over them, and get women working so they could tax them. He said they want to microchip the whole planet for control  (financial and mind control). 


They are already microchipping pets – and are doing it sneakily to people as vaccines. In prisons it is normal protocol to get a tb shot to avoid solitary.  In l997 I got one in a FLA  prison and then God showed me that it was a chip. I had my dentist x-ray my arm and we both saw something. Before this happened God had warned me  - I had heard a radio announcement that the government was thinking of testing chips in jails and psych wards. It was a trial balloon to gauge the public’s reaction to the information. They were already doing it.


Carl Sanders, a minster who designed chips 4 years ago for the government as an atheist, told me that they chipped military in the first gulf war.  His website is



Don't Take Vaccines!



Don’t take vaccines. They are using them to sneakily chip people and they have squalene, a poison, designed to make people sick and die. They are using toxic vaccines to depopulate the planet.


Vaccines are also causing autism.  The multiple dose ones like the MMR has thimerosal as an additive which has mercury, a toxic metal. It causes brain damage by destroying the myelin sheaths on nerve fibers. Flu shots also have mercury, and that is also causing alzheimers.


MMR vaccines cause 340% increased risk of autism in African American infants



Most of the diseases are caused by the vaccines.  Flu shots give people the flu. The cases of measles are happening with people who ARE vaccinated, not unvaccinated.  But the doctors try to say that vaccinated people get measles because of Other unvaccinated people, not the shot.  If the shot worked, why would they get it?


Rima Laibow, a NY trained psychiatrist who never used psych drugs in her practice with adults and children, told Governor Jesse Ventura on his show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, that most vaccines have squalene a poison designed to make people sick and die, for depopulation. She said one of the global elite told her “it is getting near time to cull the population”.


So healthcare has been hijacked.  Someone years ago got a prophetic warning about all this. They heard God say “those who harm you would be those who would heal you”


Many doctors do not know what is actually in the vaccines. The labels do not tell the truth.


Laibow’s website is


Warning – microchips, toxic vaccines, toxic fluoride



Nick Rockefeller also told Russo, months before 9-11, that an event was coming that would be used to get control over the people, start wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and they would be looking in caves and it would all be a big hoax, - a phony war on terror, which never ends.


1984 also describes  being in a perpetual state of war, to manipulate the public.


Aaron Russo on Nick Rockefeller:


Reflections & Warnings – an interview with Aaron Russo (by Alex Jones)





Todays’ language is massively corrupted. Words have been hijacked and distorted from their original meanings. Many are used to mean the opposite of what they really meant. It is what is known as Orwellian Doublespeak – from George Orwell’s book l984. This was a prophetic book written by someone who was a social engineering insider and was writing about their vision for the future. He was correct; we are now there.  He talked about Big Brother with cameras everywhere.  The social engineers use language to manipulate people’s thinking.  This has been going on for generations.


Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter made a prophetic statement that was a warning about this. He said “the government manipulates through grammar”. I think he was talking about how they change meanings of words to control the way people think. He also was referring to the use of trigger words to hypnotically control people and use them to do shootings, among other things. There are trigger words in the movies and music. They are provoking these mass shootings.


The first school shooting at  Columbine in l999, was due to this . The shooters were on psych drugs which hypnotize people. They were also taking a DEATH ED class. They were set up. They were hypnotized by the drugs and programmed by the class. One of the shooters said he had nightmares about shooting after taking the class. In the early l990s many schools had Death Ed and the suicide rates shot up.  All by design. It is programmed genocide. Loughner also called his community college “my genocide school”.  He was telling us something. Maybe he took a class similar to what happened in Columbine.


Since the feminist movement, they have been telling women that having promiscuous sex empowers us..  It is nonsense. It empowers the demons who enter us if we do this.  I never felt empowered after sleeping with men.  I usually felt depressed – used.  One night stands don’t make people feel empowered. It is a lie.


In today’s culture they don’t call it love. They call it hook-ups.  A new expression.  Same behavior.


I am the tail end of the hippy generation – the boomers.  WE were told that promiscuous sex with strangers was FREE LOVE.  It had nothing to do with love, actually. We thought it was because that is what it was called.  My older relative once pointed out to me “without commitment, it is not love” 


The word LOVE was hijacked.  It was really Sex.


Stephen Still’s song LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH


Was really telling us to sleep with whoever we were with. I know this because this is what people actually did.  Everyone slept with everyone.


Libraries used to be places that were quiet.  Now, the workers talk in them, which completely defeats the purpose of going there.


Churches used to be places one could sit and pray, undisturbed.  I and others in NYC have had experiences of sitting in a pew with my eyes closed,  and having someone who works there come over and interrupt, saying “you can’t sleep here”. They don’t even know what praying looks like. I told one guy that praying and sleeping are related, since God often puts people into trances or asleep to talk to them in dreams or visions. This is biblical – it says so in Job and Joel.  The guy’s response? 


that is nonsense”.  An idiot.    So churches are no longer churches. 


Schools used to train people to read, write and think critically. They no longer do that. They have been used by the social engineers to dumb people down and turn them into obedient robots.  John D Rockefeller, who founded the Southern Education Board, famously said “I don’t want thinkers – I want workers”.     I spoke to a 20 something working in a coffee shop who said to me “I do as I’m told”.   A robot.


The schools use something called OBE (Outcome Based Education) founded by Benjamin Bloom. He said the purpose of education is to “change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of students”.  All brainwashing.  NOT train them to read and write and think critically. They don’t want that. They want obedient serfs.   I met a recent education graduate of a teaching college who did not even take a course in teaching how to read! THAT IS WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING. Instead they are being turned into ‘change agents” to indoctrinate kids to have gay sex.


I always say to people USE YOUR GOD-GIVEN BRAIN!!!


The human race is incredibly self-destructive.  We have perfectly good brains, and use all kinds of means to destroy them, with drugs, music and other things.  If our brains can not function, we can not make good decisions about anything else; so the most important organ IS our brain.


This is why there are so many forms of mind control in our society – they are used to sneakily manipulate people.


Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education


They are:  mind control, genocide, atheism, world government.


Sigmund Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry said


“I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion” He was.


George Brock Chisholm, Canadian psychiatrist, co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, said the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government, and the purpose of education is to eradicate morality.   He was against God, family, patriotism, and the idea of sin.


People have no idea where the thoughts and feelings in their heads come from. A lot of it is environmental. We are all affected by our environment.


Years ago it was exposed that advertisers would flash pictures of potato chips at such a high rate of speed in movies, that the brain did not consciously perceive it, but subconsciously did, making the person crave that product.  Most advertising is manipulation. They create a need in a person to sell the product.


Big Pharma creates diseases so they can sell their drugs as solutions.


This is how the devil works in general  - he creates  a problem and then tries to sell us the solution.   The social engineers do this also to manipulate society to clamor for the ‘solutions’ they want to impose. Instead of just imposing it, they manipulate events to get people to ask for it. So they will think it is their own free will.


This is known as the Hegelian dialectic   - problem – reaction solution.


They set up shootings, or fake shootings to get the people to clamor for more protection.  TO push for gun control legislation.  As a challenge to the 2nd amendment which gives people the right to bear arms. The main purpose of that amendment was to protect us against government tyranny. Every dictator has passed gun control laws – to get people to register their guns, then take them, so the people has no protection against the  government. THEN it is easier for them to commit genocide.  This is historically what has happened. Hitler, Mao did it.


The devil and his followers repeat themselves all the time. What worked before works over and over  - the purpose of studying history is to see what the various games are so we don’t get snookered again.


There are 3 books everyone should read.  The King James Bible, l984 and Brave New World.  The bible is a supernatural book. It imparts the spirit of God – his peace, it is something we should EAT every day, to have God’s spirit on us and his guidance.


The other two books are both prophetic warnings about the future, which is our current society. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley was an illuminati blueprint.


The three most important books – the King James bible, Brave New World & 1984



Bible translations – only the King James is Good


The King James bible is the only good English Translation. The more modern translations are corrupted. This includes the popular NIV, NRSV and others.


They leave out key scriptures and change words to make their meaning less clear.  They use Hades instead of Hell, so people won’t realize Hell is real.  They use angel instead of Holy Angel which can invoke fallen angels or demons. This is dangerous.  The devil is behind these translations. 


An important scripture is Matthew 17:21 where Jesus tells his followers HOW to cast out demonic spirits, which cause diseases.


He says ‘this kind comes out only by prayer AND FASTING” Matt 17:21


 Meaning in order to have authority over demonic spirits one needs to fast. Also the person bring prayed for also should fast.  The NIV and other modern translations leave OUT this scripture. Lying by omission.  (sometimes it is in a footnote where people are less likely to see it)


The devil does not want people to know how to have authority to cast out his demons, so he engineers translations and called them “New, improved” and leaves out the information that people need to do this.


Avoid the New King James; it plays on the idea that people have been conditioned to think ‘new’ means ‘better’.


The King James bible has a presence and authority that the others do not. One can feel God’s peace on the right bible. The demons know it too. 


Years ago I was in Israel and saw someone using tarot cards on the sidewalk.  This is divination and the bible calls it abomination and says those who do it bring curses on themselves – this is because doing this opens them to demonic spirits.   I opened my bible to warn the person (Deuteronomy 18) and as soon as I did this, the person screamed and ran and hid behind a pole.  The demons that He was channeling to give readings, were afraid of the Holy Spirit.


Carrying a bible protects a person supernaturally, since it invokes God’s spirit and his angels and repels demonic angels and the people they are attached to.


Years ago I hitched around the country with truckers.  I would go to a truck stop and ask a driver to get on the CB and say “a Christian lady wants a ride”  Someone always offered to help.  What was interesting was that the sexual predators were more afraid of ME and MY BIBLE than I was of them. They would curse over the radio and not even let me in their truck.


Without a personal relationship with God and Jesus and the authority of a bible, I would not advise someone to travel this way.  It could be dangerous. 


I would not want to go through life in general without a personal relationship with God. He warns us away from mistakes.


When a person is born again they have the Holy Spirit in them. If something grieves the Holy Spirit, we can feel chest pain. This is a warning sign. 


God uses it to warn us of danger, or that something is sin, or a bad idea, or that someone is saying something that is a lie.


Intuition is from God. It is a leading where we may not have enough information to make the right choice. But God knows everything so if we listen to him, he can warn us and guide us.




If someone is walking down the street and there is a predator waiting to mug someone around the corner, God knows it. He can guide us to avoid that situation; chest pain would be one way.  He often tells me that something I am trying to do is a mistake. When I don’t obey, I find out why.


When I Have fallen into sin and then asked God why He didn’t warn me, he responded “You didn’t ask for my help”.


God doesn’t want to control us – he gave us free will, but he wants to guide us and protect us. 


Since he gave all people free will, there are people who do things that harm others. Many of them are listening to demonic spirits. TO protect us from those people and their behaviors, we need to pray for God’s help.


In order to have authority to get our prayers answered we need to repent of any sin.  If we don’t know if there is something we should ask God if there is something we need to repent of. HE will answer us.


God talks directly to people in their thoughts, and prophetically through others, and through other means – signs, and circumstances.


Our conscience is God talking to us. Our intuition is God leading us.


He has used license plates in front of me to give me messages.


Jesus said that unless we forgive others our prayers would be hindered.  If we ask God if there is anyone we need to forgive, He will answer – he could say the name or use an image of a person – or have someone with the same name or who looks like them sit near us, for example.


Jesus most important message was to forgive. Unforgiveness can send a person to hell, or purgatory.  When we forgive others we then have inner peace. The trauma is gone.


“Except ye forgive men their trespasses, God won’t forgive yours”  Matthew 6


I spent 8 months in solitary confinement in a psych ward of a prison. It was a taste of hell. Everyone there had been horribly abused and needed to forgive. They were there as a warning to forgive or they could go to hell.  


The experience was Spiritual Bootcamp.  God used it to teach me how to resist the devil’s attempts to abort my prayers. When I got out God said “Use what you’ve learned”.


Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers


The Need for Forgiveness



I stopped a cop from raping me by preaching to him. Then he repented. I forgave him. Forgiving him saved my life because he later told me that he told his superiors what he had done and they asked him if he wanted them to kill me so I wouldn’t tell the newspapers. He said he told them “no I love her, leave her alone”.


I believe in Purgatory because God had me pray my mother out of there in l998.  I was praying after having been in a psych ward and suddenly the question came to me, “That seemed like purgatory. Was I there because that is where my mother is?” I felt the Holy Spirit on me. I took it to mean Yes. I asked “what should I do?” He said “Pray her out of there”. I prayed in tongues for about half an hour until God said something like “it’s accomplished.” A day or so later, she spoke to me in a dream, the first time since l977 when she had passed. She said “I never really died”. So I believe in Purgatory and the afterlife.


I had had a dream prior to that where I saw all my dead relatives and was crying, saying “I knew it was true” A prophetic dream about seeing them again.


God often puts questions in our heads so He can answer them.


I prayed mom out of purgatory by praying in tongues



Praying & Singing in tongues IS of God& is for all Christians




Every Family has a Resident Prophet


They are the kids and teens with blue hair – the individualists. Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position.


Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God  - Everyone has a calling




Anyone named after a prophet is called by God to be one. I am. God often inspires our parents to name us.


It says in Jeremiah 1 that “God knew us before He formed us in the womb”   So all people have a purpose. This is why abortion Grieves God. It thwarts His purpose for that soul.


Someone said that God told them “they are aborting the prophets I am sending!”


In order to fulfill that purpose, we need  a personal relationship with God so he can guide us and give us gifts to empower us to do what he has called us to do.


When people get saved God gives them gifts they didn’t have before.


I was a shallow breather all my life since my mother smoked.  When I got saved in l990, God healed me as I worshipped him, playing the piano in a church alone at night for 2 years.  God healed me and gave me a loud singing voice I did not have before.


God put me in that place to train me as an intercessor and prophet.


Whatever problems or sufferings or sins we had before getting saved and born again is part of our testimony.


After we get saved and born again and God heals us or helps us, we can use that as a testimony to the power of Jesus.


If there were no bad situations in this world, there would be no opportunity For Jesus to heal us.


So God allows all kinds of situations to create that testimony.


When a person hears that an atrocious sinner was forgiven and healed by Jesus, it inspires them to believe they can also be forgiven. The devil lies to people and tells them God won’t forgive them – hearing such powerful testimonies helps them to believe they can be forgiven.


God has solutions to every situation.  He gives us challenges in life precisely to give us a reason to seek Him for help – and for a relationship with Him. People who have no problems think they have no need for God. So God often gives them problems to give them a reason to seek Him.


Jesus said “with God all things are possible”  Luke 1.


Everyone has a Phase 2 Ministry


Phase 1 is their situation before Jesus healed them; phase 2 is their testimony of what Jesus did for them. The purpose is to inspire others to hope and believe for the same thing.


God’s purpose for gay people is to deliver them from a spirit of homosexuality and whatever emotional abuse they may have suffered, so they can then have a ministry to others in the same situation.


God’s purpose for gay people


Gay Marriage is God’s answer to the Lunacy of Evolution


Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) and caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting Gay marriage



Bloomberg formed a Super Pac to Support Gay marriage in other states. God said “really? I’ll see you and raise you. Here comes a super storm.” On Election day 4 states passed it. The next day NYC had a noreaster. God speaks in 2s and 3s. 


God has always used weather to give messages. It is biblical.


We call extreme weather events ACTS OF GOD.  They ARE.  It is not metaphor.


God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with hail for the sin of homosexuality.  The word SODOMY which means unnatural sex comes from THAT.


Bloomberg and Cuomo caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting Gay marriage


I was sitting outside the NY public library 2 years ago on the day of the NYC labor day parade (2012) preparing to talk to Cuomo. One of the things that came out of my mouth was “signing that gay marriage law will bring judgment on NY”   3 hours later,  two tornados went thru Brooklyn and Queens, one for Bloomberg, one for Cuomo.  I told Cuomo 2 years later.


During Hurricane Sandy I asked God to “please keep the power on near me”


He had found me a foyer of a business across from the Grace building, which sits opposite Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, between 42 and 43.




As I sat there He said “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” and “Testimony”


He answered the prayer.


All of lower Manhattan was drenched& lost power up til the Grace building. On my side, and all of Manhattan north, we had power and were dry.


God is faithful.


Hurricane Sandy & the Grace Building – a testimony of God




A day later I was sitting in a bank where I used to charge my computer and write.  2 gay guys came to charge their phone. (The desperate hordes from lower Manhattan were all around looking for power).  As I sat there, God said to me “These poor children”


I knew he was referring to the fact that these young gay men were being MADE gay.  By sexual abuse and social engineering. They were confused.


That same bank, was a Citibank where I wrote my book for musicians.  2 years later, it became a PIANO STORE!


I had said to God a few times  “How about putting a grand piano right on the plaza of the Grace Building?”


His answer to me apparently was “You want a PIANO? How about a whole PIANO STORE!”


The NY Times reported that Steinway pianos was moving right across from the Grace Building. And temporarily they were first using the former Citibank where I had written my book for musicians!


Coincidence? Hardly.


On Grace and Pianos – when God moves he moves BIG


God has a sense of humor, believe me.


When people have weird experiences and ask themselves “Is this a cosmic joke?”  it IS!!    God Has a sense of humor. Jewish humor comes from God.


God would Have TO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR TO DEAL WITH THE MESHUGENAH Jewish people. Or he would go crazy.


I think he uses the lunacy of NYC to express his sense of humor.


God’s 2000 year conversation with the Jews


God has said to the Jews, from heaven:


"I sent you a savior"


They said back “No you didn’t”




"No you didn’t."


For 2000 years, this same absurd conversation.


God must have a huge bump on his head from banging his head on the table dealing with this meshugenah people.


For 2,000 years the rabbis have been lying by omission to the Jews about the truth that Jesus is the messiah.  They read certain scriptures in a yearly cycle in temples. They skip Isaiah 53 (they read chapter 52 and 54). WHY? Because it is so obviously describing Jesus as the atonement for sin.


It says


for the transgressions of my people he was stricken ….my righteous servant shall justify many for he shall bear their sins…..By his stripes WE ARE HEALED.”


God said to me in a dream when I was living in a temple playing piano at night praying for Jews “They have a right to know”.


Why don’t the rabbis want them to know? Well, for one thing, if the Jews knew that Jesus heals FOR FREE the Jewish doctors would be out of work, and there are a lot of them in temples, and the rabbis would lose money!! 


And the lawyers also would have issues.  Jesus said if we don’t forgive people their sins, God won’t forgive ours.  Matthew 6


It is imperative that we forgive others in order to have inner peace, and go to Heaven.   Unforgiveness can send a person to hell or purgatory.


If people forgave all the time, a lot of Jewish lawyers would be out of work from lack of lawsuits.   There you go.


Of course, THEY could still find work  by defending the rights of people to believe in God in this country and fight the tyranny of the mental health system which falsely calls believers mentally ill for thinking God speaks to them, which he DOES.


It is normal Christian theology to hear voices. 


The prophet Jeremiah also said God would make a NEW COVENANT to replace the Mosaic covenant, which God said the Jews broke, (when they made a golden calf near Mt Sinai), and God said he would put his spirit in them and everyone would know Him and HE would forgive their sins.     Jeremiah 31:31


This is referring to being born again, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and Jesus forgiving our sins. The new covenant is about the atonement of our sins through Jesus.


This scripture came to me when I asked God if Jesus was the messiah. I had a dream where I was shown 2 scriptures; Jeremiah 31:31 and Zech 12-14, which talks about judgment when Jesus returns to Jerusalem.


It says in the bible that God speaks through dreams and visions. Job and Joel describe this.


 “I shall pour out my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions”


Joel 2:28


Jesus is God’s provision for ALL people to go to heaven. Jews and gentiles.


Jesus’ Hebrew name is YESHUA which means SALVATION.


God sent Jesus to the Jews, not the gentiles.


He said “I am sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”


The apostle Paul was told, later, by the Holy Spirit that the same salvation through Jesus was also for the gentiles.


If it was not necessary for Jews to believe in Jesus, God would not have sent him to the Jews!


So when the Jews say it is ok for gentiles to believe in Jesus but not for Jews – this is complete error. It is nonsense.


Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior and God heals today for the same purpose.


How to be healed, saved & Born again (Jesus heals)




The devil tells us in the small print, and sneakily, what he is really doing, so we can’t later say we weren’t warned, and so He can argue that we agreed with it.


Huxley and Orwell knew each other.  Huxley later wrote Brave New World Revisited, which compares the two books.  He says l984 talks about using fear to control people. Brave New World also describes a fascist society where everyone is controlled   - drugged for control, and distracted mindless sex, entertainment and sports. 


Look at the newspapers.  They write about nonsense – celebrities and sports instead of what the social engineers are doing to control and destroy the planet, using all means possible to depopulate the planet. They want to depopulate the planet by 90% so they have hijacked healthcare to poison people with drugs and toxic vaccines, poisoned food, water, chemtrails (sprayed chemicals in the air), mind control and hypnotic programming in music, videos, tv, movies and education.


Education has always been about indoctrination in the values of that particular society  - country.


A good example of it in the United States is the history of Lincoln’s assassination. Every generation has been taught the same thing in school  that he was killed by John Wilkes Booth, an alleged ‘lone nut’.   It turns out this is false. Actually there was a conspiracy of 11 people who were ALL HANGED FOR IT.  Why were we not told the historical truth?


To condition us to believe that all the modern day assassinations were also lone nuts. And the mass shooters were lone nuts.  The real truth is that they were conspiracies as well;  The CIA was behind most of the political assassinations  - like JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, and many others, including in other countries.  They use people as patsies. IN JFK’s case they had a patsy shoot the original patsy to cover up the truth.


They call these lone nuts mentally ill to manipulate the public to clamor for more mental health treatment. The newspapers call for it and they are mostly controlled by the social engineers and the drug companies, who want to sell drugs. The truth is that the psych drugs actually cause mental illness; suicide and homicide. They are not the remedy.  They also use these shootings to argue that we need more gun control laws.


A lot of these shootings are fake. They use actors.  They are staged.  This technique is old.


Most wars have been started by false flags.  A false flag is an incident where a government does something and blames someone else that the want to attack.


Hitler and the Nazis burned down their Parliament building, the Reichstag, and blamed Poland so they could invade Poland.


The Vietnam war was started due to an incident that never happened – the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, where a US boat was supposedly attacked.


Former Governor Jesse Ventura of Minnesota, an independent, has researched many of these conspiracies.  After he was governor he was a teaching fellow at the Harvard School of Government, and he said Former Sec of Defense Robert McNamara, who was SecDef during the Vietnam War, came and admitted the Tonkin incident never happened.  Ventura writes in his books, that he and thousands of young men signed up and were drafted and killed for a false flag.


The people who really control things are not elected – they act as advisers to those who are elected.


I had a conversation with a young man in his twenties and asked him something about what he had learned in school about some subject. He responded with “well that is what I am told”.


He was very wise to be skeptical.  


Our intuition which is God warning us, often warns us that something is bs.  We need to pay attention.


The prophets in our schools are usually the kids who stand in the corner and say “this is all BS”


I don’t like listening to lies. Never have. It bothers me. 


In the old testament the musicians were prophets. I am a lifelong musician. I played piano since 3.


 I remember having the thought as a kid “I am put on earth to do music and it is holy”.


God had me write a free book for Musicians. As I wrote it I said to God ‘Maybe all musicians are not called to serve you with their music” God said back THEY ARE!  As prophets, intercessors & healers.


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD’S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors& Healers.




God must be pulling out his hair in response to atheists


I believe we should ask God what His purpose is for everyone in our lives, every interaction, every circumstance/situation. He will reveal the answer. If we don’t ask the question we can miss the purpose of these situations.


How to find out God’s purpose for situations in our lives


Wisdom comes from learning from the mistakes of others. A good thing for any person to do is ask someone older what mistakes they made and what they learned from it.


Everyone makes mistakes. It is part of life. SO everyone has testimonies to share with others about their own mistakes. That means they have a ministry to younger people.


I spoke to a middle aged guy and suggested he speak to young people about whatever mistakes he had made. He said “my kids don’t listen to me”.


That is because they were HIS kids.  It is normal for kids to have issues with their own parents – control issues where they mistakenly think the parent is just trying to control their life rather than guide them. And some parents have a habit of telling their kids what to do all their lives even after they are old enough to make their own decisions.


Those kids would listen to the same testimony from someone else whom they didn’t have control issues with.


SO everyone can have a ministry to someone else’s kids. And your friends can minister to yours!


Psychiatry is Atheism masquerading as Science


God sent me into the mental health system after I became a Christian to be a witness against it and write a free book which exposes their atheism which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs or experiences schizophrenic a nonsense label,  and genocide by psych drugs which are Deadly by design, , and tells how to heal mental and physical illness through prayer/worship.


Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry


also in chapters on my blog




I spent over 7 years in psych wards. The atheist court psychologist who sent me said to me


“If you believe in the bible, you’re mentally ill”.  The issue is theology, not biology.  Mental illnesses are not caused by chemical imbalances, but by demonic spirits which can be rebuked in Jesus name.


The psych drugs cause chemical imbalances but there is no evidence of them before treatment.


Psych drugs are torture and deadly, By design. Nobody can think clearly on them. Therefore nobody who has taken them is criminally responsible. The doctors who put people on them are criminally responsible.  The drugs make people worse, not better.


They ruin creativity and hinder prayer. I did not hear music in my head on them; this was torture for a lifelong composer. I could not pray in tongues on them.  Praying in tongues is the mechanism by which God answers prayers.  God has been answering my prayers over 20 years.


I know many people who died from them, from the side effects and being driven to suicide.


The Nazis killed mental patients with psych drugs in the secret t4 euthenasia program. This genocide has continued worldwide since, using Mental Health as a cover.


Psych drugs are the biggest threat to humanity precisely because they impede people’s ability to think clearly and exercise free will. They put people in a hypnotic trance. That is their purpose. The DSM even calls them HYPNOTICS.


Dr. Peter Breggin was the first to expose the t4 genocide. He has written many books warning about psych drugs.  In a recent case where he testified, a Canadian judge ruled that Prozac caused a teen to commit homicide. This was the first case in North America where psych drugs were found culpable for homicide.


ALL the mass shooters were ON THEM.


Judge rules psych meds cause homicide


NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The mental health system is a FRONT for Nazi genocide


The NY State Dept of Mental Health is OMH  - office of Mental Hygiene.   The term Mental Hygiene comes from Nazi Germany.


They had an institute of Racial Hygiene which was behind the genocide. After WWII when the public caught on that eugenics led to genocide, they changed the WORDS Racial Hygiene to Mental Hygiene.


Eugenics started in the US & UK by the social engineers who support eugenics, euthanasia, sterilization and abortion. The Nazi’s defense at Nuremberg was that they were just following the next step started by the eugenicists in the US & UK.


The same social engineers in the US& UK who supported eugenics and euthanasia control education and mental health.


Aldous Huxley knew this.  His brother Julian, an atheist, was head of UNESCO, the UN Arm for education and he belonged to the eugenics and euthanasia societies.


The US had sterilized many people for years before the Nazis.


Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, supported sterilization of undesirables – negros, the feeble-minded (mentally ill and mentally retarded, and the poor, whom she believed bred too much.   The whole agenda of Planned Parenthood is abortion. Most of their clinics are in poor and minority areas on purpose. More black babies have been aborted than born in NYC.


How is it not obvious that abortion is murder?  Is a baby less human 2 minutes before it pops out of the womb? It is murder after it is born but not murder 2 minutes earlier?  This is legalistic nonsense.  What is now happening is that they are using abortion to now justify killing babies POST BIRTH. Which makes sense and is consistent with their logic. If it is not murder before it is born, why should it  be considered murder after it is born? 


Schizophrenia is NOT a “serious mental disorder”


It is a nonsense label used by atheist psychiatry which falsely calls anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences mentally ill.


The Nazi genocide of mental patients was a sneak genocide of Christians. They used atheist psychiatry to falsely call them mentally ill. This has continued worldwide since. 95% of psychiatrists and psychologists are atheists.  Most patients in psych wards are not mentally ill  - they are Christians.


Dr’s 2nd question is always “do you hear voices” and anyone who says they hear God or demons is thought by them to have ‘auditory hallucinations’ a supposed symptom of schizophrenia. It is how they are trained.


But it is Normal Christian theology to hear voices.


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27.


Every Christian on earth would be called schizophrenic by them.


Every person on earth would really be called schizophrenic, since EVERYONE hears voices, as thoughts in our heads. They come from the spiritual realm.




Most doctors are theological ignoramuses. They don’t know New Testament theology.


Psychiatrists are the biggest idiots on earth.


Any other type of person who heard testimonies all day long of people saying they hear voices, would realize that is evidence that spirits exist. That many testimonies would certainly hold up in court.


It says in Leviticus to let everything be established by two witnesses.



Fluoridated water is mass drugging for mind control


The Nazis used it to make prisoners docile. It hypnotizes people.


65% of the US & UK have it.  NYC has it. They use sodium fluoride, the ingredient in rat poison.


It comes from pesticides in China.


It causes brain damage, lower IQs, canc-, bone fractures, ADHD. Toothpastes with it say to call poison control if swallowed. It does not prevent cavities – that is a scam.  Topical calcium fluoride treatments did that; drinking sodium fluoride is toxic.


It is also in most bottled water, including Poland Spring, sodas, many foods, including baby foods, McD’s fries, juices


Antidotes include vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella.


All the antipsychotics and anti-depressants have fluoride. This is why they hypnotize people. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, the 3rd eye, which controls the thyroid, which regulates metabolism. It causes obesity. This is why the psych drugs cause weight gain.


Fiji water is supposedly ok.


Warning Toxic fluoride in drinking water, psych drugs & food & how to get rid of it



Why piercings are not good.


When I was a kid I never had any desire to pierce my ears. I remember thinking it was barbaric. This idea must have come from God.   It was something the heathen did in the bible as  sign that they were a slave to someone else. In Leviticus is says that if a man who is a slave is freed by his master, but wants to remain because his family is still there, he should take an awl and put it thru his ear. So it was a sign that he was a slave.  On a spiritual level it gives authority to demons – to be slaves to them. Especially their ears. This gives demons authority to throw thoughts at them.


If you walk around Greenwich Village in NYC it is a spiritual prison. Lots of people with piercings, tattoos, and studded things around their neck that come from S&M bondage ‘style’ – dog collars – a sign that they are in bondage.


The devil circulates these things and tells people “wear this – it is a ‘style’, knowing that it gives HIM permission to use them and have authority over them. They are selling their souls without even realizing it.


Years ago when a guy had an earing in his left ear it meant he was gay. Which on a spiritual level is saying that he is enslaved to a spirit of homosexuality, which was the case.


In many jails people are forced to remove their jewelry.  I think this is God doing this to try to set them free from the demonic influences around them.


I would say to anyone who has piercings – take it out and see if your thoughts change.  You will have less negative thoughts.  It will remove the pull from addictive behaviors. There will be less thoughts about self-harm, temptations to sin. More peace. If a person has obsessive thoughts and gets rid of their earings, that could easily stop.


When I see people with rings in their nose  it is so obvious that they are being led around by the nose by a spirit  and many of these people have addictions.


There is such a thing as a spirit of addiction.  Piercings are an opening for it.  This is also why so many people say piercings are addictive.


NYC mayor De Blasio’s daughter talked about her mental health issues – depress-, anxiety & addictions.   Then I saw a picture of her with a ring in her nose.  If she removes it, a lot of that will stop.


People talk about ‘battling their demons” all the time when referring to drug or alcohol problems. They THINK It is a metaphor for bad impulses or thoughts. But those thoughts and feelings are literally coming from DEMONS who are spirits who are throwing those thoughts and feelings at a person.  God and demons talk to us in our heads.   Demons do it if given an opening.


Drugs are an opening.


Alcohol is an opening for a spirit of depress-.


It often puts people to sleep.  I experience it when people sit near me with beer. 


I picked up a spirit of depress- from others who had it.


One time at a church someone who had it and was on antidepressants asked to pray for me. He touched me.  I left feeling suicidal and crying hysterically, wondering what happened. I called my mentor who said “why did you let that man pray for you?” and he prayed in tongues. It left.


The bible warns not to be hasty in the laying on of hands. These spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact, like germs.


Another time I picked it up from touching someone with it.  I was crying. Then I spontaneously coughed and it was gone.


Another  time I felt it in jail and asked God “Where is this coming from?” He answered “you know what to do”   I rebuke the spirit of depress- in Jesus name. It left.


If one sits in earshot of talking beer drinkers or coffee drinkers, one can pick up their spirits.


Caffeine is an opening for spirits of confus-, mania, agita-.


De Blasio’s daughter said she had issues with anxiety. Well, living in a house with someone who drinks coffee is an opening for that.  The mayor drinks coffee.


These spirits transmit to whoever is near us.  People think it is genetics, but it is really just spirits transmitting through contact.


My mother used to smoke and drink coffee. I believe the agitation I felt came from her.


Smoking is a big opening for negative thoughts. This affected everyone in the family.


Smoking is bad for everyone’s mental health.  This is why we need to  ban public smoking.


Second hand smoking harms the health of the whole city.


In NYC you can’t walk one block without walking past someone standing on the sidewalk smoking. And they talk, which transmits the spirit on them.  Even if they are not smoking at that moment, it is on them and transmits.


These spirits transmit like a domino chain.  I read that after 9-11 one million people in NYC started smoking. This means millions of people are afflicted by this on a daily basis. 


I have had someone near me talk and smelled cigarettes, and I asked if they smoke and they swore they did not. That means they picked it up from someone else.  The smell goes on their clothes from a smoker and then is around them. The only remedy for this is to completely ban public smoking.


This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!



If we could magically make all nicotine, alcohol and coffee disappear, the mental health of the entire city would improve immediately. People would be happier and peaceful instead of nervous, anxious, depress-, manic.


All people need to do to prove me right is not drink coffee for a few days – examine your thoughts and feelings. And people around you do the same thing.


Spirits also transmit through written names or pictures of other people. Whatever is around them spiritually can transmit.


Profanity is an opening for demonic unclean spirits. When one person uses f-bombs, most of the time whoever they are talking to does it too. This is because the spirit jumps.


It is easy to prove me right.  Parents should stop drinking coffee for a few days and they will see a change.  I read that 80% of the US drinks coffee. This is causing ADHD in their kids.


If the parents stop drinking coffee the kids will calm down.  When coffee drinkers talk to me I often feel my hands shaking.


Autistic kids are prophets in training


A lot of autistic kids are sensitive spiritually. They may not like being touched because of the spiritual oppression from others who use drugs. If their parents stop using drugs like caffeine, the kids probably will feel more comfortable being touched.


I remember feeling uncomfortable with being touched by my mother, who smoked and drank coffee.  And my parents used to say I was sensitive. I didn't like itchy clothes.


People who are called to be prophets need to be spiritually discerning so they can tell the difference between Gods spirit and demonic spirits. This sensitivity can be afflicting but it is part of the calling.


God stopped me from drinking coffee years ago.   When I prayed for people after drinking it, they would often get headaches. Same with talking to them.


People go to coffee houses to get inspired. Just sitting in there one can pick up the caffeine spirit. I saw a talk show years ago that said coffee, chocolate and nuts all have pheromones in the aroma that transmits to people and makes them euphoric. 


Caffeine is an opening for a spirit of mania.  One gets many ideas, some of which will be good. But most of it is spam.  It is better to seek the peace of God and be inspired by HIM.


With regard to this, the worst thing people should be doing is sitting in cubicles in earshot of talking coffee drinkers.  The spirits are jumping around.


Whatever is around us spiritually transmits when we pray for others. If there is an unclean spirit it will afflict rather than bless them.


The spirit of mania makes people talk faster. Watch someone drinking coffee and talking fast – whoever they talk to starts doing it too – the spirit. 


Years ago in my church there was a girl on the worship team who was on lithium. It puts people in a hypnotic trance, like most psych drugs.  Every time I went there I felt woozy.  A friend had the same experience – he said he was getting attacked by a spirit of confus-.  It was coming from her when she sang.  I prayed for God to consecrate the church and the minister took her off the worship team. If someone on the worship team drinks coffee, everyone there can pick up spirits of addiction, agita-, confus-. 


Someone told me years ago that when we have sex with someone else, you can pick up their sins.  The demonic spirits which cause them to sin.


People in all relationships – friends, spouses, etc contaminate each other all the time.  The spirits go back and forth. So if one has a problem with some addiction, the other usually starts having it – maybe an addiction to something else.


The remedy for this is to pray WASH ME JESUS .  I usually put water on my head to wash off any unclean spirits.  It works.  One should do this after going in a store where they play this demonic mind control music.


Don’t pray this prayer near butts on the ground. They are a big opening for unclean spirits. If you pray near them you can pick up that spirit. It makes people cold, or itchy, or tired.


People often yawn when praying if there is someone near them with alcohol or cig butts.


Vaping is no better.  It is an opening for spirits of addiction.  I have read accounts of people who say they get headaches near others who vape. 


When smokers talk the unclean spirit which is on them transmits to anyone in earshot.  The smell jumps. It can make one’s clothes dirty.


Mental health people don’t know about spirits being real and drugs being an opening for them. They have something called dual diagnosis. This refers to a person who they say has a drug or alcohol problem AND a mental illness. But they don’t realize that the mental illness is just from the drugs.


Bipolar is from people picking up caffeine spirits and alcohol spirits – mania and depress-.


WASH ME JESUS – cleansing prayers


Message to Families of Mental Patients




Tattoos are not good.


 The bible warns against them in the Old Testament in Leviticus. Symbols can invoke demonic spirits.  Many people are unaware what the real purpose of symbols is spiritually. The purpose is to give spiritual authority to some spirits. The devil circulates symbols and tells people they mean something else.  To sneakily get spiritual control.


One example of this is the peace sign used by the hippy generation. We were told it meant peace and love.  Actually it was on a rune meaning dea-.  The Nazis used it on their graves.


Devil worshippers use it to invoke demons. They invert things that are sacred. The symbol comes from taking a cross, turning it upside down and breaking the arms. SO it is really an anti-christ symbol.


Tattoos are being promoted by the social engineers to condition people to being comfortable with tattoos so they can use tattoos to put the mark of the beast on people. They now have microchips that can be worn as a tattoo.


Millenials conditioned to accept tats as precursor to microchips



The book of Revelation 13 warns against taking the Mark of the Beast. It is a mark the antichrist world leader will make people take, for mind control.  It says he will make people take mark without which no man can buy or sell.  A money system as well as mind control.


God has warned me that they will microchip people sneakily.  They are doing this in vaccines and will also do it in tattoos.


Revelation says that anyone who takes this mark will suffer eternal torment. It is the torment of mind control – being harangued by demons.


People who do not take this mark will have to rely on God for provision.


I read recently that someone invented a painless way to remove tattoos. This is a godsend.


God can also remove them supernaturally if we ask Him. 


Jesus said nothing is impossible with God.


All people need a personal relationship with God to do that.


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)

Applied Theology



This is a course that needs to be taught on all levels – children to adults. High school and college.  People take philosophy and theology classes in college.


Well people often believe the last thing they read.  What process does one use to discern what is TRUE?


God does not exist or not exist because one person believes it or not.  He exists independent of what we think just like mountains exist regardless of who is aware of them.


One of the games the social engineers played in George Orwell's l984 was to get people to confuse objective with subjective. 


People think something is only true if they think it. 


Our thoughts and words do  create the reality we experience, since the observer influences the thing it observes.  However whether something is there or not, like a tree, wall, God etc is independently there regardless of who knows about it!


People can study different religions. The way to determine which ones are true is do the  obvious   - PRAY to those spirits and see what happens. If you ask a trash can to heal you of a disease and nothing happens, it is evidence you are  praying to the wrong god.


Jesus' name has authority over the demonic spirits that causes disease.  Moses, Buddah, Allah and others do not.  Try it and see what happens.


Jesus healed people as a testimony that he WAS the savior and God heals today for the same purpose.


A class in applied theology would have people try different prayers, keep a notebook and give us the report.


This is using the scientific method to determine what is true about Faith and theology.


Real faith is not blind. It is not based on nothing. It is based on experiences of God answering prayers – testimonies.


It is not anti-scientific.  One should USE the scientific method to determine what is true about God.


This means taking a theory and finding an experiment to test it. 


If you pray to God 5 times for something and He answers the prayer, something is obviously listening and responding to you.


New age people think it is just their own thoughts doing this. Some of this is true but it doesn't explain everything.


When God answered my prayer to keep the power on in NYC during Hurricane Sandy and TOLD me “stay by the grace building” - that was NOT me doing it. The voice that speaks to me and tells me the bible is true, is the one who answered the prayer.


Years ago I lived in a church for 2 years playing piano at night and singing. God was training me as an intercessor and prophet.


One day I met a rabbi who told me “God answers your prayers because you're a Jew. Jesus is not the messiah”.  Well I tested his theory.


For 2 weeks I sang to Adonai, which means LORD in Hebrew, without singing to Jesus.  What happened was that I felt the same presence of God I felt before while singing, and a voice kept saying the same thing to me over and over for 2 weeks:


Don't deny the name of my son


My word is true


The second one meant the bible. That is why I believe it.


This was a rebuke, a warning. Jesus said “If you deny me before men I will deny you before my father in heaven”.


People need to know how to pray effectively


There are 2 question to be addressed:  WHO and HOW


Who do I pray to?


How do I pray effectively?


I have read arrogant atheists say well prayer doesn't work.  Their prayer, apparently.  But they assume that because their prayers don't work, nobody else's does.  This is idiotic.


Would they assume that if they didn't know how to fix a computer, nobody else knows how to do it either? What kind of logic is this?


Narcissistic arrogance.  Nobody else knows something you don't?


A lot of people believe but don't know how to pray effectively. It is something we need to learn.


Many times prayers don't get answered and they erroneously conclude it is not God's will or He doesn't exist.  However these are false assumptions.  Often the reason a prayer doesn't get answered is because the person has sin they need to repent of first. OR they doubted or wavered. The book of James ch 1 says doubting aborts prayers. Or someone else cross-talks it.  This happens all the time. 


In order to be healed of something first we need to repent of any sin.


When Jesus healed people he said


 “Go and sin no more or it will come back” John 5:14


The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much  James 5:16


This is telling us that we need to repent of sins in order to have authority to get prayers answered.


If you don't know if there is something you need to repent of, ask God to tell you. He will tell you in your thoughts. He also speaks through others, or through the bible if you read it.  Many times God will tell us a scripture that has an answer.


When I was in solitary God was teaching me about effective prayer. I would launch a prayer and look out the window and see a jet trail in the sky. It was a sign that my prayer had been launched. Then the demons would throw doubts or thoughts about the problem at me.  I would see the jet trail fizzle.  I asked God “what happened” and he said “it got aborted”


So prayers and words are like rockets and anti-rockets.  All words go into the spiritual realm and they have many unintended targets.  Sloppy praying is dangerous because words can have multiple meanings.


There is more about effective prayer in

How to Pray Effectively



Spiritual Wisdom Revised


People hear from God all the time but they are being told that if we do it is a hallucination. This is circular logic. How would you feel if people were standing around debating if you exist, and you started speaking to them and they said “Oh that's a hallucination.”  This is what people do to God. How do you think He feels?


God must be pulling out his hair in response to atheists



The reason the social engineers who run public schools don't want prayer in the schools is because they don't want children to find out that prayer WORKS. The religion of the public schools is atheism.  John Dewey, the leader of Education reform, was a Humanist. He wrote the treatise for Secular Humanism, which is an atheistic screed.


Multiculturalism is a ploy used to teach about other religions but not the bible. People should learn about ALL religions.


People have a right to an education. They do not have a right to ignorance.


In order to make an informed choice we need the appropriate information. Nobody can make an informed choice about God without reading a bible. It is the history book created by God to testify to Him.


All kids in schools should be given their own bible. Instead of indoctrinating them, let them just read it for themselves, first thing in the morning. It will bring God's peace to them.


The Kids have a RIGHT TO KNOW!




The thing about prayer and theology is this: our experience can change over time, as God's priority for us changes.


Children have authority with God that most adults don't have. This is because they are not accountable for sins under the age of 7.  If you need help with prayer ask a child to pray for you.


Jesus said except ye become as a little child ye will not see the kingdom of God. Matt 18:3


This means we need to become pure like children.


The only way for adults to become pure is to have their sins forgiven, which means we need a relationship with God and Jesus, since Jesus is the atonement for our sins and forgiveness of our sins comes by accepting him as savior. And we need a relationship with Jesus and being born again with the Holy Spirit to resist sin and be holy.


God sends children into families to help with prayer and to speak prophetically, to help their relationship with God.  As the children get older and influenced by their parents, peers, schools, entertainment, they get corrupted. So often God sends a newer edition into the family. It may be unplanned, but it is not unplanned by God.


Children see angels and demons.  If their parents tell them “it is just your imagination” they doubt their own intuition and perceptions and become more prone to outside influence – mind control. 


The monsters under the bed that frighten small children are often demonic spirits.  Many parents tell their kids it is just their imagination so they won’t be scared. But telling them that their spiritual perceptions are false is not good. It can turn them into atheists.


Jewish parents who don’t believe in Jesus often do this.


I remember having an experience as a kid where I was on a bed lying paralyzed with Fear, with someone or something standing over me. The next thing I remember was running into the room and telling my mother that there was a man with a gun in my room. She said “it was just your imagination”.    I knew she was wrong. 


Christian parents may tell their kids “it was a demon. Just rebuke it in Jesus name.” Jesus name has authority over demons. This is the truth and it empowers children.


Every family has a resident prophet


They are the children, and teens with blue hair – the individualists. Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position


There is a website


It has testimonies of people who have had visions or been taken to heaven or hell to testify to it.  People who have died and come back also.  One person said God told her that children under 7 go automatically to heaven, that the age of accountability is 7.   7 is a God number so this makes sense.


I have also experienced heaven and hell.


When I lived in a church and played piano worshipping God for 2 years, I felt Jesus love pouring into me. I felt angels touch my head with their wings, every night.  This is evidence of Heaven.  The whole purpose of worship music is to invoke the presence of God so He can do business with us, communicate to us and heal us, and so we know heaven is real.


God’s purpose for musicians is to worship Him so others will feel His presence.  Worship is also intercession.


I experienced hell when I was in solitary in a prison and in psych wards on the drugs where I could not think or pray. Psych wards are worse than prison. In prison one can keep a clear head and pray.  I preferred solitary to having a cell mate which could have been dangerous. Demons can use people to attack someone or speak through them. I did not want someone else to cross-talk my prayers. That would have driven me crazy. Solitary is not really solitary – we were able to talk to people in cells next to us by sitting near the door. Both God and demons spoke to me, which they do to everyone in those places. I knew it was not a hallucination. My task was trying to tell who was who.


Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers


If a child dies it is no tragedy for them since they GO to heaven.  Sometimes God does that to give the parents a reason to seek God, so they will see their kid again, later in heaven. So he sends the kid down and then zaps them back up so the parents will think about that issue.


God may answer a prayer that is prayed erroneously since he wants us to understand that SOMEONE is listening, that HE exists.  If a child prays to MARY or some saint, God may answer their prayers.  Many Catholics swear their prayers are answered, and that is what they do.


However, God says in the bible that he wants us to worship him in spirit and truth. So eventually he may stop answering the prayer to try to get the person to wonder what is going on – to re-assess their theological understanding. God doesn't want us to pray to Mary or saints, but directly to him, asking for things in the name of Jesus.


Jesus said “if you ask anything in my name I will do it' John 14:14


God did this so we will know it is TRUE that Jesus WAS the savior and the Son of God.


I often tell Jews who don't get prayers answered “Try praying in Jesus name and see what happens” God wants them to know the truth about Jesus, and he answers those prayers for that purpose.


I was in a Catholic prayer meeting of charismatics, who pray in tongues. God spoke to me and said “talk to my children”


I asked “What should I say?”


He said “look not to Mary but to me”


Mary even re-directs them to Jesus when she appears to them.


God finds us looking in the wrong places all the time and meets us there, to re-direct us.


It says in the bible


when I was a child I spake as a child, when I was a man I spake as a man” 1cor 13:11


 So God changes his response to us as we grow spiritually.


This is also true for humanity. It is why God allowed certain things in the old testament that he later forbade, like divorce.  And many wives.


Jesus said not only is adultery sin, but just entertaining it in your thoughts is sin. A higher standard.


So God gave certain laws to the Jews and then later changed some of them as humanity grew up.


To know what is true and what has been changed we need to read the bible in context and know the whole thing. The reason so many atheists and others get thrown off is by taking things out of context. 


Someone I knew said there are 3 rules for understanding the bible;  CONTEXT, CONTEXT, CONTEXT


God is precise in his words.  Some of the things people think are contradictions are not due to something He said, but something man added to it.


The bible says the world was created in 7 days. THEN it defines a day as a “period of dark followed by a period of light”.  Not 24 hours.


So when geology indicates that the world existed for millions of years, there is no contradiction. Those days could have been millions of years.


I was a planetary geology major for 3 years at Brown. 


The geological record actually follows and confirms the book of Genesis. According to the geological record, the same things showed up in the same order as what is described in the bible.


Science is actually evidence of God.  The human body was not randomly created. It is incredibly intricate. To think it was not created by some intelligence is absurd.


Einstein famously said “God doesn't play dice with the universe”


Meaning, it is not random and HE doesn't gamble.  Einstein also said that when you read the words of Jesus you can feel the presence of God and know it is true.


Evolution doesn't completely contradict the idea of God.


Darwin was an atheist and believed in random mutation. However, there was a guy named LAMARK who believed in Directed mutation. And he was proven right.


There was an article 25 years ago on the front page of the NY Times which had a picture of a petri dish and the caption LAMARCK WAS RIGHT.


Scientists had taken a paramecium and put it in the petri dish with a sugar that it could not eat. Then it mutated specifically so it could eat THAT sugar. This was not random mutation. It was directed. There was an intelligence behind it.


So evolution and mutation can be a mechanism that God used. But He is not limited to it. There is no plausible evidence for a link between apes and man. Man did not evolve from apes. They never found any such link in the archeological record.


So when the bible says that God created man separately from other species, it is telling us what really happened.


All of life on earth has similar DNA. God used the same building blocks for life. And our DNA is like a computer program. So when we say we are hard-wired to do something, it is like a computer program.


People feel the most peace and happiest when they are doing what God created them to do.


This is why it is so important or each person to find their calling from God. Without a personal relationship with God, it is unlikely we will fulfill it the way He intended. He wants to speak to us and guide us.   He created us to have a relationship with Him.


We are hard-wired to seek a relationship with God, our creator.


People do all kinds of things as a substitute for that relationship. They often feel like they are looking for 'something'.


People go traveling to find themselves.  Well the best way to find oneself is to seek a relationship with God, since then you will find yourself – the purpose for which He created you. There are general things and specific things.


God has purposes for the gifts that He gives us. Sometimes he doesn't give us those gifts until we first have a relationship with Him, so we won't misuse it.


Legalizing Pot is an Illuminati Plot




Pot damages brains



Mind Control Effects of Pot



Pot is the number 1 problem and it's all Bob Dylan's fault



Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs


The 2 major mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain



If pot is legal, all teens will smoke it



Why Trump is crazy – blame Andrew Cuomo's medical pot law



Pass the Pothead Law





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How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)