Musicians are called to be

Prophets, Intercessors & Healers

On Lyrics, Drugs, Mental illness & Worship

By Prophetess D

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The testimony & calling of a lifelong composer.

 I was put on earth to do music & it’s holy”

I had this thought as a child. I have played the piano & improvised since age 4, over 50 years

68,745  words    246 pages

PART 1   

PART 2   


Dedicated to my niece, Barbara, who was named after my mother, also a musician, and my nephew, Martin.




Introduction  11

Who gave you your talent  11

Musicians are called to be Prophets, Intercessors & Healers   12

Bob Dylan is a Prophet    14

God’s highest priority is saving people to Jesus    14

Paul McCartney this means you!  14

Your name is often sign of call on your life by God    14

Anyone named after a prophet is called to be a prophet   14

Anyone named Christopher   15

How to be Healed, Saved & Born Again. Jesus heals  15

Everyone has a calling from God   15

Many musicians are night people   16

Healing through worship   16

An example of intercession while singing in tongues   16

Intercession and Peace in Ireland   16

All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits   17

Praying and Singing in Tongues is of God & is for all Christians  18

The Importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs) 18

On Fasting   18

Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry  18

What  causes mental illness   19

I lived in a church    22

Eating and Drinking God 22

Annointed 3-Dimensional vs 2-Dimensional Music  23

Musicians who busk can pick up spirits  24

Start the Day with Prayer    25

On the money    27


Intuition and Spiritual Discernment   28

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth    28

Microchips in Jail   29

The New World Order – prophetic warning to Jews, Christians & Everyone   29

Obamacare Sneakily Mandates MICROCHIPPING people   29

The music business is run by people into witchcraf-    30

The testimony of John Todd – illuminati bloodline member  31

Demons behind the music business   31

WASH ME JESUS cleansing prayers   31

Children have spiritual discernment   32

Every family has a resident prophet   32

God sent me a cat for spiritual discernment   32

The velvet couch – how the new age movement ruined my place of rest 32

Living and Playing in the Church   34

No Coffee   34

Angels stroking my head  35

Smells are spiritual discernment, not hallucinations   35

Smelling semen in a chapel   35

Angels singing in the church   36

Angels as people   36

Speaking Prophetically   37

Plato’s Cave   40

Paul McCartney – this means you!   42

There is no back door into heaven   43

Message to the Osbournes   45

Ringo Starr’s Birthday 45

Relationships, the devil & words  45

My telepathy situation  48

Gossip is sin 48

Annointed worship   49

Ego blocks God    49

Reading music while worshipping   51

Eating God while listening to someone preach  51

Jesus was the WORD    51

The presence of the Holy Spirit   52

Our conscience is God   55

God must be pulling out his hair in response to atheists  55

God talks through nature    56

But God uses evil people for His purposes   56

Sickness is often a sign of sin  56

Weird coincidences   58

How God guides us into relationship  58

WIFI transmits spirits   59

A weird coincidence between the NY Public library, the Aurora (Batman movie) shooting, the Empire State building shooting & Bryant Park  59

Mental illness and sin   60

Being Born Again   61

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the new birth  61

Deliverance from Drugs   62

Prophetic message to Gays  65

Gays are made that way by social engineering  65

God's purpose for Gay people  65

Gay marriage is a farce and why it does matter to everyone  65

Gay marriage is lunacy – orangutangs in the zoo  65

Negative testimony of child of gay marriage  66

Harry Potter books are bad  67

Get rid of Harry Potter books, Pokemon, tarot cards & Ouija boards; they bring curses & cause mental & physical illness  67

Symbols   69

Peace signs   69

Jewish Stars   69

Bob Dylan calls the Jewish Star the Egyptian Star   69

Discerning of spirits is a spiritual gift  70

The Levites were told not to drink wine   71

Wine, Liquor and Spirits   71

Music is all Spiritual    73

Writing lyrics as a form of Prophetic Revelation  73

Praying and Singing in Tongues  74

Praying and Singing in Tongues IS of God and is for all Christians  74

Transcendental Meditation  76

Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deception   76

TM is covert Hinduism  76

Scientology  77

Freemasonry  77

Intuition is Spiritual Discernment  78

Intuition is God leading us  78

How God Guides us into Relationship  78

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit   79

A foolproof test that proves God exists   80

Start the day with prayer not COFFEE!  87

Nobody dies of disease   89

Bible translations only the King James is good   91

The best place to hear from God   92      

The new age is full of spiritual deception  92

Letter to a new ager on spiritual deception  92

Why reincarnation is wrong    93

New age practices cause mental and physical illness – warnings to new agers on spiritual deception – ch 5 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry  93

The Ouija board killed my mother   93

Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deception   93

The velvet couch – how the new age movement ruined my place of rest   93

Get rid of Harry Potter books, Pokemon, Tarot cards & Ouija boards – they bring curses & cause mental & physical llness 93

Praying in Tongues  94

Pentecostals are Christians who pray in tongues   94

Three examples of intercessory prayers I prayed in tongues  96

I prayed mom out of purgatory by praying in tongues   96

God use me to pray for Peace in Ireland by singing in tongues  96

Musicians read this – Peace in Ireland  97

I rebuked Jesse Ventura’s tsunami by praying in tongues  98

Don’t pray in unclean places  99

Don’t pray near drugs   99

The weather is a reflection of spiritual coverings  99

Praying in tongues in Bryant Park – prayers contaminate by coffee drinkers  100

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians  101

The importance of prayer & fasting & sanctification (no drugs) 101

Music is a language without words   100

Singing in tongues in groups    104

David Bowie said rock music is the devil’s music 105

Bob Dylan got saved through the Vineyard  105

Electronic music is soulless   106

Frank Zappa’s Jazz from Hell lp  106

Maurice Sklar’s trip to Heaven   106

Testimonies of heaven and hell  107

Michael Jackson in Hell   107

The Power of Words   107

Words do not just describe; they invoke what we speak   107

Gossip and Talebaring is sin  110

Start the day with prayer  111

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin  111

Hypnosis is dangerous  112

Psych meds put people in a hypnotic trance  113

Freud was a rabid atheist  113

Quotes showing real agendas behind mental health & education  113

John Lennon’s self-fulfilling prophecies    114

The ballad of John & Yoko   114

Julian Lennon  115

In memoriam for John Lennon 115

Profanity transmits unclean spirits  116

Lyrics & the power of words   118

A person needs to develop spiritual discernment   120

A prophetic lyric   121

Fortune telling is forbidden in the bible   122

Writing lyrics a prophetic revelation   124

Pastors and their words   125

Catholic prayers make people worse  126

Faith, Prayer & the power of Words   127

Questions can act like statements and be curses  128

Tearing up records   129

Spiritual Wisdom revised  132

Links to books, Articles  131



PART 2  135

Bipolar   135

God talks to everyone in our thoughts through the Holy Spirit 136

Psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science   137

Sigmund Freud   137

I spent 7 years in psych hospitals   137

The mental health system is a front for Nazi genocide  138

Bud Powell  139

Psychiatry is mind control   139  

A supernatural warning about Homeland Security    140

Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health & education  140

NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide    140

SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a ‘Serious Mental Disorder  141

Excerpts  & comments to The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber  141

Re-arranging the garbage – on psychiatry & other lies  141

Hearing voices is NORMAL CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY  141

Do you hear voices? Everyone does as thoughts in our heads  141

Fluoridated water is mass medication of the population  141

Warning toxic fluoride in drinking water, psych drugs & food & how to get rid of it  142

Many musicians are illuminati mind control slaves   142

Michael Jackson   142

John Todd   143

Demons behind the music business – John Todd   143

Bible translations   144

David Crosby  144

Justin Bieber  145

Amy Grant   145

Michael Jackson  145

Nick Rockefeller 147

Aaron Russo  147

Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order   147

Hosanna Integrity Music  148

Holy and Annointed One  148

Come now is the time to worship 148

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education  148

Fritz Springmeier  149

John Coleman   149

Tavistock Institute  150

John Rawlings Rees  150

Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health & education 150

Henry Kissinger 150

Obamacare sneakily mandates microchips  151

Brave New World  151

Sir Paul McCartney  151

Sir Mick Jagger  151

John Lennon  152

Alistair Crowley   152

Paul McCartney fills stadiums worldwide  152

Ringo Starr  154

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians   154

Autobiography of a yogi  155

Reincarnation is error  155

New Age Deceptions  156

Kabbalah Center  156

If this is from God, it should be free   156

I had two experiences showing me reincarnation is wrong   158

The illuminati worship Lucifer   161

Message to Musicians who have sold their souls   163

I have experienced tastes of heaven and hell  166

Spiritual Bootcamp  167

Hell is Real   168

Tongues of fire   172

Bill Wiese 23 Minutes in Hell    174

We cannot be healed of physical illness if we have unforgiveness   174

Corrie ten Boom & the Nazi   175

A story of forgiveness  175

The need for forgiveness   176

How to be healed, saved & born again. Jesus Heals   176

Message to the Osbournes   176

Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody  177

John Lennon’s  “Serve Yourself  177

The devil creates counterfeits of the things of  God  177

Message to Wealthy musicians  179

Paul McCartney, Bono   180

Blueprint for Revival   181

OWS – you want profits, I”ll give you prophets OCCUPY CHURCHES    181

Artists and the responsibility to others     182

Intercession & Peace in Ireland  182

Be saved and born again  183

Restoration Songs  184

How to be Healed, Saved & Born Again. Jesus heals   184

The rapture is coming soon  184

Prophetic message about the rapture from Maurice Sklar 184

Prophetic visions of judgment, the rapture from Maurice Sklar  184

Bob Dylan  185

Why I Believe in the bible   186

What bible to get  186

Bible translations- only the King James is good  187

Taking the bible literally – why I DO   187

How to Tell the Bible is TRUE    187

BEING AUTHENTIC & Returning Home to Our Calling   187

The cardboard guitar and Paul McCartney   188

All diseases are caused by demonic spirits  189

Jesus healed as a testimony that he was the Savior  190

The importance of prayer & fasting & Sanctification (no drugs) 190

From Science to Music  190

Brown University  190

Carl Sagan  191

Carl Sagan was lying through his teeth   191

Intuition is God leading us   192

God speaks to everyone in our thoughts    192

Freud was a rabid atheist   194

For 50 years psychiatry has falsely called Christians schizophrenic     194

Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry   194

95% of Psychiatrists & Psychologists are atheists   195

Hospitals hold people for years for insurance money   195

Eastman School of Music  196

New England Conservatory   196

I’m not a chameleon and using profanity with grandma   196

You don’t want to play other people’s music   197

Alida Rohr   199

The Holy Spirit will teach people to play   199

On autism   201

Autistic kids are prophets in training   201

Every family has a resident prophet      201

God spoke through a ouija board   202

Joey Ramone  202

The Ouija board killed my mother 202

Rock records are accursed literally    203

David Crosby    203

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is  blueprint for Illuminati social engineering    203

Huxley said “A scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses  204

Timothy Leary was funded by the CIA   204

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education   204

I was a substitute Teacher   204

New Age Magazine is run by Scottish Rite Freemasonry   205

All other cults have ties to masonry   205

Mormons   205

Jehovah’s Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, Christian Science have ties to masonry   205

If this is from God it should be free   205

A prophetic calling from childhood   206

Zeev Jabotinsky   206

Putin    207

Revelation 18    207

Maurice Sklar   207

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God   208

My prayer not to be pregnant after rape   208

If I married anyone it would have to be a musician 211

Two kinds of people; musicians & non-musicians  211

God’s priority is to save people  210

Paul McCartney’s fame   212

Many musicians are night people  213

My prayer not to be pregnant after rape & a miraculous sign of forgiveness on Yom Kippur   214

His name would have been Christopher   217

You’re a prophetess     218

Returning home has a double meaning for Jews    219

Musicians are spiritually sensitive   220

Music as intercession    221

Traveling supernaturally by the Holy Spirit    221

Take your servant where you want    224

Be clean spiritually   225

On prayer     225

Links to Books, articles, Music  227

Appendix  Play Piano in Half an Hour    241

Flyers for Book   245




Who gave you your talent? It was a birthday gift, - from GOD.


Then who should you serve with it?   God.


The Bible says:


“Every good gift comes from the Father of lights” James 1:17


Our musical gifts come from God. We need to seek HIS purpose for them. In so doing, we will feel the most whole, the most peace, the most like ourselves, because we will be doing what He created us to do.


Jeremiah 1 says God knew us in the womb. So he has a purpose for us on earth.


“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” Jer 1:5


When I was a child, I had the idea that “I am put on earth to do music, and it is holy”.

 This idea must have come from God, since my parents were not religious, but secular Jews.


If we serve God with our talents, we will feel whole and heal others. If we serve the devil with them, he will corrupt our talents and our souls & we will do the same to others.


Musicians are called by God to be Prophets, Intercessors & Healers.


Prophets speaks messages from God.


In the Old Testament, the musicians were prophets. They travelled around in groups, or schools.


The songs we sing are messages.


They should be messages from God.


I always felt, since childhood, that if I married anyone it would have to be another musician. 


I found out later that the Levites, who were the musicians in the temple, only married other Levites, to keep the lineage going.  So my instinct, intuition, was completely biblical and a function of my calling!


Singers are Musicians, and are called by God


The Russian Pentecostal who discipled me was not a trained musician. He had an incredible anointing when he sang.  I watched him pick up a guitar and just start playing, under the power of the Holy Spirit. 


For those singers who don’t know how to play an instrument:

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to play. He taught me as a small child, before I had lessons.


See separate minibook PLAY PIANO IN HALF AN HOUR

(4 pages)


It tells how to play piano using chords.  We can worship God using a few chords, and make up songs as inspired by the Holy Spirit.  This invokes the Holy Spirit’s presence.  It can be very simple.   I have felt more anointed worship with people playing 2 chords on guitar than sophisticated harmonic progressions. The purpose of music is to invoke God’s Spirit, not to impress or be intellectually interesting.


I had an intuition since childhood that there are 2 kinds of people on earth; musicians and non-musicians. 


The second group don’t really understand the first group. They often think they are crazy.


It is partly because musicians are called to be prophets. Prophets are leaders, not followers; non-conformists.  Most people are followers.


In the Old Testament, many musicians were prophets, traveling around in groups, playing and prophesying.   The prophet Samuel tells King Saul that he will run into a group of them and a new spirit will come upon him.  This happened. Their prophetic spirit transmitted to him and he started prophesying, and people around were astounded, saying, “is Saul also a prophet?”


That is one of the whole purposes of musicians – to impart to others the prophetic spirit, which is the HOLY SPIRIT.  Those who transmit unclean spirits instead, are hijacking the purpose for which God gave them their gift. Rather than blessing people, they are afflicting them, often.  When they sing songs about their own problems, they often transmit curses onto their listeners. It is like sneezing on them.


People can pick up spirits of homosexuality by listening to gay artists.


My other friend who discipled me was not a musician. He was a teacher. He could not sing. But when the anointing of God came when we prayed, The Holy Spirit came over him and he sounded like a rabbi singing.



Bob Dylan is a Prophet


Bob Dylan is a prophet and he travels on a never-ending tour. True to his calling as a prophet, I would say.  He got saved in the early 80’s. Through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a charismatic church who writes powerful worship songs that are used in many churches. I also had powerful encounters with God during their worship.


Dylan went to China and sang Christian songs in a communist atheist country. That is unquestionably exactly what he should have been doing, as a prophet of God. 


God’s highest priority is to save people to Jesus.


What Dylan did is what God wants ALL MUSICIANS to DO. Save the world to GOD & JESUS.  In order to fulfill that prophetic calling, they need to be saved themselves!

I said to God recently, “maybe all musicians are not called to serve God”. 


God said back to me, “THEY ARE!”


Paul McCartney – this means you! God gave you fame to have a forum to reach millions for HIM.  That was the purpose all along!


When you played the Olympics you had the biggest audience in history – 1/8 of the planet. God wanted you to use it to evangelize the world, like the apostle whose name you use, Paul.  (It is not by accident that you chose to use your middle name – that was inspired by God as a sign of your calling). 


See article

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God



Anyone named after a prophet is called to BE a prophet. 


I am named after a prophetess in the Old Testament.


Anyone named John is named after John the Baptist, the greatest prophet, who baptized Jesus.


Anyone named Christopher is called to bear witness to Christ – the name means Christ-bearer. And to bear Jesus inside –by being born  again, which means being filled with the Holy Spirit.


Anyone with Christ in their name is called to be a witness to Christ – i.e. Christian, Christine.


An obvious name is like being born with a tag on your foot.  Or a sign on your head.


Jesus said “except ye be born again, ye will not see the kingdom of God” John 3:3


It is God’s will that all people get saved & born again so they can go to Heaven and have eternal life with God, and to fulfill their calling on this earth.


How to be healed, saved & born again. Jesus heals



Everyone has a calling from God.  

People need to know who and what they are and be true to that calling, to feel peace and feel fulfilled.   Without a relationship with God, it is easy to miss the mark of one’s calling.


God is the one that gives us our gifts.  Without a relationship with Him, it is easy to misuse the gifts or waste them.  We need his guidance to use them the way they were intended, to fulfill the purpose for which they were given.


God gives us the desires of our hearts. He puts those desires in us. We need a relationship with Him so that we get the answers to those desires in the way and time God intended, not a counterfeit or some ungodly method. So the devil doesn’t hijack those talents for his own purposes instead.


 Intercessors pray for others.


When we intercess we are used by God to pray for others and things like peace in the world.



Many musicians are night people.


There is a spiritual reason for this. For one, it is quieter and less distracting and better for any creative work.


Also, since musicians are called to be intercessors, God needs them to play at night – the night shift.  God never sleeps. Neither does the devil. It is very critical work.  When we pray for others as they sleep, they will often have dreams from God, AS WE PRAY, simultaneously. Sometimes our prayers get answered ‘later’ but many times it is as we pray that God is moving to answer it.  


I learned this by being an intercessor while living in the church for 2 years.  Often I would play the piano as others were in a prayer meeting.  I would pray for the Spirit to pour out on them. When I stopped, they immediately stopped too.


Healing through Worship


We can also heal others just by invoking God’s spirit during worship.


God wants there to be churches open 24 hours, with worship 24 hours. Then people can come in and get healed just by listening to worship music. God’s spirit heals.


Musicians can live in churches to do this. I lived in one for 2 years. It was heaven on earth for me.


An example of intercession while singing in Tongues


Intercession & Peace in Ireland


Musicians read this – Peace in Ireland




In April of '98 I had a powerful experience of being used by God as an intercessor. I was playing the piano and singing in tongues, which is a private prayer language given by God, for 8 hours. I was playing in a sanctuary at a university chapel used by Catholics and Protestants. I heard myself sing "shalom' which means peace in Hebrew, many times. I had no idea what God was doing, but I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit on me.


Sometime during this event a man came in and listened, then came over and said to me, "Thank you. I feel like I can go home now." I asked where he was from and he said "Ireland'. The next day, the Boston Globe front page said "Peace in Ireland'. They had just signed the Good Friday Peace Accords. I asked God, did you use me to pray for that, and the Holy Spirit fell on me with power, which meant yes.


Being used by God for this type of work is important work. It requires that a person be sanctified - no drugs or sin.


All drugs which affect the mind are an opening for unclean demonic spirits which would contaminate the Holy Spirit.


This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, lsd, pot, etc & psych meds. Psych meds cause mental illness rather than cure it, because of this.


Unrepentant sin is also an opening for unclean spirits. When we repent we are clean & God’s spirit will come on us. And his peace.


If there is spiritual contamination, it transmits into whatever you're praying into. That's no good. One must be pure so only the Holy Spirit is invoked and transmitted.


Any time musicians play or sing, whatever is in or around them spiritually gets transmitted to their listeners or the target of their prayers. This is true for all people praying as well, or even talking. Spirits jump around through contact, both physical and verbal.


God needs musicians or praying people to do this kind of work. It is sacred and a blessing to be used this way. When we pray this way we are prophesying things into existence by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Fasting is also important to have spiritual authority for prayers to be answered. When we fast we are light and can pray with more power, praying in tongues & worshipping.


Praying & Singing in Tongues is of God & is for all Christians




The Importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)




 On Fasting – ch 3 of Manual for Transformational Healing-Gods Answer to Psychiatry




Musicians  & other creative people are spiritually sensitive. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on our understanding of why we are this way.


God had me write a book


Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


which exposes atheistic psychiatry& their genocide by toxic drugs, which are deadly, BY DESIGN, and tells how to heal mental & physical illness through prayer & worship. FREE at http://www.1prophetspeaks.com



also in chapters on my blog  http://www.1prophetspeaks7.blogspot.com






 What causes Mental Illness? Ch 2 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry




Chapter 2 says mental illness can be caused by demonic oppression or spiritual burdens, which is not really mental illness, but misunderstood spiritual sensitivity.


Demonic oppression can affect our thoughts, emotions or bodies. There are spirits whose ‘assignments’ are specific feelings, including positive and negative ones, and diseases. These can all be rebuked in Jesus’ name. His name has authority in the spiritual realm.


Jesus rebuked spirits and gave his followers authority to do it. It works. I have done it. I have rebuked canc-, asthm-, depress-.


 Jesus healed as a testimony to who he was – the savior, and God heals today for the same purpose, when we pray in Jesus’ name.


All musicians and many creative people are spiritually sensitive. The word ‘inspiration’ means A SPIRIT GOES INTO IT. So we are sensitive to the spiritual realm where we get our music, thoughts, ideas & feelings from.


I used to hear symphonies in my head as child. I knew it wasn’t coming “from me”. It was either coming from heaven, or I was perhaps hearing music playing somewhere else. Some people say they hear the radio due to the fillings in their teeth. I had fillings – maybe this was also a source. But I think it was mostly from God, since when I played the piano, I would improvise for hours.


I played the piano & wrote music since age 4, over 50 years.


My mother was also a child prodigy. She played Chopin, but used to say she wasn’t creative like me.


Spiritually sensitive people are CALLED by GOD to be intercessors. They feel others’ pain so they can pray for them. If one doesn’t have the relationship with God that He intended, one won’t know how to do this. Consequently, the sensitivity can be oppressive. Hence many creative people use drugs. This is one reason why there is so much drug use by musicians.


A lot of them fall into the same trap as other sensitive people who feel spiritual burdens and think, wrongly, it must be their own psychological issues. Psychology has taught people that. Psychiatry which is atheistic, encourages this idea. But it is error.


Psychiatry says mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances. They use drugs to supposedly “treat them”. But this is nonsense.


Mental illness is caused by demonic oppression, and Jesus is the answer. The drugs actually are openings for the demons; this is why people go to rehab, take psych meds, and are worse than they were before. All the psych hospitals do is take people off street drugs and put them on psych drugs, which are worse in a lot of cases.


Rehab using psych meds is NOT the answer to drug addiction; deliverance in Jesus name IS.



I always found it very odd that so many musicians used recreational drugs; to me, the creativity was such a high in itself that I couldn’t see why they saw the need.


But since drugs are openings for all kinds of spirits, many musicians use them to be ‘inspired’. But I can say from experience worshipping God, that invoking the HOLY SPIRIT and God’s love is the biggest high imaginable, and trumps any drug.


Musicians often take drugs, get oppressed by demonic spirits and then write music that conveys emotional ‘angst’.


After I got saved at age 33, my music had more peace, because I had more of God’s peace in me and on me. The style of music changed.



People always said to me, “when you play there is a peace on you”. That was because I was fulfilling my calling from God to play music.


I used to play the piano to put myself to sleep, since childhood, sleeping right at the piano. I would have dreams from God. Pianos were always altars to God, for me.


I went to a psychic years later who told me  “I don’t see you with jazz- I see you doing lullabies”.  This vision was a reference to my returning to using music as worship, as I had as a child.


This was confirmed later after I got saved, by another Jewish believer who said, after hearing a tape of mine “you have a ministry to help insomniacs to rest”.


Some psychics get things from God; they are all really called to be prophets of God, but like musicians, the devil has hijacked their gifts to speak through them with familiar spirits.


Often what they say is a mixture of God’s spirit & lying spirits.


Charging money is an opening for counterfeit spirits also. Psychics need to repent of divination, charging money, get saved& delivered from demonic spirits so they can be God’s prophets rather than false prophets.


When we worship God & invoke His spirit, we rest in his presence. His spirit fills us & heals us.


The peace from God’s spirit is a different peace than the heaviness from alcohol or psych meds which is a stupor. When people fall asleep under the influence of those drugs, they often have dreams from demons rather than God; nightmares.


Jesus said “Peace I give to you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world giveth, give I to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27.


When we get inspired by God, His spirit brings a peace & joy that is Holy, that uplifts ourselves & heals others. This is really God’s purpose for ALL music.


James 1:17 says “every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights”.



This means our talents come from God and using them for HIS purpose will make us feel most “whole”. We will feel the most peace.



When I sit at a piano, I have always felt “home”; ‘like me’. One time I spent a lot of time away from it, thinking maybe God didn’t want me to play, and I felt completely disoriented.


I lived in a church for 2 years, worshipping alone at night.


God poured out His Spirit with power on me and healed me & gave me a loud singing voice I did not previously have.


When I thanked God for a loud voice, my voice got instantly louder.


As I prayed for God to pour out his love on others, it came to me & filled me. When we pray for others, we pray the same things onto ourselves.


 Eating & Drinking God




The Kingdom of heaven is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Ghost. Romans 14:17


Worship is Spiritual Food.  I felt like I was being fed through my chest.  It strengthens our spirit and heals us, fills us with love.

Everyone needs to feed their spirit.


The pastor of the church I lived in used to stand in the worship service with one hand out, palm up, and the other over his heart.  He was ‘feeding’ himself from the Holy Spirit. The same experience I had.


I lived in a temple for a fall & winter, playing the piano at night and praying for Jews.   I told a rabbi that I was ‘drinking God’.  He said “you were drinking God? Come talk to me”.


Annointed 3-Dimensional vs. 2-Dimensional Music


When we play or listen to anointed music that invokes God’s Holy Spirit, it is like hearing in 3 Dimensions.  The impartation of God’s Presence adds something that other music does not have.

Hence, it is no longer interesting to listen to non-annointed music, since it is lacking in the 3rd, most important dimension. 


It is just intellectually interesting, or ‘nice’ but it doesn’t feed us the same way.   It is only 2-dimensional. It loses its appeal.


It is like seeing in color and then looking back at black and white – eh.


It is like going back to eating twinkies, after tasting fruit for the first time.  After eating something that actually has nutrients, one can taste how devoid of nutrients the fast food is – like cardboard. It loses its appeal.  Nutritious food energizes and enlivens us – that is the whole purpose of food.   Junk food lacks those ingredients and doesn’t do this.  That’s why it’s called junk food.


Same with music.  The purpose is to feed us Spiritually.  Most music is junk music.  It doesn’t do that.  Once someone has experienced music that Does feed the spirit, one can discern that other music does NOT, and it loses its appeal.


Furthermore, a lot of music is spiritual poison – invoking demonic spirits rather than God.  There is no benefit to that.  All it does is create mental & physical illness and invoke curses and lying spirits. Then they are around a person, and affect others they interact with, creating problems in relationships and whatever. It is like wearing a hat that defiles everyone near us.


Whatever is around us spiritually affects others we interact with. So if we use any drugs, which are openings for these demonic spirits, that is what happens.


If you hear music in a store somewhere, and then later keep hearing the same song – you know what that means?  The spirit is still around you! You’ve picked it up like a germ.  In the case of most pop music, it is not from God. 


You’re probably hearing that music because you’re carrying something you bought in that store where they played that music.  You need to pray over it to cleanse it.


After going into any store where they play music, one should immediately, when leaving, pray “WASH ME JESUS” to cleanse oneself of any spiritual baggage.


Anything one buys there acts like a transmitter for the ‘germ’.    Just bless the thing and the change you got in Jesus name and rebuke anything unclean, in Jesus name.


Another reason for this is if the sales clerks smoke or drink caffeine and give you change, you can pick up their addictive spirits or other unclean spirits if you don’t pray over it to cleanse it.


If you buy food from someone who uses drugs (coffee or smokes, alcohol), you can pick up their unclean spirits unless you pray over it before eating it.


So many times I have bought food from people who smoke, and then fallen asleep – which is what smoking spirits do to me – this is why! I forgot to pray over it first, to bless it in Jesus name and rebuke any unclean spirits.


Musicians who BUSK can pick up spirits


When people give you money, you can pick up their unclean spirits unless you pray over the money; bless it in Jesus name and rebuke any unclean spirits.  Otherwise one can pick up addictive spirits, depress-, from alcohol, confus-, mani-, from coffee, tiredness from smokers.


This is obviously true for anyone begging for money, or selling anything.  Whatever changes hands, transmits spirits in both directions. Both sides need to pray over it.


If anyone gives you money or anything, and says anything negative, it can act like a curse.  You need to rebuke any curses in Jesus name and bless the money, to avoid this.   Otherwise, the money or object acts like a transmitter for the curse, intentionally or unintentionally.


Witches know that the way to transmit curses to someone is to give them something.  I’ve had some of them tell me this.  But this happens to people all the time, inadvertently, since most people SAY things that ACT like curses, and when they give someone else something, it does the same thing, unintentionally. It’s a lot more common.


One needs to be mindful of this issue and pray constantly, to avoid these sorts of pitfalls.


The bible says to pray continually.  As we go through life, situations change constantly; we need to be mindful and alert spiritually to respond to them, lest we be caught off guard. 


Jesus warned his followers to watch and pray, lest they fall into temptation.


This makes starting the day with prayer very important.  It can set in motion everything else that happens.


Start the Day with Prayer NOT COFFEE!



Every morning I pray for God to forgive my sins, protect me from temptations and evil.  This is from the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6)


I put on the Spiritual Armor talked about in Ephesians 6.  This includes the helmet of salvation, which protects our heads and thoughts, and the shield of faith.


I also ask the Holy Spirit to be upon me and take authority everywhere I go.   By doing this, God goes before me and places that normally might be noisy, are quiet and peaceful.


(Unless I get seduced into a conversation with someone where I talk about all the demonic music in stores – in which case, I invoke it and undo my own prayer!) Then I have to re-pray the prayer.  This shows that the conversations we have with people can invoke all kinds of things and we need to consider the effect of our words and others we interact with, and respond to them prayerfully to correct any problem!


The only way to keep the peace of what you prayed in the morning is by being quiet.  If you engage in any conversation, the other person may say something that cross-talks what you prayed, or invokes some kind of curse, etc.  90% of what comes out of most people’s mouths is NOT from God, which means it is the devil using them to speak something negative.  Be mindful of this.


The bible says that people should ONLY speak from the Holy Spirit.


“if any man speak, let him speak as the oracle of God” 1 Peter 4:11


When I have prayed for the Holy Spirit to take authority over someone and use them to speak to me, God Has. Then they are a blessing, and not a curse.


It would be good to pray:


“Let every person I interact with today speak only from the Holy Spirit” and see what happens. 


I think people would be mostly quiet, and only speak from God.


When I am around people that are controlled by the Holy Spirit, that is how they are.  Mostly quiet and only speaking things from God.  The man who mentored me was like this.


The bible says to be slow to speak, quick to hear. James 1:19


People who utter every thought that comes in their head are usually babbling nonsense, most of it not from God.  Particularly if they drink caffeine.  That drug can make people compulsive talkers. And they also don’t listen well. The caffeine does this. I have had conversations with some people who drink coffee who just babble irrelevant nonsense, just to talk.   It’s a spirit of confus-. 


God got me to stop drinking caffeine by using my relationship with the pastor of the church I lived in for 2 years.  He used to get headaches from me.  It was the caffeine spirits on me, jumping on him.  I used to just sit there and babble to him. One time he just stared at me and said SHUT UP!   For him it was torture.  I remember him saying to me, “I want you to listen”.    Another friend of mine also used to get headaches when we talked, and I believe it also was from the coffee. 


My Russian friend, who mentored me, sometimes used to just start singing, to drown me out, when I wanted to pester him with questions, which were probably not from God.  In his mind, he figured that by singing, he would invoke God, which would calm me down. It used to annoy me but now I can understand it.


God didn’t want me on coffee because I was also catalyzing the worship in the services in two congregations in the church I lived in, and he didn’t want me to contaminate it with unclean spirits.


I went to a prophetic presbytery in another state during this time, where people prophesied messages over you. It was at a “school for prophets” in Florida, Christian International, founded by Bill Hamon. One person said, “you’re like the lifeblood of the church”.   I knew it meant because of my intercession and the fact that I was driving the worship.


The worship leader had said “God seems to be blessing us”.     A friend of mine from the Brazilian congregation, whose worship team I was on, had prophesied one night “ I’ve put you in this church. I’m gonna use you to bless the church and judge the church”.  It proved true.


God had opened the door into the church building where I lived for 2 years, by having the Brazilian congregation invite me and ask me to join their worship team, playing piano.  They met on Sat and Sun nights.  I would just stay there Saturday night, singing all night.


I never had a key.   God found ways of opening the doors for me to go in, all week.  He moved multiple congregations in there, so they would have meetings and leave the door unlocked. I also prayed for the doors to unlock supernaturally, and they did.  


Jesus said “Knock and it shall be opened to you”. Matthew 7:7


If it is God’s will for you to do something, he will make a way to do it.   I have heard it said that if God wants you to go somewhere, he will provide provision. That’s one way to tell it IS his will.  Very often circumstances are his way of guiding us to do something. 


On the Money


Often I have stood on the sidewalk asking God if I should go somewhere, and immediately someone would hand me money.  It was either provision to travel (train fare) or God telling me ‘You’re on the money’, a way of his saying you’re right.  I have had conversations  while walking with someone and looked down and seen pennies appear on the ground at our feet, as we walked, a sign that what was being said was ‘on the money’.  Our intuition tells us what these signs mean. 




Intuition is God Leading Us




Intuition and Spiritual Discernment


God uses intuition as a major way of communicating things. It is something people need to trust.


We all discern spiritual things through our intuition, not our rational mind.  The rational mind is where the devil throws doubts, to get us to doubt or second-guess our intuition.


The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.


Jesus said he would send it from Heaven to be with us and in us, to help and guide us.


When we think or say something from the Holy Spirit, often it falls, as a witness that it is from Him.   This can feel like a fleeting tingly energy on our head, or a warmth in our chest (that probably only happens when we already have him living inside).


The presence of something demonic is often a cold chill.


Often this is a warning of something very bad.  I can think of 2 examples of this in my life. 


Microchips in a Jail


In l997, I was in a jail in Florida.  I was waiting to get a tb shot. All jails have a protocol of saying people need to do this to avoid solitary and be released into the general population.   However, they are sneakily microchipping people, using the tb shot as a ruse.   Before I was there, I had heard, on the radio, that the government announced that they were thinking of testing chips in the jails and mental hospitals. So I had already been warned.   As I sat in the cell, this cold chill came on me.  It was a warning.  I didn’t heed it.


I let them do it. Then I sat there, wondering “What did I just submit to?”


My answer came right after. I left the state and went back north, where I came from.  My 2 friends who discipled me were looking at a video by a man named Carl Sanders, who was a Christian minister who had a prophetic ministry warning about microchips. He had helped design them for the government 30 years ago, when he was an atheist.  His message now was that they are the mark of the beast, which the bible (Revelation 13) warns against taking. It says it will be a mark in one’s hand or forehead without which no man can buy or sell, that the anti-Christ world leader will try to make people take.  It is cashless money.  His website is http://www.trumpetministries.net


I called Sanders and spoke to him. He told me they tested them on military personnel in the first Gulf War.  I doubt they told them it was chips. They probably told them it was a vaccine.


God has warned me prophetically that the government will continue to chip people SNEAKILY, using vaccines.   Just like they already do in jails.   So people need to avoid ALL VACCINES.   They are also toxic anyway, since they are being used by the social engineers to poison people to depopulate the planet, which is their main agenda.


For more on the depopulation agendas of the social engineers and microchips,


see  article


The New World Order – prophetic warning to Jews, Christians & everyone




I went to my dentist and we x-rayed my arm, and both of us saw something.   I prayed for God to remove it supernaturally. God can do anything. 


Jesus said NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. Matthew 17:20, 19:26


Obamacare sneakily mandates MICROCHIPPING people



P. 1001 calls for a registry of medical devices pursuant to a 2004 FDA directive which calls for “implantable transponders for healthcare info and id”    This is why the healthcare bill is so dangerous.  Every other issue is secondary.


A second example of a cold chill was when I got on a train to go somewhere. All of a sudden the temperature dropped, and the train stalled. God was warning me it was a mistake.


When I sit where smokers have sat, often I get tired and cold; a symptom of an unclean spirit.


To remove it, one can pray WASH ME JESUS.  Sometimes it is good to put water on one’s head while doing this. If you use bottled water, pray over that first, so you don’t pick up spirits from the water itself. If you buy bottled water from someone who smokes, you will just put demonic spirits on yourself if you use it.   


Same with using a sink in a store where they play music. Not a good idea.  Whatever covering is in the place from the music will transmit from the water. Since most pop music is demonic, it is usually a very bad idea.


The music business is run by people into witchcraf-


This is mainly true because the whole music business is run by people into witchcraf-, who use prayer rooms to pray demons onto all the records they produce.

So regardless of what artist and style, it is all spiritually contaminated, apparently .Very sneaky.  People are being poisoned spiritually by listening to this stuff in restaurants, stores etc as well as their ipods or whatever. 


The testimony of John Todd – illuminati bloodline family member


The youtube video

Demons Behind the Music  - John Todd

testifies to this. 



Todd came from an Illuminati bloodline family in England. They are devil worshippers. He became a born again Christian & gave his testimony, in the l970’s. He says he controlled all the record labels.



If you use water in a coffee house, you pick up caffeine spirits from their sink if you use it in a prayerful manner. Not the place to do it.  If you do it in a restaurant, one can get attacked by hunger pangs, as a result of this.


WASH ME JESUS – Cleansing Prayers



The best water is rain.  It is God’s and it is clean.  Often when I pray WASH ME JESUS, God rains on me. Sometimes He does it before I ask, since I need it. To prepare me to be clean before praying for something. One should not pray for something with an unclean covering – it will transmit and contaminate the prayer.

I have heard God say to me, while raining, “WASH YOU”.


I used a fountain one time, and picked up small bugs.  Be careful.


Don’t pray this prayer right near cigarette butts on the ground.  Doing so pulls those spirits onto oneself.   An itchy back or head is an indicator of an unclean spiritual covering. Cigarettes will do that.


Often people itch and have no idea why – it is often due to an unclean spirit that came from somewhere.  One can pick it up from sitting places where others sit, if they drink coffee, alcohol or smoke.  I have picked up spirits of depress-  sitting somewhere where apparently drinkers were sitting.  It is a good idea to pray over anywhere you sit.  I often wipe the chairs with cleansing pads from the drugstore.  It makes a difference. 


If you sit within earshot of someone using those drugs and talking, you can pick up those spirits. Sound transmits spirits.



Children have spiritual discernment.


 If someone has God’s spirit, they will like them. If they have demonic spirits, they won’t.  People should listen to kids.  I had a stepbrother into witchcraf-, who my niece found ‘creepy’.  Spiritual discernment.  Animals are also spiritual mirrors.  God uses both to help us.


Every family has a resident prophet



(they are otherwise known as children, or the teens with blue hair -the individualists. Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position.)


God sent me a cat for spiritual discernment


The velvet couch - how the new age movement ruined my place of rest



God sent me a cat, in a snowstorm, as I was unpacking my car. Came right up to me. I said, ‘if you want to come in, follow me.”  It did.  I asked its name, and it meowed.  So I called her meow meow.   The only time she meowed was when I asked her name. 


This was before I was a Christian.  I was in a sinful sexual romantic relationship that was a love triangle at the time. The guy was lying to me (saying he wasn’t married when he was, which I later found out) and other things.   The first time after I got the cat and he showed up, the cat screeched and ran down the hall.  It was a warning to me about this guy, who later made a lot of trouble. 


One time I had some kind of pain, and the guy offered to ‘move it’ to somewhere else (in my body) which made no sense. I thought, I need to get rid of it, not just move it to somewhere else.  However, I let him try.  As he was massaging me, the cat peed on his hat.  A sign of what God thought about all that.   He used the cat to show me it was the Wrong idea.


Shortly after that, I still had a pain. I turned on the tv and watched HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN. When the show was over, my pain was gone.  God was telling me, look to ME.


The cat ruined my velvet couch, which I used to sleep on as a kid when it was in the living room near the piano. As a kid, I slept there more often than my bed.  Being near the piano gave me peace, since pianos were altars to God for me.   I had the couch later as an adult.  I also acquired a lot of new age books, occult books, which I read for 10 years, before becoming a Christian. 


After I got the cat, she went into heat a bunch of times and sprayed the couch, ruining it. It was because of the demonic spirits in the room from the occult books.  When I got saved and got rid of them, as many Christians told me to do, the cat stopped going into heat.


Animals and kids can act like spiritual thermometers to tell you what is going on around you.


People who drink coffee often have kids that are hyper. It is a mirror back to them of their own condition.  Then the kid gets diagnosed with ADHD.  If the parents stop drinking coffee, the kid will calm down.  They are picking up the spirits of agit- and confus- from the caffeine spirits on the parents.  People who drink coffee don’t listen well, I have seen. 


We often can’t discern something on ourselves, but others can. But we can see it in others.  We need to realize that they are mirrors, often, of what is going on around us.


So many parents don’t realize that whatever problems their kids have, is really coming from them.


I remember a pastor once saying to me, “you can’t see something (about yourself) but others can”.   As he said this, I felt the Holy Spirit on me, so I knew he was right.


When someone says something from the Holy Spirit, often we feel the Holy Spirit, as a witness that it IS from God.  It can feel like a fleeting tingly energy on our head.   Sometimes we feel warmth in our chest.



Living & Playing in the Church


I was on the worship team of the Brazilian church, which God used to place me in the building.  It was my home.


I prayed for the other congregations as well as the Brazilians; there were 2 American groups, one met Saturday night also, the other Sunday morning.  I started going to the Sunday congregation. 


Because I was praying for them, God started using the pastor there to pray for me.  One day he prayed “make her an intercessor”.  So by his authorization, I was there nearly every night, playing, learning to be an intercessor.  I would pray for particular people at night, then watch those same people go up for prayer the next morning, and fall down and get delivered from things, if that was what I prayed.


The power of God poured out on me at night when I played. God gave me a loud singing voice, which I did not have before.  After hearing me play, one of the other pastors said one night, “there’s a lot of grace for you on that piano”.    Clearly, God wanted me there. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have anointed me there like that.  One meaning of Grace is Favor. 


I would pray for the church at night, and then go the next day and stand in front and sing. The anointing of God was on me, and it would go on the worship team.  



 No Coffee


Since I was praying for them the night before, God responded to my prayer by having the pastor not let me come, if I showed up with coffee that morning. God didn’t want me to infest the church with caffeine spirits, through my worship. It would have transmitted to them.  I finally asked God if he was using this guy to discipline me to stop drinking coffee, and the Holy Spirit fell on me, which meant yes.


Angels Stroking My Head


I could feel angels stroking my head with their wings, every night, as I played and sang.  Psalm 91 says “he will cover you with his feathers”.


One night after playing I went to the door and stuck my head outside, in the middle of winter. I smelled flowers. But there were no flowers.  I knew it was a supernatural thing.  God was showing me that the prayers were a sweet aroma to him, which the scriptures talk about.


One time while worshipping I heard him say “I maketh my face to shine on you” and immediately the sun came out.


Every night for 2 years, when I sang the words “POUR OUT YOUR LOVE or RAIN DOWN YOUR LOVE” within 20 minutes it would rain.  God was showing me the power of words.   Any time I pray “pour out your spirit” that happens. This shows that words have multiple meanings, and can have results not intended.  In this case, it’s not unrelated. The rain is a physical manifestation of what God is doing in the spirit, as a sign.


Smells are spiritual discernment, not hallucinations


Sometimes we smell things as a sign from God.  It is not a hallucination. (I have run across people who wonder if it is). It is spiritual discernment.  People who are sensitive spiritually have these kinds of experiences. It is real information.  It can be God’s way of telling you there is an unclean spirit if that is what you smell.  Demons from hell smell like sulphur, rotten eggs, I have read.



Smelling semen in a chapel


I played in a university chapel for several months, after living in the church for 2 years.  One of the organists there was apparently gay. The chaplain had told me this as well.  One day I went in there and smelled sexual fluids.  Because he was playing there, the unclean spirit had filled the sanctuary. 


This is a spiritual reason not to have people in sexual sin playing and doing worship in a church.  That spirit would transmit to congregations during worship, opening them to thoughts and impulses that would not otherwise be there.   I had already prayed for the gift of discerning of spirits, which is why I smelled it.   I doubt others did. (1 Corinthians 12:10).


Angels Singing in the Church


One night I was praying with 2 other people. All 3 of us heard singing, high up in the sanctuary. It HAD to be angels, since nobody else was there. It sounded like they were singing in tongues.

Angels as People


For 2 years while I virtually lived in the church and sang at night, I would go out the next day, and run into people who would hand me money.  I didn’t know if they were angels or people. I knew God was using them to pay me for my work.   One guy I ran into repeatedly, got married & had a kid, so I figured out he must be a person, eventually. 


Angels can come as people. The bible says


“be not forgetful to entertain strangers,  for thereby some have entertained angels unawares”. Hebrews 13:2


Years ago in Vermont, my car had problems.  Some man approached me, offering help.  Every time he approached or left, I heard heavenly angelic music!   Either he was an angel, or God had sent him. When I asked where he was from, he said “4 corners”.   Revelation 7:1 talks about the angels on the 4 corners of the earth being used to let loose judgment on the earth.  So he may have been telling me he was an angel.


Angel means messenger, in Hebrew.  Melech-el-yon means messenger from on high.   Sometimes when people ask where I’m from, I say Heaven, so they’ll know I’m giving them a message from God, to pay attention to the message, not the messenger. If I start talking about my background, that can divert from the message at hand.


A couple of times I have run across churches that worry too much about who the messenger is than what the message is.  They only need to consult with the Holy Spirit to get a confirmation of it.


I went to a church and gave the pastor a message, and he said “we only accept prophetic messages if you have a letter from your church saying who you are.”  I thought, how ridiculous. Who I am is irrelevant.   God could use anybody.  If you have the Holy Spirit, all you have to do is ask HIM to confirm the message is from Him. HE is the second witness.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and is always the second witness to anything someone says prophetically.


Non-Christians don’t necessarily know to “tune into God” to get a witness from him, but a Christian pastor should!


How these churches can be so clueless evades me.


I have spent months in Manhattan several times. I would meet people and have strange interactions. When I would ask where they lived they would tell me bizarre things – this made me suspect they were angels.  Finally I said to God, this is too weird. I don’t know if I’m meeting real people or just angels playing games, like testing me. It wouldn’t make sense to me to give an angel a bible, they wouldn’t need it. Only a person would.   


God said back to me, “why don’t you go see your cousin? You know he’s real.”  Maybe he was doing this to motivate me to go see my cousin, finally.  I had had a dream of taking him to church, and him thanking me.


Speaking Prophetically


There is a difference between babbling compulsively and speaking from demons, due to drugs,  and someone who is under  the anointing of God, and preaching or delivering a message, being used prophetically. That process is also like “speaking without thinking” – being used by God.  I have had that experience.


To make sure it IS God, we need to avoid drugs. Otherwise, the devil will hijack that gifting and speak through us rather than God. Or it will be mixed.


Musicians have that calling, prophetically, to ‘channel God’. It is important that they sanctify themselves from drugs, and sin, so that God can use them the way He intended, rather than let the devil hijack the calling and use it for his purposes.  If we use drugs we are giving the devil permission to use it.


Years ago God gave me the scripture that pertains to this:


If you separate the precious from the vile, you will be as my mouth.  Jeremiah 15:19


The cantor in the temple where I lived for several months was a prophet.  He said stuff would just come out of his mouth.   One time, as he said something to me, I could feel the Holy Spirit. I knew it was God using him.   But the devil also used him. He said something else that set in motion a series of events that were not good, something God had already used him to warn me about, obliquely.  Another time, he spoke the name of someone who had caused me a huge problem, while standing next to someone else.  Immediately, that person got defiled, and replicated the same problem for me as the person whose name he spoke.  This has happened more than once. In each of those instances, it was not God using them to invoke all that, but the devil.


God and the devil use people like puppets, all the time.  What we do and how we pray, determines a lot of this. Also what we think and speak.


If we have negative expectations about someone and think or speak bad things about them, they will act accordingly.  If we think something positive, they will act accordingly. 


If someone says something negative, it can invoke curses. You need to rebuke it immediately. Otherwise, it can set things in motion that you can’t undo.


This can be very dangerous. I can’t give examples of some of the things that have happened to me as a result of this, because it would re-invoke them, onto me and also onto anyone reading or carrying this to read.  So I have to be oblique.  I know this because when I HAVE done that, that is what happened!


This is true of one’s own words and thoughts too.  If you think something negative, rebuke it in Jesus name.  Or pray “I rebuke anything I may have invoked”.   I get bodily sensations when I invoke something by my thoughts (like my head itching, or a cold chill). It is a warning to me from God to pray to un-invoke whatever. Otherwise, it can elicit interactions with others that are not from God, or beneficial.


Be mindful of something about thoughts & words.  If you’re near a computer and using WIFI – it acts like a transmitter for this stuff. When I’m not online, there is more peace and this happens less, I have observed.


On Annointed Music vs Non-annointed music


Plato’s Cave


Think of Plato’s cave.  He talks about shadows on the cave wall instead of the beings that cast those shadows.  Many people only see the shadows, and not the actual beings. 


Our physical bodies are like the shadows. They are only reflections of our real selves, our spirit selves, which is what our existence is about.


The bible says that our bodies should be a temple for the Holy Spirit to live in.  We need to take care of them for that purpose.


To obsess about one’s body is a diversion.  We need to focus on our spiritual life, the reason for our body, not just the body for itself.


Same with music. We need to use music for the purpose of worshipping and invoking God’s Spirit, not just for its own sake. That way, people can hear from God, and be healed, and we can do intercession for peace in the world and other things.


One of my professors at New England Conservatory where I got a masters in Jazz composition, once said to me, “Music is our God”. That is idolatry.  Music schools tend to promote this, unfortunately.     I called him up years later, after I was a Christian, and said “Music should be our channel TO God.”


Musicians do music because it makes them happy and feel good, and often peaceful.   But that’s not the WHOLE reason to do it!


THERE’S MORE TO IT. The REASON it makes you happy, and peaceful, is because GOD wants you to do it, and he has PURPOSES for it.


Plato’s Cave


If you only go that far with it, it’s like looking at the shadows in Plato’s Cave all your life and never seeing the true purpose, the true calling that was behind it! 


We need to seek a relationship with God so we know what those purposes ARE, so we’ll be truly alive, as a spiritual being, and not just a shadow reflection of what we are supposed to be.  The devil has counterfeits of the things of God.  So he wants us to mistake the shadow for the real thing.  It’s as if he gave us a picture of a house and said “here is your house”.  And you said, “this isn’t a house” it’s only a picture of a house. I can’t live there! 


The shadow is  “BEING FAMOUS”.   The 3 dimensional spirit is SERVING GOD and thereby becomes “Famous” as a side effect, not as the goal in itself.  A worldwide evangelist would become famous.   A powerful intercessor, not necessarily.  Intercessors do their work in secrecy. It is undercover work.  Even a lot of evangelizing is undercover work too. It has to be – it is too dangerous to do in the open.  Proselytizing in Muslim countries is dangerous.


Living in a synagogue praying for Jews was undercover work.


Teaching in the public schools was undercover work.  I was a substitute teacher.  I was able to talk freely about God and music because nobody was looking down my back seeing what I was doing. In most places they just wanted a body in the room and didn’t care about curriculum, so much. Substitutes have a lot of freedom. When I was a music teacher, people were more aware what I was doing and there was more concern about it. It was trickier.


The devil’s lie to musicians is “YOUR WHOLE PURPOSE IS TO BECOME FAMOUS” which a lot of them buy.   They think, why not?  Do what I enjoy and become rich and famous, what’s wrong with that?


But it’s a lie.  The purpose is to serve God, and maybe become famous as a byproduct, if it is part of the call. For some it will be, for others not.


Or take it the other way. 


For those who DO become famous, THAT’S NOT THE END POINT, GUYS!   GOD WANTS TO USE YOU TO EVANGELIZE the World, now that you’ve got the forum!  


So God allows the devil to seduce people to go after fame, because God has his OWN agenda – and he uses the devil and his agenda for higher purposes.  This happens all the time. 


Paul McCartney – this means YOU!


 A lot of rock musicians are doing the counterfeit version of God’s call. They ARE serving a spiritual purpose – they worship Lucifer, who they made a deal with, and they use their music to bring people to him, winning souls to him.  They have the right idea, but the wrong Lord.


They will be accountable to God for all the souls they have led down the wrong path, to hell. 


They need to renounce it and openly repent of their error, as a testimony to all those they have misled, so they can win them back to God instead of the devil.


So many of the old rockers who abused drugs and sex for years have said “I should be dead. It’s a miracle that I’m not. “  Precisely, because people were praying for you and God was heeding their prayers as a testimony to his grace.   Grace comes from Jesus Christ.   Grace means UNMERITED FAVOR.  


  John 1:17 says “The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth come by Jesus Christ.”


That’s part of their testimony. That the grace of God is such that God loves us so much that he allows us years of error and self-destructive behavior until we get tired of it and look for something more, which is HIM.


All these old rockers are alive  as a testimony to the SAVING GRACE OF JESUS CHRIST.


Anyone who can say, “Wow, I was a devil worshipper for 50 years but God forgave me and saved me” has a testimony that is very powerful.   Other people say to themselves, Wow, if God can forgive him, then I guess he can forgive me too.  I’m just as bad.  Or, I’m not as bad, so I guess he can forgive me. 


The whole point is that it IS a testimony to the forgiveness available through Jesus Christ.  If Jesus only forgave people who hardly sinned at all, it wouldn’t mean as much.


It brings credibility to the reality of what forgiveness really is about. 


But ultimately it is about choice.  If someone holds onto Lucifer and rejects the gift of forgiving grace available through Jesus, they will grieve God’s heart because they are rejecting the opportunity to be with HIM, and send themselves to hell.  


Sin makes us unholy.  God is holy. One can not enter heaven in an unholy state. The only way to become holy is by repenting of our sins, accepting Jesus as Lord and being born again, and being washed clean of one’s sins through baptism. Jesus was the atonement for our sins. That is the gift God has given us.  Therefore the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus.


Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me”.  John 14:6


There is no back door into heaven through the kitchen for all the unholy dirty people.





Jesus is the only way. That’s how God set it up. The God of the Bible.



Lucifer IS NOT GOD.   He was the angel in charge of worship, whom God threw out of heaven due to pride and wanting to BE God. 


Think!  If you serve him, you’ll have the same fate as him. You’ll end up where he ends up, and it’s NOT heaven!


Those who serve Jesus & God end up with them, in Heaven.


I’ve heard certain rockers say they want PEACE. About time.  Ozzy Osbourne has said it. Ringo Starr said it.   This is what happens when people get older. Some people get to that place at a younger age.


Maybe God has been whispering in your ears for 50 years, SEEK PEACE.  And the response was, “Peace? That doesn’t sound exciting or fun.”  For a 20 year old, it’s normal to want excitement and fun.  After 50 years of it, how many times can you do the same thing?




The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but  RIGHTEOUSNESS, & PEACE, & JOY IN THE HOLY GHOST.   Romans 14:17


Being Born Again brings INNER PEACE.  When we are in God’s presence, we feel peace.  When he lives inside us, we have peace. Others can feel it, around us.  It is magnetic.


Jesus said “My peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you.  John 14:26




 I spent 8 months in solitary in a psych ward of a prison. This was a taste of hell.  There was no mental peace.


Those who are afraid of retaliation from the Devil and his demons for double-crossing him, will find protection if they do what is necessary to remove and renounce anything that gives the devil an opening  to attack.  Get rid of EVERYTHING that is occult, that pertains to the devil, that is cursed. Anything that lies about God, Jesus, etc. Get all drugs and alcohol out of the house.  Any album covers that have occult artwork, you need to remove. They’re all cursed anyway.


And if they do lose their lives, ultimately they have lost nothing, because they have gained eternal life in Heaven with God which is all that matters ultimately anyway, for anyone. 


Life on earth is temporary.  How and when we leave it is secondary to where we are going. 


Message to the Osbournes – Ozzy, Sharon, Jack & Kelly




Ringo Starr’s Birthday


Message to Ringo Starr



Ringo Starr said he wanted Peace and Love for his birthday.  He has been saying that for years.  His birthday is 7/7.   7 is a God number.  On his 70th birthday, I prayed for God to fill him with the Holy Ghost and have him wake up speaking or singing in tongues.  Being born again.     


A day or so later, I had a vision of him talking to me, saying “your prayer was answered”.   


Ringo: and everyone – if you need more understanding of what happened, and I think you do,  see my article & free minibook


Praying and Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians   




Relationships,  the Devil & Words


In solitary the Devil and God spoke to me 24-7. There were constantly 3 of us talking. I was hardly alone.   Sometimes the devil pretended to be God. At the time I thought I knew who was who, but with reflection, I think I was sometimes fooled.   The devil knows that the way to snooker a person who is trying to hear from God, is to sound like GOD.  Obviously if he said “this is the devil talking, do X” a Christian wouldn’t fall for it.  So the game he plays is “This is GOD talking, do X”.   That’s been my nightmare for years. Sometimes I’m fooled.


Imagine how tiring it would be if one had to constantly wonder if one’s spouse was an imposter.  How crazy.   Yet, with God, it happens.   Pastors and all kinds of Christians get fooled all the time. It’s  the nature of the relationship with a Spirit.   


I guess this is why God has people have spouses, so they can have relationships with their own species that are less bizarre. 


But relationships with people can be just as nuts, because the devil USES those relationships and talks through them and manipulates them into all kinds of lunacy, etc.  So it is not easier, it seems to me.


This is probably why the Apostle Paul said a person who is celibate and unmarried is better off, in his opinion. 


In order to keep God in authority in a relationship, one has to constantly pray for this. If you let the guard down, the devil has an opportunity to move in and will take it. Especially if he can use those relationships as a distraction or to sabotage whatever work one is doing for God. 


It’s got to be easier to have peace by oneself than with another person.  In the second case,  you’re dealing with whatever thoughts the devil might throw at you, in addition to whatever thoughts, feelings he is also throwing at the other person.


Most people don’t realize that the devil uses them.   If the devil says something through them and you rebuke it or tell them to shut up, you know you mean the devil, but often they don’t, so they take it personally and get offended if you tell them to be quiet. 


Whenever I rebuke something that someone else says, it is better to do it so they DON’T HEAR it, under your breath.  This has the same spiritual authority. 


If they hear it, 50% of the time they go away, the other 50% of the time they repeat the original statement, and you get into a ‘get the last word’ game. Whoever wins, wins spiritually.  It is no game. Often they will rebuke you back, thinking you are rebuking them and not their words. They don’t know what you are doing, they are just parroting.  This is just nonsense.


Many times in conversation with someone, they’ll start a sentence and I’ll know where they’re going and that it is dangerous, since it will invoke a curse of some kind. So I’ll say “stop! Don’t say it”. 


60% of the time an alarm of some kind will go off near us, like an ambulance or car alarm, as a warning to me, - they’re about to say something bad.  


Many times when I have stopped them, they’ll say “but I was just gonna say …” and they’re about to SAY the very thing I told them NOT TO SAY!   


As soon as they say “I was JUST.”


I say “DON’T.”


They obviously think I was thinking something different than what they were about to say, and they don’t understand why it would be bad to say it.    But every time they do this, and say it, I was exactly right. I must be reading their thoughts before they speak them. 


I’ve had pastors pray over me, and I’ve had to cover their mouths to stop them from saying something bad. 


One time, a pastor prayed for me, and then started the sentence, “because the devil is gonna try to…”


I covered his mouth and said ‘don’t say it!”.


 If he had finished THAT sentence, he would have just spoken onto me whatever that was.   That would completely undo the blessing he had just prayed. And it was obviously something bad, a curse.  The last thing you say, is what matters. It can undo the first part of the prayer.  He was clueless.


My telepathy situation


People hear my thoughts all the time. So I must be hearing theirs.

My thoughts constantly affect whoever is near me.  If I pray near other people, they get affected by it. 


If I ask God , “should I go somewhere”  immediately whoever is near me will get up and go.  This has nothing to do with them, but they don’t know that. This doesn’t happen 10% of the time, but 100% of the time.  


Relationships are complicated.  People in them contaminate each other by their words and the spirits jumping back and forth. If one has a problem with addictions, the other usually picks it up and has their own issues with it.  Whatever one does, affects the other. We can pull each other up or down.  And since most people don’t understand what their words do, they describe things going on with others in their families, not realizing that in so doing, they are actually speaking things onto those people, constantly. 


The most productive thing most people can do in any relationship is pray for someone and not talk about them with anyone else. 


Gossip is a sin


Gossip is a sin because it speaks things onto the target, written or spoken.    Talking with friends or anyone about one’s families, usually does more harm than good.


More problems get solved through prayer and silence, than talking about them to others.


The only productive way to talk about problems in family or whatever would be to say “I need such and such” as opposed to saying “they always do such and such (negative thing).   I tell people, think about what the solution is, what you need, as opposed to describing the problem . Then we can agree in prayer on what we want to see happen.  Praying in agreement with others can be powerful, if that is all one does, and doesn’t misspeak and say anything that can act like a curse or cross talk.


If you pray for something and then tell someone else “I just prayed for such and such” and they say anything  in doubt about it, that acts like crosstalk. A counter-launch of whatever prayer you launched. It aborts the prayer.


The devil uses people to try to seduce us into having conversations we’re better off not having. Especially if it is to complain about something.  That’s just a way of trying to seduce us into speaking curses onto ourselves or others.


The words we speak affect those near us and the places we are in. So it is important to be careful where we have conversations.  Unless you say “I rebuke anything negative invoked in this spot”, one can elicit interactions that are replications of whatever problem one is discussing about whoever from some other place.  And you might not have the chance to rebuke whatever is spoken, because it might elicit a reaction around one before one gets that chance.



Annointed Worship


Some of the most anointed worship music I have experienced was when people in a church were playing 3 chords on the guitar, and we all sang in tongues. 


This was not fancy musicianship. In order to focus on God, and invoke God, we often need to keep it simple, so the focus is on HIM, and not us showing off.


Trained musicians with a lot of skills actually often find it harder to play in an anointed way; there is more of a tendency to show off or get intrigued by something musically interesting rather than keeping the focus on God.


When people start running scales, a lot of times the Holy Spirit just leaves.


I never much cared for listening to jazz musicians run scales. It always left me feeling like – eh.


A lot of musicians play to impress. But it’s really the wrong motive, and it does nothing to invoke God’s presence. It’s all about ego.


Ego blocks God.


Annointed musicians close their eyes and focus on WHO they’re playing to, not what or how they’re playing.


I remember listening to another musician at my church. Every time he started running scales, I could feel the Holy Spirit leave.


God doesn’t like idolatry. Focusing on the music rather than God, is idolatry to God.  It grieves him and drives him away.


The Holy Spirit is very delicate.  As soon as we take our focus off of him, he leaves. 


In this church, some of the worship team seemed to really enjoy  being up front, singing on the mikes.  It was too much about ego. They were too much like rock stars, putting on a show.  This grieved God.


I used to tell them, get rid of the mikes.  God wanted to pour out his spirit on the whole church and use all of them, not just the folks leading worship.


One day I prayed, “God take authority in this church.”  Right after, the mikes were stolen.    During the next service, the Holy Spirit poured out on everyone, and people who did not normally sing loud, were, in a very anointed way. They said to me, “Oh, you were right.”


God wants worship teams to catalyze the anointing on the whole congregation. That way, God can use anyone to prophecy as well.  Rather than have the body be passive, He can use everyone there, more actively.  That is God’s goal in a worship service.


I used to play in that church alone at night, for 2 years. I never used mikes.  God healed me and gave me a loud singing voice, by the power of His Spirit.  He wants to do that with all musicians/singers.


When the other musicians would arrive and set up mikes, I could feel the Holy Spirit shrivel up and leave with me.


I used to play piano on the worship team in the Brazilian congregation.


During the service, they sometimes used to put a mike in front of me, as I played. I felt very uncomfortable. It would quench the Spirit.


That’s relying on technology rather than God’s spirit for power.


I’ve seen so many churches using mikes. It’s ridiculous. They don’t need them.  It’s like a shortcut that is counterproductive to the end goal.


God WANTS us to rely on HIM.  He never fails.  His power is unlimited.


In huge megachurches and stadiums,  I can see the need for mikes.  But in normal size churches, it’s wrong.


Reading Music while worshipping God


I remember a while back some people asked me to read some music during a worship service.  I couldn’t.  It was too distracting.


Having to focus on the music on the page would have diverted my focus from just worshipping God, and invoking His presence.  It was counterproductive to the purpose of playing worship music in the first place.


Eating God while listening to someone preach


I have also had the same experience of being fed through my chest by listening to someone preach.  God’s word is spiritual food. When we hear it, it is an impartation.


This is why Jesus said


“it is written, Man shall not live by bread alone,  but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4


Jesus was the WORD.


There are 3 that bear record in Heaven, the Father, Word & Holy Spirit, and these three are one. 1 John 5:7


This describes the Trinity.


The gospel of John says


“in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God” John 1:1


And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14


The law came by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ. John 1:17


Jesus said:


For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world. John 6:33


I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. John 6:35


And this is the will of him that sent me,  that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life, and I will raise him up at the last day. John 6:40


The bible is a supernatural book. The Holy Spirit rests on it and feeds our mind and our spirit when we read it. This is the purpose of reading it regularly.  Not just to know something, but also to experience the impartation of the Holy Spirit as we read it.


All books transmit the Spirits that inspired them. The word ‘inspiration’ means “a spirit goes into it’.


Other books transmit spirits to our mind or emotions, which affects our thoughts or emotions. They don’t feed our spirit the same way.


Words written by someone who has the Holy Spirit can impart the Holy Spirit.   If something is inspired by the Holy Spirit, it will be transmitted to whoever reads or hears it.


Same with music. If it is inspired by the Holy Spirit, it will transmit it.


This is how we can discern if something we read or listen to IS from God or not – if we feel the Holy Spirit’s presence, it is. 


The presence of the Holy Spirit


Peace or a warmth in the chest is a witness of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Jesus said,


Peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you. John 14:26


In Luke 24:32 Jesus’ disciples said


 “Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?” Luke 24:32


It is important that people understand that this sensation is a GOOD thing, a witness of God’s spirit.   Apparently it’s not obvious. 


I met someone who told me that Amazing Grace was her favorite song, and her chest would get warm when she heard it or sang it, but she thought that was the devil!   


Clearly, the devil was lying to her mind, to try to rob her of any comfort that God was really with her.


This is not unusual.  People hear God speak to them all the time, in their thoughts, and do not realize it IS GOD speaking to them!   


So he is with us all the time, guiding and helping us, but many people have no clue that He exists, much less that he is really there for us.


It’s like living in the same house with one’s parents, and thinking they are some strangers, having no idea who they are.  Who are these people that talk to me all the time?  My parents. Oh.


Who is this voice that talks to me all the time?  My Heavenly father.  Oh.


The flesh is analogous to the spirit. It is symbolic of it, a manifestation of the causal level, which is spirit. Flesh is a symptom, not a cause.


Just like God gives us human parents to physically create our human bodies, to let us know there IS a creator of our bodies,  The Spirit of God created our spirit, which is our soul, inside our bodies.


The Hebrew word for Spirit and Breath are the same, RUACH.

Ruach Ha-Kodesh is Hebrew for Holy Spirit.


Genesis tells us that God formed Adam’s body from the dust, and then breathed life into him.  This was the first birthday. Man received His spirit. So he could live on the earth.


Jesus breathed on his disciples and said


“Receive ye the Holy Ghost” John 20:22 


This was the second birthday, the rebirth, where man received the Holy Spirit, so he could go to Heaven.


Jesus said


“except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of  God. John 3:3


So he used the physical to make the physical body, and the spiritual force to create life, the spiritual body.


The body can not live without the spirit inside it; when the spirit leaves, it dies. 


But the spirit CAN live beyond the body, since it is the real source of life.  The spirit goes to the heavenly realm.


The apostle Paul said that in the twinkling of an eye, our bodies would go from corruptible (flesh) to incorruptible. From flesh to spirit.  In Heaven, we have glorified bodies.



Our conscience IS GOD.


God speaks in a still small voice. So it is important to be in a quiet environment to hear him.   If there is music or tv, etc, God can still override it,  but there is a higher likelihood of demons speaking to our thoughts .  There is cross-talk. And the words that God speaks, can get linked to other words that are demonic.  This can make huge problems.


Imagine if after 20 years, someone said about their parents, “I don’t believe these people exist.”   They would pull out their hair.


How do you think God feels?


He talks to us and guides us all our lives too, and still many people don’t believe He exists.


God must pull out his hair with all the atheists who rationalize their way out of believing He exists.


God must be pulling out his hair in response to atheists



The devil is behind atheism. It is one of his main devices. He doesn’t want people to believe God or he exist.


So when God communicates to us, it is the devil who will plant thoughts doubting or questioning or second-guessing.

All the rationalizations that atheists use to deny God, are just thoughts sent by the devil.


When God speaks to them in their thoughts, they think it is their own thoughts, or a hallucination (non-reality, imaginary).


Both God & the devil exist. Neither is imaginary.   If one sees evidence of one, it implies the other exists as well.


The purpose of heavy metal music, which is blatantly demonic, is to let people know that the devil DOES exist. If they believe in him, then there must be a God also.


Some people don’t look for God unless they have a reason, or a problem that needs a solution. When they ask Him for help, He reveals himself.


When God uses prophets or speaks through another person, they will often say “you’re not God, you’re just a person. That’s just your opinion”.



God talks through nature


When God talks through nature, like storms, etc, they say “that’s just nature”.  But these things are called ACTS OF GOD for a reason.


The bible is clear that God uses weather to give messages and bring judgments.  He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah with hailstones.


When he uses people to do judgments as a sign of his displeasure, they say “that’s just terrorists”.  


Not knowing the bible is the problem here.  God said to the Jews through one of the prophets,


“I’m gonna use my servant Nebuchadnezzar to judge you.” They said “but he’s worse than us!”


God replied, “I know. I’ll deal with him later. But right now I’m using him to judge you.”


 So God uses ‘evil’ people for a purpose, often. Not always. Sometimes it is just the devil using them.


But God uses evil people for His purposes.


He used Judas to betray Jesus for the express purpose of  fulfilling Jesus’ role as the atonement for the sins of the world. It was all pre-determined.


The devil uses evil people to create problems, and this motivates people to seek God for help in response, thereby driving them to seek a Relationship with God, and get saved, which is God’s goal and desire.


God uses the devil and his followers for his own purposes.


Sickness is often a sign of sin


When God gives people sickness as a sign that they have sinned, to give them a reason to seek him for help, they often think; it’s just hereditary, genetics, random.  And they go to doctors instead of God.  They have no idea why they were sick in the first place. 


Sin often leads to sickness. One needs to repent of it in order to be healed by God.


If one just treats the sickness without addressing the spiritual level, the root cause, very often the thing will re-occur or manifest in a different way, because the root issue still has not been dealt with. 


Treating symptoms does not solve problems, except temporarily.  One needs to address root causes.


God healed me of a sexual disease when I repented of sexual sin. He spoke to me and said,


“Don’t do it again or it will come back”.  


When Jesus healed people, he forgave them their sins, and also said


“GO and sin no more or a worse thing will come upon you.”  John 5:21


Jesus did NOT give them permission to keep sinning.


Those who don’t address the spiritual level and repent of sin, are at high risk of re-occurence of the disease. If they didn’t get the message the first time, it repeats to give them a chance to seek help on a higher level.


If God sent a blimp with a big sign saying “I’m REAL- GOD”. They would say “that’s just some rich person who paid for that”.   Maybe, but they were inspired by God to do it.


Then we have the miracle of the human body.  Clearly there is design behind it. There is nothing random about it. 


Wierd Coincidences


Then there are all the weird coincidences. 


Some really obtuse people say “that’s just a coincidence.” Like that explains something. The whole CONCEPT of “coincidence” is erroneous. It assumes things that appear to be linked, are not.  So they invent a word “coincidence” as a way to justify denying reality.  They think if they use this false word, it will be accepted as an explanation. Science is good at doing this evasive maneuver.   


Psychiatry does it all the time.  They think that by labeling something with a scientific sounding name, it gives it credibility.  It does, to people who are easily snowed by supposed experts. But it is still nonsense.


Halfway honest people say, “HMM.   I wonder if God is doing this.”


One writer said “coincidences are the handiwork of God”.


They are probably some of the most compelling testimonies.


I have had some doozies in my life.


Years ago, God had told me to go back to Israel.  Shortly after that,  someone at my church offered to give me a free car.  I took it.  Then I went to register it.   I was at the Dept of Motor Vehicles standing on line, with one person in front of me. I heard the clerk say to him “GO TO ISRAEL”.


Then when he was done, the clerk closed the window!

I went out and sat in my car, asking “Lord was that You talking to me?”


I heard back, “Who else could do that?”


There is something in the bible called DARK SPEECH which is when God speaks to us through what seems like random comments of strangers. This is what this was.


See article

How God Guides us into Relationship with Him




Jesus said


“the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63


“I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6


Jesus said


“Abide in me and I in you  John 15;4

meaning, if we read God’s word, His spirit will come to us.


“if ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15:7



WIFI transmits Spirits


A wierd coincidence - how wifi transmits spirits


A wierd connection between the NY Public Library & the Aurora (Batman movie) shooting, the Empire State Building shooting & Bryant Park



This is a testimony of spirits & wifi and how wifi transmits spirits through things spoken and posted on the web.  Both shootings happened right after I posted an article that had guns in the title; both were transmitted by the wifi in Bryant park, which has a spirit of witchcraf-.  (there are food kiosks that say Wichcraf- - an opening for that spirit)



Mental illness & Sin


A lot of people who have mental illness issues have that condition because they have a sin problem. When they address the sin issue, they can be healed of the mental or physical illness.


Therapists & doctors who think mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances are wrong. The issue is the sin which is underlying.

The mental health system is atheistic and doesn't recognize the reality of the spiritual realm and the reality of sin and what it causes. Hence, they say they don't 'heal' mental illness but just 'manage symptoms'; which is true.


If they don't address the spiritual level, which is real, they can't heal mental or physical illness. All they do is treat symptoms. Most medicine does this. It is ineffective at curing and preventing re-ocurrences.


Psych wards & rehabs commonly use a term “dual diagnosis”; to describe someone they say has both addiction issues & also some mental disorder. They don’t understand that the mental disorders are caused by the drugs; it is not a separate issue. Hence they allow other drugs on psych wards, like coffee & cigarettes, which contribute to the problem since they are openings for demonic spirits, as are the psych meds.


I have never met someone who said they were bipolar who didn’t use coffee; this can make people manic. And alcohol is a depressant. The psych meds also cause brain damage. Some people who take anti-depressants end up being bipolar; this is a result of the drugs, which cause chemical imbalances.


Depress-- is a common effect of sin. We can rebuke the spirit which causes it when we address the issue that was an opening for it, spiritually.


Anti-depressants do not address the cause; they just treat symptoms. And most are ineffective- they make people worse . Antidepressants drive a lot of people to suicide or homicide. They are dangerous. I know people this has happened to.


I had a Christian friend who was always very spiritually sensitive. Then he went on anti-depressants. As a result of that, he told me he was numb. He no longer felt God’s heart or his own feelings. It ruined his prayer life. He said he didn’t feel like praying. He ended up committing suicide.


Being Born Again


Being BORN AGAIN is what we need to remove the heaviness of depress-


They say that depress- is often manifested as a heaviness. This heaviness is really due to the weight of our sin. It gets lifted when we repent of sin and are forgiven by God. When we get baptized, our sins are forgiven, washed away, and the heaviness is removed. We feel light.


When I got baptized, I felt light, giddy, joyful, like it was my birthday, I remember thinking.


It WAS my Birthday! My Spiritual birthday. I got "BORN AGAIN" which is what Jesus told us we need to do to see the kingdom of God!


Jesus said


“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. John 3:3




“Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” John 3:5


To be born again a person needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


To be saved we need to repent of our sins, accept Jesus as savior, be baptized in Jesus name and ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit.



“Repent & be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins and ye will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” Acts 2:38


“They were filled with the Holy Spirit & spoke in other tongues” Acts 2:4


Anyone who is filled with the Holy Spirit can pray and sing in tongues, which is a supernatural prayer language from God.


Sometimes it is other languages of men. It is praying by the direction of the Holy Spirit, not our own mind. God uses our spirit to pray by His spirit.



Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the new birth.


It changes us from within. When we have God’s Holy Spirit inside us, we have an internal witness from God about things. When something grieves him, we can feel chest pain. When something is OF him, we can get a warm feeling in our chest. This is called “getting a witness from God.”



He also lets us feel HIS feelings about things. We can feel emotional reactions to something that are GOD’s heart about it. It often becomes difficult to separate our own feelings from something that God feels. We really can’t. We are no longer our own. Our body has become a temple for the Holy Spirit.



I lived in a temple for a while, playing the piano and praying for Jews. One night I started to weep and heard God say “I am weeping for my people”. I knew he was letting me feel HIS feelings about them.


Prior to receiving the Holy Spirit, I used to be indifferent to someone telling off-color jokes near me. After receiving the Holy Spirit, I could not tolerate it. It was revulsive to me, since it is revulsive to the Holy Spirit.



Deliverance from Drugs


A person can ask God to deliver them from all drugs with no withdrawal, by asking it in Jesus name. God can do it.


Jesus said “nothing is impossible with God.” Matthew 17:20, Luke 1:37


Drugs are openings for demonic spirits.


One needs to repent of using the drugs and rebuke the spirit of whatever drug in Jesus name.


Jesus’ name has authority to cast out demons. He told his followers to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out devils. Matthew 10:8


All mental & physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose assignments are the names of those diseases. Jesus healed them by rebuking the spirits. He gave his followers authority to do it in his name. I have done it. I have rebuked canc-, asthma-, depress--.


(I don’t use the whole names of diseases because it can invoke the spirits that cause them. When speaking, I usually spell them.)


Jesus healed people and God heals people today when we pray in Jesus name for the same purpose; as a testimony to the fact that Jesus is the savior.


When a person is delivered from demonic spirits, they need to also be filled with the Holy Spirit, to fill the spiritual vacuum inside. Otherwise the demons can return.


Demons come in groups; one invites others. This is why people with addictions usually are addicted to multiple things. They need to pray to be delivered from All, not just one. Otherwise the ones still there will be an opening for others to return.


 This is why people on psych meds are vulnerable to other drugs like caffeine and nicotine. I knew one Christian man who was put on psych meds, and started smoking, in his 40s. It was from the psych meds.


Some psych meds are addictive; hence they are openings for spirits of addict-.


Replacing one drug with another is not deliverance. Being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit IS.


All drugs that affect the mind are openings for demonic oppression. This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, cocaine etc & all psych meds.


Many liquor stores say “Wine, Liquor & Spirits”. The signs are telling us that the alcohol is an opening for demonic spirits. This is why people do things under the influence they would not otherwise do.


Having alcohol around is an opening for unclean spirits. I lived in a synagogue for 7 months. I could feel oppression there due to the alcohol, the Jewish stars in the walls, and the books of the Talmud, which are full of lies. This was an opening for lying spirits to be there, as are all books that have lies in them.


Spirits of diseases can jump around through verbal or physical contact.


So can spirits of drugs. Pot smokers talk about a contact high. This is from the spirits jumping around.



All drugs do this. Caffeine does it. I have picked up spirits of addict—and agitat—just from talking to others who were drinking it.


I have picked up spirits of depress- from others who had it.


One time in a prayer room at a church someone who had it prayed for me, and I left feeling suicidal & crying for no reason, wondering what had happened. I called my mentor, and he said “why did you let that man pray for you?” He prayed and it left.


Another time I picked it up by touching someone who had it while praying for them, and I coughed spontaneously, and it left.


Another time I felt depress.  I asked God, “where is this coming from?”  He said, “you know what to do.”  I rebuked it in Jesus name. It left. That is the answer.


Any unrepentant sin is an opening for demonic attack. When we repent, we have authority to rebuke it.


Unrepentant sin opens a person to curses in one’s life, This can affect one’s mental & physical health, relationships, work, etc. Everything.


All sexual immorality is sin to God, This includes fornication, adultery, homosexuality.


For more on homosexuality see;


Prophetic message to Gays 



God's purpose for Gay People



Gays are made that way by social engineering



God's purpose for Gay people



Gay marriage is a farce & why it Does matter to everyone



Gay sex is compulsive, addictive like eating disorders which are caused by oral sex


Gay marriage is lunacy – orangutangs in the zoo



Negative testimony of child of gay marriage 



I had a sexual disease, Her-.  I got it after sleeping with someone.  One day I prayed “forgive me for sleeping with them” and felt a heat go through my whole body.  I knew I was healed.  God spoke to me and said “Don’t do it again or it will return.”  I didn’t and and didn’t.   This is scriptural.


When Jesus healed people, he said to them “Go and sin no more”


In John 5:14 he said “Go and sin no more or a worse thing will come upon you”


There is nothing God can’t heal, and it is always God’s will to heal us, when we repent of sin or break curses that may have come from the sins of our ancestors.


We also need to assess our environment for openings for demonic spirits.


This includes bad books, music, art, videos, symbols, occult objects.


If we look at something bad that can bring problems with our eyes. Listening to something bad can bring problems with our ears.


The word ‘inspiration’ means ‘a spirit goes into it’


Whatever spirit ‘inspires’ something will be transmitted by it, just having it near us. It is worse if we read or listen to it or watch it.


When we houseclean and get rid of stuff, the oppression leaves.

What we carry with us does the same thing.


Demonic spirits affect things like cars, computers, etc as well as people.


The music in restaurants & businesses can create problems for computers since it invokes demonic spirits.


One time I had books in my car that were written by a Christian on deliverance from demons. She made the mistake of writing the names of the demons in the book. Consequently, it invoked them. My car didn’t work. It got stuck at the church. Someone said “maybe the devil is in your car.” Then I went & asked God what to do, and heard one word, “Hezekiah”. He was a Jewish king who was told to rid the kingdom of idols. I got rid of the books, and my car worked fine.


So there were 2 witnesses to the issue; the person who spoke to me & the Holy Spirit. God often uses 2 witnesses to give us a message. It says in Leviticus “let everything be established by 2 witnesses”. Jesus sent his disciples out in 2s. The Mormons & Jehovah Witnesses go out in pairs. It establishes credibility.


Often when evangelizing on the street, God would send another Christian as a witness to let the person I spoke with know the message was from Him.


The Holy Spirit is always present with those who are believers, and will also act as a witness by pouring out His spirit on someone to let them know we are speaking the truth, if we ask Him to do so.


The books we have around us are openings for whatever spirit inspired them to be around us. Books that lie about God or Jesus are openings for lying spirits.


When I first got saved, several Christians told me to get rid of my new age books. They were openings for lying spirits. When I had them, my prayers used to get answered in ‘twos’ – one from God, and one from a counterfeit spirit. When I got rid of them, I had more mental peace.


I got rid of philosophy, science books, psychology, new age books – anything that contradicted the bible.


Harry Potter books are bad


Get rid of Harry Potter books, Pokemon, tarot cards & Ouija boards: they bring curses & cause mental & physical illness




Harry Potter books are openings for spirits of witchcraf-. This will create problems of all kinds if one has them in their house. Especially it will affect the relationships of those living there, as well as creating mental & physical health issues.


I had Sigmund Freud’s books. When I got rid of them, I felt something around my head go away. Psychiatry is all lies & does not bring mental peace. Freud was an atheist and cocaine addict.


One Christian friend, a Pentecostal, came and as we worshipped God, she said she saw a vision of Jesus in the room where my books were, looking away. I asked what she thought it meant, and she said “he doesn’t feel comfortable here. Would you feel comfortable in a room with lies about you?”


This made intuitive sense to me so I removed them. I felt God’s peace come to the place, and around me. God doesn’t like idols.


My mentor, a Russian Pentecostal, told me “if you get rid of your books, you will be singing better”. He was right – as I got rid of them, spiritual oppression lifted off my chest and it opened up so I could sing louder.


I did an experiment one day and took a record and broke it, to see what would happen; a Grateful Dead Record. The lyric said “a friend of the devil is a friend of mine”. I looked at that and thought “ that is a lie I don’t agree with”. So I broke the record and prayed,


“In the name of Jesus, I renounce all lying spirits that have been around me since listening to this.”


As I broke it, something popped off my chest. My singing voice got louder. The Grateful Dead also used a lot of pot, so that would also be an opening for demonic lying spirits.


Any occult objects are openings for demonic spirits and need to be renounced & removed. This includes tarot cards, Ouija boards. Divination is an abomination to God and is an opening for curses. Deut 18 says this. So one also needs to repent and renounce having consulted with spiritualists, psychics. Deut 18 says not to consult with those who have familiar spirits - .


Deut 18 also mentions “observers of times” which is astrology. I knew a man who did astrology charts & his son had MS. This was a curse going down the generations.






Symbols, both religious and political are often openings for demonic spirits, because they invoke things spiritually even if the person is unaware of the spiritual meaning behind them.


Peace signs are an example of this. They were used by the hippy generation to mean peace and love, but devil worshippers also use them – they are an inverted cross whose arms are broken. The devil circulates symbols telling us they have one meaning, deceptively, to get spiritual authority over people.


The Nazis used the peace sign on their graves – it was on Runes & means ‘deat-“.



Jewish stars are another one. They are actually occult. The name Star of David is a misnomer, since King David never used it, His son Solomon, who built the temple, used it & got it from his Egyptian wives. So it came from Egypt, and was used to invoke Egyptian deities. God used the prophet Amos 5:26 to rebuke the Jews for using it, saying “you have made the star of your god Chiu-“. It is also referred to as the ‘star of remph—“ in the New Testament. (Acts 7:43). (I don’t print whole names of demons- it can invoke them.)


I lived in a temple for several months. The Jewish stars in the walls oppressed me.


Bob Dylan calls the Jewish Star the Egyptian Star


He got saved in the early l980’s through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational charismatic church through which I also had powerful encounters with God during worship.


Dylan has the same witness about Jewish stars as me. He calls it the “Egyptian Star”.


He has also said the same thing about psychiatry- it is all lies. I know he has had some personal experience with it.


5 pointed stars are also occult. A star with one point on top invokes witchcraf-. A star reversed, with 2 points on top, is used by Sata-ists. Both are bad.


Starbucks uses stars on their motto. Anytime I am around their cups, there are demonic spirits. It affects people& equipment. I say this from experience. Someone told me their symbol is really some kind of goddess. Their symbol invokes witchcraf- spirits.


So many times while trying to work if someone put a starbucks cup near me, my computer would have problems.


I read a testimony by a Christian prophet who said she was feeling a lot of witchcraf-, and talked about how she also used Starbucks coffee. That was the opening for the problem. One can’t rebuke a spirit if we give it an opening.


I can feel the oppression from these spirits. Many people get headaches and don’t know why- it is from spiritual oppression from things like coffee, symbols, etc.


Discerning of Spirits is a Spiritual Gift


This gift is particularly important to prophets, since we need to discern when something is from God or another spirit.



It says in Ezekiel 44:23 that God uses the Levites to teach others the difference between the clean and the unclean.


The Levites were worshippers. Musicians were prophets. So prophet-musicians are called to teach others the difference between the clean & unclean (between holy and profane).


This means spiritually. That is why as part of the calling of prophet, I am also a teacher and writer.


This includes discerning which music is from God, and which is not.



The first job I had after getting saved was to become a substitute teacher in the public schools.


God moved me into this as a ministry, to warn kids about the music they listened to- the heavy metal, rap, etc that causes mental illness. They listened to me because I am a professional musician & lifelong composer.


The Levites were told not to drink wine


The Levites were also told NOT to drink wine before going to minister before the Lord.


“Neither shall any priest drink wine, when they enter into the inner court.” Ezek 44:21


“And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.” Ezek 44:23


And the Lord spake unto Aaron, saying

Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die:  it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations: Leviticus 10:9


And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean; Lev 10:10


And that ye may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the Lord hath spoken unto them by the hand of  Moses.  Lev 10:11


So the principle of not using alcohol or any drugs, all of which are openings for unclean spirits, is supported by this scripture.


Wine, Liquor & Spirits


Liquor stores often say “wine, liquor & spirits”. They are telling us that alcohol is an opening for unclean spirits.


Sometimes I get affected physically by demonic spirits. I have gotten rashes and bumps on my head from the music in a lot of stores.


When someone who smoked came near me, I used to get itchy feet and suddenly cuts appeared between my toes and the skin turned white. This happened to warn me not to shake their hand because the unclean spirits would jump.


Sometimes while praying I get a pain in my ear after hearing something. Sometimes this means a curse was spoken by me or someone else that I need to break. It can also mean that a lying spirit just spoke to me as opposed to the Holy Spirit.


A lot of people get physically afflicted due to words spoken by others, but they don’t realize this is what is going on. I am convinced that many people get headaches because someone else is speaking curses onto them. When curses are spoken onto me, I often get that kind of reaction. So I am sure the same thing happens to many people, but they don’t realize this is what is happening.


People in relationships can easily affect each other with their words. I knew one couple where the wife got headaches. The husband was studying philosophy. The spirits around him were attacking her. He also drank coffee and this was an opening for demonic spirits.


People who drink coffee have spirits around them that afflict others. People whose kids are hyper should stop drinking coffee; the kids will improve. I am sure there is a correlation between children with supposed ADHD and their caffeinated parents.


I had a relationship with someone who got headaches when I drank coffee and spoke to him. God used that relationship to get me to stop drinking coffee.


I had a cat that used to go into heat because of the occult books in my room. When I removed them, this stopped. Animals & kids are very sensitive spiritually.


Music is all Spiritual, inspired by spirits.


A lot of music is mixed spiritually. Some is completely demonic.

Heavy metal, rap, hard rock, techno-pop, are demonic. Most pop is also or mixed. A lot of classical is mixed, same with jazz.


If the performer has unclean spirits on them from using drugs, it will be transmitted through their music, both live and in recordings.


In college I studied different theories about how music affects people. (I got a BA in Music at Brown U)


The ancient Greeks believed that different scales invoked different spirits, which caused different emotional states. The Hindus have the same idea; the ragas all invoke different spirits which caused different feelings. In their theology, which is polytheistic, some of them tend to see the different spirits as all coming from God. Some do; some are demonic. Kal- is a spirit in Hinduism to which they sacrificed babies. This is not from God, it is a demon.


If you want to know what type of spirit is in a piece of music, examine your thoughts and feelings while listening and afterward and see what is induced. There can be multiple spirits and the words may be talking about one thing while the music is doing something else.



Writing lyrics as a form of prophetic Revelation


Many of the songs I used to write were conversations between me and God. They were me praying and God answering. Sometimes I didn’t always hear him right.


One time after being saved I wrote a song where the lyric said


“God I know that you won’t forsake me, even when I doubt that you’re really there.”


Then I heard, “And he says “ “come fly with me.”


But I never felt right about that – it sounded too new agey. Finally I realized I hadn’t heard it exactly right. He was saying “Comply with me”. Meaning, obey what I ask you to do.



When I wrote songs, I never really sat around trying to be clever and make up lyrics to fit the music.


I would write the music, and then play it over and over, listening for what words came to me. It was a process of prophetic Revelation.


I realize now that as I played, I was invoking God’s presence, His peace, and in so doing, creating a process for Him to talk to me.


Whenever we worship God, His spirit comes, and if we listen, He will speak to us in our thoughts. I used to do this just by playing – invoke God’s spirit and listen for the words. The psalms say God inhabits the praises of His people.


In the Old Testament the musicians were prophets. Musicians are CALLED to be prophets. Which means, speak words from God. The way we HEAR from God is by using music to invoke His spirit, then listen for the words.


I had an opportunity to do jingles from a relative in the advertising business, but I declined because I felt that prostituting my gift would contaminate my channel.



Praying and Singing in Tongues


Praying & singing in tongues is for all people to do, once they are saved.


See article

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians




There are multiple purposes for tongues. To hear from God, and to be used by God for prayer.


This is one way of invoking God to speak to us. Praying or singing in tongues is a supernatural prayer language where God’s spirit directs our spirit to pray. We pray not by our own mind, but by the direction of the Holy Spirit. When we do this, God directly speaks into our Spirit: He gives our mind the interpretation. The thoughts coming from Him are quieter, more subtle than the loud clamoring of thoughts that can be from demons. It is like God is speaking directly to us on a frequency that the Devil can’t hear or intercept.


Many Christians have said that when we pray in tongues, the devil can’t interfere.


God is actually talking to us directly in our Spirit, as opposed to our MIND. That is why the vibration is different. It is much quieter.


When we pray in tongues & hear thoughts in our heads, it is a way of knowing that it is God and not demons talking to us.


It is like God is using our spirit to pray & then giving us the interpretation.


God also does this using the body of Christ in a church. Often one person will start talking in tongues, and the Holy Spirit will give someone else the interpretation. Why does God do this? Maybe so there will be 2 witnesses that something is FROM HIM. Also he wants to use the members of the body of Christ together.


Often someone in church will say something in tongues, but nobody interprets. So people wonder if it was even from God. I think what often happens is that the person who is supposed to interpret is too shy and isn’t sure it is really God speaking to them. So because they didn’t do their part, the whole group loses. There are other times, when it is not of God, because counterfeit spirits exist and can mimic God.


Also a person may say something in tongues that is private and the appropriate person hears the interpretation in their own head, and it is not supposed to be said to the whole group. I am sure this is true.


When worship music invokes God’s spirit, he can talk to everyone individually, simultaneously, in their thoughts, saying different things to different people. This is the miraculous power of God.


When I pray in tongues I have often then asked God questions about what I heard, but I will hear him say to me, before I would articulate the thought in my mind, “Don’t”.


This means God knows our thoughts before we articulate them. Once we do that, the devil can also hear them & intercept. When I would ask God questions in my mind about things, often it would invoke something demonic that had gotten linked to it. So God was saying to me not to mentally articulate my thoughts, to avoid this problem. He wanted me to just pray in tongues and listen to Him speak to me in my spirit.


Transcendental Meditation (TM)


This is similar to something that used to happen to me years ago when I used to do Transcendental Meditation. As one meditates different types of consciousnesses happen. I did TM for 10 years and took a course where Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of it, talked on video about what the experience meant spiritually. He described God consciousness as being where the thoughts are quieter, more subtle. This would be similar to what happens when praying in tongues.


I don’t recommend TM anymore.


See article

Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – New Age Deception




TM is covert Hinduism


I stopped doing TM. It is covert Hinduism. They told us the mantras were meaningless sounds, but they are not. They are names of Hindu deities and invoke them. The mantra I had invoked a goddess of wisdom & creativity, I read. I used to get many creative ideas when meditating. I thought this was fine at the time, but later realized it created diversions. It was also openings for demonic spirits. I have heard that people who get into the higher levels of TM can have serious mental problems; it is because of the spirits they are being opened to. I knew people of whom this was true.


Meditating made me more spiritually sensitive which opened me up to demonic spirits. Also to people using witchcraf- and telepathically sending me messages to do things that were bad.


In one particular instance a boyfriend who was upset that I had seen someone else, willed me to go see him. I felt an evil presence compelling me to go, and when I got there, he was standing at his window, waiting. The whole thing was a setup because he made a bunch of trouble. The fact that he was waiting was the evidence it was coming from him, not just me or demons.


I didn’t know to pray in Jesus name to protect myself then.


Another time because I was so spiritually receptive, a complete stranger who was a scientologist willed me across the street and got me to bring him home and sleep with him. (he told me he was into scientology afterward, so I knew they were into mind control).


All of the cults, any group that has a hierarchy of spiritual knowledge, are NOT of God. The people at the higher levels often tell the lower initiates lies, to use them and snooker them.


Scientology does this.


Freemasonry does this.


The handbook for the 32nd level Scottish Rite was written by Albert Pike, a Sat-ist. He says “we worship the Luciferian principle but don’t tell the lower levels this”. I have seen the handbook. They tell lower initiates that the symbology means one thing, when really it has other meanings at the top levels. This is how the devil and his followers work; using deception & lies.


God does NOT lie. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth, sent by Jesus to the earth to comfort us & guide us& teach us.



Intuition is Spiritual Discernment





Every person has the God-given ability, in their spirit, to recognize truth. It is called intuition, gut feelings. People need to trust it. The devil throws thoughts at us to try to mislead us in our mind.


There is a lot of truth in the idea that the first thought that usually comes to us is God, and the second one, which doubts it or says “maybe something else is a better idea” is usually the devil. He tries to get us to rationalize our way out of believing God spoke to us.


God’s leadings don’t always make sense; we might not have enough information for them to MAKE sense, hence there is a natural tendency to try to figure out what He is doing or where he is leading us. But the whole nature of relationship with God is that he wants us to trust Him, since he knows much more than we do, about our situation or whatever he is leading us to be involved in. When we totally trust him, we have more peace.


Mankind has a tendency to say to him “tell me the plan, and I’ll take the next step” whereas God’s answer is “take the step by faith, and then I’ll guide you step by step. Very often, it is when we act in faith, that THEN God confirms that He is with us, rather than before.


I know of people that say God doesn’t talk to them, not realizing that their instincts, are “leadings” from God. Christians call it a leading.


How God Guides Us into Relationship with Him



God guides us through thoughts, impressions, feelings, visions, dreams, and words of others. And circumstances. Opportunities that present themselves.


Job 33 says God speaks in visions and dreams. Joel 2:28 also says this.


God talks to us in our thoughts. Our conscience is GOD.


God talks to us through the Holy Spirit which has been on earth for 2000 years, since Jesus sent it from Heaven. It is a part of God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit).


Children have the ability to perceive truth; they only get misled when others tell them not to trust it, that they are wrong. Since many children are taught to trust adults, they talk themselves out of trusting their own instincts; this is part of socialization and schooling which is obedience training and brainwashing, for the most part.


Those who resist this process are often accused of being mentally disturbed, just because they are non-conformists. Many musicians and creative people are like this.


On the other hand, God gives us parents & teachers to guide us & help us; children are not created knowing everything they need to know. God speaks to us through other people all the time, often complete strangers.


It is important to realize this, since one can miss important cues or warnings from God if we don’t realize this is the case. It has happened to me. To those who don’t yet have the Holy Spirit inside to guide them, God will absolutely use other people to speak to them prophetically.


We need to seek a relationship with God and be mindful enough to ask Him if something someone said might be from him, guiding us. Then ask for a witness that it is true.


A witness of the Holy Spirit


Manifestations of the Holy Spirit


3 manifestations of that would be:


1)     God’s peace,


2)     a brief sense of the Holy Spirit falling on us (it can seem fleeting, and one can wonder if it was just the wind, if one is outside; that used to happen to me); or


3)     an internal witness of warmth in the chest.


For a while I used to go into doorways to pray, so I could be sure that what I felt was the Holy Spirit and not the wind.


Finally I said to God, “I need an internal witness of your spirit, so I can tell outside if something is of you.”


Once a person is born again, with the Holy Spirit living inside them they will often get a witness of warmth as a positive witness, or chest pain as a witness that something grieves God. This is how we can discern how God feels about something. We feel what HE feels. People who aren’t born again don’t have the Holy Spirit inside yet, and so are often in complete error in knowing what God feels about something.


 When we reflect on our lives, it can become evident that God has sent many people to warn us or guide us. Once one understands that God does this, one can reflect back and remember instances in our lives where He was clearly leading us. He is closer to everyone than many people realize.



A Foolproof  Test that proves God Exists


A Foolproof Test that proves God Exists- an exercise that shows He is in your life



First, go to a quiet place.  God speaks to us in our thoughts and we need to be somewhere where we can easily hear him and not give openings to demons to speak to our thoughts instead, by having music or tv, etc. around. Noise can drown out the voice of God.


The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and can bring all things to remembrance to us.  He knows everything and can tell us whatever we need to know.


All anyone has to do is think of the mistakes they have made in their lives.  Life is full of them; we all make them. It is how we learn.


Ask God to remind you of your mistakes.   Make a list.


Then Ask him to remind you of the ways he used to warn you not to make them.


There are 3 ways he does this:


He talks to us directly, in our thoughts. Our conscience is God.

So the first thing he would use would be our own conscience.


The second would be through other people.  If we don’t listen to our conscience, God will send someone else to tell us.  Often more than one, the same thing.  Think!    Before you made that choice, did somebody tell you not to?


The third thing is by circumstances; he can create hindrances or obstructions to the thing we are trying to do, because it is not His will or is a bad idea.  Like, you’re trying to go somewhere, and the car doesn’t work.


As I wrote my book

Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry, 

which God had me write to expose atheistic psychiatry & their genocide by drugs, He would use the computer to correct me if I was saying something wrong;  it would go goofy on me and give me error messages.  Pretty obvious.  Other times I hear him say ‘don’t write that’.


One time I was writing something on the computer.  God spoke to me and told me to take the kid next door to church.   I said “but I’m right in the middle of this!”    The next thing that happened, smoke came out of the computer.  God meant business.  He has his priorities.


After contemplating the mistakes, then ask yourself, was there a judgment that FOLLOWED this mistake?  That was also a message from God to say, see, it was a mistake, as an object lesson and a warning not to repeat it. 


Like sexual sin.  It leads to disease.  We can be healed when we repent of the sin.   I had slept with two people in one weekend and got a sexual disease.  One was my boyfriend (who lived with someone else) and the other was someone I had just met.  The next day, I had this huge outbreak of her--.  Pretty obvious connection.


Later, after being saved, I repented of sleeping with both of them.  Heat went through my body and God said to me “don’t do it again or it will come back”. 


Jesus also said, when he healed people,


“go and sin no more, or a worse thing will come upon you.” John 5:14.


So this was scriptural.  Healing is conditional on repentance from sin, turning from it.


Now look at your list of mistakes.




Nobody hasn’t made mistakes. And I seriously doubt that everyone hasn’t been warned, one way or the other.


This is your personal proof that God exists - the testimony of your own life.



How God Guides us into relationship with Him


see article



How God Guides us into Relationship with Him





It testifies about how God used a complete stranger to tell me to go to a certain house in a city I wanted to move to. I felt peace there, which is why I wanted to move there. I realized later that the reason I felt peace, was because God was leading me there!


When I asked this guy why I should go to this particular house, he said “I have no idea”. God was just speaking through him. I went to this place, and knocked on the door, but nobody was home. Then I walked down the street, and the apartment building next door had a super outside. I asked if he had an apartment, which he did, and I moved there.


10 years later, I finally met the person who lived in the original house, when I was given a car by a relative, and needed a parking spot. He owned the parking lot between the 2 buildings. He told me he was a Christian, and invited me to his church. It turned out that the house was filled with people from his church, and they ended up being my friends and discipling me.


I prayed for a teacher, and God sent a Russian Pentecostal who had come to the US for religious freedom, to his church, who then moved into the house. I used to visit both of them every night, reading the bible and praying. The Russian had a peace around him that was palpable, and magnetic. I wanted to know how he got it; it was his relationship with God & Jesus. He had a holiness and gentleness that was like being with Jesus.


One day while visiting them, I was reminded of the fact that I was supposed to have met them 10 years earlier. God spoke to me and said “you didn’t need to go through all that”. He was referring to the interim time where I had gotten involved in new age deceptions, and a sinful sexual relationship, which caused me a lot of pain. God’s best plan was for me to avoid all that. Since I missed the cue, He had used plan B, which was to give me a car, so I would finally have a reason to meet the people next door.


In addition, it had taken me a year to actually visit this guy’s church.


He should have invited me to his apartment to chat, become my friend. That would have helped.


God often uses 2 witnesses to tell us something. I was marketing tapes of my music & stories at a new age fair. Someone met me who was an artist, and took my tape to his mother, who was also an artist, who designed a cover for me, for free.


This was the first time someone had done something like this for free; it was because she was a Christian. So we became friends, and she suggested I visit another church that her other son went to. It was the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. I went to a house church prayer meeting where the worship was so powerful that a Spirit of love went flooding through me as they worshipped Jesus. There was a heavenly glow on their faces & I remember noting that nobody there had bad skin.


At the end of the meeting people prayed over me for God to show me who Jesus was, and I immediately had visions of him.


Then I asked God to tell me if it was true Jesus was the messiah. I had a dream where I was shown 2 scriptures, Jeremiah 31:31 & Zech 12-14.


Jeremiah 31:31 says God will make a new covenant with the Jews, not like the one they broke when he took them out of Egypt, and he will forgive their sins.


God will use many messengers as a confirmation of something.


The moral of this story is that if someone invites you to church, it is not random, it is God leading you to go there. To find Him.


A Jewish Christian came to visit me one day and prayed over me, and I felt a tingly energy on me. I said “what’s that?” She said “the Holy Spirit”.


I was a typist for 10 years, typing student papers. One of my clients was a doctoral student in Pastoral care, from Africa.  While working on his manuscript, I was going through bad things with my boyfriend with whom I was involved in a sinful sexual relationship.  I told this guy I was having personal problems. I remember him saying, “I could read you a few psalms”  It didn’t connect, at the time.


It seems after I got saved we had a conversation where I asked him why he didn’t tell me about Jesus and the new testament, and he said he didn’t want to offend.  A lot of Christians think they should avoid offending Jews by telling them about the gospel.  But they don’t realize, a lot of them don’t realize they NEED Jesus, or that he has any answers for them. It didn’t occur to me to ask this guy any questions about it, although it should have, since I was typing papers by him & other Christian theology students.  But most of the papers I typed were arcane or full of gibberish, nothing that made any sense to me. Maybe I should have asked them about it to explain what it meant.


I think this shows the condition of education. A lot of it is too theoretical.  Here was a guy studying pastoral care and he didn’t even know how to respond to someone that God dropped in his lap, that needed some. 


Maybe he was just too focused on his work to think to pray to ask God what to do about it. And I was too pressured to get work done, to ask the right questions.  But I did tell him I was having personal problems, so the ball was really in his court to come up with the right response. He knew more than I did, at the time, about Jesus. 


The upshot of my experience with theology students is that it shows that in many cases they are not being prepared and taught to have a relationship with God, but rather to write ABOUT GOD. It is all theoretical. Many theologians are atheists. They are not experts about God; they don’t even know him. They don’t have a real relationship with Him.    And the whole purpose of the New Testament is to have a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.  


Many churches do not preach enough about the Holy Spirit and how real it is. So many supposed Christians have no idea and are clueless about the most important aspect of what it means to be a Christian.  They think it just means believing Jesus died for our sins.  But the whole reason he DID that was so people could be close to God again, and have an intimate relationship with him, like Abraham, who walked & talked with God.  The Holy Spirit does the same thing with us NOW but people need to come to the realization that God does talk to us in our thoughts and a whole host of ways, and to seek the relationship with God that Jesus died for us to have. 


Otherwise it’s like a gift God gave us that we didn’t use. Or a coat someone gave us that we didn’t wear.


When we are in a sinful state we are unholy and push God away. When we repent, we are clean and in a position to be closer to Him.  Jesus’s sacrifice justifies us in God’s eyes and makes us worthy of being closer to him, by removing the sin upon us. Without that connection to Jesus, we cannot have the same close connection to God.  It is like he is in the next room, and not the same room.    


Jesus said


“I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” John 14:6


Theological training often causes people who have faith to doubt it, and they end up in worse spiritual condition than they started.  This is no accident; the devil has infiltrated theological seminaries expressly to do this.


If this guy had asked more about my problems, it would have been obvious to him I had a sin problem, and he should have told me, and told me about Jesus.  That would have been love.  I can see the whole thing now as a missed opportunity that God must have set up. With hindsight a lot of these become obvious.


This guy probably prayed for me, not realizing that HE was the one God wanted to use to talk to me, after he prayed! He did speak, but he said the wrong thing. Or not enough. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else. 


On the other hand, I also missed a cue by not reading a bible myself to see what was in the psalms. If I had, God would have responded. Or I should have said, OK, read them! Maybe I would have, but the phone rang and we got interrupted. I can well imagine that might have happened.


A lot of people make this mistake; we pray for something and then don’t do whatever action is required to bring it about.  Often, the prayer is Preparation for conversation.  Without the prayer for preparation, the conversation won’t be as fruitful.  Without the conversation, the prayer is wasted.


A friend of mine used to pray “prepare so-and-so’s heart to receive you, Lord” and then go speak to someone. That works.


When I was living in the church and being used as an intercessor, I used to pray to God “tell them such and such.” Meaning, in their thoughts.  This worked many times. 


However, there were other times God wanted ME to speak it.  One time after having prayed this prayer, God spoke to me and said “I gave you a mouth, I gave them ears.”


We need to know which is which and ask God if there is something he wants us to do or say after we pray. Better, ask what should I pray?  What should I do?


When I find myself in situations that I don’t know the right response, either God will direct me, by telling me, in my thoughts, or I ask in my mind “What should I do?” and He answers.


Praying in tongues takes care of this often because as we do it, God speaks to us in our thoughts telling us what to do.


 “But to do good and communicate forget not, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” Hebrews 13:16.


Some people have said they asked God to let them know if he was real, But God didn’t answer. But then they tell me that they met someone who was a Christian. This WAS God’s answer. He sends people to be witnesses and teach us about who he is. Often he talks to us in our thoughts, but a lot of people don’t realize he IS talking to us in our thoughts.


God says in Deuteronomy 4:29

“If you seek me with your heart and soul and mind, you’ll find me.”


Proverbs 8:17 says “I love those that love me, and those that seek me early shall find me.”


“Seek ye first the kingdom of God & his righteousness and all else will be provided.” Matthew 6:33


Start the Day with Prayer NOT COFFEE!




The way to start the day is to pray to God before everything else; so the devil doesn’t get an advantage and catch us unprepared.


Every morning I pray for God to forgive my sins, and protect me from temptations and evil. This is from the Lord’s Prayer. (Matthew 6, Luke 11)


Ephesians 6 says to put on the full armor of God. This is a spiritual armor which protects us from demonic attack on our thoughts, bodies. It says to put on the helmet of salvation (this protects us from the Devil firing thoughts at us), the breastplate of righteousness, our loins girded with truth, our feet shod with the gospel of peace and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.


I ask for The Holy Spirit to be upon me, and to take authority wherever I go. Then God moves before me, preparing places before I get there.


When we pray in tongues, God often sets up meetings, divine appointments, people that he wants us to meet. He also talks to us in our thoughts and lets us know what HIS priorities are. Very often it is NOT ours.


One time I was praying in tongues for something, and as I started to pray in tongues, he said to me, “you’re praying for the wrong thing.”


A lot of times people think God doesn’t answer their prayers because they are asking the wrong question, or praying for the wrong thing. Or there is something else they need to pray for before God will answer the prayer for the thing they are asking.


A big example of this is praying for healing.


God wants us to repent of our sins, get saved & born again. Then we can rebuke the spirit of any Disease in Jesus’ name. I have done it.


Jesus healed people for a testimony that he is the savior and God heals today for the same purpose.


Sickness is usually due to sin, or ignorance of God. The problem is not medical, it is spiritual.



Nobody Dies of Disease; They Die of Spiritual Ignorance




Nobody dies of Canc-;


They die of spiritual ignorance, not knowing that if they repent of their sins and get saved, Jesus heals.


The prophet Hosea said “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6


He meant lack of knowledge of God, not French or math.


God gives people problems as a reason to seek him, a relationship with Him. Some people don’t see a need for God. It doesn’t occur to them to seek it. So, God gives them a reason, hoping they will turn to him so he can have a relationship with them.


All of the problems people have in their lives are really situations God has set up to give them a reason to seek a relationship with him. This includes relationships, health, work, finances, etc.


 It is just like in school when a student is given a problem set- an opportunity to use skills they need to learn. That is the purpose.


Many people, even Christians, pray for God to heal them and then go to doctors.


If they have canc-, they go for Chemo and pray for God to use it. This is error. Chemo is toxic. It causes canc- as a side effect. It is using poison to kill canc- cells, but at the same time kills the person’s body. Rather than strengthening their immune system to fight a disease naturally, it weakens it. It makes no sense.


Why pray for God to heal you, and then poison yourself? That works in the opposite direction. It is as foolish as jumping off a cliff and praying for God to catch you. Why do it?


Jesus said NOT to test the Lord your God, when the devil challenged him to do exactly that. It is analogous.


God has a much better way of healing us. Instead of telling him what to do, we should ASK Him what to do. Then he will tell us. Many times the solution is not something that would occur to us unless we were to ask. Or there is another issue we need to address first, like repentance of sin, and we might need to ask him to tell us an area of sin that we aren’t aware of.


For instance, someone who has familial ties to freemasonry is open to curses. If their relatives are masons, they need to renounce it and break any associated curses in Jesus name.


I know several people who were masons whose children died of canc, before them. In the rituals they climb into coffins. This opens them up to a spirit of dea-.


The first commandment explicitly says that curses can go down the generations for the sins of our ancestors. The thing that breaks those curses is accepting Jesus and then breaking the curse in his name.


What many people think are genetic predispositions to diseases, from family histories, are really curses. The diseases are caused by spirits whose assignment is the disease. They can go down the generations but they can be rebuked in Jesus name.

I knew someone who did astrology. His kid got MS. Deut. 18 says “observers of times” is abomination. This refers to astrology. So doing it brings curses. Even reading a horoscope opens one up to lying spirits. By looking at it, one gives them permission to talk to us.


A person might not even know an ancestor had been involved with something, and that a curse was operating. This is something the Holy Spirit will reveal, as a word of knowledge, if we ask if there is anything we need to know.


Once we repent of sin and get saved, we can rebuke the Canc- in Jesus name. I did. God healed me.



God uses sickness like lights on a car’s dashboard- a warning that something is amiss.  That we are in spiritual dis-ease.


To get our attention. Hence going to a medical doctor is missing the point. The first approach should be to ask God for the reason. The Holy Spirit can tell you in your thoughts what the problem is.


So he is also telling us that he wants us to make an effort to FIND him. As we take a step in his direction, he moves to meet us. If we go to a church, he will send someone to meet us, or will move in a powerful way on us there by the Holy Spirit.


If we read a bible, we will find his truth. The bible is his testimony of who he is, how he speaks and what he wants from us. He often speaks to us in our thoughts and hearts AS we read it, since his presence abides in his word, and when we are in his presence, he often speaks to us.


I have had reactions of weeping while reading certain scriptures. This is our spirit’s recognition of truth. We can feel God’s peace also as we read his word.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Only get a KING JAMES bible.


The other translations are corrupted and do NOT have the same authority & presence of God. This explains why so many people have read other translations and NOT felt the Holy Spirit.


Also they are missing key scriptures.  The Holy Spirit does not bless a book with His presence when his word is corrupted.


Bible Translations; only the King James is good



An important example is in the passage where Jesus tells his followers that certain kinds of demonic spirits, which cause mental illness, only come out with Prayer AND FASTING. Matthew 17:21


The NIV, the New International Version, the NRSV and other modern ones all leave out the words AND FASTING.


The devil is behind these translations; He does not want people to know HOW to have authority to cast out his demonic spirits.


The best place to hear from God


The best place to hear from God is out in nature, somewhere peaceful and quiet.


Quiet is essential, because noise is an opening for other spirits to talk to our thoughts (Music, tv, broadcasting. Heavy machinery is jarring to the spirit. Traffic is not so bad. Except that people drive by with their radios on & it interferes.


If one is praying and it gets interrupted, the whole thing can be contaminated, linked to something demonic or aborted. It is like launching a missile, when we pray, and if something is attached to it, it can pull it off course.


Nature is spiritually cleaner than near books and tapes and paraphernalia that have spirits attached to them. Churches often have God’s peace because they are HIS house and people invoke his presence when they pray there.


It is important NOT to drink coffee, alcohol, cigarettes or any other drug when tuning into God. Using those drugs is like tuning the radio to a different frequency. One hears more from demons, which are lying spirits, than God.


The new age is full of spiritual deception.


I read new age books for 10 years before getting saved at age 33.



Letter to a new ager on spiritual deception



Why reincarnation is wrong



New age practices cause mental and physical illness – warnings to new agers on spiritual deception – ch 5 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



The Ouija board killed my mother



Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deception



The velvet couch – how the new age movement ruined my place of rest



Get rid of Harry Potter books, Pokemon, Tarot cards & Ouija boards: they bring curses & cause mental & physical illness



When we pray to God, in our mind or in tongues, it is important not to use any drugs since that would contaminate the process and give an opening for unclean spirits to speak to us or to contaminate what we are praying for. If you pray for someone else in this condition, you will more likely afflict them than bless them. If there are unclean spirits around us, that will get sent to the target when we pray.





Praying in Tongues


When we pray in tongues it can sound like gibberish or another language. I have said things in other languages. The original purpose for the first outpouring of tongues on the day of Pentecost was so that the disciples of Jesus could preach to people who spoke other languages. I have said things while praying in tongues that were in other languages.


One time I was talking in tongues next to an Israeli friend of mine. She said to me “you just said the 1st commandment”. I often say things in Hebrew while praying in tongues, but it is not by my own mind. I had studied it as a kid but forgot most of it.


I have heard myself say things in what sounded like Chinese.


That is one of the main purposes of talking in tongues- so that someone who speaks another language knows that it is God speaking to them, since the person speaking doesn’t know their language.


What also happens when the Holy Spirit is present is that God can speak to people in different languages in their own thoughts.


When we pray in tongues, we invoke the Holy Spirit, and He talks to people telepathically in their thoughts, in their own language.


In the book of Acts chap 2, the day the Holy Spirit first came, on the day of Pentecost, it says that there were tongues of fire resting on the disciples, and the people gathered around them all heard them in their own languages.



Pentecostals are Christians who pray in tongues.


The name comes from the fact that the first time this happened was on the Jewish holy day of Pentecost.


I remember going to a Brazilian church with 2 friends of mine, and none of us spoke the language. However, we all got the same meaning, from the Holy Spirit, in our minds. God talks to us telepathically in our thoughts. We can talk with him the same way. He hears our thoughts.


Another purpose of tongues it to use us to pray for people or situations of which we have no conscious knowledge.


One time I heard myself talk in what sounded like Chinese. God could have been using me to pray for people in China.


Another time I was praying in tongues and heard a name of someone I had never met. God was telling me who I was praying for, by name. I also had a vision of this person’s face.


The man who discipled me, the Russian Pentecostal, used to tell me angels would wake him up to pray in tongues for something, by knocking.


I remember one time I was driving around in an anxious state. Finally the peace of God came to me & I went home. Speaking with him the next day, he told me that God had woken him up to pray that night. He was obviously being used to pray for me.


Many times I would feel the Holy Spirit fall on me in my apartment. Then I would see him and ask him, “were you praying for me at such and such a time?” and he would say “yes”.


God often communicates in visions while we are praying and as answers to prayers. Dreams also. Job 33:15 says God talks in dreams and visions.



The first time I spoke in tongues, it was through a powerful involuntary outpouring of God’s spirit.


I didn’t do it again for a while, because I thought I needed to wait for God to do this again. After a year, someone told me, once you have received the ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’ which I had, you can do it AT WILL, like exercising a muscle. You just start and the Holy Spirit kicks in, you then feel His presence. I tried it and found this to be true.


A Baptist minister, Merlin Caruthers, wrote in his book Power in Praise that ANYONE who has received the Holy Spirit can, by faith, start to talk in tongues. I asked God if he was right, and got a witness that he is.


People need to believe it to do it. If they say “I can’t do something,” that is speaking a curse on themselves that they need to break by the blood of Jesus or in Jesus’ name.


God has used me to pray in tongues for different kinds of prayers. I believe many prayers NEED praying in tongues to get answered.


As we pray in tongues, the Spirit moves to answer the prayer. It is the mechanism by which the prayer gets answered.


That is why so many people who don’t pray in tongues don’t know how to pray effectively. That is why Jesus called it Power from on High. It is the power to get prayers answered.


When we pray or sing in tongues, it empowers angels to answer prayers. Worship music does this too.


In the Old Testament there is a story of a King Jehosophat who was told to go fight a battle, but have the musicians play in front, like the fife and drum corps. The scripture says that as they worshipped God, the Lord used angels who fought and slew their enemies. They never fought. 2 Chronicles 20:22


So worship music and praying/singing in tongues while playing is a SPIRITUAL WEAPON that is more powerful than man-made weapons.


This is a lot better for mankind since when men fight wars, they kill innocent people. God doesn’t do this. Praying in tongues can take care of evil leaders without having to send whole armies into battle to kill each other and civilians.


Three  examples of Intercessory prayers I prayed in tongues :


I prayed my mother out of purgatory.


I prayed mom out of purgatory by praying in tongues




I had been in a psych hospital for 2 months, the first time. I was walking around praying afterward and the question came to me and I asked,


“God, that felt like purgatory. Was I there because that’s where my mother is? “ The Holy Spirit fell on me, which I took to mean yes.


I asked God “What should I do?”


He said “Pray her out of there.”


I prayed in tongues until I heard him say “it is accomplished”. Then she spoke to me in a dream, first time in 30 years she ever spoke to me in a dream after dying in l977, and said to me, “I never really died”.


God used me to pray for Peace in Ireland, which resulted in the Good Friday Peace Accords in April l998.


Musicians READ THIS – Peace in Ireland



I was playing the piano & singing in tongues for 8 hours in a sanctuary in a university chapel used by Protestants & Catholics.


I had no idea what God was doing, but I could feel the anointing, the Power of God on me in a powerful way. I heard myself sing SHALOM a bunch of times, which means PEACE in Hebrew.


A man came in & listened then said to me, “thank you. I feel like I can go home now.”


I asked “where are you from?”

He said “Ireland.”


The next day, the newspaper headline said “Peace in Ireland”. They had just signed the Good Friday Peace Accords, which ended the “troubles” in Ireland. I asked God “did you use me to pray for that?” and the Holy Spirit fell on me with power, which obviously meant YES.


I rebuked a tsunami that was predicted after an earthquake.


I rebuked Jesse Ventura’s tsunami by praying in tongues



There was a big earthquake in Chile (Jan or Feb 2010) &  they expected a tsunami in California as a result.  I was living with a family with a 16 year old.


I ran downstairs worried, and the kid said,


“well, can’t God stop it?”


 I thought, “he’s right” – went outside and prayed.


I rebuked the tsunami, then the power of God fell on me & I prayed in tongues until the Holy Spirit said “It is accomplished.”  It was cancelled.


Jesse Ventura later said he was waiting for that tsunami to come to Mexico so he could surf on it.

No tsunami. Sorry, Jesse.


In all instances I could feel the Holy Spirit on me with power while doing this.


When we pray in tongues it is vital that we be consecrated. Otherwise unclean spirits can contaminate what we are doing, and go to our targets or hijack the whole prayer.


This means not using any drugs, which are openings for unclean spirits. This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc & psych meds.




Don’t Pray in Unclean Places


Also I have seen that God doesn’t want me to pray in unclean places, such as coffee houses, bars, libraries right near the books, since they are openings for other spirits.


Don’t Pray Near Drugs


Praying near cigarette butts on the sidewalk is no good. Sometimes I started to pray near them, & God said “not here”. When I have done it, sometimes I would start to yawn, which is what happens on psych meds, a sign of demonic attack, or I would feel something attack me & then see that the prayer got contaminated & linked to something demonic.


One time in a library right near the books, I prayed for someone after God warned me, “not here”. I found out she got a headache. The spirits near me from the books went to her.


Praying for someone after drinking coffee does this too. I had that experience as well, years ago. That was how God got me to stop drinking coffee. Several people I knew used to get headaches when speaking with me - I realized later it was the coffee spirit around me that transmitted when I talked.


I have also seen that when I pray near butts, it is an opening for demons to talk to me, saying negative things, like “it won’t”. This is what I noticed with people who smoke; a lot of negativity comes out of their mouths. A spirit of dea-. There must be tiny demons sitting on every butt, laughing.



It is no good to pray in an area where people are smoking or drinking coffee or alcohol; the spirits around them invade the prayers.



The weather is a reflection of spiritual coverings.


When the covering is clean, the sky above will be blue and with white clouds. When it is unclean, there will be gray or dark clouds. When people play demonic music or who have demonic oppression on them from drugs play music outside, the weather reflects this.


An example:


Praying in tongues in Bryant Park – prayers contaminated by coffee drinkers




I was praying in Bryant Park in NYC, on the grass. About 20 feet away were 2 people with coffee. The sky above was blue. As I started to pray in tongues, dark clouds starting forming and coming toward us. I could feel the oppression on my head. I looked over at the people with the coffee & God said ‘it’s them’. They were in my airspace, as it were, & the unclean spirits were getting sucked into my prayer, apparently.


A few minutes later, it started to sprinkle water on me. I looked up and there were no clouds above us, just blue sky. The folks with the coffee were looking up, apparently trying to figure out how it was raining with no clouds!


With God all things are possible. Jesus said this in Matthew 17:20, 19:26




God often rains on me when I start to pray, to clean me off. I have heard him say WASH YOU.


He often rains to clean off the unclean spirits from the chairs & benches that people with coffee & cigarettes sit on, so I can sit there. Otherwise one can get oppressed by unclean spirits.


God makes it very clear in the bible that he controls the weather. It is a major way he sends messages. When I lived in a church for 2 years, every time I sang “pour out your love” or “rain down your love” it would start to pour within 20 minutes. Words have multiple meanings, so our prayers can do unintended things.


Some people say “well, God knows what I mean”. Nevertheless, the words have a life of their own, regardless of intent. It is spiritual law, which God created.


God is precise in his language for a reason. And he warns us in the bible “be careful how you use your tongue.” James chap 3.


See article


Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



A person also needs to be not in sin, to have authority with God. One needs to repent first. Jesus warned we need to forgive anyone before praying so our prayers aren’t hindered.


James 5:16 says “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


A lot of times prayers don’t get answered not because it is not God’s will, but because the person lacks authority. Sanctification gives us authority.


Also fasting is required to have this kind of authority. I say this from experience. For prayers to heal someone or raise the dead, this is necessary. Jesus told his followers to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons. Mathew 10:8


Jesus said in Mathew 17:21 when talking about praying for someone to be delivered from demons,


“this kind goeth out only by prayer and fasting.”Matt 17:21


All deliverance prayers require fasting, it seems.


The Importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)



Music is a language without words.


It is like talking in tongues since it invokes God’s spirit and can transmit His thoughts to us.


I got a masters in Jazz Composition at New England Conservatory. After that I led my own jazz/funk band & put out records.


I improvised & wrote music on the piano for over 50 years, since age 4. Talking and singing in tongues is like improvising with our mouths rather than an instrument.


I never used to scat, but many jazz singers do.


When jazz singers scat, using nonsense syllables, they are almost singing in tongues. When I sing in tongues it is a yielding to whatever the spirit says. In my case I know it is the Holy Spirit because I can feel His presence on me as I do it. I think people scatting are sometimes singing in tongues by the Holy Spirit and sometimes by other spirits.


The devil has counterfeits of everything of God. People can talk in tongues by the power of demons. However it doesn’t feel the same as when the Holy Spirit does it. God invokes a Holy peaceful presence. When I pray in tongues, people can feel the Holy Spirit.


Given that so many Christians use coffee and go to church, I think what often happens is that they may pray in tongues after doing this, and someone around them feels afflicted by the unclean spirits from the coffee when they pray, Hence the other person thinks that praying in tongues is not of God, because they are correctly discerning something demonic coming from the person praying. This is a disservice to the unbeliever, who doesn’t know what is going on.


This is why it is so important for people to be consecrated so that when they pray or worship, only the Holy Spirit is invoked and will bless others rather than oppress them.


It is not only a mental thing; it is also a spiritual discernment. It comes across as intuitions or feelings. God gives us intuition as a way of discerning things. We need to use it in addition to our rational mind.


Sometimes the two conflict. Usually we should trust the intuition, it is from deep in our spirit and is God’s leading us.


The first time I went to a Pentecostal church, I remember listening to the music. It was all in a major key and they were singing songs about the blood of Jesus. The whole thing was culturally foreign to me. The only thing I could relate it to was my idea of Nazi marching music. That is what came to me, as a Jew in a church. I had never heard anything before about the blood of Jesus.


Nevertheless, even though mentally the whole thing was very foreign & strange, I was also experiencing something else spiritually; I felt happy. It was the joy I was feeling by the presence of the Holy Spirit which was there during their worship and praying in tongues. This sensation overshadowed my mental doubts fortunately and I returned to the church and eventually got baptized there, in water and by the Holy Spirit.


The baptism of the Holy Spirit refers to an experience of receiving POWER from ON HIGH as Jesus called it, which is what came on the day of Pentecost, when they first talked in tongues.


I was standing alone in the church, and God spoke to me telling me to repent of a sin that I had not realized WAS a sin. As I did so, He immediately filled me with the Holy Spirit and I started talking in tongues immediately.


I had gone to the church intending to get baptized in water, and had prayed to God “I need all the help I can get” to stop sinning: I had been involved in a sexual relationship that was sin to God and I knew I needed to stop it. He knew that the help I needed was to be filled with the Holy Spirit and pray in tongues.


When we pray in tongues, it strengthens our spirit; empowers us to resist sin. This is one reason Jesus called it Power from on High. Every person needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit to be born again and saved, and to be able to lead a Holy Life. We can only be holy with God’s help, and this is a major form of help that He gives us.


When we ask God to help us, he affects circumstances to do so. Sometimes after making a mistake I have asked God why that happened, and He answered me “You didn’t ask for my help”.


Singing in tongues in groups


There is a difference between a group of people singing in tongues and talking in tongues. A bunch of people talking in tongues together may invoke the Holy Spirit’s peace, or it may not. Sometimes it seems like confus--. But the singing in tongues experiences I have had seemed to invoke a gentler holy peaceful presence. The Holy Spirit was directing our spontaneous worship into an amazing unity that made us all sing in harmony. There was no discord. No one knew what they would sing next, yet, because the Holy Spirit was in charge, He was directing all of us simultaneously in spontaneous worship.


I have had experiences where several of us sang together both in our own languages and in tongues, going back and forth. We spoke a few different languages, and we all spoke in tongues as well, so we were going back and forth between singing in our own language and using tongues. At any given moment it would be hard to tell if the other person was singing in their own language or tongues. Both were happening.


I have had experiences where I sang a song in English and others sang the same song in their own language, and we felt the Holy Spirit. I have also had experiences of spontaneous worship where I sing one thing and someone next to me sang something else, like adding a part in counterpoint. I think God wants the whole church to join in and all do this together.


The Spirit on one catalyzes others to also go into spontaneous worship. The bible tells us to sing a new song. This means spontaneous songs. Spontaneous worship really invokes the power of God to do healing and whatever He wants to do in people. When we allow ourselves to do this, we are letting Him direct us, instead of  Us directing the worship. The more we let the Holy Spirit direct us, the more He will do in us.



Many musicians can relate to this experience since when they play in groups, they often vibe into each other and feel a spiritual connection.


I have heard testimonies of rock musicians saying some spirit seemed to be directing the whole band, playing through all of them. Many say they know a spirit comes over them and uses them to play or sing.


In the case of rock musicians, a lot of this is not the Holy Spirit, but demons. The devil has counterfeits of everything of God. Also, The Devil was Lucifer, the Light Bearer, who led worship in Heaven until he was thrown out by God. So he controls most of the music business and gives people abilities they didn’t have before, and fame and fortune, if they work for him or sell their souls to him. Many rock musicians have testified to this.


David Bowie said that rock music is the devil’s music.


When you watch a lot of rock artists, the way they grimace while playing, it is obvious that they are possessed, not by God, but by demons.


People who haven’t experienced the Holy Spirit’s presence often can’t discern the difference.


When people are under the anointing of God, they don’t look like this. There is a heavenly glow on their face and a holy clean presence that others can feel.


The first time I went to a house church of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship & experienced the worship, I could see a joyous glow on the faces of the people. And there was a spirit of Love flooding through me, coming from God as they worshipped Jesus.


I had an experience one time with some Christian friends in a prayer meeting who were having a conversation in tongues. There was a joyful glow on their faces. It was other-worldly. I wept. I think I was feeling left out. Sometimes we weep in the presence of God, for some reason.


Bob Dylan got saved through the Vineyard.


 He has said, “I trust the music.” Meaning the music can invoke the presence of God in a way that transcends mental theological concepts; it bears witness in our spirit to the truth in a deep intuitive way.



Electronic music is soulless


I spent 2 years studying electronic music, before there were keyboards. It was all tape loops and knobs and switches. I used to sit in there and cry. I was sensing the future of music; soulless electronics.


I always feel more power on an acoustic grand piano than an electronic keyboard.


The techno-pop of electronic music puts people in a trance to brainwash them.

Frank Zappa’s Jazz From Hell lp


Frank Zappa, a brilliant composer/guitar player who wrote all kinds of music, much of it classical, jazz, rock, put out an lp called JAZZ from Hell. It was all done by a synclavier, playing rhythms that no human could play. I listened to it and thought “That’s exactly what this is.”


I once asked God if there are pianos in Heaven. I felt like he was telling me, yes. Pianos are acoustic string instruments.


Maurice Sklar’s trip to Heaven


Maurice Sklar, a messianic musician, who plays violin & plays with major evangelists, had an experience where he says an angel took him to Heaven, which was a planet with grass, trees, mountains and houses. He was taken to a house with his name on it. This is scriptural;


Jesus said “there are many mansions in heaven, if it were not so I would tell you”. John 14:2


Maurice Sklar’s website is http://www.mauricesklar.com


There were many instruments there; he described acoustic ones, not electronic ones.


We wouldn’t need electronics in heaven, since the Power comes from God. I have prayed for God to turn on the electricity, and His spirit poured out on me and I was singing in tongues. The bible says all light in Heaven comes directly from God.


Testimonies of heaven and hell



There is an amazing website  that has testimonies of  people who have had visions or visited heaven and hell.



Michael Jackson in Hell

One person says she saw Michael Jackson & many pop stars in hell.


This article includes my own testimonies of experiences with heaven and hell.



The Power of Words


The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



The words in the music can act like curses; this is why a lot of pop music is problematical and demonic. The music is not really the problem; the words are.


Writing about negative things can invoke them like curses.


This is why blues and country tend to invoke spirits of depress-, or curses about whatever negative situation they describe.


Words do not just describe, they invoke what we speak about. They are creative.


All words have power. They can act like self-fulfilling prophecies. They can act like blessings or curses.


All writers, songwriters, teachers, pastors are accountable for the effects of their words on others.


Proverbs 18:21 says “deat- &life is in the tongue”


Jesus said, “For every idle word we shall be called into judgment,


By our words we’re justified, by our words we’re condemned.”


Mathew 12:37


See  free minibook




It is also ch 11 in my FREE BOOK

Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry at http://www.1prophetspeaks.com


It talks about the power of words to curse and bless. I have known about this for 35 years, before I was a Christian; born out of my experience where my mother said she would di- at a certain age, and then did; making it a self-fulfilling prophecy. (I was 20). She had an older sister who had di-- at the same age. So for the next 4 years she walked around repeatedly saying "I'm gonna di- at --". Then mysteriously, she di-- 2 weeks before her next birthday. They had both had the same canc- at the same ages. (Mastectomies, hysterectomies). She identified with her sister. Someone may have spoken a curse onto her saying she was just like her, under anesthesia, even.


And she never had someone pray over her to break the curse.


Jesus’ blood, when invoked in prayer, is what breaks curses.


My mother did not know this at the time.


Because of the curse my mother had spoken on to herself, it defiled others to also speak curses onto her, including myself. So one thing sets in motion others, including words and actions, like a domino effect.


The only way to stop any of this is to “break all curses spoken in Jesus name, or “pray the blood of Jesus over the person or situation and break any curses”.


I am not repeating what I specifically said to her, because I saw that when I originally had it in my book, it was replicating the problem with other people to whom I gave the book. So I took it out. So giving examples is often problematical. One has to speak euphemistically or obliquely to make a point. If one tape records a conversation that says something negative, this can fixate it in the spiritual realm which is dangerous.


The book of James chapter 3 (New Testament) warns about the tongue:


“Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.

It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” James 3:6.


To which I say, “GOD FORBID!”

We need to pray for God to control our tongue.


The Jewish people have an expression that prevents curses from being loosed by words: use the phrase GOD FORBID.


It brings protection from whatever negative situations you are describing as being a possibility.


Another response is “I rebuke that.”


Or “I rebuke that in Jesus’ name”.


Another way to protect yourself from bad words or curses is to say WASH ME JESUS or I PRAY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.


If you rebuke something, you need to do it right after the thing is said.


If you wait till after other things are said, you will end up rebuking them instead.



Just saying that it is okay to talk about something bad in the past is wrong.


It can still loose it into the present or future.


This is because spiritually there is no tense.


The prophets of the bible spoke about future events happening in past tense.


God has foreseen all of it. He already knows the future. From his dimension, all of it is like the past and it is all interconnected. Talking about bad things makes them happen – they become self-fulfilling prophecies.


Words set up spiritual assignments that invoke situations onto our lives.


Don Gossett, a Christian minister, has a great book available in Christian bookstores called What You Say is What You Get about the power of words and the importance of making positive confessions, in faith, and not speaking negative things onto ourselves. His book confirms what I am saying about speech.


Gossip and talebaring is sin, according to the Old testament.


Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people. Leviticus 19:16


The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly. Proverbs 18:8


One time I wrote something about a friend. As I did this, I felt something stab me in the stomach. What I was loosing onto him I was loosing onto myself.


Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth. Proverbs 26:20


If we talk about the sins of others, we curse them to repeat it. If we pray the blood of Jesus over them, it can wash away the curse and set them free. This is why criminal records and hospital records are bad. The first can cause people to repeat their sins and the 2nd can cause people to continue to have diseases or conditions from which they could be healed if there were no ‘cross-talk’. When the records are destroyed, there is less hindrance to the prayers for healing.


This is one reason why so many prominent people have health and relationship issues. All the gossip not only affects them psychologically, but acts like spiritual curses if even if they don’t read it. Having copies of anything negative lying around is worse. But I think one needs to pray to protect oneself from any such negativity.


The new testament in Ephesians 6 says to put on the whole armour of God.

 I pray this every day for protection.


It calls for the “helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, our loins gird with truth, the feet shod with the gospel of peace & the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.” Eph 6.


The helmet of protection protects us from thoughts coming from demonic spirits. 


Start the Day with Prayer NOT COFFEE!



Rabbi Joseph Telushkin wrote a best-seller Words That Hurt & Words That Heal.


He says “if you talk about people as they are, you make them worse”.


The words act like curses, defiling people. Then it can become self-fulfilling prophecies.


One example:


He talks about how during WWI, there was a lot of propaganda in the US accusing the Germans of doing abominable things, like eating babies, to get people to support WWI.


It was lies. But look what happened – by WWII, the holocaust happened. They became the monsters they were accused of being.


This is an example of the book of James chapter 3:


“Consider what a great forest is set on fire a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body.

It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.” James 3:6.




I am now in my fifties. My mother was my first connection to psychiatry. She took valium and other drugs. She looked hypnotized in pictures, from the drugs. She read Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry, who was an atheist.


She said to me, "Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there" meaning: psychiatry is a dead end.


She knew her problems but didn't know the solution. She kept re-confessing negative conditions on herself that she read about; this acted like a curse. Therapy looks backward. God delivers us from the past. Psychiatry is also a dead end from the drugs, which are toxic and deadly.


My mother used to walk around saying “I have a dea—wish, something she got from Freud who said all smokers had this. She was just re-confessing it. Years later I was sitting on my couch in front of a bookshelf, when suddenly a book jumped off the shelf and fell in my lap. It was a book I had inherited from my mother, a book on using hypnosis to stop smoking. She had read it and used it. She had stopped by using self-hypnosis. I heard a tape she made where she talked in a groggy voice.


What was revealed to me was the notes she made in the margin of the book. It said “smoking leads to sick-. Which she crossed out and wrote “deat—“.

So she had programmed herself to di-. Even though she did stop smoking, the dea- command was still operating subconsciously as a curse, and this is what caused her dea--


Hypnosis is dangerous


It can be an opening for demonic lying spirits. The bible calls it ‘charmers and enchanters’ and says it is an abomination and anyone who practices it will be cursed. Deut 18. A lot of therapists use it and this is dangerous.


Psych meds all put people in a hypnotic trance.


Freud was a rabid atheist.


He said “I regard myself as one of the most dangerous enemies of religion” http://www.psychquotes.


See  article


Quotes showing real agendas behind mental health & education



They are: mind control, atheism, genocide, world government.


Psalm 1 says “blessed is he who does NOT take the counsel of the ungodly”.


Atheistic psychiatry and psychology (90% of both are atheists, and their philosophies are atheistic) is all ungodly counsel. This is why it is a dead end. They lead people to sin.


Psychiatrist George Brock Chisholm, cofounder of the World Federation of Mental Health, said


“the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality”.


Chisholm was anti-God, anti-family, anti-patriotic.He also said the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government.


This is the atheistic one world government of the anti-Christ that the bible warns about. This is the goal of the social engineers.



In essence I believe that psychiatry killed my mother; she was influenced by Freud’s atheism and negativity, and put in a hypnotic trance by the drugs, which made her more susceptible to the negative words.


In addition she di-- when her liver went, and the dr’s thought it must have been a toxic drug interaction, which can cause liver damage. Mixing drugs is very dangerous. This is what happens with many mental patients; they are frequently given multiple drugs (it is rare to only take l); this easily can cause liver damage which is usually fatal.


Many years ago, before I was a Christian I prayed about how she di-- and saw a vision of her mixing 2 things which would confirm what I have said. This common practice of prescribing multiple drugs is how they genocide the patients. It has been shown that psych patients live 20 years less than others; it is from the drugs, not the alleged illnesses. This is by design.


Musicians and writers have a big responsibility to think about the words they write since they have a powerful impact on themselves & their audiences.


Words don't just describe; they INVOKE what we speak about and act like self-fulfilling prophecies. All words are prophetic really. Listening to negative words can invoke curses onto the listeners.





John Lennon & self-fulfilling prophecies in lyrics


A lot of musicians have written songs that spoke curses onto themselves. John Lennon did this; he prophesied what happened to him. He told others


“if anything happens to Yoko and me, it was not an accident”


so he knew there were plots. The CIA was tailing him. The government had warned him years earlier they would deport him if he didn’t stop being political. I am not as concerned with that comment which was problematical, but also his lyrics.


The Ballad of John & Yoko on his last album prophesied what happened. It said “The way things are going, they’re gonna cruci—me.”


Julian Lennon


He wrote other songs that also acted like curses. His son Julian Lennon made the same mistake. I heard a song he wrote where he sings “I JUST WANNA DI—“ (I don’t print the whole word of a curse)


In l981 I met someone on Valentines Day who I got romantically involved with. He had been in & out of mental hospitals for 20 years. He was an artist/musician. Their drugs messed him up. He used to talk about the Jewish nazi dr's; he was speaking the truth.


God had me meet this guy to say to me, "you want to know what killed John Lennon? Psychiatry"


In Memoriam for John Lennon


I met him in a coffee house while I was sitting there composing a musical orchestral score, In Memoriam for John Lennon, whose assassination upset me. I later realized that Lennon was really killed by psychiatry indirectly; since his killer was a brainwashed patsy for the CIA, who used mind control to brainwash assassins for political purposes. Lennon was being trailed by the CIA, and he knew there were plots against him. The CIA in MKULTRA brainwashed assassins for political purposes; including RFK, MLK and many more.


While writing that score, I met someone who was yet another victim of psychiatry. Psychiatry has destroyed the creativity of many artists. This happened to me later when I was on the drugs.


The CCHR website has a booklet Harming Artists which documents the abuse of artists by psychiatry. http://www.cchr.com


My friend used to drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, pot & sometimes drink beer. When he drank beer, another spirit came into him and he spoke with a German accent, saying “my name is Wilhem” instead of “William”. He would go back & forth with 2 different voices and a change of expression on his face, saying ‘it is – it’s not” A complete split personality. This is a perfect example of what happens when people drink alcohol. Demonic spirits come into them & they say & do things they wouldn’t normally do.


This is why many liquor stores say “Wine Liquor & Spirits”. It is a warning.


Psych meds are also an opening for demonic spirits. They make some people psychotic. The drug handbooks say it is a common side effect. They cause suicide, homicide, brain damage.


The anti-psychotics are tranquelizers & make people tired, so then they often use coffee to stay awake. This just opens them up to demonic spirits of mani-, confus-, addict-.


Most people on psych meds get addicted to other drugs. Some of the psych meds, the anti-anxiety ones, are addictive, so they are an opening for a spirit of addiction. Addictions come in groups. One is an opening for more. To be delivered from them, one needs to be delivered from all of them. Otherwise, one will be an opening for others to return. Jesus warned about this in a parable.


Jesus cast out spirits of mental illness & gave his followers authority to do it. He told them to heal the sick, raise the dead & cast out devils. Matthew 10:8


He told his followers that this kind of deliverance requires PRAYER & FASTING. Matthew 17:21.


It also requires sanctification. One does not have authority to cast out demonic spirits or heal people if one is in sin or using drugs themselves.


See article


The Importance of Prayer & Fasting& Sanctification (no drugs)




Profanity Transmits Unclean Spirits


Profanity is contagious & afflicts people near us




If you watch 2 people talking, and one uses the f-word, the other will often start using it.


This is because the words transmit unclean spirits.


Anyone in earshot of this can be afflicted by it.


It is worse than sneezing on people; it is like transmitting germs.


People who use these words have the unclean spirits in them or on them usually because of sexual immorality, which is the opening for the spirit.


After I had become saved, I started to go into teaching. I was a substitute teacher.


I had spoken for 15 years like a jazz musician, which I learned in music school from my teachers; using bad words (profanity).


Once I was in teaching I could not afford to talk like that; if the kids heard me use any bad words they reported me and I would be out of a job.


Every morning, I prayed “God, don’t let any bad words slip out of my mouth.”


He was faithful to this prayer. When I prayed it that day, nothing slipped out.


When I forgot to pray the prayer, something did. This took a year or so and eventually nothing slipped out and I stopped speaking that way.


I could have just prayed for God to deliver me from unclean spirits, and this would have stopped a lot faster.


Anyone who uses drugs has unclean spirits on them, and when they speak, it can transmit to anyone in earshot.




Addictive drugs transmit spirits of addic-.

Caffeine can transmit spirits of mani-, confus-.

Alcohol can transmit a spirit of depress-.


Pot smokers talk about a “contact high”. All drugs transmit spirits.

Second-hand coffee is just as bad as second-hand smoke, spiritually.


People drinking coffee talk faster. When they talk to another person, the second person usually starts talking faster.


I once had a psychiatrist interview me. He was sitting there with a cup of coffee. I was talking faster because of it. He thought I was mani-.


He was completely unaware that he was influencing me. A perfect example of the observer affecting the observed.


A lot of hyper kids probably have parents that drink coffee. If they stop, the kids will calm down. Using drugs affects not just oneself, but anyone we interact with. So all relationships are affected by this.


People in relationship with someone who has an addiction can pick up that spirit, and have issues with their own addictions.


There was someone in my church on the worship team who was on Lithium. She was in a ‘lithium fog; as it is called. Whenever I went there, I felt woozy.


A friend of mine there said he was getting oppressed by a spirit of ‘confus—‘. It was coming from her; it was around her, and when she sang, it transmitted to the whole church.


I prayed for God to consecrate the church, and she was removed from the worship team.


Lyrics and the Power of Words


I have observed that when I wrote down something about certain emotional states, the spirits that caused those emotional states were invoked onto whomever had the paper that I had written, near them. Other words invoke spirits as well, and the principle works this way.


I stated before that all music is inspired by spirits. A good way of seeing what spirit is in the music is by looking at the lyrics. There could be other spirits from the music as well; but the lyrics will also tell you what is there. If they mention negative emotional states, then the spirit causing it is being invoked onto the listener.


By reading the words, a person can usually deduce what type of emotion is behind it, and what is therefore invoked around them. Ask yourself what emotional state the writer was in, and you’ll see what is transmitting.


When I taught in the public schools I asked the students to read the lyrics and ask themselves if the words were bringing something positive or negative to them, by thinking about what emotions were being invoked.


Explaining to them that spirits cause these emotions and can influence them empowers them to choose what they will listen to, and not let themselves be manipulated.


It will help them not be as susceptible to the music which has caused so much mental illness.


I have come to discontinue using a lot of recorded music, even worship music that starts off with a negative condition and then invokes God. My reason is that every time you play the song from the beginning again and it talks about the negative situation, re-invokes it. It is like going on a vicious circle. It is not productive.


It is better to just listen to music that invokes God and talks about the positive. That heals negative situations.


Musicians need to consecrate themselves to be God’s prophets and not false prophets.


If they use drugs like caffeine or nicotine they can be open to messages from lying spirits.


Years ago God gave me a scripture:


“if  you separate the precious from the vile, you will be as my mouth.” Jeremiah 15:19


All musicians are called by God to serve him, and be used prophetically.


All drugs are openings for unclean spirits, which can be lying spirits.


This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc and all psych meds.


Also ANY UNREPENTANT SIN is an opening for unclean spirits. One needs to repent of sin.


The Musicians and singers in the Old Testament times were often prophets; They not only heard words from God, they foretold the future.


There is a question that comes up when a person says or writes something that then comes true; did he just foreknow it, or did his words invoke a situation onto himself ?


Sometimes both are happening. Jeremiah the prophet was trying to warn people about negative situations, others thought he was just cursing them.


There is a promise in the book of Jeremiah God says that if  He ever says something bad will happen, if the people repent, it won’t.

 Jer 18:8.



A person needs to develop SPIRITUAL discernment.


One needs to pray for discernment of spirits, which is a gift listed in the New Testament. 2 Corinthians 12:10


The devil inspires people to say things knowing that will help bring about the event, because the devil also understands the power of words to create.


There is also the possibility that the devil plans to do something, and then tells someone to utter it to put guilt onto a person by making them think they alone caused it.


That person needs to realize that they were being manipulated or inspired by the devil in the first place, being used to utter the thing which then happens. They did not cause it just by themselves.


Inspiration means “a spirit goes into it” so I believe all inspiration comes from outside, from the spiritual realm. So then the only question is where it is coming from.



A prophetic lyric


I had an interesting experience several years ago where a song I wrote ended up on my record album.


It was a ballad that talked of looking backward to something I had done in the past and was now evaluating.


It was talking about a sexual relationship. The lyric just popped into my head.


A year later, subsequent to writing this song, I ended up getting involved in what I later realized was a sexually immoral relationship. It caused me a lot of pain and led to my finding God and becoming a Christian, which helped me end the relationship.


My life ended up following the song.


I ended up breaking God’s law in the through my attitude and when I repented of it, I ended up receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


That is when God’s spirit came to live inside me.


The song was definitely prophesying that this relationship was going to happen in my life, and referring also to the that I would subsequently end up with a different attitude about what I had done.


God was showing me that this would happen to bring about certain changes in my life. I say this because my attitudes and up to this point led up to the relationship which resulted in my conversion.


The song is definitely prophetic. One moral from this is that people need to be careful what they write down and sing.


Art doesn’t just reflect life; it often helps it. There is a famous actress who acted in a movie where something very traumatic happened to her. Subsequent to doing the movie, same thing happened to her in real life. I think playing that role brought something into her life that brought this about. It was a curse working.



Situations that are prophetic like this need to be examined. It is not coincidence.


There are many stories of bad things happening to actors who act in movies about dark things.


The most recent is the THE DARK KNIGHT.

There was one death (Heath Ledger) and curses on others in the movie.



Fortune telling is a practice that is forbidden by the bible.


It is a counterfeit of the spirit of God. People can have a relationship with a familiar spirit that tells them things, but it is not the spirit of God that is telling them these things.


The bible says not to consult with people that have familiar spirits. (DEUT 18) The psychics and palm readers are exactly this.


They are people using familiar spirits to impart messages.


I believe these practices are forbidden precisely because the devil uses these Spirits to speak curses onto people. Things are prophesied, and then they happen.


Jesus came across a woman who had a spirit of divination. She knew who he was, by this spirit, who also knew. He turned around and told the spirit to come out of her, and then she couldn’t tell the future any more, and the people who were making money from her gift were not happy.


Musicians and singers who engage in new age practices and philosophies open themselves up to familiar spirits that may inspire them to write  songs that will act as curses, to bring certain things about that are not aligned with God’s will.


Any creative artist, whether it is a writer or musician, who engages in any occult practices open himself up to this process.


Musicians and singers, because they are spiritually sensitive and Prophetically gifted, have a big responsibility to develop a relationship with God and make sure that what they are writing and singing IS inspired by God and not a familiar spirit.



That is why it is so important for them to consecrate themselves from using drugs, which are an opening to other spirits.


They also need to assess whatever they expose themselves to, whether it is from God or not: the music, the books, TV - all of these bring spirits around them.


God has said, in His word, that there is an office of prophet in the church, (Ephesians 4:11, 1 Cor 12:28) and He wants the people with this calling to be used to build up the church, not negatively influence the society by being used by the wrong spirits.


“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers” Eph 4:11


The creative process, of being inspired, is such a natural high that many people who are creative get wrapped up in the process itself; which is a form of idolatry to God.


They need to use that talent to serve God, not as an end in itself.


I once had a music professor tell me “Music is our god.”


Years later I called him and said, “Music should be our channel to God.”


The music schools really reinforce this idolatry; that is why it is so important that their students be evangelized and have their talents channeled in the right way. With such a pool of talent, it is a mistake for the churches to ignore what is going on.


If God doesn’t use these people, the devil will. And they will be tempted to be used in the world and that is why the world is so corrupted; the devil pays well.


Musicians and singers and writers all need to address this issue. The music business siphons people into it because the church is not reaching out to draw them in.



Writing lyrics as a form of prophetic Revelation


Many of the songs I used to write were conversations between me and God. They were me praying and God answering. Sometimes I didn’t always hear him right.


One time after being saved I wrote a song where the lyric said “God I know that you won’t forsake me, even when I doubt that you’re really there.”


Then I heard, “And he says “come fly with me.” But I never felt right about that – it sounded too new agey. Finally I realized I hadn’t heard it exactly right. He was saying “Comply with me”. Meaning, obey what I ask you to do.


When I wrote songs, I never really sat around trying to be clever and make up lyrics to fit the music.


Rather than make up the words, I would listen for the words.


I would write the music, and then play it over and over, listening for what words came to me. It was a process of prophetic Revelation.


I realize now that as I played, I was invoking God’s presence, His peace, and in so doing, creating a process for Him to talk to me.


Whenever we worship God, His spirit comes, and if we listen, He will speak to us in our thoughts. I used to do this just by playing – invoke God’s spirit and listen for the words. The psalms say God inhabits the praises of His people.


In the Old Testament the musicians were prophets. Musicians are CALLED to be prophets. Which means, speak words from God. The way we HEAR from God is by using music to invoke His spirit, then listen for the words.


I had an opportunity to do jingles from a relative in the advertising business, but I declined because I felt that prostituting my gift would contaminate my channel.


Pastors and their Words


Pastors also need to be more careful about what they say to their sheep or about their sheep; their words can loose curses on the heads of their sheep if they speak negative things, even from the word of God.


I once was sitting near a minister I know. He started to quote words from the New Testament that were talking about some people – (J-); accusations about them having negative traits. As soon as he said this, I felt something smack the back of my head. Then I left in a very bad state. There were a lot of negative thoughts coming to me.


I told him that I had been affected by his words.

He said, “But I didn’t mean you since you are a believer in Jesus”.

“I know” I said, “but since I am also J- your words affected me.

Don’t speak any bad things about —“.


Words spoken about a category of people affects that whole category and defiles those people to become as the words are saying.


This is not good.


The antidote is to pray for the blood of Jesus to wash that category of people from the effect of the words spoken.


This is not a hard hypothesis to test. Just watch what you speak and observe the change in behavior of the people you are speaking about.

It will prove itself true. We are talking about self-fulfilling prophesies.


The people speaking these words need to understand that they are not just “proving themselves right” when they see the behavior follow their words; they are CREATING this scenario BY their words.”


I brought a girl to church once. She was obviously enjoying the worship.

 Then the pastor spoke and kept mentioning a bad spirit. He was invoking it onto the congregation.


At the end, when I asked if she wanted to pray to be saved, her response was obviously influenced by the very spirit he had been describing. It was counterproductive.


The principle is even broader about the power of words.


Words can be spoken about one person or group of people, but it defiles others that are around or in relationship to the parties talking.


I have had conversations with someone on the phone where they were talking about someone else, and the words they spoke went back on their own heads and they were suddenly responding like the people they were talking about.


I was at a pastor’s prayer meeting one time where one of them complained about another group of people.


By his words, the people in the room started acting like the ones he described. Then they also confessed their sins, saying they were guilty of something.


After the meeting, one of them started acting exactly like their negative confession.


Negative confessions can act like curses. They can act like a hypnotic command.



Catholic Prayers make people worse.


They pray “Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinn-“.   By confessing they are sinn-, they speak it onto themselves.  NO wonder so many of them struggle with the same sins over and over.


I have noticed that when I prayed like this, I felt more of an urge to sin- it acted like a hypnotic command!


Words create spiritual “assignments” that then rain down on multitudes of other people.


These assignments then need to be broken by the “blood of Jesus” which wipes away the effect of these words.


Faith, Prayer and the Power of Words


Jesus said “I give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

Whatsoever you bind on earth you bind in Heaven and

whatsoever you loose on earth you loose in Heaven.”  Matthew 16:19



The first meaning of this scripture is that those who believe in Jesus have the authority to release into their lives whatever they speak as releasing, and to block whatever they choose to block by their words, if they do it in Jesus’ name.


This is when we consciously pray to bind or loose something, in prayer.


Another of the meanings of this scripture is that all people’s words have the Power to bind and loose things into our lives and the lives of others to whom and about whom we talk.


This can be counteracted by someone praying against it, or the protection of Jesus’ blood over them.


If you talk about someone and say something positive about how they are, they will act that way.


If you talk about them negatively, you will release onto them influences that make them act negatively.


Watch your words and watch them and observe it for yourself.


That's how I came to these conclusions- through empirical analysis.


It takes prayer and studying God’s word to realize the meanings of some of these scriptures, which are not obvious. Only God’s spirit can give us the revelation of what he means by certain scriptures.


As we seek the mind of God, He reveals to us what his word means.


There is another principle that is also derived from this scripture about  Binding and Loosing - that having objects of any kind can bring spirits around a person or in the room that are connected to the object.


If something is near you physically (bound to you) it can bring spiritual authority for spirits associated with that object or invoked by that object to be around you.


Just having heavy metal music tapes, in your house, for example, gives spiritual legal authority for bad spirits that inspire that music to be around you.


You don’t even have to be listening to the music to have an influence occurring.


Getting rid of the tapes takes away authority for those spirits to be in one’s house.


There is a story in the book of Joshua Chapter 7;  the story of Achan, who stashed an accursed object.


This was an object dedicated to false gods. It says that when Achan stashed these objects, the whole tribe couldn’t stand against their enemies. They were under a curse.


When they got rid of the objects they were freed from the curse.


Music tapes that invoke the presence of ungodly spirits are accursed objects; to God.


When you speak to someone don’t ask them negative questions — asking if they are feeling something bad. This speaks it onto them.


Questions can act like statements and be curses.


I observed people in jail being interviewed by psychologists who asked a whole bunch of negative questions. They were cursing the people, who were in a worse state after the interview.  Before the interview they were quiet. After, they were weeping & wailing.


Also they were writing down negative things, which can fixate curses in the spiritual realm.


I was in a church service where they sang a popular Hymn


I used to love this song.


This particular time, as they sang it, when they got to a verse where it asked a negative question (are you having such and such a problem, referring to relationships with others), as they sang those words, I felt something attack my foot. (it was a curse being let loose).


Then, after the service, a friend of mine was acting weird, just like the song had prophesied!


I realized he had been defiled by the song! This was no blessing.


I should have rebuked the words immediately, as it was sung.


I think the physical thing happened to let me know to rebuke it.


This stuff happens to people all the time in churches.


Pastors preach things and spew problems onto people, and people can leave in worse shape than they came.


Then some pastors will say their congregations are having all sorts of problems, but a lot of it is coming from what is coming out of their mouths!


It creates dilemmas about what to preach, teach, write. Etc.


No question.


Tearing up Records

If you tear up all records of psych history or physical illness, it will release the person to be delivered from the demonic assignment that is causing it.



I believe that people having hospital records of their illnesses can fixate it and interfere with prayer to be healed.


Written things are more fixated in the spiritual realm than spoken things.


I had an experience in a psych hospital where I was abused & traumatized.


A bunch of people drugged me. One big guy in particular did something.


That night I had a dream that I was gang raped. It was like that.


Being forcibly drugged is a bodily violation, worse than rape. It is also more dangerous because the drugs are toxic and deadly.


Whenever this one person was on the ward, I would get shaky in my room, not even consciously knowing he was around. Then I would go out & see him there.


Someone must have written something about this in my chart.


One day I got hold of my chart & shredded it & flushed it down the toilet.


Immediately, I felt the peace of God.


The trauma was gone. I was able to be near this particular person and feel peace.


So erasing records of trauma releases us from traumatization and allows us to be healed.


An evangelist friend of mine went out on the street with tracts to hand out.


He used to carry tracts that also quoted a lot of false religions, as a comparison with the bible.


I used to notice that he was getting affected spiritually by the lying spirits being invoked by this false information when he had them around him.


When I evangelized by selling my books on the street and talking to people about God, I noticed that when I had ungodly books around me, it would attract people with the same spirits to me.


Like attracts like.


This is why Jesus, when he sent his disciples out to preach, told them to take practically nothing with them. This way they had the power of God with them, and no other spirits going along. Jesus and his disciples never went out with scrolls of Greek philosophies when they spoke to Greeks, to compare their theology with the others.


By being pure they had more spiritual authority to rebuke and cast out unclean spirits. If they had something with them giving permission for certain unclean spirits to be with them, they probably would not have the authority to rebuke them on someone else. And they would have attracted them, too.


Another scripture about the power of faith and relationship with Jesus & one’s prayers:


“If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”  John 15:7.


See  free minibook  & article


Spiritual Wisdom Revised



It talks about how & where to pray, hearing from God, healing, assessing one’s environment for openings for demonic oppression, which can cause mental & physical illness & other problems (curses), homosexuality is sin & how to be delivered from it, symbols.





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THE POWER OF WORDS revised (ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry)





Words don't just describe, they invoke what we speak, creating self-fulfilling prophecies, blessings & curses. All writers, songwriters, teachers, pastors are accountable for the effects of their words on others. Proverbs 18:21 says there is 'dea-- & life in the tongue" James chapter 3 warns about the power of the tongue.


Spiritual Wisdom revised





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God talks to everyone on the earth in our thoughts, through the Holy Spirit.


Our conscience is God.  Our intuition is usually God.


The Holy Spirit has been on the earth for 2000 years, since Jesus sent it from Heaven to be with us and in us (when we get born again, which we all need to do).


See articles:


Do you Believe God Speaks to you? He DOES, in your thoughts







The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it”. All inspiration comes from the spiritual realm. This includes our THOUGHTS.


They come from God or the other side, according to Jewish & Christian theology.


James ch 3 (New Testament) says there is wisdom from above, and wisdom from below.


Many people who are creative are falsely called mentally ill by atheistic psychiatry.


Many creative people and others have been falsely called schizophrenic when there is nothing wrong with them.


Psychiatry has ruined the creativity of many artists; musicians, writers etc. because their atheistic worldview denies that there IS a spiritual realm.


Doctor’s 2nd question is always “Do you hear voices?”


 Anyone who says they hear God or demons, is thought, by them, to be having auditory hallucinations, a supposed symptom of psychosis. They get labeled schizophrenic, schizo-affective or even bipolar. This is all atheistic nonsense. Hallucinations are imaginary, by definition. Psychiatry denies that the spiritual realm exists


Bipolar is a label sometimes given to anyone who prays a lot. They call it ‘religiously pre-occupied” a supposed symptom of mania. Then they assume that if a person is manic, they must also be bipolar. One false assumption after another.


The bible says to pray continually. God wants us to have a continual dialogue with him. Abraham walked & talked with God.


Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be on us and in us to re-institute that kind of fellowship & intimacy with God.


Sin separates us from God. When we accept Jesus as the savior, his atonement for our sins enables us to draw closer to God, and have a relationship with him.


Bipolar is now the diagnosis du jour. Schizophrenia used to be, 20 years ago. Psychiatry runs in fads. ADHD is another one. Depress- is another. They use these labels to snooker the public into becoming ‘consumers’ for their drugs. Mental patients even refer to themselves as ‘consumers’. How is it they don’t see that they are being used?


The drug lobby is the biggest in the world. They want people to be lifelong consumers of their products, so they promote the idea that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances, which their drugs supposedly correct. It is all a BIG LIE.


The drugs cause chemical imbalances, and brain damage, suicide, homicide.


The truth is that EVERYONE hears voices, as thoughts in our heads. They come from the spiritual realm, which is REAL.


God talks to everyone on the earth through the Holy Spirit. Our conscience is God.


The Holy Spirit has been on the earth for 2000 years, since Jesus sent it from Heaven to be with us and in us (when we get born again, which we all need to do).


A lot of books are truth mixed with lies. When we read something, we should read it prayerfully, asking God to confirm what is true and what is not. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.


In order to read prayerfully, we need quiet. If there is music, tv etc then that is an opening for lying spirits. Same with being near drugs, like in a coffee house or bar. God can talk to us anywhere but it is not helpful to give the devil an opening to talk to us. And if God speaks to us somewhere near unclean spirits, his words can get linked to other spirits.


Mental illness is real, but it is caused by demonic oppression not chemical imbalances.


Jesus rebuked demons & gave his followers authority to do it.


He told his followers to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils. Matthew l0:8


There are stories in the gospels of people being delivered from epilepsy-, deaf & dumb spirits. Jesus rebuked them.


Psychiatry is atheism masquerading as science


They claim mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances, but this is a BIG LIE to sell drugs, which they claim treat them. The drugs cause chemical imbalances & brain damage. There is no evidence of any imbalances prior to treatment.


The whole issue of psychiatry is theological, not biological.


90% of psychiatrists & psychologists are atheists.


Sigmund Freud, the atheistic father of psychiatry, was a cocaine addict. That’s why so many of his theories are nonsense. The drug opened him up to lying spirits.


He said “I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion”. He WAS.


God sent me into the mental health system to be a witness against their atheism & genocide by toxic drugs, which are deadly, by design.


I spent 7 years in psych hospitals.


7 is God’s number.  I asked Him why so long, and he said “to be a witness”.


I also spent 7 years teaching in the public schools. Same purpose –as a witness to what goes on in public education (brainwashing & atheism) and to warn the kids about the demonic music & tell them about God.


I saw that 90% of the patients in psych hospitals are not ill; they are Christians & others with spiritual experiences and beliefs that the doctors falsely call hallucinations & delusions.


The court psychologist who first sent me actually said to me,


“if you believe in the bible, you’re mentally ill.”


This was showing me their atheistic worldview.


This is completely unconstitutional – it violates the first amendment for religious freedom.


The mental health system is a FRONT for Nazi genocide.


The Nazi psychiatrists killed mental patients in the secret t4 euthenasia program with drugs. This has continued worldwide ever since using mental health as a cover.


Dr Peter Breggin at http://www.breggin.com

was the first to uncover the Nazi euthanasia of mental patients. He has written many books warning about toxic psych drugs, ect (electroshock) & other abusive treatments. He has testified that the drugs cause suicide, homicide & mental illness.


The drugs are deadly, by design. They cause brain, kidney, liver damage, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems.


The side effects are torture. I was on them, I know.


I was on anti-psychotic drugs. I couldn’t pray in tongues on them, they caused memory loss & I forgot my own music & others, and it blocked my creativity; I didn’t hear music in my head. This is torture for a lifelong composer!


Bud Powell was a well-known jazz piano player. He ended up at Bellevue in NYC where he told them he had written over 1000 songs. They thought he was delusional and gave him electroshock. It destroyed his creativity. He committed suicide.


There is a booklet called Harming Artists on the website of the Citizen’s Committee on Human Rights (http://www.cchr.org)

It gives many examples of psychiatric abuse.


The cchr is an arm of the church of Scientology. I don’t agree with their theology. But what they say about psychiatry is true.


Psychiatry is mind control.


The drugs put people in a hypnotic trance so they can be brainwashed & programmed.


The CCHR has a booklet on terrorists & their psychiatric “handlers”. All of them were brainwashed by psychiatrists. (Ex: the Unabomber, Bin Laden)


Nazi scientists & psychiatrists came to the US after WWII under Operation Paperclip, running NASA & the CIA. They ran CIA brainwashing program MKULTRA which did mind control experiments & brainwashed assassins. They are behind all the major assassinations; including JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon & more. These people were brainwashed CIA patsies.


The Unabomber was part of experiments at Harvard Where Timothy Leary gave students LSD. Leary later admitted he was funded by the CIA.


The Nazis said they intended to take over the world by stealth. They didn’t really lose WWII; they just went underground. They went to South America, the US, England, Russia & who knows where. They have hijacked the American government which is why it now resembles imperialistic Nazi Germany. And they have replicated Hitler’s playbook here as well. They have passed fascist laws just like in Germany.


Since musicians are called to be prophets, God uses us to be witnesses about things that need exposing to warn people.



A Supernatural warning about Homeland Security


After 911 I saw a supernatural warning in the Boston Globe.

(Oct 9, 2001)


It was a picture of George Bush & Tom Ridge the first DHS head. They were standing in front of a flag. What appeared was not an American flag but a swastika.


I & friends saw this. It was a supernatural warning from God about the spirit behind Homeland Security; Nazism, which was anti-Christ spirit.



The Nazis were devil worshippers. That is how Hitler had such hypnotic power over Germans. He was channeling demons and they put people in a trance when he spoke to them. He had the same blackness in his eyes that Charles Manson had.


Manson also mesmerized people. He brainwashed women to commit murder. He didn’t kill anyone but interestingly he was found guilty of brainwashing the women who did the killing. Psychiatry does the same thing. They brainwash assassins and need to be found guilty of murder like Manson was. The Manson case (Sharon Tate murders) set a legal precedent that should be used against psychiatry.


See articles


Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health & education

They are: mind control, atheism, genocide, world government



NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide




SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a ‘Serious Mental Disorder”


It is a nonsense label used by atheistic psychiatry which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs or experiences mentally ill.



Excerpts  & comments to The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber




Re-arranging the garbage – on psychiatry & other lies (Psychiatry made Woody Allen meshuga)








Do you hear voices? Everyone does as thoughts in our heads




Fluoridated water is mass medication of the population. It is used worldwide for mind control & genocide.


The Nazis used fluoridated water in the camps to make prisoners docile.


It causes brain damage, canc--, bone fractures, thyroid problems. Areas with it have IQs 20 points lower. Sodium fluoride is used in the drinking water. It is the ingredient in rat poison, a toxic waste, byproduct of aluminum processing. Toothpastes with it say to call poison control if swallowed. The idea that it prevents cavities is a BIG LIE. It does not.


It causes ADHD in lab rats.


65% of the US & UK have it. Europe banned it. NYC has it.


Sodium fluoride is sneakily in most bottled water, many drinks & foods (sodas, baby foods, Mcdonald’s fries.


It is also in the anti-depressant & anti-psychotic drugs, which stupefy people & hypnotize them.


Antidotes include vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella, turmeric, other herbs.


See article


Warning: Toxic fluoride in drinking water, drugs & food & how to get rid of it

for a list of foods with it & antidotes.




Many musicians in the music business are being used as Illuminati mind control slaves.


The music business has always been run by people into witchcraf-.

Elton John has said that all his lyrics had witchcraf- meanings.


A lot of pop music artists are illuminati mind control slaves.


Their music is filled with symbols & messages to mind control the population.


Michael Jackson intended to warn people in his last tour. That is probably why he was killed. One of his last songs had the lyric “they don’t care about us”.


Rock & pop musicians have always been surrounded by handlers who supplied them with drugs. To control them.


The word pharmacy comes from the Greek root “Pharmakeia” which translates, drugs, sorcery. Sorcery is witchcraf-. It is defined as using drugs to invoke demons onto people for control. Sorcery is forbidden in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 18. It is an abomination.


The Illuminati run the mental health system, education, and entertainment/broadcasting.


Most pop music is demonic. Especially heavy metal, rap, techno-pop.


The ever-present music in all the stores, restaurants, etc. IS mind control. It puts people into a trance so they can be easily brainwashed.


John Todd came from an Illuminati bloodline family in England, the Collins family. He became a born again Christian and gave his testimony on Youtube.


Demons behind the Music-John Todd



The Illuminati bloodlines are the ones behind European royalty and the powerful banking families who rule the world. He said they practice witchcraf- and sata-sm.


This is a confirmation of the fact that top level masons are devil worshippers.  I have seen the handbook of the 32nd Level Scottish Rite, written by Albert Pike, a sata-ist.  It says:


“we worship the Luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this.”


Todd claims one of his jobs was to write checks to major churches in the US that they funded and controlled. What sorts of things do you suppose those churches are preaching?


Counterfeit Christianity. To weaken the church. They preach heresies and use bible translations that are distorted.


As John Todd says he wrote checks to Christian churches, the Illuminati have co-opted bible companies to subvert the translations of bibles.


This is what is happening with the bible translations being marketed by companies that are not Christian whose goal is to contaminate the word of God.


Zondervan, the company that publishes the NIV, is now owned by Harper Collins, which publishes the Sata-ic bible. So this shows spiritually who is behind the NIV, who has control over it.


Bible translations- only the King James is good




John Todd said he also owned the major record labels, all of whom, he said, had rooms where they would cast spells on their recordings not only to make them sell, but to put spiritual control over the listeners. They assign demons to the records to go to everyone who has them. This is why records need to be removed from around one to remove spiritual oppression.


Todd says he spoke to David Crosby of Crosby Stills & Nash, after he was saved, asking him if things were still the same as it used to be when he was involved in the music business. Crosby says yes, they still have prayer rooms where they pray demons onto masters, for spiritual control.


So rock & pop records are all literally ACCURSED OBJECTS, which open one up to demonic attack by having them. They need to be removed from one’s house.  That is what I did.


Crosby says that in order to get a record contract, one has to be a witch. To advance as a witch, one has to engage in homosexuality. This explains why pop artists are now doing things like women kissing women in their performances. It is a rite of initiation. They are being used to condition the public to accept homosexuality.


This video was made in the 70’s. The music business has gotten worse, not better.


Even if one does not ‘sell their soul” to get a contract, one would still be opening up oneself to demons, just by the connection.


There is spiritual blowback to the artists on these records because of the curses being prayed onto them.  Because their names and pictures are on the records, the demons being prayed onto the records ALSO go to THEM.  THIS is why so many of them have mental illness issues.


I was led to an article about a pop singer who cuts herself. She said she didn’t understand why she suffered from depress- when she was in the middle of a tour and being successful.   Well, for a host of reasons.

1) if she agreed to be a witch, that brings curses; 

2) using alcohol or any drugs does that; 

3) the curses prayed onto her records are being sent to her as well.  It is the reason so many of them get sucked into addictions in the first place. 


So someone like Justin Bieber, a Christian pop artist, is having his records cursed by these people – no wonder he starts having personality problems.  In addition to being compromised spiritually by carnal pop lyrics which is bad enough.  The same thing happened to Amy Grant, a Christian artist who crossed over into pop.  Christian artists need to remain pure, to keep the anointing of God on them and their music. If they compromise spiritually, they lose the anointing and suffer personally as well.


The bible explicitly says NOT to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.


2 Corinthians 6:14.


This is because of spiritual contamination.


“Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers;

for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?

And what communion hath light with darkness?

And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what

part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?

For ye are the temple of the living God, as God hath said,

I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their

God, and they shall be my people.


Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate,

saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will

receive you.


And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18


Hence it is hardly advisable to sign contracts with the

Illuminati -run music business.


On a related point, I would not want to listen to music by a gay artist. The spirit of homosexuality on them would transmit through their music, and others can pick it up.


I spent several months playing the piano and worshipping in a university chapel in l998.  One of the musicians who also played there, the organ player, was gay.  One day, I walked in and smelled sexual body fluids there.  He must have been playing, and the spirit was all over the place.  Completely unholy.  (unless he also had sex somewhere in the chapel – that would do it too). But just playing, if one has an unclean spirit, transmits it to the place, so that others would pick it up, get contaminated by it. 


I went into St. Patricks Cathedral once to pray, in NYC.  My skin crawled. I always feel heaviness in Catholic churches, because of the statues, which violate the 10 commandments.  But there was something else. I believe I was reacting to the fact that a few years earlier, it was reported that a couple had had sex in there. So the whole place was defiled. 


Michael Jackson was an illuminati slave. He intended to warn people about the illuminati in his last tour; this is why he was killed. One of his last songs had the lyric


“I just want tell you that they don’t care about us”. He was referring to the Illuminati who run the world and use humanity as their serfs. They have no regard for the welfare of the masses.


This was confirmed by something Nick Rockefeller said to filmmaker Aaron Russo; “ why care about the serfs? Just take care of your own.”


Rockefeller befriended Russo, tried to get him to join the CFR, an Illuminati organization that works toward world government, founded by David Rockefeller. Nick Rockefeller told Russo one of their goals is to microchip the entire population.


He said his family funded the feminist movement, to break down families so that the state would have more control. He also said an event would happen, prior to 911, that would be used an excuse to go to war in Iraq & Afghanistan, and get control of the population (Patriot Act, executive orders). He said they would be looking in caves in Afghanistan & it would all be a big hoax.


See article


Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order



Video of Aaron Russo on Rockefeller:





This explains what I discern about a lot of music spiritually; it is transmitting things spiritually that are not of God. This is partly due to the words, and the spiritual environment of the artists (their use of drugs is an opening for demonic spirits which then transmit thru the music) but this other factor is another level. If they were clever, they would also do this with supposed Christian music to contaminate it spiritually


John Todd said they DO this with "Christian Rock" that they market. Not all Christian music is annointed. He specifically says he funded Maranatha Music, a company created by Calvary Chapel.



Companies like Hosanna/Integrity & Vineyard Music DO seem annointed to me and probably have not been co-opted by the Illuminati run music business.


The Vineyard is a Charismatic non-denominational church whose music is used in many churches. I came to faith due to powerful encounters with God during worship in their church. I felt a spirit of Love flooding through me as they worshipped Jesus.


Bob Dylan also got saved through the Vineyard. You can listen to their music on Youtube.Try


Holy & Annointed One by Brian Doerksen



Come Now is the Time to Worship by Brian Doerksen


One needs to hear music that DOES invoke God's Spirit to be able to tell the difference between God's Spirit and the dark spirits that most pop invokes. Someone who has never heard God's music doesn't realize how bad the other stuff is. It is like someone who is used to eating twinkies and has never eaten a piece of fruit.


See article


Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for Quiet




Youtube video:


John Todd- Demons behind the Music




The Illuminati are using their control over the music business to get control over the population through music and drugs.


They are using drugs, education & ever-present music for mind control.


Most stores & restaurants play music. Such constant noise makes it hard for people to pray & hear from God. It is interference. It weakens people’s resistance to demonic attack.


The music industry is using this demonic trance music to turn people into obedient robots & commit genocide. Someone went to a dance concert of techno-pop music & said the kids looked like zombies.


I wouldn’t doubt that they use subliminal programming. It is very effective. (messages hidden behind the music that is not consciously perceived). Don’t you think they are using subliminal messages in the stores that say “Buy” or “eat” in restaurants?


They are using hypnotic trigger words in the music and videos to program the public to commit suicide & homicide. In addition to the lyrics that overtly encourage this.


Fritz Springmeier wrote 2 books free on the web; Illuminati mind control slaves, which talks about how many artists in the music business are ‘handlers’ to other artists and Bloodlines of the Illuminati.


He says there are 13 bloodlines, including the Rothschilds, Rockefellers. He says both Adolph Hitler & Abraham Lincoln are of the Rothschild bloodlines.


The book Conspirator’s Hierarchy: the Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman documents the Illuminati plan for world government, the control of the music business, the drug trade that is behind all the wars. The British Nobility & the Rothschilds control the American Illuminati bloodline families. The Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds. John Todd also says this.  


One warning about this book: I believe he is speaking the truth about a lot of things, which are confirmed by others, about the Committee of 300, Tavistock.   However, he says he believes the Beatles did not write their own music, that it was written by Theo Adorno, a musician and musicologist who had ties to TAVISTOCK.    He is obviously NOT a musician. He writes like he cannot conceive of how Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote their own music. This is ludicrous. I have written music since age 3.  Musicians are inspired by God and the demonic to write what they write.  It is no mystery.


Highlights & comments on Coleman’s book at:


Conspirators’ Hierarchy – the Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman


Coleman was a member of M-16, British Intelligence. He says the Illuminati run Tavistock Institute in London, a place run by psychiatrists who train the global elite to serve their agendas. Tavistock is all about mind control & drugs. It was run by Sigmund Freud. They control all the think tanks and foundations in the US. The people who run Tavistock run mental health, and are using mental health to genocide & brainwash the population through drugs, music, education & all the foundations they run.


John Rawlings Rees, a psychiatrist, was head of Tavistock. He has said “we need to infiltrate 4 areas; education, the churches, medical & legal systems, and be a 5th column like the totalitarians (using the media to plant propaganda, all of which is pro-drugging). “We” refers to illuminati, devil worshippers. These people run the mental health system.


Their agendas include world government, mind control, genocide, atheism.


See article


Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health & education



Coleman says Rees “trained” (brainwashed) Henry Kissinger. Kissinger is the American liaison from the Committee of 300 to the US. He works for David Rockefeller, founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American arm of the Illuminati. Their goal is destruction of the US constitution and US sovereignty, to create world government. This is the fascist world government of the anti-Christ that the book of Revelation in the bible warns about.


Kissinger “advises” Obama. He is his ‘handler’. Kissinger has said “Obama will bring in the New World Order”.


Kissinger has also said “the illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”


Obama’s healthcare bill sneakily mandates microchipping the whole population.


Obamacare Sneakily mandates Microchipping People



P. 1001 calls for a ‘registry of medical devices” pursuant to a 2004 FDA directive which calls for “implantable transponders for healthcare info & ID”.


This is all for mind control as well as monetary control. The bible warns against taking the “mark of the beast”, a mark which the anti-Christ world leader will make people take in their right hand or forehead, without which no man can buy or sell. Revelation 13.


The bible warns that anyone who takes this “mark” will suffer eternal torment. Hence people need to resist, and trust God for supernatural provision. The chips will also be used for mind control, just like they are using drugs & music to do.


A prophetic warning appeared about this. Obama was shown on his vacation holding a copy of  BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley. That prophetic book warns about the blueprint of the social engineers. It was NOT fiction.


Huxley knew their agendas, and was part of it. He said “a scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses” The book describes a fascist society where everyone is controlled & drugged.


Huxley was sent by Tavistock to the US to support drugging the population with LSD. The whole hippy counterculture of drugs was directed by the Illuminati and Tavistock.


The Queen of England does not only rule England, She, thru the Illuminati & Committee of 300, rules the US & the world!


It’s not really so odd that Sir Paul McCartney & Sir Mick Jagger were knighted, when they have been serving the Illuminati agenda all along. While praying about this, God said to me, “They were used”.


John Lennon said elsewhere that the whole meaning of the Beatles was “do as thou wilt” – which is the motto of Alistair Crowley, the master sata-ist. They had his picture on the Sargeant Pepper lp, with many others. McCartney said these people were their ‘heroes’.


God told me “he needs to renounce it”. It is God’s will for all musicians to serve HIM, not the Illuminati!


Paul McCartney fills stadiums worldwide – God has positioned him to save the world, just like the Apostle Paul! And the Apostle Paul was also on the wrong path – in ignorance working against the followers of Jesus, when he had his “Damascus Road experience” and God spoke to him. Then he did a l80 degree turn and became the apostle to the gentiles.


God likes to use people that are on the wrong side and convert them to be used for HIM- it is a powerful testimony.


McCartney sings about love and his music heals many people. But like most musicians, the music is spiritually mixed.


The bible says It is God’s will for all people to be saved. Especially musicians, who have a sacred calling to heal the world and speak to the world.


Paul McCartney had an opportunity when he played the Olympics to evangelize the biggest audience in history – l/8 of the planet – bigger than any evangelist in history! He sang HEY JUDE.   A bell went off before he started, interrupting.  It was GOD.


God told me John Lennon got saved before he died.


His song “IMAGINE” is an atrocious error. It says “imagine there is no heaven or hell”. No religion. The world will be as one. “ It was an anthem for the new world order. One world government of the anti-Christ, an atheist society.


The bible describes a kingdom where Jesus will rule, and everyone WILL be as one in that kingdom, the Kingdom of GOD!


The devil creates counterfeits of the things of God.


Lennon knows better now, since he got saved and is in Heaven.


On what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday, I asked God if I should pray for Him to come back from Heaven, to testify that it is real.


God said back to me, “they’ll worship him.”


I could see his point. Mankind has a huge tendency to digress into error.


Catholics do it. Many venerate Mary, and call her the Queen of Heaven. This is idolatry to God. Even when she appears to them, she always says “Look to my son” as opposed to worshipping her. It is a diversion. Catholic doctrine teaches that Mary is the mediatrix. But this is totally unscriptural.


The bible says there is only one mediator between God & man, the man Christ Jesus. 1 Timothy 2:5


One time I was at a charismatic prayer meeting at a Catholic church. Charismatic Catholics pray in tongues.


God spoke to me, saying “talk to my children”.


I asked, “what should I say”.


He said “Look not to Mary but to Me”.


There were some instances where someone in the news was in the hospital & needed healing, and I asked if I should pray for them, and God said


“They’ll worship the doctors”.


God hates idolatry. He wants the credit. This is the problem with people going to doctors; they often think doctors healed them and not God using them.


God often heals directly by the Holy Spirit, so there will be no mistake that it WAS him and the testimony is Clear. I have rebuked canc- in Jesus name. If a person goes for chemo, they would think medicine did it, not prayer.



Ringo Starr said he wanted peace and love for his birthday. True peace comes from being Born Again, filled with the Holy Spirit. Peace from God.


On his 70th birthday, I prayed that he would receive the Holy Spirit and start talking & singing in tongues. A day later, I had a vision of him talking to me, saying “your prayer was answered”.


See article


Praying & Singing in tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



A lot of these pop artists are illuminati slaves because they have sold their souls for wealth and fame.


Some are just prostitutes. Others have literally made a pact with the devil. For so many the price is drug addiction. The devil holds people captive, to sin, and addictions. Jesus sets us free. He came to set us free FROM sin, not Free TO sin.


Jesus said “he who sins is a servant to sin” John 8:34


“If  the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36


Jesus read Isaiah 61 in the temple. It says


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek,..to proclaim liberty to the captives..the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.”


Then he said “This day this is fulfilled.” Referring to Himself.


Romans 6:23 says “the wages of sin is deat-, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”


Not only physical, but spiritual. If we stay in sin, we won’t be Holy and go to heaven. Jesus’ atonement on the cross was a gift from God to forgive our sin, and to wash us clean from sin.


We become holy not because of our own works, but because of Jesus’ sacrifice.


There is no way to work our way into heaven. Those who think they can are deceived. Those who practice yoga for spiritual reasons do so with the idea that they will make themselves holy and work their way into heaven. It is a deception. They also think if they are holy enough, they will avoid reincarnation as humans or animals and go straight to God.


In the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, he says Siddha yoga is working their way into Heaven.



Reincarnation is error.


The book of  Hebrews says


“it is appointed to a man once to die and then judgment.” Hebrews 9:27


Even if they were right, Christianity has a much better offer!


Accept Jesus as savior, repent of your sins, and they are all forgiven, and because of Jesus’ sacrifice as atonement for our sins, we go to Heaven. We are justified by Jesus, not our own works. This plan has a lot more rest! That’s why being born again brings inner peace.


Jesus said ‘Peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you.” John 14:26


People who are anxious are often that way because deep down in their spirit they KNOW they will go to Hell unless their sins are forgiven. This is NOT neurotic, it is a symptom of their spiritual condition.


God often uses our emotional state or physical condition (disease) to let us know that our spiritual, condition is dis-eased. We can’t always discern our sinful condition, but God does.


Physical illnesses or mental conditions are like lights on a car’s dashboard- a sign that something is amiss. When we take care of the spiritual condition, we can be healed.


Reincarnation is WRONG



New Age Deceptions


The new age is full of deceptions. Look at the fruit.


The Kabbalah Center has a lot of followers who are celebrities. If it was such a Holy path, people who follow it would be leading holy lives, not sinful ones. Some of the celebrities who advocate it commit adultery – forbidden by the 10 commandments!



I left the new age movement after reading new age books for 10 years. One day I had the revelation


“if this is from God, it should be free”. This notion came to me from God.


When I read the bible, I saw that Jesus said:


“Preach, saying, The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:7-8


All the new age healing techniques charged money.


In the book of Acts there was a man named Simon a sorcerer who asked Jesus’ disciples if he could buy the Holy Spirit so he could also heal people, and they rebuked him for thinking it could be bought.


Prophets of God do not charge for their messages. The Old Testament prophets did not. All the new age channeled books, supposedly from God, cost money. It is an opening for lying spirits.


The devil’s main tool is deception. He also infiltrates every man-made institution to corrupt and discredit it. So he has infiltrated churches and done bad things to discredit God’s name and Jesus’ name.


Letter to a new ager on Spiritual Deception




New Age practices cause mental and physical illness – warning to new agers on spiritual deception - ch 5 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deceptions



The Ouija board killed my mother



The velvet couch – how the new age movement ruined my place of rest



Get rid of Harry Potter books, Pokemon, tarot cards & Ouija boards: they bring curses & cause mental & physical illness



Why Reincarnation is wrong




My mother used to say she believed in it because it makes sense. Well it does, but that doesn’t mean it is true. The universe does not have to conform to human logic. Time travel makes no sense in a lot of ways but it still may be possible.


The universe and all the things in it, the moon, stars, various animals, bugs etc, don’t need man’s permission to exist. Does a hippopatumus ‘make sense’? It is what it is. Maybe it’s there because God enjoyed making animals, just like humans enjoy being creative. We enjoy being creative because God is creative, and the bible says we are made in God’s likeness, so we have attributes of God, that being one.


Since mankind didn’t create the universe, we don’t get to dictate the rules of the universe. That is what God said to Job in the book of Job – “where were you when I made the heavens and earth” etc.


I had 2 experiences where God showed me reincarnation was wrong.


I had picked up a Hindu book talking about it a few years ago and was carrying it around to read. One day, while halfway through it, a crippled man hobbled by me, looking right at me. I sensed he was thinking “are you going to heal me?”


I heard a voice say to me, “Throw it”


I knew God was saying to me, “if you want authority to heal him, throw away the lies”


He was probably testing my obedience. If I had obeyed, He would have poured out his spirit with power. But I said “can I please finish the book & then throw it?” which I did. I saw the man a few more times and finally spoke to him. I always read books & then get rid of them so I am not carrying spiritual baggage. This had to have been a test of obedience.


The guy may have been an angel God was using to test me.

The bible says


“be not forgetful to entertain strangers; many have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2


I have had many experiences where strangers gave me messages, helped me, or did odd things as a prophetic sign; I know they were angels.


Years ago I was in Vermont and my car had a problem. Some guy approached me & offered to help.  Every time he came or left, I heard choirs of angelic music.  Either he was an angel, or God was letting me know He sent him.


Another time I drove somewhere & hit the curb & got a flat. I prayed God HELP and instantly some guy appeared out of  nowhere, with a big smile, changed the tire & disappeared.


The 2nd time, I had just read Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. A fascinating book. He talks about gurus who levitated, didn’t need food or sleep (mentioning Christian mystics who did the same thing) and did all kinds of miracles. He misquotes biblical scriptures; he either doesn’t understand them or was being deceptive.


He obviously believed in reincarnation. I asked God after this


“could reincarnation be true?” and He said to me,


“Is your faith so weak?”


He was reminding me of the scripture in Hebrews 9:27 that says it is appointed to a man ONCE to die and then judgment. If this is true, reincarnation is not.


God was reminding me that He had already established the veracity of the bible, to ME. This happened years before when a rabbi challenged my faith in Jesus. He had said,


“You’re wrong about him. God only answers your prayers cos you’re a Jew.”


Well, Just to be sure, I tested it. I was living in a church worshipping alone at night. So for 2 weeks, instead of calling on Jesus, I only sang


“Adonai, God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob.”


I felt the same presence of the Holy Spirit I had felt when singing to Jesus.


And God spoke to me, repeatedly for 2 weeks, 2 things:


“Don’t deny the name of my son” and “My word is true”.


The 1st meant Jesus and the 2nd meant the bible. That is why I believe it.


God was rebuking me, not just correcting me. I never tested it again.


Jesus warned us that anyone who denies him before men he will deny before the Father. Matthew 10:33


One time I met a Jewish lady who invited me to her house for Shabbat. I asked God “what should I do?”


and He said “Be faithful.”


Meaning, testify to Jesus.



One of the new age lies is that there is no hell, that all spirits are good.


The New Testament warns about many who will come and preach a different Jesus and also says the devil is transformed as an angel of light.


And no marvel for Sat- himself is transformed into an angel of light.


Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers be transformed as the ministers of righteousness: whose end shall be according to their works.” 1 Corinthians 11:14-15


The devil was known as Lucifer which means Light Bearer, in Heaven. He was in charge of worship. He was thrown out due to pride. He wanted to be God. He took one third of the angels with him, to rule over the earth. He knows that his end will be in the lake of fire. The book of Revelation says so. Isaiah 14 describes this.


Since he led worship, He runs most of the music business.


The Illuminati run the music business, as John Todd testified.



The Illuminati worship Lucifer.


They have good and evil reversed.


They believe Lucifer, the light bearer, comes to Illuminate mankind with knowledge. Occult knowledge. Hidden knowledge.This is true, It is the knowledge from the tree of Good and Evil, which God forbade Adam and Eve from eating the fruit thereof. If they had not, they would have lived forever.


They believe Lucifer is Good because he wants to give them spiritual knowledge, and Adonai, the God of the bible, is bad.


But Lucifer doesn’t heal or forgive sins. God does, through his Son Jesus Christ.


The Illuminati infiltrated masonry . Their handbook for the 32nd level Scottish Rite was written by Albert Pike, a sata-ist. It says “We worship the Luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this.” I have seen it.


All occult groups have hierarchies, using the lower levels as a front where they might do good, to obscure their real evil agendas on top. The masons have Shriners hospitals, which treat burn victims.


I have read that devil worshippers do good because they believe that their evil deeds need to be balanced by good deeds.


Being involved with masonry, even for those at the lower levels, brings curses on oneself & one’s family. It needs to be renounced and any curses broken in Jesus’ name. It brings a curse of dea-. The rituals involve climbing into coffins. I know people who were masons whose children died of canc- , due to the curse.


The cults all have ties to masonry, at the top levels, though the lower levels don’t know it. This is true of Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons, Christian Science.


They preach truth mixed with lies. This is how the devil operates. The whole new age movement is like this.


New age books quote the bible, out of context, and distort the real meaning. Or add things that are complete lies mixed in with truths.


They say things that are true to win your trust or loyalty, to gain credibility and then corrupt with lies.

The devil wears many hats, or costumes.


Scientology is like this. They speak the truth about psychiatry, and call it mind control, but so is scientology. The devil is operating on both sides.


This is a common ploy of the devil.  He is on both sides of an issue .

He uses one side to point fingers about the sins of the other, to gain credibility with those who agree. They think that must be the good guys, since they know the other side is bad.  It is all manipulation.


The Illuminati, who are devil worshippers, do the same thing. They have funded both sides of every war, to make money and keep the conflicts going for their own purposes, using the public as pawns.


They create problems and then offer their solutions to get people

to agree to their solutions.


Masonry’s motto is Order out of Chaos.   They create the chaos so people will agree to their “order”.


They fund insurrections & political instability to justify creating a police state, or martial law.


Scientology was founded by L Ron Hubbard who had ties to the OTO, a witchcraf- organization that had ties to Alistair Crowley, a master sat-ist.


I had an experience with scientology years ago that showed me the mind control they use. Some stranger looked at me from across the street, and willed me telepathically to go over to him and bring him home to sleep with him. He told me afterward he was into scientology, and had done this, boasting, I guess. So I knew.



Message to Musicians Who have Sold Their Souls to the Devil



You can renounce it. It’s not too late. The devil will tell you that it is. But he is a liar, the father of all lies.


You have been deceived.


The devil has told many of you that you will rule in Hell, serving him. But the only ones who rule in hell will be demons, who torment people.


You may think – well he promised me fame and fortune, and he delivered, so why should I not believe him?


He is still a liar. He did that to get you to trust him so you would believe his lies.


This is what PSYCHICS do. They are listening to lying demonic spirits. They will tell you some true things to get you to trust them, and then say lies or speak curses. This is why the bible says not to consult with people who have familiar spirits. It is an abomination, according to Deuteronomy 18, It is a set up.


My message to anyone who has believed this lie that you will rule in Hell is that the CONTRACT is INVALID since it was based on a lie and you can BREAK IT.


In Contract law if a party to a contract does so in ignorance or is deceived then they are not responsible to uphold the contract.


Any contract made in deception is invalid. That is a legal principle about contracts. And the devil is a legalist.


He is also known as the accuser. He is the one who will stand before God accusing us of our sins on the judgment day. If we have accepted Jesus as savior, God will say “His sins are forgiven because Jesus paid the price.”


Since the contract with the devil was made under a spirit of deception & is invalid, you can renounce it in Jesus name.


The devil won’t like it but Jesus has authority over him and his demons. Even if the devil tries to kill someone who breaks their contract, if they get saved, they will go to Heaven.


The devil will tell you that you can’t get saved, but this is a LIE.


The bible says that it is God’s will that ALL would be Saved. Even the worst sinner, if he repents can be saved.


The history of mankind is filled with people who were atrocious sinners who repented and got saved. The Apostle Paul was one. He was killing followers of Jesus. On the famous road to Damascus the Holy Spirit spoke to him, blinded him and told him to meet a man who would pray for him to be healed, and God then used him to preach Jesus and Salvation to the gentile world.


Paul said that he was a blasphemer, but he did it in ignorance, So God forgave him.


The bible says we can ask God to forgive the sins of other people. When Jesus gave his followers the Holy Spirit, it says he breathed on them and said


“Receive ye the Holy Spirit, Whosoever sins ye remit are remitted unto them, Whosoever sins ye retain are retained” John 20:22-23


So we can hold others in unforgiveness or we can forgive them. When we don’t forgive them, it holds them in a state of condemnation and acts like a curse that tends to make them repeat it. When we forgive them, they are released from this curse and can act differently.


The bible also says that if we don’t forgive someone, this bitter root of unforgiveness in us can defile many others to repeat it. Hebrews 12:15

So to break patterns of abuse, we need to forgive so that new relationships don’t end up acting like the problems we had before, or that people we know don’t repeat their mistakes.


Paul says there is one sin that a person cannot pray for God to forgive for another person – the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that this is attributing to the Devil what is the work of the Holy Spirit.


However, if the person who committed the sin themselves repents, they can be forgiven. The apostle Paul was.


Those who have come to know the love of God and Grace of God after having been atheists or devil worshippers have a powerful ministry for God. Their testimony is powerful.


I believe one of the main reasons God has let some of the old rockers of the 60’s still be around is because HE wants TO USE THEM FOR HIS TESTIMONY.


I’m sure many of these people have had Christians praying for them for years to get saved.


I ran across someone who said she had been praying for Bob Dylan for years.


This is true of atheists as well. The prominent ones provoke Christians to pray for them. God might inspire someone to publish their demonic nonsense because God knows it will provoke others to pray them out of their error. And also to expose the lies and write a response to it.


Rockers who have been devil worshippers (heavy metal music