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Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy


Remedy for Rikers


The President & Governors should override the Unconstitutional Mental Health System by Executive Order


THE PRISONER'S HANDBOOK God's help for those in jail and solitary

Testimony of Juan Mendez, UN expert on torture, on solitary confinement



Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs



The 2 major mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain


Solitary Cellmate


Let there be a prison reform bill in Ted Kennedy's name

Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes



Play Piano in Half an Hour



Pass the Pothead Law



If pot is legal, all teens will smoke it


Pot damages brains


Mind Control Effects of Pot



My pot smoking killed my mother


Why Trump is crazy – blame Andrew Cuomo's medical pot law


Pot is the number 1 problem and it's all Bob Dylan's fault


Articles about pot


God's weapon of choice for cops - the Bible


This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!


Posters for the anti-stupid campaign


Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for QUIET


Pop music is toxic – ban it in stores & restaurants


Spiritual Wisdom Revised


Her name was Nancy Webster – on solitary confinement, suicide & psych wards


Governor Rick Perry should abolish executions & pardon everyone – a testimony to the Forgiveness of Jesus


Pot smokers in the park are Andrew Cuomo's fault


Why someone threw blood on Bill Bratton's head


The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

How to be a Smart Kid – ask older people what mistakes they made & avoid them


How to Fix the World in Two Snaps


How to get a teen not to smoke or vape


How to stop pot smoking & vaping in high schools & NYC

How to stop public smoking in 6 months

Having a criminal record ruins a person’s life.  It sets up assignments against the person – curses, that work to re-accuse them or re-tempt them to do the things that they did before. 

Then the nightmare repeats. It causes recidivism. Having a record and being re-accused of the same crimes is what drove Kalief Browder to suicide. 

In addition to the fact that having a record makes it hard to find jobs, housing, etc.

When a person gets out of jail, they should have their record erased. This will remove the curses and lower the recidivism rates. They will be able to get their life back without having the mistake repeat and follow them through life.

God's weapon of choice for cops - the Bible


The cops should carry bibles. This will give them supernatural protection; it puts angels around a person. I always carry one. 

When they see someone committing a crime like robbing a store, they should THROW them at the person. This should help even the most obtuse person get the message that GOD is trying to give them a message not to do that behavior. They should say to the person


Then they all throw the bibles at the person instead of other weapons or procedures to arrest them.

It beats the alternative of guns or tasers, which also can be lethal.

Cops like to throw the book at someone. Well, let it be the GOOD BOOK!

If someone is dressed with their underwear showing, they can say

“Everyone has a calling from God. Your calling is probably NOT to look like the village idiot”

Posters for the anti-stupid campaign


These posters should be used in the schools and subways to get kids to think about how they dress. Dressing with the saggy pants look which comes from Jail is dangerous for them. It gives the cops the idea that they might belong in jail. It can be a subconscious thing. When people go to court, they are always better off in street clothes instead of jail clothes for the same reason. Trial lawyers know this. If a person is in jail clothes, it sends a subconscious message to the judges and juries that they belong there  - that is the image of them that is presented.

Wearing saggy pants does not get people especially cops to respect them. The last thing they need is to do anything to induce disrespect from cops, in order to avoid any negative interactions with cops.  People practically should do whatever is in their control.

The Black Lives Matter people need to understand that Black behavior also matters. Using drugs and dressing like an idiot is a bad idea.  I have asked young blacks wearing suits if they had problems with stop and frisk. They said no. So dress has a lot to do with how we are judged.
Ending up with a criminal record is such a life changing outcome that people should do whatever is in their control to avoid it.

On the subject of avoiding jail, I would recommend that a billionaire provide suits to all male black young people.

Kids should wear shirts that say God’s Gang and carry bibles in their backpacks.

If they did this the bibles would give supernatural protection and they would not need to join gangs or carry weapons for protection.

GOD'S GANG – Bible in every backpack


The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


We need to ban public smoking. 

Public smoking is an assault


This country is “going to pot” because this country is going to pot


Public smoking is an assault.  People who stand on sidewalks and smoke and talk are afflicting everyone who walks by. The smell is on them and when they talk it transmits. The smell goes on other people’s clothes.

Same with pot.

The cops should arrest these folks for assault, and reckless endangerment, laws which are already on the books, even before public smoking is banned.

THEN they get a free trip to the Rikers School of Ministry.

Remedy for Rikers


All the cops have to do is take their picture with the cig in their hand or mouth, take it to a judge.

Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy


Instead of sentencing people for a particular period of time, the judges will do something completely different.

Give them an assignment – 50 notebooks (like 60 hail marys).

When the person completes their assignment, they can leave.

People used to write on the blackboard in detention in high school

“I will not do such and such”

Similar idea. Let the person write

Selling pot is a bad idea.

Smoking pot is a bad idea.

Smoking is a bad idea.

Doing such and such is a bad idea.

When they have done 60 notebooks of this, they will never do it again. At the mention of the word pot, their hand will hurt. It is aversive therapy. It will definitely work.

The judges could alternatively send them home, to return in a month, knowing full well that the wise guy will get 20 of his friends to help him complete the assignment.

This is GOOD, since then there will be 20 former idiots who will no longer smoke pot.

It is like sterilizing bees and sending them into the hive.

THIS is a good way to counteract the practice of public smoking of anything.

I called up Judge Jonathan Lippman, the former NY State Appeals Court judge who is interested in criminal justice reform. I asked him if he ever heard of anyone using notebook therapy instead of prison sentences of a set length. He said no.

SO it is an unusual new idea. It would definitely work.

It is similar in concept to sending people into therapy in psych wards instead of jail. But psych wards make them WORSE since they drug people, which makes them mentally ill and causes suicides and homicides. People can not pray on the drugs. They ruin creativity. I was on the drugs so I know firsthand.

The problem with drug courts is that they send people into the mental health system which is all about drugging people, which is not effective.

People who go through rehab in these places get put on psych drugs and go back to their old habits.  They are not set free by psych drugs. Jesus sets people free form drugs.

Psych hospitals hold people for YEARS using them as involuntary guinea pigs for the drugs. ALL the state hospitals do this. They get unlimited money from the government so they have no incentive to release people.  It is all insurance fraud, a violation of the Federal False Claims Act.

There is nothing but corruption in the mental health system.

I was at Rockland State hospital after being sent there from a private hospital when the insurance ran out. I wanted to complain to the attorney general’s office about the fraud but my lawyer pointed out that the attorney general’s office was working for the hospital to petition to hold and treat people. This is a complete conflict of interest.

Andrew Cuomo was attorney general then.
This needs to be investigated as corruption and insurance fraud by federal prosecutors like Preet Bharara.

The only way out of psych wards for most people is to escape. I escaped several times from psych wards.
The mental health system is completely unconstitutional.  The district court judges who hold the hearings obey the unconstitutional state mental health laws. In order to challenge the constitutionality of the system one needs to go to Federal Court.

At one hearing I told the judge the system was completely unconstitutional; he said “I don’t care. I am obeying the laws of MA”.

The mental health laws violate the 1st amendment for religious freedom. The doctors use theology rather than biology to diagnose people. They say it is a mental health issue when it is NOT. And they are theological ignoramuses. They don’t know new testament theology. When lawyers in hearings like to stipulate that the doctor is an expert I always protested and said “No they are an ignoramus”

Here is an example.

I had a doctor admit me in a private hospital after the NYPD brought me there when I went to talk to Mayor Bloomberg. I included in an envelope a copy of my book about psychiatry.  This was a flag for the cops who saw it and thought maybe I was crazy. In their report to the hospital they said I had a binder with the word psychiatry on it.  The doctor who admitted me said “we think you’re dangerous” when I asked why. I had an envelope with a bible and ideas about how to help the city. I told her “I am an evangelist like Billy Graham”  She said “I don’t know what evangelist means and I never heard of Billy Graham.” He is the most famous evangelist in the US.    She was Jewish and very young. A typical ignoramus.


When the courts send people into the psych system it is reckless endangerment since the drugs are toxic. The judges who do this are completely misguided.

The police who kidnap people and take them to psych wards are also guilty of reckless endangerment.

There are also cops who are doing this for money. I met someone who told me of a friend who took someone to Kings County hospital in Brooklyn and was told they would be given $100 if they brought someone who was admitted.

This is slavery!

I was kidnapped by the NYPD and taken to Bellevue. When I got my stuff back a $100 bill was missing. I think this was God’s way of showing me the motive here. The cop had said to me “we’re gonna treat you like homeless people” SO they were being told to kidnap homeless people and bring them to psych wards to be used as involuntary medical slaves.

They drugged me to remove my clothes. They could have taken picture or done anything.  A day later the doctor told me I had had a conversation with 5 people, of which I have no memory. Another one said the drugs hinder short term memory. So they know what they are doing. They were probably trying to get information out of me about who I was. When that didn’t work they lied on a petition to the court and said I had no living relatives, to get me to surface them. Which I did. If I had not they would have been more likely to commit me. When one arrived for the hearing, they canceled it since it was obvious perjury.

I have noted for years that anytime a person’s friends or relatives are mentioned in psych records, they get affected negatively. It ruins the relationships.

This drugging is evidence that MKULTRA a CIA brainwashing program still exists. President Clinton apologized for it. They just change the names and continue these programs. MKULTRA was a program to brainwash assassins using drugs.  I Have no idea what they said to me when I was on them. They use them to hypnotize people and get information.


Psych drugs are openings for demonic spirits. Demons do not cast out demons. Only Jesus casts out demons. This is why psych drugs are not helpful in curing people of mental illness. They are openings for demonic spirits.

The word Pharmacy comes from the Greek Pharmakeia which means Drugs, sorcery. Sorcery by definition is the use of drugs to invoke demons to control people. So the whole purpose of psych drugs is mind control.  And genocide, since the drugs are deadly by design. I know many people who died from the side effects or committing suicide.

I am a lifelong composer, piano player. When I was on the drugs I did not hear music in my head. It ruined my creativity and spiritual life.  I could not pray in tongues on the drugs, which I have done since getting saved in l990. Praying and singing in tongues is the mechanism by which God answers prayers, and HE has been answering mine for years. The psych drugs ruin memory. I forgot scriptures and my own music as well as other music. They took away my loud singing voice, which Jesus gave me as a testimony when he healed me. I did not have a loud singing voice growing up since my mother smoked. When I played in the church God healed me and gave me a loud singing voice. 

Every time I have been on the psych drugs God had to restore me again, through Jesus. Most people do not recover from the psych drugs. They are ruined.

People who take them are not criminally responsible; the doctors who drug them are.
Nobody on them can think clearly.

God had sent me into the psych system to be a witness against it after I became a Christian. He had me write a free book

Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry

also in chapters on my blog




It exposes atheist psychiatry which falsely calls Christians mentally ill, and their genocide by drugs which are deadly by design, and tells how to heal mental and physical illness through prayer/worship.

 Psych labels are nonsense. They are based on theology, not biology.

95% of psychiatrists and psychologists are atheists. They are theological ignoramuses.

Their 2nd question is always
DO you hear voices?

If someone says yes they hear God or demons, they are trained to call it an auditory hallucination, a supposed symptom of psychosis. They label the person schizophrenic.

Every Christian on earth would be called schizophrenic by them for saying God speaks to them.


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27



SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a “Serious Mental Disorder”


EVERYONE hears voices, as thoughts in our heads. They come from the spiritual realm.


The new testament in James ch 3 says there are two sources of thought: God and the demonic.

I spent over 7 years in various psych wards, on the drugs. They are torture and I know many people who died from them, from the side effects and from being driven to suicide, including my mother, who took valium. She looked hypnotized in pictures which was from the drugs.

The side effects of many of the drugs are torture.  There is one effect where a person can not sit still. I could not pray. It drives people to homicide and suicide. They can make people shake with tremors.  They cause brain damage, diab-, obesity, liver damage. It is commonly known that multiple drugs causes liver damage, and it is common practice to give people multiple drugs. This is what killed my mother.

I had leg cramps that made it hard to get off the floor.

I finally asked God what was happening and He said “It is the God of h-“ (the name of the drug. I realized later He was telling me that the drugs invoke demonic spirits. The remedy is to rebuke those spirits in Jesus name.

The word PHARMACY comes from Pharmakeia in Greek which translates as Drugs, Sorcery.  Sorcery in Deuteronomy 18 is an abomination to God and brings curses on those who practice it. 

SORCERY by definition is the use of Drugs to invoke Demons to control people.
That is the purpose of psych drugs – MIND CONTROL.

They hypnotize people. The DSM Calls the antipsychotics HYPNOTICS.

Dr. Peter Breggin has written many books warning about toxic psych drugs.


They cause suicides & homicide. In a recent case where Breggin testified, a Canadian judge ruled that Prozac caused a teen to commit homicide.

Judge rules psych meds cause homicide


This was the first case in North America where psych drugs were held culpable for a crime. The patients are victims of this abuse.

Walk through ANY Psych ward and you will see people like zombies staring into space. The drugs don’t just block bad thoughts (They can’t tell the difference between bad and good thoughts); they block all thought. They incapacitate a person from being able to think.

The brain scans of people on these drugs reflect the effect of the drugs, which is brain damage. The scans are normal prior to treatment. There are no abnormal brain scans of people Prior to treatment with drugs.  The doctors lie and say it is the “disease” This is nonsense. It is the drugs. Same with the side effects.

I watched the head of the hospital where I wrote my book talking to a guy who had akathisia – shifting from foot to foot. He could not stand still. The doctor said “it’s not the drug” Utter Bull. 

I saw another guy shaking horribly from the drugs. The doctor refused to take him off of it. It was torture. So he finally hit someone. They lied and said it was his ‘illness’. NO it was the torture from the drugs.

The Nazis killed mental patients with psych drugs in the t4 euthenasia program. This genocide has continued worldwide since, using Mental Health as a cover.

Dr. Peter Breggin was the first to expose the t4 genocide.

NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The mental health system is a front for Nazi Genocide


Schizophrenia is NOT a “serious mental disorder”


ALL mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose “assignments” are the names of the disease. Jesus rebuked them and gave his followers authority to do it. It works. I have rebuked asthm-, canc-,  depress-.

Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior and God heals today for the same purpose – testimony.

How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)



I spent 8 months in solitary in a women’s prison.  It was a taste of hell.
God allows tastes of hell on earth so people will believe such a place exists. If there were no evidence of it on earth nobody would believe it.  God let me have this experience to testify to it and warn people that hell is real.

When I was in solitary the devil would attack my mind. One day he attacked me physically. A brown blob appeared on my hand. I heard the word Melano- in my spirit. That was God telling me what it was. I asked God “What should I do?” (This is always a good prayer). HE said PRAY FOR IT TO GO AWAY.

I said “I rebuke this melano- in Jesus name” and it was gone overnight.

4 guards had walked by and asked me “what is that brown thing on your hand?” So It was no hallucination.

Demons attack people in our thoughts, emotions and bodies.

Negative emotions come from spirits. They can be rebuked in Jesus name.

Years ago at a messianic congregation, the worship leader was a psychiatrist. He had half the people on drugs. A man who was on anti-depressants asked if he could pray over me. I naively said yes. He laid hands on me and I left crying hysterically feeling suicidal, asking WHAT HAPPENED?  His spirit of depress- had jumped onto me.  I called my mentor, a Pentecostal from Russia, who prays in tongues, and he prayed over the phone and it left.

Another time I picked up that spirit from touching him when he had it.  I learned to rebuke it in Jesus name. It takes two minutes.

Spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact, like germs. It is more accurate to think of them as spirits than germs, since the remedy is prayer, not biology.

The root cause of sickness is on the spiritual level. That is where the most effective remedy is. Treating the physical manifestations is just treating symptoms, not causes, and they re-occur.

All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits.
This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych drugs.
Alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress-.

It can manifest as heaviness. I have picked it up from sitting in earshot of talking beer drinkers and from having a picture of someone who was drinking at another location.  The picture can act as a point of spiritual connection to what is around the person spiritually.

If we are in earshot of anyone talking who uses drugs the spirits on them transmit.
Caffeine is an opening for spirits of mania, confus-, addiction.

People who drink it talk faster due to this. Whoever is near them also talks faster due to the spirits jumping. You can pick it up just sitting in a coffeehouse.

It is the opposite of clear thinking.

People get racing thoughts. They think it inspires them – but it is mostly spam. With a few good ideas. IT is better to just avoid drugs and seek the peace of God and only get GOOD ideas from HIM. The best place to do that is in nature away from drugs and books and other paraphernalia which are openings for spirits.

When people are surrounded by books they are surrounded by all kinds of spirits which inspire those books. Whatever spirit inspires a book is around that book, or music, or art. When the object is removed, the spiritual oppression leaves.

I have always said to people if someone is sick mentally or physically clean out your house.

Also one needs to assess what they carry. Whatever is around us affects us. Our thoughts, emotions and bodies are affected by our environments.

Spiritual Wisdom Revised

Tells how to assess one’s environment for openings for demonic spirits, including books, music, art, occult objects. Other openings are sins that are not repented of. How to hear from God, how to pray, symbols, words, homosexuality & how to be delivered from it.

Homosexuality is a spirit. One can pick up spirits from beds. I had 2 lesbian dreams in my life. One when I was living in an apartment under a lesbian. The other when I was in jail. This is evidence that there are spirits being transmitted which make people have gay thoughts. It is just demons attacking a person’s mind.

When people experiment sexually or are abused that is an opening for that spirit to come into them.

I had a friend who was raped by his uncle at around 11 and then got involved in compulsive gay sex in college. Gay sex is promiscuous and compulsive. It is an addiction. Even most married gay people still have promiscuous sex with strangers too. They are not monogamous. They want to be married to appear normal, but it is a disorder. My best friend in college was gay and his theory was that he became that way after having a female teacher who hit him when he made a mistake in school. So he had trust issues with women. Not rocket science.

People can be delivered from a spirit of homosexuality in Jesus name. It requires fasting to have authority to cast out any demonic spirit to heal someone. I know people who have been delivered.

Places like jails and psych wards are INFESTED by demonic spirits. So people are tormented in those places. They become mentally ill just being there.

I remember one time going to a psych hospital and as soon as I got on the property I got a huge headache, feeling the spiritual oppression of the place.

All guards in prisons should carry bibles. They should be trained to see it as a ministry.

If they did this there would be God’s peace in authority there and there would be less violence toward them and by them.

People in churches should be encouraged to be guards to see it as a ministry.

Former prisoners who have spent time being trained in ministry could be guards.

The guards should check in with the prisoners, pray with them, share scriptures.

If we continue to have sentences of a period of time, it should be no more than 1-2 years. This is enough to read a bible, learn to pray and prepare for ministry.

All people should be encouraged to write a memoir to explain to themselves and us what happened. Especially people on death row.  Then we can learn how to avoid situations that push people into that kind of behavior.

Governors and the president should pardon everyone on death row. Let them write memoirs. That will do society more good than just killing them.  By killing them we learn nothing about what created them.

I read of a famous criminal in MA who was writing letters to school children telling them that his life of crime was a complete waste. This would have far more impact on them than warnings from their parents or teachers. The governor should pardon him and have him go to schools everywhere and talk to the kids, or just change his sentence to do this as community service.

Governors and the president should do this with a lot of people – change their sentences to this type of community service.


Hence EVERYONE has something to contribute to humanity from their experience

Whatever mistakes they made can be used to warn others.

So all mistakes are redemptive in this sense.

Everyone has a Phase 2 ministry

Everyone has a phase 2 ministry.

Phase 1 is whatever they were like before they get saved and born again by Jesus, and healed and transformed by Him.

Phase 2 is their testimony of how He healed and changed them.

Both are important.

The people who are the biggest sinners have a more powerful ministry and testimony than someone who maybe once stole gum. So a mass murderer who is born again has a POWERFUL ministry to others.

Others hear it and get inspired to believe that God can forgive them too, since they say to themselves

“I’m not as bad as him, so if God can forgive him, God can forgive me too”


‘I am just as bad, but if God can forgive him, God can forgive me too”

The apostle Paul was a murderer, thinking he was righteous and doing it in service to God by killing the followers of Jesus. God turned him around l80 degrees and made him an apostle to the Jews and gentiles, preaching Jesus.

God LIKES to use big sinners for this purpose. The bigger the testimony the more compelling it is.

David Berkowitz, the former SON OF SAM who killed many people one summer in l977 in NYC, is a good example of this. He has been born again for 20 years. He now calls himself Son of Hope. He ministers to the other prisoners about the love of Christ.

He was not on the psych drugs. He would not have been able to pray or think clearly on them.

I have experienced jail and psych wards.  A person is actually better off in jail since they are less likely to be drugged, and can actually think and pray. I had been in a psych ward of a jail for a while and finally got the doctor to send me to the jail instead, so I could get bailed out. Then I was also able to read the bible and re-learn the scriptures that I had forgotten due to the drugs. One can’t learn on the drugs  - they cause short and long term memory loss.

Governor Cuomo or president Obama should pardon Berkowitz so he can share his testimony with more people.

The Jews need to hear that Jesus heals mental illness. He was crazy and dangerous because he dabbled in the occult.  He was possessed since being a child, according to him. He also had ties to the same demonic church that Charles Manson was involved with, and has said there were others involved in the murders he was accused of committing.

Berkowitz has a huge testimony against the occult that children need to hear.  Harry Potter books, Pokemon Go (which is chasing and catching demons on their phones – worse than Ouija boards) are incredibly dangerous.  Someone like Berkowitz can warn kids not to dabble with this stuff.

He should be pardoned and go to Rikers to help turn it into a school of ministry. Then Rikers could be a huge model of reform for the country.

Berkowitz’s sentence could be commuted to community service – he could go to schools, go on talk shows, and help transform Rikers to a model of transformation.

If the governors transform, by executive order, these people’s sentences to this form of community service – it will assuage the critics who would complain about a full pardon.

Good candidates for this would be all the people who were sentenced to years in jail under the harsh Rockefeller drug laws in NY. The judges had their hands tied with these mandatory sentences. This type of community service would do the society a lot of good – send them all into the schools to warn kids why smoking or selling pot and other drugs is a BAD IDEA.

This can happen anywhere and should happen everywhere.

Governor Cuomo and other governors should declare an amnesty for all prisoners – no matter what their original sentence – make it no more than 1-2 years, enough for a person to read a bible, learn to pray and prepare for ministry. When they get out they will be an asset to society. OR they can convert all the sentences to l-2 years of study in prison, then community service – going to schools to warn kids. This would be a LOT MORE PRODUCTIVE AND LESS EXPENSIVE THAN HAVING THEM ROT IN JAIL FOR  20 years.


All the prisoners should be given a shirt that says GOD’S GANG.

They should be given a copy of The Cross & the Switchblade by David Wilkerson, the founder of Times Square Church. He converted Nicky Cruz, a former gang member, to being a born again Christian who has a powerful testimony & ministry.

We need to un-privatize the prison system. It is a system of slavery. The companies that run privatized prisons use the prisoners as slaves. They pay them nothing for work, charge them exorbitantly for supplies so they are in debt, and have no interest in rehabilitation. They use them as slaves. The prison industrial complex has brought slavery back to the black and other minority populations.

CCA Corrections Corp of America BRAGS about their high recidivism rates on their website.

NJ, and many states all over the south and Midwest use their services. This slavery has brought judgment by God. It is the reason for the severe weather – acts of God all throughout the Midwest and south.

Rev Al Sharpton asked the question months ago if the severe weather might be a judgment from God. I prayed about it and God said he was right – and it was about the prison industrial complex.

Al Sharpton was right

Governor Christie & other governors need to undo privatization of the prison system. It is slavery, an abomination.


Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to prove Mario right by pardoning David Berkowitz


David Berkowitz went on his shooting rampage in l977 when Mario Cuomo was running for NYC mayor.  Later, for 12 years Governor Mario Cuomo was against the death penalty. If Berkowitz had been killed, he never would have had the testimony of Jesus healing him.  This was part of Mario’s destiny. His son Andrew became Governor and I believe it is HIS destiny to Pardon Berkowitz to prove Mario right for being against it.

Our names are often a sign of the calling on our lives by God. God inspires our parents to name us.



Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God! Everyone has a calling

Andrew Mark Cuomo has the name of 2 disciples of Jesus. Andrew was a fisherman. Jesus told him “follow me and I will make you fishers of men”

Mark 9:23 says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with GOD.

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”

The title of Cuomo’s biography is ALL THINGS POSSIBLE! He was inspired by God to write this and it is a confirmation that he is called by God to make history by doing unusual things that have not been done as a testimony to God.

Transforming the prison system is a big example of this.

He likes to Make History.
SO he needs to have faith that the things God wants him to do as governor are his calling and destiny.


Anyone named after a prophet is called to be one. I am named after a prophetess who was a judge of Israel. She sang. I am a lifelong musician. I played piano since 3. I remember having the thought as a kid

“I am put on earth do to music & it is holy”

All musicians are called to be prophets. In the old testament the musicians were prophets.

God had me write a book for Musicians. As I wrote it I said to God “Maybe all musicians are not called to serve you with their music” GOD said back THEY ARE! As prophets, intercessors & healers.



Solitary Confinement

I have a solution to the issue of Solitary confinement that only a musician would think of.  Turn it into MUSIC SCHOOL.

IN music school musicians go into little rooms the size of jail cells, with their instrument. They commune with God, although not all of them think of it this way. They know intuitively it is their calling, and it is a spiritual experience. Many describe it as going into “the zone” IT is a taste of heaven. People lose track of time.  If they could stay 24 hours they would not leave. I felt like that.

Pianos were always altars to God for me. I used to sleep near the piano on a couch in the living room, more often than my bed, as a kid. My grandfather bought me an electric organ so I could play in the den on the other side of the house away from the bedrooms at night. I was always a night person. Many musicians are. It is part of the calling. We are called to pray and worship. In heaven the angels sing around God’s throne 24/7. The bible says this.

Solitary with an instrument would be a taste of heaven, instead of the hell that it is.


A person’s birthday often is a sign of that calling. The birthday may correlate to a scripture. We need to ask God to show us which book and verse. As we flip through it may become evident. God will say “that’s the one”.

The Holy Spirit often falls on us briefly as a witness that something that we think or say is from God. Or that someone else says. It feels like a tingly energy on one’s head. It can give you goosebumps. It often falls when God is leading someone somewhere.  Years ago when I visited Brown University, where I ended up going to college, I felt it. I had no words for that experience. I called it an ethos. Later, after becoming a Christian, I realized it was the Holy Spirit that I had felt. The school is in Providence, which means God’s provision, and the motto was In Deo Speramus, (in God we hope). In hindsight I realize God was leading me to get saved then which didn’t happen until later. I was in a co-ed frat and one brother was also a Christian so the Brown Christian fellowship shared our dining room once a month and I got to speak to them. THIS was God’s attempt to get me saved. I did not go to any of their meetings then, though I should have. I would have avoided a lot of mistakes if I had.

It is so tragic that so many people end up in jail and in solitary as an opportunity that God has created to try to establish a relationship with them, But they have no idea that that is the purpose of the experience. They rack their brains trying to figure out why they are being tortured, in solitary.  So they commit suicide. If they weren’t being brainwashed by atheist mental health people into thinking they are hallucinating when God speaks to them, they would realize what is really going on.

I read an account in a book of testimonies of people in solitary, of one woman who can not figure out why she is being tortured. She describes an experience of suddenly seeing hellfire beneath her feet and THEN a priest shows up at her door asking if she needs anything.  THIS was God warning her that she will go to hell if she does not get saved, and giving her the opportunity with the priest.  She was so obtuse she did not realize what was going on. If she had had a bible she would have realized what she was being shown.  She must have been a biblical illiterate, like so many people today who have never read a bible in school.

They took prayer out of the schools in l962.  I never heard the Lord’s prayer till after I became a Christian at 33.

My father knew it and started reciting it with me one time. I said “Oh you know it”. He said “I must have heard it in a movie somewhere.” NO, he heard it growing up, in school. 

This is an important asset. Because many people have no idea how to pray when they are in a situation where they need to, but if they have heard this growing up it will come back to them when they need it.   The new testament says that Jesus said ‘the Holy Spirit will bring all things to remembrance, whatsoever I have told you” John 14:26.

During Lincoln’s time they read bibles to learn how to read. So they not only became literate, they were also biblically literate.

Today we have generations of judges, educators, doctors, lawyers, politicians who are all biblically illiterate and are doing immense harm to people and our society due to their ignorance.

Doctors, lawyers and judges are erroneously calling people mentally ill who are not, due to their biblical ignorance.

Judges are bringing judgment on this country by overruling the will the people and social engineering from the bench, promoting gay marriage  and abortion, both of which are abomination to God. If they KNEW the bible they would know this. If they believed in the bible they would know this. If they had a personal relationship with God through Jesus, which they obviously lack, they would know this.

Our politicians, elected officials pass laws that are bringing God’s judgment on the country.

2 years ago I told Governor Cuomo that he and NYC mayor Bloomberg caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting gay marriage.

Cuomo also caused the JONAS storm to hit NY because he signed a law similar to Roe v Wade. The Jonas storm hit D.C. on the 43 anniversary of Roe v Wade. It was God’s message about the sin of abortion.

Bloomy & Andy caused Hurricane Sandy. POTUS & SCOTUS blessed us with JONAS

Cuomo likes to make history. So far he has hit two homeruns for history, by causing two historic storms to hit NY in response to misguided legislation.  It would be better if he made history the RIGHT WAY by doing the things GOD has called him to do as governor.

He is a perfect object lesson in why we all need a personal relationship with God, through Jesus and to be born again.

God is sovereign. This means He is in control. But he lets us make mistakes and suffer the consequences of our mistakes, without intervening, unless people pray for his intervention and help.

I do not believe that any person becomes president or governor without God ordaining it. HE has purposes for these people. But if they do not have the right relationship with Him, they will make many mistakes and not fulfill HIS purposes for their office.  I see this all around us.

Our society is falling apart due to this biblical ignorance.


And the ‘separation of church and state’ mantra that is being used to make people biblical illiterates is totally MISGUIDED.

Whenever a court case talks about the First amendment, they only talk about the first part of the sentence. “Congress shall pass no law establishing a religion.” But they ignore the second part which is more relevant – “Or abridging the free exercise thereof”.   How do they get away with this?  People have a right to free exercise of their religion. This means they have a RIGHT to a bible in jails or psych wards. They have a right not to be drugged into forgetting scriptures and being put in a condition where they can not pray.

If atheists complain about bibles in jails, be assured no one is being FORCED to read it.  But they have a RIGHT to have the opportunity to read it. So do children in schools.


There is no constitutional right to ignorance

The atheists who promote this “separation of church and state” nonsense are acting on the presupposition that there IS a constitutional right to ignorance.

People have the right to informed consent. This means they have a right to all the relevant information before making a decision about medical things, or political things. In courts people have a right to hear both sides of a story.  This standard used to be applied in journalism, though now there is so much propaganda and censorship of facts that it is lying by omission.

Children in schools and people in jails should also have the right to informed consent. A person can not make a decision about where to believe in God or what to believe about God, without having access to the appropriate information on this subject.

The appropriate information on this subject is bibles.  It is a history book of how God spoke and what he did and continues to do in relationship to humanity. It gives people a perspective on their own experiences.   People who read a new testament would realize that the voices they hear in jails are NOT hallucinations, since the new testament makes it clear that God does speak to us in our thoughts, as well as through signs, wonders, others prophetically, dreams & visions, etc.

Many times on the sidewalk if I ask God a question, someone will hand me money immediately. It is God’s way of saying “You’re on the money” Sometimes it is also God’s provision to do something, in particular the thing I just asked about.

It is said that if God tells us to do something he will make provision.

People have a RIGHT to this information.  Because not having it would condemn them to hell.

I had the judge who sent me to solitary tell me that he was not judging my soul, only my body. He claimed to be a Christian.  But by sending me and others into a situation without bibles and instruments, judges are putting someone in a condition where it is likely they will end up going to hell since they don’t have the tools they need to get saved. Putting people on drugs; sending them to psych wards where they are drugged, endangers their soul since it impedes their ability to think and pray, making it more likely they will not get saved, and will instead go to hell.

The Department of Corrections has an obligation to give the people in its control the tools they need to BE corrected in their thinking. Without doing this, they are NOT doing their jobs.   

There should be class action suits against the DOC for not providing bibles and instruments to all prisoners.

Federal Prosecutors like Preet Bharara should pursue this in all the state and city jails.

He should also address the corruption of the mental health system – the hospitals who hold people indefinitely, using the people as involuntary medical guinea pigs. ALL the state hospitals do this.  

There should be class action suits to stop this on behalf of all mental health patients. Most of them are in such bad shape from the drugs that they can not testify coherently in court or function once they are out, if they are still on the drugs.

People in psych wards who are sent to court are often forcibly drugged before going. This happened to me. This sabotaged me from testifying about what the drugs did, since it is too dangerous to talk about it when you are on them. It would act like a curse and could be lethal.    When we see prominent cases of defendants looking like  zombies in court, it is because they are drugged so they can not say anything or advise their lawyer. These people are often patsies being falsely accused. The trials are kangaroo trials. 

I was at Pilgrim State Hospital, which used to be the biggest psych hospital in the country. They refuse to discharge people. They hold them for years, for the insurance money. Every state hospital has people who have been there for 10-20 years. They do things to sabotage relationships to isolate people so they have no outside support and can be used this way, as slaves. Every patient I encountered reporting having issues with their families. Having written records is a large part of the reason for this. When the hospitals write down the names of people, it sets up assignments of demons onto them and they get afflicted by it. So they have personality changes. I saw this with my own relatives after their names were written down.

The “team” kept saying if I  would give them my social security info, they could discharge me faster. I knew they were lying. I finally called their bluff and gave it to them; immediately they said “Oh good now we can get paid” And 2 days later they suddenly found a nonsense excuse to object to my discharge plan. So I had no choice but to escape.

I had called a state rep to try to get me out. He said he would be happy to plead my case. Then the head doctor had them drug me in retaliation. This was attempted murder. I told her I was allergic to the drug. I had almost died from it before. She said she did not believe it. I convinced the nurse to use water instead, saying she would lose her license if anything happened to me. She obliged.


I do not write the entire names of spirits since that can invoke them. When speaking it is better to spell them, for the same reason.

Words do NOT just describe – they invoke what we speak. The bible warns us about the power of the tongue, in James ch 3.

Proverbs 18:21 says Death and life is in the tongue

I have known about the power of words since l977 when my mother passed. I had told her to “get out of my life” in a non serious way when she was telling me what to do , and a week later she was gone. I realized then that if words had that kind of negative power they must also have positive power. This was God telling me this.

The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


When a person goes to the Rikers School of Ministry, they should be given a KING JAMES BIBLE and a guitar. When they leave they can keep the bible and guitar.
They will also get a copy of my free book


THE PRISONER'S HANDBOOK God's help for those in jail and solitary

This book will help their mental health and help them not to commit suicide. It explains that hearing voices are NOT hallucinations. Believing they are hallucinating makes people more distressed.

In solitary, they will have these things and also a kitten. This will prevent mental illness and suicide.

This will turn solitary from a hellish experience to one of heaven.

Solitary Cellmate

Prisoners lose their sense of humanity in solitary. There is no human contact except when taken out in shackles for a shower or recreation. They put food through a slit in the door. Many are grateful for a bug or mouse to use as a pet. It keeps their sanity.

Prisoners would LOVE a kitten.

In NYC they are euthanizing kittens in the Animal Control Center on the Upper West side of Manhattan. This is an abomination. Those animals should be given to prisoners in Rikers.

Animals could also be given to children, who should also have pets. Pets give them love and teach them to love. They could bring them to the schools.

They are NEEDED in jails, for those in solitary. This would be the most valuable use of them.

People who run jails would worry that prisoners would use the strings on guitars to strangle themselves or others. However, if they had them in solitary, they would NOT become suicidal.

God brings people to places like solitary precisely so HE can establish a relationship with them, away from all the distractions and temptations of life.

If the experience is used to help them develop this relationship they will have the skills they need to fulfil their calling and contribute to society.

Nobody can completely fulfill our calling without a personal relationship with God. Without it, we miss too many cues and miss the mark of what God has in mind.

Jeremiah 1 says “I Knew you before I formed you in the womb”

God has purposes for all souls he creates. This is why abortion is sin to God.

And people who have had their calling thwarted for one reason or another are like aborted souls.

People in jails and psych wards are like this.

But if we transform the prison system it could really be a ministry of correction, as it is named, instead of abortion.

Spiritual Bootcamp

I spent 8 months in solitary in the psych ward of a women’s prison. It was spiritual bootcamp. God used it to train me in how to resist the devil’s attempts to abort my prayers. When I got out God said “Use what you’ve learned”

When I launched prayers I would see a jet trail in the sky, as a sign the prayer was launched. The devil would attack my mind with doubts or to re-think the problem. Then the jet trail would fizzle. I would ask God what happened, and he would say “it got aborted”.   If I thought about a contrary idea, I would see another trail cross it – cross talk.  If I launched two parallel prayers, I would see parallel lines. This response to my prayers has continued since that experience.

When I prayed prayers the devil would try to abort them. He would throw thoughts at me to get me to doubt, or to change my focus, or to get me to re-think the problem which would re-invoke it.   90% of the time God would say “ignore”. The other times He would say REBUKE. 

Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers

I had no bible or instrument. It was hell.  This was because I had no bible, so the demons had more authority than they would have if I had had a bible.  A guard gave me a Catholic songbook. It was all he could find when I asked for a bible. God was trying to tell me to SING worship songs. When we do this it makes the devil flee. It drowns him out.  

People often ask for meds to drown out the tormenting voices, but the meds cause brain damage and make it hard to think. They are not the right solution. Worship is the right solution.

I have been in jails when I did have a bible and it was very different. I easily felt the power of God when I prayed. SO I know the difference between being in jail with and without a bible.

There needs to be a constitutional ruling that ALL Prisoners have a Right to a bible in any jail, to protect their mental health. Not having one amounts to cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of the 8th amendment. People go crazy without them because the demons have more authority to torment them mentally and physically.

In prisons today there seems to be a rule that everyone has a right to a toilet because they always have one. 

They have a right to a bible and this needs to be adjudicated.

The president needs to assert this by EXECUTIVE Order. The governors should also do this.

If it is challenged, let it then be adjudicated by the courts.

IN the meantime, millions of people will cease to be tormented and suffer and commit suicide.

All the other people in the cells were tormented by negative thoughts. These come from demons which speak to people 24/7 in prisons. SO does God. I Knew both were happening. My issue was to discern who was who. I had a strong relationship with God before this happened. I had spent 2 years playing piano alone at night in a church, learning how to be an intercessor. I felt God’s love pouring through me as I sang to Jesus. I felt angels touch my head with their wings as I played, every night. The purpose of music is to worship God to invoke His Holy Spirit so He can do business with us – heal us and speak to us. He speaks to us in our thoughts.

All thoughts come from the spiritual realm. The word INSPIRATION means A Spirit goes into it. The bible says there are two sources of thought: God and the demonic. James ch 2 says there is wisdom from above and from below.

God’s spirit brings peace. Demons lie and harangue and say negative things.

When I was in solitary the others were tormented, and the mental health people made them worse since they are trained in an atheist worldview. They would tell the people that they were hallucinating when they heard voices, which is nonsense.

God comforts us by speaking to us. Instead of being comforted they would think they were hallucinating and scream for meds, which God did not want them to take since they cause mental illness. They block all thoughts, not just bad ones. They turn people into vegetables, zombies.

The President & Governors should override the Unconstitutional Mental Health System by Executive Order

Remedy for Rikers

Rikers and all prisons will be turned into schools of ministry. When people get out they will have a job warning others what NOT do to. Let them go into schools as subs and warn the kids NOT to sell/smoke pot, steal, join gangs, etc.

The way the prison system is now, people are unemployable. This is all backwards.
EVERYONE makes mistakes in life. It is part of life.  Instead of punishing people we should be asking who could benefit from their testimony about what NOT to do.

If former drug addicts or sellers go into the schools to warn kids away from this, they will have more credibility than the parents or teachers.

Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs


How to be a Smart Kid – ask older people what mistakes they made & avoid them


The smartest thing any person can do is to ask older people what mistakes they made so they will know what to avoid.

Guitars Not Guns


This would work as a program to get people to trade in guns for guitars. Get the local billionaire to donate the guitars.

The problem a lot of rappers have is that they don’t actually play an instrument. Most of them use drugs. This opens them to demonic spirits which transmit through their music. I have gone into stores shopping where they play rap, and smelled the pot and cigs. The oppression causes heavy pain on my head. If these guys played an instrument it would be a better creative outlet for them since they could use it to worship God instead of promoting drugs, violence and other bad behavior.

Black Behavior Matters

Posters for the anti-stupid campaign


This would be a city run program that every kid on their 7th birthday is given a voucher from a music store for an instrument.

Every kid should play an instrument. It is our best channel to God.  We need the right tools to have a relationship with God.

This includes instruments, bibles, quiet places to pray/worship. This means clean parks without butts in tem which contaminate prayer.  This is why we need to ban public smoking.

There need to be SIGNS in the parks banning drugs – cigs, pot, coffee.

I go in the parks to have a quiet peaceful place to hear from God and write inspired by Him.

Cute dogs come up to me. They are fine. BUT then they are followed by caffeinated dog owners who scream – which completely defeats the purpose of going in the park. If I wanted to be around caffeinated people I would sit in a coffee house. I go to the parks to get away from that.

We need SIGNS that say


IF you use DRUGS don’t talk.

Just like IF YOU DRINK DON’T Drive.

People who use drugs do not have the right to afflict others with it. This is the whole cause of mental health problems in this country – second hand drugs – from smoking, cigarettes.

Bipolar is caused by caffeine and alcohol. 

We need BIG SIGNS in the parks that say NO DRUGS! NO smoking, pot, alcohol, coffee.

There was an op-ed in the NY Times a year ago by Elyn Saks. She is a law professor at UCSD who says she is a high-functioning schizophrenic.  She has a book The Center Cannot Hold, her autobiography. In it, she says she was experimenting with pot at around 14. Her parents got worried and sent her to Narconon, a Scientology run anti-drug program. Stupidly, the workers there smoked cigarettes. Then she started smoking. THEN she started being harangued by negative thoughts. Someone sent her to be evaluated (not the Scientology people – they are against psychiatry). She was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  So she has been taking anti-psychotics for years.  All she needs to do is stop smoking! IT is the opening for the negative thoughts.  These drugs are openings for demonic spirits.

My mother smoked. The whole family was afflicted by this, with negative thoughts which she also had.

Musicians play in the subways and parks. THEY need to consecrate themselves and not use drugs. When they smoke anything and play, the unclean spirits transmit to anyone in earshot.

When they play in the subways they are afflicting hundreds of thousands of people a day – and it passes on to others in a domino chain.

When I am in earshot of someone who smokes or drinks caffeine or alcohol and talks, I have to wash with bottles of water to get the unclean spirit off me.

When someone stands on the sidewalk and smokes and then talks, the smell is on them and goes onto anyone passing. You can smell it on your clothes. That means it is affecting your thoughts.

One reason to ban public smoking is so there aren’t butts all over the sidewalks and parks.

They interfere with wifi. The reason people drop calls walking around is because of butts. When I work on the computer sitting on my portable chair in the parks or sidewalks,  have to remove the butts in order to work. I used to kick them but they made holes in my sneakers. They have ruined my clothes. When smokers pass my stuff with their butts, it makes holes in my instrument cases and chair covers.

The cops should go around and smell the musicians. If they can’t pass the sniff test, they have to wash before they play.

When I play guitar near buts, my strings and nails get dirty, my voice is croaky.

If I charge my computer near them the sky is hazy and I can feel the oppression on my head. When it discharges the sky clears up. 

There is free wifi in Times Square but it is useless since there are butts all over and people smoke.  The cops told me they were told not to enforce the no smoking ban. This is a BIG MISTAKE.

When Mayor Bloomberg banned smoking in restaurants and offices, it drove more people to stand on the sidewalk and smoke. So now you can’t walk down the street without getting assaulted by this.

And on top of that, the kids are all smoking pot openly around everyone since Governor Cuomo passed a medical pot bill.  SO other people have to deal with being involuntarily high. This is a nightmare.

A lot of security guards smoke pot.  If you walk past a spot where they did, the smell is there and it goes on your clothes. Then you need to wash.
You need to take a shower just from walking around because of the drugs!

If we banned all the drugs people would be clear thinking, happy and peaceful, not artificially peaceful from the drugs (which make it impossible to think clearly).

There is a BIG CORRELATION Between drug use and crimes.  People who use drugs do not think clearly so they commit crimes.

So to stop people from committing crimes we need to stop the drug use.

Making drugs legal does not actually reduce crime; this is Orwellian doublespeak.

Their drug use is a problem for everyone else around them in addition to them.

Making pot legal for medical reasons and then for recreation is a Big MISTAKE.
This country will not recover. The last thing we need is MORE DRUGS.

Pot and LSD were deliberately introduced into the US as a big mind control experiment with the hippy generation, by the social engineers at Tavistock Institute in London. Their whole agenda is mind control.  They sent Aldous Huxley, who was a social engineering insider to the US to introduce LSD.

He wrote BRAVE NEW WORLD as their blueprint.  We are now living in the society he described.  A totalitarian state where everyone is controlled, and drugged.
They promote mental health screening in schools so everyone can be labeled and drugged, for control.

His book describes a society that is drugged and distracted by mindless sex, sports and entertainment. Look at our newspapers. IT is all there. And the alleged news is all lies and propaganda to manipulate the public to support these insane wars whose main purpose is depopulation of the planet. They want the population down to 500 million from 8 billion.

The drugs and music are tools used by the social engineers to promote degradation of our society to justify more control, through drugs.
People are being conditioned to like the drugs and behaviors which enslave them.



Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for QUIET

I have experience & am a witness in all three areas.

John Todd came from an Illuminati bloodline in England and became a born again Christian in the 70s. He made a video

Demons behind the music business – John Todd



He says he was high up on the council of 13 which answered to the Rothschilds who answer to Lucifer the devil. He said the Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers are the foremost social engineering family in the US.

Both are Illuminati bloodlines. Todd said they are devil worshippers. Todd says he controlled the record labels which have prayer rooms where they pray demons onto the masters of the records.

He recounts a conversation with David Crosby (from Crosby Stills & Nash) who said that in order to get a record deal one has to be a witch and in order to advance one has to be bisexual.  The pop stars are being used to promote homosexuality.

I had a conversation 3 years ago with a very famous singer  Tony Bennett who has been in the business over 60 years  (he is over 90) who told me the musicians all worship Lucifer. Their music videos are full of porn and occult ritual; they are being used prophetically to show us what was always behind the Music business.

The Purpose of Gangsta Rap is to fill the jails according to a music executive


One of the rappers said he was told by a music executive “Your job is to fill the jails”. So they promoted gangsta rap to induce young people to commit violence and get arrested and sent into the prison system.
It is all social engineering.

Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering


I have known Abby over 30 years. She is David Rockefeller’s daughter. She is a musician. I believe God inspired her to create a toilet company as a prophetic sign that they are social engineering the US down the toilet.

David’s goal is world government. He runs the US. Kissinger works for him and advises president. David founded the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) to promote world government, destruction of the US constitution and sovereignty. He is 100 and has had 8 heart transplants.

Former NYC mayor’s quote about Rockefeller social engineering & shadow government

This is from the wiki page of John Frances Hylan. He said the Rockefellers are an octopus that controls everything.

Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order


Aaron Russo was a filmmaker who made movies including FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM (free on youtube) which exposed the unconstitutional IRS and Federal Reserve (which are privately owned banks which print money & lend it at interest to our government, which is unconstitutional. The treasury dept is supposed to print our money at no interest.  In l913 the money system was hijacked when President Woodrow Wilson was snookered into signing the Federal Reserve Act, which he later regretted.

Russo then ran for governor of Nevada. This induced Rockefeller to befriend him to try to get him to join the global elite, including the CFR.

Russo did an interview with Alex Jones where he says what Rockefeller told him.

Reflections & Warnings – Aaron Russo


He says Rockefeller told him the end goal is to get everyone micro chipped.

He also said they were behind the feminist movement, the purpose of which was to break up families so the state could raise kids.

They use the music business and drugs to corrupt the black community to put the men in jail and break up families.

He also told Russo months before 9-11 that an event was coming which would be used to ‘get control over the people’ and start wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. They would be looking in caves and it would all be a big hoax. A phony war on terror.

The purpose of these wars was to give the Rothschilds financial control.

General Wesley Clark wrote a book where he said that 20 years ago the Pentagon got a directive from the neocons running Washington DC that they had a plan to invade 7 countries in 5 years in the middle east and north Africa.  Those 7 countries are the same ones that did NOT have Rothschild banks. Now there is one left –North Korea. He wants nukes to defend himself against the US & NATO invading to force him into their debt slavery system.

The countries were Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba.

Putin recently threw the Rothschilds OUT of Russia!

Iceland jailed the bankers.



Use The People's Money instead of Rothschild Money



Microchips are being put into people sneakily disguised as vaccines. That is the real purpose of Obamacare.

The purpose of microchips is financial and mind control.

They have been sneakily chipping people for years in jails and psych wards.
I got one in a Florida jail in l997.  It is NORMAL PROTOCOL in prisons to get a tb shot to avoid solitary. God had warned me that this was going on – I had heard a radio announcement  that the government was “thinking of testing chips in jails and psych wards”. I let them do it and immediately realized it was a mistake. I asked God what had happened. I got out and went north and my 2 friends had a video by Carl Sanders who is a minister with

40 years ago he was an atheist working for the government designing chips for all kinds of nefarious purposes. Now he warns people that they are the “Mark of the beast” warned about in Revelation 13. It says an antichrist world leader will make every person take a mark in their right hand or forehead without which no man can buy or sell.  The bible warns that anyone who takes it will suffer eternal torment. They will be mind controlled unable to accept Jesus and be saved & go to hell.

I called Sanders and he told me they used them on the military in the first gulf war.

I had my dentist x-ray my arm and we both saw something.

I spent 8 months in solitary in MA because I did not want to get another tb shot.

Then they denied me my legal right to an hour of recreation a day. The guards used to tell me I could only go to rec if I took a tb shot.  Hence they let me out ONCE for rec in 8 months. A complete violation of my rights.

Warning – microchips, toxic vaccines, toxic fluoride


Wisdom 101 for a generation that has no common sense



We have All been social engineered. The Boomers need to warn the Millenials



Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs




Articles about pot


Articles about pot
If pot is legal, all teens will smoke it
Legalizing Pot is an Illuminati Plot
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Pot, mental illness & violence



God's weapon of choice for cops - the Bible

This country is “going to pot” because this country is going to pot

This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!

Posters for the anti-stupid campaign

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for QUIET

Pop music is toxic – ban it in stores & restaurants

Spiritual Wisdom Revised

Her name was Nancy Webster – on solitary confinement, suicide & psych wards

Governor Rick Perry should abolish executions & pardon everyone – a testimony to the Forgiveness of Jesus

Pot smokers in the park are Andrew Cuomo's fault

Why someone threw blood on Bill Bratton's head

The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

How to be a Smart Kid – ask older people what mistakes they made & avoid them

How to Fix the World in Two Snaps

How to get a teen not to smoke or vape free books, music, articles (1000+)

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on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name







Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:





Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)