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This book was written by someone who spent 8 months in solitary confinement on the psych ward of a woman’s prison.

I have also spent over 7 years in psych wards, on the drugs. They are no good. They impede clear thinking, memory, ruin creativity and interfere with one’s spiritual connection to God. And the side effects are often physical torture. I know many who died from them. God does not want people on psych drugs.  They are invented in the pit of hell. Their purpose is mind control and genocide.

I spent 3 years as a grad student in music school. This is relevant because solitary is very similar and could be used like a school for ministry instead of the torture that it appears to be for most people.

In music school people go into little rooms the size of jail cells with their instrument, and play for hours. They go into a ‘zone’ a timeless void where time just flies by. It is a taste of heaven.

They are communing with God though not all musicians think of it this way. But most musicians will tell you that music is some kind of spiritual experience. They know the inspiration comes from outside themselves, from some kind of spirits. They have different ideas about what that is. 

Most professional musicians intuitively feel they are supposed to play, that it is their calling or purpose.

EVERYONE has a calling from God. 

It says in Jeremiah 1 that “I knew you before I formed you in the womb”

Not all people have had the opportunity to find out that calling or have had the tools to develop it.  Many people have been called to play an instrument but have not had the opportunity.

I believe all people should play an instrument. Or at least sing. Anyone can sing. And worship is the way to invoke God’s presence. It gives us peace, and invokes His spirit so He can speak to us in our thoughts, and heal us.

A person can learn to play an instrument like a guitar or piano by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can teach us anything.

The scripture promises this.

So we can pray and Ask God to teach us anything. To put scriptures in our head even if we don’t have a bible.

Jesus said Nothing is impossible with God.

Based on my experiences, I have a vision for transformation of the criminal justice system.

Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy

Remedy for Rikers



I believe solitary confinement should be used as a training in ministry – like music school.

The fact that there is very little sound from other people is an asset. It is like soundproofed rooms in music school. Each person only hears what they are doing, not the other people. If they all heard each other it would be distracting.

Hence solitary could be a taste of heaven and training for ministry if given the right tools.

Ideally each person should have a bible, a guitar and a kitten.

(If you’re not laughing when you read THAT line, there is something wrong with you! But actually I am serious!)

NOTE to the mayor & people at Rikers:  They are euthanizing kittens in the Animal Control Center in Harlem. This is an abomination. These kittens would be a blessing to the people in solitary in jail! You think they would’t rather be in a cell with some person who appreciates having a companion, instead of dead?

God has a purpose for every creature he makes, including ALL PEOPLE!
God created these creatures to be given to prisoners. THAT is their purpose! And children. Every child should have a pet. They are a source of love and teach them responsibility. Nobody who has a pet feels completely alone, so it prevents suicide. So if every person in a prison had a pet they would be a lot less likely to commit suicide.

It is known that having dogs makes people less depressed.  Dogs are gifts from God. Dog is God backwards. Dogs are loyal and forgiving, like God. God uses them to show us HIS love.  And they teach people obedience. Dogs don’t obey people; people obey dogs. When a dog communicates that he needs to go out for a walk, people obey. So God uses dogs to teach us obedience to dogs, and GOD.

God has solutions to ALL problems. That is why we need a relationship with HIM – SO HE CAN TELL US WHAT THEY ARE!!

For those who don’t have a kitten – PRAY. God will send you a cute little mouse. Very easy for Him to do.  I have read that often prisoners in jails use roaches or rats as pets, whatever comes to them.  It helps them keep their humanity and keep from going crazy.

I had a cat come up to me in a snowstorm years ago. I said

if you want to come in, follow me.”

It did.  I asked its name. It meowed, so I called it Meow Meow. It never meowed again. It was telling me its name. God used that cat to watch over me and warn me.  I had a boyfriend who proved to be bad news. The first time the cat saw him, it screamed and ran down the hall. It was a warning.

Animals and children have spiritual discernment. They see spirits we don’t see. They sense demonic spirits on people. Animals see them. Cats lunge at things in the air that are invisible to people.  People can sense demonic spirits on others too. Someone with demonic spirits on them gives others “bad vibes” or makes them uncomfortable. 

People should trust their intuition because intuition is God leading us. It is our pipeline to God. God knows more than we do. Our rational process is only as good as the information we have. If we are given false information we will come to erroneous conclusions. Intuition comes from God, who knows more than we do. He can warn us away from mistakes, from dangerous situations. He knows what demons are planning even when we don’t.

Our conscience is also God speaking to us.

God speaks to everyone through the Holy Spirit the spirit of truth which has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from heaven.


People need bibles to learn who God is –it is a history book and a supernatural book that has the presence of God on it – which is HIS PEACE.

A guitar can be used to play and worship God and invoke His spirit to speak to us and heal us.

A kitten would be good since having a pet gives a person something to love and interact with. It keeps them in touch with their humanity. Some prisoners make friends with a mouse or cockroach and use them as a pet.  Humans have a need for connection with other living things.

Well the spiritual realm is real and is definitely alive. It is NOT a hallucination. SO that need is already being Met by GOD. People just need to understand that it is NOT a hallucination that God is talking to us!

If all people in solitary had these things they would come out better people and ready to be helpful to humanity.

The guards in all jails should carry bibles. They should see their job as a ministry. Check in with the prisoners. Share scriptures. The prisons should seek Christians to come work there as a form of ministry.

If all prisoners and all guards had bibles there would be a lot less violence, because God’s spirit would have authority there instead of demons.

Many guards hate their jobs.  They are worried about coming home in one piece. If it was a ministry like I am proposing, this would not be the case. Carrying bibles protects all people. It gives authority for angels to protect us.  

All cops should also carry bibles. They should throw them at people doing stupid stuff instead of shooting or tasering them. A lot less lethal. And then even obtuse people will get the message that God is trying to give them a message not to do whatever they were doing.  Cops should see Their jobs as a ministry of correction.  If they catch someone doing something bad they can either give them a warning or a trip to the Rikers School of Ministry so they can have the opportunity to transform themselves into something beneficial to themselves and others.


God’s weapon of choice for cops – the Bible



People who have graduated from this experience can then become guards and minister to others in that situation.


This book is intended to dispel erroneous ideas of what happens to a person in jails, prisons & solitary and give guidance in how to grow and transform oneself for the better.

I have good news for you.


You are NOT hallucinating when you ‘hear voices’.


Jesus said “My sheep hear my voice” John 10:27

Psychiatrists’ second question is always “Do you hear voices” And anyone who says “yes” They are trained to say is having auditory hallucinations, a supposed symptom of psychosis, SO the person gets labeled schizophrenic, schizo-affective or bipolar.

The Labels are nonsense.


Every Christian on earth would be called schizophrenic, by them.

They are trained in an atheistic worldview. 95% of psychiatrists and psychologists are atheists.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry, and psychotherapy, was a rabid atheist. He said

“I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion”. He was.  

He had a lot of nonsense ideas, due to the fact that he was a cocaine addict.


Years ago I got rid of all my books that contradicted the bible. When I got rid of Freud’s books, I felt something around my head go away. Some kind of demonic oppression, which was affecting my thoughts.

The right answer to their question is:

EVERYONE Hears voices. As thoughts in our heads. They come from the spiritual realm. The word INSPIRATION Means A SPIRIT GOES INTO IT.

All thoughts come either from God or the demonic, according to the bible. James ch 3 says there is wisdom from above and from below.

God’s spirit brings peace. 
Demons harangue, mock, tempt us to sin, lie, say negative things and tell us to harm ourselves or others.  They cause fear or anxiety.

Just ignore them or rebuke them in Jesus name. Don’t own those thoughts. They are not coming FROM YOU. They are coming AT you. They are not due to chemical imbalances in your brain. They are spirits.

God is REAL. And HE loves you and is available to all people 24/7. He talks to everyone in our heads in our thoughts, by the Holy Spirit which has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from heaven.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. He is also called the Comforter. The word comes from Greek, Paraclete.

He guides us. 

Every person has a calling or several, from God. In order to fulfill that calling we need a personal relationship with Him, through his son, the Savior, Jesus.

Jesus’ Hebrew name YESHUA means Salvation.

Jesus is our ticket to heaven.
Nobody is disinvited into heaven.

Jesus was the atonement for sin for the whole world, once and for all, to reconcile us to God.

Everyone makes mistakes in life. It is part of life.

God forgives our sin, no matter HOW horrific, when we repent for them and ask God to forgive us.

Jesus said we need to be born again to go to heaven. John 3:3

Being born again means being filled with the Holy Spirit.

When that happens we have peace inside. We also have an inner witness of what God feels about things. His feelings become ours. They can be hard to separate actually.

When something grieves the Holy Spirit it can feel like chest pain, if we have the Holy Spirit inside us. That is how God gives us a negative witness about something. This is how he warns us of danger, or that something is sin, or that something is a lie.

In life, both God and demonic spirits can speak to us in our thoughts.


All mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose ‘assignments’ are the names of the disease.

Jesus rebuked them and gave his followers authority to do it. It works. I have rebuked canc-, athsm-, depress.

Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior and God heals today for the same purpose.  Testimony.

All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits.

This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc. and all psych drugs.

Caffeine is an opening for spirits of mania, confus-, addiction.

Nicotine is a big opening for negative thoughts.

Alcohol is an opening for a spirit of depress-.

I have picked it up from sitting in earshot of talking beer drinkers.

Spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact, like germs.

I learned to rebuke depress- in Jesus name. It takes two minutes.

ALL thoughts come INTO our heads, from the spiritual realm.


The bible says there are two sources of thought – God and the demonic.

The book of James ch 3 says there is wisdom from above and from below.

God’s spirit brings peace, joy, wisdom.  When he rebukes us for sin it is NOT to make us feel hopeless but to get us to repent, turn away from it, change our thinking, so that we can be closer to God again.

God is holy and he is revulsed by Sin. 

Sexual behavior can give a person chest pain because it is unholy, unclean and grieves the Holy Spirit.

The demonic spirits try to tempt us to sin by throwing thoughts at us.

The necessary response is to ignore them or rebuke them in Jesus name.

When I was in solitary God coached me on how to respond to the devil’s attacks on my mind, which were his attempts to derail or abort my prayers.

90% of the time God said “IGNORE”.  And “KEEP YOUR FOCUS”. 10% of the time he said REBUKE. This is to undo any type of curse.

In prisons and psych wards demons are rampant and attack people more than outside.

I called my experience


Spiritual bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers


When I got out God said “use what you’ve learned”.

God wanted me to fast. When we fast we have more authority to get prayers answered.

They would put food in the cell through the food slot in the door and they refused to desist from this. So I had no choice but to decide what to do when it was right near me.

God gave me dreams showing me what to do.  I dreamed I flushed it down the toilet.

When I did this, I felt the power of God on me right afterward. It can feel like a tingly energy on our heads.

God was showing me that when we resist temptations we have authority with God to get prayers answered.

When I ate I did not feel the same power in my prayers.

The Holy Spirit often falls on us to let us know that GOD is moving on a prayer. And it will be answered, unless something aborts it.  Prayers are actually delicate many times.

Cross talk can abort it.  Someone else’s words, or our own thoughts. The thoughts are actually coming into our heads from demonic spirits. If we agree with them, instead of rebuking them we are giving them power.

God does not consider thoughts coming INTO our heads sin, He holds us accountable for our reaction to those thoughts.

The best way to drown out demonic spirits is by SINGING worship songs.

Singing in tongues is powerful also.  It is called singing in the spirit.

Mental health people are trained in an atheistic worldview. Their second question is always “do you hear voices” and if anyone says yes they are trained to call it an auditory hallucination, a supposed symptom of psychosis. 
Then they label people as schizophrenic, schizo-affective disorder or bipolar. 
The labels are NONSENSE.

They are theological ignoramuses.


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27

The correct answer to their question is

EVERYONE HEARS VOICES as thoughts in our heads. They come from the spiritual realm. The word INSPIRATION Means A SPIRIT GOES INTO IT.

The book of James says there is wisdom from above or below.

This will educate them.   Many people just shrewdly answer them “NO”.

But don’t accept their analysis of your condition. They are wrong.

They make people more distressed.

They tell them they need psych drugs to drown out the voices. Then people get distressed because they can’t get the drugs which they THINK they need.

Actually the drugs are bad for you. They drown out all thoughts, not just demonic bad thoughts.  They ruin memory. When I was on them I forgot scriptures, the worship songs I had known, my own music. I was unable to pray in tongues. They interfere with creativity and our spiritual connection to God.  And actually they can open a person to demonic spirits and make them worse. This is why many people become suicidal on them or homicidal. Also because the side effects can be torture.

They can make a restlessness that makes a person want to crawl out of their skin.  One can’t sit still. It is torture. I could not pray in this condition.

Some people shake with tremors. The doctors often try to argue that people’s reaction to these horrific drugs is actually a part of their mental illness as opposed to a reaction to the drugs.  Many patients know better. Some are not sure.

Many people take psych drugs and start to believe that if they stop, they will fall apart.

This is not true. If they SAY this it can act like a curse, a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Words have power. They do not just describe, they invoke what we speak.

The bible warns us about the power of the tongue to set a person’s life on the fires of hell (James ch 3)  It also says in Proverbs 18:21 that death and life is in the tongue.

If you or someone else speaks a curse onto you, just say I REBUKE THAT in Jesus name.

Say it under your breath.  If the other person hears it they will usually wonder what you are doing and probably repeat the statement. Then you need to rebuke it again.  You are rebuking their words, not the person. They don’t need to near it. 

Whoever gets in the last word has the final authority so it is important that you rebuke something negative as the final word on it.

I spent 18 hours one time in solitary rebuking a demon that kept repeating that they were sending me to a psych ward. I had been told they were petitioning a judge to send me and I did not want to go there.  The demon kept saying “They’re sending you” and I said “I rebuke that” until it stopped.  I was told their petition had been denied.

It would have been a lot less exhausting to just worship God and drown OUT the demon and He would have fled instead of haranguing me.

It is not good to argue with demons.  Jesus never did. He told them to be quiet and come out of people.

Demons enjoy interactions – they like to spin yarns and try to get people engage in arguments or nonsense.

If you ask them questions they will lie and try to take a person on a wild goose chase. This is what happens to people who get involved in psychotherapy which goes on endlessly for years.

The demons keep giving a person dreams to give them something to try to analyze and fixate on. It is usually a big game.

God can heal us of any personal trauma just by worshipping Him and resting in His presence. Without talking or therapy.

Talk therapy can be dangerous because talking about traumas can re-invoke them and then they repeat with new people.

One needs to pray about anything one brings up from one’s past. It is like doing surgery – if we opened a person’s body up and left them with the wound open, without closing it, this would not be good.

Talking about emotional or spiritual wounds without closing them with healing prayer is similar.

When we pray or sing in tongues God does stuff without us consciously knowing what He is doing. 

When we pray in tongues we are praying by the direction of the Holy Spirit and not our mind.

Jesus said we need to be born again to go to heaven.

Being born again means being filled with the Holy Spirit. Then we can have inner peace.

To be saved and born again we need to repent of our sins, ask Jesus to come live inside our heart and be baptized in water in Jesus name. This washes our sins off of us.

I baptized a girl in the shower in a psych hospital.

God can do it with RAIN! And it is CLEAN WATER when it Is RAIN!

God often washes me with RAIN when I pray WASH ME JESUS to get unclean spirits off me when I have been near people smoking or music that has unclean spirits on it.

Any musician that uses drugs has unclean spirits on them and these transmit to listeners, both live and on recordings.

The Purpose of music is to worship God and invoke HIS holy presence to heal us and do business with us – speak to us, guide us, comfort us.

It is not entertainment. The devil controls the music business and has hijacked the careers and callings of many musicians by giving them record deals and then getting them to work for HIS purposes – to bring people under HIS control.

Many musicians are aware that they have sold their souls. This is not good for them.

They have been snookered. 

The devil is a liar. He tells people that if they work for him he will give them fame and fortune. And he delivers.  However, he does not tell them what selling their soul really means.

It means that ultimately they will end up tormented by demons in hell. He is not going to tell them that. If he did, they would not sign such an agreement. So they have made a contract that is actually invalid because it was based on deception, so they have an OUT.  It is a principle in Contract law that any contract signed under a false pretext is invalid. 

Some people are under the impression that they will rule in hell. Again this is a deception.

Or that there is no after life.  This is also a lie.  Or they will be transported to some alien planet, or live forever on earth. These are deceptions.

The bible says hell is real and it is in the earth.

The reason people experience tastes of it on earth is precisely so we will believe it is real. To scare us out of our sin and into seeking a relationship with God through Jesus, to get saved and go to heaven for eternity instead of hell.

Jails and psych wards are tastes of hell.

I have spent over 7 years in psych wards, on the drugs. They are torture and cause brain damage. I know many who died from them. 

A person is better off in jail, not on psych drugs, where they can think clearly and pray, then they are on a psych ward on the drugs which make it hard to think, impossible to pray and can be physical torture.

On the other hand it is easier to escape from a psych ward than most jails.

Sometimes God brings a person from a jail to psych ward to give them a chance to escape.  Several times on psych wards I would take someone’s keys and sneak out the door. Sometimes after fasting, God just loosened the doors supernaturally and I escaped.

In solitary I experienced mental torment as do many people in jail.

One man was taken to hell to be a witness to it. He was in a prison cell and had demons physically attacking him. He had a sense that God was holding them back from doing him more physical harm.

Demons are sadistic. The more a person is in pain the more they like it.

The only remedy for demonic attack is to rebuke the demons in Jesus name.

All mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose ‘assignments’ are the names of the disease.

Jesus rebuked them and gave his followers authority to do it.  It works. I have rebuked asthm-, depress-, cance-.

One time when I was in solitary a brown blob appeared on the back of my hand.   Four guards saw it and said something like “What is that brown thing on your hand” So it wasn’t just me that saw it. It was NOT a hallucination!

I heard the word MELANO- in my spirit. So God was telling me it was skin canc-. 

I asked God “What should I do” (THAT IS ALWAYS A GOOD PRAYER) God will answer in your thoughts.

God said “Pray for it to go away.”

I said “I rebuke this melano- in Jesus name”  It was gone overnight.

The only useful thing about a physical diagnosis is that we then know what to rebuke. What kind of spirit. But one can more generally rebuke a spirit of infirmity. That is a spirit. Or a spirit of dea-.

Any kind of negative mental state is a spirit. Our emotions are caused by spirits. We can pick them up from other people, from music, books, or the environment. Or tv.

Spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact like germs.

Years ago I went to a congregation and a man who was on anti-depressants asked if He could pray over me. Naively I said yes.  After he did I left feeling suicidal crying hysterically wondering WHAT HAPPENED?  His spirit of depress- had jumped on me.  I called my mentor who prayed in tongues over the phone and it left.

Another time I picked it up from touching someone who had it. I was crying. Then I spontaneously coughed and it was gone.

When I was in jail I felt it one time. It can feel like a heaviness, tiredness. I asked God “where is this coming from?”

He responded “You know what to do”

I rebuked the spirit of depress- in Jesus name. It left.

It takes two minutes.

When Jesus healed people he also told his followers

this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting” Matthew 17:21

SO to have authority for healing or deliverance from demonic oppression, we should fast and anyone else praying over us should fast.

We need to fast to be filled with the Holy Spirit baptism as evidenced by talking in tongues. 

When we are lighter our spirit is lighter and we pray with more power. Food can make our spirit heavy and impede our ability to pray in tongues.

I noticed that when I ate and worshipped, I may have felt the Holy Spirit but the person to whom I was ministering did not.

Hence for the benefit of others we need to fast.

When we pray supernatural prayers, we need to fast. If we eat afterward, this usually aborts the prayer.

I prayed several times to raise a friend of mine from the dead, when I was in solitary.

Each time the devil tried to abort my prayer by throwing thoughts at me to get me to change my mind, or doubt. 

It says in James ch 1 that if  person waivers or doubts their prayers don’t get answered.  When we pray for something the angels get to work to answer our prayer. If we change our mind, they have to wait until we make up our mind!

I prayed for a particular friend to come back from heaven to testify to it. He had committed suicide. 

One time after I prayed this, a demon said to me “why don’t you pray for your own mother instead”

My prayer was that my friend would come back from heaven and tell the church it was real and tell them to get me out of jail.

Then I started thinking that if this miracle occurred, the people would be all distracted by questions to him about what heaven was like and forget about me.

After this happened, I was sitting there and God said to me DID YOU REALLY THINK I WAS GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE?

This was consistent with the fact that He had given me bail the next day after the Judge had revoked it! HE was trying to get me out of there.

He sent a guard to tell me HASN’T GOD TOLD YOU TO LEAVE YET?

I am an introvert by nature. I have spent hours by myself, with God, all my life, playing piano since age 3. 

I had the thought when I was 6 or 7 “I am put on earth to do music and it is holy”

When I first arrived at the solitary cell, I was not upset. The first thought I had was “GOOD NOW I CAN ASK GOD ALL MY QUESTIONS”

I had a LONG LIST of stuff I had been trying to understand.

When you are in any situation, instead of focusing on what you can not do, ask what CAN I do?

When you are in a quiet jail cell that is a perfect place to hear from GOD and talk to him undistracted.

God brings people to situations like that precisely to get their attention to develop a relationship and communicate things.

Most people are so busy running around that it is hard for God to get their attention, or enough time with them to communicate or resolve things.

Solitary is a lot like music school without the instruments.

I spent 3 years in music school. It was like summer camp. The closest to heaven one could imagine.

Pianos have been altars to God for me all my life.  When I play I feel God’s peace. I would sleep sitting at the piano and have dreams from God, after invoking His presence by playing.

All my life other people have said “when you play there is peace on you”

Others can feel that peace, which is the presence of God, when I play.

It often falls on me as soon as I start to play. Pianos were like extensions of my hands.

I used to play since 3 before I had lessons. I would just play and make stuff up.

My father used to sit in the living room reading the newspaper listening to me. He would say “What was that? That was pretty?” I would shrug and say “I don’t know. I just made it up.”

I remember hearing symphonies in my head, sitting on my bed.

Later I read that Mozart was a child prodigy and wrote music as a small child. I remember thinking “what’s the big deal? I DO that too”

Everyone has callings from God.

It says in Jeremiah 1 “I knew you before I formed you in the womb”

This does not mean reincarnation. I do not believe in reincarnation, because the bible contradicts it.

It says in Hebrews “It is appointed to a man once to die and then judgement”

If that is true, reincarnation is not. We don’t have many lives, some as animals, etc. even though the idea may be appealing and even make sense.

My mother used to say she believed in reincarnation because it makes sense.

But the universe is not obligated to make sense to us in order to have permission to exist!

We did not create it so we do not get to make the rules and reinvent it.

God creates all kinds of animals. DO they make sense? Does a hippopotamus make sense?  

He likes to be creative and he likes variety. Making sense is not the point. It is fun to create.  We are like that too.

It is part of humanity’s nature to be creative. We are happy when we are doing that in some form.

We have energy inside us and creativity is an expression of it.  If there is no outlet for creativity it can be channeled into destructive energy since it needs to go somewhere.

When a person sits in a jail cell there is not a lot of opportunity for physical expression of energy.  I used to walk in circles for hours, praying.

Some people do pushups and other physical exercises to keep in shape and use up energy.

I discovered that most of my energy went into mental projections. 

It went out of my head. Hence I became a very strong telepathic sender.

When I got out I found that I no longer needed to speak to people around me. If I just thought something they would hear my thoughts and respond.

If I wanted them to leave this is very effective. Telling someone to do something often elicits a counter reaction since most people don’t like being told what to do. But if you do it mentally it does not elicit a counter reaction . They think it is their own idea and just leave or do whatever with no resistance.

If you sit near others and ask them to give you money it can be effective.

This kind of practice makes our prayers very powerful.

So being in solitary is really training in intercession. In ministry.

People need to know God and have experiences with God so they can minister to others and share what they know.

Everyone needs that to have a ministry to others.

The previous part of their life, their mistakes is also a valuable part of their testimony and ministry.

The more dramatic the change in a person the more powerful their testimony is and the bigger more powerful ministry they can have.

So don’t condemn yourself for your mistakes and sin.

Repent of them, ask forgiveness for them, and then ask yourself WHO can benefit from my testimony?


If someone did drugs before they got saved and Jesus healed them they then have a ministry to warn kids not to do drugs.  Same with stealing, joining gangs and committing crimes, murder etc.

If God can forgive a murderer others realize that they can be forgiven too so that person has a very valuable ministry to others.

Their testimony is more impressive than someone who was mostly righteous and maybe stole gum once.

So no part of one’s life no matter how full of sin or error it was, is without purpose. It is all part of our testimony.

Everyone has their own testimony.

Our callings are combination of the talents and gifts God gave us and the gifts he Gives us after we are saved and healed (He gives us new gifts that we didn’t have before as part of our testimony) AND our history of what we did before is part of our testimony.

We have a ministry to anyone who has similar issues of trauma or sin.

Someone who had drug addictions has a ministry to others with that issue.

Someone who was homosexual and delivered from it has a ministry to other homosexuals.

People have asked “If God doesn’t like homosexuality why did He make me this way?”

The answer is that God has a purpose in everything. He allows a person to become what they are so they can testify to how He changed them through Jesus.

There are spirits of homosexuality. This spirit can enter someone when they are abused. One can also pick it up from others, from listening to their music if they are gay, or from beds.

I had lesbian dreams twice in my life, from the spirit attacking me.  The first time was when I lived in an apartment under a lesbian.

The other time was in a jail. I picked it up from the bed.

Beds in jails are very unclean and have a lot of unclean spirits because people engage in sexual activity with themselves. 

I used to sometimes get into compulsive picking at my scalp due to the unclean spirits on the bed.  God gave me a shower a few times to give me relief.  One time He said to me afterwards  “I gave you a shower. Don’t pick”

And one of the major reasons why demonic spirits would attack me when I was praying was because of this environment.

I found it just as distressing trying to pray in hotel rooms. They are unclean because of the sex in them.  I had no peace there.

Toilets make a place not clean too.

Bathrooms are not the best places to pray

But I have had incredibly strong experiences in God’s presence IN a jail cell. So God can give us the GRACE to overcome any situation.

Grace means POWER from God and Favor.

The forgiveness of sins through Jesus is a gift of grace. We cannot earn it.

The gospel of John says

The law came by Moses but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ  John 1:17

Another scripture says “Where sin abounds Grace abounds much more”

God does this as a testimony that He is stronger than anything else.

So don’t despair. No matter what the devil is trying to do in any situation, God has higher authority and the final say. The devil can only do what God allows.

If we sin we give permission to demons to attack us mentally physically or through others.

When we repent of sin (ask God’s forgiveness) the demons lose authority so we are then closer to God.

Psalm 91 says God will cover us with his feathers.

When we are under God’s protection no harm will come to us.

This scripture says exactly that. It says thousands may fall at your right hand and left hand but no harm will come to you. Psalm 91

That sort of thing is a testimony that God uses to testify that HE is real.

There are always stories of tornados destroying towns, but leaving houses standing right in the middle that had angels protecting them because the people prayed.

This was all foreshadowed by the Passover Story of the Jews in Egypt.

God made 10 plagues on the Egyptians as an object lesson that He was superior to the Egyptian gods (which are demons).   The Last plague was the slaying of the first born sons, including the Pharoah’s son.

The Jews were told to put lamb’s blood on their doors so no harm would come to their sons, as a sign to the angel of death to pass over their houses.

This is what happened.

This was all a foreshadowing of the blood of Jesus to break curses. The Passover story is a story about JESUS COMING as the savior.
The Jews during a Passover Seder re-enact the story and do symbolic things to testify to this.

There are 3 matzohs, which are breads that are flat without leaven. When they fled Egypt there was no time for the bread to rise so they ate flat bread. So during Passover they eat matzoh which is flat bread. As a re-enactment.

God told the Jews to have seders and tell this story so nobody would forget what happened.

For 5000 years Jews have been having Passover seders, as commanded in the bible so they would not forget that God delivered them out of Egypt by his mighty hand while doing 10 plagues on Pharoah, and the parting of the Red Sea so they could escape from Pharoah’s army when they had no other place to run. A big miracle. God is in the miracle business.

During the Passover seder there are 3 matzohs. The middle one is broken and hidden and the children look for it and bring it back. 

The symbolism of the 3 matzohs is the Trinity. The Father, son and Holy Spirit.  The middle matzoh represents the son, who goes away and comes back from heaven.   Or who dies and is resurrected. Both.

The word for this matzoh is a Greek word AFIKOMON. The translation of it is I AM COMING or I HAVE COME. It means both.

Jesus died on the cross and then was raised from the dead 3 days later, as a sign of the final resurrection of all people from the dead, to be judged by God to go to heaven or hell.  A foreshadowing.  The bible also says Jesus will return to earth the same way he left, coming down from heaven over Jerusalem. The bible says he will rapture his church first and the dead in Christ will rise first and meet the Lord in the air and the living in Christ will join them. Then Jesus will come back from heaven and bring judgment on the earth.

Revelation 21 talks about a Heavenly Jerusalem coming from Heaven and Jesus rapturing his church to go there.

If we are holy and sanctified (NO drugs which open us to unclean spirits, or sin which also do that) we will be ready to be raptured.

Thousands of people in China have recently seen a city appearing in the clouds.

The book of Revelation calls Jesus the Bright Morning Star.

There is a bright morning star now visible in the sky before the sun comes up.

God had told me in august to stay in the park until morning so I would see it. In the city near the lights it is not as obvious.

We need to be ready to be raptured. This means we need to be saved first.

God’s priority for ALL People is for us to be saved and born again so we will go to heaven and have eternal life in the presence of God.

Everything else is secondary.

The bible says it is God’s will that ALL would be saved. So he WANTS to save us but he doesn’t force it. We have a choice.

No person in their right mind would choose to spend eternity in hell, if they believed in it.

Some people have said “well if that’s where my friends will be I would want to be with them” But one will not be in fellowship with others in hell.

They will be in isolation from God and His love. With others there is love. All love comes from God.  We can only love because God puts His love inside us and uses us to give it to others.  When God’s spirit leaves people there is no love there. 


So when you seem to be in the most desperate situation, be encouraged because THEN you are in a situation where God can do miracles to TESTIFY that he is real.

Say to yourself and him “I know you must be planning a big miracle here so what should I do and pray for?” He will give you ideas. He may have something specific in mind or be interested in different ideas.

Often when I have thought of something God’s response was THINK BIGGER.

One time I was sitting in a jail cell and prayed “God please open the door”. NO sooner was the word out of my mouth that the door opened. I was in such shock that I hesitated to run out and then it closed.  God is a lot closer than we think.

In the book of Acts Peter was in jail. All the believers sang and worshipped God. Worship empowers the angels to act.  God made a big earthquake and all the doors shook open. They could have run out.   But they knew the guards would kill themselves if they escaped, so they instead used the opportunity to pray for them to be saved, and their families.

God has purposes in every situation. We need to ask HIS purposes.

When I was in solitary God used me to pray for the other prisoners. One time He said to me “They’re going to chapel. Do you want to pray for them?”

One time as they went, I was singing in tongues in my cell. Then they came running back yelling “The church is on fire!”  They had seen tongues of fire outside the church. This was a supernatural thing.

In the book of Acts ch 2 on the Day of Pentecost, as the believers were praying in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit fell on everyone and the people watching saw what they said was Tongues of Fire resting on their heads.   This was the power of God.  Then they also spoke in tongues.  The other people all heard them in their own language.  They were probably speaking in a supernatural language, and the other people understood it in their own languages, telepathically.  It doesn’t say they spoke many different languages to the different people.

I have had experiences like this.  When I was on the worship team of a Brazilian church I brought 3 American friends to the congregation. None of us knew Portuguese. I knew Spanish and could understand some of it because it was related. One day the Pastor was talking in Portuguese and all 3 of us telepathically understood the same message.  The Holy Spirit was translating it for us.

When we pray or sing in tongues, this is a supernatural prayer language directed by the Holy Spirit and HE gives the understanding or interpretation to others in their own heads, in their thoughts  in their own language. Same idea.

We may know nothing about them but God does and this is a a testimony to them that God is real.  Others can feel the presence of God when we pray or sing in tongues. When I do this many people have told me they felt something. The Holy Spirit can feel like a tingly energy, or make a person warm, especially if God is healing them physically. They can feel God’s love flood through them.

ANYONE can SING to God wherever they are.  Just make up anything simple.  The Holy Spirit will inspire you. Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you.

You can sing “thank you Jesus for your love.” When you sing this by faith you invoke his Spirit and will feel his love.  You can sing HALLELUJAH.  This means Praise to God.

Sing prayers.  For example

Jesus come heal me

Jesus pour out your love

Jesus fill me with your spirit

Make me holy


Many people are embarrassed to sing in front of others. Well in solitary nobody else may hear you, or at least see you, so you can sing loudly.  

There is an upside to everything if you seek it. 

You can sit near the door and sing and get the other prisoners to sing in harmony.  Then the doors can open supernaturally, like in the Book of Acts. 

Or you can hear angels singing with you.  This has happened to me in church. 

When I used to play piano while living in a church for 2 years at night, I worshipped Jesus. He healed me and gave me a loud singing voice I did not have before.

One night as I thanked him for a loud singing voice, it immediately got even louder.

Don’t proclaim negative things. Don’t tell God problems. He already knows the situation

Whatever we speak acts like a prayer or self fulfilling prophecy. Don’t prophecy problems into existence. Prophesy SOLUTIONS!


A person can feel the love of God covering them like a warm blanket anywhere they are.

God can make you SUPERNATURALLY warm.  This can be a very useful thing in jails where one could often use a blanket.

One time I was walking around outside and came near a church.  There was a guy sleeping right outside the door in his shorts, in winter. I could feel a supernatural heat all around him. 

Jesus said NOTHING Is impossible with God.

If you can conceive of something, God can do it. 

When we worship God, our chest often gets warm as the Holy Spirit burns inside us. So that warms us up.

The first time I went to a Christian house church I felt love flooding through me as they worshipped God, singing to Abba father and his son JESUS.

When we say the name Jesus we invoke HIS presence.

If you just pray by saying

PRAISE YOU JESUS over and over, you will feel God’s spirit.  We enter into his presence through praise and worship THEN we ask him for something.  The scripture says we enter into his courts with thanksgiving.

As we sing to God, the spirit moves to answer our prayers.  Praying or singing in tongues does this too.

Worship and tongues empowers angels to act. It is their food, which is spiritual food.

People need spiritual food as well.  We can fast for days with no physical distress if we are worshipping God.  It strengthens our spirit and bodies and minds.

If we pray or sing in tongues it strengthens us so we don’t even need food. So if you don’t have food, PRAY. You won’t need their food.   Prayer is what you need. Spiritual food.

Food is actually an impediment to power when we pray.  We need to be light to pray with the most power.

This is why when people play music for hours and hours they don’t even think about food. They don’t need it. They have spiritual food.

In heaven people will have glorified bodies. They are spiritual bodies. They don’t require food. Worship is their food. It gives them energy.

Physical food gives energy to our bodies after our bodies break it down into nutrients.

Worship gives energy to our spirits and our bodies and minds.

There are people on earth who have given up eating food.  This is possible because they pray. It is a testimony to the power of prayer and the reality of God.  There are Catholic mystics who have done this.

There are also stories of Indian gurus who did this.

Many spiritual traditions discover the same spiritual truths and do similar things. 

Most spiritual traditions teach love and compassion, patience, forgiveness.

They don’t all teach the same things about everything. Especially about Jesus.

Many religions have different ideas about Jesus.

The new testament warns us that many will come preaching a Different Jesus. Meaning a different idea of Jesus.

New age books are like that. They are full of deceptions.

Islam is like that. It talks about Jesus and says some similar things to the new testament, but it says other things that are different, that contradict the new testament and the old testament.

God says in the new testament that He wants us to worship him in Spirit and TRUTH.

Which means he wants us to seek and know the truth about Him, and about Jesus.

It is important for people to read the new testament for themselves so they know what Jesus actually said, not what some other book tells us he said. Other books say different things. They are second hand information.

If you want to know what a religion teaches, you need to read their holy book for yourself.

The Jews often say they think Jesus was a prophet.  The Muslims say this too.

Well if someone is a prophet of God, then their words are coming from God. So we need to know what they actually said.

Jesus SAID he was the savior.  He did not deny it.

A Samaritan woman said to him “we are waiting for the Christ, the messiah” 
Jesus said “I am he”.

He also said to the rabbis “Before Abraham was, I AM”

They understood this correctly to his saying he was God, or a part of God. He was NOT just a MAN.

The gospel of John describes the divinity of Jesus.

“In the beginning was the word and the word was God and was with God” John 1:1

“The word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the father, full of grace and truth” John 1:14

the WORD which came down to earth as a man named Jesus.

The law came by Moses but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ. John 1:17

So this is describing

In 1 John 5:17 it says

‘There are 3 that bear record in heaven, the father, the word and the Holy Spirit and these 3 are 1”.

It is describing the idea of the trinity.  The bible does not use the word TRINITY but the concept is clear in that scripture.

In Luke 2 it says that an angel Gabriel said to Mary

 “this holy thing (in your womb) shall be called the SON of God” SO that is his title.

The Koran came along 300 years later, as a repudiation of the new testament. It has the story that the same angel Gabriel said “Allah has no son”. This is supposed to be a repudiation of the idea that God has a son.

This means one of two things. Either the new testament is lying and the koran is telling the truth, or the New testament is telling the truth and the Koran is lying, OR the Koran is also telling the truth because ALLAH is not the same God as the God described in the New Testament. Allah is another spirit.

The symbol of Islam is a star and moon. So it has been argued that Allah is really a Moon God. Another spirit.

Logically this has to be true.

Muslims are told to kill the infidels and by infidels they mean Christians and Jews,  as well as anyone else who is not a Muslim.

The God of the Christians does not consider them infidels. They are believers. So the God of the Christians is not going to tell Muslims to kill his people, the Christians, and call them infidels.

So logically the spirit that Christians consider to be God and the Muslims consider to be God, is not the same spirit.

Each person needs to seek the truth. We need to know if the spirit we think is God is really God, or a demonic lying spirit.

Anyone can be deceived by a lying spirit. This happens to Christians all the time if they use drugs while praying.  I commonly read about some Christian in their morning prayer time with their bible and cup of coffee. Bad idea.  The coffee is an opening for lying demonic spirits. If you ask God a question the odds are that some demonic spirit will answer instead of God.  And you can’t ask God “is coffee drinking OK when you’re drinking it!” The coffee spirit will answer you and say SURE!.

You have to ask the question in an uncontaminated state so only the HOLY Spirit will answer you!

God does not say things that are in contradiction to his word. The bible is a history book of what God said and did, so we will know who and what he is and what he expects from us.

I had a conversation one time with a young guy who said he asked God what he thought about something and got the answer “Whatever”. Well, that was NOT the spirit of God. It sounds like a spirit from pot.  That drug makes people very apathetic and say stuff like “whatever”

God gave us the 10 commandments to specifically tell us what is ok and what is not. It would be completely inconsistent for God to say WHATEVER!   In the Old testament God goes through LONG LISTS of things to avoid.  And he tells us that doing certain things will bring curses on us. (because they are openings for demonic spirits, often).

When you know a person, you know whether something is likely to be something they would say. The same with knowing God.

When we read the bible we find out Who God is. This helps us to have the discernment to know whether some spirit talking to us is God or not. This is why it is so important to read the bible, to find out who God actually is. 

Many people have ideas of God that is not accurate.  You can make up your own idea of what you want God to be, but that doesn’t make him conform to it. Unless You are God and creating the whole universe, you don’t have that power.  Only God does.

So all people need to have a sense of humility. We did not create the universe and we don’t make the rules. It makes more sense to find out who God is then to waste energy and time trying to make Him into something else. Deception does not lead anywhere good. The bible says God is not a liar.

It also says liars will burn in hell. God does not like liars.  The devil and his demons lie. People who follow the devil lie.  Any religion that says it is ok to deceive people is not from God. There are many ideologies like this. 

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. The Scripture has power because it IS true.  Our prayers have power when we stand on the scripture, because it is true. We can pray God you say in your word such and such…” and this affirms our faith obligates God to prove it true, many times.  But the way God answers our prayers is not necessarily the way we expect.  Sometimes He has a different idea. Many times a better idea.

Many times I suggest things to God. “How about this?”  He often answers with “How about THAT?” His ideas are bolder. He also has a sense of humor.

Demons lie. They often tell someone they are God.  The bible warns us about this. It says one test of the spirits is to ask it “Did Jesus come in the flesh” It says if any spirit confesses that Jesus came in the flesh, then it is of God. If it says Jesus did not come in the flesh, it is of the anti-christ.

So if someone is talking to you and saying God sent them, ask them this question.

If a spirit is talking to you in your head, ask them this question to find out what kind of spirit it is.

The bible says No man can say Jesus is LORD except by the Holy Spirit.

The Muslims believe different things about Jesus than the Christians.

They believe that Mary was a virgin, like the New Testament says. They also believe Jesus will return. This is true.

They believe Jesus was a prophet. Like the other Old Testament prophets. He was MORE than a prophet. He was the savior.

The Koran says Mohammed was the last prophet. This is not true. It is a contradiction of the New Testament which says God never stopped using prophets.

There is an office or prophet in the church. It says God has created apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to build up the church. In Ephesians 4:11

Anyone named after a prophet is called by God to be one. 

I am named after an old testament prophetess. She sat under a tree and dispensed wisdom. For years I have said to people “If you want to hear from God, go sit under a tree”.

Other people have TOLD me I am a prophet; strangers who I just met, and my talents are evidence of it.

I have played piano since age 3.  I remember having the thought “I am put on earth to do music and it is holy”

In the old testament musicians were prophets.

There are many people who played an instrument at a young age.  Those people are probably called to be prophets.

What a person knew about themselves at age 7 is probably the closest to their calling. As we grow older and get influenced by others, we often get diverted from our calling.

Some people play an instrument as a child and then get into sports instead. Or drugs, Or girls. Or whatever.

JAIL Is a time out. An opportunity to reassess one’s life.  IF you’re in jail it is either because you made a mistake of some kind or God is just trying to give you an opportunity to get to know him and hear from him, or to preach to others, or some combination.

A person in jail may or may not be guilty of what they were charged. Often they are not. But they may be guilty of something else.  God knows what is going on.

A person who is charged with trespassing is often guilty of some trespass against God. Some sin.

Things that happen to us are often symbolic. They have another meaning than what they literally are.

This is how God communicates. In symbols, often.

He uses people and situations to give us messages.  We need to ask Him “What is the message here?”

If someone is doing something strange or bad to us, Ask God “Why are they doing this?” It might not be an issue with them – it might be a message to YOU.  Or God may have a particular purpose. He wants you to help them.

God often sends problem people to us because we have the help they need.

The man who discipled me who lived next door to me, once said to me “I knew God sent you because I couldn’t get rid of you”

So if you have a cell mate maybe God put you together for a purpose. 

Most people act as mirrors to whatever is inside us and what we project.

If we have love to them, they will feel it themselves and return it.

If we have anger they will feel it and return it.

When we pray for others, whatever we pray for goes onto us.  So if we pray for God’s love to be on someone else, we pray that blessing onto ourselves.

This is why Jesus told us to bless and not curse others. Usually when we curse someone else we speak it onto ourselves. Not helpful.

In any situation I pray for the Holy Spirit to be upon me and take authority wherever I go.

This way God goes before me and prepares the way before I get there.   I will go into stores that normally might be playing music and they will be quiet. 

The music that is played in stores is usually not good. The music business is run by people who are devil worshippers who pray demons onto the records. This causes mental illness.

Also the musicians transmit whatever spirits are on them. If they use drugs that is an opening for unclean demonic spirits.

Pot and Cigarettes are openings for demonic spirits. When I go into some store and they play rap, I often smell Pot. A lot of rappers use it, and smoke.

I don’t want those spirits on me. They give me a headache. If someone smokes cigs or pot the smell is ON them and goes on anyone else they pass. It makes others involuntarily high. It afflicts them.  It is an assault.

Pot smokers KNOW about a “contact high”.   ALL drugs do this.  They are all openings for unclean demonic spirits which transmit through verbal and physical contact, like germs.

I smoked pot when I was 14 till age 20. The last time it gave me a headache so I decided to stop.

I can’t think clearly with pot. Nobody who is high does.  It is hard to have a logical conversation with someone on pot. It ruins their brains. They may think they get great ideas when high. They should write it down and then read it when they are not high. Usually it is obvious that most of the great ideas are not.

One of the rappers said he was told by a music executive “your job is to fill the jails”

So a good way to stay out of jail is to avoid listening to that music. It is toxic.

Pot destroys people’s ambition. NOBODY can fulfill God’s calling on them if they smoke it.

God can’t use a person if they are contaminated spiritually. 
God wants musicians to be used for HIM to transmit the Holy Spirit to others to save them and heal them. They can’t be used this way if they are using drugs.  The spirit is contaminated by unclean spirits.

God stopped me from drinking coffee when I was driving the worship in churches. He did not want me spewing those spirits onto the church. Caffeine is an opening for spirits of mania, confus-, addiction.

For a person to think Clearly they need to NOT use caffeine. Sitting near others talking who use it opens a person to those same spirits.

There are so many caffeinated people running around the cities that they affect everyone else. That is why there is so much confus- in the country.   This is why people behave like idiots. They can’t think clearly.

People on psych drugs cannot think clearly. Same with alcohol, pot, caffeine, nicotine. The whole list.

If we got rid of All the drugs the whole society would function better. We would have solutions to our problems instead of more problems.

When God solves a problem he doesn’t create another problem.  Most of the solutions to problems which come from Demons, create more problems than the one they are purporting to solve.

Psych drugs are supposed to be the solution to the mental illness caused by street drugs. But they are worse. 

Pot is bad because it IS a gateway to other drugs  often – psych drugs. Lots of people get paranoid on ot. Then they go onto psych drugs which ruin their lives.

People need healing, through Jesus for the brain damage caused by psych drugs. And deliverance from the demonic spirits from Those drugs as well as other drugs.

Most people who are bipolar are that way from mania spirits from caffeine.

Alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress-.

“Medical” marijuana is not what people need. They don’t need pain management. They need to be healed of the actual disease, which they can be, by Jesus.

Jesus is in the healing business. One can not pray with authority if they are using any drugs so taking pain drugs or pot will hinder a person’s being able to pray for actual healing.

It has been claimed that pot helps people who have seizures.  Well Jesus explicitly healed someone who had seizures. He cast out the spirit of epilep--, by name. He said to his followers this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting” Matthew 17:21

So to have authority to heal others or ourselves we need to fast.

This is why the King James bible is the only reliable English translation. It has that scripture.

I don’t write entire names of spirits since that can invoke them. When speaking it is better to spell them.  

Words do not just describe, they invoke what we speak

Proverbs 18:21 says death and life is in the tongue.

James ch 3 warns us about this also.

The more modern translations like the NIV, NRSV leave the scripture out or hide it in a footnote where they hope people will not notice it. The devil is behind those translations and he does not want people to know HOW to have authority to cast out HIS spirits.

King James bibles have more authority from God.  They will have the presence of God, His peace.

Other bibles probably do not have his presence. This is the explanation to me for why many atheists who have read the bible, did not somehow feel the presence of God as they read it.  They were reading the wrong translation.  

The devil makes counterfeits of everything of God precisely to deceive us.  A person will read another translation and not feel the presence of God and not really experience what God intended.

The devil creates counterfeits of everything of God to discredit the real thing.

The bible warns us about false teachers, false prophets etc.

A person will say they are a Christian and do something bad to discredit the name of Jesus.

Someone who kills in the name of Jesus is not a follower of Jesus. Jesus never told anyone to kill. He preached FORGIVENESS.

Jesus main message to humanity is that we must forgive others So that God will forgive US so we can go to heaven or hell.

We really don’t have a choice, if we want to go to heaven.

Jesus said “if you don’t forgive others God won’t forgive YOU your sins” Matthew 6

The real reason many people are in jail, especially in solitary which can really feel like hell, is so they will realize that Hell is real AND they need to forgive so they don’t end up there.

When I was in solitary EVERYONE near me had been horribly abused by someone – like being raped by a close relative, and needed to forgive them.


The Need for Forgiveness


When we forgive we are healed of the trauma and can then have inner peace.  People who have not forgiven do not have that inner peace.

Jesus also said to forgive so our prayers are not hindered. 

It says in Hebrews 12

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

Looking diligently lest any man fall of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled   Hebrews 12:14-15

This means that If we don’t forgive, the trauma is often re-enacted with new people, until we do. 

It is a sign that we need to forgive so we can go to heaven.


I had an experience in a psych ward where I was abused. Several people jumped on me to drug me. One big guy in particular.  I had a dream that night of being gang raped, which is exactly what it felt like. Being involuntarily drugged is a bodily invasion, just like rape. It is more dangerous than rape since the drugs are deadly.  I have almost died from one of them several times.  I had trouble breathing.

After that experience something had been written down in my chart about it.  Anytime that same guy was on the ward, I felt shaky before I even knew he was on the ward. I sensed it in my spirit before I left my room.  

A little while later I got hold of my chart. I tore it up into shreds and flushed it down the toilet.  So there was no longer any written record of the event.  Immediately the peace of God came to me. 

And I was able to sit right next to that guy and feel peace. The trauma was gone, because the record of it was gone.

When God forgives our sins he also says “I will remember your sins no more”. This means in the spiritual realm, the record is erased.

When people have criminal records or medical records, this creates problems.  Medical records make it harder to heal; it fixates whatever is written down, in the spiritual realm.

Spoken words can be rebuked in Jesus name. Written ones are harder to undo.

When people interview people in jail and ask them negative questions like “are you having negative thoughts” and they write down the answer if it is negative, this acts like a curse on the person. THEN they have more problems than they did before. It sends assignments to them in the spiritual realm that affects their thoughts and behaviors.   So they will have more negative thoughts after someone writes that down.

I knew better than to open myself up to this. SO I declined to be interview in prison by anyone from the mental health dept.  However I would listen to the people in cells next to me doing this. Before their interview, they would be quiet. They were ok.  Then they were asked the negative questions. Invariably, they were in mental distress.  Not only were the questions speaking curses onto them, it was also being written down which made it a bigger problem.


When someone asks “ARE YOU SUCH AND SUCH” they are really speaking it onto you.

The only good answer is to say “I REBUKE THAT” as soon as they say it. SO it has no power over a person.

If you don’t rebuke something right when it is said, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. I would say “I rebuke anything negative spoken in this spot”.

When words are said in a certain location, they invoke assignments to manifest in that location. Hence places get defiled.

I have noticed that when a person prays in a certain spot, it invokes what they are praying for in that spot.

One example – one time I was with a friend who prayed in tongues sitting at a bench. The next day another person who I wanted to speak with, came right up to me in that same spot. The spot had already been prepared.

This is what prayer walks do. People walk around and area praying for God’s Spirit to take authority in a particular place.

A more recent example was that I was on the sidewalk in NYC singing along with a tape I made of a prayer song. The words in the chorus are

Heal us save us let us be restored

Heal us save us Jesus you are lord

As I was doing this, my sister who I had not seen in 7 years, who lives 300 miles away, came right up to me in that spot!  That was one powerful prayer.  God had given me that song to induce that kind of reconciliation, evidently, thought it wasn’t the only use of that song. 

If one says something negative it will invoke whatever that is, in that spot.  Unless you pray to clean that spot.

If you are using equipment and have a phone conversation saying it doesn’t work, it won’t, in that spot. You need to move and then say “I break any curses spoken over this equipment” and then go to a new spot. It can be a few feet away. 

When a person is in a cell they don’t have the same option. SO they have to pray to rebuke anything spoken where they are.

Any words that are spoken act like prayers. They invoke what we speak.

The bible warns us about the power of the tongue.  It says in Proverbs 18:21 Death and life is in the tongue.

James ch 3 says a person can set their life on the fires of hell by their tongue.

It says in 1 Peter “if any man speak let him speak as the oracle of God” 1 Peter 4:11

What we speak comes either from God or the demonic. If it is from the demonic it is of no benefit.

The bible tells us to be quick to hear and slow to speak.

The devil throws thoughts at our heads to try to seduce us to speak it, which speaks it into existence. If we rebuke it at the thought level it does not manifest.

Complaining and gossiping is sin in the bible. When we say negative things about others it speaks it onto them like a curse and makes them worse. It does not make them better. It is counterproductive.

The devil uses complaining to try to seduce us to agree with something negative that someone else may say or to try to seduce us to say something negative, to speak a curse onto ourselves, our situation or them.  The devil uses other people to say negative things about themselves to speak it into US.

The words spew all over, like rain. They have many unintended targets.

When someone does this, one needs to rebuke whatever they said or it will manifest.

Most people’s problems come from something that was said by them or onto them.

Criminal records are a problem. They need to be erased.

When someone has a criminal record it acts like a curse on them. It sends assignments to tempt them to do whatever they did before, or to be accused of it falsely, or both.

It is because of the cursing effect of these records that people with a criminal record keep getting accused of the same thing and their life becomes some kind of nightmare.

One example of this was what happened to a young man named Kalief Browder. He spent 3 years in Rikers jail because he did not have bail, awaiting a trial for a charge of allegedly stealing a knapsack. He spent months in solitary. 

When he finally got out, he was being re-accused on some charge and was afraid of going through the same nightmare again, so he committed suicide.

I don’t think it was just some probation violation. From what I read there was something more bizarre happening.

Crazy things show up on court records all the time that are nonsense. It is a demonic thing. A spiritual attack.

I was in court with the judge who had sent me to jail where I spent 8 months in solitary AFTER he had had a brief trial and found me guilty of violating his order, and here we were in court and for some reason he said “Oh, we never had a trial on this charge and was about to go through the whole thing again.  Someone corrected him but if it had been a different judge then he might have assumed the information was correct and gone forward.  This kind of nightmare happens all the time. It is a supernatural thing.

Anything can happen in court. Things that lawyers say can act like curses. 

I usually did better without a lawyer. But judges don’t always agree to let a person represent themselves, even though we have that right. If you have a right to a lawyer, you have a right NOT to use a particular lawyer.   One particular lawyer I had had said “we’re going to trial” and so it happened, even though it made no sense.

Legal arguments are not what persuades judges, often. What happens instead is that words can act like hypnotic commands on them and make them do things that logically they should not do.

I had told the judge who said he was a Christian, that I had been trying to escape from Jail. He said “Oh like Peter”.  SO because I planted the thought in his mind, he obliged me by deciding we should have a trial, he should find me guilty, and send me back to jail so I could pursue my goal of escaping!

THEN he revoked my bail.

BUT the next day I found out that GOD had given me bail. HE overrode the judge’s order.

The whole thing was crazy in the first place because my “crime” was that I tried to reconcile with a minister whose church I had lived in. The bible SAYS to reconcile.  The judge should have sent it to mediation. Instead He had made his own stay away order and when I broke that by trying to talk to the guy to reconcile, I ended up in court.  The judge was telling me to obey him instead of the bible. That is spiritually wrong and he should have known better if he was a Christian.

With hindsight it is even more clear to me how wrong he was – because since the situation had not gotten resolved, it replicated with other people and I ended up with more legal problems, which caused more relationship problems and complications in my life.

This all started because a minister did not obey scripture, and went to the legal system instead of dealing with a situation in the church, as the bible commands.

He knew better. He got counsel from someone to do that, and it was not counsel from the Holy Spirit. Whoever that person was, was listening to lying demonic spirits. I would bet money THAT person was praying in a contaminated manner, using coffee, and that was the whole reason for this domino chain of error.

Since all that happened to me, it has affected MY ministry and the people who I was supposed to interact with and their potential ministry and on and on.   One can not undo a whole chain of mistakes.

We do not have the foresight to see the consequences of our choices and our mistakes. But God does.

That is why it is best if we obey God when he tells us to do or not do something.

God’s plans get thwarted all the time because of various people’s disobedience and stupid behavior.

Here is one example of how this can work.

Some kid is walking down the sidewalk smoking pot. EVERY person they pass is afflicted by this. The unclean spirit is on them and transmit to the other people. This impedes their efforts to do whatever they are supposed to do. When this happens to me, I have to go somewhere to clean the smell off me before I continue with where I was going. This is a loss of time. An interruption. If I already prayed for an interaction, it aborts that prayer.

One time I got on the subway to go to see a Christian minister who was on The View. God wanted me to tell him something. As soon as I got on the train 4 guys jumped on right next to me who were about to sing to the captive audience on the train. As soon as one of them spoke, right next to me, some foul smell came out of his mouth and went on my scarf. An unclean spirit. He probably smoked, or drank.  It sabotaged what I was doing. I couldn’t go see the man like that – with that smell.

So these guys who used drugs, sabotaged me giving a prominent person a message from God.  He lived across the country. God had brought him to NY so I could give him this message.

This example is why I am so against all drugs. This happens all the time. When some kid uses pot or drinks or smokes and walks down the street, the unclean spirit goes on everyone they pass, which then affects every interaction THEY have in the negative. It is a domino chain of effects, none of which the person is aware of. 

When we go to heaven God will sit down with us and show us movies of our lives. He will show us many events in our lives. And we will see the consequences of those events. He will say “remember when you were in such a place and this happened? I was trying to set up such and such but some person intervened, or your disobedience interfered, etc.

Strange situations will finally make sense because we will have God’s perspective of why they happened.

It is a good idea to seek the mind of God while we are on earth so we can fulfill God’s purposes and not miss them or ruin them for others.

So when some person thinks “I am just smoking a cigarette and it affects nobody else.” They are usually wrong. It affects many people all over the place and their plans.

The idea “it is ok to use drugs or sin as long as it harms nobody else” is a fallacy because it rarely exists.

If you interact with other people in any way after using drugs, you are affecting them negatively.

If one sins in private it can still bring God’s judgment on the nation. If the whole nation engages in the same private sin, God knows it and it will bring his judgement.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality.  The word Sodomy which means unnatural sex comes from that.

When we use drugs it affects wifi. So even if you are in your own house and smoke and go online, the unclean spirit on our goes through the wifi and your posts to everyone reading them. This is a big deal. People do not yet understand the spiritual implications of what happens with Wifi and the internet.

It interconnects people more than they used to be.  Everyone walking around with a smart phone is potentially affecting everyone else.

When someone smokes holding their phone, the unclean spirit goes thru the wifi to me, if they are a few feet away. It interferes with the wifi on my computer.

I smell it thru my computer.

When people are on the same wifi network, what they do affects everyone on the same network.

I have been in businesses and libraries where everyone is on the same network and the signal gets too weak. They don’t know why. Then I see someone with a cup of coffee next to their computer and I know that is the reason. If they have cig pack in their pocket that can do it.  Butts interfere with wifi.

I have worked in a portable chair on my computer for a few years. I go in the parks to work.  But there are butts all over the parks and it interferes with wifi. I had to move many times. It is aggravating and hard to get things done.

There are butts all over the sidewalks in NYC.  They interfere with cell phone connections and wifi. People talk on their phones and the signal goes in and out because of the butts everywhere. 

Alcohol does the same thing. 

Smoking and drinking is a health hazard to other people.  


We need to seek the truth about God


It says in Deuteronomy “If you seek me with your heart and soul and mind you will find me”

God wants us to know the truth about him and to make the effort to find it.

We can find the truth by praying different types of prayers as experiments or tests.

Try rebuking an illness in Allah’s name. Or Mohammad’s name. Or Buddah’s name. Or Moses. Or Gerbil.  See what happens.  Then try rebuking it in Jesus name.

Jesus name has authority over demonic spirits.  If you try to rebuke demonic spirits in the name of a demon, it doesn’t work.  Demons don’t cast out demons, as Jesus said.

Demons will laugh.

Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior for all mankind.  God heals us today for the same purpose.

Jesus spirit brings peace. And fills us with Love.  Other spirits do not do this.

You can pray “If the new testament is true, please have someone bring me a bible.” 

If you want a pet, ask God to send a mouse. 

I would not recommend having a koran because any book that has lies in it is an opening for lying spirits. This will then be an opening for thoughts from lying spirits.

Same thing with a book of Mormon.    I used to go through my new age books and ask for discernment about them.  I would open them right to a page with  some lie and then I knew there were lying spirits on them. Any book that had lies, I got rid of.  The last thing a person needs is to give an opening for lying spirits around them.

Sometimes God brings  a person to such a place as jail to get them away from all the books they have which have lying spirits, which can cause mental and physical illness.

The cleanest place to pray spiritually is outside near a tree. Lots of people say they feel the most peace and spiritual out in nature. This is because God created it and it is spiritually cleaner, away from all our stuff.  The peace one feels in nature is from God’s presence.

The most peace I ever felt was when I was in Israel at the Sea of Tiberias where Jesus walked on the water.  The shalom (Hebrew for Peace) was in the air there.

I have also felt that when walking around Jewish neighborhoods on the Sabbath. 
When we obey God we feel His presence, which is peace.

The hallmark of a born again person is that they often have God’s peace on them. It is a testimony to others and a magnet to others.

I was discipled by a Russian Pentecostal man who moved into the building next to me after I prayed for teacher. He had a peace on him that was palpable. I liked to be near him because I felt it.  I wanted to know how he got that. It was from his relationship with God and Jesus.  He trusted that all situations were from God.  That God had a purpose in every situation.

This is somewhat true. We need to seek God’s purpose in all situations or we will miss cues about what He wants us to do. He creates situations for his purposes.

In relationships or interactions they are often set up by God. He wants us to say something to the other person or vice versa, or both.

God has multiple purposes in many situations.

If you find yourself in a strange situation, ask Him “God what are you doing here? What do you want me to do?”

He will answer you in your thoughts. He may show you in a dream or vision.

The bible says that God speaks to us in dreams and visions.

Sometimes God gives a person a nightmare – a dream about something bad as a warning about what the devil is trying to do. God shows us this to warn us so we will pray to prevent it. Or it is a warning of a consequence to some mistake.

Most prophetic dreams are not written in stone. They are warnings.

When God sent prophets to warn people his intent was for them to repent.

It says in Jeremiah 18 that if God pronounces judgement on a nation BUT they repent He will relent. There are several stories in the bible that are testimonies about this.


One time in a jail I was singing worship songs for several hours. The next morning I was sitting on the floor with my hand out, palm open, receiving the love of God pouring onto me. When God’s spirit is on us there is nowhere else we would rather be. It is a taste of heaven. There is a scripture that says there is NO PLACE on earth that God can not reach us.  I intuitively felt that I was in that jail that weekend because God wanted to show me how real that scripture was.  To give me that faith and peace. So instead of calling people to bail me out, I just sang.  And then He proved himself.

If you don’t have a bible, pray FOR GOD TO PROVIDE ONE. He can send angels to deliver them.

Understand something. No matter what you have done, God can still forgive you. The devil is the one who wants you to be hopeless and believe God will not forgive you. It is a lie.  The scriptures say otherwise. This is why it is good to have a bible. Because when we read those scriptures we can see what God has actually said.

When we read something that is a promise from God, we can PRAY that promise. God does NOT LIE.  SO we can say to God ‘ YOU SAY IN YOUR WORD that I can be forgiven so I am trusting you to do this.”  Or protect me or give me peace. Or save my family. Or deliver me from evil or harm. Or  sanctify me and make me holy.

All of those things are promises.

Gratitude is an important attitude to get prayers answered.

When we thank God for what we DO have we release more blessings. When we thank him in advance by faith for answering our prayers, He moves.

Thanking him speedily gets prayers answered because it shows faith.

One time I had not spoken to my family in many months. I met a Christian who simply prayed “Thank you for our families”

 They called me later that day.

God teaches us to be grateful.  When we are ungrateful for what we have, often we lose it.  When we learn to be grateful with less, God starts to give us more again.

So if we are grateful for what we do have, we will be given more.

Another way to think about this is – use what YOU HAVE. God often says that to me.  Instead of focusing on what I don’t have – see what CAN I do with what I have – and use that.

Often we think we need something that we don’t actually need. Sometimes we already have exactly what we need.

Whatever we lack, God will provide the rest.

Whatever direction we move with intention, God will move in that direction too to meet us.

God puts us in situations to give us authority to pray for others in similar situations.

That is what intercessory authority is about.

Many years ago when I used to play piano in churches, God said to me “Pray for the captives”

I didn’t quite understand who he had in mind until I had spent time in psych wards, jails, and around people who were in cults who were captive mentally.

There are controlling churches, cults, false religions, psychiatry is about mind control too through the drugs.  And political ideologies like feminism which have brainwashed women for the last 40 years to think men are obsolete and they should be lesbians, for example.

Or Godless atheism or communism. 

The devil holds people captive mentally and physically.  Jesus sets us free.

People in addictions are in bondage. Any person who is stuck in sin is slave to sin and in bondage to it.

Jesus came to set us free FROM sin.  Not to set us free TO SIN.

Things that God considers to be sin are harmful to us or others eventually if not right away.

There are consequences to all choices we make and all behaviors. Those consequences may not be apparent to us but that is why we need God’s guidance to avoid mistakes.

God wants you to be able to think so you can hear from him and pray. 
He does not want you to drown HIM out!

He is there trying to pat you on the head saying MY CHILD I AM HERE AND  I LOVE YOU and WANT A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU.

And people erroneously think when this happens that they are hallucinating and going crazy.

How do you think GOD feels when we respond to him this way?
It hurts him!

It is the same way a parent would feel if their child thought THEY were a hallucination!

God brings people to situations like jails precisely to get them away from distractions so they CAN develop a relationship with HIM.

To train us for ministry to others. And to use us with others right where we are.

The bible says the Holy Spirit is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  It says “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

With God there is always Hope.

He can change a person’s situation miraculously, very quickly.


God also trains us to learn to trust him no matter what is going on. He wants to guide us step by step.

When we pray God can move very quickly.

You can pray that a judge will have a dream telling him to let you out.

I had a hearing one time where I had prayed that the judge would have a dream about me.  When she looked at me she asked me “Have we met before?” I knew she had HAD a dream.

I used to be a substitute teacher in public schools, for 7 years.  I used to pray God would give dreams to the children the night before I met them.

One time after this happened, a little boy who had not been there the day before, told me “I Heard you sing on tv”  I had not played on tv. I asked if he had dreamed he heard me play and he realized that was what had happened.

I have been in jails more than once.

The time I spent 8 months, the judge had revoked my bail.  The next day I was told I HAD Bail. So God supernaturally had given me bail.  He can do this sort of thing without bothering to use a judge!

Then my task was to try to figure out how to get the bail. So I had discussions with God about WHO he could use to help me. I would suggest someone that I knew was a Christian and he would say “I could use him. He’s your brother.”
God knows that a Christian would be more likely to understand that it was a message from God, in a dream or just in their thoughts, to come bail someone out.

But God can use anyone. Especially people who are intuitive and trust their intuition, like musicians or artists.

God can send an angel down from heaven in two minutes with bail money in an envelope.

One needs to ask God what He wants to do. 

One time I was in a jail and God wanted to use a famous musician to bail me out, because he wanted us to meet so I could get HIM saved and then God could USE HIM to save the world. SO just bailing me out through an angel was not God’s priority. He probably put me in that situation in the first place, to engineer the relationship He wanted to create.

So God has purposes in all situations.

If we ASK GOD what his purposes are He can often tell us. He can speak to us or show us visions of what he intends to do or wants to do.

I was having visions of meeting this musician. My chest was burning. I had never had such an intense experience before. I knew it was God because God lived inside me.


Every person needs a bible in jail. IT should be a right like a toilet.

It gives authority to God’s spirit instead of demonic spirits.

Bibles invoke God’s spirit and his spirit is peace. That is a sign of his presence.

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God.

Anyone named after a prophet is called to be one.  I am named after one.

Anyone named Christopher is called to be a witness to Jesus. The name means Christ  bearer. The names Christian, Christine, Jesus, same idea.


I am a lifelong musician. In the old testament the musicians were prophets.

I wrote a book for Musicians two years ago. As I wrote it I said to God ‘Maybe all musicians are not called to serve you with their music”

He boomed back THEY ARE! As prophets, intercessors & healers.






Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God – everyone has a calling






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All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








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