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on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name







Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians








GOD IS THE ANSWER.  JESUS HEALS all  Mental & Physical Illness.


This is what I write about and know from experience.


Many mental patients are just misunderstood  by those around them, including their families, and even themselves.  They are often creative, sensitive and different than many others. They are leaders, not followers. Individualists, often.  They are created  this way by God because many of them are really called to be prophets of God.


Prophets do not follow the crowd; they lead. They are used by God to speak truth to power and expose lies and  open the eyes of others who are being manipulated and used.  But this calling can be contaminated by the influences in our culture.  Many people who are called to this have had their talents and calling hijacked by the very forces they are being called to stand against and expose. 


Musicians in particular have this issue. The whole music business is run by people into witchcraf-, who use music to mind control the whole population for their own purposes. 


Musicians are offered fame and fortune to serve this agenda and many are used this way. In the process they get corrupted and suffer mental problems, and get involved with drugs, addictions, sins.  What they need is to understand who they are and what their calling really is.


 Their families also need to understand so they can support them in the right choices and not try to make them conform to their own expectations and agendas or try to push them into treatments that make it worse, rather than better.


My FREE book was written for them:


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD’S CALL TO MUSCIANS. Musicians are called to be Prophets, Intercessors & Healers. On Lyrics, Drugs, Mental Illness & Worship.


Free on my website




Rehab is NOT the correct choice for someone with drug or alcohol problems, for example.


All the secular rehab programs do is put people on psych meds, which is more drug addiction, and makes them worse.  It doesn’t solve anything and that is why people commonly relapse. They don’t get cured.   


In fact they are being set up to relapse, since the psych drugs put demonic spirits into them, which is the same thing the other drugs do.  The mental illnesses are caused by demonic spirits.  A result of any drugs.


Demons don’t cast out demons. Only God casts them out, in Jesus’ name.


The answer to drug problems is Jesus.  He heals and delivers.


If someone is acting completely crazy and suicidal or homicidal, you should NOT take them to a psych hospital.  Either  pray for them yourself, by rebuking demonic spirits in Jesus’ name or take them to a Pentecostal church for prayer.


Mental illness is caused by demonic oppression, not chemical imbalances. Drugs are NOT the answer. Prayer IS.  But people need to have spiritual authority to do this kind of prayer. They need to be clean themselves. Any drugs are openings for demonic spirits. You can’t rebuke demons if you have demons on you.  All drugs are openings for demons. This includes, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc & all psych meds.  Also one needs to fast to have authority.


If you send someone voluntarily or involuntarily to a psych ward, you are not helping them. You are endangering their life.  It is the crime of reckless endangerment.  The drugs are toxic and deadly.  People commonly die from them both from the side effects and being driven to suicide.


Psych wards are concentration camps; they are NOT hospitals. It is a complete misnomer.  They are prisons.  Ask yourself the obvious question.  If they were really helping people, would they have to hold people involuntarily to treat them against their will?  Of course not.


I had a hamster who used to get swollen eyes and needed me to gently wash his eyes with cotton. When I did this, he would sit calmly in my hand and let me help.  He knew I was helping him. If I was harming him, he would have bitten me!


Same with people.  When mental patients who are on drugs lash out and hurt doctors or others who are claiming to help them, it is because they know they are NOT being helped but harmed by the drugs, which are torture! The drugs don’t feel like help – the side effects are torture.  Do you think they don’t have the sense of a hamster?


Any person who has been on the drugs can tell you this. Very few  actually feel better on drugs. The drugs are deadly and cause brain, kidney, liver damage, thyroid problems, obesity, diabet-, foggy thinking, tremors, akithesia, which is agitation that makes people want to crawl out of their skin, and more.  This is hardly help. It is torture. The drugs are not medicines, they are poisons.


It is all Orwellian double-speak – lies.  The people running mental health know that if they call what they do “treatment” people will think it must be medicine, it must be good. But it is a front for genocide.


The whole mental health system is connected to Nazi Germany and their concentration camps, historically. So it is  not an analogy; it is literally a continuation of  nazi genocide.


The Nazis killed metal patients with psych drugs in the secret t4 euthenasia program. 


Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist in Ithaca, NY, who has written many books warning about toxic psych drugs, was the first to expose this.


See article


NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! A reply to Never Again! The real truth about psychiatry by Peter Breggin, MD



Bernhard Shrieber wrote a book The Men Behind Hitler-a German Warning to the World.  He warns about psychiatrists. They were the ones who ran the concentration camps & decided who lived & died, and did experiments on people.


The social engineers in the US & UK who supported and still support eugenics & euthanasia, run the mental health system. Shreiber documents that it is the same people.  They are using the mental health system as a front for their genocidal agendas of abortion/sterilization and killing of what they believe are inferior groups of people.  This includes blacks,  Jews, Christians, the poor, mentally ill & others. They supported Hitler.  


After WWII, the Nazis changed the name of their Institute for Racial Hygiene (Genocide) to Mental Hygiene, which is the name for MENTAL HEALTH!  The NY Dept of Mental Hygiene is the office of mental health.


Excerpts & Comments from The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber




God sent ME into the psych system to be a witness against this genocide also, and against atheistic psychiatry which for 50 years has been FALSELY calling Christians and anyone with spiritual experiences, Schizophrenic. 


God had me write a book, FREE on my website. It also tells how to heal mental & physical illness through prayer & Worship.


Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry.    FREE at


I spent 7 years in psych hospitals, as a witness.


Who in their right mind would send their loved one to a concentration camp?  Not too many. But people do this all the time because they have been snookered by the media and are under the illusion that it is actually some kind of help.  It is not.  You’re looking in the wrong place for help.


Look to God instead. He has the answers.


This message can help you understand your relative in a different light, understand that what may seem like a weakness is a strength, or a gift, if used the right way.  But people need to learn how to use these gifts for their intended purpose. That necessitates knowledge of God and his purposes.     He is the one who made each of us, and he is the one who knows what those purposes are, and reveals them to us.


The bible says God knew us before he formed us in the womb, in Jeremiah 1. SO he has a purpose for each soul he creates.  We need a relationship with Him to fulfill that purpose, so He can lead us.


I had the thought as a child:


 “I was put on earth to do music and it’s holy.”  


God put that idea in my spirit to give me an instinct about how to measure other ideas and influences and make decisions about what was right.


I had the opportunity years later to write jingles but declined. I intuitively knew it would pollute my channel by prostituting my gift.


Many children know things about themselves, like I did. But those around us can confuse us with their own agendas, and pull us off course.  I got diverted.  Most of us do, temporarily, some, permanently, it seems.  But with God there is always hope. 


Jesus said




We need to trust our intuition as a process. It is a way God has given us to hear from Him, be led by him and find truth.   We need to encourage others to trust their intuition also.


One of the biggest problems mental patients have is that they are often told NOT to trust themselves.  To listen to others.  They should not necessarily listen to every thought in their head; it is often from lying spirits; as it is for everyone.


 However, our intuition is from a deeper place. It is in our heart. It is a connection to our spirit. That is the place we can get a witness to what is true and correct to follow and we all need to seek that connection. It will lead us back to the truth of who we are and what we are called to do, and help us make the right choices and solve problems.


See article





I played the piano since age 4. I didn’t take lessons till age 8.


The Holy Spirit taught me how to play piano.  Jesus said it would teach us all things.  I used to make up bass lines with my left hand.  My jazz songs had a lot of them.


I know the Holy Spirit can teach people to play without teachers. If all small children are given a piano or guitar, God will teach them how to play.


I believe that is one of the purposes of the testimony of my life. I had the opportunity to play as a child because my grandmother had provided a piano (directed by God).


Since many people don’t have an instrument available as kids, they are not aware that there IS a calling to play. If they had an instrument, God would teach them just like He did with me.


So one of the purposes of God blessing musicians with a lot of money, is to use them to give instruments to children so they can fulfill their calling to use music for God.


God needs to reach kids when they are YOUNG before they get corrupted by education, parents, entertainment, society etc.  Children are naturally spiritually sensitive and intuitive. They see angels, demons (monsters) and know they are real, until they are ‘taught’ that it is ‘just’ their imagination. (which it is not). 


Parents think they are re-assuring their kids that monsters are just their imagination.  What they need to hear is that they are demons and they can rebuke them in Jesus’ name. Rather than denying the spiritual realm, which gets kids to not trust their intuition and spiritual perceptions, they should be taught the truth about the spiritual realm. Jesus has authority over demons.  Many non-Christians don’t know this, obviously, so their kids suffer due to their ignorance.


This is even more critical now than before, because the public schools are secular and atheistic in their worldview. I taught in them for 7 years. I saw the agendas of mind control and atheism in public education.


The same thing happens in higher education. People with religious faith often lose it as they study in a liberal secular atheistic environment. They pick up the spirits from all the books they read, which gets them to doubt their own intuitive knowledge. This is the problem with ‘education’.  It is all indoctrination. 


Children are naturally very intuitive and curious.  They explore when they play. Often it is their teachers who ruin it, telling them that what they are playing is wrong, not according to the program.  So their natural creative intuitive abilities are stifled by the wrong teacher.


My first teacher was a composer, so he understood. So many others are not as fortunate, so they get discouraged and no longer find music fun or appealing.


I tell people; music should be fun. If it’s not, you have the wrong teacher.


God is enough of a teacher really. He guides us in our thoughts and we need to trust that intuitive process.  This is true for all learning.


My intuitive abilities were honed by spending hours by myself as a kid, being creative. God was speaking to me and guiding me intuitively, though I didn’t know this consciously at the time.


On Autism


Autistic kids are Prophets in Training



I think a lot of autistic kids are similar. They are called prophetically. They are in their own world where God speaks to them. Focused more on the internal than the external. Many have creative abilities like my playing the piano, which was like an idiot savant.   These are God-given gifts.  There is nothing wrong with these kids; they are just different.


They are often hyper sensitive to noise and other things. They are hyper sensitive because they are sensitive to the spirit realm. My parents used to tell me I was sensitive, as a kid.


I am like this now.  The  more sensitive we are to spiritual things, the more oppressive unclean spirits are. It is a form of discernment of spirits, which is a gift mentioned in the new testament, 1 corinthians 12:10.  I prayed for it. 


Prophets need it so they can discern spirits to know whether God or another spirit is speaking to them and through them.


Psychics are like prophets, but most of them are channeling unclean, lying Spirits.  When they charge money they prostitute their gift and that is an opening for lying spirits. Psychics channel familiar spirits. The bible says not to consult with them or with people who consult with them. Their gifts are inherited because the familiar spirits go down the generations; when someone dies, the spirit usually goes to their children.


A lot of these people are called prophetically but the devil is hijacking the calling by using it for his purposes, with his spirits. They need to get saved & be used by God instead.  Some of what they say is true because demons know things that are true and can tell us. But their purpose is to get our trust and then say other things that can act like curses. God can also use them and speak through them, when He chooses.


An example of this was when I was in the Brazilian church, some kids came one night who had been playing with a Ouija board. Divination is an abomination to God and opens one up to demonic spirits & curses. It says this in Deuteronomy 18.  


One girl got possessed & hit her friend. A second one thought she was talking with her deceased mother. It said to her, “Don’t do this anymore, and go to this church” and spelled out the name of the American congregation at the building where we were meeting!” So they came.  The minister had them tell their story and then told them to repent of using divination and get saved. It was God speaking to them on the Ouija board, taking over the ‘channel’ and warning them to stop.


I played with Ouija boards with a friend when I was a teen. The same thing happened to both of us: first our aunt died, then our mother. Clearly a curse.  My friend ended up dating Joey Ramone.


So I say to people; if there is sickness in your family, clean out your house! The demons from your books, music, art can affect everyone in the house.  If a kid has Harry Potter books, the witchcraf- spirit will create problems in relationships and bring curses like sickness – mental & physical illness, to people in the house.  They need to be removed.


The rock records that people have are ALL ACCURSED, literally.  I found this out recently.  I saw a video made in the l970’s by John Todd, a born again Christian who came from an illuminati bloodline family in England. He says they are all into witchcraf-. He says he controlled all the record labels. They had prayer rooms where people prayed demons onto the masters of all the records, for spiritual control over anyone who had the records. 


The whole music business is run by people into witchcraf-.  He says he talked with David Crosby who told him that to get a record contract, one had to become a witch. To advance as a witch, one has to be bisexual. 


This explains why so many pop artists are now doing overly homosexual acts, like women kissing women, on stage. It is a rite of initiation and they are being used by the Illuminati to indoctrinate the public, through their music, into homosexuality. 


Listening to their music transmits unclean spirits. Which means one can become gay by listening to it. That is the whole idea behind it.  Why?  Because one of the agendas of the Illuminati is depopulation of the planet. So they want people to use sex recreationally, in relationships where they will NOT procreate.


This manipulation of the public was a 2 step process. The Illuminati think long term.  In the l960’s and l970’s they used pop music to spread “free love”; i.e. recreational sex, outside of marriage, to get people to separate sex from marriage and procreation.  They were behind the feminist movement. The whole purpose was to break up families so the state could raise kids instead. So they encouraged women to work rather than raise families, so they would have to put their kids in daycare, so they could be indoctrinated by the state.


The book that warns people about this whole agenda is BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley. He knew the plans of the social engineers and wrote this as a blueprint. It describes a fascist society where everyone is controlled & drugged. 


Huxley was used to help spread the use of drugs (LSD) in the US. The whole purpose was mind control. Timothy Leary was used to promote LSD everywhere during the l960’s with his ‘turn on, tune in, drop out” message. He admitted being funded by the CIA.


The  video John Todd-Demons Behind the Music has his testimony.



Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education


I was a substitute teacher in the public schools for 7 years, after becoming a Christian. God sent me there to warn kids about all the heavy metal, rap & other demonic pop music that makes them mentally ill.


One day I had a class where the kids were the most violent I had ever seen. They were running all over the school.  The principal told me to take them to the SPED teacher.


I did; she had a Ouija board for them to play with!  I realized that was why they were so violent – they were possessed from playing with this thing.  This was a blaring example of the witchcraf- in public schools that I saw.


I read new age books for 10 years before getting saved. The new age is full of deceptions. The spirit behind it is the the anti-christ.


New Age Magazine is run by Scottish Rite Freemasonry.  They are devil worshippers at the top level. God has shown me this. I have seen the handbook of the 32nd level Scottish Rite, written by Albert Pike, a sat-ist.  It says “we worship the Luciferian Principle but don’t tell the lower levels this.” 


All cults have hierarchies, and they all do this; they have hidden agendas that the lower levels don’t know about. They lie to the lower levels about the real meanings behind their rituals. Masonry does this.


All the other cults have ties to masonry as well. The Mormon church does. They have Masonic rituals in their main temple. Only higher initiates are allowed to participate in them. 


Jehovah’s Witnesses, 7th Day Adventists, Christian Science, all have ties to masonry. Their theology is false and is a counterfeit of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The bible warns this would happen.


God got me out of the new age by giving me hints. One day at a new age fair, the intuition came to me,


“If this is from GOD, it should be FREE”. 


This was God speaking to me.   I found out later, Jesus said,


“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely ye have been given, FREELY GIVE.” Matthew 10:8


All the new age healers charged for their services. This is not consistent with the Spirit of God. It is a red flag that it is NOT of God.


Letter to a New Ager on Spiritual Deception





On Autism


Autistic kids are Prophets in Training


I think every autistic child should be given a pet and an instrument. Animals and children go together. They minister to each other. Both are spiritually sensitive. Dogs and cats show children love & allow them to express love.  I had a cat that used to lick my face when I cried.


Autism is also being caused by vaccines.  The multiple doses have thimerosal, a preservative,  which has mercury, which is a toxic metal – clearly it does not belong in the body and one would expect it to cause problems.  The research shows that it destroys the myelin sheaths, the nerve fibers in the brain.   The CDC admits that the doses of multiple vaccines have thimerosal as a preservative.   The single doses do not, but they use the multiple doses to save money.  The vaccines also have formaldehyde, fluoride & other toxins.


The poisons from the multiple vaccines overwhelms their immune systems.  


The people who exposed this nightmare were threatened and discredited by Big Pharma.   An editor from the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine was fired for printing the truth about vaccines.  


Andrew Wakefield, the British researcher who first exposed the  vaccine-autism connection, was Not legitimately discredited; his co-workers were threatened.  It is dangerous to take a stand against the drug companies.



Dr Rima E Laibow, a child and adult psychiatrist for over 40 years, says the vaccines all have squaline, a poison, designed to make people sick & die. This is to fulfill the plans of the social engineers to cull the population, to fulfill their depopulation agenda of 90% of the planet. She tells former Governor Jesse Ventura this on his show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, in its 3rd season, which you can see on youtube


 He is the former Governor of Minnesota, never took drug company money like most politicians, ran as an independent and won. The man is being used by God to expose a lot of the social engineering lies.  He became Governor of Minnesota as an independent, never taking drug company money.  That is a miracle. Clearly God’s hand was on him, intending to use him to expose these atrocities.  All of the conspiracies on his show are true.


Dr. Laibow tells Ventura on his show, that the social engineers are intending to involuntarily mass vaccinate the population, and those who refuse will be sent to FEMA camps.  This is not paranoia.  The camps are already built.  KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton got a contract to build them in 2006. The contract said “for illegal immigrants and other unspecified purposes”.   


Ventura went to one on his show, an episode “police state” in season 2. He was at what was obviously a prison, which had barbed wire, knocked on the door and asked who was there. The person said it was a ‘residence’ but wouldn’t say for who.  There was a visible sign that said not to let anyone escape.  The inside had a playground.


You can google “American concentration camps” and get a list of prisons, former army bases that have been refurbished with wire designed to hold people in, like any prison, and former WWII internment camps.   After Hurricane Sandy, NY said they were thinking of using a former jail on Staten Island as a FEMA camp for displaced homeless people.  This is all by design; they have been planning it for years and conspiracy people have been warning about it for years.  Anyone who goes to one of these places and thinks they will be given a key to leave anytime they want, is totally naïve. It is a set up.





She says she never used them in 40 years, and successfully took children OFF these abominable drugs, which cause the very behavior problems and mental problems they claim to treat. They are used in hospitals to control people, not to help them. 


This is exactly true: I saw it myself as a witness for 7 years.  They used to drug me just for trying to escape – to get away from their torturing, deadly drugs!  My escape attempts (which were often successful) were a sign of mental health – a will to survive – not mental illness!


See Dr. Laibow’s testimony video and transcript


I am Adam Lanza’s Doctor  on her website’s-doctor.html



Her websites are:




Other important links:



Dr. Peter Breggin


Has documented the atrocities of psychiatric abuse


testimonies of psychiatric survivors. All horror stories. We are holocaust survivors.


Legal resources and articles for those fighting psychiatric abuse.




Dr. Nathaniel Lehrman, MD is another psychiatrist who has testified against the drugs & used his practice to get people off them. He is 80 plus and of the old school who know that all religious beliefs and experiences are NOT delusions and hallucinations.   The younger dr’s have  been brainwashed in an atheistic worldview in school and med school, to call this mental illness, and to believe, falsely, that it is caused by chemical imbalances. A Big Lie from the drugs companies.


Lehrman has said “The idea that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances is a BIG LIE”. People in mental and emotional distress usually have problems in their lives that they need help solving, not drugs to treat a phony chemical imbalance.


Lehrman’s articles are on the website.  He lives on LI, NY. (5l6 area code)



I know Dr.Lehrman, who for years has been testifying about how the psych meds are harmful.  They used false charges to take away his license.  The absurd charges were that he was writing phony prescriptions which is absolute obvious nonsense because his whole practice has been to get people OFF the drugs! The man was honest, has common sense and respects people’s religious beliefs, unlike the majority of psychiatrists; he is from the older generation- in their 80’s who more commonly do understand religious beliefs as not being mental illness. I met him years ago as an adolescent & have spoken with him.


He was also a mental patient at one point. He had some kind of breakdown and says he recovered by doing 3 things: playing his violin, working on a creative project, and restoring family relationships.



Psychiatric Diagnoses – are just shortcuts to try to identify a problem to find a solution. BUT it is a shortcut to NOWWHERE. It is a false assessment of the problem and the solutions are a dead end and Cause more problems than they solve.  


This is why my mother said to me, about Freud “he takes you to a wall and leaves you there”.  A dead end. His atheistic worldview and drugs leads to death, not mental health or life.


I am also speaking as a witness on behalf of the millions of mental patients who can not speak for themselves, because they are destroyed by the psych drugs and ect and can not think clearly or speak in an articulate manner .


For those who do, I am a second witness, to confirm that the things they are saying about how bad the drugs are, and the things that happen in psych hospitals, are true. They are not lying. The doctors lie.  They lie in court, constantly, to hold people involuntarily and use them as slaves to make money; committing insurance fraud.


Every patient who has ever been to court (all of them) will tell you that the doctors lied. It is true.


One doctor had the chutzpah of telling a judge that I had no objection to taking drugs, when I had given him a copy of a book I had written that explicitly SAID I was against the drugs for theological and other reasons. He knew he was lying. And there was nothing incoherent about my book:  everyone who read it said I was a good writer; there was no evidence of disorganized thinking or any other psychiatric nonsense.


The people who write things in the charts all lie to cover up their own illegal activities.  They drug people illegally all the time, then make things up to justify it.  They can only drug someone without a court order if it is an emergency, according to state laws.  So they falsely accuse patients of doing things to justify this.  The hospital records are then used in court as evidence, even though the people who wrote the things are not usually there, to be cross examined. 


This violates the normal rules of evidence in a criminal hearing, since the constitutional right to due process includes the right to cross examine any witness against a person. 


The mental health laws have an exception to this requirement; by allowing medical records, they allow accusations of behaviors and events to be used as evidence, which gives the hospital an unfair advantage in court.  This is one reason they usually win, and the patients lose in court. It is tilted in their favor.


My free book


Manual of Help for lawyers to win hearings for mental  patients


helps lawyers to be more effective in court on behalf of patients. It is not that hard, actually, but most of them do not realize what is really going on and are theologically ignorant.  The real issues are theological, not biological. When they have enough information to address that, they can win. I speak from experience.


In particular, the main issue is this:  


Psychiatry is based on an atheistic worldview.  They think that anyone who claims to hear God or demons talk to them is psychotic. 


In any psychiatric interview, the dr’s 2nd question is always “do you hear voices?”  Anyone who answers yes, gets called schizophrenic or schizo-affective. These are nonsense labels that do not really describe a real disease.


I had a dr. testify to a judge that his label “schizo-affective is just a label we use when we don’t know what else to call someone”.  Basically admitting, there were no tangible symptoms, it was just nonsense.


 What it IS is a label for someone so they can GET INSURANCE MONEY and HOLD SOMEONE INVOLUNTARILY by falsely claiming they are sick!  (IN ORDER TO GET INSURANCE COMPENSATION, THEY HAVE TO HAVE A LABEL).


Some dr’s pick the label that has the highest amount of compensation.


Some therapists genuinely want to help someone but can’t get paid unless they have a label, even though they haven’t spoken to anyone long enough to really know what is wrong.  They keep changing the diagnosis as they get more information. 


The doctors define hearing voices as an auditory hallucination, a supposed symptom of psychosis. This means they think it is imaginary; that the voices are not real, that  God or demons don’t exist.  Some people hear voices and don’t know that it is God or demons, because they don’t know theology (Christian theology). 


However, in truth, the spiritual realm exists, and God and demons both exist (the bible says this) and they DO speak to EVERYONE in our thoughts.   People that say they hear them are actually less psychotic than people who don’t.  Psychotic is defined as “not being in reality”. The reality is that the spiritual realm DOES exist. Atheist psychiatrists and other atheists are actually the ones who are psychotic, because they deny the truth that the spiritual realm does exist. It is as crazy as saying grass is not green.


Everyone hears voices as thoughts in our heads. ALL THOUGHTS come from the spiritual realm.


The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it”. 


The book of  James (NT) chapter 3 says there are 2 sources: ‘wisdom from above (GOD) and wisdom from below (demonic).


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice” John 10:27.  


So it is NORMAL CHRISTIAN theology to hear voices.


When dr’s say someone has hallucinations in court, they don’t usually define what they mean specifically by a hallucination.  All the lawyer has to do is ask for examples of this person’s hallucinations.  


When the dr says it means saying they hear voices, or GOD, the lawyers need to point out that it is normal Christian theology to hear from God, and every pastor, preacher, Christian who prays, hears God speak to them, and it is a a person’s constitutional right to HEAR GOD AND NOT HAVE THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS DESTROYED BY ATHEISTIC PSYCHIATRY AND THEIR DRUGS TO INTERFERE WITH THAT CHANNEL TO GOD.


I pray in tongues.  I could not pray in tongues on the drugs. Hence they interfered with the practice of my religion.   Millions of Pentecostals and other Christians pray in tongues.  It is something that ALL CHRISTIANS NEED TO DO, since it is praying by the direction of the Holy Spirit, is power from God and is the mechanism by which God usually answers prayers.




Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God  &is for all Christians.


It has testimonies of prayers I have prayed in tongues that were answered.


With regard to Orwellian doublespeak and lies in mental health: I have had mental health people tell me “we’re not trying to interfere with your religion” when that is EXACTLY what they are trying to do.  They define someone hearing from God as a problem that they want to cure with their drugs. And the drugs Do interfere with that process. So they destroy people’s connection to God, and hence it weakens their religious beliefs.  They stop believing in God, lose interest in spiritual things, going to church.


Sigmund Freud, the Atheist father of psychiatry, said


 “I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion”. 


He was speaking the truth.


Psychiatry is a device of the devil to destroy people’s faith and relationship with God.  And it is effective, since the drugs harm our spiritual channels.


Psychiatry says spiritual experiences are mental illness, and their drugs are the answer. The truth is the reverse. The psych drugs cause mental illness, and God is the answer.


Mental & physical llnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose ‘assignments’; are the names of those diseases.


Jesus rebuked them & gave his followers authority to do it.  I have done it; I have rebuked canc-, asthm-, depress-. 


Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior and God heals today for the same purpose.


All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits.  This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, cocaine, etc & all psych meds.


The problem of mental illness was SOLVED 2000 years ago by JESUS.


The problem today is ignorance of the bible; theological ignorance, not ignorance of science, or chemical imbalances.


The drugs cause the very thing they claim to treat; brain damage, and chemical imbalances, as well as demonic oppression!


Whatever our problems are, God has the answer.


God gives us problems for the express purpose of giving us a reason to seek him, to create a relationship with him, which is one of his priorities, and to be saved& born again. 


The real answer to any problem in a family regarding mental or physical health is that everyone in the family needs to be saved& born again. Then they can be healed.


See  book, article


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)




The mental health system is not the answer.  It is the problem


The whole system is all lies. It is Orwellian doublespeak.  It is not mental health; it is mental death.  The drugs do not help people mentally, they harm them and cause mental illness.


So many Jewish families put their troubled family members on psych drugs, and look to the secular mental health system for answers.  They don’t have the answers.  They cause the problem.


Jesus is the answer.  If people looked to GOD, HE will tell you to look to his SON, Jesus, who heals all mental & physical illnesses.


The prophet HOSEA (Old Testament) said


my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:11.


HE MEANT LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. This includes lack of knowledge of God & JESUS his SON, the savior, and the fact that JESUS HEALS.


The prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 53 said:


for the transgressions of my people he was stricken; my righteous servant shall justify many, for he shall bear their sins.  BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED”.


Isaiah 53 OBVIOUSLY describes Jesus as the atonement for sin.  It is not read in the liturgical cycle of the readings in the temples.  WHY?  The rabbis have been lying by omission for 2000 years!


Instead they send people to doctors, who put them on drugs, which cause more harm than good.


I met a Hasidic man in a fancy private hospital in NYC. His rabbi sent him. He was shaking all the time, as a side effect of the lithium he had been on for 7 years. 


I asked God why I was there, and He said to me, “for HIM”.  I preached to him, got him to pray to God for Jesus to heal him & save him.  After He left, God said you me, “you can leave now”.


Jesus came to heal the sick and God sends his followers, for completely silly reasons, into psych wards for the purpose of preaching to others who DON’T know him.


I spent 7 years in psych wards. I know what goes on in them.


God sent me there to be a witness and write a FREE book exposing it.


Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry, exposes atheistic psychiatry & their genocide by toxic drugs which are deadly by design, & tells how to heal mental & physical illness through prayer & worship.


on my website


What Causes Mental Illness? Ch 2


explains how many mental patients are just spiritually gifted & sensitive people who are actually called by god to heal others with their sensitivity and relationship with God through prayer.  But they need to have the right relationship with God & Jesus to do this.  Otherwise the sensitivity can just be oppressive and cause them problems, which is obviously what happens in many cases. 


I was sent to a hospital by a court psychologist who said to me




This is a violation of the 1st amendment for religious freedom. 


This guy did NOT tell the judge what he said to me. If he had, the judge would have said “so what – that is her constitutional right”.


This is typical of what goes on in the mental health& legal system. They hide their real agendas.


The whole mental health system is completely unconstitutional. 


They also violate the antislavery amendment. They use the patients as involuntary medical guinea pigs.  This is involuntary servitude, which is slavery.    They call it treatment to cover up what they are really doing, which is experimenting, and also committing genocide.  Psych patients live 20 years less, not because of their illnesses but because of the drugs. 





The state hospitals all do this. It is all insurance fraud, a violation of the Federal False claims act, written to stop fraud against the government.   State hospitals collect Medicaid, which is government money, so they are guilty. They call people mentally ill who are not.


The mental health parity laws just make this worse.  It encourages them to hold people just for the money.  If they don’t get paid, they have more incentive to release people.  I have met people who worked in the billing depts. of  hospitals, who said “coincidentally” people were considered cured or better, and discharged, as soon as their insurance ran out. 


Of the people I saw on the wards, probably only 5% are actually psychotic. And only a few are actually violent. And it is the drugs that make them this way, because they are torture.


I saw one young man who shook all the time from the drugs. He was suffering. The dr. refused to discontinue the drugs.  So finally he attacked someone.  Then they blamed his illness.  It was because of the drugs. They caused it. This happens all the time. 


Side effects of the drugs are usually argued to be a side effect of a supposed illness. And a lot of patients buy into this idea too. They suspect it is from the drugs but are not sure.  Well, they are right. It IS from the drugs.  The drugs are openings for demonic oppression, which causes mental illness. So either way it comes back to the drugs.


The hospitals sabotage people’s relationships with their families in order to isolate them and use them. They often cut off people’s phone privileges when they call others for help.


There is sabotage of relationships due to a spiritual reason as well.  The psych hospitals are the devils house. Anywhere where people are held captive, the devil is in charge.  Prisons are the same way.  I was in them, I know.  The devil is about control.  Jesus comes to set people free. 


The psych system is about mind control – involuntarily change someone’s thinking by use of drugs and other methods of torture, like ect.


When people are in these places, (jails and mental hospitals) they are worse mentally, because demons have authority there. So they are attacked mentally. This is also why so many people go crazy in jail.  


Since demons have authority in the psych system, what happens is that as they write charts, and write down the patient’s names and names of his family and friends, the demons also go to THOSE people, attacking them mentally, having the effect of ruining those relationships and having the people turn on the patient.


I know this is the case because I could see personality changes in my relatives when I was in those places.  And friends. I told a dr. the name of a friend of mine and he wrote it in my chart.  Shortly after that, she got a job working in the psych system, giving out drugs.  I knew this turn of events happened in her life because the connection was made to the drugs and mental health system through my chart.  It made no sense; she should have known better, because she had herself previously been on the same drugs and suffered from them. So this was not a rational process; something demonic was operating.


This didn’t just happen to me.  Every patient on the ward complained of having problems with their families. There was a spiritual issue and there was also manipulation going on.


Several times I got a hold of my chart and destroyed it.  (Flushed it down the toilet).   When this happened, my relatives were better too.


Patients all suffer due to the stuff written down in their charts.  The more that is written, the worse they get.  When I got rid of my chart, God’s peace came to me and mental agitation left.  This is because writing things down can set up assignments in the spiritual realm that act like curses.


When they write down that someone suffers from depress-, for ex, then  the person gets worse. It sets up an assignment of that spirit to keep attacking the person.


I heard prisoners being interviewed in the psych ward of a jail.  Before the interview, they were quiet.  After they were much worse, weeping and wailing in emotional pain.  In the interview, the dr would ask negative questions, like “do you suffer from xyz? If they said yes, they would write it down.  Just asking the question spoke it onto the person, like a curse (which it was); in addition, writing it down, fixated it so they had trouble shaking it.


The longer people stay in these places, and the more that is written, the worse they get.


And also, if they write in the charts that someone did something bad, then the person keeps repeating it. They do it because they are under a curse and it compels them to repeat it. It is a nightmare.


I had a traumatic incident where I was abused by a bunch of workers who drugged me.  That night I had a dream that I was gang raped. That's what it felt like – a bodily violation.  Every time one of them was on the ward, I was agitated, even before I went out and saw that he was there.   There must have been something about this incident in my chart (they write it all down).


After I got hold of my chart and destroyed it, the peace of God came to me and I was no longer agitated by him. I was able to feel peace near him. Forgiveness and destroying written records of trauma HEALS us from the trauma.


Ch 11 of my free book Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry talks more about this.


THE POWER OF WORDS revised ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



The state hospitals drug people and turn them into zombies from the drugs.


So did the upper east side  (NYC) private hospital I was at!


People sit there looking like zombies, sleeping for the most part. Anyone with any common sense who walked through a typical psych ward can see that there is something wrong with the “treatment”. When patients tell others that the drugs are torture, they are telling the truth.


They force patients to sit for hours in front of a tv.  This is all mind control.  It turns people into vegetables. Most of the stuff on tv is spiritual poison – violence, e.g. This is not stuff patients should be seeing.  It doesn’t help.


I spent several months on the psych ward of a jail where they made us sit in one room with a tv 12 hours a day. I couldn’t think or pray (noise  is  interference with praying – it sets up crosstalk)   My thoughts were negative, I felt no desire to read a bible, due to the demonic influence on my thoughts from the tv.  After several months, I felt like my brain had been hijacked.  My thinking abilities had been destroyed.  They also drugged me, which contributed to this. The drug gave me nightmares, because it was an opening for demons to attack my mind.


I remember a later time after escaping from a hospital where I had been a year, on the drugs.  I was hungry to read things, like it was food for my brain, to re-stimulate it to work and think.  Brain synapses had been destroyed  by the drugs.  I spent 12 hours a day in bookstores reading,  to heal my brain and re-form synapses, I believe.  After several months like this, one night as I left, God said to me, “that’s enough of that”.  


 I also should have been reading bibles: God would have healed me a lot faster. God’s spirit abides on the bible; when we read it, it is an impartation of His spirit.  By reading other books, I was healing my mental abilities.  If I had been reading the bible more, I would have also been healing my Spirit as well as my brain. 


I have noticed that when I read the bible, I feel more peace, and my thinking is the MOST CLEAR, because God’s spirit is the Spirit of Truth and we have the MOST CLARITY when we are ABIDING IN HIS SPIRIT.


Plenty of people have a good brain but there also can be spirits of confus- due to the different spirits we can pick up reading all these other books. All books are inspired by various spirits and whatever we read brings them to us. If someone reads a lot of atheist’s books, they are more likely to have those kinds of thoughts; it is not just due to being persuaded rationally; it is more of a spiritual process; an impartation. One picks up their spirits!  It is like eating their brains!


A lot of creative people read the books of tormented authors and pick up their demons, literally.  Musicians do the same thing. They listen to certain people then pick up their spirits and also sound like them.  It is an impartation.


You can pick up spirits of depress- by reading the books and listening to the music of others who had that spirit.   Then you need to get rid of the thing and rebuke the spirit of depress- in Jesus name. It is not hard. I have done it.


90% of the doctors are atheists.  90% of the patients are Christians, who have been falsely called schizophrenic. There is nothing wrong with them.  Except they have problems once they are on the drugs, which make it hard to think, speak, pray or do anything.


They cause memory loss. I remember one time calling someone repeatedly because I could not remember what I wanted to say!


The party line is that they help people learn.  This is complete nonsense.  How does causing memory loss help people learn?


In a twisted way, they Do help people “learn” if what one means is “help us brainwash you”.   They put people in a hypnotic trance.  Easy to be brainwashed. Then the psych hospitals have “education” classes where they brainwash the patients into believing they have a lifelong illness for which they will need to take drugs.  So they will be lifelong consumers for BIG PHARMA!  They want customers! And most patients fall for this! And their families!  It is all lies.


The DSM CALLS some of the drugs HYPNOTICS.


They show movies which explain that mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances, which the drugs supposedly correct.  It is all theories and there is no evidence for it.  But it sounds scientific, so people assume it must also be true.  The doctors believe this stuff too, most of them, since THEY have been brainwashed in med school! But some of them will admit that they have no idea how the drugs work. Which is true.  The head of the hospital where I wrote my book, who later became 2nd at Bellevue, admitted this to me.


I was a science major (planetary geology) at Brown University, for 3 years.  I have studied all the sciences.  Most of science is THEORIES, not fact! And mostly unproven ones.   Evolution is one example.  I studied it. It is taught as fact rather than theory, in public high school, but it has a lot of holes and lacks critical evidence to support it. 


I ended up getting a degree in music, my last year.  I spent one year studying the effect of music on people. I read theories that different cultures had about it. The Hindus  & ancient Greeks believed that different scales invoked different spirits, which caused different emotional states!  So they knew how much music affects the mental health of people.  They were right. Christian theology supports this also.  It says there are 2 sources of spirits – from God and the demonic.  So I have known about the effects of spirits on people, especially through music, for over 30 years.


Many people who are creative and musical are spiritually sensitive. They feel the feelings of others around them, are natural empaths.  This can manifest as mental illness since they are vibing into others. But it is a sensitivity that is God-given and has a purpose.  That is to be an intercessor, to pray for others, and use music to heal others, and to discern different spirits, so one can tell the difference between God’s Holy Spirit  vs. unclean spirits, so that one can prophecy to others from the Spirit of God.  


When one is spiritually sensitive, they are more easily oppressed by demonic spirits around them or on others near them. They NEED this sensitivity to know what is from God or not.  God wants people to only speak from HIS spirit. Speaking or transmitting demonic spirits benefits nobody, except those who make money off of it. (The whole music business) (And the corporations who mind control the whole population through music that is demonic, and use it to get people to buy things, where they play this music, in stores, restaurants, etc.)


Many musicians have had their gifting and calling hijacked by the devil and those who follow him, to be used to make money and manipulate others, rather than using it to inspire, heal and speak to others.


It is God’s will that ALL Musicians (And SINGERS) serve HIM with their gifts/talents.


When people do this, they feel more whole, more at peace, and are happier.  We always have more peace when we are doing what God wants us to do or are where HE WANTS US.


See my free book:


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE-GOD’S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers.  On Lyrics, Drugs, Mental Illness & Worship.  






I have played the piano since age 4, over 50 years.  I used to sit and improvise for hours, before I EVEN HAD LESSONS.


I remember having the  thought that


“I was put on earth to do music and it’s holy”.


 This must have come from god, because my parents were secular Jews. My paternal grandparents were devout Jews.


One time My mother was trying to talk to me,  while I was playing, and I remember thinking


 “Doesn’t she know this is holy & she shouldn’t interrupt?”


I knew intuitively I was called by God to serve Him with music.  God inspired my Grandmother to provide a piano, so God was able to teach me how to play, by the Holy Spirit, before I even had lessons.


I believe many people are called by God to play music and serve him with it.  If parents will provide their children with pure instruments, GOD will teach that child how to play.  An acoustic piano is preferable to an electronic one.  If it is electronic, it should not have all kinds of pre-recorded tracks. That is a spiritual contamination.  It is an opening for other spirits.


All a person needs to do is learn to play 3 chords.  Then they can make up songs that worship God, which invokes His spirit. God does the rest.


My article & free minibook


Play Piano in Half an Hour



is an appendix to my free book MANUAL for TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING-GOD’S ANSWER TO PSYCHIATRY.    It can be used by anyone to learn how to play in half an hour.

Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes



Children are naturally intuitive and creative. If those traits are encouraged rather than discouraged they will grow spiritually and use their gifts for their intended purpose. They also need a relationship with God and need to be encouraged to seek it.


The purpose of music is NOT to entertain, but is sacred. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers. If people want to heal others, they don’t need to become doctors, they just need to play worship music.  Worship music invokes God’s Spirit, which heals people.



Peace is a sign of God’s presence


We feel peace when reading the bible, since God’s spirit abides on it and is transmitted through it.  It is spiritual food. It is an  impartation of God’s spirit and is a healing process.


The only good bible to read in English is the King James. The other more modern ones are corrupted; they leave out words and change meanings to mislead people.  The devil is behind those translations. God’s spirit is on the bible if it is the right translation.


One ex. Is in the scripture Matthew 17:21; Jesus tells his followers that in certain instances demonic spirits (which cause illness) only come out by prayer AND FASTING.   The NIV & other modern translations leave OUT the 2 words “and fasting”.  The devil, who is behind those translations, does NOT want people to know HOW to cast his demons out! This is by design.


See article


Bible Translations – only the King James is Good


Bible Translations –only the King James is Good



When God speaks to us or we make a decision to do something that is the right choice, that is GOD’s will, we often feel peace.


It is one way of getting a leading from God.


Jesus said “my peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you.” John 14:26


When we accept Jesus as savior and are saved & born again we have more peace. 


Many people have mental problems that will be solved once they get saved.


Being anxious is often not a neurotic thing, but a sign of our spiritual condition.  It is from a deep recognition in our spirit, that we are in trouble spiritually, that if we remain in sin and don’t get saved,  we will end up in hell as opposed to heaven. When we get saved, this is settled, so we feel peace.


When we accept Jesus as savior our sins are forgiven. He was the atonement for our sins. When we get baptized in his name the weight of our sins lifts off us; a heaviness lifts and we feel light and joyful.  So depress- is automatically gone!


Depress- is often the result of sin.  When we stop sinning it lifts.


Also, when our sins are forgiven,  by repenting of them and accepting Jesus as savior, the depress- goes.


Depress- is NOT caused by chemical imbalances, but is caused by spiritual issues.   It is either about sin and salvation, or about being contaminated by the spirit from something around us or from others.


All sexual immorality is sin. This includes homosexuality, fornication (sex outside marriage), adultery. People who are gay can be healed of any disease by repenting of living a gay lifestyle. They can be delivered from the spirit of homosexuality by repenting of sin, getting saved & rebuking it in Jesus’ name. I know people that have been delivered from it.


It is no more God’s will for someone to remain in a gay lifestyle than it is to stay sick, even if they were born that way. Some people are born sick due to the sins of their ancestors.


I knew someone whose kid had MS.  I knew it was because he was an astrologer.  God says in Deut. 18 that certain things are an abomination & those who practice it invoke curses. One was “observers of times” which is astrology.   Just reading the horoscope can invoke lying spirits around a person, since that is what inspires them!


God can heal anything.


God's Purpose for Gay People



Everyone has a Phase 2 ministry



Prophetic message to Gays



Once we are saved, we can simply rebuke the spirit no matter where it comes from.  I have.


One time I felt it and could not figure out WHY.  I asked God “where is this coming from?” and he said back “You know what to do”.  I rebuked it in Jesus’ name and it left. 


Imagine if I had bought into years of psychotherapy trying to figure out where from my past it came from.  That would have been a wild goose chase, which therapy is!


My mother read Freud. She knew her problems but didn’t know the answer to them.  She said to me, “Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there.” This means, Psychotherapy (and psychiatry) IS A DEAD END.    The therapy looks backward, not forward.  And the drugs are deadly.


Therapy is amoral.    The Canadian co-founder of the World Federation of  Mental Health, George Brock Chisholm, said the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality.   He was anti-God, anti-family, anti-patriotic.


The whole purpose of  psychiatry is to ruin people’s relationship with God so they can’t hear from him, and will be used by the social engineers to help genocide the population through suicide, homicide and other things; anything that leads to depopulation, which is one of  their main agendas.  They also want to promote homosexuality, since it leads to less procreative sex, leading to depopulation.


When we look at the past and speak about it, we can re-invoke it to repeat.  It defiles people to repeat their mistakes or defiles new people to do the same things that others have done. 


This is because words are not descriptive, they are CREATIVE. They invoke what we speak about.


See article, free minbook


THE POWER OF WORDS revised. (ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry)




Anyone who writes or writes songs needs to read this. Our words affect others and we are accountable for their effect on others. If we harm others we will not be blessed ourselves.


I learned all about the power of words when my mother died, in l977.  I hold Freud & psychiatry responsible for this.


She said Freud said that smokers had a dea- wish. So she kept saying “I have a dea- wish.” She was cursing herself. 


In addition, her sister died at a certain age, after getting canc- at certain ages, which my mother also got! Clearly there was a curse working.  After my aunt died, my mother walked around  for 4 years saying the same thing would happen to her. Which it DID!


It was a self-fulfilling prophecy, a curse by her own words.


In addition she took valium.  I remember having a picture of her where looked hypnotic.  It was from the valium and whatever other drugs she was taking.


Mental patients are typically put on a cocktail of multiple drugs. This commonly causes liver damage, which is often fatal.


That is what happened to my mother.  She die- of liver damage, which the doctors thought must have been from some toxic drug interaction.


My point is, the words she spoke set the other thing in motion, as a curse.


Somebody might jump off a bridge and kill themselves, but the real cause of the dea- was a curse spoken by themselves or someone else, first.


My mother had stopped smoking using self-hypnosis.  I had a tape she had made with a groggy voice.  Years later, I was sitting in my apt when a book suddenly jumped off the shelf on top of me and landed on my lap.  It was a book SHE had used to stop smoking, about hypnosis.  I looked at it and saw what she had written in the margins. She had crossed out a sentence that said smoking leads to “sickness” and written “dea”.   So she had programmed herself subconsciously and even though she stopped smoking, the curse was still operating, as a hypnotic command.


This is why the bible warns against hypnosis. It calls it “charmers and enchanters”  (Deut 18) and says it is an abomination and brings curses on a person.


When a person is hypnotized they are more open to brainwashing and demonic spirits.


All of psychiatry is hypnosis since the drugs hypnotize people.


Deuteronomy 18 warns against Sorcery, charmers & enchanters and calls it abomination & that it brings curses on those who practice it. 


Psychiatry is SORCERY (the same as witchcraf-).


The root of the word PHARMACY is Pharmakeia in Greek, which translates  “drugs, sorcery”   


Sorcery by definition is invoking demons to control people. Or demons to do one’ s bidding.


The first time I set foot in a psych hospital, The Holy Spirit said to me “the covering over this place is sorcery”.  God was warning me about  the drugs and mind control  of the whole system.


It is the same covering anywhere there are drugs, like coffee houses. When one goes in those places, they are opening themselves to lying demonic spirits.


One time as I went into one, the Holy Spirit said to me, “unclean”.


They are NOT a good place to pray; either to hear from God, or pray for others.   One is more likely to hear from lying demonic sprits. If one prays for something or someone, demonic spirits will contaminate the prayer and go to the target and hijack the prayer. It is spiritually dangerous.  Things one is thinking about or praying about can get linked to something demonic.  So if you think about it later, something demonic can get invoked.



The family of one patient describes her as having 2 personalities.  This is because all drugs are openings for demonic oppression, including psych meds.  They cause mental illness; they do not help.


I had a boyfriend years ago who had 2 personalities every time he drank beer.  He would talk with a German accent, say his name was “wilhem” instead of “William” and go back& forth with contradictory statements, saying “it is, it’s not”.  This was accompanied by a complete change of expression on his face. It was clearly a case of another spirit in him.


Why do so many liquor stores say “WINE LIQUOR & SPIRITS”?


To WARN us that alcohol is an OPENING for unclean demonic spirits. This is why drunk people do stupid things and have personality changes when they drink.


In the old testament God told the Levites, the musicians, NOT to drink wine before going to minister before God in the temple. This was to consecrate themselves and not be a channel for unclean demonic spirits when they worshipped.


“Neither shall any priest drink wine, when they enter into the inner court.” Ezek 44:21



“Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations:


And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean;


And that ye may teach the children of  Israel all the statutes which the Lord hath spoken unto them by the hand of  Moses.


Leviticus 10:9-11


This scripture is the whole basis for why musicians should not use drugs.  In addition to the scripture in Deut 18 which warns against SORCERY, which is drugs.  (Pharmacy comes from Pharmakeia, which translates as drugs, sorcery)


I am a Levite, a worshipper. They were also used by God to teach people the difference between the clean and unclean (Ezek 44)



“And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.” Ezek 44:23



This is why part of my ministry is to write about spirits, and the effect of them and teach others to discern them.   


There is also the gift of discerning of spirits listed in the New Testament. 1 corinthians 12:10.  I prayed for it.  All prophets need it so they can tell what is coming from God and what is NOT, so they will only speak from the Holy Spirit.


Years ago God gave me a scripture that referred to this. It said


If you separate the precious from the vile, you will be as my mouth. Jeremiah 15:19




When musicians use any drugs, they have unclean spirits on them and this transmits to anyone who listens to them. Both live and from recordings.


And when they pray for someone, if they have unclean spirits on them, it will go to their targets, which afflicts rather than blesses them.


Whatever is around us spiritually will get sucked into the prayer and go to our target. It can contaminate the prayer and hijack it. Or get answers from the wrong spirit.


One time I was in a library, right near the books. I wanted to pray for someone. God said “not here”     I did, and later found out she got a headache!  What was near me got sent to her!  The books are all inspired by various spirits which are around the books and anyone  who is near them. 


Most people pick up spirits which cause mental illness from what they read and listen to. 


All creative work is “inspired” by one spirit or another.  The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it”.  Whatever spirit inspires that work, gets transmitted to anyone who reads it,  listens to it, or even just has the object (book or recording) near them.


When we get RID of the stuff, the demonic oppression lifts and we feel better.  It affects the mental & physical health of everyone in the house and their relationships. We also need to renounce any demonic spirits that may have been near us from that thing, in Jesus name.


Whatever spirits are on one person, transmit and affect others they interact with.


If a person taking the psych drugs stops taking them, they may seem worse because the demonic spirits that came into them from the psych drugs (and other sources, other drugs) are STILL THERE. The stupor they were in from the drugs just covered up the demons that were on them and in them. So when they stop taking the drugs and wake up, the demons are more active to plant thoughts, so it can seem like they are worse.  But the demons were there all along.  They need to be delivered of the demonic spirits in Jesus name to be healed. That is the only way.  Fasting on their part & on the part of anyone praying for them, is necessary for this.


ALL drugs which affect the mind are openings for demonic oppression.


This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc & psych meds.



I have never met anyone who was called bipolar who didn’t drink coffee. It makes people manic, often, and anxious.


People need to get off ALL psych meds  & all drugs. 


They can pray for God to help her get off them with no withdrawal effects.  God can do it, when we pray in Jesus name. 


Jesus said “nothing is impossible with God” Matthew 19:26



I have gotten off the psych meds with no withdrawal, praying this way.


All diseases  both mental & physical are caused by spirits whose assignments are the names of those diseases.   


I don’t print entire names of diseases because it can invoke the spirits that cause them. When speaking, it is better to spell them for the same reason.


Depress- is one example.  The answer is to rebuke it in Jesus name.  I have done it. It works.


The spirits transmit through contact, both verbal and physical.



I have picked up a spirit of depress- from someone else who had it-  when he prayed over me - suddenly I was feeling suicidal and crying for no reason.    I called my mentor, who prayed over the phone, and it left. 


Another time I picked it up by praying over someone and touching them .  I spontaneously coughed, and it was gone.


Finally, I learned to rebuke it in Jesus name.


The spirits from the drugs are ALL contagious through verbal and physical contact. 


Pot smokers know about a ‘contact high’.   


Second hand coffee is just as bad as second hand smoke, spiritually.


If YOU drink coffee, the spirits transmit to others in your family and anyone around you when you speak.  


Hence, many people whose kids have ADHD are causing it by drinking coffee.  If you stop, the kids will calm down!


Caffeine is an opening for spirits of addiction, mani-, agita-, confus-. 


Alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress-. And addiction.


Smoking is an opening for spirits of depress-, addict-.


I have felt depress- (heaviness, tiredness) just from sitting near others who were drinking beer & talking.  


You can pick up unclean spirits from sitting where people who use those drugs, sat.


When I have sat where smokers sat, it often makes me tired, cold, or itchy.  Many people have this reaction but have no idea why.


Many people get headaches after listening to someone who drank caffeine. This used to happen to friends of mine when I spoke to them after drinking coffee.



WASH ME JESUS - Cleansing Prayers


Your relative was probably a spiritually sensitive child who was told at some point that there was something wrong with him or her, and put on drugs, which made them worse.


The psych meds cause suicide, homicide, psychosis. 


 I know people that have committed suicide from them.


Many people who are spiritually sensitive are called by God to be intercessors, worshippers, prophets.  Especially musicians and singers.  They may be called to play an instrument even if she has not yet had the opportunity to get one.  She could get a keyboard and read the appendix in my free book Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry which tells how to play a piano, in half an hour, to worship God.




WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE-GOD'S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be Prophets, Intercessors & Healers.  On lyrics, drugs, mental illness & worship.



At this point they need deliverance from whatever demonic spirits they have become oppressed by, from the drugs and any other drugs.


There are other factors that make people open to demonic oppression.  This includes books, art, music, symbols, occult paraphernalia, and curses.


The article, free minibook


Spiritual Wisdom revised





talks about how to assess one's environment for demonic oppression. Some of the symbols that are problematic are: Peace Signs, Jewish Stars (which are occult) and five pointed stars. Five pointed stars, with l point on top, invoke spirits of witchcraf-. With 2 points, they are sat-ic.  Either way, they are bad.   Starbucks’ symbol has a five pointed star.  The lady in their symbol is probably a witch. Either way, it is an opening for spirits of witchcraf-; the star is enough to do this.  Having starbucks cups invokes that spirit.  I have noticed having problems with computers when they are around. They affect the people too!


I met someone who had physical afflictions, who was carrying a starbucks cup. I told her, get rid of it. It is a spiritual opening for demonic attack.


I can feel the oppression on my head, near them.


Peace signs were circulated by the devil to deceive the hippy generation & get spiritual control over us; one reason there was so much sex & drugs.  They are really an anti-christ symbol. The Nazis who were devil worshippers, used them on their graves; they are also the symbol on a rune that they believed in.


The devil circulates symbols deceitfully to get spiritual control over people; so he tells us it means one thing when it really does something else.    Since symbols have had so many different associations throughout history & different cultures, they are very contaminated; they can create links to things in the spiritual realm that are not good.


Another example of this is the symbol for the falun gong. They are a group that practices something spiritual, from China. They have been treated by the Chinese government worse than the Nazis. Their organs have been harvested while they are alive, & then had been thrown into incinerators, alive.   Their symbol is a swastika!  So they have invoked onto themselves links to all this nazi atrocity.  The fact that the symbol is ancient and was used in India years before, becomes irrelevant.


Jewish stars are occult.  The name “Star of David” is a misnomer.  He never used it; his son Solomon put it on his shield & got it from his Egyptian wives. So it invokes an Egyptian deity, which is really a false god, or demon.  The Jewish prophet Amos was used by God to rebuke the Jews for using it (Amos 5:26 where he calls it the star you have made to your god, Chi-.  And supposedly another name for that same god (they have many names) was astar- which means ‘star’.  The new testament refers to it as the star of remph-.   Acts 7:43


Bob Dylan, who is also a prophet, has the same witness I do about Jewish stars. He calls them the “Egyptian star”.    He also says the same thing about psychiatry – it is all lies.  Dylan got saved in the early 80s through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a charismatic church in which I also had powerful encounters with God through the worship music.  They believe in healing, prophecy and pray in tongues. Their music has been used in many churches over the last 25 years & has revolutionized worship. Their songs sing TO God, not about God. This invokes God’s spirit in a powerful, intimate way.


You can listen to Vineyard Music on youtube.  2 links:




Holy & Annointed One by Brian Doerksen



Come Now is the Time to Worship by Brian Doerksen




There is also original worship music on my website,











on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name







Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)




Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



I don’t print whole names of spirits since they can invoke those spirits.  Since diseases are also caused by spirits, that is why I also don’t use the entire names in print.  When speaking, is is wiser to spell rather than say them.  Otherwise one can invoke that spirit.



Most pop and rock music is SPIRITUAL POISON.


It is literally cursed. The music business has been run for years by people into witchcraf- who pray demons onto the masters of the records they produce, to get spiritual control over the people who buy it.  THIS IS WHAT IS CAUSING SO MUCH MENTAL ILLNESS!


One needs to remove all their rock and pop records (and jazz) to remove this source of spiritual oppression, and pray in Jesus name for anything around one from the stuff, to go.   I did this years ago; I broke a Grateful Dead Record and prayed "I renounce all lying spirits around me from listening to this" and felt something Pop off my chest.  My singing voice immediately got louder.  



Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet



One needs to remove all books that contradict the bible. This includes new age, occult, harry potter, (openings for spirits of witchcraf-), philosophy.


Whatever spirits inspired those books will be in the house as long as the books are there.


If someone has Harry Potter books in their house, the spirits of witchcraf- can attack everyone in the family, causing mental illness, relationship problems, physical illness,  & other assorted curses. 


New Age & occult books are openings for lying demonic spirits. They absolutely cause mental illness & need to be removed.



New Age Practices cause mental & physical illness – warning to new agers on spiritual deception – ch 5 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry


Get Rid of Harry Potter, Pokemon, Tarot Cards & Ouija boards; they bring curses & cause mental and physical illness



I did Transcendental Meditation for 10 years.  It opens one up to demons. It made me more psychic and open to others using witchcraf- to telepathically control me.  The mantras invoke Hindu deities, some of which are really demons.  My mother did it before me.  God showed me later that TM was one of the openings for the curses in her life.


Yoga is Dangerous – so is TM – new age deception



I had a complete stranger once will me to come across the street, take him home and sleep with him.  He told me after that he was a scientologist. So I knew they were into mind control.   I was doing TM then, so I was very spiritually receptive.


Occult objects like tarot cards and Ouija boards are dangerous. They are openings for demons. They need to be removed and renounce any spirits that have been on us, and break any curses in Jesus name.


This is very serious. 


I used to play with Ouija boards when I was a teen. With a particular friend. The same strange thing happened to both of us.  First our aunt died, then our mother.  This was a curse operating!


We ALSO both went to see THE EXORCIST with some friends. That movie gave me nightmares.  The SOUNDTRACK used REAL DEVIL INCANTATION CHANTS. So it brought curses (and demons) onto whoever saw that movie!


The Ouija board killed my mother


When I taught in the public schools, I had a class that was the most violent I had ever seen. It turned out the SPED teacher was having them play with a Ouija board. THAT  was the reason. The kids were possessed from playing with it.


Another time, at a Church I was involved with, 3 college kids showed up one night. They had been playing with a Ouija board. They got possessed. One of them started hitting her friend. A 2nd one thought she was talking to her dead mother. It spelled out “Stop doing this- AND GO TO THIS CHURCH”- and spelled out the name of another congregation which met at the same building we were in. That was how they showed up. 


In this case, GOD had ‘taken over the channel” to warn them to stop it.    The pastor had them share this story and then told then to repent of using the Ouija board and get saved.


This is an example of how God can override anything. He often meets us even when we are looking in the wrong place for answers- to re-direct.  So he will use Christian doctors to tell someone – you don’t need drugs, you need God. And prayer.


David Berkowitz, known as the Son of Sam, killed a bunch of people in NYC in the l970’s.  He says he was crazy as a kid because he dabbled in the occult.  It opened him up to demons.  He became a born again Christian in Prison.   He is no longer crazy. He calls himself the SON OF HOPE.  They should let him out so he can testify to the whole world that JESUS HEALS PEOPLE from MENTAL ILLNESS! He should be pardoned by the governor or president.


Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to prove Mario right by pardoning David Berkowitz



God speaks to us in our thoughts by the Holy Spirit, which has been on the earth for 2000 years


Our conscience is God. Our intuition is God.  You can ask God to tell you what to remove in your house.


When you pray to God, do it somewhere quiet.  Noise is an opening for other spirits.


See articles, minibooks:


 Do You Believe God Speaks to You? He Does-in your thoughts.



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)


God sent me into the psych system to be a witness against it and write a Book FREE on my website:  


Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry   at


It exposes atheistic psychiatry which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs or experiences schizophrenic, a nonsense label, & their genocide by drugs which are DEADLY  BY DESIGN, and tells how to heal mental & physical illness thru prayer.



SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT  “Serious Mental Disorder”


(It is a nonsense label used by atheist psychiatry which falsely Calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs or experiences mentally ill)


Doctor's 2nd question is always "do you hear voices?"  If someone says they hear God or demons they are thought to have auditory hallucinations, an alleged symptom of psychosis. Hence the label schizophrenic or schizo-affective.




 "my sheep hear my voice" John 10:27.


EVERYONE hears voices, as thoughts in our heads.  They come from the spiritual realm.   


95% of dr.s are atheists. 95% of psych patients are Christians or others with spiritual experiences or beliefs; they are NOT mentally ill.   


Jewish theological ignorance is the problem here. It is not just psychiatrists and Jewish psychiatrists that are theologically ignorant; the rabbis are also.  And they send people to psychiatrists who they think are hallucinating when they say they hear voices, or hear God speak to them.


I had a conversation with a reform rabbi who said to me,


my Christian minister friends say they hear from God”.


  I said “what would you think if he talked to you?”


He said “I would think I was crazy”.


But God DOES talk to EVERYONE NOW through the HOLY SPIRIT which has been on the earth for 2000 years, since JESUS sent it from Heaven.


God talks to everyone in our thoughts.


Our conscience is God.


Our intuition is usually God. 






Dr. Allen Frances DSM author says psych labels are bullshit


The whole purpose of Christianity was to re-establish the close relationship with God that Abraham originally had, through the Holy Spirit, which is a part of God.


Abraham walked and talked with God, the bible says.


At the time of Moses, God spoke OUT LOUD to the entire Jewish people. They said “who can hear God and live?” so they responded by saying “talk to Moses and we listen to him”.  God Said OK. SO for a period of time, He used prophets to speak to his people.  BUT he prophesied THROUGH those prophets that later he would CHANGE THE ARRANGEMENT and make a NEW Covenant where he would speak directly to people AGAIN.


First he sent Jesus in the flesh, to show us that he wanted to talk to us directly, through a person, then he sent the Holy Spirit to be with us and in us, so we would hear God and also know what he feels.  When He lives inside us, we feel what HE feels, hence we know what he feels AND THINKS ABOUT SOMETHING.


When something grieves the HOLY SPIRIT, like sin, we feel chest pain.  When it is FROM the Holy Spirit, we often feel warmth in our chest.


The Prophet Jeremiah wrote about this new covenant in Jeremiah 31:31:




 “I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel & the house of Judah, not like the covenant I made with them when I took them out of Egypt, which they brake, though I was an husband to them, but I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it on their hearts, and every man will know me from the least of them to the greatest of them…and I will forgive their iniquity, and remember their sin no more.”


This is talking about being BORN AGAIN, being filled with the Holy Spirit, which comes to live inside us so we know God intimately.


The forgiveness of sins was through the sacrifice of Jesus as the atonement for sins.


Jesus’ sacrifice WAS GOD’S PROVISION for the atonement of the sins of the world. There is no other way.


Jesus said


 “except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of  heaven”. John 3:3


I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me. John 14:6


God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him would not perish but have everlasting life.” John  3:16


The Jews used to sacrifice animals as sin offerings, as commanded by the torah.  In 70AD the temple was destroyed the 2nd time.  No more sacrifices with animals.  Why did God allow this?


Because that covenant was OVER.   70 years earlier, Jesus had become the FINAL SACRIFICE for the sins of the world ,once and for all.   The animal sacrifices had been a foreshadowing of Gods plan for salvation for the world through Jesus.   He had them sacrifice animals so that it would not seem foreign to sacrifice his Son when it happened. It was a natural outgrowth of Judaism.  When I remembered from Hebrew School  that they used to sacrifice animals, suddenly the concept of Jesus made total sense.  It was consistent with biblical Judaism.



All Christians would be called schizophrenic by atheist dr's, and millions have been and have been forcibly treated for a non-existent disease.


This started with the nazis.  They killed mental patients with psych drugs in the secret t4 3 euthenasia program.  This genocide has continued worldwide since, using mental health as a cover.   It was  sneak genocide of Christians, who they falsely called schizophrenic using atheistic psychiatry.  


The nazis were not Christians, they were devil worshippers.  And the people who run mental health are also devil worshippers. They are masons. Masons worship Lucifer at the top level.  


I have seen the handbook for the 32nd level Scottish rite written by Albert Pike, a sat-ist.  It says "we worship the Luciferian Principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this.”


People whose relatives are or were involved in masonry are under curses and need to renounce it in Jesus’ name. It opens people to a spirit of dea-. In their rituals they climb into coffins.  Masonic prayers use every name BUT Jesus.  They are from an anti-christ spirit.


I knew people who were masons whose kids died of can-.  From the curses. I met a young man in a psych ward who had been cutting himself.  He told me his dad was a mason. That was the source of  his  problem.


Dr Robert Hanna Felix was the first head of the National Institute of Mental Health. He also led psychiatric research for 32nd level Scottish Rite masonry.  He also ran CIA mind control brainwashing program MKULTRA.  This program used mental patients for torture and mind control research  and  brainwashed assassins.  Most, if not all of the political assassinations were done by the CIA & used CIA brainwashed patsies.  (JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon etc).


Sirhan Sirhan, RFK’s killed had no memory of the shooting and looked hypnotized, the dr’s testified.  John Lennon’s killer was another.  The recent Aurora shooter looks like another. Either he wasn’t guilty or was completely brainwashed.  Brainwashed people often have no memory of what they did.


Bill Clinton apologized for MKULTRA.  It is well documented, and insiders have said the program continues under other names.  The CIA repeatedly changes names of programs when they are discovered.


There is a connection back to Nazism with all this. The CIA was RUN by Nazi scientists and psychiatrists  who came here under OPERATION PAPERCLIP. The whole mental health system is nothing but a continuation of what they started in Germany; mind control and genocide, using drugs.


And it was the social engineers in the US & UK who supported eugenics and euthanasia, who supported Hitler, and Planned Parenthood, whose goal is genocide of blacks, the poor, Jews & others. 


Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote that the purpose of sterilization was to get rid of the black race, the poor, and feeble-minded (mentally ill). It was to stop them from breeding.  Hitler admired her.  In the US the “feeble-minded” were sterilized years before Hitler. It started here. The agenda of  Planned Parenthood is abortion. Most of their clinics are in poor areas, because those are the ones they want to abort.


Their genocidal targets continue to include Jews, Christians, blacks, the poor, mental patients and numerous others.




Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health & education


They are: mind control, genocide, atheism, world government.


NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide




Fluoridated Water is Mass Medication of the Population


The Nazis used fluoridated water in the camps to make prisoners docile.  It is being used worldwide to mind control and genocide the population.


Sodium fluoride is a toxic waste, the ingredient in rat poison.  It has been shown to cause ADHD in lab rats.   Where it is in the tap water, IQs are 20 points lower. It causes canc-, bone fractures & brain damage.


Fluoride is in all the anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs.  They put people in a hypnotic trance, and so does the fluoride in the water.


Sodium fluoride is also in most bottled water, though the labels don’t tell us, and many foods, including McDonalds fries.  (Poland Spring has it).


Europe has banned it in their water.  65% of the US & UK have it. NYC has it.


Antidotes include VITAMIN C, apple pectin, chlorella.


Put vitamin C from packets in water if you drink it.  Get filters for your water.


For a list of foods with it and antidotes, see my article


Warning: Toxic Fluoride in Drinking Water, Psych Drugs & Food & How to Get Rid of It



NAMI is a FRONT for Big Pharma



NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) and other people who call themselves advocates for the mentally ill do not advocate for mental patients, they advocate for the drug companies. They advocate for treatment of mental patients with drugs, and this harms rather than helps them.  


Senator Charles Grassley investigated & exposed the fact that NAMI gets a lot of money from big pharma.


NAMI is allegedly a grassroots organization made up of friends  & family of mental patients. But they are a front for the drug companies, whose goal is to brainwash people into believing their illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances, so they will buy the drugs, which supposedly correct this.   The drugs do not, and the illnesses are not caused by chemical imbalances. 


There is no evidence of chemical imbalances prior to treatment, but the drugs cause them.  They cause mental illness, they do not improve symptoms or cure it.   The drug companies want patients to be lifelong consumers for their drugs.  Patients even call themselves “consumers”  It should be obvious that they are being used! The whole system is not about health, it is about money.


Where there has been more treatment, psych disorders go up, not down.   Robert Whitaker in his book ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC documents this. He wrote a previous book Mad in America.  His website it



The people who run the mental health system have plants in all the media to constantly feed propaganda to the public that is pro-drugging, arguing that we need  more “mental health screening” and “treatment”.  They keep circulating the same lie – that ¼ of the population is mentally ill.   Interestingly, the Nazis said the same thing.


The Nazis were occultists, devil worshippers. One of their genocidal targets was Christians. But they did not want to openly kill them in a Christian country.  So they falsely called them mentally ill, using atheistic psychiatry. 


That agenda has been replicated in the US, UK and worldwide. 


The Nazis said they would take over the world by stealth.  They went to other countries; the US, RUSSIA, South America  Their genocide never stopped. The genocide of Christians using mental health & psych meds has been ongoing since WWII.


John Rawlings Rees, a head of the World Federation for Mental Health, said they needed to infiltrate 4 areas: the church, education, medical & legal, and be a 5th column like the totalitarians (the media, where they plant propaganda).  They have done it.  


Rees was a psychiatrist who also was head of TAVISTOCK Institute in London. It is a think tank that trains “brainwashes” the global elite to do the bidding of the masons and Illuminati bloodline people who run the world.  They control all the foundations and think tanks in the US. They also run mental health.  Freud was the first head of it.


Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet


has the testimony of a man named John Todd, who came from an illuminati bloodline family in England. He became a born again Christian and gave this testimony on youtube in the l970’s.  He says they are all into witchcraf-.  He was very high up, answering to the Rothschilds, who answer to the devil. The Rothschilds have bankrolled all of the European governments for hundreds of years, making money through selling drugs and starting wars and funding both sides. This is how the Illuminati families make their money.


 Todd says he controlled all the record labels.  They are all run by people into witchcraf-, and they had prayer rooms where they would pray demons onto the masters of all the records.  Even if the music was good music, it is contaminated spiritually, which has spiritual blowback to the artists as well as all the listeners.


Todd says he spoke with David Crosby of Crosby Stills & Nash. Crosby said one had to be a witch to get a record Deal. To advance as a witch, one had to be bisexual.     This explains why so many artists are increasingly being bisexual.  Rock star women kissing other women, singing about it- it is a rite of initiation and they are being used to promote homosexuality to the population.


Todd says that all the rock lyrics have witchcraf- meanings. Elton John has said the same thing.


See the following video for Todd’s testimony:


John Todd- Demons Behind the Music


When people listen to the  music, of gay artists, they can pick up their spirits of homosexuality. That is the purpose.  The Illuminati want to depopulate the planet so they want to encourage recreational sex that is NOT procreative.  


They started on this agenda in the 60’s by supporting FREE LOVE through women’s liberation, brainwashing women into thinking that promiscuous sex was somehow “liberating” and empowering.  The purpose was to break up families so the state could raise the kids. So they worked to separate sex from marriage and families by encouraging recreational sex.  Now we are moving toward test tube babies – which is their goal, so they have complete genetic control and can program babies into castes.  Brave New World lays this out.  By making people gay, they will stop making babies the natural way!


I grew up on the tail end of the hippy generation. Everybody was sleeping with everybody.


I experienced “free love” as a teen and young adult. It was not empowering. It was depressing. I always felt used afterward. Sex without commitment does not make people feel good.  It is against God’s plan and is sin and leads to mental illness.


How so many women can still think that promiscuous sex and abortions is going to make them feel good, is insane. Abortions are killing something alive inside oneself. That does NOT make a person feel good; it is unnatural and produces guilt and depress-.  The only solution to that is repentance and forgiveness from God, to heal the pain.


See my article


My Prayer not to be Pregnant after Rape and a Miraculous Sign of Forgiveness on Yom Kippur



I was raped twice and prayed to God not to be pregnant. As a result of the prayer, I miscarried. Later God forgave me when I repented of asking HIM to do it! I would have felt a lot worse if I had done it myself and had an abortion. I don’t even like killing bugs.


Most women who have abortions feel guilty and have mental health issues as a result.  Those who don’t feel guilty are in denial and feel a compulsive need to repeat it, to try to justify it in their mind. So they have multiple abortions.



Dyslexia& Reading Disorders are caused by the teaching methods used in public schools


This has been going on for 50 years.  Using whole language learning instead of phonetics causes dyslexia.  Sam Blumenfeld wrote about this in his book The Trojan Horse in Education.  His website is


See article


Dyslexia, ADHD, Causes & Cures



A lot of behavior problems are a result of kids being frustrated when they can’t read!


The social engineers who run mental health & education deliberately did this, so they would have an excuse to drug kids with behavior problems, to get control over them .  The whole purpose of psych drugs is mind control and genocide.


They want a society where everyone is controlled and drugged. The book that was the blueprint for this was BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley.  He knew the agendas of the social engineers. He was also used to help spread LSD through the population in the l960’s.


His brother Julian, an atheist, was a member of the eugenics & euthanasia societies, and first head of UNESCO, the UN arm for education.  The social engineers in the US & UK supported eugenics & euthanasia, and Hitler. His genocide was a result of their policies.


The social engineers who run the  mental health system have continued to genocide people worldwide using drugs which are deadly by design, using mental health as a cover.


The same people run mental health & education.


The Education schools like Columbia Teachers college are run by atheist psychologists who are behaviorists.    They have been using something called OBE (Outcome based Education) for years. It was founded by Benjamin Bloom.


He said the purpose of education is to


change the thoughts, feelings & behaviors of people”. 


NOT teach them to read write and think critically. They don’t want critical thinkers. They want obedient serfs. So they use education to deliberately dumb down the population. They have sabotaged reading methods to create dyslexia and reading and behavior disorders to have an excuse to drug people for more control.


Another name for mental health is Behavioral Health. This is because it is about behavior modification, which is mind control.


Mental health is ALSO called MENTAL HYGIENE. This comes from the Nazis.  They changed the name of their Instuitute for Racial Hygiene to MENTAL HYGIENE after WWII, when the public SAW that Eugenics LED to Genocide.


Hygiene means cleanliness, i.e. washing.  Hence mental hygiene is BRAIN WASHING.   This expression means mind control, as commonly understood.


On another level it would seem to be a good thing NOT to have one’s mind inspired by unclean demonic spirits. But it has 2 meanings.


I taught in the public schools for 7 years as a substitute and saw what goes on there.


Mental Illness in Youth – ch 4 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry


talks about my experiences teaching.


The psych drugs cause suicide, homicide, mental illness.


The Columbine Shooters were on Psych drugs AND took a DEATH ED class.


One of them said he had nightmares about shooting people after taking it.  They were set up.


They were hypnotized by the drugs, which all put people in a hypnotic trance, and programmed by the class.


In the l990s many schools had “death education”.   Where this was true, the suicide rates shot up. By Design. The social engineers want to depopulate the planet by 90%.


All psych meds put people in a hypnotic trance.


All of the mass shooters were ON psych drugs.



Levi Aron is a Hasidic Jew in NYC that was accused of killing an 8 year old boy, Leiby Kletzky, with his psych drugs. 


This is another case of psychiatry being the culprit.


Levi’s thinking was all screwed up because nobody thinks clearly on psych meds.  He was taking multiple psych drugs.  Like most mental patients. This is deadly. It usually causes liver damage which is usually fatal. What Levi did to the boy was what was being done to HIM. Also, Levi’s sister had previously died in a psych hospital at age 22, of suicide.  She was another victim of psychiatry.  She had been called schizophrenic.  So GOD used this case to EXPOSE the fact that PSYCHIATRY KILLS and makes people Mentally Ill.


See article


Levi Aron is not criminally responsible – psychiatry is the culprit


Levi Aron is not criminally responsible – psychiatry is the culprit



The Sharon Tate Murders were an unusual legal precedent. Charles Manson was convicted of murder, even though he physically did not kill anyone, because he supposedly brainwashed a bunch of young women who DID kill people. 


This precedent of finding the brainwasher guilty should be used against PSYCHIATRY.  They are behind so many murders, committed by mental patients who are brainwashed zombies.  Nobody on psych meds is criminally responsible- they are NOT in their right mind.


The  CCHR has a booklet on terrorists that document that ALL terrorists are brainwashed by psychiatrists.  Psychiatry is behind all the mass murder. The drugs are used to hypnotize people into being homicidal maniacs.  Bin Laden, The Unabomber, and many others were all examples of this. The Unabomber was a subject at Harvard of  Timothy Leary’s experiments giving LSD to students.  Leary later admitted that he was funded by the CIA. The whole agenda was to use drugs to mind control the population.


God is FREE, Makes no Mistakes & Has No Side Effects.


He trumps medicine.



The Dangers of Healthcare-Look to God, He Heals



One of the dangers of the healthcare system is MICROCHIPS.


They are mandated in Obama’s healthcare bill.



Obamacare Sneakily Mandates MICROCHIPPING People


It calls for a “registry of medical devices” pursuant to an FDA directive in 2004 that called for “implantable transponders for healthcare info & ID”.


The bible warns that people should not take the “mark of the beast” which will be a mark that the world anti-christ leader will make people take in their right hand or forehead. It IS microchips, and will be used for mind control of the population.


They are already doing this, and have been for years, sneakily.


In l997 I was travelling around the country and was in Florida. The government announced on the radio they were thinking of testing them in jails and mental hospitals.  They were already doing it.  The announcement was a trial balloon to see how the public responded to it. 


I was in a jail where they did it.


It is normal protocol in jails to give people a TB shot in order to be released into the general population.   They are using this to sneakily chip people.  This happened to me.  I had a spooky feeling about it.  Then I got out and saw my 2 friends who discipled me. They had a video by Carl Sanders, a Christian minister who warns that microchips are the “mark of the beast”.  He helped design them 30 years ago, working for the government, as an atheist.  He told me they tested them on military in the  first gulf war.  Sanders’ website is


The “Mark of the Beast” is warned about in Revelation 13. It is a mark that the anti-christ world leader will make people take in their right hand or forehead, without which no man can buy or sell. The bible warns that those who take this mark will suffer eternal torment in the lake of fire.   It is cashless money.   People need to rely on God instead, for supernatural provision, rather than be part of this global anti-christ system.


I had my dentist x-ray my arm and we both saw something.


God has told me that they will chip people sneakily, in vaccines. This is what they already do with the tb shots in jails and mental hospitals.


So, if you put a family member in a hospital, you are endangering their health not only by the toxic drugs, but also with the danger of being chipped, as well!


EVERYONE needs to avoid ALL VACCINES.  Not only are they being used to chip people, but they are ALL TOXIC.


Healthcare in general is being used to depopulate the planet, one of the main agendas of the social engineers. They want to get the population down to 500 million, from 8 billion!


Bill Gates, who is supporting vaccination in Africa and everywhere, even admitted in a speech which I heard on youtube (at TED) that “if we do a really good job with reproductive healthcare and vaccines, we can get the population down”.   He was talking about abortion/sterilization, and poisoned vaccines!


Most of them have squaline, a poison. It makes people sterile, and sick.


Jesse Ventura, former wrestler, actor & governor of Minnesota, in his show Conspiracy Theory  with Jesse Ventura, (free on youtube)  interviewed a Dr, Rima E Laibow, hiding in Panama who testified to this about the vaccines.


Everything in his show is true; it is not paranoid conspiracy nonsense, but fact.


Paranoid schizophrenia is a just a label psychiatry has made up to discredit people who KNOW that conspiracies are TRUE!


Especially the truth about the genocidal agendas behind psychiatry!


When mental patients say they think the doctors are trying to kill them, they are INTUITIVELY picking up on the truth that the psych meds are deadly.   And they are also intuitively picking up on the fact that historically, psychiatry’s agenda has been genocidal.  The people who ran the death camps in Germany were psychiatrists. They decided who lived & died.  Psychiatrists have the same power now, in psych hospitals.  They can easily kill anyone with a shot.  They often do.


I had a doctor try to kill me in retaliation for having called a state rep to get me out.  He had been happy to help, saying they would call the hospital and plead my case.  Usually, if people feel harassed, they just say so. He did not do this. He was sincere.  This dr. ordered a drug to which I had had previous allergic reactions that almost killed me. I told her; she ignored it. 


A normal doctor would not want to take the chance on giving someone something they were allergic to. But psych dr’s know they can get away with anything, most of the time.  I told the nurse to fake it and put water in it instead, or she would be risking her license.  She did it. She wasn’t crazy but the doctor was.


All doctors are not genocidal maniacs, but the people at the top are.   The majority are useful idiots for the social engineers whose goal is genocide of the population through psych drugs.


But also, the theological ignorance of most dr’s who are atheists, causes them to be guilty of killing people whose spiritual beliefs and practices they are trying to destroy through psych meds.  They are guilty of soul murder for ruining people’s connection to GOD.


When I was on the psych meds, I could not pray in tongues. Praying in tongues is using the Holy Spirit to pray with Power. It is how most prayers get answered.  It is something All Christians need to do. God has answered many prayers I have prayed praying in tongues. I have been doing it for over 20 years.


The psych drugs are torture: I was on them. They make it hard to think clearly, speak and pray. The side effect akisthesia, which is a restlessless that makes people feel like they are crawling out of their skin, is torture.  It has driven many people to suicide & homicide. I experienced it. I could not sit still to pray.


Dr. Peter Breggin, another honest psychiatrist, has written many books warning about toxic psych drugs.  He was the first to expose the nazi genocide of Mental patients with psych drugs, in the secret t4 euthenasia program. He has testified in many cases about the drugs causing suicide & homicide. In a recent case where he testified, a Canadian judge ruled that Prozac caused a teen to commit homicide.


See article


Judge Rules Psych Meds Cause Homicide




Mind Control  - Music, Drugs & Microchips


The social engineers are using music and drugs to mind control the population now: the microchips are next, the ultimate mind control.  They want to merge humans and computers and make a new form of man.   Now everyone is being conditioned to have a cell phone at all times; to be ‘connected’.  The next step will be to implant it right on one’s body.


Transhumanists talk about this.  Scary stuff.


See article


Transhumanists & their Plot to Change Humanity



Nick Rockefeller told filmmaker Aaron Russo that one of the goals of his family ( a major social engineering family) is to chip everyone on the planet.   He also told Russo that his family  funded the feminist movement, to break up families. He said there would be an event ll months before 911 that would be used to get government control over people, and start wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for their oil, and that people would be looking in caves and it would all be a big hoax!  Russo was a filmmaker. He made a movie From Freedom to Fascism, free on youtube.  He was running for Governor of Nevada and Rockefeller befriended him since he was a mover and shaker. 


My article


Nick Rockefeller, Microchips & the new World Order


 has a transcript of  Aaron Russo’s testimony about this.



Video of Aaron Russo talking about Rockefeller:


Chips are already mandated, sneakily in the OBAMA CARE Bill. On p. 1001, 


It calls for a registry of medical devices, pursuant to a 2004 FDA directive calling for implantable transponders for healthcare info and id.



Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering


I have known Abby over 35 years.  She owns a toilet company. This is a prophetic sign from God that the family is social engineering this country down the toilet!


 Former NYC mayor’s quote about Rockefeller Social Engineering & Shadow Government


All education is indoctrination


The public schools dumb people down and sabotage reading methods so people can’t read and think critically, and then teach them what they want them to know. 


A good example of  indoctrination in American public education  is something Jesse Ventura wrote about in his book American Conspiracies.  He talks about Lincoln’s assassination.  Everyone was taught in high school it was done by John Wilkes Booth, a supposed lone nut.  But in truth, there was a conspiracy of 11 people who were hanged.  How come we are not taught the truth? 


Ventura says, it is conditioning.  They want us to believe the lone nut theory so we will continue to believe that explanation in contemporary assassinations, who are in truth also committed by conspiracies, usually the CIA.  The 3 name thing is part of the conditioning.


Ventura is an independent thinker; a sharp guy. There aren’t a lot of politicians like him.  He ran as an independent, took no money from lobbyists  (including the DRUG LOBBY) and still won.  A miracle in this country.  Clearly, God’ s hand was on him.   Ironically, he says God never spoke to him.  Well, not that he realized, but like so many people, God was guiding him in his thoughts and intuitions. He is a perfect example of what I call atheist prophets – people who God uses who haven’t figured out yet that God was using them. 


A prophet is someone who speaks the truth and seeks the truth. If someone is called to be that, it is obviously  a process of growing into that role.  It was for me.    Moses spent 40 years in the desert, alone with God, getting to know him.  I have spent long periods of time alone with God also, being trained.   All prophets do, it seems.


Another one is Nathaniel Lehrman, a NY psychiatrist who has also been telling the truth about psych drugs for years, and used his practice to get people off of them. Didn’t realize God was using him.  And his name is a sign of the call on him. The prophet NATHAN spoke Truth to Power when he told King David that he was sinning by taking Bathsheba as his wife after killing her husband (so he could have her).


I met Lehrman years ago as an adolescent.   My 2 lawyer parents were fighting and the intuition came to me to tape record them & play it for them so they would see how they sounded.  They were mortified that I would tape them without permission. So, being the family scapegoat (as so many creative children are, it seems), they took me to see Lehrman.  God was using me to reflect back to them their own problem. 


Children often have problems because their parents do.  Lehrman saw this.  He heard the story and said “what’s the big deal? She was obviously worried about your relationship.”  Which of course, was really the problem  they needed to address.  So God inspired them to take me to see him, so he could speak some sense to them.


The problem with a lot of therapists now is that rather than doing what used to be family therapy which is to analyze the family dynamics and see what else is going on, many of them manipulate families to encourage the patient to be “med-compliant” because they think the whole thing is about chemical imbalances, not family dynamics.   This all comes from the influence of biological psychiatry and the worship of science rather than God, which is so prevalent in our culture. It is total error. The therapists are being trained this way, so they pass on this error.


I have written music over 50 years.  When I was on the psych drugs, I did not hear music in my head.  It was dead air. They ruin people’s creativity.


Bud Powell was a famous jazz piano player.  He was at Bellevue Hospital in NYC.  He told them he had written 1000 songs. They thought he was being delusional, grandiose.  So they gave him electroshock. This destroyed his mind and creativity. He committed suicide.


The CCHR (Citizens’ Committee on Human Rights) has much information documenting psychiatric abuse.  Their website has a book “Harming Artists” which has testimonies of musicians, actors & others who have been ruined by psychiatry.


They were co-founded by Dr. Thomas Szacz, who wrote The Myth Of Mental Illness, and others. They are an arm of the Church of Scientology. Szacz also wrote a book talking about how in Russia, political dissidents were put in psych hospitals to get rid of them. Every communist country has done this. The US is doing it too. Christians are falsely called schizophrenic all the time as a ploy by those who are in control and worship the devil (many politicians do).


(I don’t agree with Scientology or their theology, they are also into mind control). But  they do speak the truth about psychiatry.


This dynamic is an example of how the devil operates on both sides of most issues; he  uses one position to speak truth to point fingers at the sins of the other side, to manipulate people to side with the side he is on! (People think, if he is telling the truth about THAT, then THIS must be true- when both sides are a front for him and his lies.  The devil MIXES truth with lies, to manipulate us to trust him.


The whole world is corrupt.


This is why we ALL Need a relationship with GOD, through the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of TRUTH, to sift THROUGH the lies and be led by GOD!


God speaks to everyone in our thoughts through the Holy Spirit, and our intuition.



has many articles by Mike Adams warning about psych drugs, GMOS & many other things.




Radio Host Alex Jones’ website, has for years warned people about the FEMA camps, depopulation plans, police state plans of the New World Order social engineers. 



Henry Kissinger, who works for David Rockefeller & advises Obama, has said “Obama will bring in the new world order”.  This is their plan for one world government.  Kissinger said years ago, in the NY Times, “the illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer”.  He was certainly speaking the truth, kidding or not. (NOT)


The articles on Jones’  website expose things the mainstream media, which is all propaganda for the illuminati controlled social engineers, don’t want to print.


The mainstream media doesn’t like to print the truth about toxic psych drugs, since they are a main tool of mind control and genocide being used by the social engineers to depopulate the planet and create world government.  



David Rockefeller gave a speech at the Tri-lateral Commission, which he founded, thanking the NY Times, Wash Post, Time Newsweek, etc for being “discreet” and not printing what they heard at his meetings of the Council on Foreign Relations, which he founded, whose goal is to destroy the US constitution and sovereignty and bring in world government.


 They are behind all these mass shootings, to use them as an excuse to pass gun control laws, since they know they need to disarm the population in order to remove their defense against a government tyranny. Every fascist dictatorship passed gun control laws. 


 They are also using the shootings to manipulate the public to support MORE mental health screening and drugging, so they can then say that nobody with a psych label can own a gun, to defend themselves. That is where they are going.    All Christians would be called schizophrenic, by atheistic psychiatry. Millions have been since WWII. This is the same protocol they used in Nazi Germany. It worked then, and they are replicating the agenda.




The New World Order- a Prophetic Warning to Jews, Christians and everyone





Quotes showing Real Agendas Behind Mental Health & Education


They are: mind control, genocide, world government & atheism



Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a blueprint written to describe the plans of the social engineers. It describes a fascist state where everyone is drugged and controlled. Now they use music and drugs, next will be microchips.



Huxley said “ a scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses”.



Huxley’s brother Julian, an atheist, was first head of UNESCO, the UN arm for education. He was a member of the eugenics and euthanasia societies. Those same social engineers who supported eugenics, euthanasia ,abortion and sterilization, funded Hitler and run mental health and education.



Bernhard Shrieber documents this in his book The Men Behind Hitler-a German Warning to the World.  



The Rockefellers are the most prominent social engineering family.  They funded Hitler. Their family had business ties with IG Farben, who made the gases for the camps. All the drug companies come from Farben. The Rockefellers funded the Institute for Psychiatry in Munich l938, run by Ernst Rudin, a nazi psychiatrist.  It was psychiatrists that ran the death camps, deciding who lived or died. They practiced with the mental patients, then continued with everyone else.


 NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide



Excerpts & comments from The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber



Excerpts & comments from The Men Behind Hitler- a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber.



Obama was shown holding a copy of  BRAVE NEW WORLD on his vacation in Maine.  It is a prophetic warning about Obamacare & other things.



Both Brave New World and l984 by George Orwell were written by social engineering insiders. They were NOT FICTION. They knew these plans years ago.



I read that ATLAS SHRUGGED by AYN RAND is another illuminati blueprint.



They write down their plans to warn us what they are doing, so later we can’t say we weren’t warned, and to argue that we agreed to it.  Also to condition the public to accept it, and to prophecy it into existence.  They plant hints and hypnotic triggers in all the music and movies as well, to bring about their plans.



Hitler warned everyone in MeinKampf.



Huxley’s book Brave New World Revisited compares his book and Orwell’s l984.



All of this ‘mental illness’ and ‘violence’ is being programmed by design, using the media, music, Hollywood, education.



See my article


Osama, Obama, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse – Illuminati Nonsense? Brave New World Revisited




Osama, Obama, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse- Illuminati Nonsense. Brave New World Revisited.


has many astute articles exposing Illuminati social engineering, the destruction of families, promotion of homosexuality, the cabals behind wars,etc. The man speaks the truth, and seeks the truth.



Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music and Education


The music that is played constantly in all the restaurants and stores is deliberately being used to mind control the population. Quiet gives people an opportunity to pray ,and hear from God. The noise is all programming ,subliminal and otherwise.  The music business  is RUN by people into witchcraf- who pray demons onto the masters of the records, for spiritual control. So it is all contaminated spiritually. It causes mental illness, and physical illness. People need to rise up and demand a stop to it.  We have a right to peace and quiet when we shop or dine, not to be force fed programming which impede’s one’s ability to think or pray.



One of the worse experiences I had with mind control was in a psych ward of a LI jail. They made us sit in a room with a tv going 12 hours a day. After several months I felt like my brain had been hijacked. I couldn’t think or pray or make a phone call with the noise like that- it set up spiritual interference and would affect both myself and whoever I called, or tried to call! This is abuse.  Psych wards are noisier than jails.  At least there, people can think and pray and read.  And they are far less likely to be forcibly drugged. And they can raise bail to get out.  



One of the reasons for the push to have mental health courts is to divert people from the legal system into the mental health system, where people have no rights, and where they can completely mind control someone with their forcible treatment, and easily kill them with the drugs.   Although it is far easier to escape from a psych ward than a jail, it is not easier if one is drugged and cannot pray!  I’ve experienced both first hand so I know the pros and cons of both.  People spend more time in psych wards (years) then they do in jails, on minor charges. The hospitals HOLD people for years just for insurance money ,saying they ‘need treatment’.  One has to prove in psych hearings that one is NOT mentally ill, whereas in the criminal justice system THEY have to Prove someone is guilty of something. 



John Rawlings Rees, an Illuminati social engineer psychiatrist, who ran Tavistock, a London Brainwashing insitute where they brainwash the global elite (they call it ‘train’) to obey their NOW agendas, was first head of the World Federation of  Mental Health. He is quoted as having said “We need to infiltrate 4 areas; the church, education, legal and medical and be a fifth column (the media – where they spew propaganda). You can tell who their plants are when you write comments exposing the conspiracies and they are removed!  The Huffington Post clearly states she will not print anything that exposes conspiracies!  Because they are obviously part of it!




Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health and education”



 (They are: mind control, genocide, atheism, world government)


Sigmund Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry and a cocaine addict, said “I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion”.



George Brock Chisholm, Canadian psychiatrist & co-founder of the World Fed of Mental health, was against  God, patriotism, morality.  He said the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government.



He said the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality!    So their production of amoral shooters who cannot tell right from wrong was all planned. They took God out of the schools so the people who are ignorant of the Bible, have no way to judge what is right or wrong.  Then they impart hedonistic and unnatural programming to degrade the population thru violence and unnatural homosexual sex, falsely claiming that gay marriages are stable and healthy, which they are not. Most gay marriages are open marriages, and the kids are not psychologically healthy at all. There are articles testifying to this, by children raised in gay marriages.


Henry Makow has several.



See my article


Gay Marriage is a Farce and why it Does matter to everyone


 It quotes some of his articles.


Supporting gay marriage  is bringing judgment by GOD on every state that passes laws supporting it, and on the US.


God judged Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexuality. The word SODOMY comes from SODOM. IT means ‘unnatural sex”.


Hurricane Sandy was a judgment and warning from God on this issue, as well as other issues.    


 Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) and caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting Gay Marriage



NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg formed a SUPER PAC to support gay marriage initiatives in other states, 5 days earlier.  SO God formed a SUPER STORM that swept the whole east coast, in answer.  Like a poker game. God said “a super pac? I’ll send a SUPER STORM”.   This happened on Oct 29.



On Nov 6, election day, 4 states passed gay marriage laws, MD, Maine, DC, in addition  to NY’s bill which Gov Cuomo passed a year earlier. So who got affected? The whole east coast! 


The day after election day, Nov 7, a Nor-easter hit NYC.  God was saying “Here’s what I think of your election results” right to the root of what caused it!


I was laughing, saying “Bloomberg caused this”. God said back “You’re right.” 


I said a year ago, Cuomo would bring judgment on NY for his gay marriage law. 


Another sign of impending judgment:


NYC had a labor day parade. Cuomo was there. God told me to talk to him, telling him to sign an executive order overriding all the unconstitutional state mental health laws.  That was one issue.  I was preparing what to say to him the morning of the parade. What came out of my mouth was “Your gay marriage bill will bring judgment on NY”.  3 hours later, 2 tornados went thru NYC, in Brooklyn & Queens.



God USES the weather to give messages and bring judgments.  And he often uses his prophets to speak them into existence.  I have been affecting the weather for 20 years. God trained me to do it, training me as a prophet and intercessor.  Prophets have authority from God to do this.


I lived in a church for 2 years, playing piano and worshipping alone at night, being trained as an intercessor. I would pray for things and then see the results of my prayers.  Whenever I sang “pour out your love” or “rain down your love” , like  clockwork, it would rain within 20 minutes.  Every night, for 2 years.   


One thing I deduced from this is that words have multiple meanings, and often our prayers have unintended results.  People who say “well God knows what I mean” do not understand that sloppy prayers result in sloppy or dangerous results.  Intent has almost nothing to do with it.  Words have spiritual power and the Bible warns us that this is the case.  It is like God gives us a weapon and tells us, through his word, “be careful how you use it.”  The book of James chapter 3 explicitly warns us about misuse of the tongue. The wrong word can set things in motion, like a chain of dominos, that have all kinds of results.


The tornado thing didn’t surprise me since I had previously caused one inadvertently on LI a year before. 


 I caused a tornado by praying the wrong prayer


Right after Hurricane Irene, when the power was out, I was at an outdoor gazebo, wanting to pray for the electricity to return so I could use my computer.  SO I prayed “turn on the power”. It was completely calm. As soon as I said this, a strong wind came out of nowhere, knocking down a huge tree near me.  I heard God say to me ‘WRONG PRAYER’.   Within 24 hours I ran into 2 people who told me a tornado had gone thru the town. I saw uprooted trees everywhere. I asked what time this happened and found out it was the same time I prayed that prayer.


The next day, I tried again. I thought maybe I just used the wrong words.  So I prayed “turn on the electricity”.    Immediately, God poured out his Holy Spirit on me with power and I was singing in tongues, in Hebrew!


Apparently, anointing myself, and I believe, praying for my relatives across the street.



Hurricane Sandy & the Grace Building – a testimony of God


During Hurricane Sandy I asked God to “please keep the power on near me”.  He said “Stay by the Grace Building”.   He had found me a spot right across from it a year and half earlier, in answer to a prayer for somewhere warm where I could sit and think and pray. During Sandy God said to me “Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord” and Testimony’.  God was faithful.  All of lower Manhattan lost power and was drenched, up through 42 st. The Grace Building sits between 42 and 43 opposite Bryant Park.  All of midtown had power and was dry.



God first told me 11 years ago to talk to Bloomberg about changing policies to the homeless.  The night of his first mayoral election, I was in a LI law office. I turned on the tv at ll pm and they said it was neck and neck and too close to call.



A voice spoke to me, saying



“Go to Times Square and prophecy to Bloomberg to change the policies to the homeless from what Giuliani was doing”.



 Giuliani was putting them in jails and mental hospitals, oppression  of the poor, a big sin in God’s eyes and an act that brings judgment from God.



God judges nations by how they treat his followers, and the poor. The Old and New Testament testify to this. 


Matthew 25 explicitly says God will judge the nations, separating the sheep from the goats, telling them to feed the hungry, thirsty, take in the stranger, visit the sick & in prison.



I didn’t go then because I wasn’t sure if it was God or not, thinking it might be a lying spirit since I could feel demonic oppression in the law office, from the books. But it has become clear to me since, that it was God.  Often these things are not clear at the time but they become an object lesson and testimony for later. 



The churches are also sinning by not being open 24 hours, to have places for the homeless to rest, and all people, to rest and pray.  This is a violation of  Matthew 25. (Take in the stranger).


As a result, God has told me they don’t have ‘standing’ to intercede against Judgment on NYC unless they repent.  A few years ago while standing outside Times Sq Church, looking at homeless sleeping on the sidewalk right outside the church, God said to me, “For a witness against them”.   The doors should be open so they could be INSIDE, not outside!  This is obvious to everyone but the leadership of the churches. Absurd.  They have no excuse.


 Urgent Prophetic Message to Churches & Christians – att: Times Square Church & NYC area churches.



The homeless are made mentally ill not from chemical imbalances that need “treatment”, but rather from lack of places to rest .All the churches need to do is be open fulltime, and this is solved. And they need to let people sleep, sitting in the pews.  I and others have actually had people who work in the churches tell us “you can’t sleep here”.  Which is an abomination to God. First of all, sleeping looks the same as praying, and they are inter-related. God often puts someone to sleep or in a trance so He can communicate thru visions and dreams.  SO when they interrupt, they are interfering with praying!  I have explained this to some of them and they told me “that is nonsense”. Complete ignoramuses. Unbelievable. 


 People have a right to sleep when they need to. 


Jesus said “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. 


They think they have a right to interfere? In God’s House?


The Deadly “No Sleeping” Rule




How to convert atheists and bring Revival



Hurricane Sandy, 911 and other things are as much of a warning to the churches to repent of this nonsense as it is about other issues. This is very serious. If the churches are not open 24 hours as they need to be, how can anyone be able to pray to intercede for NY?  Where are they supposed to do it? One needs to be not-interrupted, and the environment needs to be spiritually clean.  With cigarettes in the parks, that is contaminated. Nobody smokes in a church, but they pollute the city and parks and make it impossible to pray anywhere else ,and the churches aren’t open when they should be!




God did many things in the bible for the sake of historical perspective, for later generations. That is the whole purpose of the Passover story,  for example. To show His priorities as a lesson for posterity . Then the bible testifies to it so that we CAN know God’s will, if not at the moment, then at least by what he has already revealed in the past. The bible tells us that God does not change. So what he considered sin before, still stands, unless he reveals otherwise. 



 In the Old Testament God explicitly said Homosexuality is sin, and judged Sodom & Gomorrah for it.  Nowhere in the New Testament Does he say “well now it is ok”.  Just because Jesus did not explicitly condemn it, does not mean he approved of it! Many people today make the erroneous assumption that if Jesus did not explicitly condemn it, it WAS ok. SO they have brought in heretical teachings to today’s church.  


However, Jesus said “I did not come to replace the law but fulfill”. To fulfill the prophecies about him being the savior.  When Jesus healed people, he said “Go and sin no more”  The healing was predicated on repentance from sin, not approval of it. 



God still considers homosexual acts, fornication, adultery and bestiality, sin, just as He did in the Old Testament.



And He Does Heal when we repent of these sins, which bring on disease, as a warning to us TO repent of sins, or we will be in spiritual danger of going to hell, as the bible explicitly warns.



I repented of fornication after having gotten a sexual disease a day later, and felt a heat go thru my whole body, and God said to me “Don’t do it again or it will return”.  Same thing Jesus said in John 5:14 “Go and sin no more or a worse thing will come upon you” 


I was healed.



Anyone can be healed of any disease, but we need to repent of any sin first, to have authority to rebuke the demonic spirits which cause these mental and physical illnesses.  Jesus included unforgiveness as a major sin, or hindrance to getting prayers answered.  It is his whole message to humanity that “if we don’t forgive others their trespasses against us, God won’t forgive ours’   in which case we could go to hell, or purgatory. 



People who forgive their abusers are much more quickly healed, supernaturally, than those who don’t. One of the major roots of suffering, emotionally and mentally and physically, is probably unforgiveness. It is part of the human experience to be hurt by others, so it is probably an issue for every person to deal with, on some level.



I spent time in solitary in a psych ward of a prison. (8 months) Everyone near me had major forgiveness issues since they had all been horrible abused. They were weeping and wailing in pain, literally. I heard God say to me “Spirits in pain”.  They ALL needed to forgive to be set free emotionally and mentally.  Being in jail was a spiritual warning to do that, or they would end up in hell, which is what that place was. It was a taste of hell to warn us the real place exists, and to repent and get saved so we don’t end up there!



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Do you believe God speaks to you? He Does in your thoughts


Do you hear voices? Everyone does as thoughts in our heads


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