G o d s  A n s w e r  t o  P s y c h i a t r y


Psychiatry is Atheism Masquerading as Science


If  you believe in the bible, youre mentally ill.” A court clinician told me this and sent me to a mental hospital for the first time. I was 42 years old.


I have been in mental hospitals purely because I am a Christian who

believes in Jesus and has a relationship with Jesus. That is a total violation of  the 1st amendment constitutional right to freedom of  religion.


A doctors second question is always “Do you hear voices?” If  you answer

Yes, God talks to me when I pray” they are trained to call it an auditory hallucination and diagnose you psychotic. Christians get labeled Schizophrenic & Schizoaffective which are fictitious diseases. In the New Testament, Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27”. You are supposed to hear God talk to you, according to Christian theology.


Psychiatry is Atheism Masquerading as Science. They claim that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances. This is a lie, fostered by the drug companies to market their drugs.



The psychiatric drugs actually cause mental illness, not cure it. The handbooks of  drugs state that a lot of  anti-psychotic drugs actually can cause psychosis.


Holding and drugging patients involuntarily is also a violation of  the 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment) because the drugs amount to torture sometimes from the direct effect and the side effects, and the 13th amendment (anti-slavery) because patients are treated involuntarily as guinea pigs for the drugs. This is involuntary servitude which is slavery. Being drugged involuntarily is a crime like rape – a bodily violation. This also violates the UN Human Declaration on Human Rights, Article 3 which calls for life liberty and security of  person.


I have played the piano since age 3, improvising & writing music.

I remember having this idea since childhood, that I was put on this earth to do music & its holy.


Vision for Revival I lived in a church for 2 years, playing & singing at night. God healed me & gave me a loud singing voice. God wants there to be 24 hour worship in churches, to bring revival. Musicians need to be free of all drugs, to be sanctified for this work. Musicians are called to be prophets, to play & sing prayers to and from God. In the old testament, musicians were prophets. God wants the mental hospitals to be replaced by an empowered church that heals the sick.




























                              THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM  IS







Psychiatry is Atheism

   Masquerading as Science



A warning to the church about the mental health system


A prophetic call to repentance for churches and the mental health system


A vision to replace the mental health system with an empowered church







For 50 years, Psychiatry has been slandering Christians

Now, God is answering them back...






















































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I pray, in the name of  Jesus, that every person who reads this document is touched by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of  God in a way that they feel His presence and His truth as they read. I pray for the blood of  Jesus to protect every person who reads this document and has it in their possession that nothing comes to them that is not of  God; that the words have no power to bring curses or defilement onto them. I pray that they get a witness in their own spirit of  the Love of  God the father and Jesus, His Son and they experience His love. I pray they also get a witness in their spirit of  the truth of  Gods word and of  what I have to say. I pray that every person who reads this is moved to pray to God, to repent of  their sins, and pray to be filled with His Spirit, that they may have everlasting life. I pray that they may be healed, and they may do Gods will with their own lives.


“The law came by Moses, but Grace and Truth come by Jesus Christ” John 1:17


Adonai, God of  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son also may glorify thee, 0 Lord, come and set us free.






I was at a Prophetic Presbytery in Florida at Christian International, a school for prophets, ten years ago on my birthday. Someone said, “I’m gonna use you to write a manual. A couple years later I wrote it at a hospital in Boston. I was sent there after a court clinician said to me, “if  you believe in the bible, youre mentally ill.


When I went to the hospital, the Holy Spirit said to me


“Rail Rail against the dying of the light (from a Dylan Thomas poem


“Do not go gently into that good night” but rail rail against the dying of  the light) and


“the covering over this place is sorcery”.


Sorcery is an abomination to God, according to Deuteronomy 18. He was referring to the drugs and mind control. The root of  the word Pharmacy is pharmakaeia, which translates as drugs, sorcery. So God considers the psych meds to be sorcery, an abomination.


SORCERY, by definition means using drugs to invoke demons to control people.   


Hence the drugs cause mental illness, since mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose 'assignments' are the names of those diseases.  


Jesus rebuked those demonic spirits and gave his followers authority to do it.  I have done it.  I have rebuked Canc-, asthm-, depress-.


Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the Savior and God heals today for the same purpose.


A few months ago I had a prophetic dream where I saw the title “manual for transformational healing” on it.






Dedicated to the memory of  Smith Wigglesworth, a powerful man of  God. He is an inspiration to us as to how to pray effectively. He lived one hundred years ago in England. He was a plumber by trade, and married a woman who was an evangelist. She taught him to read. The only book he read was the bible. He carried it with him all the time, and took it out to read every half hour He said he never went more than twenty minutes without praying, and he didn’t pray more than 10 minutes.



He had the gift of faith to pray for healing and also raised 10 people from the dead.


He would just rebuke illnesses, which are caused by spirits. The people were all healed. He was a total zealot. In order to have the authority to heal all kinds of sickness and raise the dead, a person needs to be zealous for God.


There are about 10 books written about Wigglesworth, and 10 books by him. They are an inspiration to us. His life is a testimony that sickness and death can be reversed by knowing, studying and obeying one book, the bible.


We don’t need psychiatry and medicine. The bible has given us that testimony 2000 years ago. The truth then is still true now. We have authority to heal the sick and raise the dead by exercising faith. We just need to know how to do it and the bible teaches us and the spirit of  God teaches us, through prayer, how.



This book is dedicated to my mother, who died as a result of a mixture of drugs. Her death is a warning about the nature of drugs, prescription or not. A far as the therapy used in psychiatry, she had this to say about it:


Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there.


This means psychiatry is a dead end. She was saying that psychotherapy exposes problems but doesn’t solve them. It also contrives problems that aren’t real. Her death is an indictment against the atheistic counsel and drug use of  psychiatry. Her voice and many others who have died from the drugs cry out from the grave against psychiatry. It is why I heard “Rail, rail against the dying of the light” the first time I entered a psych ward.





                          MUSICIANS - READ THIS!




The Power of Intercession -





In April of 1998 I had a powerful experience of being used by God as an intercessor.


I was playing the piano and singing in tongues, which is a private prayer language given by God, for 8 hours. I was playing in a sanctuary at a university chapel used by Catholics and Protestants. I heard myself  sing “shalom’ which means peace in Hebrew, many times. I had no idea what God was doing, but I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit on me. Sometime during this even a man came in and listened, then came over and said to me, Thank you. I feel like I can go home now. I asked where he was from and he said “Ireland’.


The next day, the Boston Globe front page said Peace in Ireland’. They had just signed the Good Friday Peace Accords.


I asked God,did you use me to pray for that?”,


and the Holy Spirit fell on me with power, which meant yes.


Being used by God for this type of  work is important work. It requires that a person be sanctified - no drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, which would contaminate the Holy Spirit since drugs are an opening for unclean spirits. If there is spiritual contamination, it transmits into whatever youre praying into. Thats no good. One must be pure so only the Holy Spirit is invoked and transmitted.


Any time musicians play or sing, whatever is in or around them spiritually gets transmitted to their listeners or the target of their prayers. This is true for all people praying as well, or even talking. Spirits jump around thru contact, both physical and verbal.


God needs musicians or praying people to do this kind of  work. It is sacred and a blessing to be used this way. When we pray this way we are prophesying things into existence by the power of  the Holy Spirit. It is an example of  how God wants to use musicians to pray for healing and peace in the world.


Everyone who is born again, filled with the Holy Spirit can pray and sing in tongues. You need to repent of your sins, accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit (which testifies to Jesus as Messiah). Jesus said,


 “Unless ye be born of  water and of  the spirit, ye will not see the kingdom of  Heaven.” John 3:3


For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him would not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.  John 1:1


And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth.  John 1:14


The law came by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ. John 1:17





Prologue 1    6

How this book came to be written   6


Dedication    8


Prologue    10

MUSICIANS! Read this! The power of  intercession – Peace in Ireland




Introduction who should read this    15


Chapter 1:  The Mental Health System is Unconstitutional & a Human Rights Violation  & needs to be Abolished    23


Chapter 2: What causes Mental Illness?    50


Chapter 3: On Fasting     71


Chapter 4: Mental Illness in Youth    82


Chapter 5: New Age Practices cause mental & Physical  illness – warning to new agers on spiritual deception     112


Chapter 6: Some background: what it means to be a

messianic Jew, or Jewish Christian   149


Chapter 7: Churches can heal people by

proper use of  Gods music instead of  drugs     179


Chapter 8: Whats wrong with the drugs    210


Chapter 9: Psychiatry needs to stop slandering the Spirit of  God –   234

This is blasphemy     239

                        On Spiritual vs. Material     254

        On evolution and God; Lamarck was right    258

       Why atheism is an unprovable and therefore irrational   position     260


Chapter 10: Prophetic warnings to Doctors, nurses & mental health workers; Choices for Psychiatrists & Notes to Muslim Doctors     271


Chapter 11: The Power of  Words    288

 (words don’t just describe, they invoke what we speak)


Chapter 12: On judging someone else to be mentally ill,

misjudging of  intelligent & Religious people    354


Chapter 13: Prophetic warnings to Jews; a note for all doctors about their Jewish patients And pastors and their Jewish members   372


Chapter 14: Prophetic call to the church    383


Chapter 15: Blueprint for Revival: vision for revival for churches     403


Chapter 16: Prophetic call to the legal system    464


Appendix 1: History & the Hidden Agenda    477


Appendix 2: Play Piano in Half an Hour     498


Appendix 3: Fraud in the Mental Health system    515


Appendix 4: Guidelines for reform of  hospitals  519


Appendix 5: Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win hearings for Mental health patients     523


  Bibliography: websites, google.com references & books   578






Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



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2355 words


Churches, Musicians, Singers, Mental Health professionals and patients, New Age healers, and Lawyers, Doctors, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, gays, everyone.


There is an interconnection in this society between the churches & the mental health system & the society that needs to be radically changed. The mental health system needs to be dismantled & replaced by an empowered church that can heal the sick. Musicians are a vital component of a revitalized church.


This is a prophetic warning to the church about the dangers of the mental health system as it now exists, and a prophetic call to the church to fight it.


It is also a prophetic warning to those in the mental health system & those in the church who have been working in collusion with it to repent of their sin to avoid judgment.

The mental health system is an atrocious evil that is rooted in atheistic philosophy that is in opposition to the truths of the bible. It has been treating people with ungodly counsel and drugs that are harmful and an abomination to God.


It is a violation of our 1st amendment constitutional right to freedom of religion and also violates the 13th (slavery), 8th (cruel & unusual punishment) and 6th amendments (due process).


Spiritually gifted individuals have often been misjudged by the churches as mentally ill, & sent into a system that makes them worse. The churches need to repent of this sin.


This book is relevant to anyone who wonders what causes mental illness. It is talking about the spiritual causes behind it that need to be addressed and understood.


New Age healers will find this useful because many of them understand certain spiritual laws and engage in spiritual healing practices. I am challenging them to seriously consider biblical spiritual principles and disengage themselves from a lot of these practices, which are harming them and their clients.


Some of you have chosen to be a doctor or nurse. That is a noble calling. Doctors are healers. The question is, what and How are you going to heal? To psychiatric doctors and nurses: Your efforts are misdirected. The purpose of this treatise is to share some ideas about your role as a healer, and also some ideas about the people you see as patients, from the point of view of a Christian musician.


I submit that a person needs to be a Christian first, and a doctor, nurse or musician or anything else, second.


Being in right relationship with God will enable you to be the best doctor, nurse, etc. that you can be. When we are doing what God has created each of us to do, then we are most at peace with who we are. This is impossible without an ongoing relationship with our Creator. He has created us to have relationship with Him and with each other and He wants to be a part of each relationship we have.


This book is also meant to be read by mental patients and their families and musicians and singers.


Musicians and singers, I submit, have their gifts given by God and are therefore called to serve God with their talent. The Church as a whole should also read this; it includes a Blueprint for Revival (Revival is an outpouring of God’s spirit) that partly involves disassociating from the thinking of the mental health system. It involves reforming how they see spiritually gifted people who are sometimes misconstrued by churches as being mentally ill.


Anyone that has an interest in what really goes on in the mental health system should read this, since my perspective is very different from that given in the news media. The media has been writing stories, which would advocate more treatment for more people. I’m saying there is too much treatment and far too much drugging going on. It needs to be stopped completely.


The system needs to be dismantled and replaced by an empowered church. The hospitals need to be turned into shelters. Unlock the doors. No more in- voluntary treatment. NO drugs. Use Gods music to heal instead.


Many people who are homeless end up in hospitals when all they need is shelter, not treatment.


Psychiatry, eugenics and Nazism are historically related. Ernst Rudin, a Nazi, was director of the Institute for Psychiatry in Munich, and director of the foundation for Eugenics in Germany in 1925. The Nazis were devil worshippers. They were occultists who had connections to the THULE society. There is also a connection between Freemasonry, which is devil worship at the top level, and psychiatry. The handbook for the 32 and 33 level of the Scottish Rite of Masonry was written by Albert Pike, a Sata—nist. He says “we worship the Luciferian principle but we don’t tell the lower levels this.” I have seen it.


A director of the National Institute For Mental Health, Dr. Robert Hanna Felix, was a mason, who also was director of psychiatric research for Scottish Rite masonry. He directed MKULTRA, a CIA mind-control research experiment that went on for years. This program brainwashed assassins for political purposes. On a spiritual level, the devil is using these Sata-ists to use psychiatry as a device to attack Christians by labeling them as mentally ill and then treating them to destroy them. The first time I was at a hospital, I kept seeing a truck go by that said WB MASON.  I sensed that God was giving me a message that psychiatry is related to masonry, and my research confirmed it.


Musicians and singers can be very powerful healers through relationship with God - in the churches, the mental health system and in the society in general. A lot of them contribute to the mental illness in our society through a misuse of their talent. More of them need to be used in the churches, in a vision that will bring more healing power to the churches and consequently to the society. The churches need to open their doors to let the musicians and singers be used this way. There are a lot of full-time professional musicians in society who need to be brought into the churches to use their music for God. Some of them can live in the churches, like I did. This is in addition to all the part-time musicians and singers which already contribute in the churches, who also need to participate in a vision for 24-hour worship by playing in shifts.


This treatise evolved out of my lifelong experiences as a musician and my interaction with a church where I started to live out a vision for revival, and my experiences as a teacher and my experience as a Christian and my knowledge of the bible. I lived in the church for 2 years, playing music at night to pray for healing for myself and others. I was a full-time musician, which is not the norm for churches. Most of the musicians and singers I have met in churches are part time and have other responsibilities. My vision for revival for churches includes expanding the role of the part-time musicians and singers, and also adding a whole other level, for people like myself, who are completely dedicated and without other responsibilities, who want to live in churches and do this work full-time.


The musicians and singers that are already doing their music full-time are possibly the best candidates for this job, but they need to be actively recruited by the churches; evangelized, discipled and brought in.


Musicians and singers are not being used in the sacred ways in which God designed their talents. Not since the time of Bach, has music as sacred calling been understood in the population. Our society has degenerated because it no longer supports the abilities of those called to  heal all of us. Instead their talents are being used by the devil to make money and hurt us all.


The music business is a business that exploits and corrupts a lot of the talent that it promotes. Musicians and singers should be trained to use their talents for God, not ego or money. The music schools are training people in craft, not calling. And the churches need to make more opportunities for these musicians and singers to serve in their communities, by opening their doors and letting the musicians and singers worship full-time.


There should be ongoing worship 24 hours in the churches, not just once on Sunday. There are enough talented people to share these duties. This will bless the entire population because that worship and intercession will be used by God to help all of us. This is a part of my Vision for Revival for Churches, which is described later.


My calling is music.


I have known it all my life, and part of its function is to heal others. I am trained in music and have played piano for 50 years. When I was very small I had the idea that I was put on earth to do music, and that it is holy. I wrote music all my life  I studied classical music in college (Brown University) and got a masters in jazz composition at New England Conservatory.


I led my own jazz band for 10 years, put out records. After I studied the bible and became a Christian, I started to really apprehend the way in which I was called to use my music. The bible and my relationship with God gave me an intellectual understanding and justification for the intuition I had carried all my life about the importance of my role as a musician. The closer we get to God, the more aligned we will be with his purposes for our talents. All gifts that we have come from God, and He has specific purposes for them.


Every good and perfect gift comes from above.James 1:17 (New Testament)


We need to seek relationship with Him to see how he wants us to use them.


Included in this treatise is also my vision for revival for churches, which includes 24-hour worship and open doors to the churches, and consecration of the musicians and singers and others, and removal of amplification in the churches; It also includes the churches repenting buying into psychiatric thinking, it is a pollution in the church and has caused them to misunderstand a lot of believers that have been put church to help heal the church and support the church.


Because of this false thinking, they have hurt themselves by sabotaging the very people God has been trying to use to heal them and to help heal others. Psychiatry’s definitions of mental illness are based on atheism which is a lie. Working in collusion with psychiatric counseling is spiritually polluting the very people the church is seeking to heal and that are called to help heal the church. If the churches were to do more healing, the mental health system would not be as filled with patients. The irony is a fair amount of spiritually gifted people who are called ministers in the Church are ending up instead as mental patients, because their calling has not been understood by themselves, the church or society.


The churches refer a lot of their sheep to the mental health system for counseling and treatment, and this is a disaster; it destroys patients’ relationship with God because of the drugs and pulls them into unbelief rather than faith. The churches are accountable for harming their flock this way; it is a wake-up call to the pastors to see what they are doing by this type of counsel.


In order to fulfill their mission to heal people (Jesus says that healing of the sick and driving out of demons (which causes mental illness: signs of them that believe: Mark 16:18)) they need revival and more of God’s power.


I have heard more than once of someone going to a church and hearing the Holy Spirit say to them, “hospital”. The church is God’s hospital healing people.


To heal people, the churches just need to seek more of God’s power and His Spirit; it is His spirit that heals. When I lived in the church for 2, years, playing at night, God’s spirit came to me in a powerful way and He healed me.


Evidence of this was the loud voice to sing that God gave me as  He healed me. Others can be healed the same way, directly by God's Holy Spirit. 


The church needs to do whatever it can to catalyze more of God’s presence. We are told to worship God in Spirit and Truth. The churches need to seek more of God’s truth and remove any source of lies in their theology and their counseling. Lies are a spiritual pollution.

I believe that there are also people who are patients in mental hospitals who have been into various new age philosophies and religious philosophies that are opposed to the bible which has brought spiritual influences around them that has caused them to have false ideas and wrong thinking which results in what the mental health system calls mental illness. If these people seek truth in the bible and healing in the name of Jesus they will be cured.


Get a King James  to read and look up scripture references.


 I don’t recommend the more modem translations - they have been tampered with. Important scriptures are left out. The book of Revelation at the end warns about adding to or taking away. Get one with a concordance and center column references to look up scriptures. Often God speaks in one or two words; then we have to use the concordance to look it up and find the scriptures to which He is referring. God often speaks through his word. He does this so we will work to find him.


 If you seek me with all your heart and soul and mind you will find me. Deut 4  


God wants us to make some effort.




The Atheistic Unconstitutional Mental Health System

Chapter 1 of 

Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry




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6715 words   19 pages





It violates our Religious Freedom Rights guaranteed by the 1st amendment of the Constitution, and other Constitutional rights, the 8th against Cruel and Unusual Punishment, the 13th against Slavery, and the 6th & 14th amendments Right to Due Process for a hearing on criminal charges. It also violates Articles 3 & 5 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights.


The Mental Health system violates the Right to Religious freedom through a program of indoctrination and holding people involuntarily and treating them involuntarily.


The basis for their definitions of mental illness is atheism. Biblically-based beliefs and experiences are judged as symptoms of mental illness.


This issue must be addressed by the Supreme Court. The drugs interfere with one’s ability to pray, thus violating the 1st amendment rights.


It amounts to indoctrination by an atheistic system that wants to change a person’s belief that has strong faith in God. A person has a right not to be indoctrinated to change their religious beliefs. We have a constitutional right to freedom of religion in this country, and the mental health system exactly violates that right.


A lot of the patients do not believe they are mentally ill, and they are not. Many of them are misunderstood religious people. Another devout believer told me that he had traveled around the country and visited mental patients in hospitals and seen this for himself for years; many devout Christians have been slandered and held in mental hospitals. These people don’t even belong in mental hospitals. Their civil rights are being violated since their religious beliefs are being mischaracterized as mental illness by a system that thinks differently than those of devout religious belief. That is what happened to me.


A court clinician said to me,If you believe in the bible, youre mentally ill.”


I grew up with 2 lawyers for parents; I spoke legalese since childhood, and I thought like a lawyer because of the way I was trained by my parents. Most people don’t understand legalese yet they don’t accuse lawyers of being mentally ill. Lawyers also think a certain way due to their training. Philosophers have their own terminology and way of thinking, yet nobody accuses them of being mentally ill. Doctors have their own terminology; people don’t accuse them of being mentally ill. People of devout faith who know the bible and its precepts also need to be respected. Their thinking is often different because of their training and their relationship with God.


They have a language that only other believers know what they are talking about, since certain expressions refer to biblical concepts that need to be explained to someone who doesn’t know the scriptures. For example, telling someone to pray the blood of Jesus over himself would sound very strange to someone who knows nothing of the New Testament.


There is a bias in this society of accusing religious people of being mentally ill just because others don’t know what they are talking about. This prejudice needs to stop. It is incredibly arrogant and presumptuous for someone who is ignorant of the bible to judge a believer as being mentally ill. These people need to repent of their attitude and correct their own ignorance. How outrageous that the people in our society who judge mental illness are not trained in the bible. How can they be expected to make accurate judgments about something they dont know about?


Anyone ignorant of the bible is ignorant of God and is a theological ignoramus!


The judges in the legal system need to recognize this flaw in the mental health system and stop encouraging this outrageous prejudice. They need to be made aware of the fact that those credentialed to judge mental illness are in fact ill-equipped to judge it because they are not trained in the bible and don’t really understand what they are seeing. Their training is completely biased against valid religious faith and has caused their error to be compounded by judges who listen to them.


Judges should force the psychiatrists to define their terms in court; that would expose the anti-God bias that is intrinsic in their appraisals. Judges should not just accept the diagnoses; they should force the doctors to list the criteria whereby they came up with the diagnoses, and define it. This will prevent a lot of the abuse that currently goes on.


For example, one patient who is a Christian told me that he was given some label by the doctors because he preached the gospel.


Christians, according to the bible, are supposed to preach the gospel.  It is the great commission given them, especially in places where people are sick and suffering.  They are exactly doing their job when they do this.  For a doctor to label this as a symptom of a mental illness is outrageous.



My parents always told me that just because something is legal doesnt mean its ethical. The mental health laws which legalize forced hospitalizations and treatment are unethical and human rights violations, and criminal as well. What Hitler did, he did legally. But Nuremberg judged the Nazis as criminals because their laws were human rights violations.



Legal procedures that allow captivity and coerced treatment are Nazistic thinking - human rights violations.  


There is a relationship historically between psychiatry and Nazism. Psychiatry and psychology come out of Germany. The head of the Institute for Psychiatry in Munich was Ernst Rudin, a Nazi. He was also founder of the Eugenics society, which is related to Nazism and psychiatry. The psych hospitals do the same thing today that the doctors did in Nazi Germany – experiment on humans and use them for profit as slaves.


The mental hospitals are concentration camps.


Nazism never really went away – it has used psychiatry for the last 50 years to destroy people it considered inferior. The people it has mostly abused are Christians. That’s what eugenics is about. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and Eugenics, wanted to sterilize the “feeble minded”. When the 4th Reich rears its head in this country, it will be using mental hospitals as camps.


A solution: people of devout faith need to fight politically for their constitutional rights.


They also need to fight this battle spiritually, which necessitates more Revival (outpouring of God’s spirit) in the churches so they need to consider elements of my Blueprint for Revival to give them the power to fight.


One of the purposes of the book is so lawyers can use the information to challenge the constitutionality of the whole mental health system - to the Supreme Court. These angles have not been addressed by the Supreme Court -and they need to be. Another purpose is to use the constitutional issues to pass a constitutional amendment making it illegal to hold anyone involuntarily in a civil commitment in a mental hospital or to treat anyone involuntarily as an inpatient or outpatient.


There also could be an executive order declaring it illegal to hold anyone in an involuntary civil commitment. This would be an emancipation proclamation for mental patients. Governors could do this on the state level and the president could do this on the federal level.


There are several constitutional violations by the mental health system:


1) Using peoples religious beliefs to commit them or treat them are both violations of the first amendments protections of religious freedom.


The system is rooted in atheism and they simply define religious beliefs and experiences as symptoms of mental illness.



People who are being labeled psychotic - schizophrenic or schizo-affective, are mostly people who have religious experiences that are being labeled as hallucinations by the doctors. Specifically, the second question a shrink always asks isdo you hear voices?This is a theological question.


They are trained to call anyone who says God talks to them psychotic.


The truth of the matter is that it is an inane question, because, according to Christian theology, everyone hears voices, God and the devil, as thoughts in our heads.


It is like the cartoon of a good angel on one side of our head and a bad angel on the other. All thoughts come from the spiritual realm. The word inspiration means “a spirit goes into it.” The bible says that there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below (James ch 3). Jesus said explicitly,


 “my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.” (John 10:27).


So psychiatry would label Billy Graham or any minister or Christian as psychotic. It is simply slander. The other label they use for Christians is bipolar, since they use logic which says a person who prays all the time is religiously preoccupied, which they define as a symptom of mania, hence once they have stuck the manic label on the person, they simply assume they are also depressed and bipolar. It’s all nonsense. All three of these labels are fictitious diseases. They are created to slander religious people. Slander would be a basis of civil lawsuits against the mental health system. (Of course, that’s the least of the abuse).


There is a new book by Melody Peterson 2008 called Our Daily Meds which documents the fraud by the pharmaceutical industry. They create fictitious diseases and market drugs to treat these diseases. The doctors who write the DSM book which is the book which defines mental illnesses are all paid consultants to the pharmaceutical industry. They make a lot of money by making up diseases, which can be treated by the drug co’s.


The drug cos also market drugs with no scientific support for all kinds of purposes by influencing doctors to prescribe them.


They use a loophole in the law which says doctors can write prescriptions for drugs for purposes other than what they are approved for legally. It is all fraud.


Psychiatry is Atheism Masquerading as Science


The whole purpose behind psychiatry which is rooted in atheism,  is to destroy religious belief.


Sigmund Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry, said “I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion.” It was the truth.


There is an interesting quote if you google George Brock Chisholm, a psychiatrist who was the head of the World Health Organization and the World Federation of Mental Health - this nut was against God, morality and parental influence. He said the purpose of therapy is to destroy morality.


Woody Allen is a good example of someone whose personal morality is pretty abhorrent, and he is the product of years of psychotherapy.


So Chisholm's goal is effective.  This anti-Christian agenda has been going on for 50 years in this country.



The big lie that has been created by the drug companies to sell drugs is that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances. It is pseudo-science. It is a theory, not fact. There is no biological evidence of chemical imbalances in peoples brains prior to treatment.


Dr. Nathaniel Lehrman a psychiatrist on Long Island who has testified against the drugs, says in an interview on the CCHR web- site “the idea that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances is a big lie”. Gary Belkin, former deputy director at Bellevue Hospital, who I knew at another hospital, where I first wrote the book, once said to me “we don’t know how the drugs work”.


Loren Mosher the former head of the American Psychiatric Association, resigned a few years ago because, as he said, “the APA was hijacked by the drug companies.” The whole game behind the mental health system and the marketing of drugs is that the drug companies make money and the social engineers get social control to create the society they are looking to create - a la Brave New World. Huxley said that if a fascist dictatorship is based on science, it will be easy to sell. People in this society are being programmed to worship science rather than God. The CCHR website has several articles addressing greed and fraud with the pharmaceutical industry. (Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights)


I told a court clinician that I believed in the bible. This idiot said to me,


If you believe in the bible, youre mentally ill.”


He told the judge to send me to the hospital, but didn’t tell him why - if he had, the judge would have known it was unconstitutional. Ask yourself, what kind of agenda is it to question people’s competency to stand trial on a simple trespassing charge? A forensic psychologist at another hospital told me that the police often arrest people they think are mentally ill on minor charges to get them into the system so they get them sent to a hospital. Most patients in hospitals have been arrested on minor or fraudulent charges.


While being there, I wrote the book. I saw that most shrinks are atheists. I have also seen polls that say that most psychiatrists and psychologists are atheists.


God said to me, “I’ve made you a witness to all this.” I have spent 7 years in mental hospitals over the last 10 years; and my observation is that the majority of the patients are not mentally ill or psychotic; they are Christians who are being labeled psychotic by atheistic or Jewish doctors.


The Jewish doctors have a theological problem because most Jews are living in the Old Testament, as opposed to the New Testament. They think that God only talks thru prophets, as opposed to directly, through the Holy Spirit, which is according to Christian theology and experience. Actually the Holy Spirit talks to everyone on earth now; they just don't realize it.  The theological problem is because of the history; Abraham, the first Jew, walked and talked with God.


Then God spoke on Mt. Sinai to the whole Jewish people. Their reaction was they said “Can we hear from God and live?” and asked God to only talk to Moses. God agreed, and so for a period of time following that, he spoke to the Jews through prophets. Then, when he sent Jesus, the messiah, it was to reinstitute talking to us directly again, first through Jesus, the Son of God, and then through the Holy Spirit.   


God talks to everyone in our thoughts by the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Truth and has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from Heaven.  Thoughts come from the spiritual realm.  The word 'inspiration' means 'a spirit goes into it."    Our conscience is God.  Our intuition is usually God leading us.  


I had a Muslim doctor think I was psychotic because I told him I was a prophet. He was also ignorant of Christian theology; according to the New Testament, there is the office of prophet in the church. Ephesians 4:11


He was also ignorant of the Old Testament.I told him I was named after an Old Testament prophetess, so it was a sign of the call on my life. He had never heard of her. So ignorance of the bible causes a lot of this problem. It is ironic that in court the judges regard the doctors as “experts”. I always protest that they are not experts at all, but ignoramuses, since they are ignorant of the bible.


They are also ignorant for other reasons. There are many different belief systems in the world. One man’s religion is another man’s idea of mental illness. The idea that psychiatrists have the right to sit in judgment of other people’s belief systems and then petition judges to hold them and treat them against their will to cure them of their religious beliefs is an outrage. It is totally unconstitutional. It goes against the whole spirit of the constitution.


If I want to believe in pink elephants that is my right, whether it seems like a delusion to someone else or not. Atheists think God is a delusion. It is dangerous for one group of people to be given the power to judge another group’s or individual’s theology.


Another example of the stupidity; the first time I was in a hospital in new England, the interviewing doctor tried to say I was ma— because I talk fast. I told him that was just because I came from NY, where everyone talks fast. It is a cultural trait. I said to myself, this kind of stupidity would never happen in NY. Well, it did - because at a hospital in NY, all the doctors were from Pakistan, and they simply thought all the patients who were fast-talking New Yorkers, were suffering from this condition. This is cross-cultural misjudging.


There are several legal constitutional issues to be addressed by attorneys and the Supreme Court and Congress.


1) The first amendment issue of religious freedom. Labeling people mentally ill and trying to commit them because of their religious beliefs is a violation. Treating them involuntarily is also a violation of the first amendment right to practice religion, since the drugs interfere with prayer and worship (and clear thinking).


2) 8th Amendment injunction against cruel and unusual punishment. Any judge who sends someone to a hospital to he treated with drugs or ect is violating the 8th amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. Being violated by drugs or other treatments is worse than rape; this is cruel obviously. The side effects of the drugs can be very painful; e.g. cramps, tremors, agitation. I had a hospital “punish” me for calling a state rep to get me out by trying to drug me. They ordered a drug that I had had a dangerous reaction to previously; I persuaded the nurse to give me water instead and she did because she didn’t want to risk her license by taking a risk with hurting me


3) involuntary treatment violates the 13th amendment - anti-slavery. All the patients who are used as unwilling guinea pigs by the dr.’s and drug companies are being forced into involuntary servitude as medical experiment subjects. This is definitely slavery. Biblically, it is the sin of whoremongering, which sends people to Hell. Hebrews 13:4, Eph. 5:5, Rev. 21:8, 22:15.


I am a musician. I have a masters in music and have played all my life. I knew since I was a small child that I was put on this earth to do music and that it is holy. I was not put on this earth to be someone’s medical guinea pig, but that is what happened to me when I was in those places. And the drugs hindered my musical abilities.


There is another legal angle that can be used against the hospitals who do researchon children - they are violating the child labor laws. NYUs child study center is guilty of child abuse and should be shut down. The people who do these experiments are as bad as the Nazi doctors who experimented on the Jews.


The argument should be made that it is not treatment but experimentation they are offering. They always try to make the specious argument that they dont use the old drugs, which had really bad side effects. They say the new drugs are better and dont have the side effects. This is lies, since it is precisely because they are new that the long-term effects are unknown, and so by definition everyone taking them is being used as a guinea pig.


Involuntary Treatment is Criminal Behavior


The concept of having judges and dr’s politely discuss whether to drug someone against their will is no different a crime than sitting around discussing whether to rape them. The violation is worse than rape - it is a bodily violation. I have been raped and drugs are worse - they are more dangerous. Once after I was drugged I had a nightmare of being gang-raped. 


This is a human rights violation and criminal behavior.


ECT causes memory loss and all kinds of brain damage. This is soul murder. The drugs are dangerous and kill people.


One time I was given a drug to which I had a dangerous reaction and almost died. At another place I told them I was allergic to it, but they didn’t believe me. The doctor ordered it in retaliation for my having called a state rep to get me out. I persuaded the nurse to just give me water, so nothing happened. I could have the doctor tried on attempted murder charges. The drugs are soul murder because they turn people into zombies. Because of these treatments, the mental hospitals are concentration camps.


The UN Declaration on Human Rights


It says in Article 3 that everyone has the right to life liberty and security of person. Obviously being drugged violates security of person. Holding someone in a commitment violates their right to liberty. Because the drugs are dangerous they take risks with the person’s right to life. Nobody should be forced to play Russian roulette.


Article 5 says there should be no torture or degrading treatment or punishment. Just like being raped is degrading and torture, so is being bodily violated. The side effects are definitely torture. They interfere with clear thinking. There are a lot of involuntary muscle spasms and tics or agitation. I was so agitated on one drug I couldn’t sit still to pray. They create problems that the doctors then treat by adding more drugs for the side effects. So then the people are taking a whole bunch of drugs, which in itself is dangerous because it can cause liver damage to mix drugs, which can be fatal.


A lot of famous people die from mixtures of street and legal drugs, or just legal drugs. One of the most recent was Heath Ledger, the actor. A lot of people who take these drugs long term suffer kidney or liver damage. The drugs are a spiritual contamination of the person’s spirit, as any drug is.


All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirit which contaminate the Holy Spirit.    This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych drugs.


When I was on psych drugs  I had trouble praying in tongues, which is common practice for Pentecostal Christians, which I am.


So the drugs interfered with the practice of my religion, a constitutional violation (1st amend.)


The reason people who take the drugs for long periods of time get worse is because the psych meds put demonic oppression on them just like other drugs. We often read about crimes committed by people who went off their meds, implying that the drugs must be helping. But actually, it is the drugs that made them crazy in the first place, or contributed to their problem, since the drugs put unclean spirits in them. Even when they stop taking the drugs, the unclean demonic spirits are still in them or around them unless they rebuke them in Jesus' name or have someone else pray for them. 


Fasting is usually necessary to do this.


Jesus said “this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting”  Matthew 17:21


The first time I set foot in a hospital God said to me “Rail Rail against the dying of the light” from a Dylan Thomas poem ‘Do not go gently into that good night’.


To paraphrase he was telling me to scream bloody murder about what I was about to see. He also told me, “The covering over this place is sorcery.” He meant the spiritual covering - the spirit of the place. Sorcery is forbidden in Deuteronomy 18 – it is mind control. If you look up the word pharmacy the root is pharmakeia which translates as drugs, sorcery. So I deduced that God didn’t like the psych meds – that he regards them as SORCERY.


That is another legal argument to be used against the drugs - I said I was against them because it violated my religious beliefs to take them since God was against them. It is another legal argument that can be used by mental patients to argue against the drugs.


The drugs put people in a hypnotic trance so they can be brainwashed.


The whole process of drugging people and then “educating” them to believe they are ill and need to take meds the rest of their lives is all brainwashing. The purpose is to have a continual market for the drugs.


There is documentation that the CIA in program MKULTRA used people in mental hospitals to brainwash them and do experiments. They have turned people into assassins by using drugs to hypnotize them. Most if not all the people who have committed violent crimes had connections to mental hospitals and had been taking meds. The political agenda to create criminals is to manipulate the gun control laws. They use violence as an excuse to take away guns from the population, in violation of the 2nd amendment, to make it easier to create a police state where the population can’t defend themselves against the government.


A person is safer in jail than they are in a mental hospital. There, they are not as likely to be forced to take drugs. A lot of people in prison take drugs, but it is voluntary. By not taking them, they are able to keep a clearer head and be able to pray. And there is less risk of being killed by the drugs.


David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam who killed several people in NY in the 1970s ended up in prison. He got saved and became a Christian 21 years ago. He is no longer the same person who committed those crimes. He says that he was crazy as a kid because he dabbled in the occult. He is not mentally ill now. I’m sure it was easier for him to pray and hear from God in jail than a hospital. Since his sins are forgiven, they should release him. He can testify to a lot more people on the outside.


See article


Governor Andrew Cuomo needs to pardon David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam





An example of cruel and unusual punishment on a psych ward


The worst experience I ever had on a psych ward was on the psych ward of a prison on L.I. It was mental and spiritual torture. They tortured us by making us sit in one room all day for 12 hours, from 8 am to 8pm, with the TV on the whole time. There were usually 2 patients there, sometimes 3 or 1, and 2 officers and a nurse.


So there were usually 4 people in the room. Having the TV on set up interference to my prayers; it is dangerous to pray with that kind of noise because there is cross- talk. When a person prays it is like broadcasting on a radio station. If there is other noise in the room, it broadcasts along with it. This sets up interference. Not only do the prayers get blocked, but you can get “answers” from the “other side”.


Because of the continual noise, I had trouble praying to get myself out of there. I needed peace and quiet to pray and prepare for conversations with those on the phone I needed to call for help, and not to have noise while I was on the phone. Listening to the programming and commercials set up temptations and interference spiritually that made it hard to pray. God doesn’t like to compete with noise; he waits until we give him our full attention. It became difficult to read the bible because there were other spirits competing with the Holy Spirit for our attention. We became tormented by thoughts coming from unclean spirits tempting us due to the commercials.


The TV also does something to dull people’s brain waves. After several months there, I felt like my brain had been hijacked. During the day we were subjected to mind control from TV; at night they gave us drugs which sabotaged prayer. TV is an opening for demonic spirits. In Guantanamo they torture the detainees by making them listen to heavy metal music, which is definitely an opening for demons. That is just a more extreme version of what was happening to us.


One of the other patients kept hearing voices tormenting him, and he knew it was connected to the TV. One night he ripped the cord, and we both had some peace and quiet. I told him that impulse came from God. He kept telling the doctor that he was harassed by voices, and we both begged the doctor to turn the TV off. He refused. Instead, he kept “treating” this guy with drugs to “drown out the voices”. The drugs didn’t work. All the drugs did was open us up to unclean spirits. The demons harassed him, and I had nightmares from the drugs. I dreamt I was seriously ill, and I didn’t know if it was God warning me that the drugs were harming me, or the devil just trying to scare me. I prayed against the disease, but I knew I needed to stop taking the drug to keep the healing.


That’s one of the reasons I find it almost pointless to pray for deliverance from demons for patients in mental hospitals who are on psych meds. As long as they keep taking the meds, the demons have authority to come back into them. It’s a vicious circle. They need to get OFF the meds to have prayer be effective.


I knew a patient in another hospital who prayed with me to receive Jesus as his savior.


He got filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately felt led to tell the doctor to discontinue the meds. The doctor refused. Shortly after that, this guy died. God took him to protect him from the onslaught of demonic contamination. The doctor on that ward, a Catholic, even said to me that he believed this patient was “in a better place. “


On this same ward they gave me a drug that almost killed me. I was having trouble breathing and nobody in the room even noticed. It was the closest I ever came to death from the drugs.


According to biblical theology, mental illness is caused by demonic oppression.


The biblical answer to this is to caste out the demons in the name of Jesus. Jesus did this and gave his followers authority to do the same thing in his name. In addition, all diseases, including physical ones, are caused by demonic oppression and can be healed by rebuking the spirits which cause it in Jesus name. I have been cured of several serious diseases this way. I have had spirits of depres—- jump on me from another person, and then I was crying for no reason. Someone prayed for me and it left.


Another time, something jumped on me when I touched some- one who had it, and then I spontaneously coughed and it left. So I know by experience the reality of spirits causing mental and physical illnesses. I don’t like to print the whole name of a disease because it can invoke the spirit which causes that disease. I had a sexually transmitted disease. God healed me of it when I repented for the sexual sin that led to the disease. I rebuked ca—- a life threatening disease, and it disappeared.


The Competency to Stand Trial question is a 6th Amendment violation.


The whole concept of declaring people not competent to stand trial is a ruse used to deprive them of their constitutional right to a hearing on the charges. By raising the red herring issue of whether they are mentally ill, they are being deprived of their due process rights on a hearing on the actual charge. Again, the courts frequently use psychiatrists to judge if a person is competent, and they use their religious beliefs as a litmus test to deprive them of their due process rights, because they ask the question “do you hear voices?” This is irrelevant. That is like asking if a person kneels when they pray. What’s relevant is whether they understand the legal process.


So the whole process is fraudulent. Declaring people not competent and then petitioning courts to treat them to “make them competent” is more doublespeak. The drugs put them in a fog. This sabotages their ability to think clearly to defend themselves. They look crazier on the drugs so that when they go to court the doctors can argue that it is the illness making them that way to justify holding them.   



Just like political dissidents in communist Russia were sent to pysch hospitals, it is a political ruse to deprive whoever they want of their civil rights.


Shrinks can use any excuse to declare a person incompetent, so the danger is there of this system having been created to be used against any political dissident, and that is where the government is going. But it is particularly dangerous to Christians, because the real agenda behind all this is the creation of a one world government, which will be anti-Christian, the New World Order. In order to do that, they will suspend the constitution and declare martial law.


The people in charge (a shadow government) have been moving in this direction for years, and it is all prophesied by the book of Revelation of the New Testament that such a thing is coming. (Ch 17 describes a beast with 7 head and 10 horns, which is a multinational world government). (Several years ago a picture on the front page of the NY Times showed10 head of state: Bush, Gorbachev, the head of France, Japan, UK etc, and in the corner mentioned the G-7. I saw that and said, “OH, the 7 heads & 10 horns.” It was a prophetic warning).


KJOS Ministries.org. a Christian website, talks about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted Dec 10, 1948. Art. 18 “the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Art 19: “freedom of opinion and expression.” But Art. 29 says “these rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to purposes and principles of the UN.” So article 29 contradicts articles 18 and 19. This is spooky, since the real agenda of the UN is the New World Order - one world government. So they are saying that those freedoms only apply to those who agree with their political agenda. For more on the occult influence at the UN and the New World Order agenda there see ch. 5 on New Age.


The suspension of Hearsay rules in Commitment and Medication hearings violates 6th Amendment right to confront witnesses.


At medication and commitment hearings the rules of evidence are violated. These hearings violate the in- junction against hearsay. There are exceptions in mental health law to these rules - so that the medical record is introduced as admissible - made up of reports by various hospital personnel who all lie to serve themselves and make the patients look bad, accusing them of behaviors to argue that they are a danger to others so they can be committed. They drug people illegally all the time, and lie about the circumstances to justify these events. The people who write these reports are not in court to be cross examined. This is not due process at all. It is a kangaroo court.


There are currently 40 something states that have mandatory outpatient treatment laws - these are abusive since they are human rights violations and constitutional violations.


Most of  the patients are not even mentally ill - they are Christians or religious people who are being slandered.  



The drugs can sabotage one's ability to function.


I met a man on the street who was discharged from a hospital wearing a bracelet that said “fall down risk”. He could barely stand up. I told him to get off the drugs and he said “they know where I live.” He was referring to the outpatient treatment laws.


Legal Solutions:


A constitutional amendment making it illegal to hold anyone in a civil commitment or be treated involuntarily. An Emancipation Amendment like the anti-slavery amendment or since the 13th amendment (anti-slavery) already covers this, a Supreme Court ruling making all state mental health laws to hold and treat people involuntarily, illegal.


There needs to be a Supreme Court ruling on the competency to stand trial question - finding it an unconstitutional violation of our 6th amendment due process rights to a hearing on the charges.


A presidential executive order emancipating all patients from involuntary civil commitments and involuntary inpatient and outpatient treatments.


Just like Lincoln set the slaves free– it is a human rights violation to hold people in civil commitments who have not been convicted of any crime.


Vote against any legislation supporting insurance funding for mental health treatment. Governors and the President: VETO IT!




The Mental Health system is unconstitutional and should be dismantled, not funded. PSYCHIATRY is Atheism masquerading as science. Religious people are slandered as being mentally ill and then held and treated involuntarily. This violates their 1st amendment right to religious freedom.


There are other constitutional violations as well: 13th against slavery (using people as involuntary guinea pigs for drugs is slavery); 8th cruel & unusual punishment (drugs & ect are torture) and 6thand 14th due process (the legal procedures to hold and treat people violate the due process rights).



There is no parity between physical health and mental health.


Physical health treatment is not involuntary like mental health treatment.


There is insurance fraud in both cases, but much more so with mental health because it is so much easier to hold patients involuntarily to get the insurance money.


The whole mental health system is nothing BUT fraud.


Having more insurance coverage for mental health stays just gives hospitals that hold people involuntarily a further financial incentive to call them sick to get the insurance money. They already do that - the whole system is based on insurance fraud.


Melody Peterson’s book Our Daily Meds chronicles this fraud. The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights has a website with a lot of research about the abuse by psychiatry. The CCHR was founded by Dr. Thomas Szcaz, a psychiatrist in Syracuse who has written many books saying mental illness is a myth, and the church of Scientology. I read a book by Szcaz on the history of communist Russia’s use of psychiatry to punish dissidents.


The CCHR has chronicled a lot of the abuse in this country. They have lawyers that go after the doctors on criminal charges. They have articles about insurance fraud. The hospitals I have been at label everyone with a diagnosis just so they can get the insurance money.


One of the CCHR articles says the doctors would simply pick whatever diagnosis would pay the highest. Many doctors have investments in drug cos. There are many articles including a recent one in the NY Times by Ben Carey chronicling how psychiatrists doing research get a lot of money from pharmaceuticals. Doctors who write the DSM book - the book which defines disorders, all have investments in pharmaceuticals. They simply create these disease labels so they can push drugs and make money.


Pharmaceuticals are the biggest lobby in the world. Most of the media have ads from them so they are bought out. The drug companies all have ties to Germany. Their parent company was I.G. Farben, who made the gases used in the concentration camps.




Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry


at  http://www.1prophetspeaks.com/Manual%20for%20Transformational%20Healing%20REVISED.doc



Lawyers:   see additional info at:


Appendix 5:


Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearing for Mental Patients







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Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearing for Mental Patients




Levi Aron is Not Criminally Responsible - Psychiatry is the culprit



Judge rules psych meds cause homicide






Ch 2 of

Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry




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4783 words   15 pages




That is what this thesis seeks to explain. It is the biblical point of view on the subject.


I submit that some of  what psychiatry calls “mental illness is in biblical lingo thoughts or emotions caused by lying spirits” or unclean spirits” which come from the devil. These are spirits other than Gods Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Spirits can influence our thoughts and emotions. I prayed for the gift of  discerning of spirits which is a gift mentioned in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 12:10) which can give a person knowledge about unclean spirits and an awareness of their presence.


The bible says that all thoughts are inspired either by God, the spirit of  truth, or the devil, the father of  lies. The book of  James ch. 3 (New Test.) calls it “wisdom from above and wisdom from below”. The word “inspiration means a spirit goes into it”. Lying spirits put thoughts in peoples heads that are not true. Medical science calls this “mental illness and tries to treat this with drugs. The bible treats this by prayer; praying for lying spirits to leave in the name of  Jesus.


Spiritual Burdens are burdens placed on people because of  their sensitivity that they need to address through prayer. It is a gift, not an illness. The purpose of the gift is to use them to help others.


“MENTAL ILLNESS” is often really misunderstood  SPIRITUAL BURDENS


A lot of people that are called “mentally ill” are actually spiritually sensitive healers themselves, many of them gifted in music, who are “called” by God to heal others through prayer and worship. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t realize this, and the society doesn’t realize this, and the churches don’t realize this. Their value in the society is not understood and not being used. This is what needs to change. Putting them on drugs is exactly robbing them of the abilities to minister and pray for others. They need to establish a right relationship with God so they know how to pray and use their talents effectively to help themselves and others. For example, a spiritually sensitive person “feels” the pain of  others around them much more than some other people. Or they just feel pain, and don’t know why. Often it is precisely that they are spiritually sensitive, feeling the pain of others. Empaths.


It is not a chemical imbalance.


It is a sensitivity given by God so that they will pray for others, and the others will be healed. This then lifts their pain. This is especially true of any person that has been born again, filled with the Spirit of God. And many of the mental patients I have met, are Christians who HAVE been filled with the spirit of  God. So they suffer because they are feeling Gods suffering and the suffering of  their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Let me explain this.


Any person who has the Spirit of God living in them is connected to EVERY OTHER Spirit-filled believer. There is only ONE HOLY SPIRIT.


It lives in all these people simultaneously, interconnecting us. Of COURSE we feel each others pain! God cries with us when we suffer and we feel His grief for our suffering. Gods purpose in interconnecting us is to get us to pray for each other, to lift each other up. He doesn’t want us to go on drugs that block the pain and get us individually to feel better, numb to the suffering of  others. That is not Gods intent. He wants us to learn to pray so that whatever is causing the pain, whether it is just emotions or sin, is dealt with. God gave us His spirit to create relationship between us and God, and us and each other. The drugs block our connection to God, and block our connection to each other.


It is oppositional to the purpose of  God. Another patient told me that the drugs made him numb. This is exactly what I am talking about.


I was living in a synagogue and praying for Jews. One night I started to weep. I heard God say, “I’m weeping for my people. He was letting me feel His burden for them.




All diseases, both physical and mental are caused by spirits that have assignments which can attack our bodies, thoughts or emotions. They can be rebuked in Jesus’ name.


I have rebuked illnesses. I had a spirit of depress-   jump on me twice when I touched someone who had it. I was crying for no reason. God wasn’t speaking to me about what it was about, so it wasn’t a spiritual burden. One time someone prayed for me and it left. The other time, I spontaneously coughed and it left. (self deliverance). Another time I was feeling that spirit for some reason.


I said, Why am I so depress—-? God said back to me, you know what to do. So I rebuked it, and it left.


I was healed spontaneously of  a sexual disease when I repented of  sexual sin.


God said to me “don't do it again or it will come back.”

This is scriptural.  Jesus said the same thing to those he healed.


“Go and sin no more or it will be worse for you” John 5:14


I rebuked can—, a life-threatening disease, and it left.


James ch 3:15-17 says there are 2 sources of  thought, above and below. Wisdom from below is “earthly, sensual, demonic.


Wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality or hypocrisy.


Bipolar Disorder


It is a label that is way over-diagnosed. It is just the “disease du jour of psychiatry today; 20 years ago, their favorite label was schizophrenia. Christians sometimes get labeled bipolar because they consider hyper-religious” a symptom of  mania. Then, according to their logic, if  the person is manic, they must get depress—too, hence manic-depress., or bipolar.


It is from faulty deductive reasoning.


People who really have this condition (manic-depress—) most likely have brought the condition on themselves by using drugs (caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar). Caffeine is an opening for spirits of man—and alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress. Caffeine can make people hyper and can cause anxiety. Alcohol is a known depressant.


Changing ones diet will remove one cause of the problem.

The most important thing is addressing ones spiritual condition. Being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit brings peace and stability to a person. The Holy Spirit brings peace.


Jesus said


“My peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you.John 14:26.


 After I got saved people said I was more peaceful. This makes sense because being saved gives one assurance they are going to heaven, which removes the anxie— people can have on a deep level about what will happen when they die.


I think people have anxiety because on a deep level their spirit KNOWS they will go to Hell if  they don’t get saved. This is not neurotic; it is truth. The problem is sin. When a person gets saved, their sins are forgiven, erased. Gods peace comes to them.


Once they are saved, if  they stay in sin, they may not feel Gods peace until they repent. Taking care of  the spiritual level needs to be the first order of business. Sometimes people have anxie—or depress—because they are living in sin or have unrepentant sin. They use drugs to treat their condition.


Taking psych meds no more addresses the spiritual level than using caffeine, sugar or alcohol. It is a mistake, and can mask the real problem, which is spiritual. Repenting of sin and getting right with God will bring Gods peace. Repenting doesn’t just mean asking for forgiveness, it means changing direction. A person should ask for Gods help to resist sin. The Lords Prayer says “lead us not into temptation”. Sometimes when I had a problem and asked why, God said to me, you didn’t ask for my help”. He doesn’t impose his will a lot of  the time, He waits until we ask for help.


Psychotherapy is not generally speaking, going to be helpful unless it ad- dresses the persons spiritual condition and their need to repent of  sin and be saved. The bible says


“blessed is he who does NOT take the counsel of the ungodly.” Psalm 1


Since the majority of psychologists and psychiatrists are atheists, their counsel would be counterproductive. Christian counseling is the best choice. But beware of  those who work with psychiatrists.


The Holy Spirit can inspire anyone, no matter what they believe, to say something that is from God. One time at a hospital, I was talking to a shrink who HAD read the bible but said he was an atheist. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will bring all things to remembrance that he had taught. Since this man had read the bible, the Holy Spirit inspired him to suggest something to me about a particular sin. God can speak through anyone, but so can other spirits.


The head of  the World Federation of  Mental Health, George Brock Chisholm, in 1947, said the purpose of  psychotherapy is to eradicate morality.


This type of atheistic therapy is very destructive and just leads a person in vicious circles. Long term psychotherapy is really just a trap. Knowing ones problems is only the first part of  the problem. You need to know how to solve them, and the only real solution is with God and Jesus.


My mother once said to me Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there. This means, to me, that psychotherapy is a dead end. Dwelling on ones past can be very counterproductive. It can invoke bad things to repeat. It is the devil who tries to get us to look backward. God tells us to look forward.


I heard a prophetic message one time in church: “LOOK NOT TO THE PAST. A person who is saved and has accepted Jesus has their sins and traumas washed away by the blood of Jesus. This makes them a new creature in Christ. Freud was the father of  psychiatry. His atheism and drug addiction are the root of  what psychiatry is about, and both are dead ends.


Aspartame, common in sodas, is toxic poison. I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me to avoid artificial food additives. One should ask God to lead them as to what to eat or drink. 


Sodium fluoride is toxic


Fluoride is also toxic and is in sodas and most bottled water, as well as in 65% of the tap water in the US & UK. NYC has it. Europe banned it. They use sodium fluoride, the ingredient in rat poison.


The Nazis used fluoridated water to make prisoners docile. 


Fluoridated water is mass drugging of the population for mind control and genocide.


All the anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have fluoride.

It causes canc-, ADHD in lab rats, bone fractures, lower IQs by 20 points, brain damage. 


Antidotes to fluoride include Vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella.

Fluoride is in sodas, juices & many foods including baby foods and McDonald’s fries. It is not labeled.


See article

Warning toxic fluoride in drinking water, psych drugs & food & how to get rid of it



One should be especially careful not to eat blood. The bible says the life of  the animal is in the blood. The Kosher laws forbid eating blood. There were 4 laws given the gentiles in Acts ch 15: one was not to eat blood (the others are not to eat food sacrificed to idols, food strangled, or to fornicate). Eating fruits and vegetables gives a person more energy. Fish and vegetarian protein is a better source of protein, which stabilizes the blood sugar. 


Eating protein in the morning stabilizes the blood sugar for the day; this also cuts food cravings.    Eat eggs or fish for breakfast.   Eating sugar and coffee for breakfast just sets up cravings mid morning.   The sugar drives the blood sugar up and then biofeedback lowers it, causing fatigue.     Protein stabilizes it so this doesn’t happen.  This is why breakfast is the most important meal since it sets in motion the energy levels of the day.


If I have been up all night I find that I get a second wind of energy by drinking juice and eating protein.


When a person needs energy to wake up, it makes more sense to eat fruit or drink juice, than to drink coffee. Juice immediately releases sugar into the blood, which goes to the brain to wake it up. Caffeine is less direct anyway; it affects the pancreas, which affects the blood sugar mechanism. Overworking the pancreas with drugs can wear it out, causing diab —-.


The brain needs oxygen to function too, so the best thing is to get exercise, which brings oxygen to the brain. Then a person can fast and not necessarily need to eat or drink something. Doctors typically say that one can cause kidney damage if  they go more than 3 days without water. But with Gods help people can fast longer with no bad  effects.


I have gone 6 days and not had any problem.


Fasting is a valuable tool to deliver oneself from spiritual oppression.


We need to remove any openings for demonic lying spirits to attack us.


Any drugs which affect the mind are openings for lying spirits or other unclean spirits to attack us.  


This includes:

caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc  and all psych drugs.


This is why psych drugs cause mental illness, suicide & homicide. 


Caffeine and smoking are openings for spirits of addiction.

Caffeine is an opening for spirits of confus-, agitat-, mani-

Alcohol is an depressant and is an opening for spirits of depress-.


Spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact.


Hence sitting in earshot of people drinking beer, caffeine, or smoking, one can pick up those spirits.


Once this happens the antidote is to pray WASH ME JESUS. I usually put water on my head while doing this, from a bottle. But don’t pray this way near cigarette butts; that will just invite those spirits onto oneself.  It can make one’s head or back itch.


I had a friend whose ears were always itching. I think she was being afflicted by unclean spirits from others who had said something, or from some curse they had spoken (negative words, not just profanity).  


All words invoke things; they do NOT just describe.

Profanity (the F-word) is a transmitter of unclean spirits.

If you watch 2 people talking, and one curses, most of the time the other person will start to do this too. Because the spirit is transmitting.


SMOKING is one of  the most egregious openings for demonic lying spirits to attack a person.


SMOKING is a big opening for negative thoughts.  People who have thoughts like “you’re a piece of crap” are just being harangued by demons.  Smoking is the opening. So is second hand smoke. 


People who smoke and then talk act like transmitters for these demonic spirits, afflicting others and causing them to have mental health issues!


Anyone who SMOKES is afflicted by lying spirits. I have watched people smoke. First they sounded one way, and then after smoking, more negative thoughts were coming out of  their mouths. It is an opening for other unclean spirits. They can make you tired or cold, or make you itch.


Cigarette butts are also openings  for demonic spirits.  It is like there are little demons sitting on the butts, laughing.   I have noticed by experience that if I ask God a question near butts on the ground, I am more likely to hear negative answers like “it won’t”.

Don’t pray near butts.   They also affect computers and electronics. I can not work on computers near butts on the ground.


People who have problems with their computers and have no idea why, need to understand that their environment affects electronics.  All drugs, food and music are openings for demonic spirits, which affect not only people but electronics.  I say this by experience.


Anything with stars on it is an opening for demonic spirits.  Five pointed stars are openings for spirits of witchcraf--.  Examples of this are Starbucks cups, Macy’s bags, American flags. When they are near computers there is often interference with computers, which also affects anyone on the same WIFI network, like at a library.


Smoking is revulsive to the Holy Spirit, who is holy.


When I am around it afflicts me the unclean spirit comes to me and suppresses my spirit making me tired and not able to pray. If you pray in tongues with that pollution in your spirit, the unclean spirit will also go into whatever youre praying for. This is counterproductive.


God wants a person to repent of smoking and ask His help to stop before they receive the Baptism of  the Holy Spirit, which is power from God to pray, as evidenced by praying in tongues. If you ask Him to make smoking revulsive to you, He will, and it will help you stop. Then by faith throw away the cigs and resist the temptation to do it again. If you resist the Devil he will flee (James 4:7). Very few people who smoke pray in tongues they usually stop praying in tongues when theyre smoking.


Addictive spirits come in groups.


Having one is an opening for others to attack us. A person needs to be delivered from all addictive spirits cigarettes, coffee, any drugs at all. Taking psychiatric drugs is an opening for other addictive spirits. They make your spirit weak so its harder to resist. Thats why so many people on the psych drugs smoke and drink coffee too. Ask God to deliver you from all addictive spirits.

Fasting is a very important tool to deliver you from all addictive spirits.


Jesus said about some spirits


This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting. Matt 17:21


A person can deliver themselves by fasting and prayer, or another person can pray for them; one who also has been fasting. You can tell the spirits to leave. If the devil tempts you again, ignore him. You can also tell him to be quiet or rebuke him.


Any person who has the Spirit of God living in them is connected to EVERY OTHER Spirit-filled believer. There is only one HOLY SPIRIT.


It lives in all these people simultaneously, interconnecting us. We lift each other up or bring each other down.


When one of  us sins against the Holy Spirit by polluting our body, for example, others are also oppressed. For example, when my brothers or sisters in Christ smoke, not only does it bother the Holy Spirit living in them, but I feel the cloudiness around my head, the oppression, since it is around the Spirit which is also living in me. The bible says we are no longer our own. We live for Christ. He lives in us, and we live for Him living in us.


 I was traveling with a Christian couple for a week.


Every time I drank coffee, which is a drug, he got a sharp pain in his side.


Coffee is an opening for lying spirits to attack your mind. When I wrote songs after drinking it, I noticed that there were two spirits inspiring me. When I went to talk to other people, especially Christians, they were oppressed by it. It gave them headaches.


God was teaching me about the interconnectedness of the Body of Christ, which is what the body of believers is about.


Actually, what is around us affects everyone around us, Christian or not.


The interconnectedness is one reason God has given us the Baptism of  the Holy Spirit, which is the receiving of “power from on high as Jesus called it, which gives believers the ability to pray in tongues. This sounds like people just babbling meaningless syllables or it can sound like other languages, and sometimes it is. I have said things in Hebrew that I consciously did not know what I was saying until someone else told me.


One purpose is that God uses it to have us pray for each other, other believers we don’t even know, in other countries or wherever. The Spirit interconnects us and directs us to pray for each other. We should all pray for God to give us this “baptism of  the Holy Spirit”. First a person needs to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


Accept that Jesus died as an atonement for your sins, and rose again; ask God to Fill you with His Spirit. Then Fast. Ask God to release you to pray in tongues. Start speaking it by faith (it will sound like gibberish) and the Holy Spirit will take over and you’ll feel His presence.



Everyone is affected by their environment.  Our thoughts and emotions and bodies are affected by the presence of demonic spirits.  Openings for this include music, books, art, symbols, occult objects, etc.    Just being near them is an opening for them to affect us.  Removing them removes the source of the oppression.


The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it”


Whatever spirit “inspires” a book, recording etc will be near the object.  It is also transmitted when we listen to the music, read the book etc.


Harry Potter books bring curses on people, their health and relationships due to the presence of spirits of witchcraf-, since that is what the books are about. Remove these books from your house and everyone’s mental and physical health and relationships will improve.


Any occult objects bring curses.  This includes Ouija boards, tarot cards, etc. The bible says in Deut 18 that objects of divination bring curses.


I used to play with a Ouija board in high school with a friend.  The same thing happened to both of us; first our aunt, then our mothers died.  A curse working.  The stuff is dangerous.   It opens people to possession and affects everyone near them.


The music played in restaurants and stores is also an opening for demonic oppression and causes mental and physical illness.   People who work in these places are being abused, as are the customers.


The entire music business for years has been run by people into witchcraf-- who pray demons onto the masters of the records.  This causes mental illness.


Rock records, heavy metal, rap and technopop are all demonic.


Even the good music is cursed, as a sneaky way of reaching everyone. This includes jazz, Christian worship music. 


This testimony about the music business comes from John Todd.  He came from an illuminati bloodline family and became a born again Christian in the 70s.  He made a video on youtube


Demons behind the music business – John Todd



Todd says he controlled all the record labels and they had prayer rooms where they pray demons onto the masters of the records.  He recounts a conversation with David Crosby of Crosby Stills & Nash, a band that I listened to and the hippy/boomers like. Crosby said that in order to get a record deal one had to be a witch and in order to advance as a witch one has to be bisexual.  This is why the pop stars are now doing things to advance bisexuality and homosexuality thru their music, and we see women kiss women on stage.  A rite of initiation.   They are also spewing spirits of homosexuality onto people thru the music.  


The Illuminati are devil worshippers.  Todd says he was on the council of 13, which answered to the Rothschilds, who answer to Lucifer, the devil. He says the Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds.  The Rockefellers are the most prominent Illuminati bloodline social engineering family in the US. Their foundations fund everything and affect all areas of life, including the church, publishing/media, banking, education.


The social engineers, who are illuminati bloodlines, want to depopulate the planet by 90%.  They promote homosexuality since it is non-procreative and suits their agenda.


People are not born gay; they are being made that way through social engineering.


Gay sex, which usually includes anal sex, is destructive physically.  People who are raped as children pick up spirits of homosexuality.  They then try to get rid of it by repeating this with others, to transmit it. 


Gay sex is compulsive and addictive.   I know people who were raped as boys and were into this kind of behavior as a result.


The way to be delivered from this spirit is by fasting and rebuking it in Jesus name.


I know people who have been delivered from it.


Oral sex is also an opening for eating disorders.  I engaged in it as a teen and became bulimic for 12 years.  Eating disorders were rampant on college campuses years ago; I am sure it is worse now, since oral sex became more common during the early 90s, when Bill Clinton said it was not sex and was no big deal.  He was a role model. Kids who heard him were encouraged to engage in it, not thinking of it as sex and thinking it was no big deal.    Clinton was right when he said it was not sex.  But it IS a big deal.


Sex is really only Heterosexual sex, the purpose of which is procreation, not recreation.


But generations of people have been socially engineered to think of sex as recreation.


The music business, Hollywood, entertainment, education all promote this.

The hippy generation called it ‘free love’.  Then it was heterosexual.   Step 2 of social engineering is to make it ‘gay sex’.


See articles


Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music &Education & the Need for Quiet



Gays are made that way by social engineering



Casting out unclean spirits and Healing:

Luke 4:33-36; 38-41 Mark 16:17

& Healing Luke 4:39

Mark 1:34, 3:11, 1:25,

Mathew 4:23; 17:21; 17:18 Luke 9:1, 10:17

Math: 17:21 “This kind come out only by prayer and fasting.


From Free book

 Manual for Transformational Healing - God's Answer to Psychiatry






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Restoration Songs – a prayer


(I sing in tongues. You can feel God’s peace)

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On Fasting

Chapter 3 of

Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry



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2372 words   8 pages


Fasting is an important spiritual tool that Christians and Jews use for a variety of reasons.


Fasting is commonly used for deliverance from all kinds of afflictions, which are caused by unclean demonic spirits.

All diseases, both mental and physical, are caused by demonic spirits whose 'assignments' are the names of those diseases.


Jesus rebuked them and gave his followers authority to do it. I have done it. I have rebuked canc-, asthm-, depress-.


Jesus healed people as a testimony that he was the savior, and God heals today for the same purpose.


In most cases, fasting it necessary to have authority to cast out the spirits who cause afflictions.


In Matt 17:21 Jesus told his followers

this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting”


Fasting is also understood by a lot of people to be useful in giving the internal organs a rest and in detoxifying the body.


When I fast, my spirit is stronger so that I can pray better and sing better, and other people then are able to feel the power of God when I pray and sing. I have seen this over and over. Since prayer and music is what I do, it is important that I be allowed to do what I need to function the way I am supposed to. I have that right. What is true for me is true for others as well - everyone can pray better when they fast. One’s spirit gets stronger and can pray better.


Fasting is used to have spiritual authority.


The story of Purim is a testimony about the importance of Fasting.


In the book of Esther, the king issued an edict against the Jews. The leaders went to Queen Esther, who was Jewish, and asked her to go persuade the king to change his mind. Before she went, the entire nation of Jews fasted for 3 days. She had success.


There are different kinds of fasts. A total fast is no food and water. I did that more than once for 5 days. I was not hungry or thirsty and had no kidney pain. Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert. It was also a total fast. There are fasts of just water.


There are fasts of other liquids or partial fasts of just vegetables, for instance. I know several people that God told to fast for 40 days and they did. I prayed for someone to fast for me when I was in a hospital. God told a friend of mine to fast totally for 5 days. He did, and on the 5th day, I escaped. If God tells you to fast, then you will be fine. Your spirit gets stronger and your body gets in subjection to your spirit. We fast to make our body submit to our spirit The bible says the


The Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, joy, peace in the Holy Ghost.” Romans 14:17.


The joy you feel as your spirit is stronger and you can pray and sing better and feel the power of the Holy Ghost, of God, better. In heaven we won’t have flesh bodies, so we won’t have carnal desires. We won’t need sleep. When we fast we have more of the experience of Heaven during prayer and worship. Our spirits are lighter - we are more discerning of spiritual things. When we are eating our spirit is heavier and we are less discerning of spiritual things.


Eating can make your spirit heavy and less able to pray with the same power.  As one fasts, the enemy may try to attack you with hunger pangs. 


He can attack us in our body. He can attack us with any impulses of the flesh. Just rebuke it. It will go away. The bible says


Resist the devil and he will flee.” James 4:7


While fasting and resisting the devil in this way, he shuts up and attacks you less in your mind. Your mind gets clearer and more peaceful. The devil is also behind attacks in our emotions. Emotions are caused by spirits which attack us. As we fast, less of that happens and we are more peaceful emotionally.

Every thought that comes in our head comes from God or the Devil. When you fast and resist him, he shuts up and goes away. It also affects the people you interact with. It gives authority for God to help them, and the devil attacks them less as well.


This is one reason one should fast when going to court.


It invariably gives authority to God to take over. It helps you pray better for the interaction.


When we fast we are more peaceful, quieter, less impulsive and slower to speak. It is easier to only speak from God.


1 Peter says “If any man speaks, let him speak as an oracle of God.”


Nothing should come out of our mouth unless it is God, because if it is not God, it is the devil. Prophets are especially told to fast because it better equips them to think and speak words only from God.


In order to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is power from God and evidenced by talking in tongues, one should fast.


Praying in tongues is a powerful way to pray and everyone needs to do it. Fasting gives you power to pray in tongues - it makes your spirit stronger.


Praying in tongues is a way of praying where the Holy Spirit uses your spirit to pray for kinds of things that we consciously don’t know about. You pray more by God’s will than your own. As we pray in tongues God speaks to us and tells us what to pray for in English, if anything. When you pray in tongues, the devil doesn’t know what you’re praying for, and your prayers are less hindered.


Jesus said to his followers


To he who believes on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. John 7:38


When we pray in tongues or worship, the Holy Spirit rises up in us, increasing our faith.


This is one reason fasting is necessary to pray with power. When we get born again, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside us. It goes in our belly. Hence, when we eat, the heaviness impedes the expansion of the Holy Spirit and its ability to pray in power.

It is like dropping food on one's head.


It is God's will for all people to be born again, to go to Heaven.

Jesus said “except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3


The first time people spoke in Tongues was on the holiday of Pentecost, also known as Shavuot.


Shavuot is the holiday commemorating the giving of the law, the Torah to the Jews.


On the anniversary of that holiday God gave Jesus' followers the Holy Spirit. Jesus had told them to tarry in Jerusalem for “power from on high”.


People who pray in tongues are called Pentecostals.


The new testament was built upon the old testament.


God said by the prophet Jeremiah that he would make a New Covenant with the Jews, to replace the Mosaic covenant, and to forgive their sins. Jer 31:31


It says he would write the law on their inward parts. This is talking about being Born Again, having the Holy Spirit inside us.


When we are born again, we know what God feels about something because we often feel what he feels. If something grieves the Holy Spirit, we can feel chest pain.


See article

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost (Shavuot), Talking & Singing in Tongues



I asked God if it is true Jesus is the messiah, and God answered me in a dream, showing me the scripture Jeremiah 31:31 It says in Job that God will speak to us in dreams and visions, among other things.


Jeremiah 31:31 says;

The days are coming, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel & the House of Judah, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the Lord:

But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel: after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward part, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God, and they shall be my people.


And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor; and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, saith the Lord: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.


Bible Translations

Bible Translations – only the King James is Good



This brings up the issue of bible translations. The King James is the only good English translation. The other more modern ones leave OUT certain scriptures. One example of this is the scripture “this kind only comes out by prayer AND FASTING” Matt 187:21


The other translations leave out the last 2 words. Why? Because the devil is behind those translations and he does not want people to know How to have authority to cast out his demons. The NIV, the most popular translations, is guilty of this.


It is always a good idea to fast before going to church — you will feel God’s spirit better and be able to pray and worship better.


Fasting and Prayer are  spiritual tools that go together and that are necessary to pray effectively and get prayers answered.


The importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)



There is one Holy Spirit who lives inside all born again believers, interconnecting them. Hence when they worship together their condition affects everyone else. 


If we fast, our spirit will be lighter and others will feel lighter.

It is important also to sanctify ourselves when praying. All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits, which can cause mental and physical illness. This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot lsd etc and all psych drugs.


When we interact with others, through worship, prayer or just talking, the spirits can transmit, contaminating the presence of God during worship or prayer.


There was a girl on the worship team of my church who was on lithium, used to treat bipolar. She was in a fog, a trance from the drug. All psych drugs hypnotize people. When she sang, I would feel woozy as soon as I entered the church. Another friend said he also was getting attacked by a spirit of 'confus-' .  It was coming from her.


Whatever spirits are around musicians gets transmitted to whoever listens to their music, live or recorded. In this case the whole church was being contaminated. When people drink coffee and worship, they do the same thing. I have picked up spirits of addiction from being in a church where the worship leaders sang, who used coffee. God stopped me from using coffee, since he did not want me to contaminate the church when I sang.  


When we fast we become more discerning of spiritual things. We are more spiritually sensitive to what is there. We are more sensitive to the presence of unclean spirits; it can be oppressive. Hence while fasting it is important to also pray, to strengthen our spirit. Praying in tongues and worshipping through music are the major ways of empowering our spirit and getting prayers answered.


It has been my experience that in order for others who we pray for to feel the power of God, we need to fast.


I lived in a church for 2 years worshipping alone at night playing the piano and singing. God healed me & gave me a singing voice I did not have previously.   


A testimony of fasting and worship


I  played in a university chapel used by Catholics and Protestants.  One day I sang in tongues for 8 hours, having no idea what was going on but I could feel the power of God on me, and heard myself sing Shalom.  A man came in and said "thank you." I feel like I can go home now." I asked where he was from and he said "IRELAND'.  The next day the newspapers had the head line "Peace in Ireland'. They had just signed the Good Friday Peace Accords in l998.  I asked God 'Did you use me to pray for that?" and the Holy Spirit fell on me with power.  That must have meant yes.


The anointing, or power of God, is more on us when we fast as well as pray..


FASTING scriptures: Isaiah 58:5, Jonah 3:5, Mathew 4:2, 6:16;

Psalms 109:24; Joel 2:12; Luke 2:37; 2 Cor 6:5; Math 17:21;

1Co 7:5 prayer and fasting.


 From FREE book Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry







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The importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)


Bible Translations – only the King James is Good



Listen to

Restoration Songs – a prayer



(I sing in tongues. You can feel God’s peace)


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost (Shavuot), Talking & Singing in Tongues



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)



Spiritual Wisdom Revised


(How & where to pray, hearing from God, symbols, words, how to assess one’s environment for openings for demonic oppression, homosexuality is in & How to be delivered from it)


Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet



Prophetic Message to Gays



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Mental illness in our youth is a result both of what is being taught in the schools and the influence of music and video games that they play. It is also a result of the negative effects of psychiatric drugs.


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Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet




Demons behind the Music Business – John Todd



Others have written about the fact that students who have been guilty of violence in the schools were all on psychiatric drugs.


Steve Ferry, at http://www.words-images.com

under writing samples, documents this in “Psychiatry & Psychology”. See my section later in “What’s wrong with the psychiatric drugs”.


My thesis is that the negative influence of music and videos is due to unclean spirits which attack them when they subject themselves to these forms of entertainment; the psychiatric drugs do the same thing; open the youth to bad spirits which make them mentally ill. I have seen many people, after taking these drugs, use foul language because of the effect of what went into them as a result of to drugs.


My experience as a teacher has made me aware of what is gong on in the schools. My experience and study as a musician and my knowledge of the bible and my experience as a Christian have made me aware of spiritual principles that are relevant to how music affects youth and how they are also affected by the curricula in the schools that are contributing to mental illness.


There are also non-spiritual reasons why the curricula in the schools are contributing to mental illness, which I will explain. This information is not commonly known.


I taught music in the public schools (k-6) and I was a substitute teacher k-12 in many subjects, for more than 5 years. One of the experiences I had with small children was that I brought an electric piano to class. They would push the drum button and dance, grabbing their crotches. They were imitating Michael Jackson and the rap artists who do this. These were 4-5 year olds, being sexualized by watching these artists perform. This is perverted. Children that age should not be influenced this way. It is not healthy. Children are natural mimics; whatever they see is what they do. Any parent or teacher knows this. Children are exposed to a lot of violent videos; when I would ask them to write stories, a lot of them wrote combat scenarios. What goes in is what comes out.


I used to talk to the older kids about the music they listened to. I would ask them to think about the lyrics and consider whether the message was beneficial for them.


What is very common with a lot of their music is that the heavy metal music has messages saying “We’re taking you to hell”. I would tell them to consider the words and consider whether the message might be serious, and not a joke. The Christian point of view is that they are serious and should be taken seriously. The point is that the lyrics are actually warning them what is happening to them. Artwork with skulls and crossbones is another way the message is being communicated to warn the listener. The spiritual influences from this music are not from God they are the opposite and they produce the violence and self-destructive behaviors that the spirits in the music induce.


All music is inspired by spirits, some of it from God, some not from God. I am in my 50‘s. The rock music I listened to in the 70’s had message of deception. “Love the one you’re with” was a song that talked about love but really was about sex. The deception for the hippy generation was that sex is love. It was a lie. The spirit behind much of our music was deception.


The current generation’s music has a different ploy. It is not deceptive the same way. It explicitly tells the listener what it is doing; exposing them to hellish influences. It is counting on one of two reactions: youth either think that it’s a joke or they believe it but also believe a current lie that they will rule in Hell, as opposed to suffering there, which is what really happens. This music is inspired by the devil. Some of these artists have even made pacts with the devil.


There are books written (the Sat—- bible) which profess these lies. Children who listen to this music and books don’t know what to believe and they pick up spirits from reading and listening to these things which are not from God. The spirits from this music and books have a way of blocking youth from feeling the spirit of God. They need to be prayed for to be released.


My conversations with the students was very well received; they saw that there was a lot of manipulation going on that they were being exposed to and they were eager to examine the influence consciously by thinking these lyrics. They needed to hear the Christian point of view just to be able to consider the truth. These kinds of conversations will help them make better choices for their entertainment. Christians need to go into the schools to teach and engage in these kinds of conversations.


Children can pick up demons from their parents. Kids who are hyper are likely being oppressed by their parents who drink coffee, since all drugs are an opening for unclean spirits.



Constitutional Violations in Public Education


The public schools are also guilty of violating the constitution by establishing a state religion. That state religion is atheism which is behind the moral relativism being taught in the schools. (or secular humanism, which is the belief that we can save ourselves without God. John Dewey, the father of educational reform, was a secular humanist. He wrote the Humanist Manifesto. His and his followers’ agenda is to promote secular humanism in education.)


The concept of separation between church and state is always invoked not to allow teaching the bible, but the bill of rights injunction not to establish a state religion is in actuality being violated by the teaching of values that are explicitly un-biblical, or that invalidate biblical beliefs.



Musings on Secular Humanism and Public Education; response to the Humanist Manifesto, Psychiatry & the New World Order



The programs in the school amount to indoctrination, since a lot of them are now using something called OBE Outcome Based Education. They are teaching values instead of skills. People need to be aware of what the values they are teaching are, and assert more local control if they object to it.


The educators hide what they are doing from the parents since they know that parents may object to some of what they are doing. I was a substitute for 5 years in Boston and other districts in the Boston area, so I saw firsthand what is being taught. I once walked into a meeting of the Mass Teachers’ Association and saw that their folders for the meeting were titled “What to do about the Christian Right”. I asked the leader about OBE and he refused to answer me.


Anti-God values


One example of what is taught in OBE is tolerance. Students are taught that it is wrong to believe that homosexuality is wrong. The bible says it is wrong. A student will be marked incorrect until they give the “right” answer, that one should be tolerant and not call something wrong. This is moral relativism, which is in opposition to the bible. They are trying to call homosexuality an alternate lifestyle, not a morally wrong choice. So a student that has been taught moral beliefs from their parents is being told that they need to disregard them. Also, their own intuition may tell them something is wrong, since God works that way, and they are being told to disregard that. It produces confusion.


I walked into a meeting of a Massachusetts Teacher’s Union and saw that their entire agenda was “What to do about the Christian Right”. Clearly they were opposed to it. This proves that their agenda is unbiblical. When I asked the leader what he knew about OBE, he wouldn’t talk about it.


The NY City school chancellor was fired a few years ago for using a book “Heather Has 2 Mommies" in the NYC schools.  It was used to support teaching of homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle. 


It is a miracle of God that even New York, a bastion of Secularism, couldn’t stomach this kind of indoctrination. God took over and removed him. A lot of Christians were praying for this!


People need to find out what values are being taught in the schools. If the schools are teaching Secular Humanism, that is a religion, and it is atheism. It is the belief that there is no God, that man can save himself.


One of the realities in the schools is that other religions are being taught but there is a double standard involved. You can teach about what Buddhism believes, but if you take out to bible to teach about Judeo-Christian beliefs, someone usually says that you’re not allowed to. Kids are exposed to religious practices from other religions under the guise of multi-culturalism. It is discrimination to not allow exposure to biblical beliefs.


The real hidden agenda and religion, is Sat—ism. The purpose of the social engineers was and is to use education to prepare people for the New World Order. This is the one world government of the anti-Christ as prophesied in the book of Revelation in the New Testament. It is the devil who is behind this. The social engineers are Freemasons which at the highest level is devil worship. The 32” level handbook for Scottish Rite masonry was written by Albert Pike, a sata— ist. He says “we worship the Luciferian principle but we don’t tell the lower levels this.” I have read it. The Rockefeller Foundation has funded education historically. David Rockefeller has talked about having a new world order agenda- one world government. That’s the whole agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations, which he runs, and the Trilateral Commission, an offshoot of it.


G. Brock Chisholm, a psychiatrist, was first head of the world Health Org. a UN group. Google him. He was anti-God. He admits that the purpose of education is to prepare people for the world government.


We must remove individualism, patriotism, and religion.”


He was also co-founder and head of the World Federation of Mental Health in 1947. The New World Order agenda included education and mental health.



Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education


(They are: Mind control, genocide, atheism, world government)


What Hitler did to the Jews, he did legally. The world held later that the laws were immoral. The mental health laws are the same way; they are just as immoral. There is a real spiritual battle going on right now between God’s agenda and our constitutional rights, and the New World Order agenda of the world government people and the devil. It’s not surprising that death by drugs is now the modus operandi in this country; the atheistic root of psychiatry was always there.



The prophetic book that shows where this is going politically is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It talks about raising children by the state and using drugs to control them. Also they break down inhibitions against sexual behavior to separate it from procreation to support abortion and birth control and the breakdown of the family unit. Huxley’s brother Julian, an atheist, was the first head of UNESCO the UN organization to make education policy. They have a New World Order agenda.


Spiritual reasons for the dangers in curricula


I walked into a class where the teacher was using a ouija board, a divination device as a game. Parker Brothers markets the ouija boards as games. They are spiritually dangerous.


The kids were extremely violent and out of control. I recognized that the divination game was opening them up to bad spirits and making them mentally ill. The bible explicitly says that such practices will bring curses on a person. Duet 18. (Old Testament). I took out my bible to warn the kids that the bible warned against divination, and the teacher complained about my bible. The kids had a right to be informed of what their own religion told them. That was consistent with all the teaching which tells them what other religions believe.


I was not practicing a religion. I was constitutionally correct. This teacher, however, was engaging them in the practice of a religion; witchcraf-, which uses these kinds of tools. That is closer to a state establishment of religion and closer to a violation of the constitution that what I did. School prayer has been a hot issue, yet many meditative religious practices are occurring under the guise of creativity-encouraging, relaxation-enhancing, or just play, as with this divination tool.


Using divination is still spiritually dangerous even if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why all these imagination games are dangerous and making kids act out more. An atheistic mindset says that these things are just games and the spiritual world is not real. If the spiritual world is real, and the bible says it is, and my experience testifies to it, then these things affect people even if they don’t believe in it and the devil is the one behind atheism, because he has more ability to manipulate people if they don’t believe he exists.


Get rid of Harry Potter, Pokemon, Tarot Cards & Ouija Boards; they bring curses and cause mental and physical illness




The Trojan horse in people’s houses in the last decade has been the Harry Potter books. It is all about witchcraf-  and brings spirits of THAT into the house, bringing curses on everyone. It causes mental and physical illnesses, relationship issues  and other things  GET RID OF THEM!!


Anything  that has pictures of demons, invokes demons.


Heavy metal records all have pictures of demons on the cover.    The Grateful Dead had pictures of skulls, telling us the music was spiritual poison.  Pay attention to the packaging – it is a warning as to what is inside.   Get anything like this out of the house and you will see improvement in everyone and everything.


There has been an enormous explosion in the last few years of kids labeled special ed, suffering from ADD, attention-deficit disorder, and dyslexia. Sped teachers are in high demand; there aren’t enough of them: The whole need for them was created in large part by the educational system itself, in addition to the bad effects of the entertainment that kids use. The drug companies are behind all the testing for ADD since they want to market Ritalin and make money. The drugs companies have ads in magazines everywhere to test people for depression, to expand their markets for their drugs. They have been using the schools to market Ritalin.


Dylexia, ADHD, causes and cures



A lot of the music and video games that kids play with has opened them up spiritually to demonic spirits that are making them mentally ill.


The video games use images of demons, which when invoked, affect the kids. Playing card games with images of monsters is spiritually dangerous. I walked into a middle school class one where the teacher had them actually writing stories pretending they were invoking various Egyptian gods.


Invocation of other gods, and various spirits, is witchcraf-, according to the bible, and will bring curses on a person. That is why mental illness results. The lying spirits around the person cause it. Many people see that kids who watch violent videos are more violent. I used to ask kids to write stories and often all they would write was what they knew, which was violent combat stories. What I am saying is that the phenomenon of what goes in leads to what comes out is due to a spiritual explanation that Christians understand, and other people need to seriously consider, if they want to really address the problem.


A Non-Spiritual Cause of Mental Illness: the Reading Methods, Dyslexia, and Behavior Problems


Dyslexia is a direct result of the use of a teaching system called

WHOLE LANGUAGE LEARNING or LOOK-SEE Method which has been used since the 1930’s to teach reading. It started with education reform under John Dewey. There is now a huge population of students that have been diagnosed with dyslexia, created by this system. (It was not used as much in the 1960’s when I went to school, but they started using it again in the 80’s.)


The book The Trojan Horse in Education by Sam Blumenfeld, another Jewish Christian, which exposed this 20 years ago. The Harvard educators met with their Russian counterparts then and were told that in Russia, they had tried whole language learning, and it produced dyslexia. Although they were warned, the educators came back and proceeded to use this method anyway.


Phonetics, the sounding out of letters to learn how to read words, was always taught previously, and everyone learned English that way.


Russian is also a phonetic language, so they had a parallel system. A lot of students who have trouble reading have behavior problems in class as a result, and have been diagnosed with ADD and have ended up being drugged. The educational system started all this.


After parents started to see how ineffective the whole language program was, they started to complain, and phonetics was put back in the curriculum. But when I taught, I saw a big game being played. It was taught as a separate subject from reading.


So kids had reading in the morning, and phonetics in the afternoon. A lot of them were not making the connection from their phonetics workbooks to apply that information during  their reading classes.   I saw this.  I would tell them to sound out a word and they had no idea what I meant.  They were being deprived of the skills they needed to learn how to re


Blumenfeld explains, in an article on the internet called Dyslexia (see the site at http://www.FoundationforTruthinReality.org that the way people become dyslexic is that they get used to recognizing short words both from the left and right using the sight word method.


Reading phonetically involves sounding out letters from left to right Using sight word recognition doesn’t teach the sounds of the different letters. When they are faced with longer words that are unfamiliar, there is no way to de-code them, because they are not used to sounding them out letter by letter. So often they get frustrated and have behavior problems, which gets them labeled with ADD or ADHD. When they initially learn with sight word recognition and then switch to phonetics later, they have blockages that make it hard to switch from left and right word recognition to the left-only phonetical sounding out of letters. Hence, they may reverse letters since they are used to looking at words from 2 directions, not just one.


Children that learn with sight word systems at home or in school may appear to be good readers initially, but when they get to the longer harder unfamiliar words, they have problems and are then labeled dyslexic. The moral of the story is that everyone should be taught phonetically from the start to avoid this. I imagine that watching Sesame Street which teaches the sounds of the letters has been very helpful to teach kids phonetics all these years.


(Parenthetically, I once read a very interesting testimony of a girl who had dyslexia who went to a church for healing. She was “slain in the spirit” and was lying asleep on the floor, and woke up completely healed, and with the ability to pray for others to be healed also. She said that she had a vision of angels “playing with her brain” while this was happening!) So God can heal someone with this affliction, by the Holy Spirit.


Blumenfeld says in his book was that there was a deliberate effort on the part of the social engineers at the top level to make a generation of kids that did not have the skills to read. I recently heard a testimony of someone who is 35 who, 20 years, ago was exposed to whole language learning. He told me that he was a good reader when they used phonetics. Then they substituted this system, and his reading skills were harmed. This problem continued into his adult life.


I have been in classes with Sped students that were labeled as having behavior problems, and I could see that their problems were being created by frustration at the curriculum. They were given repetitive, unchallenging work that drove them to tears. They were being abused by the blame shifting going on in the system. I told them that they were not the problem, the school was failing them. They needed to hear this, to try to repair their damaged self-esteem.


If people can't read, they can't think for themselves and they can be more easily manipulated into whatever agenda the government wants. 


Now we have millions of kids that are being drugged. The drugs produce a docility that makes it easier to control them, confuse them and manipulate their thinking. This is how pharmaceuticals work. This is why they are forbidden by the bible, which calls use of drugs sorcery. John Dewey, who was behind education reform, was a Secular Humanist, or atheist. There has been a conscious agenda for years to introduce an anti-God curriculum into this country and install Secular Humanism as the values that are being taught. Blumenfeld writes about this agenda.


Dumbing down the kids was the whole purpose; deprive the kids of reading and critical thinking skills so they could be more easily used by an anti-God government. Hitler did the same thing, says Blumenfeld; he said “I have the youth” He used them to turn on their parents, and ultimately, we could see the same thing here, where kids are being told one set of values in school and to turn in their parents, who believe in God, to a government that is against it. This is why a lot of what the teachers teach, they hide from the parents. The bible has prophesies that talk about more and more centralization of control into an ungodly system and this is a part of what has been prophesied. (See Revelation 17; about a world government called the beast; this will be a multi-national one world government).


A Solution: Christians need to fight for their Constitutional rights to have more even-handed discussions of religion in the schools instead of the politically correct agenda of denying access to Judeo-Christian thought.


If they can teach about what Buddhism says, they can teach about what the bible says. Talking about how the music and videos influence kids spiritually from a Biblical point of view will help students gain control of what is influencing them negatively. Gun control is not enough of an answer to student violence; we need to address the violence that is going into their minds from their entertainment first, and the other ungodly agendas, the atheistic/humanistic agendas, need to be challenged legally and through prayer.


A lot of Christians take their kids out of the public schools to protect them, but they need to also put effort into affecting what the other kids are taught in the public schools. Christians need to fight for their constitutional rights to talk about the bible in schools and fight what is being taught in the schools.


More Christians need to teach in the schools, especially the public schools. Any Christian who is qualified (the criteria differ in different places) should consider substitute teaching. I did this for 6 years in several districts and God used me in a very powerful way to witness to kids about God and against the popular music they listen to, which can make them mentally ill. One has a lot more leeway as a substitute than a regular teacher, because usually they just want someone in the room and are not that concerned about what is taught.  So one has a lot more leeway to do what God wants, not what the system wants


You can affect a lot of kids. It is a powerful ministry. It is like being an undercover agent. In many places one needs a B.A. To be a substitute; you don’t need to be certified to teach. Places that are desperate probably have looser requirements. Anyone who has used drugs in the past and stopped, probably has a valuable testimony to share with kids, to warn them away from such behavior. God will bless such efforts.



A problem; Mental Health Screening in Schools


Behaviorist psychologists who have been running education schools in this country, like Harvard School of Education and Columbia Teachers’ College, feed from the same spiritual trough as the psychiatrists. Ferry mentions that there are enormous numbers of psychologists working in the school system now. They put pressure on parents to drug their kids for behavior problems, often under threat of taking the kids away if the parents don’t comply. The CCHR has documented a lot of this abuse. So there is a whole second issue going on in the schools; in addition to what is being taught, there is now the problem of the psychologists in the schools who are putting pressure on parents to drug their kids who are diagnosed with learning disabilities and also supposed mental illnesses.


There is a new problem; Mental Health Screening in schools. This needs to be stopped. It is part of the agenda to label kids and drug them at an early age. It is all based on an atheistic worldview; so kids who testify to having religious beliefs or experiences are in grave danger of being labeled mentally ill. If their parents are religious, they may see through this nonsense. But there are plenty of Christians who are unaware of what the criteria are for diagnosing people as mentally ill, and they need to be aware of this, to take a stand against it. And kids with non-religious parents definitely need to deal with the issue of what mental illness is or is not and to protect their kids from being drugged.


The constitutional issues involved that I have explained (see chapter 1) (lst amendment, religious freedom, 8th amendment, cruel and unusual punishment, 13th amendment, slavery) are what parents need to use to fight attempts to coercively “treat” or even label their kids. Once someone is labeled it can create problems through their lives. We don’t need to just remove the stigma of the diagnosis; we need to discredit the diagnosis in the first place! If a person really has an illness he/she can be cured by God through Jesus, rather than be labeled the rest of one’s life and treated. If the label is a misjudgment, as it is with many people, they need to discredit it. Either way, the labels are dangerous because if they get into any legal problems it can be used to try to discredit them and deny them due process in court on whatever the charges are (6th amendment, due process).  


I have read that there are attempts to diagnose kids who may be high risk for developing certain mental illnesses later, to treat them before it manifests! Like a vaccination!


This is completely bogus and dangerous. It is just an attempt to drug kids as early as possible. It sells drugs and it wrests control of kids from their parents to the state which is the hidden agenda.


Google Nick Rockefeller/Aaron Russo. There is a video and a transcript by independent film-maker Aaron Russo testifying about his conversations with Nick R, who told him that there was a whole agenda by the shadow government to use women’s liberation to break down families; get the mothers working so the kids had to go to day care at even younger ages, to be raised by the state instead of their parents. MS Magazine supposedly was funded by the CIA. The goal was what is described in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, a fascist state where there is a ruling elite and a population of serfs, and everyone is kept happy on drugs.


Video of Russo on Rockefeller:





Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the New world Order



Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering


(Abby owns a toilet company as a prophetic sign that the Rockefellers are social engineering the US down the toilet!)


Former NYC mayor’s quote about Rockefeller Social Engineering & Shadow Government



The fraud that goes on with diagnoses is this: they use religious beliefs and experiences as symptoms of psychosis “auditory and visual hallucinations and delusions.” Then they put them on drugs. When they have problems from the drugs, the doctors use those symptoms as evidence of mental illness, rather than reaction to the drugs. They lie. They say the drugs make people think more clearly. This is nonsense. The foggy thinking and stuporishness are caused BY the drugs, not cured by them.


Go to any psych ward and you will see the patients sitting around falling asleep. And the idiots who run the place use behavior modification techniques to try to reward them for staying awake, or getting up in the first place. All they need to do is stop drugging them and they won’t have any problem being awake. They use the drugs to control and punish people for bad behavior or behavior they don’t want.


One doctor thought she had a right to drug me in retaliation for my having called a state rep. to call the hospital to get me out. He was happy to try to help. It is not treatment, it is abuse. Then the patients develop problems as a result of being abused. And the doctors then blame the patients for these problems and say it is A SYMPTOM OF THEIR ILLNESS, RATHER THAN A RESULT OF BEING ABUSED BY THEM. The doctors and nurses are the culprits.


Any normal person who walks onto a psych ward and sees all the people lying around in a stupor would say, there is something wrong here. But the doctors are in denial. They’re the ones who are psychotic – they ignore the reality all around them that is obvious to any normal person. Mental Hospitals are a misnomer. They are not really hospitals; they are prisons. Involuntary confinement and treatment is not treatment, it is abuse and torture.


Voluntary wards are one thing; there they just use manipulation and mind control to keep people from leaving. That’s bad enough. But the idea of having involuntary confinement or treatment is evidence that it is abuse; if they were really benefiting the patients, they wouldn’t have to force treatment on them.


So it becomes obvious that it is not the patients who benefit, it is the doctors, hospitals and drugs companies using people as slaves to make them rich.  One state hospital I was at, (Pilgrim on Long Island) charged the insurance companies over $1,000 per day per patient; the spent $5 per day on food.  They were top heavy with bureaucrats whose salaries they had to pay.


The only thing worse than what goes on with adult patients is that they do it to children. Treating kids with drugs is child abuse. They manipulate the parents and lie to them to try to get them to agree with it. The last thing any parent should do is agree to treat or hospitalize their children. If the kid has real problems, they should take them to a Pentecostal or charismatic church for prayer against demonic oppression. That is God’s solution. Also, the Holy Spirit can tell you, in prayer, what else you need to address. It might be diet issues. Addressing what influences are around a kid are important; the music and TV. Demonic video games with violence are a problem. Martial arts are an opening for demonic influences.


The parents need to understand that the problem may be something coming from them; if they use coffee, the other family members can get attacked by demonic spirits. Kids are often mirrors back to issues going on with the parents. Family therapy is often used by mental health professionals to get the family to comply and aid in treatment for the patient. In recent years the whole mental health field has been hijacked by the pharmaceuticals, so they act like every issue is caused by chemical imbalances, which is a lie. They spend more energy trying to manipulate families to support drug therapy, instead of other therapies that may reveal problems coming from other family members, or inter-relational issues. But rather it should be used to analyze how they are influencing each other.




If the parents are into something bad, it can bring curses on the family. Someone connected to masonry or new age philosophies or practices, or anything considered sin by God, can bring curses on their family. Find a quiet place. Pray. Ask God if there is anything going on that someone else needs to repent of. Ask Him if He has anything to say about the matter. He will answer you in your thoughts. Very often He will answer from His word.


Get a King James bible with a concordance. A concordance is a list of words that occur in scriptures. Very often God will answer with one word. You look it up, and will see scriptures where it occurs.


Bible Translations – only the King James is Good



Read the scriptures to see what He is trying to communicate. It is like a puzzle. One time my car was having problems. A minister said to me, “maybe the devil is in your car.” He was right. I prayed, and the Holy Spirit said to me, “Hezekiah”. I looked up all references to Hezekiah and saw that God told him to get rid of bad things, housecleaning.


I cleaned out my car of books that were bringing curses, and the car worked fine.


Ask God if there is anything that needs to be removed from the house. Chapter 7 talks more about these kinds of issues. Something may be there that is an opening for demonic influences that is affecting the whole family.


If, when you pray, condemning, accusatory thoughts come to you, that is the devil, not God. The Book of James, ch. 3, (New Testament) says there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below. The word inspiration means “a spirit goes into it”.


So thoughts come into our heads from the spiritual realm. Each person has a mixture of both sides talking to them. The more we abide in God’s presence and refrain from opening ourselves to the devil’s input, the more those thoughts will be from God and not the devil. That’s why listening to heavy metal or rap music or using drugs (including nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych drugs)  is counter-productive; it just gives the devil an opening to talk to a person, and there is no benefit to that. If there is unrepentant sin that gives the devil an opening to talk to a person or attack in some other way. The bible says


Resist the devil and he will flee.James 4:7.


Jesus said,


whatsoever things I have taught you, the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance.John 14 :26


That’s why it is important to read God’s word; that way, it is in one’s memory, and the Holy Spirit can remind you of it.


It is important to address the spiritual level because it may be the root level. If one only looked at the psychological interactions between people, it would be like only looking at symptoms and not causes. One needs to analyze family influences not only psychologically, but spiritually. Psychologically there may be issues that need addressing, but see what God has to say about it.


God could be allowing a problem just to motivate other members to seek a relationship with Him, or to improve it. People often need a motivation to seek God’s help or direction, and health issues, finance issues and relationship issues are prime motivators to develop a relationship with God. He wants a relationship with us and He will use all kinds of problems to get our attention, to get us into relationship. If parents don’t have a relationship with God, very often He will use the kids — by having them turn to God, or having a problem, to motivate the parents to also seek a personal relationship with God.


How God Guides us into Relationship with Him



As each person seeks a relationship with God, that will not only bring blessings to them, but everyone around them. As God’s peace comes to one person it can be contagious to others around them. Sometimes, as one seeks God, this inspires the demons around someone else to react. This is just God exposing what is there already. The next step is to pray to remove that. Rebuke it in Jesus’ name.


Instead of seeking a solution on a biological, financial or psychological/relationship level, seek a relationship with God and see what He has to say on the matter. Some people think they have no need of a relationship with God; so God allows circumstances to show them otherwise. God never gives us a problem that doesn't have some kind of solution, and God IS the solution to every problem.   


 Einstein supposedly said "no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that caused it. "


God allows all kinds of problems in life to drive us to a higher level; a relationship with Him and a higher level of faith or spiritual maturity. It is more convenient sometimes, if there are problems in a relationship or with one’s kids, to think the problem is the other person or your kids. But the more honest approach is to ask God if there is something that needs addressing with oneself first. I knew a couple whose son was lighting fires. The couple was having problems, and I think the kid did this to show them symbolically that they were lighting fires verbally by the way they were both speaking to each other and about each other. The book of James ch 3 explicitly says that the tongue can light fires.


Urgent! Parents need to fight against Mental Health Screening to protect their kids from being labeled and drugged, and to protect them from being labeled so that someone can use it against them later. Use the civil rights organizations to help, if you need to. Use the information in this book. The Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights may be helpful. Lobby Politicians to fight against it.



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Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry







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