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Mind control is all around us in our society, through broadcasting, music, drugs, (including coffee, nicotine, alcohol, illegal drugs & psych meds), education.




One area of mind control is music being played everywhere in stores, restaurants, etc. It makes it difficult for people to think OR PRAY. One cannot pray effectively if there is any noise. Many people say "you can pray anywhere" but they are ignorant.




One can not pray effectively with music or noise; it sets up interference or cross-talk which can be spiritually dangerous.




When we pray, our thoughts or words go into the spiritual realm. All words and thoughts do this. If there is other noise or music, it is like having someone talking near you while broadcasting into a microphone in a radio station; it goes along with it. So things can get spiritually contaminated, or linked, that shouldn't be.




All music comes from the spiritual realm. The word "inspiration" means "a spirit goes into it". Our thoughts also come from the spiritual realm.




The bible says there are two sources of thought; from above and below (James ch3, New Testament).




Whatever spirit "inspires" music, books, art, will be transmitted to the listener or reader. Even just having tape recordings or books around in one's house or carrying them is an opening for the spirits which inspired them to be on one. We are all affected by our environment, more than most people realize consciously. Our thoughts, emotions and bodies are affected by these spirits.




Music inspired by demonic spirits can cause mental or physical illness.




The new testament is clear that sicknesses (mental & physical) are caused by demonic spirits.




Jesus rebuked them and healed people, and gave his followers authority to do it. I have done it; it works. I have rebuked spirits of depress-, canc-, asthm-.





(I don’t print the whole names of diseases because that can invoke the spirit. When speaking it is better to spell rather than say them, for the same reason).




These spirits are contagious; they transmit thru verbal or physical contact.




I have had spirits of depress jump on me from touching someone who had it. In different instances, someone else prayed for me, I coughed spontaneously, or I rebuked it, and it was gone. (One rebukes it by saying "in Jesus;' name I rebuke the spirit of xxx"




How to be Healed, Saved & Born Again (Jesus Heals)







I am a lifelong composer and writer.




I have played the piano and written music for 50 years.




I am old enough to remember when cafes were quiet, which is better for writing, both music and words.




One can't write music with other music playing; it interferes. As a composer, I have often heard music in my head. If I go into a store where they play something else, it gets erased. I do not appreciate this interference of my creativity. It is involuntary mind control. I want to hear the music coming from within, not without.




That is why this is mind control; the whole purpose is to stop people from being inner directed and instead be influenced from without.




Education often does this. Most education is indoctrination, a form of mind control.






The mental health system is all about mind control.




They exactly often define people who listen to their own internal voices as psychotic, as opposed to inspired or creative. They want people to listen to others, rather than the voice of God speaking within.




This is because the mental health system is atheistic.


They say anyone who hears voices such as God or demons is having 'auditory hallucinations" a supposed symptom of psychosis. But actually everyone hears voices, as thoughts in our heads. They come from the spiritual realm. The word 'inspiration' means 'a spirit goes into it'. It is actually normal Christian theology to "hear voices".




Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" John 10:27.




The book of James chapter 3 says there are 2 sources of thought, from above and below.




For 50 years, atheistic psychiatry has been falsely calling Christians and anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences schizophrenic.




Sigmund Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry, said "I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion".




When I was in college I studied different culture's beliefs about how music influences people. Both the Ancient Greeks and Hindus had a belief that different scales or ragas invoke different spirits which caused different emotional states. They had a whole science of this. I believe they are right, and Christian theology supports this.




If you want to know what type of spirit inspires a certain piece of music examine your thoughts and feelings while and after listening. Instrumental music is less obvious; if there are words, that will make it more clear.




Music can be mixed. Even if the words are talking about one thing, there may be other spirits in the music as well. Whatever spirit is around the musician will be transmitted through the music to the listener.




One source of this is that if the musicians used any drugs, that is an opening for demonic spirits. All drugs that affect the mind do this. This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, cocaine, etc and all psych meds. This is why psych meds cause mental illness rather than cure it.




The first time I set foot in a psych hospital God said to me "the covering over this place is sorcery".




The word Pharmacy comes from the Greek word Pharmakeaia which translates, Drugs, Sorcery.




Sorcery in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 18) is an abomination to God. It is witchcraf-. One definition is that it invokes spirits to control people. So the purpose of the psych meds is to control people, by invoking demonic spirits onto them and in them.




People who have been on psych meds need to pray to get delivered from the demons from the drugs, as well as demons from any other drugs. Psychiatry and rehab is very ineffective at curing people of drug addictions because they just substitute psych meds for the other drugs. This just adds demons to demons. Jesus said "demons don't cast out demons". Only God does this, through the power of Jesus Christ. Jesus name has authority over demons.




This mind control is all by design; the social engineers running these major corporations know they can more easily control the population thru drugs and noise.




Those practicing witchcraf- have infiltrated all areas of society; the churches, education, news media, legal system, medical system. The devil infiltrates everything and his followers do the same.




The social engineers running the mental health system & education are Illuminati, masons, which are devil worshippers.




I have seen the handbook for the 32nd level Scottish Rite Masonry; it was written by Albert Pike, a sata-ist. He says "we worship the Luciferian principle but we don't tell the lower levels this."




Dr Robert Hanna Felix, the first head of the National Institute for Mental Health, was also head of Psychiatric Research for Scottish Rite masonry, and head of CIA program MKULTRA, which did mind control experiments & brainwashed assassins. (they have been behind all major assassinations, including RFK, MLK, John Lennon & many more). Bill Clinton apologized for MKULTRA.




Their goal is to create an atheistic one world government where everyone is controlled by microchips & drugs.




John Rawlings Rees, a head of the World Federation for Mental Health, said they needed to infiltrate 4 areas: the churches, education, medical & Legal, and be a 5th column (the media - where they spew pro-drugging propaganda).




Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education



Their agendas are : Mind control, genocide, atheism, world government.




George Brock Chisholm, co-founder of the World Federation of Mental Health, said "the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government, the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality". He was against God, the family, patriotism.




The Illuminati run the mental health system, education, and entertainment/broadcasting.




Most pop music is demonic. Especially heavy metal, rap, techno-pop.




The record business has always been run by people into witchcraf-.




This ever present music in all the stores, restaurants, etc. IS mind control. It puts people into a trance so they can be easily brainwashed.




John Todd came from an Illuminati bloodline family in England, the Collins family. He became a born again Christian and gave his testimony on Youtube (John Todd, Illuminati)




The Illuminati bloodlines are the ones behind European royalty and the powerful banking families who rule the world. He said they practice witchcraf- and sata-sm.




This is a confirmation of the fact that top level masons are devil worshippers. I have seen the handbook of the 32nd level Scottish rite, written by Albert Pike, a sata-ist. It says "we worship the Luciferian principle, but we don't tell the lower levels this."




Todd claims one of his jobs was to write checks to major churches in the US that they funded and controlled. What sorts of things do you suppose those churches are preaching? Counterfeit Christianity. To weaken the church. They preach heresies and use bible translations that are distorted.




As John Todd says he wrote checks to Christian churches, the Illuminati have co-opted bible companies to subvert the translations of bibles.




This is what is happening with the bible translations being marketed by companies that are not Christian whose goal is to contaminate the word of God.




Zondervan, the company that publishes the NIV, is now owned by Harper Collins, which publishes the Sata-ic bible. So this shows spiritually who is behind the NIV, who has control over it.




Bible Translations – only the King James is Good




John Todd said he also owned the major record labels, all of whom, he said, had rooms where they would cast spells on their recordings not only to make them sell, but to put spiritual control over the listeners.




See video John Todd-Demons Behind the Music 







On this video Todd says he spoke to David Crosby of  Crosby, Stills & Nash, and asked him the purpose of rock music. Crosby answered; to get spiritual control over people that we can’t otherwise control. (This is typical witchcraf- technique – one gives something to someone as a point of contact for transference of curses or demons.  I met an ex-witch once who told me this.)  




I have become aware that people transmit spirits all the time inadvertently by giving objects or money to others.  If someone gives you money & you don’t bless it in Jesus name, it can transmit curses due to something they said, or you can pick up unclean spirits if they use drugs.




Todd said Crosby said that anyone who wanted a record deal needed to become a witch. He also said that to advance as a witch, someone has to be bisexual. This explains why so many pop artists are openly committing homosexual acts (women kissing women). It is a rite of initiation, & they are being used to program the population to accept homosexuality.




The purpose behind this is to encourage recreational rather than procreational sex.  One of the main agendas of the illuminati is depopulation of  the planet, and non-procreative sex serves that purpose.




They want to a create a society as described by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World, where people are created in test tubes rather than the natural way, so they have more control.  The ultimate eugenics. Huxley knew their agendas and wrote the book as a blueprint.




They were behind the free love of the 60’s whose purpose was to separate sex from marriage and families, so it would be recreational.  By breaking down families, they are creating a society where the state raises kids.    They encouraged the feminist movement to get women to work rather than raise their kids, so they would put kids in daycare, where the state could indoctrinate them rather than have families instill godly values.




They work their agendas in stages.  First they encouraged heterosexual sex in the 60’s to condition people to see sex for recreational non-procreative purposes, and to support abortion, now they have moved on to stage 2, which is promoting bisexuality and homosexual sex, so that it is altogether non-procreative.




Same idea with money.  They want to microchip everyone as a monetary system, as the book of Revelation 13 warns.   First they had to condition people to use credit cards with computer chips instead of cash; the final stage will be microchips, which are the mark of the beast that Revelation warns about.   It says the anti-christ world leader will cause everyone to take a mark in their right hand or forehead, without which no man can buy or sell”. Rev 13   And the bible warns that those who DO take it, will suffer eternal torment.




The only solution is to have a relationship with God and trust Him for supernatural provision. We also need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s warnings about their attempts to sneakily chip people.  One of the ways is with vaccines.  They have been doing it in jails since the late 90’s, when I became aware of it. Carl Sanders, a Christian minister who helped design chips in the 70s, while working for the government as an atheist, told me  they used them in military personnal in the first gulf war. His website is




In addition, there is spiritual blowback to the artists on these records because of the curses being prayed onto them.  Because their names and pictures are on the records, the demons being prayed onto the records ALSO go to THEM.  THIS is why so many of them have mental illness issues.




I was led to an article about a pop singer who cuts herself. She said she didn’t understand why she suffered from depress- when she was in the middle of a tour and being successful.   Well, for a host of reasons.




1) if she agreed to be a witch, that brings curses; 




2) using alcohol or any drugs does that; 




3) the curses prayed onto her records are being sent to her as well. It is the reason so many of them get sucked into addictions in the first place. 




So someone like Justin Bieber, a Christian pop artist, is having his records cursed by these people – no wonder he starts having personality problems.  In addition to being compromised spiritually by carnal pop lyrics which is bad enough. 




The same thing happened to Amy Grant, a Christian artist who crossed over into pop.  Christian artists need to remain pure, to keep the anointing of God on them and their music. If they compromise spiritually, they lose the anointing and suffer personally as well.




Even if one does not ‘sell their soul” to get a contract, one would still be opening up oneself to demons, just by the connection.  



The bible explicitly says NOT to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.



2 Corinthians 6:14.



This is because of spiritual contamination.



“Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers;


for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?



And what communion hath light with darkness?



And what concord hath Christ with Belial?



Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?



And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?



For ye are the temple of the living God, as God hath said,


I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their


God, and they shall be my people.



Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate,


saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will


receive you.



And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the


Lord Almighty. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18



Hence it is hardly advisable to sign contracts with the


Illuminati -run music business.




A lot of musicians HAVE literally sold their soul to the devil, agreeing to serve him and to use their music to bring listeners under his control.  They are accountable for all


those souls they are sending to hell. 




They need to repent and get saved, and win them to God, instead.  If they don’t they will go to hell, which many of them mistakenly believe will be a place where they will rule in hell.  But the devil is lying to them and they will end up being tormented by demons there, like everyone else.




The devil is a liar, the father of all lies. They have been snookered. And it is not too late to repent, to double-cross the devil, since the deal they made with him was made in ignorance; they were lied to. 




That makes it an invalid contract.  In contract law, if someone makes a deal under false pretenses, it is invalid.




These musicians have the right idea, IN A WAY, THAT THE PURPOSE OF


















The devil hijacks those desires and talents for his purposes.  He persuades musicians that their purpose is to get rich and famous.  




The only reason God allows them to become Famous is so they are in a position to use it to reach people for HIM, once they already have a following.




See  article




Message to Musicians who have sold their soul







WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE?  GOD'S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be Prophets, intercessors & healers.  Musicians, Lyrics, Drugs & Mental illness.




On a related point, I would not want to listen to music by a gay artist. The spirit of homosexuality on them would transmit through their music, and others can pick it up.




I spent several months playing the piano and worshipping in a university chapel in l998.  One of the musicians who also played there, the organ player, was gay.  One day, I walked in and smelled sexual body fluids there.  He must have been playing, and the spirit was all over the place.  Completely unholy.  (unless he also had sex somewhere in the chapel – that would do it too). But just playing, if one has an unclean spirit, transmits it to the place, so that others would pick it up, get contaminated by it. 




I went into St.  Patrick’s Cathedral once to pray, in NYC.  My skin crawled. I always feel heaviness in Catholic churches, because of the statues, which violate the 10 commandments.  But there was something else. I believe I was reacting to the fact that a few years earlier, it was reported that a couple had had sex in there. So the whole place was defiled. 




Todd said All the lyrics in rock songs had witchcraf- meanings.  The lyrics are being used to put spells on listeners.  This video was made in the l970’s.  




The music business has only gotten worse, not better.  The whole industry has gone from acoustic music, which is pure, to electronic music that is demonic. Especially the techno stuff. I can’t stand it.




I lived in a church for 2 years playing the piano singing at night.  God healed me & gave me a loud singing voice I did not have before I got saved.  When the worship teams for the congregations used to come and set up microphones, I would feel the Holy Spirit shrivel up & leave with me.




God had me write a vision for Revival based on my experience. One of the things I said was to minimize amplification.  It is used for control.  The worship leaders amplify themselves so they hear only themselves, disempowering the congregation to sing loudly & be heard. This makes it hard for God to use others in the congregation to prophesy to the church, since they can’t be heard over the noise. 




I was on the worship team of a Brazilian baptiscostal church.  I used to tell them – get rid of the mikes. One day after praying for God to take authority – someone stole all the mikes.  The next service, The Holy Spirit poured out on the whole church so they all could be heard. They said “oh, you were right.”




When the Holy Spirit pours out, God does business with people. He heals them & speaks to them individually in their thoughts.




Blueprint for Revival Revised ch 15 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



 has the vision which calls for 24 hour worship, musicians living in churches, 24 hour open churches, removal of amplification, and consecration by avoiding all drugs (including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc & psych meds). 




Christians need to avoid listening to any of this demonic music – it is a spiritual contamination that transmits to others when we talk or sing/play. If we have listened to something demonic, we need to pray WASH ME JESUS.  I often put water on my head as I say it.   But the water we use needs to be clean spiritually. If you use a sink in a coffee house, you can pick up the spirits of that place. If they are playing music in a restaurant & you use the sink, you will just pick up that covering. 




Many times as I start to pray outside,  God rains on me to wash me off! I’ve heard him say “Wash you”.




Crosby said their album 4Way Street was specifically used to foster anti-government activity during the Vietnam War.  They prayed for a spirit of rebel- onto the listeners to rise up & fight the government.




Interestingly, Crosby played at the Occupy Wall Street encampment.  I had one experience standing among the occupy people where God said to me “they’re being used”.




My sense is that the Occupy people are being brainwashed just like the hippy generation.  The illuminati want to foster an uprising so they have an excuse to declare martial law, for which they have been preparing for years.  The presidents have all signed executive orders preparing for this. They are just looking for an excuse.




I used to love Crosby Stills  & Nash – I liked the harmonies and I like the acoustic music.  During the 70’s the music was deceptive. It was pretty, with dark words. Sugar coated poison.   Now, the technique is different. The music is blatantly darker, telling people exactly what is happening. The devil hopes people either think it’s a joke or will agree with it.  It’s an old trick – hiding something in plain sight.  That way, people figure what they think is happening can’t be happening since it’s so obvious.




The packaging has always warned us spiritually about the music.  The Grateful Dead had skulls on their covers. That is a sign for poison (it was spiritual poison). 


Cigarettes have warnings on them. 




Many liquor stores also say “wine, liquor & spirits” which is really a warning that using alcohol opens one up to demonic spirits”.  Hiding in plain sight!




After getting saved 22 years ago, I went through my record collection & prayed for spiritual discernment of what spirits were on the records. I could feel oppression.




I looked at  a Grateful Dead record & noticed the lyric “a friend of the devil is a friend of mine. “ I thought “that is a lie I don’t agree with”.  I broke the record to see what would happen. As I did it I prayed, “I renounce all lying spirits that have been around me since listening to this (20 years earlier).  As I did so, something palpable jumped off my chest. My voice got louder.




This lyric was conditioning – programming to get the listeners to trust those with demonic spirits. A subconscious command.  This is what John Todd meant when he said the lyrics had witchcraf- meanings.




Todd’s testimony explains what I discern about a lot of music spiritually; it is transmitting things spiritually that are not of God. This is partly due to the words, and the spiritual environment of the artists (their use of drugs is an opening for demonic spirits which then transmit thru the music) but this other factor is another level. If they were clever, they would also do this with supposed Christian music to contaminate it spiritually.




Well, John Todd said they DO do this with "Christian Rock" that they market. The whole idea was to put worldly music into the church to spiritually contaminate it. They knew that if Christian worship music stayed pure, they would never get spiritual authority over Christians.  Most Christians do not have the spiritual discernment they need to know the difference. Discerning of spirits is a gift that one should pray for, in 1 Corinthians 12:10.




 God’s Holy Spirit is gentle, peaceful & clean. Many people have never heard annointed worship music, which is why they don’t know the difference.




Not all Christian music is annointed. (Invoking God’s Holy Spirit) It is mixed.  I have listened to a lot of supposed worship music in stores & felt the dark spirits on it. I assumed it was because the artists were using drugs, but it was probably also from the masters being cursed, as Todd describes.




In live situations, if the musicians leading worship in churches are contaminated with any drugs then there will be spiritual contamination, and people will not feel the Holy Spirit, or if they do, it will be contaminated with other spirits. This is a good way to pick up addictions & other sins. Worship leaders need to be sanctified (without drugs or sin) or else they will transmit unclean spirits.




All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean spirits (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc & psych meds).  Addictive drugs like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol are openings for spirits of addict-. Caffeine also is an opening for spirits of  confus-,  mani--.    




I was in a church where a singer on the worship team was on lithium, to treat “bipolar”. She was in what is commonly known as ‘lithium fog’ for good reason.  Whenever I went there, I felt woozy. A friend there said he was getting oppressed by a spirit of confus--.  It was coming from her.  I prayed for God to consecrate the church, and she was removed from the worship team.




Companies like Hosanna/Integrity & Vineyard Music DO seem annointed to me and probably have not been co-opted by the Illuminati run music business.




The Vineyard Christian Fellowship is a Charismatic non-denominational church whose music is used in many churches. I came to faith due to powerful encounters with God during worship in their church. I felt a spirit of Love flooding through me as they worshipped Jesus.




Bob Dylan also got saved through the Vineyard. You can listen to their music on Youtube.






Holy & Annointed One by Brian Doerksen





Come Now is the Time to Worship by Brian Doerksen





Though, I have to say, I noticed over the years that the original Vineyard acoustic music was more powerful than the later electric stuff.  The 2 tracks above are early tracks, from 20 years ago.




I saw counterfeit spirits come into that church. Some of this may be because worship teams were using caffeine. That would do it. But there was also more going on. The devil always tries to hijack a move of God.




One needs to hear music that DOES invoke God's Spirit to be able to tell the difference between God's Spirit and the dark spirits that most pop invokes. Someone who has never heard God's music doesn't realize how bad the other stuff is. It is like someone who is used to eating twinkies and has never eaten a piece of fruit.






The Illuminati are using their control over the music business to get control over the population through music and drugs.




They are using drugs, education & ever-present music for mind control. Most stores & restaurants play music. Such constant noise makes it hard for people to pray & hear from God. It is interference. It weakens people's resistance to demonic attack.




A lot of pop music artists are illuminati mind control slaves. Their music is filled with symbols & messages to mind control the population. Michael Jackson intended to warn people in his last tour. That is probably why he was killed. One of his last songs had the lyric "they don't care about us".




The music industry is using this demonic trance music to turn people into obedient robots & commit genocide. Someone went to a dance concert of techno-pop music & said the kids looked like zombies.




I wouldn't doubt that they use subliminal programming. It is very effective. (messages hidden behind the music that is not consciously perceived). Don't you think they are using subliminal messages in the stores that say "Buy" or "eat" in restaurants




They are using hypnotic trigger words in the music and videos to program the public to commit suicide & homicide. In addition to the lyrics that overtly encourage this.




Fritz Springmeier wrote 2 books free on the web; Illuminati mind control slaves, which talks about how many artists in the music business are ‘handlers' to other artists and Bloodlines of the Illuminati.




Also see




Testimonies of Illuminati Defectors




Electronic music is soulless. Years ago while in grad school at NE Conservatory, I took 2 years of electronic music. (I got a masters in Jazz composition) I used to go into the electronic studio & sit there, crying. I am sure I was prophetically discerning the future of music . At that time there were no keyboards; it was all knobs & switches. Being a lifelong composer & piano player, the whole thing was crazy to me.




Frank Zappa, a brilliant composer/guitarist whose rock/jazz I used to love, wrote a lot of different kinds of music, including classical. He put out an lp that was all performed electronically by a synclavier, since it had rhythms that no human could play. The lp's title was "Jazz from Hell". I listened to it and thought, "that's exactly what this is."




Pianos have always been altars to God for me. When I was a kid I had the thought "I was put on earth to do music & it is holy". I have played the piano & written music for over 50 years. In college I studied the theories of different cultures & how music affects people.




After becoming a Christian at age 33 I lived in a church for 2 years, playing piano & worshipping alone at night. It was heaven on earth for me. God healed me & gave me a loud singing voice I did not previously have. I could feel angels touching my head with their wings as I sang.




All music is spiritual. The word ‘inspiration' means ‘a spirit goes into it'But not all of it is from God. Heavy metal, rap, hard rock, techno-pop & most pop is demonic. Blues music transmits spirits of depress-. If the recording artists use drugs, then the unclean spirits around them from the drugs get transmitted thru their music.






God sent me into the psych system after becoming a Christian to be a witness against it. It is atheistic & the drugs are torture & deadly. I know firsthand. They ruined my creativity & made it hard to think or pray. I know people who have died from them.




God had me write the FREE  book




Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry




Also in chapters on my blog








It exposes atheistic psychiatry, which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs or experiences schizophrenic, a nonsense label,  & their genocide by toxic drugs which are deadly, by design, & tells how to heal mental & physical illness through prayer/worship in Jesus’ name.




The most egregious mind control experience I ever had in a psych hospital was a place where they made us sit in front of a tv for 12 hours a day. I couldn't pray. After several months of this I felt like my brain had been hijacked.




Psych meds put people in a hypnotic trance; so does a lot of music. Especially the techno-pop stuff that the young people listen to now; and that is what is played in a lot of stores.




Even bookstores play music - which interferes with reading and remembering what one reads. I have read entire books in a store, then walked out, unable to remember what I had read! Trying to market music and books at the same time is crazy- if they insist on playing music to people who are trying to read books in their cafes. (Unless their thinking is that people will give up & just buy the book so they can read it later)




There is something wrong with having to listen to music not of one's choosing while shopping and eating in restaurants. It is MIND CONTROL.




When one goes to a restaurant, they don't say "you have to eat only l dish that we have" - (they only do that in jail). But yet people put up with having to listen to whatever they broadcast! This makes no sense.




What we listen to affects our spirit, our thoughts, and emotions -more important than the food we eat. We have a RIGHT not to be forcibly brainwashed.




It is like the smoking issue - just as non-smoking became politically correct, and the default in restaurants, QUIET should be the default in restaurants and stores.




People who want to listen to music now have their own ipods so they can listen without it intruding on others. That is how it should be. Remember how annoying boom boxes were? Music in restaurants & stores is just as intrusive.




When I go shopping, I need to pray about what to buy. Music interferes with that process.




When I go to a restaurant or cafe to read or write, music interferes with that.




The bible says that there are 2 sources of inspiration- God and below. When we write, we should WANT to be inspired by GOD; not the other side. When there is music playing 90% of it is inspired by the other side, and it sets up interference in hearing from GOD as we think, speak & write. It is no good.




The society is mentally ill because they can't hear from GOD with all this noise.




Music and writing is my 'business' and something I have studied & thought about for 30 years. I have written music all my life - over 50 years. I would rather have quiet than be subjected to BAD MUSIC.




If one was hungry and someone offered you poison, would you eat it? No- you would be better off not eating.  But people listen to poison music without realizing how dangerous it is.




People need to petition these companies like cafes, Mcdonalds, bookstores, etc to be quiet so people can work and think in peace. A good place for a petition is




Pop music is toxic – ban it in the stores and restaurants



The people who work in these stores where they play this demonic music are being abused. It is a health hazard.  They should call labor lawyers and consult the OSHA regulations which require workplace safety to argue that it endangers their mental health.  There could be class action suits against the Major Corporations that dictate to all the franchises that they have to play music. I know this is the case; I have asked a lot of managers of restaurants. Many tell me the corporate office tells them they have to


Play it.  But they can turn it down very low, almost inaudible. That would be a vast


improvement. Some of them do this.




The music is an opening for demonic spirits which cause mental illness & physical afflictions.  




What the workers can also do is pray for God’s Spirit to take authority where they work, and then the equipment will ‘malfunction’ so the place is quiet.  Whenever I pray in the morning for the Holy Spirit to be on me, and take Authority wherever I go, it IS quiet in places that normally play music. So this is one way to take care of it.  




You can also educate your managers, bosses and tell them you are all being spiritually poisoned by listening to this.  They will just turn it off or down, in many cases. Share the John Todd  video with them.




John Todd- Demons Behind the Music.




I have told a lot of sales clerks – you are being abused and it is bad for your health to listen to this.  Then I tell them to listen to this video, and read this article.  You can tell sales clerks about this article and video and then it will wake them up. A lot of them are receptive. Many have heard of the Illuminati from Michael Jackson & other artists who talk about it.



Also, the young generation is so conditioned to listen to external music all the time that when they are not working, they are listening to the same crap on their ipods or whatever.   So, they never have quiet so they can hear from God. 



God speaks to us all in our thoughts but we need quiet to hear Him rather than demons. 



A lot of the decisions these kids make is based on the constant input in their thoughts from demons rather than God.   In order to help them hear from God instead, if the workplaces like McDonalds stop playing music, that will be 8 hours where they can hear God talk  to them instead!   Finally God will be able to get through. 



Then, instead of doing stupid things like using drugs and buying Guns, they will be able to Hear God tell them – that’s not a good idea, don’t do it.   Turning off this music where they work will work in a major way to stop a lot of gun violence.



Any mayor who wants to stop gun violence – turn off this poison which is making the kids think it is a good idea to get them and use them in the first place!



The problem is not the guns – it is the idea that they should use them  in irresponsible ways. The guns don’t suggest these ideas to them – but the music does since it is laced with spiritual poison – demons and words that suggest such stupidity.



For 200 years in this country, the majority of citizens have had guns, as authorized by the 2nd amendment, for self-protection (from criminals and the government). 



The recent violence is not a result of more guns – it is a result of other things – the mind control of the population through music, drugs & education that is programming people to use guns in dangerous ways.



Gun violence directly correlates to drug use – and I include psych meds as the biggest culprit.



And it correlates to this demonic trance music which hypnotizes people so they are


More easily prone to suggestion – by demons which are on the music and by the words in the songs and by the words of others.



And the genocidal education classes like “death ed”  which the Columbine shooters had to take, which is what really caused the shooting.  They never would have gotten the guns and done it if they had not been programmed by the class and the drugs they were on- psych drugs.







You want to stop gun violence?   Make it illegal for the stores and restaurants where these kids work to play this toxic music. Then God can talk to them and tell them not  to get the guns.  This will help workers and customers.



I guarantee you, if you turn off all the noise, within one week you will see an obvious drop in violence. NO QUESTION.



Send the NYPD into the stores to tell them to turn it off. Threaten to arrest the owners on reckless endangerment charges (causing mental illness) if they don’t comply.


Instead of stop and frisk.  That will WORK.



Those who practice and teach Transcendental Meditation always made the claim that where l0% of the population meditates, there is less violence. I wouldn’t doubt it.  It calms people down, gets them to sit QUIETLY so God can talk to them.  I did TM for 10 years.  I wouldn’t advocate it now, but I would advocate prayer and sitting quietly so people can hear from GOD. 



(TM uses mantras that actually invoke Hindu deities, which are demons.)



Calming people down will help everyone. The demonic pop music agitates people.



If places are quiet, people will calm down, hear from God and make better choices.  About everything. This includes diet. 



Instead of banning large sodas, ban the music that has demons which tell people to drink the sodas.  STOP THE MIND CONTROL.  It undergirds everything else people do.



I have personally experienced the impulse to buy food and eat it when I go into a restaurant that plays this music. That is obviously their purpose in playing the music. But it is all manipulation, mind control.



It is harder to resist temptations when the devil has authority somewhere. When it is quiet, God has authority and people find it easier to resist temptations.




That is the source of the problem and addressing it is the REAL SOLUTION.



Take the fluoride out of  NYC water.  It is brainwashing the whole city and they are stupefied and insane.



Open the libraries 24 hours so people have QUIET places to work and think and hear from God rather than demons when they read and write.









Everything is affected by this, and everything will improve.



One of the best things you did for NYC was banning cigarettes.  Ban them everywhere. 


The butts on the sidewalks make it difficult to pray. They are spiritual contamination. It is like trying to pray in a toilet. 



Then – BAN COFFEE!   2nd hand coffee is as bad as second hand smoke spiritually. At least ban coffee in the parks so people can actually sit there and PRAY and work without having spiritual contamination from talking coffee drinkers.  Anyone who drinks coffee and talks transmits unclean addictive spirits to everyone in earshot. It is worse than sneezing on people.



Give all the welfare recipients jobs sweeping up cigarette butts.  They will be doing extremely important work that will benefit the whole city.



Stop playing with symptoms (guns, sodas) and deal with ROOT CAUSES.  You’re making the same mistake as people who go to doctors when they are sick, which just treats symptoms, and not causes, which are spiritual and usually involve some kind of sin they need to address.  When sins are addressed, people can be healed.




When I go into an ethnic store and they play folk music, I enjoy it.  It is the American pop music that is all accursed.  The restaurants that serve ethnic food should play that kind of music, rather than the American pop stuff.




When people shop, they don’t need to hear music; they need to be able to think about what they are buying. The whole idea of playing music in stores is absurd. 




The businesses that rent computer time are sabotaging their equipment, which often malfunctions because of the demons on  the music they play.  They need to turn it off.




One of the main problems with most music is that the words often act like curses.



If one shops in a store with curses in the music, those curses or demonic spirits in the music will continue to be around the person due to carrying what they bought. I know this because often I will hear music in my head, wondering where it is coming from, and realize it is connected to something I bought. Even carrying change from a place where they play music can transmit a curse.




One needs to be aware of this so they can pray to break any curses, by praying in Jesus name.




Sometimes in stores I have gotten a bump on my head from the music or the words. I have also gotten a rash from the music in many places.




Several years ago at a church I met someone who told me he used to practice witchcraf-, and said "if I want to put a curse on someone, I give them something". Giving something to someone can give spiritual authority to the giver over the recipient.




Even inadvertently, whatever spirits are on the person giving will be transmitted to the recipient, unless the recipient knows enough to pray over it in Jesus name to rebuke any unclean spirits, or just bless it in Jesus name.




If someone using alcohol, nicotine, caffeine gives one money, one can pick up unclean spirits of addict- unless one knows to take care of this issue.




My free minbook "The Power of Words Revised" talks about the power of words to curse and bless. Lyrics affect people powerfully, often acting like curses.




The POWER OF WORDS revised ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry




Also see my free book Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry which exposes atheistic psychiatry and their genocide by toxic drugs, which are deadly, by design, and tells how to heal mental and physical illness thru prayer.





The mental health system is nothing but mind control and genocide. The drugs are toxic and put people in a hypnotic trance so they can be mind controlled.




Aldous Huxley's prophetic book BRAVE NEW WORLD described a totalitarian society where everyone is controlled and drugged. He was an insider and knew the agendas of the social engineers. His brother Julian, an atheist, was a member of the eugenics & euthanasia societies & was first head of UNESCO, the UN arm for education.




Aldous Huxley said "a scientific fascism will be easy to sell the masses". That scientific fascism is the mental health system & a society that is being taught through atheist schools to worship science rather than God.





Quotes showing the Real Agendas behind Mental Health & Education



which are: mind control, genocide, atheism, world government.




All of the mass shooters were on psych meds.


Jim Marrs in his book The Rise of the 4th Reich documents this.




The same social engineers run mental health & education, so they work together.




The Columbine shooters were on psych drugs and ALSO taking a class in "Death Education". They were hypnotized by the drugs & programmed by the class.




Sam Blumenfeld in his BlumenfeldEducationLetter also documented how in the early 90s many schools had ‘death ed' classes and the suicide rates shot up there.




The purpose behind these shootings is to use them to call for more ‘mental health screening' as a way of drugging more people, and to call for gun control laws. Fascist societies always pass gun control laws so the population can't protect themselves from the government. Hitler did it.




The same social engineers run mental health and education. The people running the education schools are atheist behaviorists.






The whole agenda of modern public education is mind control.




They use something called OBE Outcome based Education which focuses on values rather than skills. Benjamin Bloom, the founder of it, said "the purpose of education is to change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of students" RATHER than teach them to read, write and think critically. They don't want that. They want obedient serfs. Their whole goal, a totalitarian world government, includes a society ruled by a small elite who have control over the rest of the population, which they have dumbed down.




All education is indoctrination, except for teaching people skills like reading & critical thinking. To anyone who doubts that American public education is full of indoctrination; here is a blaring example.




Everyone who went to high school was taught that Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a supposed ‘lone nut’. It turns out that actually there was a conspiracy of 11 people, including a woman, who were hanged. Now why weren’t we told the truth?




I first found out this information reading Jesse Ventura’s book  American ConspiraciesLies Lies & More Dirty lies, about various government conspiracies. He makes the point that it is conditioning, to get the public to accept the idea that all assassinations are by ‘lone nuts’ who all strangely have 3 names (first, middle & last). The reality is that all the assassinations have involved conspiracies, either with many people or brainwashed patsies by the CIA. The CIA in MKULTRA brainwashed assassins. They were behind JFK RFK, MLK, John Lennon, Reagan’s shooter & countless others.




President Bill Clinton apologized for MKULTRA which involved mind control experiments on unsuspecting victims. They use mental patients who can easily be discredited and written off as crazy lone nuts. All this brainwashing goes on in mental hospitals, where they use drugs that put people in a hypnotic trance, easy to be brainwashed.




I taught in public schools for 7 years. I saw the mind control agenda to dumb down students and promote atheism as the religion of the public school system. Atheism is the religion of public education, also known as secular humanism.




John Dewey, the founder of Education Reform, was an atheist. He wrote the Humanist Manifesto, the atheist manifesto of Secular Humanism. All of his proteges, atheist behaviorists like BF Skinner, run the education schools like Columbia Teachers College & Harvard. Skinner believed man had so soul.




Musings on Secular Humanism  & public education, response to the Humanist Manifesto, Psychiatry & the New World Order




The social engineers have been dumbing down the population by using reading methods that cause dyslexia, adhd. They introduced something called whole language learning (and other names for the same thing- the look-see method) rather than phonetics, which creates reading problems like dyslexia.




The Rockefellers funded education through their foundations. John D Rockefeller who founded the Southern Education Board, said "I don't want thinkers, I want workers".




They started an experimental school in Chicago & sent their own kids. Nelson Rockefeller, former NY governor & Vice President, went there and had reading problems his whole life as a result.




Sam Blumenfeld in his book The Trojan Horse in Education wrote about this. Kids are taught to recognize short words like pictures, rather than phonetics which uses the sounds of letter. When a person uses phonetics, they can sound out an unfamiliar word letter buy letter. Kids using the other method have no way to decode unfamiliar words. Hence they are good readers for the early grades, but when they get to higher levels and have longer words, they have problems.




I saw this as a teacher in the schools: I would tell kids to sound out the letters and sometimes they had no idea what I meant. When parents caught onto this agenda & complained, schools re-introduced phonetics. But I saw that it was taught separately. In many cases kids don't make the connection between that class and how to apply it in reading. Blumenfeld's site is




Dyslexia, ADHD: causes & cures




Another name for this plan for world government is the 'new world order'.




One of their main agendas is depopulation of the planet by 50- 90%.




They are using healthcare to do it, as well as poisoning food, water, wars, etc. They use poisoned vaccines which actually sterilize and make people sick. Most vaccines have squaline, a poison. This was stated by a Dr, Rena Labow, hiding out in Panama, who testified about this to Jesse Ventura in his show "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" in his episode on secret societies & the ruling elite. You can see it free on youtube.





The New World Order – Prophetic Warning to Jews, Christians & Everyone




Fluoridated Water is Mass Medication of the Population for Control & Genocide




It was used by the Nazis to make prisoners docile in the camps. It has been used worldwide for the same purpose. It dumbs down the population. IQs are 20 points lower where it is used. Sodium Fluoride is the ingredient in rat poison. It is a toxic waste.




Toothpastes with it say to call poison control if swallowed. The idea that it prevents cavities is a BIG LIE to snooker the public. It causes canc--, bone fractures, brain damage & ADHD in lab rats.




It is also in all the anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs, which also stupefy people to hypnotize them, opening them up to demonic oppression. This is why the drugs cause mental illness, suicide, homicide.




65% of the US & UK use fluoridated water. Europe banned it. NYC has it.


It is also sneakily in most bottled water, many foods . Antidotes include Vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella.




See article for list of foods with them:




Warning: Toxic fluoride in drinking water, psych drugs & food & how to get rid of it




The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide




The Nazis Killed Mental Patients with Psych meds in the secret T4 euthenasia program. This genocide has continued worldwide since using Mental Health as a cover.




This genocide was a sneak genocide of Christians, since they used atheistic psychiatry to falsely call them mentally ill. This genocide of Christians has continued worldwide since through Mental Health.




My book Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry was written to expose the atheistic agenda behind psychiatry & their genocide. It also tells how to heal mental & physical illness through prayer/worship. 




Free at




Also in chapters on my blog









Dr. Peter Breggin at


has written many books warning about toxic psych meds, saying they cause mental illness, suicide, homicide. He was the first to expose the t-4 euthenasia of mental patients. In a recent case where Breggin testified, a Canadian judge ruled that prozac caused a teen to commit homicide. This was the first north american case where psych drugs were found guilty for causing violence.




Judge Rules Psych Drugs Cause Homicide



Breggin is a prophet. Prophets are those who God uses to speak the truth and warn people. Some prophets are atheists. God speaks to everyone in our thoughts by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of truth, which has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from Heaven. Our conscience is God. Our intuition is usually God.  God can use anybody prophetically.




Dr. Rima Laibow is another prophet, being used by God to warn everyone about psych drugs. She is a NY-trained psychiatrist who says in over 40 years has never used psych drugs to treat the children, adolescents and adults she treats. She uses other methods that work. She warns that psych drugs are all toxic. She also says vaccines are deliberately toxic, with a poison called squaline, designed to make people sick & die. She recounts a social engineer telling her “it is nearly time to cull the population”. She gave this testimony on Jesse Ventura's show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, free on youtube. She warns that the plan of the social engineers is to forcibly vaccinate everyone and those who refuse will be sent to FEMA camps.




Rima Laibow's website is





The Mental Health system is a FRONT for Nazi genocide –




Excerpts & comments from The Men Behind Hitler – a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber




Shrieber documents that  the social engineers in the US & UK who supported eugenics & euthanasia, many of whom were psychiatrists, supported Hitler & run the mental health system.




After WWII The Nazi Institute for racial hygiene changed their name to Mental Hygiene, a name for mental health.  They are continuing their genocide worldwide using mental health as a cover.




The social engineers stopped using the word eugenics and changed it to genetic research. Euthenasia became ‘population control”.  Sterilization/abortion is ‘reproductive  healthcare”.   All euphemisms to hide their real agendas.




The Rockefellers, an Illuminati bloodline major social engineering family, funded The Institute for Psychiatry in Munich in l938, run by Ernst Rudin, a Nazi psychiatrist.




The whole mental health system is Orwellian doublespeak.  It is mental death, not health.




The book

 Conspirator’s Hierarchy: the Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John 


Coleman documents the Illuminati plan for world government, the control of the music business, the drug trade that is behind all the wars. The British Nobility & the Rothschilds control the American Illuminati bloodline families. John Todd also testifies to this.




Highlights & comments on Coleman’s book at:


Conspirators’ Hierarchy – the Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr.John Coleman



The Queen of England does not only rule England, She, thru the Illuminati & Committee of  300, rules the US & the world!




It’s not really so odd that Sir Paul McCartney & Sir Mick Jagger were knighted, when they have been serving the Illuminati agenda all along.   While praying about this, God said to me, “They were used”.




John Lennon said elsewhere that the whole meaning of the Beatles was “do as thou wilt” – which is the motto of Alistair Crowley, the master sata-ist.  They had his picture on the Sargeant Pepper lp,  with many others. McCartney said these people were their ‘heroes’.




God told me  “he needs to renounce it”.  It is God’s will for all musicians to serve HIM, not the Illuminati! 




Paul McCartney fills stadiums worldwide – God has positioned him to save the world, just like the Apostle Paul!  And the Apostle Paul was also on the wrong path – in ignorance working against the followers of Jesus, when he had his “Damascus Road experience” and God spoke to him. Then he did a l80 degree turn and became the apostle to the gentiles.




God likes to use people that are on the wrong side and convert them to be used for HIM- it is a powerful testimony.




McCartney sings about love and his music heals many people. But like most musicians, the music is spiritually mixed.




The bible says It is God’s will for all people to be saved.   Especially musicians, who have a sacred calling to heal the world and speak to the world.




God told me John Lennon got saved before he died. 




Ringo Starr  always said he wanted peace and love for his birthday.  True peace comes from being Born Again, filled with the Holy Spirit. Peace from God.




On his 70th birthday, I prayed that he would receive the Holy Spirit and start talking & singing in tongues.  A day later, I had a vision of  him talking to me, saying “your prayer was answered”.




Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians




See my free Book


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD'S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers.



It is God who gives us our talent so we need to seek HIS purposes for it. The bible says “every good gift comes down from the father of  lights” James 1:17. 




I have played the piano & improvised & written music since age 4, over 50 years. I remember having the thought as a child “I was put on earth to do music, and it’s holy”      I declined working in advertising writing jingles because I sensed it would pollute my channel if I prostituted it. 




When we use our talents for God, we have more peace, feel more whole & are happier. 


When we are where God wants us, or are doing what God wants us to do, we feel God’s peace. 




Jesus said “my peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, I give to you.” John 14:26




People who allow the devil to hijack their talents for His purposes end up in slavery to him. This is one reason they end up using drugs. 




Those in the music business have always had ‘handlers’ around them giving them drugs, to control them.




Message to Musicians who have sold their soul




Bob Dylan was always a prophet. He got saved in the early l980’s.  He was saved through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a charismatic church whose music is anointed & invokes the spirit of God in a powerful way. Their music has been used in many churches & has revolutionized worship in the Christian church. 


Dylan wrote a song after getting saved “Gotta serve  somebody”.




Dylan has said 2 things prophetically that I Agree with. He said Psychiatry is all lies. That is true.




He has also discerned correctly that the Jewish Star is not of God. He calls it the “Egyptian star”.   That is accurate. It came from Egypt.  It is called the Star of  David but that is a misnomer. David never used it. His son Solomon got it from his Egyptian wives & put it on his shield.  It was a symbol of a false God, a demon, from Egypt.  The prophet Amos rebuked the Jews for using it, saying  “you have made a star unto your God chiu-“.   Amos 5:26




It is definitely occult, demonic.  The Rothschilds who are illuminati bloodline, mason Jews who run the banking system, got their name from the symbol. It means red shield in German. It was the symbol on their coat of arms.




The Rothschilds funded the State of  Israel.  That is one reason the symbol was used on the Israeli flag.  This is a mistake. It has brought curses on Israel.  It is spiritual contamination.The biblical symbol for the Jews was the menorah. They should have put that on their flag.








The illuminati use symbols to get spiritual authority.




Many corporate logos are illuminati symbols.




Revelation ch 13 warns about the antichrist whose number will be 3 6’s.  Many corporate logos subtily, sneakily hide 3 6’s; you can see it if you look for it.


Subliminal messages in advertising is an old trick.




I just read an article that talked about NY advertising logo companies; one of them has the name Pentagram!  That is an occult symbol of witchcraf-. Pretty obvious who they serve.




The whole subject of symbols is very important. Their purpose spiritually is to invoke spirits and give authority to those spirits wherever they are invoked.  The devil purposefully deceives people about the true meaning of these symbols- making people think they mean one thing when spiritually they mean another.  The devil is a liar & the father of all lies, and one of his devices is deception.




Peace signs are another example of spiritual deception.  They supposedly connote peace, but are really an anti-christ symbol.  Devil worshippers invert a cross, break the arms.




By circulating this symbol among hippies during the Vietnam antiwar movement, it gave spiritual authority, hence making people more susceptible  to drugs & sex, 2 areas of  temptation & sin that the devil uses.




The Nazis used the symbol on their graves; it is from a rune they used symbolizing deat-




When we use a symbol that has been used for other meanings, there can be spiritual linkage that is dangerous.




Falun Gong is a spiritual practice originating in China. They have been treated worse by the Chinese government than the Jews in Nazi Germany. They have had their organs harvested for the black market & been thrown into incinerators, alive.  Their SYMBOL is a swastika!  They have invoked onto themselves this type of  horror  because, regardless of whatever they think the symbol invokes, it is linked to nazi atrocities.




John Todd said he was at a very high level, the council of 13 (which oversaw the Committee of  300 that John Coleman talks about).   Todd says he answered to the Rothschilds, and they answered directly to Lucifer.




I read a comment on a website by someone who says she was an illuminati slave. This commenter said he knew someone who was also from an illuminati bloodline, who, as a child was taken to a big boardroom at the UN, and watched from the peanut gallery as people met. David Rockefeller sat at one end of the table.  At the other end was an empty chair.   The people all started chanting. They invoked the devil, who appeared in the empty chair.




Both John Coleman and John Todd say the Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds.




I also know one of  David Rockefeller’s daughters personally.  She told me 30 years ago that he is ‘toxic’.  God kept telling me to pray for her.  HE said if I do, she’ll talk about the illuminati stuff. 




I once said to God “Gee it’s like knowing Hitler’s daughter.”   God said back, “it’s worse”.




The first time I was at a psych hospital, I called her. She said “I know all about psychiatry”. I could tell from her tone she didn’t mean it in a good way.




The Rockefellers funded Hitler & the Institute of Psychiatry in Munich in l938, run by Ernst Rudin, a Nazi psychiatrist. She certainly knew all about this.   If I had talked more with her about it, she could have told me all about the history that took me 10 years to uncover from other sources!




Coleman talks about TAVISTOCK Institute, the institute in London that brainwashes


the global elite and controls all the major foundations and think tanks in the US, which are offshoots of it. These include Stanford Research Institute, Rand Corp, Wharton


School of Business, Harvard, etc. The global elite are all “trained” ; brainwashed at Tavistock or their offshoots to support the agendas of the illuminati.




Sigmund Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry,  ran Tavistock after WWII.




John Rawlings Rees was director of TAVISTOCK. He is the one who as head of the World Fed of Mental Health, said their goal was to infiltrate the church, education, the


legal and medical system, and be a 5th column (propaganda thru the media).




The fact that Rees, head of Tavistock whose purpose is brainwashing, was also head of the World Federation of Mental Health, shows that the WHOLE PURPOSE of the MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM is BRAINWASHING.




People are brainwashed in med schools, law schools, churches & thru the media to conform to the thinking of the ruling elite. Those who don’t are often discredited and

accused of being mentally ill to discredit them.




The Russian psych hospitals were always filled with “political dissidents”. People who talk about conspiracies in the US & UK run the risk of being called “paranoid schizophrenic”. That is part of the whole  brainwashing Modus operandi in education, psychiatry & the media – to label anyone who believes in conspiracies as being crazy. That’s why psychiatry developed a label for it – ‘paranoid schizophrenic”. The psych labels are complete nonsense and there are  honest psychiatrists who have said so.




Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist who wrote The myth of mental illness says most

psychiatric labels are just ways of discrediting those who are political or social non-conformists. He is one of the founders of the CCHR, which has done much to

expose psychiatric abuse.




The information in Coleman’s book about Tavistock shows how psychiatric

brainwashing is behind all areas of human endeavor.




The CCHR has a booklet on psychiatric brainwashing & terrorists, all of whom have had psychiatric ‘handlers’.




Coleman talks about how Henry Kissinger was “trained” by Rees. Kissinger is the American liaison between the Committee of 300 and the US government. Kissinger “advises” Obama. He is his “handler”. That is why Obama is being brainwashed to do the bidding of the Illuminati. Kissinger has said “Obama will bring in the New World Order”.




A Prophetic Sign about the New World Order




Obama was shown holding a copy of  BRAVE NEW WORLD at a bookstore on his vacation in Maine.  This was a sign of where he is being used to take us.  His Healthcare bill sneakily mandates MICROCHIPPING the population.   P. 1001 calls for a “registry of medical devices” pursuant to a 2004 FDA directive calling for ‘implantable transponders for healthcare info & id”.




Nick Rockefeller told Aaron Russo that one of the agendas of  the global elite IS to microchip everyone.




Rockefellers are illuminati, Kissinger works for David Rockefeller & the CFR, which is the American Arm of the Illuminati, and Kissinger advises Obama.  Obama passes bill with microchips.




The Bible in the Book of Revelation chapter 13 warns against taking “the mark of the beast”. It is a mark that the anti-christ world leader will make people take.  It says “he will make men take this mark in their right hand or forehead, without which no man  can buy or sell.”  Rev 13:16-17




It is microchips which will be used instead of money.  The bible warns that anyone who takes it will suffer eternal torment.  People need to rely on God for supernatural provision rather than submit to this demonic monetary world system.




They will use microchips to mind control everyone- that is their goal. They do it with drugs & music; chips are next.  They have been sneakily chipping people for years. In jails they say it is a tb shot. It is a ruse. In l997 in Florida I heard the government announce they were thinking of testing them in jails & mental hospitals. Then I found out they were doing it.




Carl Sanders, a Christian minister, says he helped design them as an atheist working for the government 30 years ago. Now he warns people they are the mark of the beast. He told me they tested them on military in the first gulf war.




People should avoid all vaccines because l) they are toxic and 2) they are using them to sneakily microchip people.





The Dangers of Healthcare – look to God, He heals





Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the New World Order





Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians.




Mind Control Effects of Pot




Legalizing Pot is an Illuminati Plot


Fancy chicken restaurant is social justice for chickens




The 2 major mental disorders are pot brain and coffee brain


Pot damages brains


Pot is the number 1 problem and it's all Bob Dylan's fault





Pop music causes mental illness because the music business is run by devil worshippers who pray demons onto the lps




Testimonies of Illuminati Defectors



Gays are made that way by social engineering



Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering



Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the New World Order



Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper – on the social engineers



Former NYC Mayor’s quote about Rockefeller Social Engineering & Shadow Government




Negative testimony of child of gay marriage


Robert O. Lopez had lesbian moms




SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT a “Serious Mental Disorder”


(it is a nonsense label used by atheistic psychiatry to falsely call Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences mentally ill)





Autistic kids are Prophets in Training



Every Family has a Resident Prophet


 (They are the kids and teens with blue hair, the individualists. Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position)




Blueprint for Revival Revised



Levi Aron is not criminally responsible –psychiatry is the culprit



NAMI IS A FRONT FOR BIG PHARMA & how to be healed



Spiritual Wisdom Revised



THE POWER OF WORDS revised ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry




The importance of Prayer & Fasting & Sanctification (no drugs)



Manual for Transformational Healing REVISED


(exposes atheist psychiatry which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences schizophrenic, a nonsense label, & their genocide by drugs which are deadly, BY DESIGN & tells how to heal mental & physical illness thru prayer)



Also in chapters on my blog








Message to Families of Mental Patients



Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearings for Mental Patients





ADVENTURES IN PRAYER – testimony of a prophet-intercessor


(my very strange life – BOOK IN PROGRESS)









Conspirators’ Hierarchy – the Story of the Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman



Highlights & comments




Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier




The Rockefeller File – By Gary Allen
   has many articles on the Illuminati and testimonies of Illuminati defectors
 (Dr Peter Breggin's website)
  (Dr. Rima Laibow's website) She is a psychiatrist who has never used psych drugs on kids or adults in 40 years, successfully using other treatments, and testifies that vaccines cause neurological damage which result in mental illess, & that the global elite intend to use vaccines to genocide the population.








on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name







Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians













This testimony of a Christian who was taken to Hell by Jesus to testify that it is real says he saw a witch who the devil had promised to have a part of his kingdom, but he lied to her and she was being tormented instead.

The devil has lied to all people who serve him; they think they will rule in hell but it is not so.


They need to renounce the deals they made with the devil, since it is invalid – a contract made under false pretexts is an invalid contract – so they have an out.

All the musicians and politicians who have sold their souls need to do this and accept Jesus as savior while they are still alive, before it is too late.




I saw Michael Jackson in Hell



Mary K Baxter describes horrors of Hell




Mary K Baxter describes horrors of Hell


She says it is in the middle of the earth

She said witches and people who served the devil will not rule in hell like they are told by him, they will suffer like others. The devil lies. He said he hates them as much as he hates Christians.






Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes



Play guitar with 1 finger method in 20 minutes

Play MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN in 15 minutes

Play Piano in Half an Hour



Smoker Filth



NYC is a giant ashtray.  There are butts all over the sidewalks. They interfere with wifi, cell calls.  If you charge electronics near them it makes the batteries go down instead of up.


When people smoke near electronics, it puts soot on them and ruins them. This video and picture shows the soot on my wires and face after smokers talk near me, even if they are not smoking at that moment.


I want to ban public smoking.  It is a health hazard and a hazard to equipment. I have had 4 laptops ruined when someone smoked near me while I was charging them.

If anal sex is sex, then sticking a banana in your ear is ear eating




Raccoon discusses transgender issues




30 genders

NYC public schools want your kids to think this is normal




Illuminati control of music & Hollywood