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The Mayor's Dept of Good Ideas

Bad Ideas

Open the Church Doors


Let Homeless stay in empty Billionaire investment apts

How to Feed the Poor

Plant those Peach Pits

The Tree Project

The Mayor should have a cabinet of former candidates

Don't Euthenize Kittens! Give them to children and prisoners

Turn Prisons into Schools of Ministry

Have all the World leaders take a vacation & let their wives run things

My Plan for the World

It’s All About the Blue Shirt

Income Inequality is an Asinine Issue

The People's Money

Cops should see their jobs as a ministry of correction

How to Fix the Education system in one year

How to Make Peace in Israel

Toilets for the Homeless, tourists and everyone

Turn the Christmas shopping shacks into shelters after the shopping season.

If you build it you can live there

Tourist/shopper/homeless nap stations

Jobs for former prisoners

Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy

Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System

THE PRISONER’S HANDBOOK God’s help for those in jails and solitary

Peace Place – 24 hour cafe for work, prayer, rest

The Turtle Club

Emergency Toilet – great job for the homeless

How homeless people and ex-prisoners can prevent kids from using drugs


Use schools to house homeless families


Use office buildings to house homeless people and families

Rat Fishing – upward mobility opportunity for poor people

Use the Flea Defense to empty Rikers


This book will probably sound in part like it was written by a precocious 7 year old. Well one has to think like a child to see solutions. Jesus also said that unless we become as little children we will not see the kingdom of heaven.

This little book of wisdom was inspired by the City of New York, which is probably one of the craziest places on earth, and is God's response to it.

It is an object lesson in the fact that there is NO situation that God doesn't have a remedy to. When we are at our wit's end with a situation, and ASK HIS HELP, THAT is when He steps in and shows us how obtuse we really are.

In NYC, if something makes sense, you don't see it. If it doesn't make sense, you see it everywhere.

There has to be a Department of Morons in the Mayor's Office, secretly running things. Their door does not have a sign. It probably looks like a closet.

But we can fix all this in two snaps. Listen up, De Blasio, there is still time to turn this around and look intelligent.



Create a mayor's dept of Good ideas. Give it a phone number - 777-7777. 7 is a God number. This will honor God and make him smile. Put signs in the subways and in the schools - on every kid's desk, to CALL that number with any good ideas. They can also mail it, or email it.

Hire someone who is NOT a moron to collect all the suggestions, and make sure the MAYOR reads them PERSONALLY. No screening.

Most of the gatekeepers in the city are IDIOTS. They RUN THE CITY. They often keep people with Good ideas from talking to their bosses. Stop this. NO more gate keeping.

Concurrently, there should also be a Mayor's Dept of BAD Ideas.

People who want to warn the mayor about something that is NOT A GOOD IDEA should send that to THIS number. Make the number be 666-6666. EW. Even THAT is a bad idea. Make it 777-7776.


The 7- year olds are the prophets.

God never stopped using prophets. There is the office of prophet in the new Testament. God says it is an office that he gave to help the church. There are five offices: apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors. Ephesians 4:11 in THAT order which tells you what the hierarchy is. The apostles found churches and build them up.

Every family has a resident prophet

They are the kids and teens with blue hair - the individualists

Whoever is closest to 7 get to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position

My sister was 21 months younger than me. She always used to point this out when I said we were 2 years apart. One time I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she said BOSS. It was HER way of letting me know that it was HER turn to be the Head Resident Prophet, the Boss who had all the answers. 21 is a God number, a multiple of 7. My birthday is the 21.


Children are God's mouthpieces to us. THAT is why God sends them into families. Whatever comes into their heads, comes out of their mouths. They only learn to screen it later. God help us if they also become Politically Correct. THEN they make no sense at all.

When a child gets trained into becoming an idiot, or politically correct, God decides to send THAT family a newer edition. Another child.

Hence there are NO unplanned pregnancies with God. HE has a purpose for every soul.

Jeremiah 1 says "I knew you before I formed you in the womb"


All thoughts come from the spiritual realm. The bible says they come either from God or the demonic. God's ideas are GOOD, the demonic ones are usually bad, often very bad. Many times they are a trap - something may SEEM like a good idea but has negative consequences.

Proverbs describes this - it says

"a way may seem right to a man but the end thereof is destruction."

James chapter 3 says there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below.

God talks to everyone in our thoughts, by the Holy Spirit, which has been on earth for 2,000 years, since Jesus sent it from heaven. It is the spirit of truth. It is called the comforter. It guides us and comforts us.

Our conscience is God talking to us . Our intuition is God leading us. We should trust it.



If you want solutions to every problem, ask the nearest 7 year old what to do. Write it down. Send it to the mayor's dept of Good Ideas.

We'll have this place fixed in a jiffy.

Want to fix everything really fast? Tell the mayor to visit the nearest class of 7 year olds and ask their advice. Seriously. That is the most effective way to hear from God many times, for people whose own channel is not clear.

In order for the mayor to hear from God he needs to stop drinking coffee.

Bloomberg's problem was that instead of using a nice quiet office where he could hear from God, he sat in the noisy bullpen near all the chattering coffee drinkers. BAD IDEA. He got his best ideas probably in Bermuda, away from all that. Then he came back to his office and got contaminated by a bunch of bad ideas.

One of his major callings was public health. He was on the mark on that. But he didn't apply it the right way sometimes. Instead of going after the toxic fluoride in NYC drinking water he went after large sodas. ALL sodas have fluoride. The problem is the content, not just size. There is too much sugar in drinking large sodas, but the fluoride is also bad - it hypnotizes people and makes them make bad choices in the first place.

Fluoridated water is mass drugging of the population. 65% of the US & UK have it. NYC has it. The nazis used it to make prisoners docile. It is mind control and genocide. It causes lower IQs, brain damage, canc-, bone fractres, ADHD. They use sodium fluoride the ingredient in rat poison. Toothpastes with it warn to call poison control if swallowed. Antidotes include vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella.


Coffee opens people up to lying demonic spirits, of mania, confus-, addiction.

Alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress-.

I have picked it up from sitting in earshot of talking beer drinkers.

One can rebuke these spirits in Jesus name. I learned to do this.

Years ago I let someone at a church, who was on anti-depressants, pray over me. The worship leader was a psychiatrist who had half the group on drugs. This guy laid hands on me and I left feeling suicidal and crying hysterically, wondering "what happened?" I called my mentor who said "why did you let that man touch you". He prayed in tongues over the phone and it was gone.

Another time I picked up that spirit by touching someone. I was crying. I coughed spontaneously and it left.

One time I felt it and asked God "where is this coming from?" He said "you know what to do". I rebuked the spirit of depress- in Jesus name. It left. Takes 2 minutes. You don't need therapy and psych drugs. Just rebuke the things and assess what is the opening for it. It is either some sinful behavior which needs to be repented of, or it is something in one's environment that is an opening for the spiritual oppression.

One needs to change one's environment or the spirits will return

Spirits jump around all the time. Being near others who use drugs and talk is the major cause of picking it up. Also from music.

Whatever spirits are on musicians transmits through their music, live and recorded. If they use drugs there are unclean demonic spirits on them that transmit.

When musicians play near butts on the ground the unclean spirits get sucked into their spiritual broadcasting and afflicts people. This happens in the parks. As soon as the play I often feel like I have to go to the bathroom. I have this feeling a lot standing near butts on the ground; when I move away the urge leaves.



A good example of THIS is Gay Marriage. It is a REALLY BAD IDEA. A complete counterfeit of Holy Matrimony, which was designed by God to produce children and raise families, to continue the human race.

Gay people do NOT procreate, naturally, the way God designed our bodies. Having them marry makes no sense whatsoever. If they adopt children those children will have NO idea what a healthy heterosexual relationship is supposed to look like since they don't live in one. They are at a serious disadvantage. A dysfunctional family at best.


Not that there aren't plenty of dysfunctional families among heterosexual people. Of course there are. A kid who grows up in a house with a lot of yelling and screaming and disrespect is going to absorb that behavior and later find him or herself doing it also, unless they make a deliberate effort NOT to repeat such a performance. And it may not be till years later that they even realize that kind of behavior was a BAD IDEA. That there are alternatives.

The real danger with gay marriage is that Next they want to adopt. This should be avoided. Gay men are about as qualified to be good parents as two orangutangs in the Bronx Zoo. Throw a banana in the cage and they don't know what to do with it. They stick it in their ear.

Well, Weenies DON'T BELONG IN BACKSIDES. This makes as much sense as an organgutang sticking a banana in his ear. You think this kind of idiotic behavior qualifies someone to be a good parent? FIRST they need to see how insane the behavior is and come to their senses. Then they can be a parent. Otherwise they are role modeling self-destructive idiotic behavior to their kids. This is not good parenting.

Of course the kids will think this behavior is somehow normal, which is the whole problem. It warps them.

Having gay couples raising kids is like LORD OF THE FLIES.
The clueless leading the clueless. NO good will come of it.

The bible calls homosexual sex an abomination, in Leviticus.

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination Lev 18:22


In the New Testament it specifically calls it "abusers of themselves with mankind" and says those who practice this will not see the kingdom of God. It also says this about those who are effeminate, idolaters, adulterers.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind 1 Corinthians 6:9


The issue with lesbians is somewhat different. Most of them either have issues with men because they were sexually or emotionally abused, or they have been brainwashed by feminism to think men are useless. Often a combination. Women who have been abused do not have inner peace. The only way to get that is to forgive.

Jesus said it is necessary to forgive in order to go to heaven. He said

"if you don't forgive men their sins against you, God won't forgive yours". Matthew 6

So unforgiveness can send a person to hell.

SO women who have been abused have unresolved pain and swear off men and get involved with women as a remedy. But it doesn't address the forgiveness issue, which needs to be addressed to have inner peace and go to heaven.

Jesus heals us of all trauma and pain. They need to look to Jesus for healing and then eventually would feel comfortable in heterosexual relationships.

I was in solitary confinement for 8 months. It was a taste of hell. Everyone there had forgiveness issues - they had been horribly abused. They were there as a warning to forgive or end up in hell.

I was raped by an off duty cop who stopped because I kept preaching to him. Then I forgave him. We prayed over each other. He later told me that he told his superiors what he had done and they asked if they should kill me so I wouldn't tell the papers and embarass the dept. He said he told them "no I love her leave her alone" If I had not forgiven him I would have been a mark. It saved my life.

The Need for Forgiveness


Why God made Bill De Blasio mayor of NYC

If you want to blame someone for making DeBlasio mayor, you can blame me. I arranged it.

I told God "don't let Christine Quinn become mayor. Let it be a runoff between Thompson and DeBlasio" Christine Quinn was the front runner and is married to a woman. The next day her numbers tanked and DeBlasio mysteriously rose. Everyone was wondering how it happened. This is why. Thompson and DeBlasio were tied, but Thompson deferred. So DeBlasio became mayor. It was not from any mandate. Hardly anyone voted. God arranged it.

I did this because I knew if NYC had a gay mayor it would be destroyed. God had warned me in 2002 that Putin would nuke NYC. A few years ago He said “it was stalled”.

Then I asked if the churches could intercede to stop it, and He said “they don’t have standing”. This is because they are sinning by not being open 24 hours, for the homeless and everyone (especially tourists) to have somewhere clean to rest and pray. Hotel rooms are not good for praying; they are defiled because of the sex.

I was standing outside Times Square Church looking at the homeless sleeping outside and God said “for a witness against them”

David Wilkerson the founder of Times Square Church was a godly man. He had visions of fires all over NYC and Macy’s being looted years ago. I guess he did not realize this was conditional – it was a warning that this would happen if the church did not repent. One issue was to open the doors 24 hours. I asked God “didn’t you tell Wilkerson to open the doors?” God said “He knew”.

Prophetic visions are usually conditional. They are calls to repent and warnings about what will happen if people do NOT.

God sent Jonah the prophet to Ninevah to tell them it would be destroyed. He told them and the king repented, so God relented.
God called the whole city a bunch of idiots. He said to Jonah

Should I not have mercy on that great city of l40,000 people who can not tell their right hand from their left, and also much cattle?

God told me NYC is like Ninevah. Billy Graham the famous evangelist said the US is like Ninevah.

God is telling the US and NYC to turn back to God, repent or it will be destroyed.

God also told me that NYC is a bunch of idiots. I said to God

There are 6 million idiots in this city”

He said back

TRY 8 million.”

I googled the population –it is 8.4 million.

Abortion and gay marriage grieve God. Abortion is murder of the unborn.

Gay Marriage is trying to make gay sex which God called abomination, into something holy. God isn’t buying it.

He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah over the sin of homosexuality. The word Sodomy means unnatural sex and comes from that.

It says in Matthew 25 that God will judge the nations by how they treat the followers of Jesus; feed the hungry, thirsty, take in the stranger and visit the sick and in prison. Taking in the stranger requires 24 hour churches.

It also means not abusing aliens.

Revelation 18 describes a city that is a center of commerce and the arts that will be destroyed in one hour. The first time I read it I knew it meant NYC.

Jeremiah 18 gives a promise – God says that IF he pronounces judgment on a nation BUT they repent he will relent.

911 was a warning to repent. Rudy Giuliani caused it by rounding up the homeless into jails and psych wards.

Abusing the poor brings judgment by God.

On the night of Bloomberg’s first election in 2001, I was in a law office and turned on the tv at ll pm. The news said it was neck and neck with Mark Green and it was too close to call. A voice spoke to me saying “Go to Times Square to Bloomberg’s campaign headquarters and prophesy to him to change the policies to the homeless from what Giuliani was doing.” I did not go that night – I wasn’t sure if it was God and I was petrified. I was afraid it might be a lying spirit since law offices are full of demonic spirits – due to the law books.

It was God. That is clear to me now.

A Few months ago I was sitting in an atrium preparing to talk to Police Commissioner Bratton –saying you will have blood on your head if you abuse the poor. 2 hours later He walked through Times Square, a block away and someone threw blood or fake blood on his head.

All sorts of interesting things happen due to what I think, speak and write.

I screamed at Bloomberg in my head BAN THE BUTTS and the next day he declared that they were going to prohibit advertising for cigarettes in the front counters of stores, to remove the temptation for impulsive buying.

My mother used to say she wished it was illegal so she could stop.

Ban Public Smoking – message to NYC city council, Bloomberg & De Blasio

This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!

There were 2 major purposes for DeBlasio becoming mayor: To make housing a priority for everyone AND to be a testimony that gays can be healed. De Blasio's wife Chirlane was a former avowed lesbian until she met the goofy tall white guy who wooed her and won her heart. The whole story sounds like a sitcom. The stories God creates out of our lives are far better than the ones people make up.

God said to me "He'll be a good mayor". His heart is in the right place but his ideology is not helpful. Focusing on income inequality demonizes the rich who God has placed to provide money for the non-rich.

Bloomberg was God's provision for money for the city. His company is a fountain of money. God made him mayor to give him a burden for the city. He said he was going to focus on philanthropy after serving. But apparently the folks who made speeches at De Blasio’s inauguration didn't believe this, so they criticized Bloomberg and discouraged him. Ingratitude does this - with people and God. This hindered the plan God had for the city. Then we had 2 months of snow. De Blasio called it obnoxious. Well it was God's response to the obnoxious way they treated Bloomberg at DeBlasio's inauguration.

We had had NO snow for 2 years under Bloomberg. I had come to NYC and specifically asked God to keep it warm for me. Which he did. He has been answering my prayers about weather for 20 years.

see my free book in progress

ADVENTURES IN PRAYER - testimony of a prophet-intercessor

During Hurricane Sandy God answered my prayer to please keep the power on near me. He did. Half of Manhattan had power and was dry and can testify to this.

You Want Witnesses that God is Real and Answers Prayer? How about Half of Manhattan?

I said to God "please keep the power on near me". He said STAY BY THE GRACE BUILDING. It sits opposite Bryant Park, between 42 and 43. I was staying in a foyer that God had found for me a year earlier, when I asked for somewhere quiet and warm to sit at night. I walked down the street and found it - it had a heater right in the wall. Perfect. Then I saw where I was - across from the Grace Building.

As I sat in my 'cubby' God said to me "Noah found Grace in the eyes of the Lord" and TESTIMONY.

All of lower Manhattan was drenched & lost power up through 42 street. ON my side, 43 north, we had power and were dry.

God used this building to give a message. The Grace building is a monument to God right in Manhattan, one block away from Times Square.

So GRACE was the dividing line between judgment and mercy.

The forgiveness of sins through Jesus is a gift of GRACE. It cannot be earned.

The law came by Moses but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ John 1:17

God uses weather as judgments and warnings. It is biblical.
We call extreme weather events acts of God because they are.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality. The word Sodomy means unnatural sex and comes from that.

Bloomberg and Cuomo caused Hurricane Sandy by supporting gay marriage.

Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God

Bloomberg formed a super pac to support gay marriage in other states. God said "really? I'll see you and raise you. Here comes a super storm." On election day 4 states passed it; the next day NYC had a noreaster.

On the day of the 2012 NYC labor day parade I was sitting outside the main branch of the NY Public library preparing to talk to Cuomo who was coming to march, at 6 am. Out of my mouth came "signing that gay marriage law will bring judgment on NY" 3 hours later 2 tornados went through Brooklyn and Queens. One for Cuomo, one for Bloomberg.

I had asked God to stall the parade since I needed to put something on my website first. I needed to go into the library since there were butts all over the terrace that made it impossible to get wifi. So I had to wait until they opened. God obliged. He made a huge downpour which stalled the parade.

I told Cuomo about this. I said "You caused Hurricane Sandy"


Some rabbi had suggested in an article that there might be a connection between Hurricane Sandy and his signing of the gay marriage law. Cuomo had gotten offended and said "take that back" Well I said it with more authority and so did God, with the tornados. A week later one of the papers said the governor seems to be preoccupied with the weather.

A year later Cuomo announced an arrangement to try to eradicate HIV and AIDS by providing some drugs. The remedy for the diseases is not drugs. They are still sinning by having gay sex. They need healing and deliverance from the spirit of homosexuality, in Jesus name.

Jesus heals for free.

Drug companies make a lot of money by selling their drugs.

The social engineers promote this sin which then creates disease so they can make money selling their drugs.

Medical marijuana is another bad idea. It gives the idea to young people that pot is ok recreationally, since someone is calling it medicine, and encourages their use of it.

I had a conversation with a pothead in a park who told me he had been a very bright guy who went to college but dropped out because he saw all the bs. Then he didn't know what else to do so he smoked pot as an escape. At the end of the conversation he said "I gotta go get me some medical marijuana"

Pot is not a gateway drug to harder drugs; but it is a gateway drug to psych drugs, since it causes a lot of mental illness and then people end up on psych drugs which are worse and destroy them.

I had a boyfriend years ago who was an example. He had used pot, was freaking out and got put in psych wards and on their drugs. The drugs were sedating so to stay awake he drank tons of coffee and ate candy for breakfast. I used to tell him "if you stop using your drugs they'll stop using theirs. " It was a vicious circle.

Mental illness is caused by drugs, not some independent chemical imbalance, like the mental health people think. If people stop using caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, etc they will be ok IF they get prayer to heal them.


When guys stick their weenie in another man's backside, it tears their rectums.

I have read that many gay men have to wear plugs since they become incontinent. Our bodies were NOT designed for this.

The social engineers are promoting this gay behavior. They are promoting sex for the sake of pleasure rather than procreation. This is against God's design for the human race.

Now they are also promoting gender confusion. I had a conversation recently with a bunch of middle schoolers who told me they were being told there are multiple genders.

Our biology gives us a big hint of God's intention.
If someone has male genitals, God created them to be male. Same with females.

To think a person is really a male in a female body or vice versa implies that God doesn't exist or he is an idiot or made a mistake. None of that is true. God knows what He is doing.

People have experiences that warp them and then they need healing. God has made provision for that for all people. Jesus is the remedy to heal us, of mental, emotional or physical abuse.

God allows people to go through traumatic things in order to be able to comfort others with similar experiences, as a ministry, later, after they are healed. To inspire others and give them hope.

Every problem has the solution -and the solution is always to look to God. He will reveal it.

He gives us problems precisely to give us an incentive to seek him for his help and for a relationship.

Without that relationship we will not go to heaven.

Jesus said we need to be born again to go to heaven. This means being filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to repent of our sins, be baptized in Jesus name for the forgiveness of our sins (it washes them away and oppression lifts off of us and we feel light and happy); and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Some describing it as asking Jesus into your heart. That is where he lives.

When something grieves the Holy Spirit we often feel chest pain. Once God lives inside us we feel what He feels. This is how he lets us know what he feels. Sin is grievous to God. So are lies. If you are talking to someone and you feel chest pain and are born again it is because they are saying something wrong or lying. Being born again helps us to not sin, since when we grieve the Holy Spirit He lets us know.

God also uses it to guide us. If something is a bad idea, God will let us know by giving us chest pain. HE knows more than we do.

Our rational thinking process is only as good as the information we have.

One time I was thinking of going somewhere. I felt chest pain. This was God's way of letting me know it was a bad idea. He would know if there was a predator around the corner. Our rational mind would not know this but God knows everything. Hence if we get a gut feeling not to go somewhere, that is our intuition, our pipeline to God, who is warning us.

When rational thought and intuition conflict, it is better to go with intuition. In today's world we are surrounded by lies. Therefore people come to false conclusions. We need to trust intuition to guide us through the mass of information and false information.


People are NOT born gay. This is a lie. They are being MADE gay by the social engineers, by design.

Guys become gay when they are sexually abused; it is an opening for a spirit of homosexuality to go into them. This can be cast out in Jesus name. I know people who have been delivered from it. It is not hard. It requires fasting to cast out demonic spirits. Jesus said this

"This kind come out only by prayer and fasting" Matt 10:21

The need for fasting in order to pray for healing is NOT commonly known anymore because the new translations of the bible leave OUT this line - by design. The devil is behind those translations and he doesn't want people to know HOW to cast out his demonic spirits, which cause mental and physical illness.

The KING JAMES is the only good English translation. All the newer ones, including the New King James, NIV, NRSV, leave out important scriptures and change words. The purpose of this is to confuse people. For example they change Hell to Hades, so people don't realize Hell is real.

The devil does not want people to think hell is real. He also doesn't want people to think he exists. Promoting atheism is one of his major devices.

The demons manipulate people by planting thoughts in their heads. But they don't want people to realize this is happening. Often they do it sneakily by planting "I" thoughts - so the person will think it is coming from them.

Thoughts come INTO our heads from the spiritual realm. They come either from God or the demonic.

Negative thoughts come from demonic spirits. All we need to do is reject the thought; ignore it or rebuke it. That is the whole key to mental health.

The whole idea of a cartoon with a good angel on one shoulder and a demonic angel on the other, is ACCURATE. IT really works this way.

We just need to assess the source the thought.

God's spirit brings peace. When God points out a sin it is not to make us hopeless but to get us to repent so we can be closer to him.

Demons taunt, mock, tempt to sin, tell people to hurt themselves or others. All we need to do is reject those thoughts.

Mental health people make people worse because they try to get people to own these thoughts, rather than reject them.

They will ask "are you having negative thoughts" and if the answer is yes, they say "oh you have such and such a diagnosis, and you need drugs". This is all baloney. The diagnoses are nonsense and the drugs do not help at all. They just block thoughts - all thoughts, not just bad ones. They make it hard to think clearly.

When people meditate they realize that we are not obligated to respond to thoughts. We just sit and watch them pass by. Meditation is a valuable tool for people to realize this. Once we get the message, we don't need to keep meditating. Apply the information. Reject thoughts that are negative.

Many years ago I had an experience where God was getting me out of a bad relationship. I was in my car and sitting somewhere trying to decide whether to go right or left. One way was near the guy's house, the other was home. I decided to go his way and as soon as I pushed down the directional thing it broke. I immediately heard a voice over my shoulder say "She's a hard case". Apparently this spirit was commenting to another one that was assigned to me and it was responsible for pushing the thing down.

So some of us have more than ONE angel assigned to us to guide us.

Children have angels assigned to them. This is how they can fall out a window and not get hurt.

Another time in a snowstorm I could not see the lanes and veered into the wrong one. Immediately I felt something push me into the right lane. It was one of those guys.

I lived in a church for 2 years playing piano alone at night, singing and worshipping God. I could feel angels touch my head with their wings every night, for two years, as I sang. One time during a service I had a vision of them touching me with their wings as I sang. This is scriptural. Psalm 91 says "I will cover you with my feathers".

I felt God's love pouring into me as I sang to Jesus. His spirit is love. This was a taste of heaven. I know heaven is real.

As soon as I would play, the sun would often come out; I could see it through the window. One time as this happened God said "I make my face to shine on you"

When God speaks it is usually a quote of scripture. This is how we know it is him. It sounds like he did in the bible.

The devil can also quote scripture but he often takes it out of context, to use it for his own purposes.

The devil quoted scriptures to try to tempt Jesus to sin, when he was in the desert for 40 days, but Jesus had an answer for each attempt. Finally the devil gave up.

The bible tells us "resist the devil and he will flee" When we resist, eventually he gives up. We need to reject the thoughts he throws at us. He tries to get us to speak them, because this gives them power to manifest. We need to reject this at the thought level. Sometimes we need to rebuke them at the thought level or they may manifest.

I spent 8 months in solitary confinement in a prison. I called it Spiritual Bootcamp. It was training in how to respond to the devil's attempt to throw thoughts at me to abort my prayers. When I got out God said "use what you've learned". God would allow the devil to try his tricks and then coach me on how to respond. 90% of the time He would say "ignore"; the other times he would say "rebuke"

When someone comes along and says something that is a negative thought, it can act as a curse. I know to rebuke it in Jesus name.

Do it under your breath, so they don't hear. Words and prayers are like missiles being launched. Rebuking it is like an anti-missile -a defense. It works.

If the other person hears you they often are tempted to repeat it, or rebuke you since they think you are rebuking them. It is important to get the last word in in order to have authority. This is no game.

When I prayed in prison I would see jet trails launch in the sky. It was a sign that my prayers had been launched. If I doubted, it would fizzle. I would ask God what happened and he would say "it got aborted". If I thought a contrary thought, I would see another trail cross it - it was cross-talk. If I launched two parallel prayers, I would see 2 parallel trails. I still see this in the skies when I pray. It is God's way of letting me know a prayer is launched - he is working on it.

There is no real difference between words and prayers. They all go into the spiritual realm. This is why words can act as cross talk against prayers.

It makes no sense to pray for something and then re-discuss the problem. This undoes the prayer. Most of the time when we pray for something we need to be quiet until the thing is answered.

Prayers are actually delicate.

God warns us in the bible that words have immense power. They are weapons and need to be used very carefully.

Death and life is in the tongue Proverbs 18:21

James ch 3 warns about how a person's life can be set on the fires of hell.

Words can set things in motion that act like a domino chain of events.

Intent is irrelevant most of the time, because words do what they do.

Sloppy praying is dangerous. People often pray sloppily and then say "well God knows what I mean" But this does not change it.

When someone shoots a gun and hits the wrong person, the bullet still hurts them. The fact that it wasn't intentional doesn't change the outcome. Same with words. Apologizing doesn't fix it a lot of the time.

One has to rebuke anything negative that was invoked by words.

Where things are spoken invokes interactions in that spot. So if it is something negative one needs to say "I rebuke anything negative invoked in this spot" in order to cancel any interaction that may occur. It is important to do this immediately. Otherwise things can happen that are not good. I speak from experience.

Spiritual Bootcamp - my experience in solitary launching prayers



I asked a little boy what he thought is the solution to the homeless people sleeping outside the churches. He answered in one word, just like God often does. INSIDE. THIS should be obvious to anyone, even a chimpanzee. I think it IS Obvious to everyone, but the church leaders.

Tell them - you see that thing in the front of your building? It is called a DOOR. OPEN IT. Let them IN.

That will solve the Homeless problem in TWO SNAPS.

Homeless people need somewhere clean to rest and pray.

EVERYONE needs somewhere clean to rest and pray. Where are all the tourists supposed to pray? They need the churches to be open too.

Hotels are NOT good places to pray. They are unclean because of the sex in them. They are defiled.

One does not feel the peace of God in a place that is defiled. God's spirit is not comfortable there. It goes EW EW.

God wants the churches to be open 24 hours. Period. Anything less is disobedience to God. A Church is supposed to be a place where any person can go to find sanctuary and rest in God's presence, and Hear Him speak to them. Uninterrupted. Nothing is more dangerous than interrupting prayers. They can be aborted or contaminated which is worse.

A prayer is launched, like a rocket. If it gets contaminated little demons hijack it and pull it off course. Then they often answer the prayer instead of God. This happens a lot.


When people use drugs and pray their prayers are contaminated. All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits. This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych drugs.

The spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact like germs. Anyone sitting in earshot of someone who uses these drugs and talks can be afflicted by them. Second hand drugs is just as bad as using them oneself, pretty much.

Pot smokers know about a contact high. All drugs do this.

Caffeine drinkers talk faster. It is an opening for spirits of mania. Anyone they talk near gets affected by this. One can pick up this spirit just sitting in a coffee house. You don't need to drink anything. The smell also has chemicals which produce euphoria.

God stopped me from drinking coffee years ago. I used to drink it and when I spoke to people they got headaches. When I prayed for them, they got headaches.

Caffeine is also an opening for spirits of addiction. So is any addictive drugs, like nicotine.

This is why when one person has an addiction and they interact with others, the other person often feels compelled to act on their own addiction. It is because the spirit of addiction is transmitted.

The solution to this situation is to rebuke any spirit in Jesus name.

Jesus name has authority over all demonic spirits.

All mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose 'assignments' are the names of the disease.

Jesus rebuked them and gave his followers authority to do it. It works. I have rebuked Canc-, asthm-, depress-.

Jesus healed people as a Testimony that he was the savior and God heals today for the same purpose

How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)


(I do not write down the names of spirits since than can invoke them. When speaking it is better to spell them.

Words do NOT just describe; they invoke what we speak.

The bible warns us about this.

Death and Life is in the Tongue - Proverbs 18:21

The Book of James ch 3 also warns about the tongue - saying it can set a man's life on the fires of hell. GOD FORBID. (Yes that prayer works. It is why the Jews use it).

The Power of Words Revised ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing- God's Answer to Psychiatry


The Homeless are not Brainless or Foodless

How to help the Homeless

The Deadly “No sleeping” rule

Homeless people are often mentally ill BECAUSE they are homeless, not the other way around. The idiots trying to address this problem have it all backwards, as usual.

People become mentally ill when they are sleep deprived. The homeless get booted out of all kinds of places just for snoozing. Their response is to drink caffeine or smoke, to wake up. The drugs then make them mentally ill.

Anytime you see a dirty disheveled person walking down the street muttering, they always have a cigarette in their mouth.

SMOKING is the major cause of mental illness in the country.

EVERYONE is affected by this, due to second hand smoke.

All smokers have unclean spirits on them. You can smell it on their clothes, though they seem oblivious to this. When they speak the unclean demonic spirit transmits to everyone in earshot. The smell then goes on other people's clothes. This means that the unclean spirit is now on them, speaking to their thoughts. This is how smokers cause lots of people to have mental illness.

I smell it when they talk as they walk by on the street.


We need BIG SIGNS in the subway and everywhere - as part of a BAN PUBLIC SMOKING campaign.

Ban Public Smoking – message to NYC city council, Bloomberg, DeBlasio


The sign will say "IF YOU SMOKE DON'T TALK" just like


People should only smoke in their own house. Doing it in public afflicts everyone else. It goes down a domino chain. The spirits jump from person to person.

I read that after 9-11 one million people in NYC started smoking.

This means that on a daily basis millions of people are being afflicted by this.

NICOTINE is a BIG OPENING for negative thoughts.

You don't need a study to prove it. Test it empirically. Listen to what comes out of the mouths of smokers.

They sound like lawyers. "This won't work - that won't work". Completely toxic.

It took me a few years to figure out that the butts all over the city sidewalks were contaminating my prayers. There are little demons on the butts. If you stand on the sidewalk and ask God a question, near a butt, it is highly likely you will hear back from demonic spirits - which will either lie or say something won't work.

I came to NYC to talk to certain people. As I previously said, most of the gatekeepers are idiots and think their job is to lie and tell people their boss is not in, instead of making an appointment for the person to speak to them.

Consequently, one can't rely on the gatekeepers to figure out if the person is there or not .

The only alternative is to ask God - so you know whether it makes any sense to hang around and wait for the person to emerge or show up.

If you are down the street and ask God "is so and so there" - to determine if it is a good time to go over, and you ask near butts, the answer is unreliable! A huge waste of time. We need to be able to pray wherever we are so we are in a position to act accordingly.

You can't go to NJ to find a church to pray in to ask God if someone is in their midtown office, because by the time you come back, they won't be! When you are shopping somewhere and ask God if you should buy something you have to be able to pray where you are - not fly to NJ to a church and ask the question and then fly back into the store.

What about the churches in NYC? Well, I and others have had the absurd experience of sitting in there with our eyes closed, praying and have some idiot who works there come over and interrupt saying "you can't sleep here".

You can't pray in a lot of churches in NYC because the idiots who work there don't know what praying is.

Sometimes people fall asleep while praying because God speaks to us in dreams and visions. It is part of the process. I told this to one guy in a church and he said that was nonsense.

Another example of an idiot gatekeeper who has no clue about the business he is in.

And the atriums and libraries are filled with people who wake people up who are sleeping, and therefore interfere with praying as well. So you can't pray in most places because of this.

Most people pray by closing their eyes. But that is a big sin in New York. They want to glue your eyes open and make you watch the porn and filth to mind control you, like the garbage on the big billboards in Times Square.

This is similar to the most torture I ever experienced. I was on the psych ward of a jail on LI and they made us sit in a room 12 hours a day in front of the tv. THIS is mind control.

Go into the parks to pray and there are butts all over.

NYC is a giant ashtray populated by idiots.

THIS is why the music they play in stores is toxic. It interferes with prayers. We need quiet to be able to pray effectively. If you want to buy something with a credit card, one needs to pray that it is accepted. If there is music playing in the store it interferes with that.

Another consequence of the butts all over is that they interfere with WIFI.

Most people try to have conversations on their cell phone, walking down the street. And you KNOW it is common to hit dead zones where the connection is lousy. You want to know why? Look down - there are butts near you.

I know better than to try to make calls near them. I also realized that if I did make a call, no good would come of it since the unclean spirits near me would affect the person I spoke to and they would be afflicted. It is better to wait until you can call from a clean place. Good luck finding one in NYC.

It is a giant ashtray.

In Times Square they put tables outside so people can sit outside. Good luck trying to get anything done on a computer. There is free wifi- but you can't get a good signal on any wifi because there are butts all around the tables.

Who wants to live in an ashtray?

I want to train kids to scream at anyone they see smoking in public - THIS CITY IS NOT YOUR ASHTRAY!

I'm tired of it. It is a huge waste of time.

I took the train out to LI a few years ago and heard God say CLEANER. I didn't understand what he was referring to at the time, but now I do. Live here long enough and you'll figure it out.

Living in NYC turns people into one of three things - homicidal, suicidal, or a comedian. The lunacy is material to turn anyone into a world class comedian, if they can tolerate it.

The only remedy for NYC is to ban public smoking.

The whole Eric Garner situation was about SMOKING. His problem was that he did not have the relationship with God that he needed. He should have asked God "should I sell cigs" and God would have said NO ERIC sell something else. Something that does not harm people. He was selling loosies. He was as guilty as the tobacco companies. Every loosie he sold ended up harming someone else from the second hand effects.

He was part of the problem, not the solution.

If he had sold heroin, would people have thought it was about race?

It had to do with behavior.

Too many black people think that every time something bad happens to them it is only about race. A lot of the time it is about behavior.

Black Behavior Matters

If the blacks want a solution, they should be protesting biblical ignorance being promoted by the public schools. Call a general strike and say they will not put their kids in the schools until they bring God back in.

Every kid should have a bible in their backpack. Then they will have spiritual protection and won't have to join gangs for protection. Then they should be allowed to read it by themselves first period. No indoctrination.

The schools should have classes in Applied Theology at every level - elementary to university.

Applied Theology


Instead of just learning about the beliefs of various religions, try praying to various deities to test the idea that the religion is correct. Keep a notebook and give us the report.

When children pray God answers their prayers. They have more authority because they are purer and haven't yet committed sins that they need to repent of in order to get their prayers answered. Adults who are in sin usually need to repent of that sin in order to get prayers answered.

If children are taught to pray, they will see their prayers get answered and will have their own testimony and their faith will be based on experience, not indoctrination. People later question their indoctrination and lose their faith. But if they have had experiences of their own where God answered their prayers, it will not be so easy to lose their faith. It will protect them against mind control.

A person can grow up believing in God for 20 years, based only on doctrine, and then takes a philosophy class and loses their faith. This happens all the time. Atheist professors brag about doing this to their students.

I had a conversation with an Israeli PhD in philosophy on the sidewalk. I asked him if my hand had 5 fingers. His answer was "well it could be a hallucination, or I might be dreaming you". In other words he could not trust his senses. I told him "You are an idiot"
The more education someone has, the more indoctrinated they are.

Our senses are God given to help us perceive reality.


When Mayor Bloomberg passed laws making it illegal to smoke inside restaurants and businesses, it made it worse. All the smokers were driven outside to the sidewalks, and walking past them is a constant gauntlet.

You can take a nice clean shower in the morning and go to work, but if you walk more than half a block in NYC you will pass people on the sidewalk smoking and talking, or smoking, and then the shmutz goes on your clothes and ruins your day unless you wash.

I carry bottles of water to wash myself. But you have to find a clean spot to do it. If you do it near butts, it makes it worse. It puts an unclean spirit on you. It makes a person itch. It is incredibly uncomfortable.

Autistic people are uncomfortable being touched because they are spiritually sensitive to the unclean spirits from others who use drugs.


Kids whose parents drink caffeine pick up the spirit of mania and often get labeled hyper - ADHD. If the parents stop drinking coffee the kids will calm down.

You can easily test this - avoid coffee for a few days and watch your kids. You will see the difference. Autistic kids will be more comfortable and come out of their shell.

Autistic kids are prophets in training

Anyone called to be a prophet needs to be spiritually sensitive, so they are more discerning of what comes from God rather than demonic spirits. This spiritual discernment can be oppressive.

There is the gift of Discerning of Spirits in the new testament. I Prayed for it. It is a tool a prophet needs.

It often takes the form of a physical affliction. When I am near someone who smokes, or they pass me, it feels like I was shot. It hurts. Often I feel a painful heaviness on me. On my shoulders. This is how I know something unclean is near me.

When my back itches I know it is behind me. I often get a physical warning before the person comes near. Sometimes when a smoker was approaching, my toes would itch. I would get little cuts between them and the skin would turn white. This was a warning not to shake their hand.

Usually the people that are very touchy - that keep trying to touch you - are the ones the devil is using to try to put something on you.

They are not aware of this.

I realized years ago that the men who wanted to give hugs in church were exactly the ones to avoid. They almost always had a spirit of lus-.

THAT spirit can manifest as heaviness. I felt it when sitting on beds in hotels.

I went to take a shower one time at a minister friend's house. I felt incredibly heavy in the shower. Later he confessed to me, when I told him, that he had had phone sex in the bathtub.

I used to take showers at friend's houses. Whenever it was someone who smoked, it was always a bad idea. As I left there would be oppression on my head and the sky would be gray.

The sky reflects the spiritual covering over me.

One time as I walked to a friend's house to take a shower, and he was a smoker, God did something very interesting. Suddenly there was a hole in the sky and snow was pouring down from it. God was saying to me "LET ME WASH YOU. I AM CLEAN"

One time I went to a park to pray. Suddenly it rained on me and I heard God say WASH YOU.

It is important to be clean before praying. If one has unclean spirits on them it transmits to their target. This is NOT A GOOD IDEA. It is no blessing.

For years I have used rain to take a shower. Either I use water from a bottle and put it on my head while saying WASH ME JESUS OR GOD RAINS ON ME.

This often affects the whole city. When I am clean, I rebuke the rain and it stops in a few minutes. I have been doing this for 20 years.

My prayers affect the whole city, hence whatever goes on near me affects the whole city.

Lawyers often have a heavy spirit over them. One time a lawyer I knew ran into me in a park. Right before this happened there were dark clouds over us.

Both my parents went to law school. I was raised by two lawyers, essentially.

When we went on vacation, and it was the same place for years, in the summer, the people would tell us that when we came, the rain came. Hmm.




I can solve this in one week.

Give all people portable chairs (15 dollars at k-mart, drugstores, Home Depot,) and a prepaid credit card from drugstores for 13 dollars (American express serve) or 20$ minimum visa/mastercard.

They can use the credit cards to sit in banks at night in the chairs. People will give them money so they won’t have to panhandle for change. They should sit quietly. Give them name tags so if they are annoying or threatening they will be accountable.

I saw a lady years ago sitting in a bank lobby in a portable chair and God said “she has the right idea”.

The people will act as security guards – people won’t get robbed if someone is sitting there as a witness. It is safer than cameras.

Use all the office buildings for shelter. One person or family per floor. There are plugs in walls and bathrooms in the halls.

Office buildings can house thousands of people. They can use the place as an address. They have security guards – they can collect mail for them.

The rule will be no smoking, drinking so they don’t stink the place up.

This is better than shelters which people avoid since they get robbed. It will be safer, more secure.


Let homeless stay in empty billionaire investment apts

On west 57 street, known as Billionaires Row, there are tall skinny buildings filled with empty apartments bought and used as investments.



Right next door, Mayor DeBlasio is proposing a homeless shelter.


People avoid shelters because they get robbed.


A better idea would be to ask those billionaires with empty apartments to let homeless people and families stay in them.  Give them tax breaks to do it.


What is abominable is having all these empty apartments while others are on the streets.





There is plenty of Food available.

The Restaurants throw out lots of food. They put it in garbage bags. The mayor’s office should decree that they have to get a big bin just for food, not garbage, and put all the good unused food in that, for whoever needs it. They will not lose business. The people who buy their food during the day are not going to wait around to snag it at night. The people who take it, can not afford to buy it. A lot of restaurants mix the food with coffee grounds and other garbage which ruins it. Often deliberately. This is abomination - it is abomination to waste food. There are Starbucks on every other corner in Manhattan – and they throw out plenty as do the other chains.

Having bins for the poor is biblical – God told farmers to leave l/10 of their fields un-harvested for the poor to glean. God blesses nations and businesses that take care of the poor. He judges nations that do not. The biggest key to a successful business is to do this.




We need fruit trees all over the city. A good place would be in the parks. Then there would be food for everyone all the time.
I took a poor man's vacation in Miami years ago and everyone had grapefruit trees in their yard. All you had to do was take it from their trees.

Take the peach pits and plant them in the parks. BUT make sure no squirrels are watching, because they will probably think it is a nut and dig it up. Be sneaky.

If you want a living memorial to your name, write down the coordinates of each pit on a little pad. Then come back when it is a small tree and put a plaque on it with your name.

Which brings us to a bigger GOOD IDEA.



There are way too many idiot atheists (yes they are all idiots) who run around saying there is NO evidence of God. Really? Every tree is evidence, you idiot. But for THEIR benefit we need a TREE PROJECT

Let Children or young people who need a good job, go around the parks and put a big sign on ALL THE TREES. Use a nice ribbon with a bow - it will say GOD MADE THIS TREE. It is a gift to YOU. THANK HIM. Sit near it to pray. Don't pollute the spot with butts or bottle caps.

The Parks are the People's church. They really are the best places to pray, THEORETICALLY if they were clean.

When they ARE clean, one can feel the Peace of God there and hear from HIM which all people need.


Don't Smoke Here- DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. In multiple languages. Don't throw your butts on the ground. This city is NOT your ashtray!

Mayor Bloomberg had banned smoking in the parks. Then some smokers went to a judge who told them to Take down the no-smoking signs. His reasoning was that the signs might start arguments. Are you kidding? There are more arguments without the signs because nobody even knows there IS a no smoking rule. When someone other than park workers tells smokers there is a rule, they often don't believe it. So THIS starts arguments.

Smoking is very toxic to electronics.

I was sitting on a sidewalk one time on my computer and a guy lit up a few feet away. I screamed to him not to smoke there - he started arguing which is exactly what I was trying to avoid - and one of my electronics was ruined.

I have been robbed many times while working in public because someone drops a butt near me, and it makes me sleep and the next thing I wake up a few hours later - at minimum I lose hours of time, the battery gets used up, and many times some person snatched it off my lap. I have lost 11 laptops in 4 years due to SMOKING!!

The itchy back is God's warning to me to look behind me - so I will see there is a butt there and get rid of it, before I fall asleep.

I have worked in bank lobbies for a few years since they are the only quiet places to work. I would use their plug. When someone drops a butt next to the bank, the wifi goes down. I have to go remove it to keep working. How annoying. If I kick it it ruins my shoes. If I pick it up with a tissue, my fingers stink and I have to wash them.

It is no fun to have to get interrupted and have to wash while you are working because some jackass who wants to smoke walks by with it or throws down a butt. Would they do it on their kitchen floor? No. Would they do it in church? Intuitively they know not to - which means they realize that it is unclean. But they think sidewalks and parks are fair game. This is wrong. It affects everyone.

The same thing happens in coffee houses. I hear many people complain about the wifi in them. It is because the coffee cups are next to the computers. That is why coffee houses are not a good place to work. If one person has a coffee cup next to their computer, it affects everyone on the network.

Even water bottles can do this. Any food.

I have been to computer repair people and listened to others who have brought in their computers and then amazingly they work in the repair place. What the people don't realize is that their environment was affecting the computer.

When I have charged my computer in the parks where there are butts, if there are butts near the outlet, it makes the sky gray AND I can feel the oppression on my head. This affects the weather for that whole charge. When it discharges, the sky is blue and clear again.

This doesn't only affect me. I have seen people charging their phones or computers in Bryant Park, and falling asleep. It is because there are butts all over the park and it goes through the wifi and the wiring. When I use the wifi from the park, because of the butts and coffee, it affects it - and I often smell cigs through the computer that is somewhere else in the park. If someone is on their cell phone and smoking, it affects mine.

Computers act in resonance with each other; they are emphathetic, like people. I say this by observation.

Humans are carbon based life forms. Electronics are silicon based. They are like a lifeform.

Years ago I read new age books for 10 years, before becoming a Christian. I used to use crystals to heal. I used to try placing them on different chakras. This is what crystal healing was about.

I remember visiting my sister and she agreed to lie on the floor and have me put rocks on her. I think this was when she decided I was nuts. I lived in the people's republic of Cambridge for 12 years. It is a nuthouse. Everyone is eccentric - most are packrats with a gazillion books. These books cause all kinds of mental illness, from the spirits from those books.

The words INSPIRATION means A SPIRIT GOES INTO IT. Whatever spirit inspires a book is around it and affects the person. When the books are removed the spirits leave and oppression lifts. This is the remedy for mental and physical illness. If someone is sick CLEAN OUT YOUR HOUSE. If a person is afflicted by a spirit that caused a disease and gets prayed for in church, but goes back to the same environment they will be re-infected. It is that simple.

I read new age books for 10 years while living in Cambridge, before becoming a Christian. The new age books quote the bible but take things out of context. If I had known the bible first, I would have seen this. IT is important to know the bible so we can judge if a book is good or not.

My sister once came to visit me in Cambridge and saw people besides me wearing Birkenstock sandals. I used to wear them with orange socks - I rode a bike at night and it was good to be able to be seen by the cars. When she saw Other people wearing sandals and socks she was amazed and said "Oh other people dress this way too?" She thought it was just me. No the whole city is eccentric. There are all the geeks who go to MIT and Harvard. These same MIT geeks build missiles that bless the rest of us.

I had a friend who worked on missile guidance systems at Draper Labs, part of MIT. He was a witty guy. He actually proposed marriage, asking my father's permission. One time I asked him what goes through his head. He said "machinations about how to enslave my fellow man". I think what came out of his mouth was the philosophy of the social engineers who fund all this military research. They tell the public it is to protect us, but the real truth is exactly what came out of his mouth. This was years before I understood who really runs things.

I had another friend who talked about the social engineers. I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought it was his own quirky idea. No, he was speaking the truth. The social engineers really do run the world and they have agendas.

Naive 20 year olds are the ones they use to promote their various movements, all of which have hidden agendas. Every organization has a hierarchy. The elite at the top have a hidden agenda, which they do not tell everyone else - who are all useful idiots to them. The people at the top are usually sata-ists but will deny it. Devil worshippers never admit they are. They usually claim to be atheists, as a cover.

You see 20 year olds on the streets with petitions for 'women's rights' for abortion. They are being used. NOW we finally see what Planned Parenthood was doing all along - selling baby body parts for money.

5 videos have been released exposing this.


Mayor De Blasio grew up in Cambridge. This is why he is a little wierd. He is an ideologue. He would make a great mayor - of Cambridge. Everyone there is like that. They live in the world of ideas.

NYC is a place to test those ideas - but you have to get rid of the ideology real fast to do anything right - the only philosophy that works in NYC is WHATEVER WORKS!!

I was always interested in anything wierd, my entire life.

The first time I was in a psych ward, AFTER I became a Christian and God sent me there to expose the abuse of psychiatry and write a free book about it - (the drugs are genocide and the labels are all nonsense) - I called a relative who was also an artist. He laughed and said "well they always thought you were crazy"

Every family has a black sheep - the prophet - the creative one. I was it.

It was said that wearing a quartz crystal around one's neck would magnify their thoughts - make them a stronger telepathic broadcaster.

I can say definitively that this is true. Having a smart phone acts as a broadcaster for one's thoughts. The wifi is a carrier.



In the mayoral elections there are many qualified people who run, who have something to contribute to the city. This is why they run. It is a huge waste of their talents to ignore them afterward. It should be a policy that whoever gets elected, forms a cabinet of the previous candidates; let them meet every two weeks, or every week, and put each of them in charge of whatever they are good at.

When they run God inspires them to run, it is His way of saying to the city "you need this and this and this" So and so will do such and such, and so forth.

For example, in the last NYC election a guy named George McDonald ran - he had created the Doe Fund which gave jobs to homeless and former prisoners - cleaning up the streets. This was a great idea. He would certainly make a great minister of job creation. People could send him their Good ideas for more jobs and he would be good at implementing it.

The biggest problem the Mayor has is lack of communication from people to get good ideas.

There is a simple solution to this.

Let every elected official answer his own phone for 3 hours every week at a certain time - and let people call up with Good ideas, or warnings of anything they think the mayor should be aware of.

The pothole complaints should have their own number. Let someone be in charge of that and take care of it.

Bloomberg formed a 311 call in system which did a lot of this. It was a GOOD idea. But there were still gatekeepers involved in that system.

The system only works as well as the brains of the gatekeepers, since they make the decisions on what to communicate to the mayor.

AND when there are moles in the administration, or the mayor has hired people with certain biases against certain messages - He does not then have access to all the information He needs.

This mayor decided to surround himself with 'progressives" people who had a certain ideological point of view - supporting gay rights for example. Do you think that if someone communicates that gay rights is a bad idea - THEY will think THAT is a Good idea to tell the mayor? Duh.

NYC is not a city that functions as a test case of ideology.

The only philosophy that works in NYC is WHATEVER WORKS.

Bloomberg was closer to this idea. He hired people that were good at what they did, not of a certain ideology.

De Blasio decided to hire people based on whether they were progressive.

This has not been good.

If De Blasio wants to be a mayor based on ideology, he should go be mayor of Cambridge, MA where he grew up. That's what made him that way.

I know because I lived there for 12 years.

I lived in the peoples republic of MA for 30 years. God trained me there as a prophet/intercessor.

People should be watching that state very carefully to see how it works out for them, as an object lesson.

MA was the first state to pass gay marriage. It happened under Gov Mitt Romney's watch. Curiously, since he opposed it. He later made a statement that it would not be a good idea to export their marriage confusion to country.

Well, it happened. Now the Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is a constitutional right, which is complete nonsense. They needed to FIRST Address whether God is Real. Because he has an opinion on the subject and it is dangerous to ignore him. They just acted from the assumption that there is no God.

Only an ignoramus would think God would approve gay marriage. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality.

The word SODOMY means Unnatural sex. It comes from that.

That is NO MYTH. It happened. The bible IS a history of book, written down by the prophets to record what God said and did so we would have a record of who he is and what he expects of humanity.

People used to learn to read by reading bibles. This made them familiar with God. Lincoln learned that way.

They took prayer out of the schools in l962 and they stopped using bibles to teach reading.

They use reading to teach other values - stories that promote tolerance of homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle.

There is a recent uproar in Ontario over a sex ed curriculum in grades 1-8. It describes the agendas and lessons. It promotes homosexuality and sexual behavior. It promotes sex for the purposes of feeling good, and never mentions love and marriage.

God's whole purpose for sex WAS love and marriage. The social engineers who are behind all this are devil worshippers. They have incrementally worked on each generation to move them closer to their goals - which involves the destruction of families, knowledge of God. They want world government. They want atheism as the world religion, temporarily, until they reveal that Lucifer the devil is their real God, and they want people to worship HIM. This is the end game.

They also want to depopulate the planet by 90%. So all the craziness is by design - the wars, poisoned food, water, vaccines, economic collapse - all of it.

They want to microchip all people to have total control -mind control and financial control. They already have financial control over the west - and have had it for hundreds of years.

The social engineers are the bankers who print money and lend it to governments at interest, making the nations debt slaves. Any country that logically prints their own money, which they have every right to do, that does not want to be part of this insane system, they lie about and bomb and destroy, then use the IMF to lend them money as loans, to have control. This is their modus operandi. They control the media so they spew complete lies about these countries and their leaders, accusing them of genocide often, to justify invading and destroying. This is what happened in Libya.



It is unbelievable that the people running shelters can not figure out what to do with kittens, and end up euthenizing them. Don't any of these people have children? Don't they realize their children would love a kitten or dog? Children and pets go together. They belong together. Animals give children love - and unconditional love. They teach them to love and take care of something. All they have to do is bring all the animals to the schools and give them to the kids.

If there was a policy to give EVERY child in the city a pet, they wouldn't have enough pets. They would have to import them.

Another GOOD use of them is to give them to prisoners in jail.
There are many testimonies of people who have been in solitary for years - and they only thing that helps them to be human is having a pet - the nearest rat or cockroach.

EVERY prisoner should have a bible, a guitar and a kitten. The whole Goal of jail should be rehabilitation - training for MINISTRY.

Ministers and Christians should be hired as guards. They should minister to the prisoners. The guards and prisoners should all have bibles. That will bring God's peace to the whole place and transform it.


Remedy for Rikers

Prisons should be turned into schools of ministry. The Governors should offer amnesty to all people with long sentences and decree that no current person will have sentences longer than 1-2 years - that is enough to read a bible, learn how to pray, and prepare for a ministry. Then they will have a ministry to kids in schools to warn them what NOT to do that led them to end up there. Or they can be guards in jails.

Having a criminal record will not a be a disqualification - it will be just the opposite. The police should all see their jobs as a ministry of correction.

Someone who has a criminal past will be in a more credible place to advise kids committing crimes that jail is NOT somewhere they want to end up.

People who have made mistakes are a more effective deterrent to others by sharing their testimonies.

People on death row should not be executed -they should be released and sent into society to testify what NOT to do. I read of one lifelong career criminal who was writing letters to school kids telling them that he had wasted his whole life doing crime. You think this isn't a more effective deterrent than hearing from parents, teachers etc?

Everyone makes mistakes in life. It is part of life. Sharing one's experiences - especially things that did not work out so well, as a warning, is the most valuable information that many people can give to others.

From that point of view no mistake is without redemptive value. If the person is able to get to a place where they can analyze what happened and articulate it, they will be very valuable.

When a person is in jail, they are no longer engaged in a behavior that is driven by a compulsion so they are then in a place to analyze it. This is why jails are called Departments of Correction.

Most prisoners go through this process. People sitting in jails think. There is not much else to do. For many it is the first time for them to do it. It doesn't take 20 years to figure the stuff out! Long prison terms are completely unnecessary.

Take one recent example. The two men who escaped from an upstate NY prison using power tools. One of them was painting in jail. He ratted on someone else's plans to kill someone. He was obviously no longer a murderer. When he escaped it was absurd that he was described as a dangerous criminal. He had not been dangerous for years!

This is as insane as judging an adult by what they did as a kid. This goes on all the time, with prisoners. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of them get to a point where they realize they made a mistake.

Their whole sentence should be to go warn young people NOT to take drugs, join gangs, drop out of school, etc.

Aside from the fact that capital punishment often kills people who are innocent, even if they are guilty it is a huge waste of human capital and experience to kill people who have committed crimes.

Let it be a requirement that every person has to write a memoir explaining why they did what they did - and why it was a mistake. When they can coherently explain this in written or verbal form to a parole board, they will be released. It will also be a requirement that they learn skills of coping in society. Every prisoner needs a relationship with God. Every person needs such a relationship. They need to know that God is real and learn how to pray effectively so they will not think that committing crimes is the only solution to their needs.

It is well documented that faith based programs have lower recidivism rates in this country.

What has now happened is that slavery has returned. Many states now have privatized prisons, who no longer have any interest in rehabilitation. They brag about their high recidivism rates. They use the prisoners as cheap labor. This is abomination. The country needs to repent of using people as slaves.

The south and midwest are guilty of this.

In NY State the prisoners are not privately run, but they divert people into the mental health system which DOES use people as slaves. They use them as human guinea pigs to test drugs, and hold people indefinitely, for years, for the insurance money. It is all insurance fraud.

God had sent me into the psych system specifically to be a witness against this. I wrote a book the first time I was in a psych ward. I escaped and left the book on the disc. I got sent back and asked God why I was back - He said "I made you witness to all this I didn't give you that book to have it sit in a closet". Then a couple minutes later the medical director of the hospital walked in saying "I have your book". Right on cue. I took it, and escaped again.

Psych drugs do not cure anything. They are the main cause of mental illness. They cause suicides and homicides and are the main cause of the mass shootings. All the mass shooters were on them.

People always go off these drugs. Why? Because they make it impossible to think clearly, and the side effects are torture. If they helped them think clearly and cope with their lives they would not do this.

I had a pet hamster as a kid. He used to wake up with his eye stuck together. I would hold him and gently wipe his eye so he could open it. He did not bite me. He knew I was helping him. Do you think a person in mental distress does NOT have the sense of a hamster?

The social engineers make money from promoting these psych drugs. The ONLY ones who benefit from them are the drug companies. They are the biggest lobby in the world.

The social engineers control the mainstream media which spews propaganda and lies promoting these drugs as a solution to mental illness, homeless, crime, etc. They are the cause not the remedy, of all three.

Many homeless people who have mental health issues were formerly on psych drugs. The psych drugs ruin people. If they don't get prayer to be healed (which works) they are ruined for life.

Manual for Transformational Healing - God's Answer to Psychiatry

also in chapters on my blog


It exposes atheist psychiatry which falsely calls Christians and anyone with spiritual beliefs or experiences mentally ill, and their genocide by drugs which are deadly by design and tells how to heal mental and physical illness through prayer and worship.

God sent me into the psych system After I became a Christian. God had already healed me and given me a loud singing voice which I did not have before becoming a Christian. This happened while I lived in church for 2 years, being trained as an intercessor and prophet.

Then God engineered circumstances to make me a witness against psychiatry.

I spent over 7 years in various places. I was on the drugs. They are torture. I know many people who died from them, from the side effects and from being driven to suicide. Nobody can think clearly on them. Therefore nobody on them is criminally responsible. The doctors who put people on them are criminally responsible and should be held responsible for the behavior of their patients and former patients. It is malpractice of the highest order.

Any person who walks through a psych ward OTHER than the doctor, who are in complete denial, usually, can see that these drugs are no good. The people sit there like zombies staring into space. A child can see that this is not HELP. It does NOT make people Better in any way.

The purpose of the drugs is mind control and genocide.

The Nazis used them to mind control and genocide people.
They killed mental patients with psych drugs in the secret t4 euthenasia program. This genocide has continued worldwide since using Mental Health as a cover.

Dr. Peter Breggin who has written MANY books warning about toxic and deadly psych drugs and other abominable treatments by psychiatry like ECT, which fries people's brains and ruins their memories, was the first to expose the t4 genocide.

He has testified in many cases. In a recent case a Canadian judge ruled that prozac caused a teen to commit homicide. This was the first case in North American that held psych drugs culpable for these crimes.

NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The mental health system is a FRONT for Nazi genocide

The Nazis also used fluoridated water to make prisoners docile. This is mass drugging of the population, and has been used in the west for genocide and mind control. ALL of the psych drug - the anti-depressants and anti-psychotics - have fluoride. It hypnotizes people.

The DSM the psychiatric bible Calls the anti-psychotic drugs HYPNOTICS.

Psych drugs interfere with thoughts - not just bad thoughts - ALL THOUGHTS. That is about as effective as cutting off one's foot if there is something wrong with it.

The psych drugs cause chemical imbalances. There is no evidence of chemical imbalances prior to treatment. What happens is that patients on these drugs have all kinds of issues, and the doctors falsely claim that this is a result of their mental illness, rather than the drugs. The patients are often suspicious that it is the drugs causing these problems, but are not completely sure. They are right.

I have seen patients shake continually, tortured by these drugs, which drives people to suicide and homicide, and the doctors tell them it is not the drugs doing it. Who are they kidding? The patients know they are lying. The doctors lie on court. All the time. It is illegal to drug someone without a court order, with the exception of an emergency where someone is violent. So they do this illegally all the time and then lie in the records and say someone was violent and it was an emergency.

They used to drug me in retaliation for trying to escape. They would justify it by saying I might hurt someone by pushing them while trying to escape. This is complete nonsense. Anyone with common sense knows that the way to escape is to go when nobody is watching, so there is no chance of hurting someone!

They use the drugs to get control over people. On more than one occasion they have used it to take the person's clothes off. They did this to me - and then told me I had a conversation with 5 people of which I have no memory. And one of them admitted that the drugs ruin short term memory. They know exactly what they are doing. I think in my case they were using it as truth serum to find out who I was and what I knew. I asked them what I had talked about and they said "the t4 euthenasia program".

I concluded that God was using this experience to show me that I had been writing about this for so long that I could talk about it in my sleep, which is what being on the drugs is like.

The CIA had a program MKULTRA which used mental patients as patsies and used drugs to train assassins. President Bill Clinton apologized for this program as president. The CIA just changes the names of programs when they are exposed.

What happened to me is evidence of this. They use these psych drugs to train assassins.

I tried to call Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative, to testify about this at my hearing at the hospital. But the moron gatekeeper didn't understand how important the issue was - I am sure he had no knowledge of it - so he just threatened to call the Secret Service if I called back.


This city is like Lord of the Flies. The clueless advising the clueless. All the alleged experts are indoctrinated fools who know less than the average 7 year old.

People are the smartest when they are 7. That is because they intuitively know things, since they hear from God. They hear better from God than most adults since they are not contaminated by the drugs which are openings for lying spirits.

People who smoke and have children are committing child abuse since it ruins the kid's channel to God.

My mother was a smoker. She used to say "Don't ever do this - it is terrible and I am addicted" I didn't do it. She was right that it was terrible, but she was wrong that she was addicted. She just thought she was.

When a person uses drugs it is a spiritual invitation for a demon to sit on their shoulder and throw thoughts at them. So the demon says "you're addicted" It is a lie. The person just needs to rebuke the demon and the thought in Jesus name. Or ignore it.

I was a shallow breather as a kid due to my mother's smoking. She suffered from depress- and it oppressed me too. All from the smoking.

Smoking is the number one cause of mental illness in this country.

There was an op-ed in the NY Times by Elyn Saks a law professor in UCSD who says she is schizophrenic. She has taken antipsychotic drugs for years. Her testimony is in her book The Center Cannot Hold where she revealed that as a kid she was experimenting with pot, at 14. Her parents got worried and sent her to Narconon, a scientology run anti-drug program. The workers there smoked, stupidly, and she started smoking. THEN she started having negative haranguing thoughts - it was from the demons from the smoking. Someone sent her to get diagnosed (probably not the Scientology people since they are against psychiatry ) - and she was erroneously diagnosed as schizophrenic. All she needs to do is stop smoking.

I have been on many psych wards that allow patients to have smoke breaks. This is the LAST thing they need. It is the whole cause of their problem.

Fluoridated water is used in 65% of the US and UK. NYC has it. They use sodium fluoride, the ingredient in rat poison.

It causes lower IQs, brain damage, bone fractures, canc-, ADHD.

Toothpastes with it say to call poison control if swallowed. It does NOT prevent cavities. It is a toxic waste product of aluminum processing.

Calcium fluoride applied topically, can prevent cavities. I had that as a kid. But drinking sodium fluoride is poison. It is also in most bottled water, including Poland Springs, sodas, many foods including baby foods and McD's fries. Antidotes to this are vitamin C, apple pectin, chlorella.

Poor people who eat McDonalds all the time are being dumbed down and have brain damage.

Instead of eating breakfast at McDonalds, they should arrange for the breakfast carts that are everywhere in midtown Manhattan to also be in the poor areas uptown, so people can have eggs which are healthy in the morning (protein is good for the brain) in a cheap but non-drugged way. And they are cheaper than McDonalds.



While they are away, maybe golfing on one of Trumps' golf courses, their wives can go in there, and arrange to hide everything bad. Like the Nuclear missiles, if that is possible.

Can you imagine a meeting of all the WIVES of the world leaders at the UN or somewhere - do you think for minute they would be talking about using Missiles to annihilate humanity?

Women are seen as givers of live, not destroyers. They would be talking about how each country could help each other, not threatening each other.

The whole obsession with missiles to destroy other countries is a male thing - a sublimation of their obsession with their weenies. It is so obvious.

If world leaders thought like grandmas, - if we ELECTED grandmas, this insanity would stop.

There is no grandma in this country, or Moscow, or Beijing or anywhere, that has any particular interest in seeing their grandson sign up to go kill someone else's grandsons.

What does a grandma do when you visit? Insist you eat. They get mad if you don't.

The whole problem now is that the feminist movement has gotten completely distorted, by design of the social engineers.

Instead of it being about women being equal and contributing to the conversation from a female point of view, many women are being social engineered to think like MEN. This is pointless. THEN they have nothing to offer.

IT is absurd that women think they are supposed to prove they are as good as men by acting like men.

So now we have women that want to be marines and go kill people. This is pointless. And incredibly stupid.

The social engineering agenda is to confuse the sexes - make women act like men and feminize men to be like women.

Maybe this is God behind all this - trying to get women to be more assertive and men to be less macho and aggressive to want to kill people.

But I think it is the devils counterfeit of what God has in mind.

All men do not need to be aggressive, or turned into women.

They need to be men of peace. Men are supposed to protect.

All men do not need to be competitive, though it seems to be more of a male thing.

The 50 governors of the states in the US don't threaten to invade each other. They seem to be willing to work cooperatively and compare notes and see how the different policies work out. This is the right idea.

Why can't the leaders of countries approach it the same way?

We need to encourage variety in the world, not conformity, and then learn from each other's mistakes and successes.



We should ideally have variety - let different nations rule as they see fit. Countries can have different rules or religions - some will be more religious, of various religions, some more secular. But rather than have any country try to impose their philosophy on another, the remedy would be ONE agreed upon rule for the whole world.

OPEN BORDERS. All people are free to leave any country if they don't like it. THEN if most of the people are leaving some country, the rulers will figure out that they need to change something.

It is the ultimate capitalist approach - let the market decide who succeeds or fails.

We don't really fight over ideologies anyway. It is all a sham. That is used as an excuse to get countries to support wars and people to sign up to fight. It is almost always about money and minerals.

The US invaded Afghanistan because we wanted the lithium for our computers. China is now invading the US because they need water. China is already hauling water from the great lakes across the Pacific.

We invade the Middle east for their oil.

There are other remedies for all this - KNOWING GOD.

God has enough provision for everyone. With God there is an unlimited supply.

The idea of peak oil is a fallacy. The earth replenishes the oil.

The middle east also fights over water.


I have been doing that for 20 years. God gave me authority over the weather when I lived in a church for 2 years playing piano and singing.

Every night as I sang "pour out your spirit" or "rain down your love" it would rain within 20 minutes, like clockwork. For 2 years. At first I thought it was a joke. Then I thought God was showing me that words have multiple meanings, which is also true.


God gave me authority over the weather. IT is a huge part of my testimony so I can say with credibility that people can learn to pray about weather, and about rain, to meet their needs. It is the will of God. Then there will not be a need to fight over water rights. etc.

The new testament says
"My God shall supply all my needs through Christ Jesus"


He said "If you ask ANYTHING of the Father in my name You will have it"

This is a promise. God does not lie.

It is a violation of the 10 commandments to envy or steal something from our neighbor. The 10 commandment says "thou shalt not covet"

This is the whole reason for many wars. We want their whatever.

Well God has enough for all his children. There is no need to take from each other.




All this squabbling about resources is like children squabbling about the BLUE SHIRT.

It's all about the Blue Shirt.

When a parent gives one kid a blue shirt, the other sibling always wants one. They usually know that to keep peace, they need to buy two.

When some country discovers oil, or lithium or whatever, imagine if the response of the other countries was to dance in the streets to celebrate the good fortune of their neighbors. THAT would be the right response!!

If God gives one country a blue shirt, he wants the others countries to get inspired to believe that He will give Them a Red shirt, and to wait patiently in faith.

It is like a parent saying "your brother got a blue shirt and daddy is bringing home something good for you - just wait."

Imagine how the daddy would react if he went shopping and was going up the driveway with the gift, and heard the kid yelling and screaming “You never give me anything! I don't like you!”

He would find it disheartening, and might very well decide to go return the gift.

This is what happened to Mike Bloomberg at Bill De Blasio’s inauguration so Bloomberg didn’t throw himself into philanthropy as he intended, but scurried back to Bloomberg LP, the womb from which he sprang, to lick his wounds. The whole city lost out on the present God was intending through Bloomberg.


Gratitude and faith to God releases answers to prayer.

Ingratitude aborts prayers.

God says "If you don't believe, I have no obligation to give it to you"

James ch 1 warns that he who doubts or wavers receives nothing.

Faith releases prayers to be answered. The bible says this.

God doesn't necessarily give both kids a blue shirt, because that is not what they both need. He gives us what we need, individually.

Envy of someone else's good fortune blocks us from receiving our own blessings.

A person who is called by God to be a foster parent and adopt 30 kids would need a big house.

A person with a different calling would not need a big house.

Why would I want a big mansion with 30 empty rooms? Then I would have to worry about cleaning them all. IT is a big headache.

I play the piano. It is my greatest joy. I remember as a kid playing in the living room and being annoyed by the cleaning lady running around near me with a vacuum cleaner.

If I had a house with 30 rooms I would have people come and help clean it since I would not want to clean it, and then I would have to deal with all these people running around invading my privacy, which I need to pray effectively, since they are there to clean the place.

Makes no sense. If my neighbor who has 30 kids gets a big house, good for them. I'm happy for them. I don't need it.

People are called to different things by God. Everyone has a calling.
When we find what we are called to do it makes us happy and peaceful.

Envy is useless and hinders us receiving our own blessings.

An ideology that promotes it - like fixating on income inequality is toxic.

The rich have a purpose - to be benefactors to others. The non rich contribute to humanity in other ways.




Income inequality is an asinine issue


To be obsessed with Income inequality is more ideological nonsense that feeds envy and coveting – sins. The end result is riots

We don't need income equality - we need income sufficiency.

When we do what God has called us to do, HE makes provision. So the fundamental need for all people is to seek a relationship with God.

They need the tools to do that. They need a bible - since that is the history book that tells us who God is.

They need appropriate places to pray - 24 hour churches, Clean parks and sidewalks without noise and butts and restaurants without noise so people can pray.



The People's Money

This system is God's answer to the bankers who control Europe and the US with their usury debt slavery system.

Everyone should make their own money. Be creative - draw pictures take selfies and use them, whatever.

Make them any denomination. People in stores can put their favorites on the wall.

The first question everyone asks is this: Who will work if everyone prints their own money?"

God's answer is that finally people will be free to do whatever work God has called them to do.

When something is fun for us and we are good at it, it is because it is our calling.

This is how to deal with the usurious bankers. Ignore them. Use an alternate currency and everyone is free from debt slavery.

The next question people ask is THEN WHO WILL WORK? Everyone will take a vacation.

Good they need it. While they are nice and comfy on the beach or wherever, God will speak to them. He will tell them what he had in mind when he formed them - what their purpose is, if they didn't already know.

Everyone will be free to do the work God had in mind for them, rather than do jobs they hate, just for money.

When people do jobs they hate they are in psychic pain. They then use drugs to deal with the pain.

If we have the people's money, nobody will any longer have an incentive to use drugs.

The smokers will no longer stand on the sidewalk and talk and others who walk down the street won't be tortured by this.

There will be no need for drugs so people will be peaceful and happy.

The social engineers are trying to do just the opposite. They turn people into slaves at jobs they hate and then promote drugs to make them artificially happy; and other distractions like sex, entertainment, sports.

They mind control people to get them to love their slavery. This is a quote from their writings. So they get people addicted to porn, the internet, tv, whatever.

If we had The People's Money people would still do all kinds of jobs.

People who are people persons - who like to help people - would work in stores and service jobs. But not 40 hours a week necessarily. They could find more balance with other things and see their kids and go to church instead of working on Sundays.

People who are called to be cops would still do it.

People who are called to teach would do it. People don't go into teaching for the money.

The people who do these jobs just for money, who are lousy at it, would no longer do it so only the good ones in any field would do it. This is better for everyone.

Musicians would play music. The whole purpose of music is to invoke God's spirit, to heal people and let Him do business with people - speak to them. Musicians need to be sanctified - free from drugs, so they do not contaminate this process, and only invoke the Holy Spirit.

I wrote a book for Musicians that God wanted me to write. As I wrote it I said "Maybe all musicians are not called to serve you with their music". God boomed back THEY ARE!

As prophets, intercessor & healers. In the old testament the musicians were prophets.

This is why so many get involved as activists - they are used by God to warn people about Bad ideas and promote Good ones. It is part of their calling.

WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD'S CALL TO MUSICIANS. Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & Healers


I have played piano since age 4. I remember having the thought as a kid "I am put on earth to do music and it is holy"

NOT sexy! Music was NOT designed by God to be sexy. The devil has hijacked that calling and used many of them to promote sex, - promiscuity and now gay sex. The music videos are all porn and occult rituals, exposing what was always there behind the music business.

It has been run for years by people who are devil worshippers. They have prayer rooms in the major labels where they pray demons onto the masters of the records to get spiritual control over the listeners.

This music causes mental illness. It is played in the stores and restaurants for the purposes of mind control. A person needs quiet to think and hear from God. They don't want people to think; they want them to obey and be robots.

30 years ago cafes used to be quiet so people could write. Now they play music - the people are being inspired not by God but by demonic spirits. Then they come up with dumb ideas like gay marriage.

The illuminati are bloodlines of families that have run the world for hundreds of years. They are the banking families who intermarried with European royalty. All US presidents but one came from Illuminati bloodlines.

John Todd came from an Illuminati bloodline. He became a Christian in the 70s and made a video

Demons behind the Music Businesss - John Todd

He says he controlled all the record labels which had the prayer rooms where they pray demons onto the masters. He recounts a conversation with David Crosby from Crosby Stills & Nash who said that in order to get a record deal one has to be a witch, and in order to advance one has to be bisexual. This is why the pop stars now promote gay sex.

Believe me, it is working. I have been in the subway playing music and see 2 girls kissing right near me. It is nauseating. Anyone who is born again and has the Holy Spirit is revulsed by the things God is revulsed by.

These kids are experimenting because they are being Told by the social engineers who run their schools, to experiment to find out who they are. What they are not told is that if one experiments with gay sex, that is an opening for spirits of homosexuality to enter a person. THEN they become gay.

I was in a coed frat at Brown University as an undergrad. Most of the guys experimented and became gay.

The hippy boomer generation was social engineered to think of sex as recreation not procreation.

We were idiots. We called promiscuous sex with strangers FREE LOVE and thought it was love because we called it that. No kid made this up. Some demon in hell did, and the demons in hell are falling off their chairs laughing at the insane behavior they have produced in humanity. Each step of social engineering builds on the previous one. SO they transform society by increments. First they made sex about pleasure, not love and marriage and families. Now they promote gay sex. They now call THAT love.

When you ask a Millenial what they think of gay marriage, they say "you should marry whoever you love". It is the same hijacking of the word love. It is not about love. It is about sex, same as with the hippies. Gay sex is not an expression of love. It is abuse. Self abuse. Anal sex tears people's rectums. It is S&M behavior. Promiscuous sex was not about love either. It was free love because it was love free from commitment, which is the one thing that Makes it about love.

They tell women now that having promiscuous sex with strangers is empowering. Only to demons. It is not empowering to the woman.

I slept with plenty of men in one night stands - it did not feel empowering. I felt used afterwards. The whole hippy generation did this.

What they are doing now - we have seen before. We called it free love but now they call it hook-ups.

People are using sex like a drug instead of learning how to form healthy relationships.

And they are being social engineered in school sex ed programs to THNK this promiscuous sex is healthy - it is NOT. They are being told that all children have sexual needs and should express it - and no mention is made of love and marriage. Sex for its own sake.
This goes way back.

When guys used to try to pick up girls 30 years ago they would say 'you're hung up" - like it is better to be free - to do anything, regardless of consequences.

Well one of the consequences of promiscuous sex is abortions.

A woman's right to choose should be at choosing NOT to have promiscuous sex, not choosing to kill the unborn baby that is a consequence of that sex.

When a baby is born, it has grown in the womb for 9 months. Two minutes before it pops out, it is not some mass of 'tissue'; it is the same baby! When a baby is born prematurely we call it a baby -not tissue.

If it is murder to kill it after it is born then logically it is killing the baby before it is born.

But since they have promoted killing the unborn, their logic leads to killing babies after they are born to be consistent if it is not convenient.

There really is no difference. Either we accept killing both, or not killing both.

God said in Jeremiah 1 "I knew you before I formed you in the womb"

So abortion thwarts the will of God for that soul which was created. It was created when the sperm joined with the egg. There is a life force in the sperms. That is how they swim.

Wisdom 101 for a generation that has no common sense


We have all been social engineered, snookered.

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education


The devil worshippers carry out the work of the demons who invent this stuff.

When the demons want to find someone to promote their nonsense, they ask "Who can we use? Who is the biggest idiot on earth?"

The social engineers who work for Lucifer, are. They have been snookered too. The devil is a liar and the father of all lies.

The people who work for him and sell their souls do not realize that they have been snookered.

The devil is not going to say "work for me and I will give you fame and fortune and then I will torture you in hell for all eternity". Nobody is that stupid that they would agree to it. So they are being told something else. They think they will rule in hell, or there is no afterlife, or they will reincarnate, or they will live forever in their human body. Some kind of lie.

They have a big out of this arrangement, if they repent to God and accept Jesus as savior. No contract is valid if it is premised on a lie. It becomes invalid.

The devil tells them that it is too late to repent, but this is a lie.

The biggest sinners have the biggest testimonies to others, when they get saved.

It is a testimony to the healing power of God and the grace of God.

They are then used to inspire others to believe they can be saved as well.


If someone can say "I was a mass murderer but God forgave me through Jesus" then anyone else can believe it is possible for them also. Someone who is not that bad will think "well if God can forgive him, certainly he can forgive me".

Someone who is also a big sinner can think 'I am just as bad as he was - so God can forgive me too".

Everyone has a potential ministry after they are saved and healed by Jesus - to people especially who have similar issues of trauma or sin.

So we could say that whatever we have been through in our lives is part of God's plan for us, to use us in the ministry He has called us into that he formed us to have.

Sometimes we make mistakes - not part of Gods best plans for us - but those mistake can also be used as an object lesson in what NOT to do. The testimony is valuable either as inspiration or an example of what NOT to do.

God will use us either way. He uses us depending on what what we choose.

Everyone has a Phase 2 ministry


Former NYC mayor's quote about Rockefeller social engineering and Shadow Government

from the wiki page of John Frances Hylan. He calls them an octopus that controls everything

Abby Rockefeller's toilet company & Rockefeller social engineering

Abby is a musician. I have known her over 30 years. I believe God inspired her to have this company as a prophetic sign that the family is social engineering the US down the toilet. They are the foremost social engineering family in the US. Her father is David Rockefeller, whose goal is world government. He is the man who runs this country. Henry Kissinger works for him and advises the president. John Todd said the Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds who answer to Lucifer the devil. Both are illuminati bloodlines.

The Rothschilds are the main banking cartel that runs Europe. They print the money and loan it to governments at interest, dictating the policies of the governments.

David Rockefeller said that a supra-nationalist government of bankers is preferable to a system of nations. He founded the CFR the Council on Foreign Relations whose goal is the destruction of the US sovereignty & constitution and bringing in world government. They have gotten presidents to sign treaties that override the constitution and give power to the UN and foreign bodies instead.

Part of their agenda includes microchipping people for mind control and monetary control.
The bible warns about this in Rev 13 calling it the "mark of the beast" and says that anyone who takes this mark will suffer eternal torment.

Nick Rockefeller admitted to film maker Aaron Russo that his family's goal was to microchip everyone. He also told him that they were behind the feminist movement, the goal of which was to break up families so the state could raise kids. He also told Russo months before 9-11 that an event was coming that would be used to get control over the people and start wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and they would be looking in caves and it would all be a big hoax - the phony war on terror. The CIA trains these boogymen so we have an enemy to fight.

Russo had made a film From Freedom to Fascism that talked about the unconstitutional IRS and Federal Reserve system. Then he ran for Governor of Nevada, which induced Rockefeller to befriend him to try to get him to join the global elite - join the CFR.

Russo made a video about this in an interview with Alex Jones

Reflections and warning - Aaron Russo

Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the new world order


The Federal Reserve are the banks that print the US money and charge interest to our government. This is where the national debt comes from. It is unconstitutional. The constitution said to have the US Treasury Dept print our money at no interest. We did that until the Federal Reserve Act of l913 under Woodrow Wilson. They manipulated him to do this and form the League of Nations, their first attempt at world government.
They caused the world wars to be used as an excuse to then bring in world government as a remedy. They caused WWII to bring in the UN.

There was a plan written by Albert Pike a sat- worshipper who wrote the handbook for freemasonry, to have 3 world wars, to bring in world government.

Freemasonry is devil worship at the top level. I have seen the handbook written by Albert Pike for the 32 level Scottish Rite Masonry. It says "We worship the Lucifierian principle but we don't tell the lower levels this".

4 presidents were shot when they tried to print Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve notes.

JFK was the last one.

Henry Ford said that if the people realized how the banking system works, there would be a revolution overnight.

Well, if the president and governors all decide to decree that THE PEOPLE'S MONEY is legal tender, it will free everyone immediately.


The whole world should do this. It is the way to cast off the controlling shackles of the bankers who control the world through their debt slavery system.

Usury is the lending of money at interest. It is considered it a sin in the bible.

Islamic banking considers usury a sin. When the Muslims look at the West's banking system which uses usury, they see US as the big sinner, in addition to the social degradation which promotes porn, gay sex, etc.

Our government lied about and bombed Muslim countries that had their own banking system and did not want to be under the control of the Banking cartel. Libya was destroyed over this.

They are being used by God to judge the west for their sins, for turning away from God.

If people repent and our governments repent of behaving as if God does not exist, and taking God out of our schools, then God will stop using them to judge us.

Regardless of who caused 9-11, it was God using them for His own purposes. As a warning to repent and turn back to God. God uses anyone he chooses. One scripture says

The king's heart is in God's hands.

God uses people who don't know him or believe in him all the time.
The Prophet Isaiah talked about how a man named Cyrus would be used by God to help the Jews build their temple. This prophecy happened hundreds of years before it happened. This shows that God knows the future, and controls the future.

He gives us free will but he already knows what we will do.

Many parents know their kids. They know what their kid will do. God knows us the same way. WE are his children.

God has said that to me a few times.

One time I was at a Catholic charismatic prayer meeting. (Charismatic pray in tongues. ) God said to me "talk to my children" I asked 'what should I say?' He said

"Look not to Mary but to me"

Mary is a diversion. When she has appeared to people she often redirects them to Jesus.

After Hurricane Sandy I was sitting in a bank in midtown when hordes of people came north looking for power to charge their phones. Two young gay guys sat near me. God said to me "These poor children".

He was referring to the fact that they are being made gay. They are not born that way. When gays say they did not choose it, they are not lying. But they are not born that way - they are being made gay. There are a variety of causes.

When guys are raped by other guys or men, this opens them to a spirit of homosexuality. Experimenting does this too. That is why it is dangerous. Listening to music by gay people can do it. The spirit transmits.

Years ago I used to play piano in a university chapel. The organ player was gay. One day I walked in and smelled semen. The spirit was on him and spewing into the place.

The last thing a person needs to do is pick up unclean spirits in a church. That is the place to go to get delivered, to get clean. Fellowshipping or worshipping with others who have unclean spirits is a way to pick them up.

If someone drinks coffee, alcohol or smokes and leads worship, preaches or sings next to you, the spirit will transmit.
There is so much theological error in churches now because the ministers and others are using caffeine which opens them up to lying demonic spirits. AND people who pray while contaminated are sending these spirits onto others.

This is why the bible says not to be hasty in the laying on of hands -one can pick up the spirits from others.


Spiritual Wisdom Revised

Talks about how to assess one's environment for openings for spiritual oppression; how and where to pray, symbols, words


Healing comes when we repent of any sin that was an opening for disease.

Jesus also said that we need to forgive others so our prayers are not hindered.
If a person is sick they need to ask God if there is any sin they need to repent of in order to be healed. When they have taken care of that they can then rebuke the illness in Jesus name.

Jesus said fasting is necessary to have authority over the spirits that cause illness - this is usually true in general with healing - he said it in context of a person who had epilepsy.

When Jesus healed he said GO and sin no more or it will be worse for you" John 14:6

God said something similar to me when He healed me. I had gotten a sexual disease from sleeping with 2 men - one my boyfriend and another guy on the same weekend. The next day I got this disease. Then I got saved. So I was sitting on my floor and prayed "i repent of sleeping with those guys" I immediately felt heat go through my body. I knew God was healing me AND he spoke and said "Don't do it again or it will return". I have been celibate for 20 years. The disease never came back. Right after this happened, I tested it to prove I was healed. I knew that cocoa was supposed to trigger an outbreak of it. I drank a whole can and nothing happened - so I knew I was healed.

To assess one's environment there are several things to consider as possible openings for demonic spirits:

books, music, occult paraphernalia, drugs, alcohol, art, symbols.

Whatever spirit inspires a book, music, etc will be near it. When the thing is removed the oppression leaves.

If a person gets delivered from something and then goes back to the same environment which caused it, they will get re-infested.

ART objects from different countries often invoke demonic spirits.

Symbols have all kinds of meanings spiritually which gives authority to demonic spirits to be present.

The devil circulates symbols and tells us it means something else so he can sneakily get spiritual authority over people. His whole technique revolves around lies and deception.

The hippy peace sign is one example. We were told it means peace. But spiritually it was an anti-christ symbol. Devil worshippers take a cross and invert it, breaking the arms. So people who wear it are giving permission to demonic spirits. This symbol was used to get authority over the hippies which resulted in sex and drug use.

Jewish stars are occult. It is called the Star of David but this is a misnomer. King David never used it. His son Solomon got it from his Egyptian wives. It invoked an Egyptian demon.

God used the prophet Amos to warn the Jews about this. He said "you have made a star unto your god Chiu-"

Bob Dylan is a prophet. He calls it the Egyptian Star.

Demons have multiple names from different countries. The new testament calls it the Star of Remph-.

How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)


Cops should see their job as a ministry of correction.

Cops should carry bibles. It will protect them if someone shoots them, and it will help them be used by God.

They should all carry bibles and throw them at people doing stupid stuff. They like to throw the book at someone – let it be the GOOD BOOK. And they can yell “God didn’t put you on earth to do that. You have a calling and that is not it.” When they see kids dressed with saggy pant, which is dressed for jail rather than success, they should say

Your calling is not to look like the village idiot”.

God’s weapon of choice for cops- the bible


How to fix the education system in one year

Not only has the education system been used to dumb down students for several generations; the teachers don’t even know how to teach fundamentals anymore.

I recently met an education graduate from a teachers college who had not been taught how to teach students how to read!

SO what we need to do to reverse this social engineering agenda of dumbing everyone down is to find older teachers – retirees – ask them to come help and mentor younger teachers, and teach the kids for about a year. Put a retiree in a class paired with a young teacher – and let them work together. The kids will actually learn and the young teacher will learn how to actually teach. People who have been teaching 20-30 years know what they are doing.

The young teachers are being trained as change agents – for the social engineering agendas of making kids bisexual, indoctrinated robots in preparation for world government.

This agenda has been going on a long time.

Benjamin Bloom was the founder of OBE – Outcome Based Education which is an approach that has been used under various names to fool the parents. HE said the purpose of education is to “change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of students”. NOT teach them how to read and think critically. They don’t want that.

They have been using methods of teaching reading for years that actually cause dyslexia and reading disorders which result in behavior disorders when kids get frustrated because they can’t read. That gives them an excuse to drug them so they can be mind controlled, which is the end goal.

Quotes showing the real agendas behind mental health & education

They are mind control, genocide, atheism, world government

George Brock Chisholm a Canadian psychiatrist who was co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, said the purpose of education is to prepare students for world government. He was against patriotism. They don’t want students to learn civics or know the constitution; they are trying to destroy the constitution and the US sovereignty. They want a centralized world government run by bankers, where everyone is microchipped for mind control and financial control. World citizens –slaves.

To undo their agenda we need to return to God and put God back in the schools.

There is no constitutional right to ignorance. Students have a right to know what is in the bible, to make an informed choice about what to believe.

The kids have a RIGHT TO KNOW

There is no constitutional right to ignorance

The corruption of education


The US founding father all said that our republic would only work if the population was moral. Freedom with no morals leads to chaos –and that is what we now have – school shootings. Moral relativism has been taught in the schools and society, rooted in atheism, so kids have no moral compass. Our laws were based on the bible.

The Golden Rule School – blueprint for a charter school

I was a substitute for 7 years in the Boston public schools in the early 90s. I saw what the curriculums were. I taught k-12 all subjects. The kids would tell me their assignments and how the teachers would tell them not to tell the parents.

Christians should go into the public schools as substitutes. It is an important ministry. God uses them to tell the kids that most of what they are being taught is nonsense. I was like an anti-teacher and undercover agent. The schools lie to the parents, so if you want to find out what they really teaching the kids you need to go in as substitutes and ask the kids. They will tell you. And you can look at the curriculums.

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education


The Buddy System – Program to Stop Student Suicides



One of the biggest problems there are the suicide bombers. Hence, the wall. The Israelis are upset at the indoctrination of Palestinian children to go kill Jews. This country is supposed to be so smart, and they can’t think of a remedy for this?

Every parent knows that the way to get kids to love you is to bribe them. SO the Israelis just need to treat the Palestinian children like their own – with love. BRIBE THEM.

Send planes with TEDDY BEARS that have tags that say WITH LOVE FROM ISRAEL and drop them for all the Palestinian Children. THEN the next time someone tells them how bad the Israelis are, the kids will say? HUH? They gave me a teddy bear.

Children are not stupid. The other part of the solution is to STOP BULLDOZING HOUSES.

If you don’t want children to hate you, don’t bulldoze their house.

Build houses for EVERYONE. If you don’t want to live right next to them then let there be villages with different customs. Which is the way it is now.

People have a right to live in peace. Not everybody lives the same way.

Some people like to play loud music. They do not make good neighbors for others who need quiet.

People over 50 usually like quiet. People in their twenties tend to like loud music. These don’t go together.

If Donald Trump wants to be president and make peace in Israel, all he has to do is arrange to build houses for everyone.

If there are less suicide bombs, the Jews in the US will be less afraid to go to Israel and they will go and double the population so the Israelis don’t have to worry about non-jews becoming the majority of the population.

The Orthodox have large families anyway with 10 kids, so they are taking care of that. The Palestinians are only 20 percent of the Israeli population, so I don’t understand the concern about this. God has solved it by having the Orthodox move there and have large families.

God has solutions to everything.

Israel’s biggest problem is becoming secular, and supporting gay rights and other abominations. NOT IN ISRAEL.

That is GOD’S COUNTRY. IT is named after him. It sounds like IS REAL - a message to the world that GOD IS REAL.


Message to Bibi


The United States was formed by God to be a testimony to Jesus. THAT is why God’s grace has been on this country. As they have turned into a secular country and taken God out of the schools, dishonoring God, and raising generations of biblical illiterates, we have lost grace. THAT is what has given our enemies authority to overcome us.

It says in Proverbs 16:7 that if a man’s way please God HE makes his enemies to be at peace with him.

When a man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.


Throughout the bible God uses one nation to judge another for their sins.

There is a story where God says he will use his servant Nebuchadnezzar to attack the Jews. They protest “But he is worse than us” And God responds “I know. I’ll deal with him later but right now I am using him to judge you.”

God uses the Jews as an object lesson to the world. He punishes them more for disobedience, and blesses them for obedience, as an example of what He wants for humanity.

God sent Jesus 2000 years ago to be the messiah, for the Jews and everyone else, the gentiles. THIS is God’s provision for salvation for all humanity.

There COULD be any number of other ways of doing this, but they are not the way God chose. We didn’t create the universe so we don’t get to make the rules.

The new age idea that man can evolve and become gods is a deception from the devil.


God’s 2000 year conversation with the Jews


The only way there will be peace in Israel is when both the Jews and Arabs all accept Jesus as savior; this makes them brothers and sisters and puts love in their hearts for each other. God changes hearts. It is not easy for man to do so without God’s help.

The Jews often say that the messiah is supposed to bring world peace. Well, Jesus gives us inner peace and we need inner peace first to be able to love our fellow man. Signing peace treaties without that happening is insufficient because it will not last. However signing such treaties buys time for people to evangelize their enemies and become brothers and sisters in Christ.


Toilets for the Homeless, tourists and everyone

There are not enough toilets in NYC. Tourists have to run into restaurants and it is hard to find them and many only let customers use them. It is obnoxious. The homeless often get told they can’t use them. They get accused of “bathing” which is utter nonsense – an excuse to play this game. THIS is the reason they sometimes go in the street. Where the homeless have a need, others also have a need. SO if their need is addressed, everyone will benefit.

How about building small shelters next to portable toilets. Let homeless people use it as a job – they can stay in the shelter, and keep toilet paper there and supply the toilet. They can have a tip can -so they will make money. They can put their name on it – Joe’s toilet. Etc.

A lot of homeless people shlep stuff around just to feel like they have something of their own. I saw a guy pushing garbage in a cart one day and asked him why he saved all the stuff – and he said “because it is mine” So even though he had nothing valuable, he wanted to feel normal psychologically so he schlepped garbage.


Turn the Christmas shopping shacks into shelters after the shopping season.


Turn the Christmas season shacks at the parks into shelters for people when the shopping shtick is over. They are already built; and they have outlets. So they can bring a portable chair and heater and they are all set. This works for me – I have a portable chair and I look for outlets to plug in my computer to write, and a heater.


If you build it you can live there

Here is a proposal for housing for everyone – illegal immigrants, homeless, citizens of any kind:

If they will work building an apartment building, or small shacks, they get to live there with their families or friends.

The Amish do this as a community –the village helps to build a house for each family. Such a proposal will create community and the people will take care of it after moving in since they helped build it.

People will do this for nothing and their incentive will be that they can tell their kids they helped build the building – something to be proud of – a contribution so they won’t want to trash it after moving in.

The wives can take care of the kids while the fathers work to build it. Or anyone, women or kids, can help build it.

Learning construction is not that hard. Not everyone is suited to work on tall buildings – but those who can handle it, will do it to have a place for themselves to live in.

They can build homes for veterans – the buildings can house whoever builds it and the vets who have already served and maybe are not in a position to do that kind of work.

The little shacks they put up in five minutes in the parks for the Christmas shopping season - they can build lots of them in empty lots or in the parks.

To fund building materials and supplies, they can use The People’s Money.

Make all the money you want – it is an unlimited supply.

Get Donald Trump to use the parcel he bought in Westchester for a golf course, for a big community for the formerly homeless, where they build their own buildings. If He oversees it it will be done quickly.

The NYC homeless can be relocated to all the various areas in the Southern Teir of NY State that need jobs. If they build housing there this will bring people to be consumers for all kinds of businesses.

Instead of building casinos and beer factories which are not good for people, build fruit orchards.


Tourist/shopper/homeless nap stations

On Broadway for a couple months there was a display of artwork that looked like nice little shelters – people were using the chairs and parking under them at night to rest – anyone could put a chair under there and take a nap. So they could put these little shelters all around – and leave them there – homeless or tourists or shoppers who need a rest could sit there for as long as they like.

There are definitely not enough places to sit while walking around the city.

Only some avenues have benches.

There is a real need for the homeless to have somewhere to rest. They get kicked out of atriums, businesses and libraries for snoozing. THIS Is why they become mentally ill – from sleep deprivation. They DON’T need psych drugs – they don’t help anyone. They make people mentally ill. They could put doors on the little rest stations with locks for privacy and protection.

There is a need for outlets – for people to charge their computers. People could sit in these places and work.

There IS a need for quiet places to work and rest and pray – since the restaurants play obnoxious mind control music, which needs to stop. It is abusive. There is no rationale for playing music that everyone has to listen to. People have personal players to listen to the music of their choice. It is a mind control technique and it makes people mentally ill. The music is demonic. The music business is run by people who are devil worshippers who pray demons onto the records. So listening to it is toxic.

There is an urgent need for quiet places to rest, pray and work in the city.
These little shelters would be of benefit to everyone – tourists, shoppers, homeless.


Here is a picture of wood in dumpsters that could be used to build these shacks.


Also see

The Deadly “No Sleeping” Rule

How to help the homeless


Jobs for former prisoners

Testimony teachers – use ex-cons, homeless, boomers as subs to warn kids about drugs

There is a huge waste of human potential and human capital going on in the society. People who have spent time in jails for whatever mistakes, are valuable witnesses to others to warn them away from those mistakes. They should be used as substitute teachers – go into the schools and tell the kids NOT to do drugs, join gangs etc. They are more credible witnesses to kids than someone who has not made that mistake. Their testimony is important. All mistakes have redemptive value since they can be used to warn others what NOT to do. There is an old saying that a WISE person learns from the mistakes of others.

It is absurd that people who have made mistakes end up unemployable. This is all backwards. THEY have more experience and credibility to effectively tell young people what NOT to do.

Furthermore the judges should sentence violators to do this as community service instead of incarceration in many cases.

Making mistakes is part of life. Life is like a school. We don’t punish people in school for making mistakes. Why do it in life?

Instead of taking people out of society who have caused harm, we need to TRAIN them for redemptive ministry while being incarcerated so they can be USED for GOOD.

Every prisoner should have a bible, a guitar and a kitten. The bible and instruments are tools they need to get to know God, learn how to pray and worship God so they can invoke HIS presence so He can communicate and guide them.

Kittens are good for humanizing people who are in prisons. Especially in solitary.

People talk about how solitary is torture. It IS, the way it is done. But it could be a completely different experience with ramifications and good outcomes if it was transformed into preparing for ministry.

Solitary should be a time out and every person has a right to certain tools to assess their behavior and transform themselves. Hence the need for bibles, instruments and kittens.

I spent 8 months in solitary. It was torture because I did not have a bible or an instrument. If I had it would have been like music school. When I was in music school people would go into little rooms with their instrument and play. It was not hell, like jail, it was heaven. Time rushes by when a person is in a creative mode – basically opening themselves up to the spiritual realm.

For people who are introverts this is a vital need.

Nobody is ever REALLY alone – God is on the earth and communicates to us in our thoughts. He comforts us. But many people do not realize that God speaks to them; they get distressed because they think they are hallucinating when they hear voices. The atheist mental health people tell them this. Then people in jails get distressed when they can’t get psych drugs for their alleged hallucinations. But it is God preventing from getting the drugs since they won’t benefit from them. God wants them to hear from HIM.

Imagine how a parent would feel if he patted his kid on the head and said ‘I love you” and the kid said “oh I’m hallucinating”. This is how God feels.

Demonic spirits talk to people in jails too. They do not speak the same as God. They say negative things – tempt people to sin, tell them to hurt themselves or others.

The psych counselors make people more distressed because they ask if the person has negative thoughts. This induces them to own the thought. Then they are told they have a chemical imbalance that causes this. The reality is the opposite. It is just demonic spirits not coming FROM the person but TO the person. All they have to do is rebuke it in Jesus name or ignore it.

When we praise God, read the bible or worship, we invoke God’s spirit and THAT brings peace, which is the hallmark of God’s presence, and it also scares away demonic spirits.

All thoughts come from the spiritual realm. The word INSPIRATION Means A SPIRIT GOES INTO IT.

The bible says there are two sources of thought - God and the demonic (James ch 3).

When I was in solitary God coached me how to respond to demonic spirits. 90% of the time He said IGNORE. Sometimes he said REBUKE, to undo any curses they might be trying to throw at me.

God used this experience to train me in launching prayers and resisting the devil’s attempt to abort them. When I got out God said “use what you’ve learned.”

Spiritual Bootcamp - my experience in solitary launching prayers


Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy

I came up with this idea based on my experiences as a teacher, musician, and someone who spent 8 months in solitary and 7 years in psych wards.

The combination of those experiences gives me a perspective and a way to relate these issues that others do not have.   Also I have been saved since l990 and went into prison as a STRONG believer, so my experience there was very different than many others.

Our experiences and backgrounds affect how we experience and react to various other experiences.

The jail sentence should be seen as a time out for assessment of a person's attitude and behavior and training to change it.

We should use school as a model for what happens in jails. Life is School. Re training rather than punishment should be the objective.


Notebook Therapy

One thing that would be effective would be part of their sentence would be to have the person write 50,000 times "Drugs are a bad idea" if they used drugs, for example. Doing this will re-program their brain NOT to want to do drugs! Or whatever they did before. Like when kids have to write on the blackboard.

This would be re-programming. There is NO WAY that someone who has to do this would ever do the same thing again.

Judges can have the option of sending someone to jail to do this; 

Your sentence is 40 notebooks.   (like 400 Hail Marys)

 Whenever they finish they can leave.

 OR the judge can send them home, knowing full well that the person will probably enlist 20 of their friends to help them, but that would actually be a good thing, since then those 20 friends would ALSO be re-programmed to never do this again! (sell drugs, smoke pot, burgle, whatever).

The whole mental health system is based on reprogramming.  They use psych drugs to mind control people – it puts them in a hypnotic trance – and then make them take assorted “education” classes which is their indoctrination.

It works.  However, we don’t need the drugs to do this.


Nobody who has to complete 40 notebooks of

Will ever go anywhere near it again! Guaranteed!

It is aversive therapy.

This could work for rapists, and all kinds of anti-social  behavior.

The offenders also need to have a bible so they can read it and learn to pray, to prepare for ministry.  When they come out they can have a job telling students NOT to do whatever they did.

THEIR testimony will have more credibility than the parents of the kids.


Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


Remedy for Rikers

My plan for transformation of the criminal justice system. Turn the prisons into schools of ministry. Turn Rikers into the Rikers School of Ministry.

THE PRISONER’S HANDBOOK God’s help for those in jails and solitary

This book should be provided to every prisoner in jails and prisons along with a King James bible. People have a constitutional right to it to protect their mental health. Not having a bible constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. This book will help people understand what is happening to them so they don’t fall into mental distress due to erroneous ideas, many of which are promoted by the mental health personnel. This book will help prevent mental illness and suicides.

PEACE PLACE – 24 hour café for work, prayer, rest

Peace Place is the name of a place that will be an alternative to coffee houses for people to work, pray and rest in. To show New Yorkers what it is like to be in a quiet, decaffeinated environment. It will be open 24 hours. IT WILL BE A FRANCHISE.

There is a real need for quiet restaurants in NYC. They are rare. Most have piped in music.

I am sitting in a coffee house and a man next to me just made a call and said “it is too noisy here – I’ll call you later”.
This is ridiculous. People should be able to make calls in restaurants.

There is barely anywhere to make calls in the city.

Outside there are cig butts all over the sidewalks. This causes people to drop calls. They interfere with WIFI  If you run inside to a store or restaurant to make a call you have to deal with the music.  It interferes. This is a  major QUALITY OF LIFE issue. 

People over 50 remember when there were quiet cafes. Now they hardly exist. The chains all play music.  The concept of playing music in a restaurant makes no sense. People now have their own portable music players so they can listen to music of their own choice.

When you go to a restaurant they don’t insist you can only eat one selection. That is what happens in jail.  But they make you listen to whatever music the workers want or what they are told to be playing by the corporation that runs it.  This is abusive.

People have a right to quiet. No one should be forced to listen to music they don’t want to hear.  It afflicts people.

I have gotten itchy rashes sitting in chain restaurants, from the music. When they play rap this happens because most of them smoke pot and cigs. This invokes unclean demonic spirits on them which transmits through the music. It also gives me pain. It is abuse.

People don’t go into restaurants for the music; they go for the food and PUT UP with the music.  

I have asked numerable people over 50 “do you like this music” in the chains. They say “NO I HATE IT but WHAT CAN YOU DO?”’

This is a major quality of life issue in NYC.

The 20 year olds are conditioned to hear music everywhere. They are being abused and don’t realize it.

People need quiet to hear God and pray effectively.  One can not pray with music playing – it is contamination, cross talk.   The lyrics in the songs can act like curses.

I have been in midtown restaurants that served ethnic food, which played rap, hip hop. They closed in 6 months, as I knew they would.  The workers they hire liked that music, but the customers didn’t. 

The music should not be for the workers but the customers.

Before Christmas they play Christmas songs which often talk about the weather. This affects the weather.

I charge my computers and if it is quiet and warm the weather will be quiet and warm. This has been going on for 20 years. 

God gave me authority over the weather 20 years ago when I was being trained as an intercessor while playing piano alone at night in a church.

Whenever I sang “pour out your spirit” or “rain down your love” it would rain within 20 minutes, like clockwork, for 2 years.

Whatever words are spoken near where I charge my computers and phones affects the weather as a result. It is words spoken in my air-space, prayer-space.

So when I have been in cafes and they played Christmas songs about the white stuff, it happened immediately!

One time I went into a drugstore to pick up money. They were playing that song. When I left it was falling.  I rebuked it and it stopped.

Words to not just describe; they invoke what we speak. So sitting somewhere where people are talking or singing words onto you can be toxic.

If you listen to country music where they sing about all kinds of problems those words act like curses and will become your problems unless you rebuke it in Jesus name.

The bible warns us about the power of words. 

Psalm 18:21 says death & life is in the tongue.

James ch 3 talks about it also.

I don’t want to listen to words spoken onto me from ambient songs. They cross-talk prayers.

Prayers are very delicate. 

They are like missiles and cross-talk acts like anti-missiles.

I learned about this when I spent 8 months in solitary confinement in a prison.

It was spiritual bootcamp. When I got out God said “use what you’ve learned”.

Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers

The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry

Peace Place will be like a church where people can pray, but they can also work. In most churches there aren’t plugs for computers and/or they disallow people to use electronics in sanctuaries. So where are you supposed to go that is quiet to be inspired by GOD and write?  

I went into one church and saw plugs  and thought Great I can write here. Then someone came and said you can’t use electronics here.  So there needs to be a place that has the peace of a church where people can be inspired by God and write and work.

The only other places I have used are the parks, but often that gets infested by smokers and pot-smokers and pot smoking musicians. 

The parks are the PEOPLE’s CHURCH and nobody should use drugs there, so others can have a spiritually clean environment to pray and work in.

But they took down the no smoking signs and there are butts all over.

So there is a need in NYC for PEACE PLACE. This will become a franchise to be an alternative to the coffee houses. 

One room will have tables and lots of plugs for people to work on laptops.  NO piped in music.  It will be quiet but people can use their own mp3s and there will be ones to borrow - to listen to worship music.   

I would not want people to listen to other music such as rap or heavy metal since others can feel the spiritual contamination spewing from it even if they can't hear it.  

All music spews into the atmosphere whether it is audible or not.  Being audible is far worse but others can feel the energy if it is nearby even if they can not hear it.

People will be told to keep their voices down - the only people who should hear you talking are the person you are speaking to - not others 2 tables away. 

The place will serve food and healthy drinks without caffeine – teas, juices etc. for free – by donation.

A second room will be the snooze room. There will be portable chairs. People can sit as long as they like.

This way homeless people, travelers, and busy New Yorkers who need a POWER NAP can come and rest, listening to worship music or not, to feel the peace of God and have dreams from God.

These power napping hard working New Yorkers will be so appreciative of a place to recharge that they will give generous donations to fund the place which will then benefit the others.

There should be a room for people to store their belongings – including shopping carts, they can take a ticket – so they can leave their stuff and run around to do errands, go on appointments, etc.

There are no places to store stuff for homeless or travelers  They used to have lockers in the bus stations but after 9-11 they stopped this due to fear of bombs. Hence there is a serious need for somewhere for people to leave their stuff so they don’t have to shlep it everywhere. If you want to go shopping it is not feasible to drag it into stores and many office  buildings.

There should be sinks with the higher type of faucet so people can wash their hair if needed.  This is needed for homeless and travelers.

There should be an ample supply of wipes so when people sit on chairs to snooze they can wipe it first, so they don’t pick up unclean spirits from others who smoke or drink.

Cigarettes and alcohol will be forbidden.

Having them in one’s pocket contaminates the environment for others who want to pray. It even interferes with WIFI.

Many times in the libraries or restaurants when I work on the computer I have gotten itchy or fallen asleep due to the effect of that stuff going through the wifi.

Same with caffeine.

Everyone who is on the same wifi network affects others through the wifi.

If one person has a cup of coffee next to their computer, the spirits go through the network. I have felt it through the computer.

Caffeine is an opening for spirits of mania- (racing thoughts), confus- and addiction.

I have felt the spirit of mani- on my computer when others have coffee cups next to theirs.

WIFI acts like a party line.  What is around each person spiritually affects everyone else on the network AND nearby.

When people talk, whatever is on them transmits to others in earshot.

This is why it is important to keep voices down. So others don’t get afflicted and contaminated.

Drugs like pot and cigs are big openings for unclean spirits. When I have been in restaurants that play rap I have gotten an itchy rash. From the unclean spirits on the rappers most of whom smoke cigs and pot.

When Peace Place becomes a franchise there will be places for homeless to stay and work in. They can work in these places and get money from donations.

One of their jobs will be to go scrounging, i.e .’shopping’ for food.  All the other chain restaurants throw out food every night, in garbage bags. It SHOULD be in bins so anyone can take it.   The peace place workers or anyone can bring it to the Peace Places to re-distribute the food.


There could be another room for children – so that parents can have their power nap and the kids can play.  Someone can supervise the kids room.  Mothers will be happy for the opportunity to get a power nap without having to pay high priced baby sitters or day care.  Those who can not afford day care will have a respite to rest and re-charge.

This will benefit low income and high income people.

This place will be an alternative for travelers to stay in. They won’t need to stay in hostels or high priced hotels.

The biggest problem in NYC is not having places to rest and pray.

It is a crime in NYC to close your eyes.  Doing so to rest or pray usually elicits security personnel saying “you can’t sleep here”. This happens in libraries atriums, restaurants etc. 

The Deadly “No Sleeping” Rule

The only places left are the parks but they one has to deal with smokers and pot smokers and drinkers and caffeinated dog walkers screaming after their dogs.

The dogs are fine. They are quiet.  But they are usually followed by caffeinated owners who scream, defeating the purpose of going into a park to get away from that.

Every time I have been near a caffeinated person talking I have to wash unclean spirits off me. 

I carry wipes all the time for this purpose.  My clothes get soiled from this which is how I know it affects me.  Every time some caffeinated person talks near me I have to change pads that I carry so I don’t have to change underwear all the time.

This is an indication that unclean spirits go on a person’s head, which affects their thinking.

There should be a stash  box outside the place where people can deposit cigs so they will not bring it into the place.  The key will be held by a hostess, greeter who can put a sticker on it and give the matching one to the owner.

But it should not be next to the building or it will affect the wifi and others.

For years I have camped out in banks to work in a quiet place on my computer. When there are butts next to the wall, it interferes with wifi and I have to remove them. Hence if someone has a cig pack inside the place, or it is next to the place in a locker it will be the same problem.  Lockers would need to be across the sidewalk so they are not touching the walls of the place.

I have been in many businesses that rent computers and the wifi is lousy – this is because someone left a butt in the entrance or it is outside the wall where I am working.

People will complain about the wifi and I look around and see the reason for the situation.  The workers in those places have no idea what the reason is.

Butts on the sidewalk interfere with wifi so this is the reason people drop calls while trying to talk outside.

We need to ban public smoking so we can have our sidewalks back and make phone calls.

I have read that there are certain dead zones in the city and the people have no idea why. The cig butts are the reason. 

The butts make people sleepy. I have been in Bryant Park where people charge their computers and there are butts all over – near the charging stations.  I see people zonked out – it is due to the butts near their plugs. If one uses the wifi in the park whatever is in the park goes through the wifi – butts, caffeine,  alcohol.

Alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress-.  This makes people sleepy

I have been in Grand Central Station where they sell beer and tried to charge my computer and work, and fallen asleep due to guys drinking beer a few feet away. And I saw others around them also asleep.

I got robbed several times there due to this. Allowing beer in a  train station is insane. It is a health hazard.  The spirit of slumber affects the train engineers which is the reason for the trains crashing. Their sleep apnea is due to the alcohol on the trains and in the station into which they are heading.

As one goes in the direction of a place one starts to pick up on the spirit of that place. So the alcohol in Grand Central station is what affects the engineers driving trains into the station. This is the reason for the crash of the Metro North train going into GNC.

Another cause of this was a guy who hung out in the subway tunnel in GC station and put a beer can on top of an info kiosk showing various train destinations. This put that spirit of slumber into the system and affects others there.

So alcohol must be forbidden in Peace Place or others will fall asleep when they are trying to work.

The purpose of the snooze room is so that sleepers will not affect others who are trying to work. 

I have seen that if someone is sleeping near me I have a tendency to fall asleep also. Particularly if they are carrying alcohol.

So alcohol needs to be forbidden.

This is the problem with churches. People bring all kinds of contraband into the sanctuaries and it contaminates the prayers and attention of others.

Whatever is on people gets sucked into the spiritual atmosphere during prayers and worship, affecting everyone. 

There should be a shelf of books available – including bibles, Christian books, anything people want to leave along these lines that will benefit others.

The purpose of the place is for people to experience the PEACE OF GOD and experience the peace of JESUS.

Many people feel God’s peace in a church. This is due to the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Many people feel the most spiritual out in nature. This is because God created nature, His presence is there and it is less contaminated than indoors due to all the  contamination from books, music, etc.

Jesus said “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives to you I give to you” John 14:26

This franchise will be an opportunity for all people to experience the peace of God and his son Jesus and learn about him. 

It is important for people to know the truth about God . So this place will be an opportunity for people to learn the truth using APPLIED THEOLOGY. Bibles will be available for people to learn the truth.

Bibles also invoke the presence of God. God’s presence rests on his word.  People feel God’s peace when the read a bible. It is spiritual food.

Music also invokes God’s spirit if it is NOT contaminated by unclean spirits.

It is important that people can experience the peace of the Holy Spirit NOT contaminated by drugs.

Bathrooms will be available to all people. 

There should be supplies of clean socks, t shirts fort those who need them.

There could be a washing machine for those who want to wash their clothes while resting.

If a Peace Place franchise was all over the city there wouldn’t be any need for shelters.

Everyone is affected by the environment around them, whether they are aware of it or not.

The reason people appreciate nature and the parks is because the spiritual environment is very different than most offices.

I know a guy who sits on the sidewalk, surrounded by cig butts, smoking who grimaces and talks and is obviously disturbed. He is sitting in an ashtray so of course it affects his mental health.

Interestingly when I have encountered him inside the nearest café and spoken to him he is completely coherent.  He is a perfect object lesson in how one is affected by one’s environment.

People should not sit on the ground. It is too dirty and too close to the butts.

This is why people should have portable chairs. It is a portable house.

The Peace Places should have extra portable chairs to sell/give to anyone who needs them.

They cost $15 dollars at K_marts and Home Depots and the drug stores carry them seasonally in summer.  They are the difference between staying clean or not.

If homeless people sit in a chair instead of on the ground, and do not use drugs themselves, they will stay clean.

Most panhandlers seem to smoke. This makes them unclean. All smokers stink.

The unclean spirit is on them. Then it transmits to anyone else they speak to or near.

The smell goes on other people’s clothes when the talk.

Just smell your clothes after they speak and you will see I am speaking the truth.
The smell of smoke affects people’s mental health.

I submit that the biggest cause of mental illness in the country is second hand smoking (and now pot as well, which is even worse).

All drugs transmit unclean spirits by those using them and speaking.

Pot smokers know about a second hand high. 

People who sit in coffee houses pick up spirits of mania, confus- and addiction.

You can pick up the spirits sitting in chairs where others who use those drugs sat.

We need a CLEAR THINKERS movement.

Peaceful, uncaffeinated people.

There is a sign they sell on the sidewalks of NYC that says


This is exactly accurate.

People go into coffee houses to get inspired. But most of the ideas are SPAM.

There are spirits of mania.  They get 50 bad ideas and one good one. A very bad ratio.

It is better to have the peace of God and only get GOOD ideas, which come from HIM.

God can solve all our problems.

Our biggest need to to keep our channels to God clear so we CAN hear from him.

There is a vital need in this city and all over the country for people to hear CLEARLY from GOD. This means we need to assess our environment to see what is affecting us.

Drugs, books, music, are all openings for unclean spirits. So is SIN.

My free book

Spiritual Wisdom Revised

Talks about how to assess one’s environment for openings for demonic oppression. Words, Symbols, hearing from God, how & where to pray, homosexuality & how to be delivered from it.

The Peace Places can also sell (by donation) merchandise to help people stop smoking.

A personal stop smoking kit can be a bag of baby carrots and rabbit ears.

Any habit can be changed in 30 days.

If smokers go out for smoke break and stand on the sidewalks eating  baby carrots and wearing rabbit ears, they will still have a break and comraderie without afflicting everyone who walks by their their smoke.

Or they can  buy a PERSONAL PARROT

 The Personal Parrot – help for breaking bad habits

A mechanical parrot that sits on their shoulder and says DON’T DO THAT whenever they try to light up.

This parrot can be placed in the fridge and so when they open it to eat, it says DON’T DO THAT! Triggered by the little light going on .



The Turtle Club

I propose starting something called THE TURTLE CLUB.  Memberships will be given free to anyone who is a traveler, homeless, or in need.

This can be a worldwide thing. It is good for a poor man’s vacation, and for anyone who doesn’t have a residence in any particular place.

The stigma of “homeless” is an issue. It is better to call such people TURTLEs.  Turtles carry their house on their back.  Every person can have a portable chair (get them at Kmart for $15) and carry that. It is very convenient. You can park anywhere and it keeps people clean instead of sitting on sidewalks.

Businesses should let such people sit in their chair in the foyer at night. 

Businesses like restaurants and grocery stores can put a sticker on their window with a picture of a turtle. This means they participate in the Turtle Club.  Every member can go into any such business, present their card and get free food. A lot of these restaurants throw out food every night, and they often given it to people who ask just before closing. This way, the person would not have to wait til closing.

Such a membership would restore dignity and they would not have to panhandle.

Any business that participates in helping the poor will be blessed by GOD.  It is a biblical principle.  In the old testament God commanded farmers to leave l/10 of their fields unharvested for the poor to glean.

Any successful Christian business will testify that God has blessed them because they operated by this principle.

There could be gyms and laundromats participating.

There could be a franchise of places called THE TURTLE CLUB. People can have lockers to store their stuff. They can sit there in portable chairs and rest.  Free food.

Turtles can sit in bank lobbies.  This allows THEM to act like bulwarks against crime.  People who want to rob others would not want a witness sitting right there. It is actually safer for people doing business than a camera is. It is more preventative.

Furthermore, the turtles would not need to panhandle. Just sitting there is enough for people to pull out money and give them some. They would get more that way since people withdraw 10s and 20s, instead of change.

If they just sat there quietly reading a bible, God would provide.

People can get a prepaid credit card from drugstores for $30.

So for $50 every person can get a card and chair. They can use the card to go into the banks, which are all over the city.

And many have plugs.  I use them to charge my computer and write. Banks are one of the few places that are quiet.

The whole notion of “homeless” is really an asinine thing anyway. It makes no sense.

There is no functional difference between someone who does not have a residence, or someone who has a residence in a different location.

If someone has 12 mansions in other cities or countries, they still need somewhere to stay in whatever city they are in. So functionally they are homeless.

Money gives someone the option to stay in hotels but that is not the best option anyway.

Hotels are not good places to pray. They are defiled due to the sex in them.

A BETTER IDEA is to have 24 hour churches so everyone has spiritually clean places to pray.

God wants all churches to be open 24 hours, for travelers, tourists, homeless, and any local resident.


Restaurants throw out a lot of food. It is an abomination to waste it.

They should be required to put the unused food out in bins, instead of garbage bags, so anyone in need can take it.  Mixing it with garbage ruins it.

If this was available many people would not even need to panhandle. 

Most of the chains drugstores and  grocery stores throw out food every night. It is everywhere.


Also see

How to get a teen not to smoke or vape


How to get kids to read the bible

Emergency Toilet – great job for the homeless

There is something sorely needed in NYC by everyone; homeless, tourists, shoppers, shleppers; RESTROOMS.


Those portable potties that you see near construction sites and that appear during street fairs SHOULD be on every block all the time.

AND in the subways.


Most restaurants have signs that say CUSTOMERS ONLY which is obnoxious to tourists and everyone else. And they use it to discriminate against anyone they don’t want there – like the homeless.


HENCE there is a big job opportunity for anyone to provide emergency toilets on the sidewalks and subways.




It will be a Ministry not a business, so the government won’t be able to regulate it.


A Ministry of helps, which is one of the offices in the new testament.


This is a great opportunity for panhandlers to render a service. It won’t be panhandling.


The simplest easiest way to do this is to get a few cardboards, make a teepee with tape or clothes pins. Take a few large garbage bags and attach it for a door for privacy. Get rolls of toilet paper.


Get a roll of small garbage bags. Get a small shopping cart and put the bags in it so people can perch over it to do their business.


OR get a few plastic storage bins in the drug store for height and leave the top off the top one for people to perch over.

OR use any large container or a cardboard box.


OR you could buy a portable toilet at a camping store or HomeDepot.


Dump the bags in the nearest trash bin on the sidewalk or subway.


People will be so grateful they will give LARGE TIPS!


Most people drink coffee and it is a diuretic and so they have to go 2 hours later.


Make a sign saying EMERGENCY TOILET.


Go where tourists, shoppers and lots of people are.


Take donations.



How homeless people and ex-prisoners can prevent kids from using drugs


Most parents could use some help with dissuading their teens from using drugs and alcohol. They say things like “if you do it, you could end up living under a bridge”


This is true but a lot of teens don't see the connection.


These parents should go into the streets and find homeless people and ask if their use of drugs or drink had anything to do with their situation, and would they like to come stay and tell their kids their story; it will help those families more than they are helping the homeless!


When the kids meet someone who has actually lived under a bridge, they'll realize their parents are not lying or being controlling, just trying to warn them away from mistakes. This will help the parent-teen relationship as well.


The person can stay a week and then go stay with the families of the kid's friends. They can have a ministry to an entire town.


Everyone has made mistakes in life. It is part of life. When we do it, we should ask ourselves who can benefit from our testimony.



There are homeless people staying in the bus stations and train stations. The commuters could ask them if they would like to stay with them and warn their kids away from drugs/drinking.


This will do a lot to help the self esteem of those with those problems and they will immediately feel better about themselves and be less prone to use the drugs or drink.


It is a win-win for everyone.


Same idea applies to those who have been in jail over drugs use or selling. They are in a good position to warn kids about the consequences of this kind of behavior.



Actual testimonies are always more persuasive than theoretical ideas.


I have written a vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice system. Part of this idea is for every person to have a ministry to warn young people. When they get out they should have a job as substitute teachers to warn kids what NOT to do.


This will be very effective.


Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


One of the most important jobs of school is to try to discourage drug use. Our society has failed at this.


We need more active programs to do this and my two ideas would do a lot to help this effort.


Kids should have assignments in school to go interview older people and ask them what the biggest mistakes they ever made were, so they know what not to do.


One of the biggest problems in this city now is the rampant use of pot by young people.


This started when Gov Cuomo signed a medical pot bill 2 years ago. As a result young people think it is a good drug and smoke it everywhere- the sidewalks, parks, at work, etc.



This is bad for a bunch of reasons. Their smoking affects everyone they pass on the street- the smell transmits and makes other involuntarily high.


My pot smoking killed my mother



I have solutions to stop public pot smoking.



Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy


Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


Squirrel Command Center


I have trained the squirrels to bite smokers in the parks. This actually worked. The day after I started doing this, a squirrel went on a biting rampage in Prospect Park, after I told them in Central park.


RAT UNIFORMS – A POT INSPIRED SOLUTION TO A SERIOUS NON-PROBLEM & other idiotic solutions to non-problems


Pot smokers in the park are Andrew Cuomo's fault


Posters for the anti-stupid campaign


How to get a teen not to smoke or vape


The Parents of Teenagers Club


Why Paul McCartney needs to disavow Pot


This is what smoking does to clothes – BAN PUBLIC SMOKING!


This country is “going to pot” because this country is going to pot


Use schools to house homeless families


There is a solution to where to shelter homeless families right under the nose of our political leaders.


Instead of making the kids shlep from shelters to various schools, let the families stay in the schools where their youngest kids are. 



The schools are empty after hours. If they are being used for extra-curricular programs, the kids can participate in them.


This solution solves multiple problems.



The shelters are not safe.  People get robbed. Why aren't there more cops on duty there to prevent this?


Or how about using the Guardian Angels to help with this and in the schools?



Nobody wants more shelters in their neighborhoods but there are schools everywhere and lots of kids who need shelter.


If they stay in the schools they will get more sleep instead of getting up early to travel, and so they will be able to function better. They won't be tardy or absent.  



Use Office Buildings to house homeless people and families


There are other places to put homeless families or individuals as well.  All the office buildings are empty at night.


Give everyone a portable chair and let them sit in the halls; one person or family per hall. This can be done in every borough. Chairs can be bought for 15 dollars at K-mart, Modells and the Drugstores seasonally.



This is a whole lot cheaper than hotels.


There are plugs for charging phones and bathrooms to wash up.


They can use it as an address and receive mail.  The buildings with security guards can accept packages and mail and will know who is there to hold people accountable so they won't smoke and set off alarms, or rob each other.


This is more private than shelters where people are piled on top of each other.



I have stayed in office buildings.  There is more privacy than in shelters.



I can not be around other people. Most homeless smoke and carry cigs, and this interferes with wifi and is  health hazard to me. I can not pray near them since doing so near butts makes me sick.


Everyone is best off in the most private possible setting.


Governor Cuomo can use his considerable arm twisting skills to tell real estate developers that if they don't let people shelter there, they will be charged a HUGE HOMELESS TAX.


Cuomo recently said this problem could be solved. Here is your chance, governor.



I have tried to call you at home but some kid who answers the phone always lies and says wrong number. This is idiotic.



If our leaders were MORE accessible to those they serve they would actually do a much better job in solving problems.



Every public servant has an obligation to be more accessible.. They should be required to answer their own phone at some hour so that people with solutions can actually reach them.



For more solutions see my blueprint


How to Fix the World in Two Snaps


How to help the homeless


Peace Place – 24 hour cafe for work, prayer, rest


Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


Use the Flea Defense to empty Rikers

Defense lawyers can win all cases with no preparation whatsoever.


Just bring a large glass jar of fleas.



Tell the judge


"My client is no choir boy. But fleas are worse. Much worse. ALLOW ME TO DEMONSTRATE."


Then pull out a large jar of fleas (like Harpo Marx) and put it on the table. Start to unscrew it slowly, while mumbling loudly about how terrible the fleas are. 

 Within 90 seconds the judge will jump up, say  THAT'S ALL RIGHT  We Believe you."


He will slam the gavel down "CHARGES DISMISSED!"



OJ could have saved a lot of money with this.



This technique can be used to speed the wheels of justice and empty the jails of pre-trial detainees.

Use the Flea Defense to empty Rikers. 


All the overworked underprepared public defenders can use this instead of asking for adjournments which drag out the people's time in the legal system.




Instead of telling the judge they need an adjournment to prepare the case, they just do this instead and the charges will be dismissed on the spot.

The judges will eventually ask the courtroom lawyers each morning

How many of you plan on using the Flea Defense?

ALL of them will raise their hands.

Then the judge will pull out mosquito netting, cover himself, and say "Go for it".



Since this defense requires no preparation whatsoever, it will cost almost nothing.







I told this idea to my dad, a lawyer,  who asked the probing question


Where do you get the fleas?


A flea market.


Or dogs.  Or rats.  Whatever is available.



Of course, it will be necessary for lawyers to vary this defense since if they all do the same thing the judge will be bored.  


So they will have to be creative and embellish or change the strategy.


They can wear funny hats while doing this.


They can use rats instead of fleas.


They can use rats wearing little hats,  or underwear.




Yes, take their briefs and put them on the rats.


I always thought it was strange that lawyers brought underwear to court.


My dad is a lawyer so I must have asked him about this at some point.


But I'm sure I never got a straight answer since he liked to make up ridiculous stories when I asked questions.


Then when I would say "REALLY?"

He would yell NO!


Clearly, he was training me to not believe anything lawyers say.





Scientists confirm that rodents are blameless


(scientists have concluded that the plagues were not caused by the rodents, but the fleas.)




The Rodent Protest




Use lawyers not bombs (how Iran became Christian & everyone lived happily ever after)




Creative Sentencing for Judges – Notebook Therapy


This proposal can stop public smoking & pot smoking in 6 months


Vision of Transformation of the Criminal Justice System


THE PRISONER'S HANDBOOK God's help for those in jail and solitary


The Need for Forgiveness


(I stopped a cop from raping me by preaching to him & then forgave him)


Spiritual Bootcamp – my experience in solitary launching prayers


The President & Governors should override the Mental Health System by Executive Order


Manual of Help for Lawyers to Win Hearings for Mental Patients


Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry






on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name







Restoration songs – a prayer




I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians