Every family has a resident prophet


 (They are the children and teens with blue hair - the misfits, individualists).


Henceforth every child shall be given a title - resident prophet #1, #2, etc.  Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position.   Children have spiritual discernment - they know who to trust or not trust.  If juries were made up of 7 year olds, no innocent person would be found guilty. (A SUGGESTION)




Children have authority with God. If you need help, ask the nearest 7 year old to pray for you.) free books, music, articles (1000+)

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Some families have several.  They are otherwise known as children.


There is something to be said for titles, for they denote a function, a calling.


So many people have no idea what their calling is.  If they had a title, they would have more of a clue.


If one has the title Prince or King, a lot is implied.


A prophet is someone who hears from God and speaks from God.


Whoever is closest to 7 in the family, should be considered the HEAD RESIDENT PROPHET, or HRP.


Every child shall henceforth be given a title,  known as:


Resident Prophet 1


Resident Prophet 2




The role of Head Resident prophet will rotate, depending on who is closest to 7, at the time.  That way, everyone gets to experience the role of Head authority.


What wonderful training in how to be a leader, or boss.


My sister & I were 21 months apart.  I would say 2 years, but she would always point out that it was only 21 months.


I remember asking her as a kid what she wanted to be, and she said BOSS.


Being the youngest person in the family, she was lowest on the chain of command, and obviously aspired to another position.


Many people pick a career because of an unmet need in childhood. SO, they might become boss because they resented always being told what to do, or being belittled as a kid.


I did some of that to her.  I used to say "you're not mature enough".


If a person had had the respect of being considered Head Resident Prophet, they might seek a more laid back career, or something closer to their actual gifting and calling, and have fewer emotional issues in relationships.


I KNOW I was called to be a prophet.


One hint was my name - I am named after a prophetess in the Old Testament, who was a prophet and judge of Israel.  To be so fortunate to be named as a prophet is like being born with a tag on your foot. SPECIAL CARE. This one is very sensitive.


I believe ANYONE who is named after a prophet, is called to be a prophet.  Anyone named Christopher is called to be a follower of Jesus, in an obvious way.   Christopher means "Christ-bearer".


The word "inspiration" means 'a spirit goes into it'.   Our thoughts come from the spiritual realm.


According to Jewish & Christian theology they either come from God or the other side. 


SO, when a parent selects a name for their kid, they are INSPIRED either by GOD or other spirits.


If it is a biblical name, it must be God.


I was born on the 21st.


7, and multiples of 7, are God's number.  They are like hints that something is from HIM.


So, when my sister always pointed out that we were 21 months apart, that was probably GOD hinting that SHE was the Resident Prophet #2, and certainly that it was Her Turn to be Head Resident Prophet.


A prophet is someone who knows what is TRUE..  A natural instinct.  Until, we get confused and corrupted by our UPBRINGING, which consists of education, culture, Parental Admonitions that visions we saw or voices we heard are JUST YOUR IMAGINATION.


If we fall for THAT, we get pulled off course.  Worse, we stop TRUSTING our God-given intuition.  Doubt comes in. 


The whole agenda of most education is "Don't listen to yourself, listen to US - the authorities".


The social engineers who control education WANT good obedient serfs, to be good obedient workers, to make objects they can sell and profit from, mostly.


Independent thinkers who see through their veneers and are willing to point it out, are not part of their program.  SO they work very hard to discourage that kind of development, as early as possible.


John D Rockefeller, whose foundations have their tethers in every field; education, the arts, media, church, healthcare etc, funded the Southern Education Board.  He famously said "I don't want thinkers, I want workers"


Prophets would NOT have been on his list of desired developed skills/careers.


He said " we want to train farmers to be better farmers, not writers, professors, lawyers, artists."




In the New Testament Ephesians 4:11 it says God has Given to the church Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers. IN THAT ORDER.  Thus, the chain of command.


I lived in a church for 2 years, playing piano and worshipping alone at night from l995-7.


The pastor had prayed over me "Make her an intercessor"  SO, BY HIS AUTHORITY God used me to pray for him and his church, training me in intercession.  The power of God was all over me.  I could feel angels wings touching my head as I sang, every night.  Another pastor whose church met there, while hearing me one night, said "There is a lot of grace for you on that piano".


This pastor's priority was obedience.  Partly, due to his German heritage; it is a cultural trait.


I was brought up by Jewish Lawyers, to think for myself; part of MY upbringing to be a prophet.  The role of a prophet is to be a correction to those in leadership, a voice of Guidance from God.


One day the minister glared at me "YOU have an INDEPENDENT SPIRIT".


The more I thought about that, I concluded.  THAT IS MY ROLE.  IF I did everything YOU said, when I think you're wrong, I would be useless to you.


It was not a smooth, comfortable relationship.  BUT God had told me this early on; HE gave the minister the scripture "Iron sharpens Iron" while we prayed together.  We were given to each other to train both of us in our respective roles.


He provoked me to pray.  I provoked him to pray. God gave us both a reason.


In fact, God gives EVERYONE all sorts of "problems" in life to give us a REASON to SEEK HIM and PRAY.  To develop our relationship with HIM.


Rationality in this culture is considered more important, more valid, than intuition.  People tell themselves, Oh, it was just a feeling I had.  But no evidence for it, so it doesn't mean anything.


But INTUITION is really a Leading from God, before WE have enough information to come to the same conclusion.


God knows MORE than US, so HE is always in a better position to judge whether something is good, bad, true false etc.


He has GIVEN us intuition as a way of being directly guided by HIM.


Most successful people, in any field, DO trust their intuition.


My sister had the best b.s. meter in the family, growing up. She was good at assessing people. I always thought she would make a good psychologist.


They thought I was too gullible.  They used to say the title of my autobiography would be GULLIBLE'S TRAVELS.


In my universe, anything was possible.  Rather than rule things out, it is better to explore and THEN judge what is true.  That way, instead of being told by others what to think, I find out for myself. A slower process, but more thorough.  I think this came from an intuitive sense that many things are not what they appear, or there is more than what meets the eye. The physical world is only a shell, holding things inside or under the surface that are spiritual, that may be unseen, but are perceptible.


As I have learned there are layers and layers of reality, and also layers and layers of deception in this world.  And when you look deeper you can see things that are completely different than what they appear to be. 


A perfect example of this is rocks.  I always had a fascination with them. I would pick them up and put them in my pockets.  My pockets were always stuffed to the max.


My father once said "no matter what you wear, you always look like a squirrel".


I was a planetary geology major at Brown for 3 years. My favorite course was minerology. We looked at thin sections of rocks, which were exquisite.  It was like the kaliedoscopes we had as kids that you rotated and saw geometric shapes with vibrant colors.  The design in these thin sections was clear evidence of God, of intelligence. It was more beautiful than any art that is man-made, to me.


It was like God was showing me, - if you look below the surface, you will find evidence of me.


He says in the bible "if you seek me with your whole heart and soul and mind, you will find me"


So he is telling us, that he WANTS us to make the effort to dig below the surface, to LOOK for HIM. He has planted hidden treasures everywhere.


He is saying - don't be so quick to judge - "ah, it's just a rock" Really, it's a hidden treasure.


People are like that too. We need to draw them out, to find out what's really inside.




God says in Proverbs a WISE MAN does not judge a matter until he hears it.  Proverbs   18:13


I am a lifelong musician. I played piano since 4, improvising before I had lessons, at 8. 


I remember having the thought


I am put on earth to do music, and it is holy.


I was  around 7 years old.


One time my mother was trying to talk to me while I was playing, and I remember thinking, "Doesn't she know this is holy and she shouldn't interrupt?"


Musicians, in the Old Testament, were prophets. 


Their job is to worship God, thereby Invoking His spirit, in order to HEAR from God and speak His words to others.  AND to petition God on behalf of others, which is intercession. 


When one effectively invokes the Holy Spirit, one then prays Prophetically, as inspired by God's Spirit, and not our own minds, which is the right way to pray.


So Intercession and Prophecy go together.



When musicians worship God invoking His spirit, God does business with people; healing them and speaking to them directly in their own minds.  By just invoking the Holy Spirit through worship, God can heal and speak to a whole room of people saying different things to everyone, simultaneously.  He is the ultimate multi-tasker.


What can also happen in church is that if the minister is anointed, led by the Holy Spirit, strange things may just pop out of his mouth, which are messages for various people. As the intended recipients hear it, they usually KNOW it was FOR THEM.  They feel 'quickened". 


Musicians are ALL called by God to serve HIM with their music. As intercessors, prophets and healers. 


I wrote a book for musicians, something I had been intending for over 10 years. God had given me the title.


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD'S CALL TO MUSICIANSMusicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers.




As I was working on it, I wondered, "maybe all musicians are not called to serve God with their music"


"THEY ARE" He boomed back.


So, there we are.



If you are named after a prophet, then you are called to be a prophet and you are also called to be a musician.  


BECAUSE when people play music for God and invoke HIS spirit, HE speaks to us.  Worshipping God through music is part of the process God uses to speak to his prophets.


Hence anyone who is called to be a prophet should be given an instrument at age 4-7, preferably a piano or guitar.  When one plays those instruments, one can also sing. We can then sing prophetic prayers, songs that are prayers to God.


Autistic kids are prophets in training.


Many of them are musical savants, like me.  That is because music is part of their calling as prophets.


They are spiritually sensitive as training to be prophets, which requires discerning of spirits.


Discerning of spirits is a gift mentioned in the New Testament.    I prayed for it.  It can be oppressive because one is then often afflicted physically in response to unclean spirits.    A lot of autistic kids are naturally sensitive and this way.


Autistic kids are Prophets in Training



7 is the opportune number to be young enough to be pure, uncorrupted by doubts and 'education', but old enough to be able to empathize and relate to others.


Children see angels and demons.   They KNOW they are real until someone tells them otherwise.


The worst thing a parent can do is tell someone "it was JUST your imagination". JUST?


IMAGINATION is a spiritual channel, a spiritual sensitivity that is GOD GIVEN.


When we MAKE STUFF UP we are really allowing ourselves to be OPEN to the inspiration of God. 


God speaks in SYMBOLS.  


SO, he gives us puzzles to solve, really.


Freud's writings on dream analysis have SOME value because their purpose is to try to decode the meaning of dreams. The process was right. We ALL need to decode our dreams.


Freud was off, though, because he was an atheist.  HE also used cocaine.  All drugs which affect the mind are openings for Demonic spirits.  This includes caffeine nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and psych drugs.  Hence Freud's source of inspiration was mostly DEMONIC.  Which is why his theories about what motivates people are so completely WRONG.


If he had believed in the bible, He would have had a clue about what Dreams REALLY Meant.


The bible says that God speaks to us in Dreams and Visions.


Furthermore, when we pray and worship and invoke God's presence, HIS Spirit can TELL us what the dreams mean, what the symbols represent.


Freud was listening to demons, which are lying spirits. The devil is a liar and the father of all lies. In Moses & Monotheism, he wrote that Moses hallucinated hearing God.  REALLY? 


The entire nation of Jews HEARD GOD speak out loud near Mt Sinai - the Only time in history that God spoke to an entire people, as opposed to just one prophet.


The Jews were mortified; they said "Who can hear God and live?  Talk to Moses for us".  SO God agreed.  From that point forward, he used Moses and other prophets. BUT he used his OTHER prophets to tell them that he would try again - that a time was coming that he would AGAIN speak to them directly.  


Jeremiah 31:31 said God would make a NEW Covenant, not like the one he made with them when he led them out of Egypt, which THEY BROKE, but he would write the law on their hearts, on their inward parts, and everyone would KNOW him, and he would Forgive Their Sins.


THIS scripture came to me in a dream when I asked God if it was true that Jesus is the Messiah.


IT SAYS in JOB  4:13 and Joel 2:18 that God speaks to people in dreams, and visions.  


The scripture is describing being BORN AGAIN and Saved through the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus.


First God spoke Directly to people again, through Jesus, who was a part of the Godhead who came down in the form of a man, and THEN through the Holy Spirit, which Jesus sent to earth from Heaven to be with us and in us.


The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and talks to everyone in our thoughts. Our conscience is God. Our intuition is God.


Jesus said "except a man be born again he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven" John 3:3


Being BORN AGAIN means  Being filled with the Holy Spirit.  When HE lives inside us, we Feel what HE feels. We then have a witness from INSIDE US what he feels and thinks.


If something is a LIE or grieves God, like SIN, we instantly KNOW it since we FEEL chest pain.


So when God said he would "write the law on our inward part" this is what he meant.


Homosexuality is abomination to God.  This is in the law.  When a born again person sees something that revolts God, they feel the same revulsion.


Our society now claims that Tolerance is a positive social value. Tolerance of diversity, is of God. God is diverse. He has created a variety of everything - animals, plants, people, etc because he likes diversity.  Homogeneity is boring. Who wants  to make the same thing over and over?


However tolerance of SIN is a different thing.  We are not told by God to be tolerant of sin.  We are told to refrain from associating with it because we can be contaminated by it. Sin invokes unclean spirits. Those unclean spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact. Hence, if we associate with people who are sinning we can be contaminated. 


If someone smokes near me and talks with me, the spirits afflict me.  I cannot pray or even think clearly near cigarettes. I have seen that praying near butts on the sidewalk creates problems. It is an opening for demonic spirits to attack and hijack prayers.


I pray in tongues. Praying in tongues is HOW we pray with Power. Jesus called it power from on high and told his followers to wait to receive it.  I have noticed that when I pray in tongues near butts on the sidewalk, I yawn.  


When I was on psych drugs, and tried to pray or worship, I would yawn. The unclean spirit IN me from the psych drug would come out of my mouth and go on my own head.


Some people wonder why they yawn while praying.  This is why. Contamination.


The purpose of Baptism is to wash off the spiritual contamination, which comes from our sins.


Often before praying, God rains on me.


When I lived in the church and sang prayers "Pour out your love" or "rain down your love" it would instantly rain or pour.  Every night, for 2 years. 


As a prophet God was giving me authority over the weather.


God's spirit is CLEAN. So of course he WASHES US when we ask for his spirit.


One time as I started to pray He rained on me and I heard him say WASH YOU.


Many times when I pray outside, saying WASH ME JESUS  - he rains.


One SHOULD do that anytime one comes out of  a store/restaurant etc where they play music. All music invokes spirits. The music on the radio is almost all contaminated spiritually; it is poisoned.  Hence praying WASH ME removes that unclean  covering.


I was praying in Bryant Park in NYC one time on the grass with nobody near me except one couple who had a coffee cup.  The sky was blue- a clean spiritual covering.


The weather is a reflection of the spiritual covering over us.


I prayed in tongues. As I did this dark clouds starting forming over Times Square and coming toward us I could feel the oppression on my head.  I looked at the couple and God said "It's them." The unclean spirits from the coffee were getting sucked into my airspace - my prayer space.   A minute later, water trickled down on me and them.  They looked up, trying to figure out how it was raining, when there were still no clouds over us.   It was God washing us.  He doesn't necessarily need clouds to do it.  I laughed.  For most people this would seem like a miracle.  For me, this sort of thing has become normal.


The music business is run by people into witchcraf- who pray demons onto the masters of the records.  The major labels have prayer rooms where they do this. 


This testimony comes from John Todd, an illuminati bloodline family member who became a Born Again Christian in the 70s. He says the Illuminati are devil worshippers & run the music business. He controlled the record labels. His testimony, is on youtube.


Demons behind the music business - John Todd



See article 


Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education & the need for quiet



When musicians use drugs, it invokes unclean spirits, that transmit through their music, live or recorded. 


God stopped me from using coffee when I lived in the church because I was driving the worship and he didn't want me to infest the church with caffeine spirits.   Caffeine is an opening for spirits of mani- agitat-, confus, addiction.


There was a girl on lithium on the worship team there. She was supposedly bipolar, and that is the drug of choice of bipolar disorder.  Lithium puts people in a fog. She looked like a robot half the time. All psych drugs hypnotize people.      Whenever I went there, I felt woozy as she sang.  Another friend of mine also said he was getting attacked by a spirit of Confus-.   It was coming from HER.


I Prayed for God to consecrate the church and the pastor felt led to remove her from the worship team.


God told the prophet Ezekiel that his job was to to use the levites, the worshippers to teach the people the difference between the clean and unclean.



"and they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean." Ezek 44:23


Before I got born again, I used to tolerate hearing dirty jokes. I was indifferent to it.  However, after I got filled with the Holy Sprit, I could no longer stand it. It revulsed me.


Children are conditioned away from their closeness to God, unfortunately. 


This is why God often keeps sending newer additions into a family, to re-connect and recharge them with HIM.


Any child who first tries to smoke, will cough.  WHY? Your body rejects something that is BAD For it.  This is not only a physical response, it is a response of the Spirit inside you.  Smoking is unclean and unholy.  God is holy and clean. Smoking and other drug are openings for unclean spirits. A contamination.    Nobody smokes in a church.  Intuitively they know there is something wrong with that. For good reason.


God has ALWAYS used prophets symbolically.


He uses them in their words AND in THEIR ACTIONS.


He used the prophet Ezekiel to lie on his side, staring at a model of Jerusalem, to warn them that Jerusalem would come under siege.


God has used my life in a similar way.  TO speak things, and to experience things as an example, and a warning.


While praying in church one time, the other Resident Prophet, while praying over me, said "I'm asking you to bear more than most"  As it came out of her mouth, I  cried.



The old Testament says "let everything be established by 2 witnesses".  Hence, at that time, there were essentially 2 prophets in the church


Gave gave me incredible anointing and fellowship with Him, in order to equip me and give me a reference point and testimony to share with others, and to be able to withstand a lot of the negative situations he was calling me to bear witness to.


He sent me into the psych system to bear witness to it and write to expose it.  It is atheistic and Falsely calls Christians and anyone with spiritual beliefs and experience schizophrenic.  The drugs are deadly, by design.  I know many who died from them.  I was on them. They are torture.  They interfere with prayer, creativity and clear thinking.  The book He gave me also tells how to heal mental and physical illness through prayer and worship.


I spent 7 years. 90% of drs are atheists. 90% of patients were not ill; they are Christians.


The minister whose church I lived in was counseling people to take psych drugs, which ruined them, and sending people into these places for "Help"  God wanted to expose this and put a stop to it. Many churches do this. It is wrong. It is sin.


Psalm 1 says "Blessed is he who does NOT take the counsel of the ungodly".


Psychiatry is mostly ungodly counsel. 


Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry, said "I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion"


He was.


The psych labels are nonsense, mostly. 


Schizophrenia is a nonsense label used to call anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences mentally ill.


Dr's 2nd question is always "Do you hear voices?"  Anyone who says they hear God or demons, is thought to have 'auditory hallucinations' a supposed symptom of psychosis. They get called schizophrenic, schizo-affective, bipolar.


BUT it is NORMAL Christian theology to hear voices. Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice" John 10:27


EVERYONE hears voices, as thoughts in our heads.  They come from the spiritual realm.  The word 'inspiration' means 'a spirit goes into it'


God talks to everyone in our thoughts through the Holy Spirit which has been on earth for 2000 years.


Children are sensitive to God, hear God and see spiritual things like angels and demons. The monsters that frighten them are, for the most part, demons.  Rather than be told "it was just your imagination" to comfort them, it is MUCH better to tell them to rebuke the demons in Jesus name.


This way, their spiritual sensitivity is being affirmed rather than dulled or invalidated.


It is far more empowering to know HOW to get rid of demons than to try to pretend they don't exist.


Most Jews do not KNOW the power of Jesus over demons. Hence, they don't know the right way to train kids on this level.



One of the main openings for demonic oppression is Harry Potter books, Pokémon, demonic video games such as Dungeons and dragons. The monsters that people imagine when they play are demons; imagining them invokes them.   Having them in one's house gives them authority to possess or attack someone. It affects the whole family; their mental and physical health, relationships, everything. It is an opening for curses.  Ouija boards also are an opening.  Get rid of this stuff.



I used to play with Ouija boards with a friend in high school.  The same thing happened to both of us; first our aunt died, then our mother.  It brought curses on our families.    A similar thing happened to me years later. I found a oujia board in a school I was teaching in as a sub.  The kids were possessed - the most violent I had ever seen.   I took out my bible to warn them it was dangerous. I ended up taking the thing to get rid of it, but stashed it in my apt for evidence. That brought curses on me.   When I prayed about this, God said one word to me, "ACHAN" . Achan had stashed an accursed object, and the whole tribe could not stand up to their enemies. God revealed it so they could get rid of it.



Whatever spirit inspires a book, recording, artwork, etc will be transmitted by it and near it. When it is removed, the spirits leave.  Occult objects such as tarot cards, Ouija boards, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, are all openings.



Symbols are also openings. The purpose of symbols on a spiritual level is to invoke spirits.  The devil circulates symbols under false pretenses in order to get authority over people, sneakily.  His main tool is deception.   Hence they may have one meaning politically but do something different spiritually.  



Peace signs are an example. They are used by occultists; they are a cross that they invert.  The also come from a rune that means death; the Nazis who were occultists used it in their graves.



Jewish stars are another.  They are occult.  The biblical symbol for the Jews is the menorah, not the star of David, which is a complete misnomer. King David never used it; his son Solomon got it from his Egyptian wives and put it on his shield.  Hence it really invokes false Gods.  God used the prophet Amos rebuke the Jews for using it, saying "you have made a star of your god chiu-." Amos 5:26


It has brought curses on the Jews and on Israel for using it on their flag.



Bob Dylan is a prophet. Always was. He became a Christian in the early 80s. He has the same witness about Jewish stars as me. He calls it the "Egyptian star".  He also says, correctly, that psychiatry is all lies.


I had a very frightening experience as a kid. I remember being in bed, paralyzed with fear, with someone standing over me, holding something.  The next memory was of me running into the living room, saying "Mommy there was a man with a gun in my room'.  She said


It was just your imagination. Go to sleep. 


That was NO comfort.  I KNEW she was wrong.


If she had said "Well if it happens again, tell it to go away in Jesus name", THAT would have been useful.


Autistic kids are Prophets in Training.

Autistic kids are Prophets in Training


Autistic kids are spiritually sensitive, especially to noise, often to touch.  I suspect this is because they are sensitive to the spiritual oppression on others, who use drugs, for example.


I was almost autistic in some ways as a kid. I was shy, very sensitive (I remember my father telling me this); I didn't like itchy clothing.   I was like many idiot savants who played piano before being taught; this is all a gifting for the calling of prophet.


I remember sometimes not wanting to be touched.  It may have been because my mother smoked and drank coffee, and the spirits on her afflicted me.  The coffee would have agitated me. The spirits transmitted anyway.  A lot of my music was sad; I was picking up her spirits of depress-. She took valium for anxiety.  She looked like a zombie, in pictures I had of her.   The valium and all psych drugs put people in a hypnotic trance. She used to hide in the bedroom, reading romance novels, which she called "junky books', stay up half the night smoking and drinking coffee, talking with me, and when I was younger, get in the car and say she was leaving. It was pretty traumatic. This did not bring me peace.


What brought me peace was playing the piano.  


Feeling peace is a SIGN from God that we are doing what He has called us to Do, or BE where HE has called us to Be. IT IS  where we find GRACE.   Grace means favor.


My mother once told me "When you find what you are supposed to do, it will be like you can do no wrong"


I had that feeling when I went to grad school at New England Conservatory for a masters in Jazz Composition.  It was like summer camp.  I would find a practice room and a piano that inspired me, and write music. The time would fly by; this happens when one is in an inspirational mode, a reverie of creativity and communion with God. 


My mother died at 44. She was close to her sister, who had died at that age. My mother had gotten the same diseases at the same ages as her sister.  After my aunt died, when I was 16, my mother walked around for 4 years, saying the same thing would happen to her.  Sure enough, 2 weeks before her 45 birthday, she did.  Abruptly. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy, a curse.


Hence I learned the power of Words to bless and curse.  I intuited at the time that if words could be that powerful in a negative way, they could also be powerful in a positive way.  The second part was God telling me this, to give me hope.


The bible tells us that death and life are in the tongue. Proverbs 18:21


Words do NOT just describe, they invoke what we speak.


We need to be very careful what we speak.


My mother's curse defiled others to also speak curses onto her, including myself, which caused me immense guilt. 


The bible warns us to be slow to speak.


If any man speak, let him speak as the oracle of God. 1 Peter 4:11


If what we say is inspired by God, it will be beneficial. If it is NOT from God, most of the time it is from the Devil and is counterproductive or harmful.


The book of James warns in chapter 3 that a person can his life on the fires of hell, by his tongue.


It is the devil that throws negative thoughts into our heads and tries to seduce us into speaking them, to give power to invoke the evil he wants to create. 


We have more control over the thoughts coming into our own heads than the words coming out of the mouths of others. 


When negative thoughts come into our heads, we can simply ignore them or rebuke them.


When other people speak negative things, the best response is usually to rebuke it in Jesus name, under your breath where they can't really hear you.  If you do it loudly, they often think it is a game and repeat the offence. Then you have to get in the last word, just to protect yourself from the curse.


OR just walk away, rebuking any curse in Jesus name.


Take care of it immediately, or it can invoke situations before you have a chance to do it!


Years ago God gave me the scripture from Jeremiah 15


"If you separate the precious from the vile, then you will be as my mouth"


This was a warning to consecrate myself from any influences that would cause me to say something NOT from God.  It was at this time he made it clear he did not want me to drink coffee.


So kids who are autistic, who are sensitive, need to be understood. They are a spiritual weathervane to others in the family.  So are all children.


Children have more spiritual discernment than most adults. 


Animals are also spiritually sensitive.


God sent me a cat years ago, when I was involved in a sinful sexual relationship. This cat was sent to help me discern what was going on in this relationship, among other things.


The cat came up to me in a snowstorm, Meowing. I said "If you want to come in, follow me". It did. I asked its name. It meowed. So I called her meow meow.   She never meowed again.


I was involved with a guy for  6 years in a sexual relationship, before I became a Christian.  The first nite I met him I asked if he was married. He said no, but someone lives there.  At some point, he married her.  He refused to admit it.  I sensed constantly that he was lying to me, about something, which made me anxious, but didn't know about what.  He hinted. He wrote me love poems, one of which said "I wish I could tell you the truth".   He would say something and then deny it.  To reclaim my sanity, I started taping conversations to listen to them. At one point he said "my wife", which even I didn't catch until after the relationship was over. It was an emotional nightmare.


The first time he came after I had the cat, it greeted him at the door, screeched, and ran down the hall.


 "I must remind it of someone" he smiled nervously.




He caused me legal problems, which ricoched all over my life; they replicated themselves in my church, which then replicated itself with my family. 


I made the mistake of talking about that situation with the boyfriend, with a counselor in the church. He prayed about it, and I felt the Holy Spirit. Then, I felt something smack the back of my head.  Some negative assignment had been invoked.  Within an hour, the minister was talking and behaving like the boyfriend.   It set up an assignment. The whole situation degenerated. Other people spoke curses onto the relationship; I spoke curses.  It became a nightmare.


The counselor had star trek paraphernalia and all kinds of books in his office that were probably openings for demonic spirits. So that may be why the prayer got hijacked.


So praying in the wrong place can be very dangerous.  My experience has taught me this.


Another moral to all that is that it is another example of the dangers of psychiatry & counseling.  If I had never spoken to that guy about my past, it would NOT have replicated.


The pastor had thought otherwise. He had said "If you don't talk things out, you act them out".  Sometimes true, but what is ALSO true is that SPEAKING them INVOKES and CREATES situations.  If we speak about someone and say "so and so is a jerk" - it acts like a curse and they become a jerk. 


My mother had said to me "Freud takes you to a wall and he leaves you there". This means psychiatry is a dead end.  The drugs certainly are. They are deadly. 


The drugs my mother took were the proximate cause. She was taking a list of drugs; her liver went and it became fatal.  It is common protocol to take multiple psych drugs, which often causes liver damage, which is usually fatal. 


My point is that the words set in motion what then happened with the drugs.


All mental and physical illnesses are CAUSED by demonic spirits whose assignments are the names of those diseases.  Hence if a person says "I have canc-" _ they are invoking it onto themself. They didn't really die from the canc, they died from the  curse which brought it on.


I have rebuked canc-.  So I know that this is true.


I was in prison, in solitary for 8 months as a  result of trying to reconcile with the church, and being told not to, by a judge. The bible commanded it but he wanted me to obey him instead.. He thought it was a better solution. 


My experience in solitary was SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMP.  It was me, God and the devil having a 3 way conversation, 24/7. I was not alone.  God used the situation to train me to experience and learn to resist the devil's ploys to attack me and hijack my prayers.  I would pray, and the devil would attack my mind with doubts or other thoughts to try to derail me.  God coached me, saying "Ignore" or "rebuke".  90% of the time it was Ignore.  I learned that launching prayers is like launching rockets.  When I launched a prayer, I would see jet trails in they sky.  If I doubted it would fizzle, I would ask what happened and GOD WOULD SAY "it got aborted".  If I thought of an opposite idea, I would see another trail cross it.  Cross talk.   


God was showing me my thoughts and words manifesting in the spiritual realm.   When I got out, he said "Use what you've learned".     One day, out of the blue a brown blob appeared on the back of my hand.  3 guards noticed it and said "what's that on your hand?"   I heard in my mind "Melano-"   So God had told me.  I asked "What should I DO?" God said "Pray for it to go away".  I said "In Jesus name I rebuke this melan-' It was gone overnight.


When a person prays for something, they need to know that if THEY or someone else says something that negates it, it will act like crosstalk and the prayer will be aborted.  This sort of thing happens all the time. It is the real reason most prayers don't get answered.


And if someone prays using drugs or near someone else using drugs, or near music, prayers can be hijacked or aborted.  It has nothing to do with it being or not being God's will.


It had to do with the mechanism of how to pray.


Psychiatry is all about labels, diagnoses.  When people have a problem, they often seek a label or diagnosis.   But the psych labels are NOT the right labels.


We need to replace THEIR labels with God's labels - that will help us correctly assess Who we are.


Instead of being professional mental patients, we actually have purposes and gifts that need to be understood.


When people don't fit in in society, or their school or community, they often think


WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?  What is my diagnosis?  What is my problem?  OR, they have a lot of other people TELLING them that They are the problem, that there is something wrong with them, that they have a 'disorder'.  But very often this is NOT the case.


They really have a calling that neither they nor others around them have yet recognized, or validated.  That is all.


The misfits in school, who you see in the corner, saying "this is all BS" are usually the RESIDENT PROPHET God has put there to say to everyone "What's WRONG WITH YOU? WHY CAN"T YOU SEE THIS IS NONSENSE?"  THEY are the ones who see the indoctrination in education and are called by God to speak out against it.


EVERYONE Who has the label SCHIZOPHRENIC  - should take OFF THAT label and put ON RESIDENT PROPHET.


Psychiatry wants labels.  You want labels?  We'll give you labels - the RIGHT ONES. 


The ones that everyone else calls crazy because they won't get with the program, are the ones people end up following when they finally figure out that they're right.


20 years ago I was in a church where some guy was speaking, telling us HE taught prophesy at a school for prophets.  THEN he proceeded to tap his foot and rhyme, like rapping.  He claimed this was from God.  It was a performance.


I was looking at him,  with a look on my face, that said "WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?"


He looked at me, and asked me, 'Do you get thrown out of a lot of places?"


Well, that was a prophetic utterance.  That IS what happens to most prophets when they expose liars.


This was similar to when a woman with a spirit of divination, a false spirit, saw Jesus and immediately recognized who He was - the savior.  He commanded the lying spirit around her to leave, which didn't make her 'handlers' happy since they were making money from her gifts.  A psychic.


The devil always recognizes the Lord.


I was in Tel Aviv and saw a guy using tarot cards, a psychic.  I pulled my bible out to show him that Deuteronomy 18 calls divination an abomination that bring curses.  As soon as I started to pull it out, he screamed and ran, hiding behind a pole.   The demonic spirits that he was channeling were afraid of the authority of the Word of God. 


So, if you want to know whether to trust someone, ask the nearest resident prophet.


It's either the nearest 7 year old, or the teenager with Blue Hair.


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