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A VISION FOR REVIVAL FOR CHURCHES & the proper use of musicians and singers.



God gave me the vision and then gave me the scripture Habakkuk 2:2



"Write the vision. Make it plain on tables."



There are several elements to this vision: 24 hour worship, consecration of musicians and singers (and everyone else too) from sin & drugs & other openings for demonic oppression, removal of amplification and open doors, evangelism of musicians and singers and praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit; Dissociating from the atheistic mental health system & their toxic drugs.






A KEY POINT TO REVIVAL IS THAT REPENTANCE leads to REVIVAL. God often waits to pour out his spirit on us after we repent of sin. This is true for churches that preach error in doctrine; when they repent, God pours out his spirit. The same is true on an individual level. When each of us repents then the spirit comes. Sometimes it is the spirits presence through the intercession of someone else that leads someone to repent.



The Power of Intercession - PEACE IN IRELAND - TIKKUN OLAM -Healing the World



I had in April of ‘98 a powerful experience of being used by God as an intercessor.



I was playing the piano and singing in tongues, which is a private prayer language given by God, for 8 hours. I was playing in a university chapel used by Catholics and Protestants. I heard myself sing “shalom” which means peace in Hebrew, many times. I had no idea what God was doing, but I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit on me.



Sometime during this event a man came in and listened, then came over and said to me, “Thank you. I feel like I can go home now.” I asked where he was from and he said “Ireland”. The next day, the Boston Globe front page said “Peace in Ireland". They had just signed the Good Friday Peace Accords.



I asked God, “Did you use me to pray for that?”, and the Holy Spirit fell on me with power, which meant “yes!”



Being used by God for this type of work is important work. It requires that a person be sanctified – no sin, no drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot. Etc or psych meds which would contaminate the Holy Spirit since drugs are an opening for unclean spirits. If there is spiritual contamination, it transmits into whatever you’re praying into. That’s no good. One must be pure so only the Holy Spirit is invoked and transmitted.



Any time musicians play or sing, whatever is in or around them spiritually gets transmitted to their listeners or the target of their prayers. This is true for all people praying as well, or even talking. Spirits jump around thru contact, both physical and verbal. God needs musicians or praying people to do this kind of work. It is sacred and a blessing to be used this way. When we pray this way we are prophesying things into existence by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is an example of how God wants to use musicians to pray for healing and peace in the world.



Everyone who is born again, filled with the Holy Spirit can pray and sing in tongues.



You need to repent of your sins, accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord, ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit (which testifies to Jesus as Messiah). Also be baptized in water in Jesus’ name.



Jesus said “unless ye be born of water and of the spirit, ye will not see the kingdom of Heaven.” John 3:3



John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him would not perish but have everlasting life.”



John 1:1: “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.”



John 1:14: “And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth.”



John 1:17: “The law came by Moses, but grace and truth come by Jesus Christ.”



Jesus said to his disciples: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned.” Mark 16:15-16



1. 24-Hour Worship



I believe that it is God’s intent for churches today to have continual prayer (24 hour prayer ) which invokes his Spirit so that His spirit will dwell in church buildings and then when anyone comes in, they will immediately be touched by the presence of God. This is what happened to me in a Sephardic synagogue in Jerusalem. God brought me to Jerusalem to experience this so I could testify to this vision; He wants consecrated buildings, not just people. The Christians sometimes tell me that at this time, WE are supposed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, not the buildings.



But they are wrong. The New Testament was built on the Old, not to totally supercede it but to add to it. Why would He talk about consecrated buildings in the New Testament when it was already written about in the Old? Both are true. Now He wants to live in us as temples of the Holy Spirit, but He also will bless buildings where there is prayer.




Psalm 134 says "Bless you the Lord, all you servants of the Lord, which by night stand in the house of the lord."




In the Old Testament the Levites who were the worshippers lived in the temples and were free from other work because they did this work day and night 1 Cr 9:33.



In the New Testament, Luke Chap. 2 talks about Anna the Prophetess, who stayed in the temple and didn’t leave, doing fasting and prayers.



How I came to these scriptures is evidence that the Holy Spirit was leading me toward this vision (to be explained shortly).



My vision for 24 hour worship is something that in the last couple years is starting to be reinstituted in a few churches around the country. I have been talking about it for the past 10 years. There is a church in Colorado Springs, that is now doing it.



There is a man in Kansas City, who used to be called one of the Kansas City Prophets by the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a charismatic non-denominational church that is around the country, who has also instituted a 24 hour prayer church (Mike Bickel - the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP) There are now other IHOPs in other cities; Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, and more) so I am not alone in my vision; the fact that others are also doing it is a confirmation that what I have been talking about IS of God and I am also in a prophetic role in the Church as a whole.



It says in Leviticus let everything be established by two or three witnesses. So God has multiple prophets say the same thing as a confirmation.



The bible says that there are different offices in the church:



1 Corinthians 12:28: “In the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration, and those speaking in different kinds of tongues.”



“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets, and some, evangelists, and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” Ephesians 4:11-12


Other churches have done this periodically over the years and enjoyed revival. The United Pentecostal Church has done it.



My vision came out of my experience of living in a church for 2 years, worshipping and praying at night. Subsequent to that experience, God released certain scriptures to me that indicated there was a vision He wanted me to share for this time. God works in strange ways to communicate; often using wierd coincidences.



Don Gossett, a Christian minister and author of a wonderful book on the power of words and faith, entitled What You Say Is What You Get quotes a friend Sam Feldman “Coincidences are the handiwork of God”.



Here are two examples of my own:



I shared my testimony one night of playing in the church all night with another Christian woman. She went home and opened her bible randomly to Psalm 134;



"Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord."



This was God’s way of confirming that what I had been talking about was from Him.



Months later, I was travelling around the country. I had had the intuition that in the Old Testament times, the Levites, some of whom were musicians and singers (others were porters in the temple and judges) were doing worship 24 hours. I had never found a scripture to support this, and had asked rabbis who knew of nothing either.



As I was traveling, all of a sudden there was a sign that said “Exit 134”-and immediately after that, I heard “Psalm 134” in my mind. I remembered the scripture. I immediately looked it up in the bible I had with me, and found a cross reference to another scripture that I had never seen before. (Not all bibles have cross references).



The other scripture was 1 Chronicles 9:33 which says “and these are the singers, chief of the fathers of the Levites who remaining in the chambers were free: for they were employed in that work day and night.”


In other words, they lived in the temples and worshiped day and night.



After living in the church for 2 years I ended up, a while later, living in a synagogue all fall and winter, playing the piano there at night. One night the spirit reminded me of Anna the prophetess. This was a reference to the book of Luke ch 2, New Testament. Anna was a woman who, it says, “departed not from the temple but served God with fastings and prayers night and day.” Luke 2:37



It was warm and there was no snow that entire fall and winter. The city was blessed because of my being “on duty” - one watchman . He had given me 2 scriptures in prayer – Ezekiel 3 and 33, calling him a “watchman” to the house of Israel.



2. Consecration of the Musicians and Singers and all Believers who worship (which is everyone)



First, repent of all sin. Unrepentant sin is an opening for unclean spirits. This includes all sexual immorality, including fornication, adultery, homosexuality.



Next, avoid all drugs which affect the mind, which are openings for unclean spirits. This includes alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, pot, lsd, cocaine, etc & all psych meds.



The scripture in the Old Testament in Leviticus tells us about how God did not want his priests to be under the influence of alcohol when they ministered in the temple.



“Do not drink wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: it shall be a statute for ever throughout your generations:



And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between clean and unclean;



And that ye may teach the children of Israel all the statutes which the Lord hath spoken unto them by the hand of Moses.” Leviticus 10:9-11



God told the Levites to teach others what is clean and unclean (this means spiritually, so it is talking about spirits and what are openings for unclean spirits):



“And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean. Ezekiel 44:23



After I became a Christian, God trained me as an intercessor, and then gave me a job as a teacher, where he used me to warn kids about music that is opening for unclean spirits and causes mental illness (rock, rap, heavy metal, a lot of pop); it is why he has used me as a writer to teach others.



This is another example of a principle in the Old Testament which is true for us now; He does not want us to be under the influence of any drugs when we minister to others or to Him. Those influences bring other spirits into the worship and can transmit to others, which is not what God wants.



We need to be holy so that only God’s Holy Spirit transmits when we pray or worship and minister to each other.



The New Testament says “Be ye holy as I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16.



Caffeine includes coffee and tea and sodas with caffeine. I have felt unclean spirits around me, a fogginess around me when friends of mine drank coffee or smoked and then prayed with me. Worship leaders have to be consecrated.



Whatever spirits are around those leading worship will go to the whole church.



Caffeine is an opening for spirits of addict--, confus-, mani-.



One time at a church as soon as they started to sing, I felt an urge to eat.



Another time at a church I wanted to take communion. A voice said “Don’t”. I wasn’t sure if it was God or not, and did. They had a ‘coffee hour’. I picked up a spirit of addict- from that place.



I knew someone who was on the worship team at church who was on lithium. Every time she was singing, I felt a spirit of confus— around me.



She was in a fog from the lithium and that spiritual contamination was transmitting to the whole church. As a second witness to this, another friend of mine there also said he was getting attacked by the same spirit. It was coming from her during the worship.



Worship leaders also need to be mindful of the music they subject themselves to.



For example, if they listen to blues, that can put a negative spirit around them that depresses their mood. I know people this happens to. It is not constructive. If they listen to music that invokes unclean spirits, it will be around them and can transmit when they worship.



Working in businesses where there is continual pop music being played is not constructive for those called to lead worship; it puts spirits around them that are not from God. I have experienced this first hand. Before worshipping, they need to pray for God to make them holy and wash away anything not of God.



“I pray for the blood of Jesus to wash me” is a prayer that works. They need to pray this prayer before they go to work, and when they leave, to protect themselves and their thinking from bad influences. When I am around a lot of pop and rock music I feel unclean spirits.



Heavy metal, rap, techno-pop and most rock is demonic. Classical & jazz can be mixed spiritually.



In addition, the whole music business is run by people into witchcraf-, who pray curses onto the masters of the records, thereby transmitting demonic spirits to everyone who listens to it.



This testimony came from a man named John Todd, who came from an illuminati bloodline in England, then got saved. Google JOHN TODD, Illuminati, on youtube.





Demons Behind the Music Business – John Todd




He says the Illuminati are all into witchcraf-- & sata-ism. He says he used to write checks to major Christian churches, to co-opt them, and also owned & ran all the music labels, and described these prayer rooms they all had where they prayed curses onto the records. (assigning demons to them). He said they also did this with supposed Christian rock records, which explains why I discern that so many of them are contaminated spiritually. (this in addition to the fact that a lot of those artists probably use drugs like caffeine, alcohol, cigs).



He says he wrote checks to Calvary Chapel to start Maranatha Music productions, a Christian rock production company. The idea was to infiltrate Christian churches with ungodly demonic music.



Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet



The Christian companies that I find to be anointed are not involved with the secular music business.



These include the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Hosanna-Integrity. The music from these companies is used in worship in many Christian churches & has revolutionized worship, bringing a sense of intimacy with God that did not exist when people just sang hymns.



The bible says not to be unequally yoked, so having business arrangements with those who are not believers or are into something demonic, will only bring spiritual contamination.



An ex; Zondervan, the bible publishing company puts out the NIV. It is NOW owned by Harper Collins, who also publishes the Sat- bible! Even if one had a King James bible from them, I wouldn’t trust that they aren’t praying demons onto the bibles to contaminate them. This is how witches operate – through subterfuge.



The NIV is a completely corrupt translation anyway; it leaves out key scriptures, the result of which is to misled people and disempower them from having authority in prayer. All the modern translations do this. The only translation I trust is the King James.



One ex: in Math 17:21 Jesus talks about healing people by casting out demons, and says



this kind cometh out only by prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:21



The NIV, NRSV, etc leave out the last 2 words. Consequently, people who read those versions do not know the need and power of fasting to have spiritual authority to heal & pray for other miracles. This is by design; the devil, who is behind these translations, does NOT want people to know how to cast OUT his demons! Very clever!



Instead of HOLY ANGELS the NIV just says Angels. This is spiritually dangerous. If we pray invoking angels & don’t specify the Holy ones, we can be answered by the unholy ones, who are demons. I know from experience.



Romans 8:1 says “there is therefore now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus, who walk in the spirit and not in the flesh”. The NIV leaves OUT “who walk in the spirit & not in the flesh”; falsely leading people to think they can do anything, including sin, and it won’t bring judgment. This is complete error.



They even leave out key words in the Lord’s Prayer, sneakily.





Bible translations- only the King James is good




In the hospital the influence of music was obvious; many times when certain music was put on, it set off all kinds of problems between the patients, who were being influenced by the spirits being loosed by the music.



Mick Jagger testified to the fact that every time their band played a song about the devil, violence broke out.



Rap music also invokes a lot of bad spirits and that is why there is so much violence at their concerts.



A person who is called to serve God with their music needs to purify themselves so only God’s spirit is around them. The more pure they are, the more anointing, or power, they will have from God. Any music whose words use profanity is transmitting unclean spirits.




Musicians are called to be Prophets, Intercessors & Healers



Musicians and singers, because they are spiritually sensitive and prophetically gifted, have a big responsibility to develop a relationship with God and make sure that what they are writing and singing IS inspired by God and not a familiar spirit. That’s why it is so important for them to consecrate themselves from using drugs, which are an opening to other spirits. They also need to assess whatever they expose themselves to, whether it is from God or not; the music, the books, TV, videos; all of these bring spirits around them.



God has said, in His word, that there is an office of prophet in the church, and He wants the people with these callings to be used to build up the church, not negatively influence the society by being used by the wrong spirits.



Musicians and singers need to renounce any involvement in their past or present with any occult or new age practice; remove any books or paraphernalia associated with it, renounce any lying demonic spirits from having read occult or new age books; these all are openings for demonic spirits, which will pollute their channel to God. Demonic spirits will inspire people to sing things from demons rather than God, which is of no benefit.



The word ‘inspiration’ means ‘a spirit goes into it’. All music is spiritual and comes from the spiritual realm. Not all inspiration comes from God. If it is not from God, it is from demons, according to Christian theology. James ch 3 says there is wisdom from above and wisdom from below.



In the Old Testament times, the musicians and singers were prophets and prophetesses.



Musicians and singers in today’s time are also called to operate prophetically in today’s church to do the same thing.



They pray and worship and get words from God to transmit to others and sing prayers back to God, inspired by the spirit of God. This is prophetic Intercession.



Also, by invoking God’s presence through worship, people spontaneously get healed of mental, emotional and physical diseases.



As musicians flow in the prophetic spirit, they will spontaneously sing prayers of intercession. They will sing words that call for healing, peace, restoration, invocation of the Holy Spirit, etc for those that are present and all over the world.



People can worship and do prophetic intercession in their own language and in tongues. I do both. The time I prayed for peace in Ireland, I was singing in tongues the whole time. Some of it was Hebrew, maybe most of it.



As the musicians and singers invoke the Spirit of God, the Spirit touches others as well and they also can prophesy, or hear and sing words from and to God.



There is a story in the Old Testament where the prophet Samuel tells King Saul that he will come across a band of musical prophets and he will be changed. It happens; he comes across them while they are singing and prophesying, and a new spirit comes over him, and he starts to prophesy, and the other people say “Is Saul also a prophet?"




The prophet Joel, in the Old Testament, writing about the end of days, which is now (since Jesus is coming back very soon, many of us believe) says



“In the end times I will pour out my spirit on all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy, and your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28



I have heard of a lot of people having prophetic dreams (dreaming something that then happens). I have had them too.



It says in 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:111 that God has set prophets in the church. There is a certain hierarchy, it says



in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, administration, and speaking in different kinds of tongues.” 1 Cor 12:28



And he gave some, apostles, and some, prophets, and some, evangelists and some, pastors and teachers;



For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, Ephesians 4:11-12.




To have the anointing of God these musicians and singers need to do only God’s music. If they are engaged in other types of music as well, they will be polluting their channel and bringing other spirits into the worship they do in church. I have experienced this first-hand. I know of musicians and singers that were doing worship and simultaneously doing other types of music; I felt the other spirits present in the church service. And the more pure a person is, the more anointing of the Holy Spirit he will have.



The creative process, of being inspired, is such a natural high that many people who are creative get wrapped up in the process itself which is a form of idolatry to God. They need to use that talent to serve God, not as an end in itself. Musicians and singers and writers all need to address this issue.



I once had a music professor tell me “Music is our god.” A few years later I called him and said, “Music should be our channel to God.” The music schools really reinforce this idolatry; that is why it is so important that their students be evangelized and have their talents channeled in the right way.



With such a pool of talent, it is a mistake for the churches to ignore what is going on. If God doesn’t use these people, the devil will. And they will be tempted to be used in the world and that is why the world is so corrupted; the devil pays well. The music business siphons people into it because the church is not reaching out to draw them in.



3. Evangelize and Disciple Musicians and Singers in Music Schools and Professional Musicians and Singers



This is a big job, but the church needs to get on the ball and do this. They need these people. In Boston where I lived for 30 years, there are several music schools with multitudes of talent. There are also a lot of musicians and singers starting up their careers in music, forming bands. This is a huge untapped resource that the church needs. I would like to see an organization start to do this and connect these people to the churches.



But the churches have to be ready for them; they have to be open to the vision of using them in a more serious way than they do now. There needs to be 24-hour worship, and letting some of them work full-time even living in the churches.



Not since the time of Bach have the churches really supported musicians and singers full time as creative people. Worship and intercession is a creative process. There are many choir directors in churches and some full-time worship leaders; but what I am talking about is full-time intercession. There needs to be more full-time worship leading and intercession. Worship leaders now spend a certain amount of time rehearsing for Sunday rather than just in prayer and intercession full-time.



In my 24 hour model, someone can be doing intercession and worship while someone else is rehearsing somewhere else. A lot of churches have part time music directors who direct choirs and lead worship. Let them continue these duties, but let them work full-time, doing intercession the rest of the time.



Even if you only have one full-time musician in a church, that is better than nothing. 24-hour can be added later.



4. Removing of Electronic Amplification or Using it Very Sparingly will result in more spontaneous worship



Instruments should be used to support vocal singing, not drown it out. This way, the Holy Spirit will fall on the whole congregation and they will be inspired to sing forth prophetically and to inspire and catalyze others in worship. I have been in a lot of churches where I have seen that there is another spirit using the amplification to drown out the Holy Spirit. These churches are not catalyzing the Holy Spirit being in authority.



Where the Holy Spirit IS in authority, prophecy is encouraged. That’s why God’s spirit is so grieved by all the amplification; it is going in exactly the opposite direction the Holy Spirit wants to go. The Holy Spirit is gentle and wants to use all of us prophetically to catalyze the Spirit on each other. God wants the leadership to be patient and wait on God and let the Spirit use others. A good prayer is to pray for the Holy Spirit to take authority in a service. Interestingly, a few times I have prayed this and then watched as the mikes don’t work.



When I lived in the church for 2 years, I kept invoking the Spirit of God and I believe it was there a lot because of my worship. Sometimes when other musicians and singers came in to set up for worship using microphones, I would feel the Spirit of God shrivel up and leave with me. The amplifiers and microphones in a lot of cases are being used against God. They play too loud and quench the Spirit of God rather than invoke it.



God’s spirit is very gentle. He wants his entire congregation to participate in worship and the leaders need to catalyze this. Sometimes they play so loud with all the amplification that they actually inhibit that participation that they are seeking to catalyze. God wants His spirit to use all his people; and he wants others to be able to hear them if the spirit of God is moving on them to sing or prophesy to the church. Playing too loud blocks the Holy Spirit from using other members of the congregation, this is actually quenching the Spirit, and the word says not to.


“Quench not the spirit” I Thess. 5:19



The Holy Spirit often doesn’t bother to fall on someone in the back to sing something forth, because no one would hear them due to the microphones up front which make it impossible for the worship leaders to hear anyone but themselves. So the spirit doesn’t fall on the others like it would. I was on the worship team of a Brazilian church and one time all the mikes were stolen. At the next service, the spirit fell on many of the congregation and they were inspired and singing things out loud. This was evidence of what I am talking about.



God tells us in the psalms to SING A NEW SONG. He means to make up spontaneous musical prayers. This will happen with the whole congregation if the Spirit is allowed to take authority and not be quenched by those in front. God wants the worship leaders to flow in the spirit and make up spontaneous new songs; He also wants the congregation to mature and also do this.



Sometimes the leaders hold the congregation back by being too much in control. They need to yield more to the Holy Spirit, because the spirit is trying to do more than they realize. Minimizing the use of amplification plays a big part in this.



When the Holy Spirit is in charge and there is spontaneous worship, people sing different things, as the spirit leads, but the Spirit is directing and they end up singing in harmony with each other. This is awesome. The Anointing can fall on anyone and use them this way. More on this later.



5. Open Doors to Churches



A lot of churches close their doors these days because they are afraid of their equipment being stolen. There are two answers to this; first, if they had 24-hour worship, the musicians and singers would protect what is there by being there.



Second, if they give up the electronic and the amplifiers and mikes and just use acoustic pianos and guitars, there would be nothing to steal and they could leave the doors open all the time for anyone to come in and pray. Acoustic guitars are portable and few musicians and singers leave them in the church in the first place. Acoustic pianos are not portable. I’ve never heard of one being stolen.



I think a lot of the break-ins that I’ve heard about of musical equipment being stolen are signs from God that they are grieving his spirit away by using this equipment. The church needs to understand this and change their attitude about worship. The musicians and singers will develop loud voices like I did if they consecrate themselves and trust the Holy Spirit for power to sing loud. If I can sing, anyone can sing, by the power of the Holy Spirit.



As He healed me, my voice got louder and louder. This will happen for anyone who embarks on the path I am describing. Some of the psychiatric drugs constricted my voice again; that’s how I know the drugs are not from God. He would not want to take away the testimony He gave me to his healing power. Only the Adversary would inspire that.



The bible says



 “The gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” Romans 11:29.


He would not take away what he gave me. It is inconsistent with His word.





I spoke to churches about leaving their buildings open at night for worship and many of them said to me “Our insurance won’t cover it.” The answer is, “live by faith”. You’re a church. If you’re doing God’s work, HE will protect you. I testify to this. Nothing ever happened to me while I lived in the church at night. On the contrary several times when they made me leave, there were immediately break-ins. God was trying to show them that I had been protecting the church and they were driving away their protection.



One time a man came in while I was there alone in the church. God had given me such authority in that place that I accused him of having robbed the church previously and I knew I was right. He denied it at first but what then transpired was that we both ended up praying for each other and I was blessed. Whatever he had had in his mind to do again, left. God took over and converted him. ( Actually, I think he was an angel that had removed things God wanted removed from the church)



My vision for revival includes 24-hour worship, and open doors in the churches so that anyone can come in and pray while this is going on. After I left my church I moved to a university chapel which had the doors open all the time during the day.



I was playing one day and praying for “fire” to come down, meaning God’s fire to pour out. A little while later 3 student-age people came in and told me that they had been sitting on the steps outside and suddenly felt fire, so they came in. It is evidence that my vision works.



The Holy Spirit Himself will draw people into the church; all we have to do is worship inside and leave the doors open. If churches are concerned about the cost of lighting these places they need to live by faith; people will make donations that will cover this expense. One can leave a donation box in the church near the door and whoever comes in will contribute. This will cover the building and the musicians and singers, if they are working full-time.



The Levites in the Old Testament lived on the tithes of the congregation. This could work again. If people want to play in shifts and work other jobs too, that is also possible.





But I believe that some of us are meant to do this full-time and God will cover us. I used to come out of the church after playing all night and by divine appointment run into people that would give me money. This was God’s way of supporting my ministry work. Personally, I solved the problem of needing expenses for the building by not turning on the lights; I played in the dark all night: I also wore a coat and didn’t need the heat on. So I cost the church nothing. But I can remember sometimes getting too cold and leaving or my fingers getting too cold to play.



If the church had totally supported my efforts and provided a space heater, I would have been more blessed and so would they. The minister had gotten sensitive to the fact of the cost of keeping on a light, so I stopped using the lights. But if he had supported me and trusted God, God would have provided for his and my need. If I needed one, I, could have bought a little battery light to put on the piano to read music. I played without sheet music, so I didn’t bother.



6. Let Musicians and Worshippers Live in the Churches if Possible



The support for this is the Levites in the Old Testament, who lived in the rooms of the temple 1Cr 9:33 and the New Testament, Luke chapter 2; where Anna the Prophetess lived in the temple with fasting and prayers and didn’t depart.



Why should a worshipper work 40 hours just to pay rent somewhere, if they are going to be in the church worshipping full-time? If there is room, let them stay in the church.



I used to worship at night in the church and rest there, and then go out during the day to do something else. I evangelized in the subway with my music. I also taught in the schools and used it for evangelism. I think it would be a real blessing to be able to rest in the presence of others who are still worshipping, continuing the 24 hours shift. God’s presence would remain strong and give the person many prophetic dreams from Him.



MANY MUSICIANS AND SINGERS ARE NIGHT PEOPLEThere is a spiritual reason for this.



They are called to pray for others, through worship, at night when others sleep, and for people all over the world who are awake. God uses us here to pray for people in China. God often uses me to pray for Israel. They are 7 hours ahead of us. Their day is our night. He needs people on the night shift.



Things are going on all over the world and we need to be used to pray for others. Sometimes when you pray at night, the people you pray for are having dreams from God, because they are too busy during the day to hear from Him. So as you worship and pray for them, God is talking to them. This is one way He uses nighttime worship.



Churches are safe sanctuaries to pray in for situations that are volatile. It would be good to have a safe place here to play in, to pray for Israel, as a rest from or preparation for going there. I think there are some musicians and singers who are being misconstrued as being mentally ill, and being told to just sleep at night and work regular jobs, rather than being encouraged to use their talents as prayer for God.



MUSICIANS! Go to the churches & tell them to let you stay and worship there. OCCUPY CHURCHES!



One nite I went to a church and sat thru the service; at the end when they were leaving, I asked God what to do, and He said OCCUPY. I told them I needed to stay and pray. I asked the guy “do you have the Holy Spirit? He said yes. SO I said then ask HIM if you should let me stay. They did.



7. Dissociate from the Mental Health System



Any musicians and singers or prayer warriors and worshippers who have any connection with the mental health system need to get out. They should not be taking any drugs, which inhibit the power of the Holy Spirit and are an opening for other spirits. I knew someone on the worship team of a church who was taking lithium.



Every time I went to church, as soon as I went in I got attacked by a spirit of wooziness, or confus—. This was because she was in a fog from the lithium, and when she sang, that spiritual contamination transmitted to the whole church.



The thinking of the mental health system is polluting their thought life and prayer life as well; that’s why they need to dissociate from it. This is because the mental health system is premised on atheism, which sees biblical thinking and experiences as symptoms of mental illness.



Christians are slandered by the mental health system and labeled psychotic. Hearing God or demons are considered to be auditory hallucinations; seeing or feeling angels are considered visual hallucinations, which are considered symptoms of psychosis. Hence they get labeled Schizophrenic or Schizoaffective.



Being “hyperreligious” gets them labeled bipolar, since hyperreligious is defined as a symptom of mania. So then they are assumed to be manic-depressive or bipolar.



It is all false logic, nonsense. The labels are nonsense.



Christian counselors that have books using psychiatric terminology need to get rid of them since they bring false spirits around them since the books are based on lies. People that go to counseling for anyone who thinks this way or has these materials in their office can be afflicted by bad spirits just being in the office.



I went to someone’s office who was a Christian counselor. I felt oppression around my head as soon as I walked in the door. The counselor said she didn’t think the books could affect her, but it was affecting me. (It was affecting her too, but she just didn’t realize it). I believe that other counselees who went in there and didn’t know to pray for the blood of Jesus to protect themselves, were also being afflicted.



I had gone to another Christian counselor and the same thing happened. I had a prophetic dream the night before that I went there and got a headache, and that is what happened. I told her “you have bad books here” and she said “I know.”



We need to pray for the mind of Christ. God’s ways are not our ways,



“My thoughts are not your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8



“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2



A good prayer to pray is “Lord let your thoughts be my thoughts, let your heart be my heart.”



The more spiritually mature a person who walks with Jesus is, the less their thinking sounds like the world. Understanding of spiritual things is a kind of wisdom that comes with experience with God. Without that relationship, one cannot achieve this.



The natural unspiritual mind dominates the mental health system, so those called to serve God need to remove that influence from around them.



The churches will become the healers, by invoking more of God’s power. I know that as I played the piano and sang, God was doing healing in my emotions without my talking about it to anyone.



Talking is not necessary for healing. God already knows what is hurting us; His spirit goes right into our minds and emotions and does healing by His spirit. There are many stories of people being “slain in the spirit” - falling down under the power of God, and waking up completely healed of the effect of some trauma or delivered from a besetting problem. I believe that the talking of problems often keeps the person stuck in it; it re-releases the problem onto the person and can keep them stuck, because of the negative power of words.



That’s also why praying in tongues is so powerful; it is using a prayer language under the power of the Holy Spirit and God uses it to pray for us and others by His Spirit. It doesn’t release problems back into our lives by re-speaking the problems in our language; it just takes care of them. I was having a bad situation one time and a whole church prayed for me in tongues; no one told them what was going on; the situation stopped immediately.



God knew exactly what was going on; and having them all pray by the power of the Holy Spirit took care of it.



MENTAL ILLNESS is often really misunderstood SPIRITUAL BURDENS



A lot of people that are called “mentally ill” are actually spiritually sensitive healers themselves, many of them gifted in music, who are “called” by God to heal others through prayer and worship. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t realize this, and the society doesn’t realize this, and the churches need to realize this. Their value in the society is not understood and not being used. This is what needs to change. Putting them on drugs is exactly robbing them of the abilities to minister and pray for others.



They need to establish a right relationship with God so they know how to pray and use their talents effectively to help themselves and others. For example a spiritually-sensitive person feels the pain of others around them much more around more than some other people. Or they just feel pain, and don’t know why. Often it is precisely that they are spiritually sensitive, feeling the pain of others. It is not a chemical imbalance. It is a sensitivity given by God so that they will pray for others, and the others will be healed. This then lifts their pain.



This is especially true of any person that has been born again, filled with the Spirit of God. And many of the mental patients I have met, are Christians who HAVE been filled with the spirit of God. So they suffer because they are feeling God’s suffering and the suffering of their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Let me explain this.



Any person who has the Spirit of God living in them is connected to EVERY OTHER Spirit-filled believer.



There is only ONE HOLY SPIRIT. It lives in all these people simultaneously, interconnecting us. OF COURSE we feel each other’s pain! God cries with us when we suffer and we feel His grief for our suffering.



God’s purpose in interconnecting us is to get us to pray for each other, to lift each other up. The scripture says to



bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2



God doesn’t want us to go on drugs that block the pain and get us individually to feel better, numb to the suffering of others. That is not His intent. He wants us to learn to pray so that whatever is causing the pain, whether it is just emotions or sin, is dealt with.



God gave us His spirit to create relationship between us and God, and us and each other. The drugs block our connection to God, and block our connection to each other. It is oppositional to the purpose of God. Another patient told me that the drugs made him numb. This is exactly what I am talking about.



I lived in a synagogue for 7 months after living in the church, praying for Jews. One night I started to weep, and I heard the Holy Spirit say “I am weeping for my people”.



That was God letting me feel his burden for the Jews. It was definitely not my own emotions.



A note to churches that send their sheep to psychiatric counseling:



This is a tragedy because the mental health system, rooted in atheism, pulls them further into lack of faith and uses drugs which further impede their relationship with God. I know people this has happened to, and the church is guilty of sending them there, both indirectly and directly. The churches that counsel their sheep to go to psychiatric counseling are directly guilty of doing this and are in big trouble with God.



Woe to the pastors that slaughter their sheep.



“Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! Saith the Lord” Jeremiah 23:1



Psalm I: Blessed is he who does not take the counsel of the ungodly. The
psychiatry system is ungodly— rooted in atheism.




All diseases, both physical and mental are caused by spirits that have assignments which can attack our bodies, thoughts or emotions. They can be rebuked in Jesus" name. I have rebuked illnesses. I had a spirit of depress- jump on me twice when I touched someone who had it. I was crying for no reason. God wasn’t speaking to me about what it was about, so it wasn’t a spiritual burden. One time someone prayed for me and it left.



Another time, I spontaneously coughed and it left. (self-deliverance).



Another time I was feeling that spirit for some reason. I said “why am I so depress—-? God said back to me, “you know what to do.” So I rebuked it, and it left.



I was healed spontaneously of a sexual disease when I repented of sexual sin, which had caused it. I felt heat go thru my whole body, healing me, and God said to me “don’t do it again or it will come back.” Jesus said the same thing to those healed, he said



go and sin no more” John 5:14



I rebuked can—-, a life-threatening disease, and it left. I also rebuked asthma-.



James ch 3:15-17 says there are 2 sources of thought, above and below. Wisdom from below is “earthly, sensual, demonic.” Wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality or hypocrisy.”



Bipolar Disorder is a label that is way over-diagnosed. It is just the “disease du jour” of psychiatry today; 20 years ago, their favorite label was schizophrenia. Christians sometimes get labeled bipolar because they consider “hyper-religious” a symptom of mania. Then, according to their logic, if the person is manic, they must get depress— too, hence manic-depress., or bipolar. It is from faulty deductive reasoning.



People who really have this condition (manic-depress—) most likely have brought the condition on themselves by using drugs (caffeine, alcohol and too much sugar).



Caffeine is an opening for spirits of man—and alcohol is an opening for spirits for depress—. Caffeine can make people hyper and can cause anxiety. Alcohol is a known depressant. Changing one’s diet will remove one cause of the problem.



The most important thing is addressing one’s spiritual condition. Being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit brings peace and stability to a person. The Holy Spirit brings peace.



Jesus said “My peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you.” John 14:26.



After I got saved people said I was more peaceful. This makes sense because being saved gives one assurance they are going to heaven, which removes the anxiety people can have on a deep level about what will happen when they die.



I think people have anxiety because on a deep level their spirit KNOWS they will go to Hell if they don’t get saved. This is not neurotic; it is truth. The problem is sin.



When a person gets saved, their sins are forgiven, erased. God’s peace comes to them. Once they are saved, if they stay in sin, they may not feel God’s peace until they repent. Taking care of the spiritual level needs to be the first order of business. Sometimes people have anxiety—or depress—because they are living in sin or have unrepentant sin. They use drugs to treat their condition.



Taking psych meds no more addresses the spiritual level than using caffeine, sugar or alcohol. It is a mistake, and can mask the real problem, which is spiritual.



Also the psych meds cause mental illness. They are openings for demonic spirits, just like the other drugs.



All mental and physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose assignments are the names of those diseases. Jesus rebuked them & gave his followers authority to do it.



Jesus healed people as a testimony to the fact that he was the savior. God heals today when we pray in Jesus name for the same purpose; a testimony to Jesus and the truth of the bible.





How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)


A lot of Jewish People are nervous precisely because they need to be saved and accept Jesus as the savior.



Repenting of sin and getting right with God will bring God’s peace. Repenting doesn’t just mean asking for forgiveness, it means changing direction. A person should ask for God’s help to resist sin.



The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6) says “lead us not into temptation”.



Sometimes when I had a problem and asked why, God said to me, “you didn’t ask for my help”. He doesn’t impose his will a lot of the time, He waits until we ask for help.



Psychotherapy is not generally speaking, going to be helpful unless it addresses the person’s spiritual condition and their need to repent of sin and be saved. The bible says -



”blessed is he who does NOT take the counsel of the ungodly.” Psalm 1



Since the majority of psychologists and psychiatrists are atheists, their counsel would be counterproductive, toxic. They don’t share the morality of the bible and often would counsel people to commit what the God considers to be immoral acts, like fornication, adultery, homosexuality, divorce, abortion.



A lot of therapists are AMMORAL.



George Brock Chisholm, a Canadian psychiatrist who co-founded the World Federation of Mental Health, said “the purpose of therapy is to eradicate morality.” He was anti-God, anti-family, anti-patriotic. He said the purpose of education is to prepare people for world government.



The hidden agenda of psychiatry & education is anti-Christian. The same social engineers run both and are atheistic behaviorists. The global government they seek is the government of the anti-christ that the bible warns about in Revelation.



Sigmund Freud, the atheist father of psychiatry, said



 “I consider myself to be the greatest danger to religion.” He was speaking the truth.



Atheistic psychiatry was behind the nazi genocide. They killed mental patients with psych meds in the secret t4 euthenasia program, before the Jews. This was a covert genocide of Christians, who they falsely called mentally ill. This genocide of Christians has continued worldwide using mental health as a cover.



For 50 years, atheistic psychiatry has been calling Christians schizophrenic and killing them with psych meds.



Christian counseling is the best choice. But beware of those who work with psychiatrists. MANY of them refer people to psychiatrists to take psych meds. And many have bought into the atheistic ideas of psychology. It is worldly counsel infiltrating the church, rather than Godly counsel from the bible.



John Rawlings Rees, a head of the World Federation of Mental Health, said they needed to infiltrate the church, education, the legal and medical systems. They have done it. He also said they needed to be a 5th column and they have infiltrated the media to spew atheistic pro-drugging propaganda.



The same social engineers run mental health & education. They supported eugenics and euthanasia, sterilization and abortion and funded Hitler.




 Quotes showing the real agendas behind Mental Health & Education


They are:  mind control, genocide, atheism, world government.



NEVER AGAIN? IT NEVER STOPPED! The Mental Health System is a FRONT for Nazi Genocide


The Nazis killed mental patients in the secret T4 euthensia program, with psych drugs.  This genocide has continued worldwide since using mental health as a cover.



Dr. Peter Breggin ,who has written MANY books warning about toxic psych drugs, was the first to expose the t4 genocide.  In a recent case where he testified, a Canadian judge ruled that Prozac caused a teen to commit homicide.  ALL the mass shooters were ON psych drugs They are the real cause of the shootings, and suicides.




Judge rules psych meds cause homicide






Excerpts & Comments from The Men Behind Hitler-a German Warning to the World by Bernhard Shrieber. He documents that the same people who belonged to the eugenics & euthanasia societies also run mental health.



The Holy Spirit can inspire anyone, no matter what they believe, to say something that is from God. One time at a hospital, I was talking to a shrink who HAD read the bible but said he was an atheist.



Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will bring all things to remembrance that he had taught. Since this man had read the bible, the Holy Spirit inspired him to suggest something to me about a particular sin. God can speak through anyone, but so can other spirits.



Long term psychotherapy is really just a trap. Knowing one’s problems is only the first part of the problem. You need to know how to solve them, and the only real solution is with God and Jesus.



My mother once said to me “Freud takes you to a wall and leaves you there.” This means, to me, that psychotherapy is a dead end.



Dwelling on one’s past can be very counterproductive. It can invoke bad things to repeat. It is the devil who tries to get us to look backward. God tells us to look forward.



I heard a prophetic message one time in church: “Look not to the past”.


A person who is saved and has accepted Jesus has their sins and traumas washed away by the blood of Jesus. This makes them a new creature in Christ. Freud was the father of psychiatry. His atheism and drug addiction are the root of what psychiatry is about, and both are dead ends.



Sometimes there are food allergies involved. God can cure a person of those. Artificial food additives can cause problems as well. Melody Petersen in her book Our Daily Meds (2008) makes the case that aspartame, common in sodas, is causing problems. It is poison. I have felt the Holy Spirit leading me to avoid artificial food additives.



One should ask God to lead them as to what to eat or drink. One should be especially careful not to eat blood. The bible says the life of the animal is in the blood.



The Kosher laws forbid eating blood. There were 4 laws given the gentiles in Acts ch 15: one was not to eat blood (the others are not to eat food sacrificed to idols, food strangled, or to fornicate). Eating fruits and vegetables gives a person more energy. Fish and vegetarian protein is a better source of protein, which stabilizes the blood sugar. When a person needs energy to wake up, it makes more sense to eat fruit or drink juice, than to drink coffee. Juice immediately releases sugar into the blood, which goes to the brain to wake it up.



Caffeine is less direct anyway; it affects the pancreas, which affects the blood sugar mechanism. Overworking the pancreas with drugs can wear it out, causing diab —. The brain needs oxygen to function too, so the best thing is to get exercise, which brings oxygen to the brain. Then a person can fast and not necessarily need to eat or drink something. Doctors typically say that one can cause kidney damage if they go more than 3 days without water. But with God’s help people can fast longer with no bad effects. I have gone 6 days and not had any problem. Fasting is a valuable tool to deliver oneself from spiritual oppression.



8. Pray for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit — Jesus called this “power
from on high”



John the Baptist first referred to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He said he was baptizing in water but someone else would come who would baptize with fire and the Holy Ghost. Mathew 3:11



Jesus told his disciples to tarry in Jerusalem for power from on high and when it came, on the day of Pentecost, they talked in tongues and prophesied. And the people saw tongues of fire on their heads. Acts chap 2. All Christians need this power and should pray for it.



When God spoke to Moses from the burning Bush, Moses saw tongues of fire. Likewise, when God sent the Holy Spirit with power on Pentecost, the people around the disciples all spoke different dialects, but heard them in their Own language, and saw tongues of fire on the disciples’ heads as this happened. So as God spoke to THEM, there also appeared tongues of fire.



The bible also warns us to avoid churches that have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. Therefore churches that deny the Power from On High need to repent. They need to pray for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as in ch. 2 of Acts, as evidenced by talking in tongues and prophesying.



Whether talking in tongues and prophesying is evidence of having the Holy Spirit in a person, or whether it is simply more POWER, all Christians need it.



Every person should pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is evidenced by talking in tongues and prophesying, according to Acts ch. 2.



Fasting is important to receive the Baptism. When we fast our spirit is lighter and we pray with more power. To pray for someone else, both people need to fast. I say this about fasting by my experience and what the Holy Spirit has shown me.



There is an even more fundamental issue. Christians disagree about whether a person has the Holy Spirit in them. Pentecostals often think that the evidence of a person having the Holy Spirit in them is that they talk in tongues. Some people don’t know if they have the Holy Spirit in them. If they have spoken in tongues, they have received the Holy Spirit.



I knew that I had received the Holy Spirit after I received speaking in tongues, because I started to feel a witness in my chest if something grieved God. Previous to receiving the baptism of speaking in tongues, this hadn’t happened.



In particular, the first evidence was that I saw was that prior to this, I had been indifferent to someone telling off-color jokes in my presence. After receiving the Holy Spirit, I was revulsed by it & didn’t want to listen to it. When God’s spirit is in us, we feel what He feels. He is joined with us. We are no longer our own. It can be strange. But the upside is that we are never alone. He is always with us.



If a person hasn’t spoken in tongues, they may not have received the Holy Spirit yet.



Before the day of Pentecost, in Acts ch. 2, when the disciples were told to tarry for “power from on high”, Jesus breathed on his disciples and said “Receive ye the Holy Spirit”. The question is, Was it IN them or ON them? Some believe that the people had it IN them at this point, that what happened later was more POWER of the Holy Spirit. That is the witness I get from the Holy Spirit.




I think the real evidence of the Holy Spirit being in a person is Love. I have met Christians that don’t talk in tongues, but they have love. I would hesitate to Say they don’t have the Holy Spirit in them. They just don’t have “power from on high” yet, as evidenced by the baptism of the Holy Spirit which results in talking in tongues and prophesying.



We all need more power from on high which Jesus told his disciples to tarry for. How that manifests, is the real question. In the Book of Acts, chapter 2, Jesus had told his followers to tarry in Jerusalem for “power from on high” and the Holy Spirit came and filled them, and they spoke with other tongues.



In chapter 19 in the book of Acts when they received the Holy Spirit it says they spoke in tongues and prophesied: I do both. Some people may have received the baptism and have prophesied but have not talked in tongues. They need to speak in tongues by faith, and the Holy Spirit will take over. All of us need this “power” from God to do the miracles that He has called us to do in this time to heal the church and to heal the world. A lot more people would talk in tongues if they believed in it. One has to believe to receive, generally. And sometimes a person has sin they haven’t repented of, which is blocking them from receiving it.



Some people have said to me “If God wants me to talk in tongues, I will” but some of them are missing out on the fact that their need to seek God more on the subject and pursue it; they need to ask God to reveal what, if anything, is blocking them. It is not enough just to ask.



Some people ask once and if nothing happens they assume it is not God’s will: This is false. It happened to me when I repented of some sin; I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit before I was baptized in water, just like the gentiles in the book of Acts. I have prayed for some people to receive tongues and the spirit has expressly told me that, they need to repent of something.



Merlin Caruthers, a Baptist ministerwrote Power in PraiseHe says that a person should ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and believe they have received it, and just start talking in tongues by faith; The Holy Spirit will take over and give the person the witness that the Holy Spirit is doing it, not just them. I asked God if this was correct — I got a witness by the Holy Spirit that he is.



My witness is that one should fast to speak in tongues the first time. If a person has the Holy Ghost, then by faith he can talk in tongues.



After I received the baptism (it came over me and I had the sensation that it was not me talking but the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. This didn’t just “happen” again. Someone told me to start praying in tongues by faith and the Spirit would kick in. I tried it and found this to be true. Initially it may seem like a person is doing it by themselves, but the Holy Spirit will make its presence felt to let you know that He is really operating.



There are multiple purposes for speaking in tongues; some of it is for edifying the church; this type is spoken loudly at a service, and then someone else is supposed to get the interpretation and tell the church what the Holy Spirit is speaking.



I think there are many times in churches where someone speaks in tongues but the person who is given the interpretation is too shy to speak it; they may not be sure they are hearing from God, as a result others are left wondering what was going on. We all need to act in faith for God’s process to work for the group.



Sometimes I pray in tongues and then God talks to me and gives me the





One purpose for tongues is a personal prayer language where the Holy Spirit directs our spirit what to pray for. This is not for prophecy for the church, it is intercession by the Holy Spirit for whomever he is using the person to pray for. Praying in tongues gives privacy, the person doing it does not know what the sins of the other person are, yet they can be used by God to pray for them. There is a certain logic to this.



Paul also says to pray for God to tell our mind what our spirit is praying for. Sometimes God does reveal what the Spirit is doing; but not always. God uses us to pray in tongues for others that we don’t even know, and for situations in our own lives that we don’t even know about yet; He is taking care of our future without telling us, which might cause us to have worry if we knew it. So He just takes care of it by having us pray in tongues.



Another reason for tongues is that it appears that the Devil cannot understand it. My testimony, and others have told me the same thing, is that prayers seem less hindered when we pray in tongues; the devil can understand our language and try to intercept us if we pray aloud, since he can hear us, but he can’t understand tongues. So sometimes instead of asking others to agree with us on a prayer; it is more effective to just pray together in tongues, and the Holy Spirit creates the unity between our spirits.



A related situation is that sometimes there is no way to talk about or pray about a situation in English without having the words actually invoke the problem to re-occur. In such situations, talking in tongues is the only way to address it and solve it. I had a situation like this one time where I couldn’t discuss the problem. The pastor told the whole church to pray over me in tongues. Nobody had any idea what the problem was. It got solved by their praying in tongues.



There are some types of prayers that seem to need the power of tongues to bring them about. Sometimes I pray for something, and then the spirit falls on me and start praying in tongues. I keep praying until the spirit tells me “it is accomplished.”



An important theological point about tongues is that some people believe that it is a gift - only for some people. I want to address this. In I. Corinthians 12 it says there is a different gift...”divers kinds of tongues.” It doesn’t says tongues, but “different kinds of tongues”. Some people, when they pray in tongues, speak in different types of tongues, that sound like different languages. Other people always seem to sound the same. So I am making the distinction by saying that the gift spoken about here is different types of tongues, as opposed to just one type.



I think everyone potentially have a personal spiritual prayer language. Not all speak in tongues in church, for the purpose of prophesying to the church, but all can pray in tongues for their own edification and to pray for others. Some tongues are for the purpose of being interpreted in church, other tongues are personal. People can pray quietly in church, in tongues, and not speak it loudly to the whole church. This happens a lot.




Dave Roberson has a book FREE on the web: The Walk of the Spirit, The Walk of Power. He talks about the ability to talk in different languages while praying in tongues. He has preached in languages he did not know. I spoke in Hebrew while praying in tongues.



Singing in Tongues



One of the greatest joys I have ever experienced is singing in tongues. Anyone who has received tongues has the capability to do this. Anyone, even before they have received tongues, can be inspired by the Holy Spirit and sing under the anointing of God, without tongues, in their own language. I have experienced several people all singing together in tongues with no instruments, and we all felt the gentle peace that accompanied the presence of God. It was a very gentle, Holy presence.



Loud amplification of instruments tends to drown this out; that’s why worshippers need to be sensitive to the Spirit and let Him be in control. The experience of this sort is probably what Heaven feels like.



One time I was in the church praying with 2 friends and suddenly all 3 of us heard singing, high up in the sanctuary. There were no other people in the church, so it had to be angels. It sounded like they were singing in tongues.



One of the most dramatic experiences I had of singing in tongues as intercession was in April of 1998.



I was playing the piano and singing in tongues, which is a private prayer language given by God, for 8 hours. I was playing in a sanctuary at a University chapel used by Catholics and Protestants. I heard myself sing “shalom” which means peace in Hebrew, many times. I had no idea what God was doing, but I could feel the power of the Holy Spirit on me. Sometime during this event a man came in and listened, then came over and said to me, “Thank you. I feel like I can go home now.” I asked where he was from and he said “Ireland”. The next day, the newspaper front page said “Peace in Ireland". They had just signed the Good Friday Peace Accords.



I asked God, “Did you use me to pray for that?”, and the Holy Spirit fell on me with power, which meant “yes!”



There is a difference between a group of people singing in tongues and talking in tongues. A bunch of people talking in tongues together may invoke the Holy Spirit’s peace, or it may not. Sometimes it seems like confuse--.



But the singing in tongues experiences I have had seemed to invoke a gentler holy peaceful presence. The Holy Spirit was directing our spontaneous worship into an amazing unity that made us all sing in harmony. There was no discord.



No one knew what they would sing next, yet, because the Holy Spirit was in charge, He was directing all of us simultaneously in spontaneous worship.


I have had experiences where several of us sang together both in our own languages and in tongues, going back and forth. We spoke a few different languages, and we all spoke in tongues as well, so we were going back and forth between singing in our own language and using tongues. At any given moment it would be hard to tell if the other person was singing in their own language or tongues. Both were happening.



I have had experiences where I sang a song in English and others sang the same song in their own language, and we felt the Holy Spirit. I have also had experiences of spontaneous worship where I sing one thing and someone next to me sang something else, like adding a part in counterpoint. I think God wants the whole church to join in and all do this together. The Spirit on one catalyzes others to also go into spontaneous worship.



The bible tells us to sing a new song. Psalms 33:3, 96:1, 98:1, 144:9



This means spontaneous songs. Spontaneous worship really invokes the power of God to do healing and whatever He wants to do in people. When we allow ourselves to do this, we are letting Him direct us, instead of Us directing the worship. The more we let the Holy Spirit direct us, the more He will do in us.



To receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit a person may need to ask God to reveal any doctrinal error they may hold. When they repent of it, the Spirit comes. There are churches that have false doctrines that don’t have the power of God because of this. Jesus said to worship God in Spirit and Truth. So God wants us to seek His truth.



If a person believes that praying in tongues is not for today, as some believe, that is doctrinal error that can block it from coming.



If a person believes that those who pray in tongues have a mental problem, they need to repent. They are actually attributing to the devil what is from the spirit of God, which is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.



If a person thinks it is only a gift, and not everyone is supposed to get it, this may be doctrinal error that can block them from receiving it. One needs to have faith to receive it. They need to repent of not believing, and ask for it.



They can pray “Lord if my doctrine is error, forgive me". The error is that the scripture says the spiritual gift is “Speaking in different kinds of tongues” in 1 Corinthians 12:10. It doesn’t say “speaking in tongues”. That means each person should pray for tongues and expect to receive a heavenly prayer language. Often this gets released after the person repents of some sin.



Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything that needs to be renounced or repented of that is blocking it. God may want someone else to pray for you to remove something that is blocking it.



Sometimes people who have been baptized as Catholics need to renounce false religious spirits around them which block them.



There is doctrinal error in Catholicism; The 10 commandments are violated by the statues of Mary. In the catechism that they teach children, the commandment not to make graven images and bow down and worship them is LEFT OUT. They take the last commandment and divide it into 2 to compensate and end up with 10. The Catholic bibles have all 10 commandments; Catholics need to study the bible and they will see the differences between what is in there and what doctrines they have been taught as children.



God gave me a word to say to Catholics one time. I was at a Catholic charismatic prayer meeting, and He spoke to me, saying “Talk to my children”. I asked “what do you want me to say?” and He said “look not to Mary, but to Me.”



People who have been brought up with false religious doctrines need to renounce any false religious spirits.



What Catholicism does to the 10 commandments, the Jewish religion does to the message of the Messiah. Isaiah 53, which accurately describes what happened to Jesus, is not part of the liturgy in the synagogues during the normal service. The Jewish religion has avoided that truth just like the Catholics suppress other truths.



Isaiah 53 is avoided because it sounds so obviously like Jesus that rabbis don’t like to have to answer the questions it triggers. Many Jews are amazed to discover it in their own bible. It is not in the prayer books.


The rabbinic discourse on the subject is quite incoherent.



Isaiah 53 says “my righteous servant shall justify many, for he shall bear their iniquities…for the transgressions of my people was he stricken.”



Testimony about nighttime worship being from God



One of my friends in the Brazilian church on whose worship team I had played actually prophesied over me a message one night: “I have put you in this church. I’m gonna use you to bless the church and judge the church.” This Brazilian church met in the building that I ended up staying in for 2 years, playing at night. God was talking about the church community as a whole, meaning all the congregations that met there, as one church, including the building.



God had moved me INTO this building through the Brazilian church, who asked me to play piano with them. Then I just ended up staying in the building a lot afterward, playing at night.



Eventually I developed relationships with the American churches that also met there, and their pastors. To me, it was like one church. I was at my post, playing lot of the time, and they were coming and going. So I had relationships with all of them. Other musicians that are called to be intercessors will find themselves in a community of several churches in one building also, praying for all the congregations.



One element that God meant with that prophecy was that he was going to Judge the church by how they treated me, partly because I am Jewish. There is a scripture in the Old Testament where God says



“I will bless them that blesseth thee, and curse him that curseth thee.” Gen 12:3



He is talking about the Jewish people in this scripture.



So he judges others by how they treat Jews. The church should be mindful of this and help the Jews in their midst and support them in their ministry efforts.



They should also help Jewish people to return to Israel since it is God’s will for them to return. Anyone that helps them do this will be blessed.



Because I am Jewish, I always felt a special anointing (power of God) to worship and pray on the Sabbath, which is Friday night and Saturday. As a Jewish believer I have felt a witness in my spirit that I should observe that Sabbath. I used it to pray for the Jews. When the church allowed me to worship there on Friday nights, they were being blessed. I was praying for the Jews while they are praying.




I can testify to 2 events that happened that were testimonies to the church of my ministry being from God.



The first time, I was out of the church for 6 weeks and was playing in the subway, worshipping God. I really missed being in the sanctuary which was a safe haven and where I could rest. The subway was a place of evangelism and work for me. I cried out to God “do something!” to let them know they should let me back in the church.



I played the piano and worshipped God, and as I did it, it started to pour. The whole green line of the subway was flooded on the line next to the church. I was in the red line in Cambridge and no floods came there. I was staying in a friend’s basement in Cambridge which had an open window, and not one drop of water went in there. The church’s basement was destroyed completely; it re-floods now when there is a lot of rain. Also I was told that the same night, 3 offices in the church were broken into.



Previously, what had happened was that often when they made me leave, offices were broken into after that and apparently some of them thought maybe I did it. I didn’t. It was not me; it was God. The church can’t blame me for physically flooding the church; that was clearly an ACT of GOD. That’s why God did it so they would believe it was Him acting and not me.



A couple years later I met a minister who remembered that flood. He told me he was sitting near someone and had said “this is a judgment on someone”. Well, he was right.



The second time, I called the pastor and told him, “I’m gonna pray that there is another flood as a sign to you that my ministry (of playing in the church at night) was from God and you need to acknowledge it.” That night, I later found out, there was a fire in the apartment over his, and they had to move out of their apartment because of the water damage the fire department caused when they put out the fire above them.



Remember what the bible says about the tongue being a fire? (James ch 3) This incident was evidence, again, of the word of God. There was a fire and a flood in their apartment. My prayer was answered a second time. Perhaps this was a mistake on my part, perhaps not. That is up to God to judge. But the testimony is evidence of God’s word and the power of our words. Most of the time, only people who are right with God get their prayers answered.



The bible says



 “The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much” James 5:16



It is saying that the closer to God we are, the more authority we have with him and he answers our prayers.



Sometimes others get prayers answered because of God’s grace (which is undeserved favor) or because God wants to bless the recipient of the prayer, or to use it as a testimony to His name. If two people are praying for something and one of them has faith, God will often use that to answer it as a testimony to the other.



I have already mentioned that I am a musician who was called to worship in the church; my model being the Levites in the Old Testament who lived in the temples and worshiped day and night.




A New Testament model is Anna the Prophetess in Luke 2, who lived in the temple and didn’t leave, engaging in fastings and prayers.



My model for musicians and singers or worshippers living in the church and praying continually comes from both sources.



“Forsake not the Levite.” Deuteronomy 12:19



“Touch not mine annointed, and do my prophets no harm” Psalm 105:15



I was called prophetically to share this vision for revival in my church, and their reaction caused me to suffer when I was in need of somewhere to play at night. That is not only my work; it is how I feed myself spiritually. It brought judgment on them.



To sum up, I know that the vision for Revival I had for the churches will bless everyone if it is received. It will help avert a lot of the judgment that God is getting ready to do on this earth and to this country. Revival will help bring about repentance and change in all the people.



The timing is urgent. There are warning signs all around the world that we are in the end times and judgment is coming very soon. It has already started - the famines, the floods, the earthquakes, etc. The bible says these are signs of the end of the age before Jesus returns. They give us time to repent so that more may be saved.



God says if he warns of a judgment but people repent, he will relent and NOT do judgment. Jeremiah 18:8



Personally I have a direct witness from what I have received from God in my own prayer life, that judgment is coming soon. That is why He has been telling me to leave and go to Israel. That is why He is telling Jews to return and leave from the U.S. 9/11 was a warning to this country to repent — turn back to God.



A KEY POINT TO REVIVAL IS THAT REPENTANCE leads to REVIVAL. God often waits to pour out his spirit on us after we repent of sin. This is true for churches that preach error in doctrine; when they repent, God pours out his spirit. The same is true on an individual level. When each of us repents then the spirit comes. Often it is the Holy Spirit’s presence through the intercession of someone else that leads someone to repent. This is why we are told to pray for others, so they will.



I have heard stories of famous evangelists who sparked Revivals who had such a Holy presence of God on them that people around them would just start feeling convicted of their sin and repent on the spot.



Charles Finney a famous evangelist who led revivals,  in his book ON REVIVAL says that prayer & fasting are necessary to spark revival.





Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:



(I sing in tongues. You can feel God’s peace)


It was recorded at a piano provided outside by God in June 2013 in NYC. I added vocals at the Grace building



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians




Hurricane Sandy & the Grace Building – a testimony of God




How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)



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on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name






Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:




Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians



How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)








exposes atheistic psychiatry which falsely calls Christians & Anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences schizophrenic, a nonsense label, and their genocide by toxic drugs, which are deadly, by design, and talks about healing of mental & physical illness through prayer/worship and consecration from openings for demonic oppression, which causes illness.



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THE POWER OF WORDS revised ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry.



Words don’t just describe; they invoke what we speaks. This creates blessings & curses, self-fulfilling prophecies. Proverbs 18:21 says dea- & life are in the tongue. The book of James ch. 3 warns about the tongue.  All preachers, teachers, writers, songwriters should read this especially. We are accountable for how our words affect others. Everyone is.



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