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The  King James is the Only Good English bible translation. All the more modern ones have been corrupted. They omit scriptures and parts of key scriptures.   This is a device of the devil to corrupt the word of God. Those translations lack the same authority and power and presence of God's spirit when one reads them. 



The New International Version (NIV) is the most popular translation. It is published by Zondervan.  Zondervan is now owned by Harper Collins, who also publish the Sata- bible. That tells you something.   They also publish the King James. But one is better off with a copy by a publisher that doesn't swing both ways.    They could be praying demons & curses onto all the bibles they sell. The publisher Thomas Nelson would be better.



This explains the negative reactions some people tell me they have when trying to read a bible. It is not only from what is spiritually around them from their environment (drugs, music, books etc) but also this other factor of the bible itself being contaminated spiritually.




As far as praying curses onto bibles, this is not idle speculation. 



My intuition about this was confirmed by a testimony of a man named John Todd, a born again Christian who came from an Illuminati Bloodline family. The Illuminati are devil worshippers, and he was on the Council of 13, very high up, answering to the Rothschilds who answer to the devil, he said.  The Illuminati are the European royalty & blueblood families in the US who run the world through banking, politics & social engineering.  Todd says the whole music business is run by people into witchcraf-. He owned the record labels, all of which had prayer rooms where they would pray demons onto the masters of all records to go to the listeners, for spiritual control. 



Todd also said they would pray demons onto books.



He also says he used to write checks to major US Christian churches, to co-opt them. This is an example of how the devil infiltrates everything to corrupt & take over; every institution, including bible colleges, publishing, broadcasting, medicine, legal, churches, education. All for spiritual control.



A former witch once told me that if he wanted to put a curse on someone, he would give them something.  This same thing can happen inadvertently as well, if someone says something that is a curse and gives something, it transmits the curse. The recipient needs to rebuke any curses & bless it in Jesus name to prevent this.



This is why Todd was writing checks to churches – for spiritual control.



All of this is used to mind control the population. The devil & his followers are behind these misleading translations.  They are corrupted by design.



These major corporations are owned by Illuminati, who are consolidating control & buying up the smaller publishing houses, etc. 



All the newspapers in the US are now owned by 6 corporations. All of them are run by Illuminati.  They  are corporate members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American arm of the Illuminati. It is headed by David Rockefeller, whose goal is world government. This is a fascist one world government of the antichrist warned about in the book of  Revelation. Their goal is to destroy the US sovereignty & constitution step by step to achieve this aim. Their goals have been stymied by exposure and prayer.  Of course the devil tries to corrupt the bibles so that the Christian church doesn’t know how to effectively pray against his plans.




Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education



see video:


Demons Behind the Music Business – John Todd




The New King James has problems as well; it is corrupted.



I read a tract that says the authors of these modern translations lost their voices.  This was judgment from God for messing with his Word.



Jesus said "your word is truth". John 17  



I believe in the bible because for 2 weeks, as I prayed to God for the truth about Jesus being the messiah, God answered me the same two lines repeatedly; 



Don't deny the name of my son, and


My word is true."



He meant the bible.



(A rabbi had challenged me saying I was wrong about Jesus being the messiah, and God answered my prayers because I am Jewish. So to double check, as I worshipped God while playing the piano, I only sang to "Adonai, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob " the old testament God.



 I felt the same presence of  the Holy Spirit that I had while singing to Jesus; the words "don't deny the name of my son" were a rebuke.  God doesn't like us to doubt. it blocks the spirit from moving.   



Also it is dangerous to deny Jesus. He said



“Whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 10:33



The NIV leaves out key lines of the Lord's Prayer:  there are 2 versions in the gospels. (Matthew 6 and Luke 11)  In one of them, where it says



 "our father who art in heaven (it leaves out "who art in heaven" so it could be addressing invoking the other side.   At the end it leaves out "deliver us from evil".



In Romans 8 the first line says



"there is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus who walk in the spirit and not in the flesh". 



The NIV leaves out "who walk in the spirit and not in the flesh" misleading Christians into thinking that if they walk in the flesh, and sin, they will still be exempt from judgment.



A key scripture in the KING JAMES is 1John 5:7 where it describes the TRINITY.. (The word is not in the bible, but the concept clearly is).  It says



"there are three that bear record in heaven, the father, word and holy spirit, and these three are one".  



This scripture is left out of the NIV; they have it in a footnote, questioning its credibility.




Another important omission in the NIV is in Matthew 17:20-21.



Jesus' followers asked why they could not cast out a demon; this scripture is Jesus' answer.



Because of your unbelief:  for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.   17:20



Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. 17:21




Jesus is talking about how his followers could cast out demons if they had enough faith, saying nothing is impossible if one has faith  as a grain of a mustard seed.  However, in the next line, he adds "howbeit this kind goeth out not but by prayer and fasting.  This is key because the NIV de-emphasizes the need for fasting to have spiritual authority for deliverance, healing and other miracles. 



The two words AND FASTING are left OUT of the NIV and the modern translations like the NRSV, New King James, etc.



This is because the devil is behind these translations and he does not want people to know how to have authority to cast out his demons.  Fasting is necessary to have that authority.



So many Christians are unaware that fasting is necessary to have spiritual authority. It is also important for praying for all kinds of miracles and prophesying with authority.  The Holy Spirit has shown me this.  The purpose for the deliberate removal of this scripture is to weaken the church so they don't have the power they need against demons. 



A lot of Christians end up thinking God doesn't heal because it is not His will, when it IS His will, but to have authority to pray for it, Christians need to be sanctified and walking in obedience to the Holy Spirit. When people fast they can pray with more power. 



This is especially true with praying in tongues, which is praying in the spirit.



Praying in Tongues is Praying by the Direction of the Holy Spirit rather than our own mind, in a spiritual prayer language. It is power from God. It strengthens our spirit to resist sin & is necessary to launch certain kinds of prayers and see them answered. Often when praying for something the Holy Spirit will fall& I will spontaneously pray in tongues until the Holy Spirit says it is accomplished.  It is the mechanism by which prayers get answered. As we pray in the spirit, the Spirit moves. It also empowers angels to act.   People who pray the same prayers repeatedly without praying in tongues don’t realize they need to pray in tongues to get the thing accomplished.



See article 



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians.





There are many churches who say praying in tongues is NOT for today; it only happened with the Early Church.  Same with healings.  This is nonsense, a BIG LIE.



Because they don’t pray in the spirit, they don’t see their prayers answered the same way as people who DO.  And also denying the truth of the Word of God grieves the Holy Spirit which is SIN which blocks God from answering.



2 Timothy chapter 3 warns us of  ungodly traits of men in the end times. 



“having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof”. 2 Timothy 3:5



The bible also says



 “quench not the Holy Spirit” 1 thessalonians 5:19



“Forbid not to talk with tongues” 1 Cor 14:39



Another device of the devil besides corrupting the Word of God is to induce people to not take it literally, so they deny the things God says.





Manual for Transformational Healing-God's Answer to Psychiatry



which exposes atheistic psychiatry which falsely calls Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs & experiences schizophrenic, a nonsense label, & their toxic drugs, which are Deadly By Design, and tells how to heal mental& physical illness through prayer. 




Ch 3 is on fasting.



On fasting – ch 3 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



Also see:



The importance of prayer & fasting & sanctification (no drugs)



The churches are very carnal; a lot of them serve coffee, which is an opening for demonic spirits because of the caffeine (all drugs are openings for demonic oppression, including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych meds).  One will not have spiritual authority to cast out demons if one is oppressed by them.  And they don't preach enough about the need to fast to have more spiritual authority.  I have read books about other intercessors who were given the same witness by God that I was  given;  in order to have authority as an intercessor one needs to fast and avoid drugs.





Churches should not have yoga classes OR COFFEE – it is spiritual contamination



Rees Howells Intercessor  - a testimony against caffeine



Praying in tongues in Bryant park – prayers contaminated by coffee drinkers




Another bible translation issue regarding the New King James is this:



John 7:38 says “to he who believes on my name, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”



The New King James says “out of his HEART” rather than “belly”


I believe this is significant since it is apparent to me that when one prays in tongues, one has more power to do so if one is fasting. If there is food in the stomach one feels heavy.  This would indicate that the Holy Spirit lives in our belly, and so when we eat, it is like dropping food on God’s head! AH!


What is happening is that the Holy Spirit is literally flowing out of us, expanding, which is the meaning of  “out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water”



That living water is the HOLY SPIRIT.


There is another example of this in  the bible. God talks about how in the end times he will pour out from Jerusalem a spirit of supplication, of living water.


Again, that means the Holy Spirit.



And I will pour upon the house of  David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications; and they shall look upon him whom they have pierced, and mourn for him as one mourneth for an only son..”


Zech 12:10



This is describing  the return of Jesus over Jerusalem. 
The scripture came to me in a dream when I asked God if Jesus was the messiah. I saw two scriptures in the dream:  Jer 31:31 and Zech 12-14. 



It says in Job 33 and Joel that God speaks to us in dreams.



Jer 31:31 says God will make a New Covenant with the Jews to replace the Mosaic one which they broke, and he will put his law in their inward parts and write it on their hearts, and everyone will know him, and he will forgive their sin.



This is describing being BORN AGAIN, which means to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 



Jesus said ‘except ye be born again ye will not see the kingdom of God”  John 3:3




How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus Heals)





Spiritual Wisdom Revised


It talks about how & where to pray, hearing from God, assessing one’s environment to remove openings for demonic oppression, which can cause mental & physical illness, how homosexuality is sin & how to be delivered from it, symbols  and their real meanings (Jewish Stars and peace signs are occult), words.









on youtube with lyrics:



All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



Chorus is:


Heal Us Save Us Let Us Be Restored


Heal Us Save Us Jesus You Are Lord




Ask in F



 on youtube with lyrics:


All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name






Restoration songs – a prayer



I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



On youtube with lyrics:



Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians


How to be Healed, Saved & Born again (Jesus heals)







Following is an excerpt of an article NIV  BIBLE TRANSLATIONS from  



Following is an article on NEW AGE BIBLE TRANSLATIONS (an ad for someone's book on it) that interestingly shows how the modern translations leave out the word "holy" when they say things like angels. This can invoke angels from the other side.  



They also say "spirit" instead of  Holy Spirit. This is dangerous.  I have inadvertently sometimes prayed "let your spirit be in authority rather than "let the Holy Spirit be in authority in this place" and what happened was that the spirit of THAT place, which was NOT god, was in authority because of the way I prayed.  We need to be precise in our prayers.   When one is in a place that has another spirit (God had told me there was a spirit of witchcraf-  there) and one says “let your spirit” then the spirit of THAT place will be invoked!  When one is under their roof  then one is literally under that spiritual covering.



Whenever I have gone into a place playing music, God has told me to pray outside first. Not in the place. The music sets up interference.



Words can have multiple meanings, and we can invoke things in prayer that are Not what we intend. Saying "well God knows what I mean" doesn't solve the problem; our words can have unintended consequences and invoke things we don't mean. 



That is why praying in tongues is so valuable, sometimes there is no way to pray in English about what we want without invoking something unintended. Tongues gets around that. It is praying by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The devil doesn't understand tongues, so he can't intercept our prayers. He can intercept prayers in English and send counterfeits in answer.




The Power of Words Revised – ch 11 of Manual for Transformational Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry



Words don’t just describe, they invoke what we speak. All words do this, not just prayers.  The bible says dea- & life is in the tongues.  James ch 3 warns about this.





Taking the bible literally – why I do



ADVENTURES IN PRAYER – testimony of a prophet-intercessor (my very strange life – BOOK IN PROGRESS)








WHOLE Bible verses deleted in the NIV


The following WHOLE verses have been removed in the NIV--whether in the text or footnotes...over 40 IN ALL!!!


Matthew 12:47 -- removed in the footnotes


Matthew 17:21 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting."


Matthew 18:11 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost."


Matthew 21:44 -- removed in the footnotes


Matthew 23:14 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation."


Mark 7:16 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"If any man have ears to hear, let him hear."


Mark 9:44 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."


Mark 9:46 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."


Mark 11:26 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses."


Mark 15:28 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"And the scripture was fulfilled, which saith, And he was numbered with the transgressors."


Mark 16:9-20 (all 12 verses) -- There is a line separating the last 12 verses of Mark from the main text. Right under the line it says: [The two most reliable early manuscripts do not have Mark 16:9-20] (NIV, 1978 ed.) The Jehovah's Witness "Bible" also places the last 12 verses of Mark as an appendix of sorts.


Luke 17:36 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"Two men shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left."


Luke 22:44 -- removed in the footnotes


Luke 22:43 -- removed in the footnotes


Luke 23:17 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"(For of necessity he must release one unto them at the feast.)"


John 5:4 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."


John 7:53-8:11 -- removed in the footnotes


Acts 8:37 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. It's deletion makes one think that people can be baptized and saved without believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. Sounds Catholic. What are you NIV readers missing?
"And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God."


Acts 15:34 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"Notwithstanding it pleased Silas to abide there still."


Acts 24:7 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"But the chief captain Lysias came upon us, and with great violence took him away out of our hands,"


Acts 28:29 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"And when he had said these words, the Jews departed, and had great reasoning among themselves."


Romans 16:24 -- COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. What are you NIV readers missing?
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen."


I John 5:7 -- Vitally important phrase COMPLETELY removed [also deleted from the Jehovah's Witness "Bible"]. In the NIV it says,


"For there are three that testify:"


Compare the NIV reading with the following Jehovah's Witness reading--


"For there are three witness bearers,"


What are you NIV readers missing? What does the real Bible say?


"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one."


This is one of the GREATEST verses testifying of the trinity. That is why the Jehovah's Witnesses leave it out. They do not believe in the trinity and they do not believe that Jesus is God. Why does the NIV leave it out...? Whole books have been written on the manuscript evidence that supports inclusion of this verse in the Bible. Reader, do you believe in the triunity of God? If so, then this deletion should offend you. People are wresting and perverting the scriptures to their own destruction.



NIV Reader: Do you have enough confidence in the NIV to... 
tell God, OUT LOUD, that these verses do not belong in the Bible?
If not, you need to get an Authorized King James Bible so that you can have some confidence.



NIV and the New Age Movement











2 Pet. 1:21

holy men


Matt. 25:31

holy angels


1 Thess. 5:27

holy brethren


Rev. 22:6

holy prophets

apostles and prophets

Rev. 18:20

holy apostles and prophets


John 7:39

Holy Ghost


1 Cor. 2:13

Holy Ghost


Matt. 12:31

Holy Ghost


Acts 6:3

Holy Ghost


Acts 8:18

Holy Ghost



"Satan cometh immediately and taketh away the word..." Mark 4:15



The Antichrist will use the NEW VERSIONS to set up his One World New Age Religion, with its mark and worship of the Antichrist and the dragon.

God of the New Versions/NewAge

God of the Bible & Christianity

Check NASB, NIV et al.


the Lord

Ex. 6:3 et al.



2 Cor. 5:18

Jesus Christ

the Spirit

Acts 8:18 et al.

the Holy Ghost

divine being

Acts 17:29

The Godhead


Rev. 1:11

I am Alpha and Omega

One, man

John 4:42 et al.

God, Christ, the Son

Only One

Matt. 19:17 et al.


The Mighty One

Josh. 22:22

The LORD God

the Lord

1 Cor. 16:22

Lord Jesus Christ

a son of the gods

Dan. 3:25

the Son of God

Son of Man

John 9:35

Son of God

a God

Acts 14:15 et al.



1 John 5:7

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

fruit of the light

Eph. 5:9

fruit of the Spirit

and the nations shall walk by its light

Rev. 21:24

and the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it

king of nations/ages

Rev. 15:3

King of saints

end of the age

Matt. 28:20

end of the world

I can do everything through him who gives me strength

Phil. 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me

He who was revealed in the flesh

1 Tim. 3:16

God was manifest in the flesh


Acts 4:24

Thou art God

OMIT (NASB 73, NIV 38 times)

Matt. 8:29



Mark 2:15


His kingdom

Matt. 6:33

The kingdom of God


Rev. 21:4



Gal. 1:15



Matt. 22:32


his spirit

1 Cor. 14:2

the spirit

His name

Acts 22:16

the name of the Lord

His name and his father's name in their foreheads

Rev. 14:1 (see Rev. 14:11 !)

his father's name in their foreheads

worship (see Rev. 9, 13, 14, 16

Phil. 3:3

worship God

God of the New Versions/NewAge

Devil of the Bible & Christianity

Check NASB, NIV et al.


morning star

Isa. 14:12-15


(image worshippers are) very religious

Acts 17:22

(image worshippers are) too superstitious

visions he has seen

Col. 2:18

things which he hath not seen

New Version Greek Manuscripts

Manuscript Aleph

KJV Greek Manuscripts

"I gave myself up to the beast"

Shepherd of Hermas


"Receive his name"

Shepherd of Hermas


" Lord"

Epistle of Barnabas


The 'New' Christianity

First Century Christianity

Check NASB, NIV et al.


Then come, follow me

Mark 10:21

and come, take up the cross and follow me


2 Pet. 1:21

holy men


1 Pet. 1:22

pure heart


2 Tim. 3:17



Prov. 21:21



Jer. 29:11


godliness actually is a means of great gain

1 Tim. 6:6

godliness with contentment is great gain


Heb. 3:6


be proud

2 Cor. 1:14

your rejoicing

proud confidence

2 Cor. 1:12


furthering the administration

1 Tim. 1:4

godly edifying

Thou hast made him a little lower than God

Ps. 8:5

thou has made him a little lower than the angels

I retract

Job 42:6

I abhor myself

our humble state

Phil. 3:21

our vile body

man shall not live on bread alone

Luke 4:4

That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God

Salvation by works or faith in Jesus Christ?



Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God

Mark 10:24

Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into kingdom of God

By standing firm you will save yourself

Luke 21:19

In your patience possess ye your souls


John 3:36



Gal. 5:22 et al.



Rom. 11:6

But if it be of works then it is no more grace

the gospel

Rom. 1:16

the gospel of Christ


Acts 8:37

I belive that Jesus Christ is the Son of God

In whom we have redemption

Col. 1:14

In whom we have redemption through his blood

who believes

Mark 9:42

believe in me

he who believes has everlasting life

John 6:47

He that believeth on me hath everlasting life

calling on His name

Acts 22:16

calling on the name of the Lord


1 John 5:13

and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God


2 John 9b

doctrine of Christ


1 Tim. 2:7

truth in Christ

Neither is circumcision anything

Gal. 6:15

For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything

I bow my knees before the Father

Eph. 3:14

I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

an heir of God

Gal. 4:7

an heir of God through Christ

God who created all things

Eph. 3:9

God who created all things by Jesus Christ

the Father

Col. 1:2

our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God

1 John 4:3

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God.



Taken from New Age Bible Versions by G.A. Riplinger. Feel free to copy or contact A.V. Publications, P.O. 280, Ararat, Virginia 24053, for this and other KJV books, videos, and tracts.

"It may be the most important book ever written." —Texe Marrs

"A monumental piece of research work! I've sent copies to over a dozen skeptics and none have come up with any substantial arguments against Riplinger's work." —Dr. Gerardus Bouw, Biblical Astronomer

"We were diehard NIV users for years, but this book convinced us otherwise." —Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling

"[We] strongly recommend the purchase of the book New Age Bible Versions." —Canadian Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches

"I must under God renounce every attachment to the New American Standard Version...I'm afraid I'm in trouble with the Lord...We laid the ground work; I wrote the format; I helped interview some of the translators; I sat with the translators; I wrote the preface...I'm in trouble; I can't refute these arguments [Which Bible?]; it's wrong; it's terribly wrong; it's frighteningly wrong; and what am I going to do about it? . . .[Y]ou can say the Authorized Version [KJV] is absolutely correct." —Dr. S. Franklin Logsdon, author, NASB preface

This book is the result of an exhaustive six year collation of new bible versions, their underlying Greek manuscripts, editions, and editors. It objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion.

———— THE MESSAGE ————

The emerging 'new' Christianity with its substitution of riches for righteousness, a crown for a cross, and an imitation for a new creation is shown to be a direct result of the wording in new versions. Documented are the thousands of words, verses, and doctrines by which new versions will prepare the apostate churches of these last days to accept the religion of the Antichrist—even his mark, image, and Lucifer worship.


————— THE MEN —————

Each page opens a door exposing new version editors--in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy—in mental institutions, séance parlors, prison cells, and court rooms for heresy trials—and most shocking of all--denying that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Five have lost their ability to speak.



The Greek manuscripts, critical editions, lexicons and dictionaries behind the new versions are examined, revealing their occult origins, contents, and yet unreleased material—a blueprint for the Antichrist's One World Religion and government.

Presented also is the latest research proving the Authorized King James Version represents not only Christianity's earliest and most widely used Greek text, but is the easiest version to read according to computer analysis based formulas from the Flesch-Kincaid research firm.

· Over 2,500 verses compared

· 1,480 referenced footnotes

· 700 pages, 42 chapters

About the author: G.A. Riplinger has B.A., M.A., and M.F.A. degrees and has done additional postgraduate study at Harvard and Cornell Universities. As a university professor, the author taught seventeen different courses, authored six college textbooks and was selected for the Honor Society's teaching award and membership in a national Education Honorary. As one of fifty educators world wide selected to be in an international edition of Who's Who, the author was invited by the President's Citizen Ambassador Program to be a representative to Russia. (Psalm 62:9, Luke 16:15, I Corinthians 2:5)

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“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (II Thessalonians 2:11-12)