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Autistic kids are hyper- sensitive, and are inner directed. Many are idiot savants playing the piano for example . I was like that. I am 56. They didn't have the label autistic when I was a kid, but when I reflect on my life, I had a lot of similar traits. So I think I understand what is going on with a lot of autistic kids. They are prophets in training.


In the Old Testament, musicians were prophets. Musicians are called by God to serve him. They are called to be prophets, intercessors and healers.


I played the piano since 4, improvising. I remember having the thought, as a kid "I am put on earth to do music and it is holy." I slept near pianos all my life. They were always altars to God, for me. People always told me there was peace on me when I played.


Whenever we are doing what God has called us to do, we feel peace. It is a sign that we are in God's will, and often are invoking his presence, his Spirit, which is Peace.


Jesus said "my peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, I give to you." John 14:26


Prophets in training spend a lot of time alone, hearing God speak to them internally. They are called to be leaders, not followers. So they need to march to their own drummer, not be directed by other people.


They are hyper sensitive to noise and other people because it can be disruptive of the peace of God. Also, everyone is affected by what is around others spiritually.


Anyone who uses drugs gives an opening for demonic spirits to be around them. The spirits jump around and affect others through verbal and physical contact. The drugs include: caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd, etc and all psych drugs.


Autistic kids are sensitive spiritually and may be more agitated around others because they are being afflicted by the spirits around others who use drugs, for example,


If a parent drinks coffee, they are opening themselves to spirits of addiction, confus-, mani, agita-. This affects and afflicts their kids. Their kids can have ADHD as a result of the parents' coffee drinking. If they stop drinking it, the kid will calm down.


Kids and pets are spiritual weathervanes, a reflection of what is going on around us spiritually.


Autistic kids will probably be more comfortable around others if those others avoid drugs.


Autistic kids are often shy. I was.


I was a substitute teacher in the public schools for 7 years. I got some autistic kids to talk to me, something their teacher said she couldn't believe. I had one 4 year old who normally did not talk in class. I spoke to him gently in funny voices, and threw little cotton balls at him to play with him. He relaxed and talked to me. He felt comfortable. Love goes a long way to pull people out of their shell. This is why all children should be given a pet. They teach kids how to love, and give them love. A dog or cat is best.


All autistic kids should also be given an instrument at age 5-7. I believe the Holy Spirit will teach them how to play, just like God did with me.


If I am right and they are called to be a prophet, then they are probably called to be a musician. In the old testament musicians were prophets.


Actually, ALL Kids should be given an instrument. The purpose of music is to worship God. Everyone needs that connection to God. Making that connection at a young age can help a person find their own true identity and be less susceptible to the corruption of the world, through entertainment, their friends, education and the mistaken notions of their families, in some cases.  God has purposes for each of us and we need to engage in processes that help us find that purpose and relationship with God. Peace and quiet is absolutely necessary for that process. 


The whole agenda of the mental health system is mind control.  They even typically characterize people who are internally focused, as symptomatic of being mentally ill, for some strange reason. They think there is something wrong with people who don't want to be controlled by other people and told how to think and what to do.  Not responsive, they call it.  So autistic kids often get called Not responsive. Not responsive to WHAT? Other people's control? That is not necessarily a problem that needs to be corrected. It is a spiritual strength. 



This reminds me of an experience I had as a kid. I was playing the piano, and my mother came over and was trying to talk to me. I remember thinking, “doesn't she know this is holy and she shouldn't interrupt?”


I could see where some person who wanted to interrupt someone else, would call them “not responsive”. To their domination, maybe.  That shows a complete lack of respect for the autonomy of the other person.  Children are not put on earth to be at the beck and call of their parents, like people think dogs are supposed to be.  I wouldn't even do that to a dog, let alone another person.


But we live in a society now where people do not understand other people's need and right to privacy.  Security people and police think they have a right to insist on conversations with people who are minding their own business, who may not want to be interrupted. Or intruded upon.  Or afflicted.  A lot of people use drugs like caffeine, and when they interact with others, the unclean spirits around them afflict the people they interact with. It is like they think they have a right to sneeze on someone else. They are not spewing germs, but spirits. It is worse.  Their words, in addition, can act like curses on another person and cause them to have problems, and cause mental and physical illnesses.



This has gotten so bad that people can't even pray in a church and expect not to be disturbed.  In NYC, I have been sitting quietly in a church praying, with my eyes closed, and had people who work there come over to me, interrupt and say “you can't sleep here”.  And sometimes even tap me on the shoulder while doing it.  That is a physical assault. These people usually drink coffee, so by touching me they are transmitting unclean spirits which cause agitation, and sabotage my ability to pray in a holy manner. And interrupting someone's prayer?  It can abort prayers. It can contaminate prayers. They SHOULD understand that praying is a sacrosanct process that nobody would ever interrupt, yet they think they have a right to do this. 


This has not only happened to me. I have spoken with others who told me the same thing happened to them.  


The people think they have a right to stop people from sleeping in a church.  When this happens, I have explained to them that sleeping and praying are interconnected. Praying is not just petitioning God, it is also waiting on God for answers, and visions and dreams.  He frequently communicates to us in visions and dreams, and puts us into a trance or asleep to do so.  In the book of Job it says that God communicates to people in visions and dreams.  So when they say “you can't sleep here,” they are really saying “you can't pray here “ - in a church. It doesn't get any worse than this.


Welcome to NYC, land of idiots and liars.


I explained the above to a guy who worked in a church, and his response was, “that is nonsense” What a lunatic. What a jackass.  How can someone so ignorant of the process of God and what it means to pray, work in a church?


I actually met someone who TOLD me that his job, for 10 years, was to stop people from sleeping in church.   Lying down is one thing, but they do this to people who are Sitting in a pew, resting in the presence of God. That is the whole purpose of being in a church.  Jesus said


come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28


My peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I to you” John 14:26


This is an abomination to God.  I could easily see where someone might pull out a gun and shoot one of these morons in the foot.  I have heard of shootings in churches and I wonder if it might not be a response to something like this, in which case, it would be justified.


This same nonsense doesn't only happen in churches. Many businesses and atriums have policies where they prohibit sleeping, so the security people wake people up who are sitting with their eyes closed. Like, they don't have a right to rest their eyes? Unbelievable.  The libraries do this too. 


They don't have a right to tell someone they can't pray. Most people pray with their eyes closed. So I am shifting the whole discussion from 'right to sleep' to 'right to pray'.  


When people work, they SHOULD be praying for Guidance from God about whatever they are doing. As a writer, I want to be inspired by God. Hence I seek Him continually as I work. The word 'inspiration' means 'a spirit goes into it'. All thoughts come from the spiritual realm. God talks to everyone in our thoughts, by the Holy Spirit which has been on earth for 2000 years since Jesus sent it from Heaven. It is the spirit of truth. Our conscience is God. Our intuition is usually God.  If someone is praying and they are interrupted, usually the prayer gets aborted. That can be very aggravating.  There are certain places where people should have a reasonable expectation of privacy, not being interrupted. Churches and libraries should be those places.


The fact that people can't even expect to have peace and quiet, so they can hear from God, in most public places, is a sign of how completely mind controlled the whole society has become. This is a result of the social engineers who WANT to control everyone. The music they play in all the stores and restaurants, so people can't think or pray, has the purpose of interfering with prayer. It is dangerous to launch prayers where there is noise. It is cross-talk. Prayers can get hijacked and contaminated and have all kinds of results that are no good.


The music business is actually run by people who are into witchcraf-, who pray demons onto the masters of all the records, for spiritual control.  This has been going on since the 70s. So the music is all contaminated spiritually. It causes mental and physical illness. One can see the result of this when one goes into stores where they play this stuff; the clerks often say crazy things and are obnoxious. This is because they are being abused by having to listen to this stuff; demons are attacking their minds, turning them into lunatics.


This testimony about the music business comes from John Todd, an Illuminati bloodline family member who got saved in the 70s and gave his testimony on youtube.  He says the Illuminati are all devil worshipers. He says he controlled all the major record labels.  His testimony is


Demons behind the music business – John Todd




Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education





If one goes into a store to buy something and wants to pay with a credit card, they might need to Pray “let it be approved” But any music interferes with prayers. So the charges get declined. If the place was quiet, this wouldn't happen. The charges go through. I know this from experience.   So it is certainly not to the customer's benefit to have music playing while they are shopping.



In l995-7, I was living in a church for 2 years where God put me playing alone at night, being trained as an intercessor.  God even used the pastor to pray for me to become an intercessor, so it was authorized by God, through the minister.  This guy had serious issues with obedience. He expected everyone to do exactly what he said. A lot of churches act like obedience is the highest priority. It is, if it is obedience to GOD, not necessarily to other people.   This guy once criticized me, saying “You have an independent spirit”    I thought, you know what – I'm supposed to.  That's what prophets are called to do. We are put in the church and society to correct the errors of those in charge. If I merely submitted to everything they said, I would be useless to them, and not fulfilling my actual purpose.  There was another lady who was a prophet in the same church, and she once said to me, “maybe you're not supposed to submit” God was using her, as a second witness to tell me, that the role I was supposed to play was exactly what I was doing.


I remember as a kid having the thought “I wasn't put on earth to play covers in a piano lounge somewhere, like a lot of musicians do for a living.” It made no sense to me. I knew I had my own unique purpose and was supposed to follow it.


As for parents of autistic kids, I would suggest that you try listening to them. They probably have a lot more ideas about who they are and what they are supposed to be doing, than you realize.



Vaccines and Autism


As for vaccines and autism, there is something to that as well. It complicates the subject, but both are happening.  It is as though the devil (who is real) decided that the best way to discredit prophets would be to attack them physically in some way so they have some kind of neurological damage, so that then all their quirky personality traits would be more easily categorized as a “symptom” of their 'condition'.


This is what happens to people who are patients in psych hospitals. All of their behavior is watched, and everything is interpreted as being abnormal, a supposed symptom of whatever condition they are accused of having. It is a paranoid mentality, actually, falsely accusing people who have nothing wrong with them.



There is mercury, a toxic metal in all the multiple vaccines.  Not in the single doses. A toxic metal is going to create problems in our bodies. Logically one can see that.  What it does is destroy the myelin sheathes around nerves, creating neurological damage.  The mercury is in something called  thimoseral.  Andrew Wakefield, the British doctor who found the connection between mercury and vaccine damage, was NOT discredited by anyone reputable, but by people who had a monetary stake in discrediting him since he was ruining their profits.    All truth tellers make enemies and get painted with the “that person is just a quack” label.  It is just slander.  They have tried to do the same thing to


Dr. Peter Breggin, the psychiatrist who has written countless books warning about toxic psych drugs, for years. Breggin actually exposed the t4 euthenasia program where the nazis killed mental patients with psych drugs.  The drugs are all deadly, by design This genocide has continued worldwide since, using mental health as a cover.





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(it is a nonsense label used by atheistic psychiatry to falsely call Christians and anyone with spiritual beliefs and experiences mentally ill)



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Exposes atheist psychiatry and their nonsense labels which falsely call Christians & anyone with spiritual beliefs of experiences mentally ill, and their toxic drugs which are deadly by design. Tells how to heal mental and physical illness through prayer and worship.










Every kid should get an instrument for their 7th birthday. A voucher to a music store. From the City Hall, or state government.






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 free books, music, articles (1000+)

ARTICLES BY CATEGORY page (prophetic warnings, for Jews, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, gays, atheists, young people, new age, mental health, health, music, worship, education, politics, NYC, NYPD, Trump, DeBlasio, Cuomo, Bloomberg, governors, legal, solitary, humor, UFOs, etc.)

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All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)



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All instruments done on Yamaha PSR 363 electric piano (sax, bass, drums)








Let us all live together in peace & one accord


Let us all live forever in heaven with the Lord










Glorify Your Name






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I sing in tongues on it. You can feel God’s peace.



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