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God never stopped using prophets  

There is the office of prophet in the New Testament  

I gave you a mouth, I gave them ears   

Islam’s claim that Mohammed was the last prophet is false  

Being named after a prophet  

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God 

Every family has a resident prophet 

Use your given name 

You look like a prophet  

Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers 


Bob Dylan is a prophet 

Psych drugs are the biggest threat to humanity since they impede one’s relationship with God  

Bob Dylan has always been a prophet  

Hurricane Sandy & the Grace Building – a testimony of God  

Autistic kids are prophets in training 

The role of a prophet vs intercessor 

Being used as a prophetic sign like Ezekiel 


Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company as a prophetic sign 

The resume of a prophet- intercessor 

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education

On having authority over weather

Spiritual Bootcamp

Rockets in the sky   

Use what you’ve learned   

The church is on fire 

Tongues of  Fire  

Praying & Singing in Tongues 

I’d like to see you disappear out of this room 

Praying for Steve to come back from Heaven 

Somebody’s supposed to talk to me 

Her name was Nancy Webster  

Warning toxic fluoride 

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 

How to be Healed, Saved & Born Again 

Living in a temple 

Nobody dies of disease – they die of spiritual ignorance

Living in a church 

The smell of flowers

I maketh my face to shine upon you 

Being turned around supernaturally in my car 

God flooded Boston as a sign of judgment 

Two years of peace 

Are you supposed to be here? 

If you believe that then go down there 

Is that the wind or the Holy Spirit 

I didn’t tell you to go to Miami 

Praying in Ft. Lauderdale 

Traveling Supernaturally by the Holy Spirit 

A beeline for Israel 

Bible translations 

Testimonies of answer to prayers 

Hurricane Sandy & The Grace Building 

I caused a tornado by praying the wrong prayer  

Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God  

Body parts on top of the Deutsche Bank building & my prayer to raise the dead after 911  

I rebuked Jesse Ventura’s tsunami by praying in tongues  

Praying in tongues in Bryant Park  

Musicians read this - Peace in Ireland  

I prayed mom out of purgatory by praying in tongues

My nephew was circumcised in the womb, a miracle, in answer to a prayer for God to ‘touch him’ 

Adventures in prayer  

Rees Howells, Intercessor  

God gave the presidency to Rick Perry so what happened?  

Ron Paul 2004 

A wierd connection between the NY Public library & the Aurora (Batman movie) shooting & the Empire State Building and Bryant Park   

Write Bush  - the mental health parity law

Hitching with Truckers  

You’re released 

Four Corners 

A sign from God  

Psalm 134   

Blueprint for Revival Revised Healing-God’s Answer to Psychiatry  

Covenant Transport  

My prayer not to be pregnant after rape & a miracle sign of forgiveness on Yom Kippur   

You’re a prophetess 

First encounter with Jesus at the Vineyard 

Bob Dylan got saved through the Vineyard 

Vision of Jesus 

My resurrected car  

Jer 31:31 and Zech 12-14  

The Holy Spirit at Brown  

Discipled by Ilya 

A heavenly glow 

Two Elijahs  

The ROCK at Brown University

Abby Rockefeller’s toilet company 


An angelic messenger 

The homeless outside Times Square church 

The Deadly “No Sleeping” Rule

How to convert atheists & bring Revival

How God guides us into relationship 

Occupy Churches 

OWS - you want profits - I’ll give you prophets 

Blueprint for Revival 

Urgent Prophetic Message to Churches 

Fluoridated water is mass drugging 

The Nazis fluoridated water to make prisoners docile 

Warning toxic fluoride 

The Nazis killed mental patients in the t4 euthenasia program  


Peter Breggin is a Prophet of God 

Brown is a school for prophets  

Praying to raise Steve from the Dead 

Praying for Steve to come back from Heaven 

Returning to the Travelogue 

Feeling Heavy in Pensacola - the Brownsville Revival 

Microchips in Jail  

Obamacare sneakily mandates microchips 

Nick Rockefeller, microchips & the New World Order 

Osama, Obama; Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse? Illuminati nonsense 

School for Prophets 

Rees Howells Intercessor - a testimony against caffeine 

Causing migraines with caffeinated prayers 

Prophetic presbytery 

You’re like the lifeblood of the church 

Picking up spirits  

I’m gonna use you to write a manual  

I’m giving you a choice 

Go to Miami 

Throwing newspapers on the beach 

The Holocaust Memorial in Miami 


I prayed mom out of purgatory 

My grandfather appeared on the plane 

A dream about my deceased relatives 

St. Louis Catholic Church - “SPEAK TO MY CHILDREN" 

Venerate the Relic - issues about Catholicism 

The 10 Commandments are missing one in the Catholic Catechism 

Why did you become an atheist? Message to Jews & Former Catholics 

The shooting in a church 

WIFI & microchips 

Prophetic message to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg  

A wierd connection between the NY Public Library & the Aurora (Batman movie) shooting  

A prophetic call 

Rippling clouds 

Living by Grace 

It is not as you suppose 

LEAVE IT – the rapture clouds

Authority as an intercessor

Smith Wigglesworth 

I caused a rainstorm & 2 tornados  

I caused a tornado by praying the wrong prayer  

Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God (unwittingly) and caused Hurricane Sandy for supporting gay marriage  

Charging my computer 

WIFI is a spiritual transmitter 

A wierd connection between the NY Public library & the Aurora (Batman movie) shooting & the Empire State Building shooting & Bryant Park

Maurice Sklar’s vision of the internet  

The Oct 29 2011 Noreaster 

Causing a snowstorm when I got my things out of storage 

The weather on New Years

Prophesy to Bloomberg on election night 2001 

Urgent 13  

You need to tell me your prophetic message without all your research 

Dream of talking to Hillary Clinton & prophecy to her  

Calling Bloomberg’s daughter Emma  

Sunshine message - free David Berkowitz 

Rockland State Hospital  

No boots, no snow  


I rebuked Jesse Ventura’s tsunami by praying in tongues 

Praying in tongues in Bryant Park   

I prayed mom out of purgatory by praying in tongues   

Praying in tongues IS of God & is for all Christians  

The importance of prayer & fasting & sanctification (no drugs)  

On fasting  

Body parts on top of the Deutsche Bank Building & my prayer to raise the dead after 911 

Peace in Ireland 

Paul Newman & Ted Kennedy 

Paul Newman’s cremation & the Dow Drop of  777 Sept 2008   

Testimony of healing 

God healed me of a sexual disease when I repented of sin   

God gave me a loud singing voice 

Eating & Drinking God 

I rebuked cance-, depress- & asthm-  

Jesus healed people by rebuking demonic spirits which cause diseases & gave authority to his followers to do it  

All mental & physical illnesses are caused by demonic spirits whose ‘assignments’ are the names of those diseases  

The first time I picked up a spirit of depress-  

Covenant Transport - the rainbow   

Visiting my sister in Albany  

At the appointed time  

Turn the pin sideways 

My father passing the Covenant Transport truck 

My Dinner with Andre - Wallace Shawn  

I was put on earth to do music & it’s holy  

Doesn’t she know this is holy & she shouldn’t interrupt? 

Tell them NOW 

Urgent prophetic message to American Jews  

I wanted you in New York

Spiritual Bootcamp - my experience in solitary launching prayers 

Her name was Nancy Webster - on solitary, suicide & psych wards   

Praying for Eliot 

Trying to connect with Paul McCartney   

My vision of Paul bailing me out of jail on LI 2006  

Body Parts on top of the Deutsche Bank building

If you don’t talk to him you’ll never know  

Paul McCartney built me a church in Beit L’Havre   

Escape from Pilgrim   

Flying Supernaturally to Israel  

Paul McCartney & the Russian Tea Room  

Long Island 2010   

I caused 3 car accidents and a tornado on LI    

I caused a tornado by praying the wrong prayer  

Why’d you wait    

My burning bush experience   

My dream of Paul outside the library    

Go see Michael Douglas   

Flying supernaturally to England from under a tree   

Go there – it wasn’t a dream  

You can still go and Hail messages    

Rain – erase it    

Water baptism- go see Paul    

Paul has pianos    

Your prayer was answered – Ringo’s 70th birthday   

Praying & Singing in Tongues IS of God & is for all Christians 

Ringo’s art show   

Take your servant where you want    


Too much doubting    

I want you there    

Don’t hesitate    

God using strangers to speak prophetically    

How God guides us into relationship   

Carrying ID    

Barack Obama & I are both haunted by a birth certificate    

Going to see Paul McCartney on Rosh Hashanah 2011    


Hurricane Sandy & The Grace Building – a testimony of God 

Restoration Songs   

How to be Healed, Saved & Born Again. Jesus Heals  

Little Nameless One   

You’ll have another chance to talk to Paul 

How ideas and prayers get conflated   

Paul McCartney & Mary Poppins    

Grasshoppers on Paul McCartney in Brazil   

Locusts in Israel    

The Prince of Persia  

Praying at the ‘elite’ license plate     

God gave me a facelift   

God changed my hair   

Why Reincarnation is wrong   

James McCartney & the bible   

He’s calling out to you    

You told him   

NY Times    

Nobody dies of disease      

Last chance – skywriting & Paul getting Married    

Praying to launch from a parking lot    

Paul McCartney stumbles on stage in Brazil   

Manual for Flying   

Raining on the truck    

Paul McCartney played at Madison Square Garden at the 12/12/12/ benefit for Hurricane Sandy    

Did Paul McCartney cause the Sandy Hook shooting?    


John Todd’s testimony about the Illuminati running the music business   

Demons behind the Music business – John Todd  

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education    

Michael Jackson   

Vaccines make people gay  

Prophetic message to Gays  

Mike Bloomberg & Andrew Cuomo caused Hurricane Sandy for supporting gay marriage    

Mike Bloomberg plays poker with God  (unwittingly) & caused Hurricane Sandy for supporting Gay Marriage   

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education    

Gay marriage is a farce    

Gays are made that way by social engineering   

Gov. Chris Christie brought judgment on NJ   

Oral sex causes eating disorders   

The need for forgiveness    

I stopped a guy from raping me by preaching to him & forgave him   

My prayer not to be pregnant after rape & a miracle sign of forgiveness on Yom Kippur  

The need for forgiveness  

Spiritual Bootcamp   

Paul McCartney’s calling to serve God   

Nobody dies of disease     

The Power of  Words    

Vision of Paul McCartney & the bible & my encounter with Paul

Locusts in Israel    

In Memoriam of John Lennon   

Willie Ellis    

Re-arranging the garbage – on psychiatry & other lies   

Ron Paul & the rebirth of America    

The number on the Israeli bond  

Weeping for Henry Kissinger   

The Nazis were NOT CHRISTIANS! Don’t blame Jesus!  

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God   

Christopher Hitchens did not have to die   

Jesse Helms    

That’s enough of that   

It wasn’t a mistake – the blog 2008    

Clark Rockefeller    


Nick Rockefeller   

Demons behind the Music Business    

Illuminati mind control in psych drugs, music & education  

More joy   

Joy the girl with no arms   

Fly away little bird  

Now you’re crying about the right thing  

Was that God? Or a lying spirit?   

Throwing the flyer on Oprah’s lap   

My doppelgangers   

Barack Obama & I are both haunted by a birth certificate   

The birth certificate and 2 direction connections   

Praying for Ed Koch  

WIFI invokes things   

You know Bloomberg   

God has a sense of humor    

We’ve established that   

My nephew was circumcised in the womb   

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God   

How to be Healed, Saved & Born Again. Jesus heals  

Snow from Heaven 


Praying in tongues in Bryant Park   

You’re on the money   

Jesus’ hands under my head   

God re-directs   

Tim Tebow was brought to NY as a prophetic witness   

God spoke through a Ouija board  

The Ouija board killed my mother    

New age practices cause mental & physical illness     

I was at Camp David when Clinton, Arafat & Barak were there

Don’t eat blood 

Ozzy Osbourne drank blood  

Message to the Osbournes – Ozzy, Sharon, Jack & Kelly    

Most sata-ists pretend to be atheists  

I broke Babe Ruth’s curse so the Red Sox won the World Series   

The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s death & faith in Jesus (Yeshua)  

Puttin’ words on me  

The Miami object at the Grace Building brought Miami weather to NYC

MKULTRA Lives! Shanghaid to Bellevue

Praying for Justin Bieber & his responding by saying he was going to retire

Justin Bieber’s calling from God is to be a testimony against Abortion

My conversation with Governor Jesse Ventura about God, the presidency & being Born Gay

God’s atheist prophets

My conversation with David Letterman about Gay Marriage

My conversation with Governor Andrew Cuomo about Hurricane Sandy & Gay Marriage

This country needs a Pastor in Chief! – My conversation with Governor Mike Huckabee

Eight million idiots in NYC, according to GOD

One million idiots attended the Gay Pride parade in NYC & the blowback on Cuomo and the Jews

One Million Idiots in NYC

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave cufflinks to Israel – this & my prayer-song caused a ceasefire in Israel-Gaza

Israel Song – Prayer for Israel/Gaza

On Grace & Pianos – when God moves He moves BIG

The 70th Birthday Book – the book everyone should write

Bibles in the Library

Why God made Bill DeBlasio mayor of NYC



The Tucson shooting – Jared

The Boston bombing

Shabbat dinner

The wounded bird

Chariots in the clouds

Prophetic Dreams

The problem with prayer chains

Counterfeit spirits

The family scapegoat

I’m giving him to you

Did you have to pick the most famous musician in the world?


You would make a good mate for him

My famous husband

So let him

That was an act of Love

I prayed on the devil’s nose (Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center)

70 degrees in Central Park the Sunday before Christmas 2013

I saw a vision of the devil on New Years 2014

Angels clearing the ice around me

Things God said to me about Michael Bloomberg

Conversation with a pedophile at the Veteran’s Day Parade

Email came about Paul McCartney having a beef with people who eat meat, and hamburgers appeared in front of me (which I ate – so they were real)






God never stopped using prophets

The old testament is filled with stories of prophets.  God never stopped using them.

There is the office of prophet in the New Testament

There is the office of prophet in the church.

In Ephesians 4:11 it says

“and He gave some apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;

For the perfecting of the saints,for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:   Eph 4:11-13


And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.   1 Corinthians 12:28

Presumably the hierarchy of authority is in the order described.


I gave you a mouth, I gave them ears

I lived in  a church for 2 years, being trained as an intercessor and prophet. The pastor prayed over me “make her an intercessor”  

An intercessor prays for others.  A prophet speaks to them.

It is not always easy to know when to pray, and when to speak.

A lot of people pray for others and think that is sufficient, not realizing that God is using their prayers to prepare the way for THEM to speak something!

I often used to pray for God to tell them something in their thoughts. 

One time when I prayed this, God said to me “I gave you a mouth, I gave them ears”   Meaning, he wanted to use ME to speak it.

Intercession works. When you pray for God to tell people things, it pops into their head and they think it is their idea.  This is particularly effective with people who don’t like being told what to do.  They need to think it is their idea.

I’ve read that the secret to long marriages, according to women, is to let the man think things are his idea.  The bible says that a wife should be discrete and pray, rather than nag.  (to paraphrase)

I’ve read that not all intercessors are prophets, but all prophets need to be intercessors.  Meaning, they need to pray to prepare the way – to prepare people to receive what they have to say.

I have also seen that fasting is necessary to have authority – to get others to listen to one effectively.

In the story of Purim, Queen Esther asked the entire Jewish people to fast for 3 days, so that when she went to the king to ask him to reverse an edict against the Jews, he was receptive.  It worked.


Islam’s claim that Mohammed was the last prophet is false

The Koran was written 300 years AFTER the New Testament.  God had already established the office of prophet in the church.  This was intended to continue until Jesus returns to earth.

Mohammed came along and claimed to be the last prophet.  This is a lie. He was a false prophet.  Islam was a repudiation of Christianity.  That’s exactly what the devil has always done.  Lie.  God says something, and then the devil comes along and says it’s not true.

The new testament says that Jesus was the son of god. That is his title. In Luke  1  the angel Gabriel speaks to Mary and says “this holy thing (inside your womb) shall be called the SON of GOD”.

“And the angel answered and said unto her, the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee,  and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee; therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God” Luke 1:35

Then the Koran comes along and claims that the angel Gabriel told Mohammed that “allah has no son”.  

If Allah is God, then there is a contradiction.   The only other explanation would be that Allah is NOT the same God as the God of the Jews and Christians.  It is another spirit.  Hence, HE has no son, since HE is not ADONAI, the God of the Bible.   The case has been made that Allah invokes a moon god.  The symbol of Islam is a crescent moon. 


Names mean something.  They invoke whatever spirit they pertain to.   If someone was praying to God but used the name of the devil, do you really think that would not invoke the devil’s spirit? Of course it would. 

This is how the devil works – he sends counterfeits of the things of God to snooker people.  He will tell people that a certain name invokes God, full well knowing that it invokes another spirit.


This is not to say that God does not use Muslims for prophetic purposes. He does.   There are Muslims praying on prayer rugs all over Manhattan sidewalks, as a prophetic sign to everyone to turn to God, and submit to God.  Islam means submission.

Islam is being used as a call to holiness as a witness against the degradation of secular western culture.

Muslims don’t drink alcohol, smoke, run around in skimpy clothing that turns women into sex objects. They consider that as a sign of respect for women.  They have a point.

There is error in every manmade institution, religious and otherwise.  Every human on earth has the job of sifting through the ideas and information and trying to discern what is true from what is false, what is good from what is bad. 

God has allowed truth and lies to grow together.  But our job is to sift through it and discern what is true from what is false.

The bible says

“Prove all things – hold fast that which is true” 1 Thess 5:21

God’s provision for helping us to discern what is true is actually his gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of Truth.  Jesus sent it to earth 2000 years ago from heaven. God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, in our thoughts. God also told us, through Jesus that we need to be born again.  This means having the Holy Spirit inside us.

Jesus said that we need that to go to heaven.

“Except a man be born again he will not see the kingdom of God” John 3:3

In addition to providing salvation through the Holy Spirit, having Him inside us enables us to get an internal witness, from God, of what is true or false, and know what God feels or thinks about something.

When something is from God, our chest often gets warm. If something grieves the Holy Spirit, it can cause chest pain.  Lies or sin do this. This is God’s way of helping us to be holy. 

The prophet Jeremiah explicitly said that God would make a new covenant with the Jews, to replace the Mosaic covenant.

Jeremiah 31:31 says this. It says “I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel not like the covenant I made with them when I took them out of Egypt, which they brake.. and I will write my law in their hearts and their inward parts, and every man will know me… and I will forgive their sin”.  

This is describing being BORN AGAIN, having the Holy Spirit inside, and having our sins forgiven by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Jesus told his followers to preach the gospel to every creature on earth.  Mark 16:15

Hence it is God’s will that all people be saved, born again.  We all need this ultimately to be able to discern truth from lies.

When something is from God, it brings a feeling of Peace.  Our intuition is usually god leading us.  Our conscience is God.  Trusting one’s heart is an expression that often refers to knowing something deep within one’s spirit, from a deeper place than thoughts. 

People can be confused by thoughts.    A person can read a book and think a particular argument makes sense. Then they read another book that says the opposite, and it seems persuasive.  A lot of people believe the last thing they read or hear.  This is manipulation.  God wants us to know HIM so that we perceive what is TRUE and are not so easily fooled.

There are people put on earth who have always been keener to recognize nonsense for what it is, and see through lies.  These are the people God has called to be prophets.


Being named after a prophet

It has become clear to me that anyone who is named after a prophet, is called by God to be one.    God inspires our parents to name us, often.

I am named after an old testament prophetess. Hence, when I say that I am a prophetess, this didn’t come from ME.  Someone else had the idea, since I did not name myself when I was born!

Your name is often a sign of the call on your life by God! Everyone has a calling

Many people’s names indicate the call on their lives.   Anyone named Christopher is called to be a witness to Jesus.  The name means Christ-bearer.  Same with Christian, Christine, Jesus.  Completely obvious.

Every Family has a Resident Prophet

They are the children, and the teens with blue hair, the individualists, artists. Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position.

All children have spiritual discernment.  God sends them into families to help them hear from HIM.

Whoever is closest to 7 gets to be Head Resident Prophet, a rotating position.

Children perceive spiritual things, and see angels and demons, until they are told that this is just their imagination.   That is bad.  Indoctrination by parents, education, entertainment etc often ruins the God-given spiritual discernment that children have.  The result is that they learn not to listen to it, and are more easily manipulated by others telling them what to do. 

People who are called individualists and stubborn are usually those who resist this indoctrination.

To get closer to God, and know our callings, it would be helpful to try to remember what we knew at 7.   We can ask God to bring to remembrance things we once knew about ourselves.

Children, because they are purer of heart, also have more authority with god to pray for others.  If you need help, ask the nearest 7 year old to pray for you.

God sends “unplanned” children into families often because HE sees that they NEED a newer model to speak truth into that family, an uncorrupted voice.   There are no accidents with God.

The bible says that God knew us before he formed us in the womb. Jeremiah 1

This means each person sent to earth has a purpose.  To feel the happiest and most at peace, people need to actualize that purpose.

My mother once told me “When you find what you are supposed to do, it will be like you can do no wrong”.    Meaning, there is a flow to it. 

I had this experience in grad school at New England Conservatory.  It was like summer camp.  I wrote music that immediately got me the respect of the entire Jazz Dept.


Use your given name

I had a hearing with a judge when I was on the psych ward of a jail on LI.   I asked God what name to use.  A few years earlier, I had prayed for a NEW name, one that would not be contaminated by all the legal issues that had developed in my life, which was creating problems.   He gave me a new name.   When I was preparing for this hearing, God said to me “Use your given name”.     I didn’t know which name he meant, since HE had given both to me!   I told the judge my second name. That was a mistake. God meant the first one, since it was the name of a prophet and my argument to her was that I AM a prophet, so using my name would make the point obviously true, since I had not named myself when I was born.  The doctor, a Muslim, had asked me ONE question to determine if he should drug me. He had asked “Are you a prophet?” to which I replied YES.  Then he left the room.  He was completely ignorant of the Old and New testaments and thought it was a delusion.

If I had simply told the judge “look, I’m named after a prophet in the Old Testament, so obviously someone else thinks I am a prophet besides me.” It would have been persuasive and she would have probably thought that made perfect sense. 

I spoke to the doctor weeks later and told him I was named after an old testament prophet, and he asked, “Oh, what should we do – worship you?”  He was thinking like a Muslim, since they worship Mohammad.


You look like a prophet

I lived in Boston for 30 years, having gone there to go to grad school at New England Conservatory for a masters in Jazz Composition. I lived in the People’s republic of Cambridge for 12 years.

One time I was standing in Harvard Square, wearing a purple furry coat, furry boots and a furry hat.  Someone marched up to me and said “You Look like a prophet”.    I knew God must have sent them.


People have come up to me for years with strange messages. Many of them were angels, I am sure.


Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors and healers

In the old testament the musicians were prophets. They traveled around in schools, or groups.  As they played, they invoked the Spirit of God, the prophetic spirit.  The prophet Samuel told King Saul that he would come upon a group of musicians, and a new spirit would come upon him.  This happened. When it did he was prophesying (speaking from God) and everyone asked “is Saul also a prophet?”

God told me that ALL musicians are called by HIM to serve HIM with their music.  He had me write a book


WHAT KIND OF MUSICIAN ARE YOU GOING TO BE? GOD’S CALL TO MUSICIANS.  Musicians are called to be prophets, intercessors & healers.

In order to be a prophet, which is God’s mouthpiece, it is important that musicians and anyone called prophetically sanctify themselves, to avoid openings for lying demonic spirits to speak to them and through them.

God gave me the scripture from Jeremiah 15:

If you separate the precious from the vile, then you will be as my mouth

One of the key issues is drugs. All drugs which affect the mind are openings for unclean demonic spirits.

This includes caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, lsd etc and all psych drugs.

If one uses these drugs and then asks God a question, there is a higher probability that a lying spirit will answer them in their thoughts! It is counterproductive.

I’ve had people tell me that God told them drinking coffee was ok. But that was not God – it was a demonic lying spirit that was around them from drinking the coffee!  It’s a circular problem.

One needs to have clear channels to hear from God.

The word “inspiration” means “a spirit goes into it”.  All thoughts come from the spiritual realm.   The new Testament in James ch 3 says there are 2 sources of inspiration; from above or below.  From God, or the demonic.

Demonic spirits transmit through verbal and physical contact.

Second hand drugs are also openings for demonic spirits.  This means that sitting in earshot of talking coffee or beer drinkers, or smokers, opens one up to lying demonic spirits.

These spirits cause mental illness and physical afflictions.

Caffeine is an opening for spirits of confus-, agitat-, mani-, addiction.

Alcohol is an opening for spirits of depress-.    

Cigarettes are BIG openings for negative thoughts.


To hear from God it is important to be somewhere quiet, or listening to worship music, which Invokes God’s spirit.

Reading the bible invokes God’s presence, his Peace, so that enables us to hear him to speak to us in our thoughts as well.


Bob Dylan is a prophet

He travels around on a never-ending tour, just like the Old Testament musicians.  He got saved in the early 80s.  He went to China and sang Christian songs, exactly what God’s prophet should do – preach the gospel.

Dylan also has the same witness I do about certain things.  The Jewish star is occult. It invokes unclean demonic spirits. Dylan calls it the Egyptian Star. 

It is called the Star of David but this is a misnomer. King David never used it.  His son Solomon got it from his Egyptian wives and put it on his shield.  The symbol was used to invoke Egyptian deities, or false gods, demons.   Dylan calls it what it really IS.

Dylan also has the same witness about psychiatry.  He has said “It is all lies”.  God told me he has some personal experience with it. Dylan needs to warn people about the evils of psychiatry when he tours.  The drugs are everywhere, worldwide. They are deadly, by design. They cause mental illness, suicide, homicide. All the mass shooters were on them. 


Psych drugs are the biggest threat to humanity since they impede people’s relationship with God. 

This means they can go to hell or purgatory instead  of heaven.   Many people lose connection to God on them, and their faith. 

I could not pray in tongues on them.  Praying in tongues is POWER from ON HIGH as Jesus described it. I have been praying in tongues for 20 years; it is the mechanism by which God moves and answers prayers.

Many people do not realize that their spiritual development is compromised by these drugs.  They’ve never prayed in tongues, so they are not aware of the fact that the drugs impede their ability to do so.

In addition, the atheistic mental health system tells people that spiritual beliefs and experiences are symptoms of mental illness. 

They are told that hearing voices is a hallucination, their imagination. It is not.  Both God and demons talk to everyone in our thoughts. It is not imaginary.

Demons talk to us if given an opening. In addition to drugs, other openings come from our environment, or being in sin and not repenting.

Whatever spirit inspires music, art, books etc will be transmitted by that medium and just having it near us. 

Whatever spirit inspires music is transmitted through that music.  If it is demonic, then listeners get afflicted by it.

Unfortunately most popular recorded music is contaminated by demonic spirits. This is because the music business is run by people into witchcraf--. The record labels have rooms where they pray demons onto the masters of the records, to send them to everyone who listens to them.

This testimony comes from John Todd, an illuminati bloodline family member who became a Christian in the 70s.  He says he controlled the major record labels.  He says he was on the Council of 13, which answered to the Rothschilds, who answer to Lucifer, the devil .

His video on youtube:

Demons behind the Music Business – John Todd

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Illuminati Mind Control in Psych Drugs, Music & Education & the Need for Quiet


Bob Dylan has always been a prophet 

He got saved in the early 80s. Put out several albums of Christian songs.

On 911 2012, he released an lp  - TEMPEST.  It had a 20 minute song TITANIC.  It was a prophetic warning.  Hurricane Sandy happened a month later, Oct 29.

Titanic was referring to NYC going down. Revelation 18 describes a city that is the center of commerce and the arts that will be destroyed in our hour, as judgment for her sins.  One of the sins is her spewing of sorcery into the world.

When I first read that 20 years ago, I felt it was referring to NYC.  Others have the same witness.

God told me 20 years ago to warn the Jews to leave NY and go to Israel. He gave me Ezekiel 33 which tells him to warn people of danger coming.

When I was in prison in 2002 God woke me up one morning saying “Tell them the sword is coming” Then I heard it again.  I also heard PUTIN 

I said to God “Why don’t I just pray to stop it?”  

A year ago God told me, “It was stalled”

Putin could nuke NYC anytime.

I had a dream a year ago that there was a nuke in Connecticut.

Maybe the Sandy Hook Shooting was a prophetic warning about that.

The l993 world Trade center bombing was warning to repent and turn to God.

So was 911. So was Sandy.

After the l993 bombing, Phil Donahue had 2 people on his show. One woman had gone to church at lunchtime, and escaped the bombing.  There was another lady who had gotten stuck in the building and had to walk down 70 floors, with a sooty face.  Just looking at the contrast was an obvious message from God – those who seek HIM will be protected.

Just like God protected me, during Hurricane Sandy, near the Grace building.

It says in Psalm 91 that God protects those who seek him.  “A thousand will fall on they right side and ten thousand on thy left, but no harm will come nigh thee”.

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Hurricane Sandy & The Grace Building – a testimony of God


During Hurricane Sandy I prayed “God please keep the power on near me.”.  God said “Stay by the Grace building”.  I did.  As I sat there, He said “Noah found grace in the eyes of the lord’ and “testimony”. He answered my prayer. All of lower Manhattan was flooded, and lost power til about 41st St.  The Grace building sits at 42, overlooking Bryant Park . All of midtown had power, and was dry. There is a plaza on 43, on the other side of it.


Bob Dylan seems to have a temperament similar to mine.  He spends a lot of time in solitude and is somewhat reclusive. 

Prophets need to be alone with God, to hear from God.

Autistic kids are prophets in training


Autistic kids are spiritually sensitive to unclean demonic spirits. This is part of their calling to be prophets.

Prophets need to discern spiritually what is God vs. what is not.  People who are spiritually sensitive are more afflicted by demonic spirits.  Everyone is affected by them, but people with that discernment are more aware of it.  They are used as weathervanes to others who are less sensitive.

Autistic kids may not be comfortable being touched because they are acutely afflicted by the demonic spirits on others who use drugs, for example.   They transmit through touch and verbally.

If the people around them stop using drugs, the kids will be more comfortable with contact.


Many autistic kids are musical savants. This is part of their calling as prophets.  EVERY Autistic kid should be given an instrument, preferably a piano or guitar, at a young age – 4-7.  They will be taught how to play by God. This is what happened with me.  I played piano at 4, improvising, before I took lessons, at 8.

I remember having the thought, around that age,

“I am put on earth to do music and it is holy”

When  I sit at a piano, I feel LIKE ME.  Of course, I was created by God to do exactly that.  But I also feel His peace when I do other things that he has gifted me to do, like write.

This is also part of the calling of prophets.  To teach.

In Ezekiel 44 God says the prophet’s job is to TEACH OTHERS the difference between the clean and the unclean.  To discern the sacred from the profane. 

This is the majority of what I write about.  I also spent 7 years in the public schools as a teacher.  This only happened after I became a Christian. Prior to that I had no inclination to teach. 

God called me into teaching after I got saved so that I could testify about God and warn kids about the demonic music and drugs that corrupt them. God gave me all kinds of inspirations on how to reach kids and inspire them creatively.   I brought animal puppets and used them to inspire kids to write stories. They called me the puppet lady.

I taught all grades, k-12, every subject.

My job was not to work for the schools but to work for GOD in the schools. There is a difference.  God has HIS purposes in every job that a Christian has. 

I was a substitute.  Subs have a lot of leeway in what they can do, since rarely is anyone looking over their shoulder to see what they do.  It is a powerful opportunity for ministry.